The Hawaiian Star from Honolulu, Hawaii on February 4, 1905 · Page 5
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The Hawaiian Star from Honolulu, Hawaii · Page 5

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 4, 1905
Page 5
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fM JjUWAttAft IT A MTt'MMt. PMMM AMV WW T ISLAND FOLK AT r INTO OFFICE BYRON HOT SPRINGS HiiMK or THK PKoPl.K WHO HAVK BBICN THRRR RKt'KNTLV. HAWAIIAN MUB1C INTItoIM VKD. lo.8Sliioxa Bosket IS NOW RA 4UOCRMIM ANDREWS AH 111 Mill !! OF HAWAII THIt TKAHBPrtH OK 'THM KOItCK-THN VPKVCI1IM. TUB MJCRCMAXT' AHMX'IATK N TAKIW IT I' P A JOINT OOJHMtT-T1M TO OONStDKK IT. , .mm S IE GOES AXATIO SCHEMES ARE DISCUSSED livery department of this big store dress goods for Spring. Materials are u me wmorimem rs complete irom mikr to wasii. good. .- Paine Fashion dictates llk shirt waist rtift fpP this mwrnin and . invite Inspection of the new materials Just rewfoi dr.thls Hue. SILKS FOR SUtltT WAIST SUITS Until ely n.ay patterns, 90s, Up; TAFFETA SILKS Guaranteed dualities, black ami colors, 0s. Solid Color Wash Crepes, exquisite shade of light blue, plriki turquuls blue, wavy and Nile, 0e. " ' EMBROIDERED CREPES Very new, stylish and washable, 0c. WASH KOLIHNNM, new and very stylish. Suitable for afternoon and evening wear, In cream, pink and champagne, 40c. SOLID COLOR DRESS LINENS for Waist, Shirtwaist suite and Children's wear, all colors, 80c. Cotton Etomlnes and Volls White, chamimgne and delicate colors, 20c. up. L 1 M DRY GOODS Commissioner's Sale OF Sltuute on or off Fort Street nt Ku-llu, In the District of Honolulu, Island of Oahu,' Territory of Httwall. Pursuant , to a decree made by the Honorable J. T. De Bolt, First Judge of the Circuit Court of the First Judicial Circuit, Territory of Hawaii, filed on the 1st day of February, A. D. 1903, In a cause entitled Cecil Brown, Trustee, Plaintiff, vs R. W. Aylett and Keola Aylett, his wife, Thomas Gandall and Kauwila Gandall, his wife, Allen & Robinson, Limited, an Hawallun corporation, James L. Holt, Trustee, and George L. Desha, Trustee, defendants. Bill to Foreclose Mortgage, Equity Division No. 1449; the undersigned, us Commissioner duly appointed, will expose for sale at Public Auction, to the highest bidder, subject to confirmation by the Court, on SATURDAY, FEB. 18th A. D. 190."., At 12 o'clock noon of said day, at the front door of the Judiciary Building in Honolulu, Island of Oahu Territory of Hawaii, all the right, title and Interest of the Mortgagors, R. W. Aylett and Keola Aylett, has wife. In and to the following described property: All that certain piece or parcel of land situate on or off Fort Street, at Kallu, Honolulu aforesaid, the same being Royal Patent 2G73 Land Commission Award 1103 to Kalehua, and more particularly described as follows: Commencing at the Northeast corner of the land of George Wood at the gate directly on the road and running: N. Dl W. 1 94-100 chains; N. 48 W. l.B-ipo chains; N. 51 20' AV. 2 88-100 chains to Au-waiolimu; thence S. 5" 30' W. 1 67-100 chains to land of J. Kapena; S. 51 30' E. 2 63-100 chains to ditch at fence of Mere: N. 36 30' E. 32-100 chains; S. 49 E. 1 30-100 chains; S. 1 30' W. 1 37-100 chains; S. 21 30' W. 47-100 chains to fence of J. Kapena; thence S. 49 E. 23-100 chains; thence turn and run along road N. 37 30' E. 2 5S-100 chains to point of commencement, containing an area of 3 Roods, more or less; and also that certain right of way leading In from Fort Street to the above described remises, and more particularly described in that certain deed of Henry Smith to R. W. Aylett, dated June 10, IMS. and of record In Llbor 1SI on page 233 ot seq; Together with all and singular the tenements, hereditaments 'ind appurtenances unto the above described premises belonging or In any wise op- pertaining, and