The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 4, 1950
Page 2
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1950 BLYTHEVTU.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREB Th» Nation Today: Reasons Behind Changes— '.'.:'.'.. <. ,". Social Security Increase Puts Pensions Nearer Cost of Living Mu lAVIfc'O %f * u r rtrnir ' .»_ • . '• • • .*-'••• ••' •.' *^ . By JAMES MARLOW ' * WASHINGTON, Sept. 4. (AP) — If you don't see them or know aboul (hem—particularly if you can get by on your own income—it's hard to realize how many old people are in need or penniless. But almost 3,000,000 people over 65 are on relief. a at's one of the main reasons ongress has'made social security old-age pensions bigger and fo-sier for old people to get. II is hoped the improvements will cut rion the number of old people who will need relief, which is known under the nicer name of "public assistance." Of course, there were other reasons, too, for the improvement In pensions. For one thing*. \ The size of the pensions paid in August — $10 monthly minimum, $46.00 maximum, $26 average—wa.5 set back in the depression days of the 1930's when a dollar bought twice as much as now. To Meet Living Costs So increasing the pensions, starting Sept. 1—$20 minimum $68.5( maximum, $48 average — brings them more m line, with the reality of present living cost. 1 ;. This increase will serve another purpose, too: It will ease the cost to big corporations which recently have set up their own pension systems, linked with social security. For example: Last fall the CIO jsteelwoikers won, after a strike, a pension system from the steel industry. The companies agreed a .-e- tiring worker should get a pension of $100 l month. Company Wouldn't Pay This didn't mean .a- company •fcpd pay the whole $100 Itself. It •fg^ed to pay the difference between $100 and the social security pension to which the worker was entitled when he retired. So, if a worker got the maximum then In effect—$46 a month—the company would have to pay him an additional $54. Since the average then (last fall) was only $26 a month, it meant— if social security pensions weren't ! raised—that the company in most cases would have to give a worker $14 a month. When this contract was signed there were cries inside and outside Congress to Increase social security pensions. As a result of the September Increases in social security pension;, the same sU:el company will save lot of money. Gap to Be Filled With higher government pensions the company will have to pay I«s to fill the gap between the government pension and $100. But figures tell the story of old people pretty well. ; .About 4,349,000 people over 65 ara tijA'ing- social security pensions or just relief. Here's how they're divided: 1. About 2.768.000 are getting re- life. fOf that number, around 215,000 also get old-age pensions but, unvil now, they've been too small for them to live on.) 1. About 2,083,000 are getting the old-age pensions which have been named by workers for themseives. wives or widows. (Of those 2.QD3.QDO pensioners. 1,376,000 are retired workers, 417.000 are over 65 wives of retired workers, and 290,000 are over-65 widows.) So — the number of old people getting relief is larger than the number of those receiving the earned pensions. . The federal government and the •states put up the money for relief for old people. In August — when the biggest, pension a worker could get was $46 a month but. the average bein? paid was only $26—the average relief payment to old people was $45 a •11*^ CAROLINA PEACH - P«tty Carolyn Edwards, J8, of L«aks- viU«, N. C., does her bit—and bite—to help open th« Carolina peach season by sampling this year's crop. Carolyn will represent her state i n the "Mist America" contest at Atlantic City Concrete Culvert TiU Sim •» t» M in. Corrugated Metal Culvert* Sires up (o H i n . Automatic Flood Gales Concrete Septic Tanks Melal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Besi Price. We Deliver A. H. WEBB Hlrthwsy 61 »t St»l« Phon* 714 Two 72-YwO/df 'Find' $10OO, Throw Big Spending Sprc* FORT WORTH, Tex., Sept. 4. IIP} —If you were 12 and had $1,000 hat would you do? Two twelve year olds who wound P In jail last nlsht told police hey: Coiged on steaks, frog legs and total of six chicken dinners Sal- •~u5y; bought two "expensive" air Ides, two bathing suits; two sad- le horses, complete with saddles, enled a hotel room, and spent lore that $100 on a taxi ride. The cab driver who furnished the ransportatlon turned them over to olice. The boys said they found the noney. Officers said they believed t belonged to tile father of one if the boys. BLOOD FOR KOREAN WOUNDED-Part of . load of 1400 pints of whole blood, bound for Korea, is lifted aboard a chartered plane at Fairfield-Suisun Air Base, Calif. Gathered by the American Red Cross, the blood'was flown to Japan for distribution to military hospital;. Whole blood will often save lives where mere plasma fails. NOTICE OF ACCOUNTS OF EXECUTORS AND 'ADMINISTRATORS- FILEK Notice 'is hereby given Hint during ihe month of August, 1950 the following accounts of Executors and Administrators have been filed for settlement and confirmation in the Probate Court for Ihe Chicka- -•iawbR District of Mississippi County, Arkansas and that