The Hawaiian Star from Honolulu, Hawaii on July 10, 1906 · Page 5
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The Hawaiian Star from Honolulu, Hawaii · Page 5

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1906
Page 5
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THE HAWAIIAN STAR, TUESDAY, JULY 10, 1000, Fiva Very Becoming New Dress Silks ROUGH SHANTUNG SILKS, 27 inches wide. In cadet, navy, grey and purple, at $1 .00 per yard. NEW PONGEE SILKS, 27 inches wide, extra heavy quality, at $1.00 per yard. 'COIN DOTTED SILKS, 24 inches, the very latest, at $1.00 per yard. NEW SILK CREPE DE CHINE, 24 and 27 inches, in cream, pink, black, light blue and other colors, an elegant quality, at $1.25 per yard. WASH TAFFETA SILKS, guaranteed to wear, all colors, including black and white. Regular $1 .00 quality, at 75c. per yard. Corner Fort and Beretnnia Streets LIQUOR DEALERS. Corner Queen and Alakeai Streets Orders Delivered to All IPetrts of tlxe Oity Phone Main 492 Hotel Jojetio San Francisco, Cal. Sutter and Gough Streets. EUROPEAN PLAN. Restaurant and Grill Room in Connection Telephone in every room. Hot and cold water Bath. Elevator Service. The only Firsts Class Hotel now in operation. Opened June i, 1906. RATES: Single room, $2.00 per day and up. Suite, $4.00 per day and up. Bus and Automobile Meets Every Tiain and Steamer. You glasses you want them right. Spectacles and Eyeglasses made by us will always be Right and guaranteed so. A. N. SANFORD, Optician. Boston Building, Fort St., over May & Co. DEPARTING. Tuesday, July 10. Am, schr. Philippine, Frederlckson, for Aberdeen, at 2 p. m. PASSENGERS. Departing. Per U. S. R. C. Daniel Manning, July 0, for Kalaupapa: Dr. Brlnkerhoft. Per S. S. Nippon Maru, July 10, for San Francisco from Honolulu Rev. S. A. Mofflt. Per Stmr. Llkellke, July 10, for Molo-kal Miss G. K. Brown, K. F. Brown, T. A. Birmingham, Mrs. McCorrlston, Miss 1. McCorrlston, Mrs. Charles Lucas, IL McCorrlston, Mrs. C. A. Blshau, C. C. Conradt and wife, Mrs. J. A. Oilman and 2 daughters. Per stmr. Kinau, July 10, for Hllo and way ports: Mrs. Klrkby, Miss L. Cody, Mrs. C. W. Lyke, Mrs R. R. Cody, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Cleaver, Miss Stephen, Mr. and Mrs. Bouton, Miss Bouton, II. Stroubcck, J. F. Colburn, II Sm.lth, R. Ahrens, 3. Ahrens, F. S. Dodge, G. C. Watt and family, Miss M. IC Harris, Miss E. W.. Frost, J. D. Tucker, Dr. Rodgers, A. A. Drummond, Miss Mary Borden. Mrs. C. L. Goodrich, Miss B. Booth, Miss E. J. Manning, Mrs. G. H. Bowers, Mrs. F. M. Klley, C. D. Lufkln, Cecil Brown, Master W. C. Becklcy, Rev. Manaso, Y. Chang, Chas. Mitchell, S. E. Lucas, Miss Church, Miss McCrackon, Miss Francis Baker, Miss Lomon, Mrs. Ruhl, Miss Wills, Miss L. Macy, F. M. Low, Is, I. C. Wills, Hilda Smith, Elslo Smith, H. II. Ronton, C. F. Horrlck, C. Jb. When j A V Want flu Honolulu, T. EL Gustav Harm, flgr M. Lovsted. John Woo, Mrs. A. W. Anderson, Miss Wright, A. Sllva, Sister Susanna, Mrs. W. G. Rogers, Mrs. lie-Quaid, Miss Anna Ward, Miss I. Richardson, E. P. Low, Miss A. Low, F. Iow, Mrs. Franca and daughter. Miss A. Walker, J. Low, Miss L. F. Melln, Clifford Melln, Mrs. J. 'Aea, Queen Lt-liuokalani, A. D. Almoku, F. Klamp, W. C. Achl, E BEAST KiLLSJIICKENS THE ICAIMUKI PEST IS STILL AT HIS DEADLY WORK AMONG THE CHICKENS OF THAT DISTRICT. E The beast that is raising havoc with thewlth the chickens at Kalmukl is continuing his depredations much to tho annoyance of the residents of that section of the city. Yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock when Mrs. Hauna- who resides In that section went to feed her chickens, of which she has about COO she found a lnrgo Plymouth Rock Hen with her heud bitten off. Slio wondered at that but last evening some beasts got Into tho chicken house and killed two chickens and then disappeared. They were killed In similar manner both having their heads bitten off and their blood sucked. The only clue to the kind of an animal It Is was In the tracks left which resemble those of a dog. Mrs. Hanna thought that perhaps the animal was brought here on the Alameda on her last trip and today sho came down town to look over tho manifest of tho Alameda. She thought that perhaps the animal had been brought here by some party on the steamer and had escaped from them. Those who have examined the tracks loft by the beast say that they resemble much those of a racoon. The habits of tho beast In sucking the blood of Its prey also resembles tho racoon. A thorough search Is to