also all the ostate, right, title and Interest of the said R. W. Aylett in and to the nboe described premises and every part and parcel thereof with the appurtenances;' Said property being subject to that certain lease of Bald R. W. Aylett to Thomas Gandull and Kauwila Gandall, his wife, dated November 25th, 1893, for a term of twenty-five years ,of record in Liber 184 page 11, Hawaiian Registry of Conveyances, which said' lease was thereafter, by said Thomus Gandall and Kauwila Gandall, his wife, assigned to Samuel C. Allen by way of mortgage, of record as aforesaid in Liber 179 page 416, which said mortgage was thereafter assigned to Allen & Robinson, Limited, by conveyance of record, as aforesaid In Liber 269, page 146; and said property being also subject to that certain lease for a tprm of 20 years, of said R. W, Aylett to said Plo Anahollo, dated October 16, 1891, of record ns aforesaid In Liber 140 at page P98, which said lease was thereafter assigned to said James L. Holt, Trustee, by a conveyance of record ns aforesaid In Liber 178 at page 104, which said nsslgnment was thereafter mortgaged by said James L. Holt, Trustee to said George L. Desha Trustee by conveyance of record as aforesaid In Liber 179, page 279, , That suld property Is yielding nn income of $1132.00 per unnum. Terms of sale ore cash In U, S. uoui Coin. Deed at expense of purchaser, Hi resjiMfctJbHk'WjItt) charmwg nh more fKMplfUB than vr- (10. LI, Cor. Fort and Beretania Sts. For further particulars Inquire of Messrs, Thompson & demons at their offices, Rooms 8, 9, 10 in Campbell Building on' Merchant Street, Honolulu, T. H., or to the undersigned at his of-ilce in the Judiciary Building. P. D. KELLETT, JR.. Commissioner. Dated ut Honolulu, Oahu, February 2, 1905. 8ts Feb. 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17. The Honolulu Symphony Club will give a smoker concert this evening at illlVilintl.n TTnr.lalnn T. .,..-. -...l.lnl. bill.,. VI II HIIUll.!!., AiWC.V.VU. .Ill I II, 1 1 1 1 I V. 1 1 promises to be a musical treat. The program will be as follows: I Overture, "Fro. Dlavolo" Orchestra ' Song Hugo Herzeri Mew's Dance Orchestra ' Song Clifford Kimball Solo (cello) G. Tobrlner ' Shepherd's Dance .. Orchestral Song '. J. Doherty Song F. Melchers Torch Dance Orchestra' Hecltatlon Bruce Hnrtman Solo (guitar) E Kaot Blue Danube Waitz'.'.'.'. '.'.'.'.'..'.Orchestra 1 Song Clifford Kimball March Orchestra LABOR OFFICERS ELECTED. ' The Honolulu Trades and Labor Council elected the following officers last night: President, Mat Heffern; vIofi t.resl.lent. k,i,ii rii.,r r,.,,iir secretary, Thomas Cahulan; ' financial secretary and .treasurer. Frederick Sackwitz: sergeant-at-arsm, Frederick Larsen: trustees. L. m. Tonm-v. r.PorDo Crozler, John Hackett. WALLACE ALEXANDER SUED. OAKLAND, Jan. 26. An amended nmnln 1 n t wn fllfxl trwlnv liv A .T T7tt 1 -mer of Shasta county In his suit for $25,000 from Wallace Alexander, as ex ecutor of the S. T. Alexander estate, and ,H. Prutner. Fulmer Is seeking to SYMPHONY SMOKER recover damages for alleged false 1m- 1,19 epuues command irom me ul-nrlsonmpnt on n chnro-o of n.un.nt nn.i flcors. As I said before I have noth- battery made by Prutner. He also nlleeos that th. lmnrlHonment was maliciously contrived to keep-hlm continue In the employ of the depart-from buying the Alexander ranch, sit- ment." uated in Shasta county, for which he i Sheriff Searle was then Introduced .held a lease and an option to buy ' It Indlvldunlly to each of the men be-for $13,000. He claims that he forfeited Klnning with Deputy Sheriff Fetter and the option through his Imprisonment. SERENADED CAPT. SIMERSON While the steamer .Mauna Loa was In Lahalna hurbor Thursday night a number of boat loads ot friends of Captain Simerson the muster of the vessel, came out around the vessol