The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1950 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1950
Page 4
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBE* I, (ARK.) COURIER NEWg OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Willioms Our Boarding House with Mot* HoopU I WISH SOO IOP& DON'T LtT 4? WORO — TH&.T. IS — a HAS A MfWHilBM) TCAVl- M6 % ACTLVM.IV VOO'RE WOMe\'5Ef?SeAI>JT» BACK OF INTERRUPT E? — HA.W1-KAFF/?— > BlTe IN IT, THIS 'OOe,-M COM6 IM A.MD RELA.V. ^ *le' LL RCNDCR J| TH ATS THE f —MAkl MG - ,,/, YOUR FAMORtTE, r-^AGO SIGNALflFASTSCRfcM BliT HeilO.M "BEAUTIFUL —• A -* \ TXOKr\.HeO<* PA'S <SONE TO wcxaa VOU \WCXJLOJ-T WAWT TO BE THE CAUSE OF FALLIM.SOUTOF Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 By Edwin Ruff THE STORVi Tk* furmrr Prey, vrktt eloprei wilk • Curl ll char** of Frry A Com• ue«-*»*f»il BdvrriJ*IiiK J«-«. E4r r ft aider brother. Reagan frowned. "Two are. One i* Lyons' Bread* but I'm not worried loo much about it. Lyons himsclJ. the president, is an old comma-chaser with a constant kick about something or other. He's always threatening to leave us, bui he never has yet. He evl- "Your father." Reagan began, dently bolicves he'll eel more ARE YOUR CHILDREN READY FOR SCHOOL? • New heels . . .new laces. . .rips repaired. • Summer shoes dyed for fall and winter wear. a Shoe Repair gives EXTRA Wear. H-fl LTCRS QUflLITY SHOC SHO 121 W. MAIN S the hlKh r h* ««nff, and thai !)*• m •• I inke •r "«r «*t ••*." IX tK)R a moment, after Ede's words, a dead silence settled 9V«r the office. Then Reagan began to laugh with a throaty roar, and his ox-like shoulders shook. 'You're all right," he said. "I'll illck." Ede breathed easier. "I'm glad of that." she said simply. Reagan was still studying her. "You aren't at 11 what I expected." "And just what did you expect, Mr. Reagan?" He looked embarrassed. "Well, a mess of little We used to have about 10 clients. Thai isn't many, but every ne was profitable. Mr. Frey idn't go in for cats and dogs." "And how many accounts have we got now?" Ede asked. • * • JOMETHING like anger flashed in Reagan's eyes. "Eight. Be- ause when your father began to -to fail, a couple of them walked ut on ~him. Other agencies had >een sniping at them—that hap- all the time in this business —and 1 guess they thought we ] But he's a lot more powerful than 1 after ' Mrs. all, Mis« Frey, I mean For ImproDcd JUNCTION In a majority of cam Investigated in MV*ral hospitali and clinics, lubnormal Kidn«y function wo i improved, Blodd«r pain and dlKomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Water. H your doctor hq> diagnosed your condition at functional Kidney Impairment thli natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try ft for a few weeks, h b delkiout, pure-toiting, end •wy be consumed freeiy. Crantown Whiskey Shop Main ft Division "Miss Frey will-do for business purposes." \ "You see," Reagan was having a bit of trouble now, "I've heard [quite a lot about you. Your father told me—er—certain things and then, of course, you used to get a lot of pub—that is, I used to read about you in the papers And—" he hesitated. "And you probably concluded that 1 was a useless light-mi nd« woman with nothing much going on in her head, Mr. Reagan. That's the natural conclusion. 1 * Suddenly JEde'a mouth became a hard bitter line. "I assure you, though, tha it isnt quit* that bad." Reagan said slowly, "No. I **< it isn't. Now then, Miss Frey, let', get to business. What do you win to know about this agency?" i "Everything;" said Ede, alt* back in her chair. PRESCRIPTIONS (A Fr«h Stock Curantccd B«st Pricw Kirby Drug Stores headache. Because it's the biggest business we've got. Morn-Glo Soap." "Morn-Glo Soap?" Ede repeated. "Isn't lhat the account Jeffrey handles?" Reagan mcl her eyes. "Yes. It's Jeff's account." "Well, is that the trouble2" • • • p EAGAN seemed to pick hli L * words. "We're dealing with quite a guy over there. Miss Frey. His name's Northcott and he'f got the title of advertising manager. vere going to pot.' We're not. though.' "No," said Ede. His jaw set. the averagq You'd cnll him a sort of super advertising manager, I guess. Anyhow, he could take the business away from us with a flick Those two accounts." Reagan of his finger. By the same token, "We're not." She found hersell liking this man. pursued, "were Emery's Yeast and Southern Cross Tobacco. They're out of the picture now. so we might ac well forget about them.' "Did they leave us because the —(he quality of ihe advertising las slipped?" "Definitely not," Reagan said promptly. "We've got as good a ireative staff as there is anywhere. I'd stack Stoneham—he heads our copy department — against any writer in New York. And we've got a Grade A bunch of art di- recVeri. No, there was "monkey business somewhere behind the scenes." "Go on, then," Ede said, "Well, out of those we have left, six are solid as a rock. I'll go into them with you later on, but there's nothing to worry about. And that, Miss Frey, is the pleasant side of the picture. Unfortunately, there's another." *'l think I know what you mean," Ede murmured. "My falher mentioned that a couple ol accounts were shaky," could hand us more of the Loman & Smith advertising, if he waiited to. Morn-Glo Soap's only one of their products. They've naif s dozen others, with other agencies." "Do you know why Mr. Northcott is dissatisfied?" said Ede, "Frankly, I don't. I wouldn't even say he is dissatisfied. HeV be«n complimentary about th* work lately and Morn-Glo sales are up. But 1 can't get rid of th* feeling that something is cooking. Something, that doesn't include, us." "I take it," Ede said, "that it wouldn't be so good If we lost that account?" Reagan was lighting a cigaret. Over the flar« of the match rM regarded her steadily. "It would be very bad." he said. M To begin with, Morn-Glo spends over two million. But, worse than losing that, our prestige would take a terrific now-dive. And that might upset some of our other business. We can't afford to los* Motn-Glo." (T« Be Continued) AUTO GLASS Installed Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. 136 E. Main Phone 6716 To My Friends Wish to announce that I am now located at CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE. Now I am able to serve you 24 hours a day on COM MERCIAL REFRIGERATION and AIR-CONDITIONING work. Please feel free to call at any time. Frank We stall Day 2993 . . . Night 2808 STOP! our n^nr* «n your plumbing . U can b« conveniently An* ced through FH.V e contract complete Job or will I JOB the fixtures and rough- material and r*« choott year n plumber, pair work is given oar prompt tentlon. See or Call Orsburn Supply 9)6 \V. Main Blytheville Phone 3208 8T >nburn Plumbing Co. Jit Wart AT«. •c.r.thtmilte Phone117» HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley and Seed Wheat. For Fall Planting BM - - - Blylheville Soybean Corp. 1M* Wett Main Btjlherille Phone M5« FARM LOANS Cates Wiggs Co. REALTORS 17*1 / Chrysler-Plymouth Owners Whether it's just for occasional semcing, or for a major repair,. .bring your car horn* to your Chrysler- Plymouth dealer. He knows your car best. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 E. Main Phont 2122 For careful attention lo th« __ filling of your prescription*, ^= be sure to comt to Barney's Drug. BARNEY'S DRUG 0 West Main Phon« 3647 Two Plan* ---AND JUST BECAU5S I TOOK A. LITTLE DETOL WlTM ANOTHER. 6AL, ..! GOES Of F HF~ ABOUT SOME , OXLEGC DRIP/ / SOM« I "Curl* are all right for peacetime, Mr§. Prentiss, but they I ain't exactly manly in times like these!" FOB TM« ECXX5KEST RIO6 THIS Set Tfe*r/ MINES SIMPLE .'POLITE BUT FIRM ! TlK OLD / AFTgR IHE (ROW FIST IN A SILK / SUMMER GLOVE/ C HAD--- BY AL VERMEER He's N« Match PRISCIU.A'R TGI THAT FLAME BURNS WHEN MRS. BOTTS FLARES UP, MR. BOTTS ooes IF \DU ASK ME! WHAT DO VOU MEAN, DEAR'S VIC FLINT BY'MICHAEL O'MAI/LEY and .RALPH LAN* NO^THAWKS. TWO NISHT6 W" WAIT A WILL SB ENOUGH FOfl J MINUTE;'WERE ,U6 f I CAM CATCH JCOMES M3UK THE FISH I'M -.X FISH NOW—AMP ABLINS rat*. .Irak , HE LOOKS are/ STICK WITH VVEICH-US AMOTHW NI6HT ANC7 M3UUBEASLE TO WANiCtE THIS jos AS WELL AS W6 CAM, FLINT THE W&OHT.KH* Off. PRUNE MAKE* 97 CENT* OH fACH CCUXKI sorn.6 ANVHOW wwv 6HOULC> US CHMTT OR fWCWEV TV« \Jttff CAPTAIN KARY Step Right In! nY .LESLIE TVRVEP LILKWTITMT. AW THAT tfjt IU HtR6? &UT 1 DOM'T— STEP LWELV, VOU SWfcB... I AIM'T GOT ALL YOU SW VOU yAVE.5M£aiFF.,.L(WIM' ON TH fOUND SAECl*. [GKOUND 8V TK KITCHBJ POOE! JK5T AFTER HtD\ SO I BKUNS II* IU THIS UTTLt Ken seixTtw CWY'IM ? ' •TILHT9 I* GOM WITH TV BUGS BUNNY A Little Irritation HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? To be rare It's w*rfcln( rifht, drtn to to Mr •hop and we'll check K *T<T. Expert rrp«ir> »n ill mikM and owdeta, wn and tnckk. Us* l»j •ervic*. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 East Main Phon* 2122 ALLEY OOP Fighting Words BY \. T. HA Ml .IN We're Proud of Our Work w w>rh • Woodwork icturint • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Mtchin* work Manuficturinf UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! Any Sofa RECOVERED '59'° Exctpt Tufttd Picctt We Guarantee " 7 DAY SIRVICI Offer O«M| tat LMH4 ThM Omly Satisfaction The Hou$e of Charm c»n tin •. mtfmT n ME, A MUSICIAN ROE A ( HO.THECE N6 OF HOME-BOUND, V MINSTtfEL E-CWVN CEU5^>DECS. KING FOUND A SHIP FOE US. SO UP FEET... LETS &O. HAM-HANDED CLOV/N.TOEE I CLOUT WITH TH' FLAT BY BD<JAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES

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