be muda soon for tho offender and doubaless he will be repaid for his offences. AHLO'S ESTATE. Mrs. Lahola Ahlo has filed a petition for letters of administration for tho estate of tho late Lee Ahlo to A. Hane-borg as administrator and A. G. Kau-lukou as temporary administrator. The heirs are herself and Anthony Leo Ahlo who Is now In Hankow, China. Tho petition shows tho estate to bo valued at $50,000, distributed as follows: Real ostato In Honolulu, $17,G00; real estate at Kancohe, $17,500; 'real ostato at Wai-alua, $3000; personal property in Hono-lulu, $2000; and porsonal property at Kaneoho $10,000. Flno Job Printing, Star Office. STRANG George Franklin Huff, banker, coal mine owner, capitalist nnd Congressman of Greensburg, Pa., lias been mixed up for a thlril of a century In tho Republican politics of Western Pennsylvania. In January, 1901, when so many or tho Republican leaders of the Keystone Stato were trying to forco Matthew S. Quay out of tho United States Senate. Huff popped up as a candidate for his seat. Ho failed to develop any strength. Huff Is President of the .Keystone Coal and Coko Company, a largo producer of gas and steam coal. He was sought by a process-server last week at his home, being wanted to testify beforo the Interstate Commerce Commission at Philadelphia concerning his gifts of stock to Pennsylvania Ratl-roa'd officials, but escaped by way of th o cellar and left town. LAIMANT UNEXPECTED CROWD F PERS THE LATE MRS. MARY KUXIA TORNEYS ENOUGH ON HAND T When Judge Robinson's court opened this morning for the settlement of tho Kunlakea estate, It took several minutes for, the claimants to the paltry Bum that comprises all the estate In question to file Into court. An estnto of some $S00 In cash, paid into court, some I unimportant holding of real property, 1 and a crowd of claimants that filled nearly every seat In the court room, a crowd of all ages and both sexes, white haired old men and women and small children who had no Idea what the trouble was all about, sisters, half sisters, brothers, half brothers, cousins, and aunts, uncles, second and third cousins and more amounts, claimants whose relationship was to be settled by the court through such mysterious lines of legal descent as, for example, that of a daughter of rf third wife of a half brother of tho deceased, and with them an impressive gathering of lawyers I whose fees could not be paid If the entire estate was devoted to fee-paying 1 alone this Is what Judge Robinson had to tackle. I Tho estnto In question Is that of Mrs. I Mary L. Kunlakea-, for whose adminis trator George A. Davis appeared In behalf of a petition for a distribution and final settlement. All the accounts have been approved and nothing remains but , to distribute tho estate. The appearances of many of the claimants who , showed up this morning was entirely unexpected, and changed the whole AL8 TARGjlJRACTICE SOLDIERS OF THE SEA ARE SHOOTING OVER THE KAIIAUIKI RANGE. The annual target practice of the marines is now In progress. Tho practice began yesterday at the Kahaulki range. Tho military companies held their annual practice several weeks ago and tho marines uro now taking their turn. Under command of Lieutenant Blgler the men are being sent out In squads of eight every day. The practice is likely to extend over n period of two weeks. Tho first course of shooting Is what Is known as tho marksman, nt a rango of 600 yards. Those who qualify with sufficiently high scores can enter tho sharpshooters course the rango of which Is 1,000 yards. Those who qualify high enough can then shoot In the oxpert rifleman's course which Is also over a rango of 1,000 yards but under moro difficult conditions. The remainder of tho guard that goes to Midway will have to take their annual practice at Midway, as they havo to depart for their now post on the U. S. S. Iroquois next Saturday so will not havo time In which to partlclpato In the shoot how being held at Kuhaulltl. CALIFORNIAN IS EXPECTED. The S. S. Callfornlan Is due today from San Francisco with three days later mail from tho mainland. GR0 MARI ES O A OK-CTX. .Is. WD COURTROOM 1 ONS CLAIM TO HE RELATIONS OF KEA A SMALL ESTATE, WITH AT. O EAT UP A VERY DIG ONE. case. The men, women and children who plaim to be relatives of tho de- ceased actually filled the courtroom. Davis was heard to remnrk In nn Impersonal way something about vultures gathering. The various attorneys tried to find out from ono nnother whom they represented, but ns the trouble appear, ed to havo broken out very suddenly. several were uncertain. 