such ac- co\inty with their respective ^Uihg (|RU?S are as follows: No. 1947 Estate of J. c. Rauls. deceased. Final account of Jeff Hauls, Executor filed August 15, 1950. No. 1757 Estate o! Molije Viars Chitwood, deceased. Final account of Oscar Alexander, Administrator filed August 15, 1950. No. 1911.Estate of T. ,J. Howard,, deceased. Final°setUemenl of Donald Howard. Administrator- liled August X, 1950. ' All person.? interested in (he set-, Dement of any of the above estates are warned to file exceptions thereto If any have they on or before the iixtieth Hay following the filing of Ihe respective accounts, failing which they will be barred fortver from excepting to the accounts. Witness my hand and seal as such Clerk and seal of said Court on Ihii the 1st day of September, 1950. Elizabeth Blylhe, County and Probate Clerl The victory ships of World War I were named after persons, col- eges, towns, cities und members of Ihe United Nations. Crete's Modern Romeo Languishes Behind Bars As New Fight Looms ATHENS, Copt. *. <AP)_Crete's tain. modern Romeo languished behind Tnssoula lied with her new brother-in-law and her husband's uncle to the latler's home. The National Geographic 'Society says Korea has 10 better than average harbors and 27 secondary ones, took her Into hiding on the nioun- bars today as his fultry-eyed Juliet look refuge with her in-laws. The government's arrest revived threats of bloody feuding on the little Mediterranean isle and promised a national political squabble. The bridegroom, Constantine (Cojta) Kcphaloyannis. was Jailed yesterday by Athens police. They charged him with abducting his 20- year-old bride, Tnssoula Petrae-i- Beorgi. The young couple repealed their vows Friday in a remote moimtery atop Crete's legendary Mount Ida. The marriage occurred 11 days after Constantlne abducted (hu girl in a public square In Hernklelon and bridegroom placed. • After their the government tnd Archbishop Spyrldon of the Greek Orthodox Church, under whose protection the was supposed to be marriage the couple flew to Athens, where the bride s|)ent the night at Archbishop Spy- rldun's residence. Not Forced to Accept A spokesman for the archbishop said Tassoula, in Die presence of the archbishop, had explain** lh«t "she was not forced to accept the marriage." He added that this Leaders of the Populist (Royalist) I means the union con be dissolved Party, to which Constantino's family belong, charge the brideg-ooniM arrest reflected badly on the Integrity of Liberal premier Sophocles Vcnl/elos' none to stable government. Tassoula'5 father, George Petracogcorgi. Is a Liberal member of parliament. Safe Conduct Promised The Populists point out that Con- .stantine had bqen promised safe conduct wheti he brought his bride down from Crete's mountains and came to Athens. Populist leader Constantino Tsnl- darls declared the arrest comprises only by divorce—not by annulment which the bride's lalhcr Is said to be seeking on the ground she Is under age. The circumstances of Constantino's arrest, were not too clear. One high Populist source said the action was ordered by Ma). Gen George Samuel, who proceeded without consulting either ihe premier or Spyrldon. The Informant said Samuel and Tussoiila's father arc close friends. Constantino also was charged with seduction and carrying weapons Olwervcrs said over half the male adults on Crete p»clc gun». Constantine has explained hi *A- dlicted Tassoula because bad blood had existed between the two iiml- for years, making normal courtship Impossible, Ta.wouU T»k« Trip Police said Tassoula hu been taken on a trip by her husband'! uncle, Lt, Col. Manuel Sbokos, and Manuel Kephaloyannis, her husband's brother, a Populist Riasa« of parliament. Sbokos, who lias a brother George, in Washington, D.C., -told reporters Conslantlne probably will be released from custody today. He said an order will be Issued to the Heraklelon prosecutor to withdraw Ihe abduction and seduction charges. They are no longer valid, he explained, becaiue of the marriage. The third charge—carrying weapons—is not serious enough to hold Constantine in Jail, Sbokos «»ld. Tassoula told reporters Saturday: "I love. Costa and married him of my free will. My love developed u I was with him In the mountains. He Is a proud, brave man. Above nil, his behavior and respect wer» iMjyond reproach." NOTICE OF NEW KSTATKS ON WHICH ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN COMMENCF.n Notice Is hereby given that th following Ls a. list of estates of de ceased persons upon which Letter Testamentary or of Admihistratio were granted during the month o August 1950 with the date of the granting of such letters and the name and address of the executor or administrator: No. 1990 Estate of B. M. Matthews, deceased. Letters testamentary Issued to Fred Fleeman, Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1950. i No. 1992 Estate" of Isaac Rosen- thai, deceased. Letters of Administration .issued to Frances Rosen- thai ' Skaller. Blytheville, Arkansas on August 38, 1950. Witness niy hand and seal »J such Clerk this the 1st day.of September, 1950. Elizabeth Blythc, County and Probate Clerk 9,4:50 Tin* Word w smart SET RINGS at DREIFUS HANDSOME 2-DIAMOND CAMEO. 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