1 Douthltt opened tho proceedings by asking for a continuance. He said ho had Just been called in and didn't know his clients' case. McClanahnn said ho was In much tho samo box but had to go away and must proceed. Achl seconded the continuance proposition. He said that the evidence in tho case would go back about eighty years or so, and that he would have to throw McClann-han's clients out of the case In order to give his own any chance at all. Mc-Clanahan said he represented E. Keokl, half brother of tho deceased, and Ke-knnn daughter of the third wlfo of tho said ,half brother, but Achl Intimated that he could prove all the half brothers, and daughters of half brothers' wives, to be frauds. Judge Robinson allowed McClanahan to go ahead, as far as U10 introduction ! of evidence for his own clients was concerned, others to proceed with their cases later. Among tho counsel present were Magoon and Llghttoot, S. F. Chlllingworth, A. S. Kaulukou, besides Davis, McClanahan, Douthltt and Achl. M0L0KAI PEOPLE CLAIM THAT THERE IS NO ONE ON THEIR ISLAND TO ADJUST THEIR DISPUTES. Complaints aro being made that there Is no district magistrate on the Island of Molokal. For some reason no ono ! has been appointed to succeed the lust ' magistrate and Justlco has not only been blindfolded on Molokal but her hands and feet havo been tied as well. Numerous fights have occurred and other litigation hns sprung up, but as there has been no magistrato on hand to adjust matters, tho feuds havo dragged along for weeks and weeks. MOVEMENTS OF SUGAR VESSELS. Tho ship Astral loft Yokohama for Honolulu July 6. Ponding tho arrival of the Astral tho barkfnorard C. Tobey will have to lie IdltAfl' this port. Sho wag to have sailed Saturday for San Francisco but will now probably havo to e herd for thirty days. The bark Mohican Is scheduled to depart for IIllo ag soon as she can got about 200 tong of sugHr stiffening. Sho will load at IJllo for San Francisco. l. CHINESE PROMOTIOj$ A letter received here staffll that WANT SOME JUSTICE Ling Shou Chau, formerly InjSTo custom house service hero, ha8cclved the title of Taotal. This minifies his .appointment to a governqrahlift under the Chinese government. ' 'mi u ' ' ' I ' - N J MM BROTHERS LOSE AGAIN SUPREME COURT GIVES ANOTHER DECISION SUPPORTING TERRITORY'S HICJ VERDICT. Another Cotton Bros, decision, once nioro In favor of tho Territory, was handed down by tho Supremo Court this morning. It is an empty nominal victory for the defense, but according to tho lawyers It practically ends nil litigation hero, In favor of the Territory, which secured a verdict for $27,-000 damages, for the loss of tho dredger which tho Territory loaned to Cotton tiros, for dredging Pearl Harbor and which was sunk and lost while being towed from Pearl Harbor here. The case ha boon tho subject of many decisions, by Chief Justlco Frear Associate Justice Wilder and Judge De Dolt, Hartwell being disqualified. It was last heard on a motion of Attorney General Peters to dismiss the defendant's bill of exceptions. Tho court practically grants tho motion In a decision by tho chief Justlco concluding ns follows: "Tho result Is that tho exceptions other than that to tho verdict cannot bo considered, but that, sineo tho exception to tho verdict can bo consider ed, the motion to dismiss the bill must bo denied, and It Is so ordered." Tho syllnbus says: "A statement In a bill of exceptions that an exception to tho verdict was taken at the timo of Its rendition Is sufficient to show that It was taken In tho presence of tho Jury and beforo Its discharge. "A statement In a bill of exceptions to tho effect that various exceptions were taken during tho trial as will appear by the transcript, when made, of the stenographer's notes. Is Insufficient. The exceptions should be set forth In the bill itself. "A bill of exceptions cannot bo amended by Inserting additional exceptions in It after the time prescribed by statute for the Incorporation of exception In a bill and the presentation thereof to the Judge." RESTRICTIONS TO - - SHIPPING WILL BE CONDUCTED AS USUAL AFTER JULY 14 IF CON- DITIONS CONTINUE FAVORABLE Tho restrictions upon shipping nt this port will bo terminated at noon on July 14, next Saturday. The health conditions of the port have been steadily Improving lately and Dr. Cofer thinks that he will be able to remove nil restrictions, If conditions continue as they have for the period of 30 days ending July 14. S Judgo De Bolt after hearing argument this morning denied the motion to quash tho writ of mandamus In the matter of the Kauai Wine and Liquor Company's effort to securo a liquor license. The case was nrgued by Deputy Attorney General Prosser and C. W. Ashford and at th conclusion of tho argument tho motion was denied. A demurrer was then filed by tho Deputy Attorney General, and the caso was set for further argument rfext Friday. PUAKO. Departing, July 9. Am. schr. Defender, Hellingsen, for San Francisco. FOR THE SUMMER. Manager Bidgood, of beautiful Ha-lelwa, is offering special rates to persons who wish to spend tho summer out of town and at a hotel offering all of tho comforts of a metropolitan hos-telory. The Hnlelwa Is delightfully situated at a convenient dlstnnco from town so that tho business man may enjoy the comforts and yot get to his oillco In timo to attend to his dally affairs. Plant Vermin 9 of the sort that hovers around the buds on the rose bushes and the black plant lice that infest the fern fronds and the caladiums, are quickly exterminated by the use of Arsenate of Lead. These pests and the black blight that is seen on the avocado pear tree leaves and is noticed, also, on the mango trees are cleaned out by the use of this preparation. A fifty cent j'ar will make thirty-seven gallons of the solution. - t Hobron Drug Co. SATURDAY KAUA MADAM e)f3nolulu.HBit1 irojr Rent Emma Street $30.01 Gandall Lane 32. M Kinau Street SO.03 Matlock Avenue Boretanla Street 22. M Kaplolani Street 26.21 Young Street so.Ofl For SqlIo Bargains In real cstatn at Munwi Valley, Kalmukl and Puunui. Also, homes In Punahou and Maklkl dis tricts. For a short time only, wo offer a house on Young street, modern and well-built, Lot 100x140, for $3,500. Henry Waterhouse Trust Co,, Ltd,, Cor. Fort & Merchant Sts, Honolulu. Classified Advertising For Kent Two-room cottage, furnished, for gentleman, with or wlthou .board. Do-sirablo location. Address' "A," Star office. For Snlo Two-story house, 1381 Beretnnia Avo-nue, 10 rooms, stable, snrvant's quarters, chicken houses, largo lot, $350O.M part cash. Apply E8 Merchant Street. Money to Loan On Jewelry and Diamonds. Wo buj) your old gold. The J. Carlo Pawn Co. Hotel and Un'on. DENTRAL EXTRAS. "Honesty, Kindness and Gentlonosa 1 Is our motto," says a sign down the street. You get all that whllo your teeth are being pulled without pain. Chattanooga Times. NEW ADVbfiTISEAlENTS. l'recinct Mcetini There will be a meeting of tho Third Precinct Club, Fourth District, Friday, July 13, 1006, 7 p. 111. at the residence of I C. W. Booth, Pnuoa-. E. F. BISHOP, President. I C' N- MAIIQUI3Z, Secretary.' Honolulu, July 10, 1S0C. NOTICE. AH persons hnvlng presented claims against Mr. T. II. Reynolds, Vice-President of the United States Paper Export Association of New York, will please call upon the undersigned and receive payment thereof. I MAGOON & LIGHTFOOT, I Attorneys for T. B. Reynolds and i United States Paper Export Assocla-. tion. NOTICE. WM. G. IRWIN & CO., LTD. Tho annual meeting of tho stockholders of Wm. G. Irwin & Co, Ltd.,' will bo held at the oillco of the Company on Fort Street, on Thursday, the 12th Inst., at 2 p. m. Business: Election of officers and such other .business ns may present itself. RICHARD IVERS, .Secretary. Honolulu, July 10, 19C6. STOCKIIOOKS UI.OSKH. , Tho Stock Books of the Oahu Sugar Co., Ltd., will bo closed lo ttinsfors from July 11th to 16th, both dates inclusive W. PFOTENHAUEU, Treasurer, Oahu Sugar CI., Ltd. NOTICE. REPUBLICAN CLUB 9TH PRECINCT 4TII DISTRICT. A meeting of tho abov club will be held at tho corner of South and Queon streets on Friday evening, July 13th at 7:30 p. in. for tho purposo of nominating officers for tho ensuing term. The election of officers will bo neld at the amo place on Fridny, July 20, at 7:30 p. m. By order of tho President, O. E. SMITHIES, Secretary. Honolulu, July 10. 1906. Sang On Koc JBW E L 10 R . New lino of Shell Back Combs, Jewelry, Hawaiian Quarter Belts, Watches, Spectacles and Clocks. King Stroct, between Smith and Maunakoa Strceto. NOTICE. Assessment No. 1 of 26 por cont., or $5 por share, has been called on the capital stock of Hawaiian Mahogany Lumber Co., Ltd., due and payable to tho Troasurer, at the oillco of Jlonry Watorhouso Trust Co., Ltd., cornor Fort and Morchant Sts., July 10th, 1500. A. N. CAMPJ3RLL, Treasurer, Hawaiian (Mahogany Lumber Co., Ltd. Honolulu, Juno 28th, 1906. June 2S, July 2, 7, 10. vuti.f- ir ...... ,, i

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