and serenaded him and others aboard the boat. There were a number of tourists aboard the vessel and the aquatic serenade was a novelty to them. One of the passengers was a performer on the cornet and with his cornet he serenaded the serenaders. RELATIVE COLD. V. A. Mackay, a banker of Madison, tSouth Dakota, who, with his wire Is a tvlultoi lo tVw IhIiitwIh irlltuttu nf thn ' Alpxiinrtfiv Younir HoIbI innknu i iileu. l'Jlnt,.y ot ,tha tajk ne hear8 auout the weather here being so cold during the past month. Whenever anyone says tinythlng about the cold weuther to flilm, he takes from his pocket a kodak picture of his own home In South Da Kota, taken Just before he left, showing the trees covered with frozen sleet, Ipvery limb and twig Incased in a cylin der of Ice. CENTRAL COMMITTEE. The Republican Central Committee will meet this evening at 7:30 at headquarters. One of the Important features of the meeting will be the proposed nmendmunt to prevent ofllehold-ers from participating In jiolltlcs or serving on committees. The amand- ment proposes to shut tiem out of nominating conventions. AN OLD BILL. WAILUKU, February 3. A meeting of the Executive committee of the Improvement Association of Walluku DIh. trict was hold at the ofllce of D. H. Case on last Wednesday evening, ot which many Important matters were brought us. Contractor Jordnn's bill of $97',12 which was Incurred nt the dedication ceremonies In laying the corner stone last May, was approved by the eommHttee, recommending that the same be paid. The old town clock ond armory site took up the time of the committee, as well as sundry other (matters. 1HI.O, February I. John C. Stearic, late of Kau, bcnm sheriff at Hawaii yesterday morning by virtue of his ap IMilntment a such by Governor Carter. L. A. Andrews retired from office after eight years service on this Island and nearly seventeen years service In the Mllce detriment, with the best wishes of a host of employees. At noon on Tuesday the policemen from as far out as Honomu on one side and Puna on the other assembled with the clerks In the sheriff's olllce for the purpose of saying farewell to the old and greeting the new sheriff. They entered the olllce from the King street door and were quickly followed by some leading and following citizens. The men lined up and Sheriff Andrews addressed them saying: "You are here gentlemen, to meet Mr. Searle who has leeti selected by Gov. Carter to take my place as sheriff of Hawaii. The respect ami devotion you have shown me, some of you during long terms of service, and others not so long I wish to ask for Mr. Searle Like me he Is a haole but he has a high regard for the Hawallans and I believe that he wlllhave your Interests nt heart Just us I have had provided you show to him the same loyalty you huve always shown to me. Mr. Searle is not new to the work of this office for he became connected with the department many years ngo so that he comes among you a mini of experience. He will Insist upon loyalty and he will demand that you be attentive to your duties. I dislike to leave- you but It was the governor's wish that some one else take up the work of the department und he Is to be congratulated upon the selection of so competent a person to be the head of the department on this Island." . Mr. Andrews then introduced Sheriff Searle who said: "I nm not only glad to meet the men .... - , It . ot thl" JoP'irtment but I wish to say to you that I want to know you all better. I have no grudge to work out nor have I anything ngalnst n single man on the police force. I expect to mnnage the department through my deputies and all of my orders will be Issued to you through the deputies and they are to be obeyed. The depu ties must have your respect the same as I hone to have It and you are nl- l" r . . ",.,.?.: :: y you'' tl,at ' "'" tlle of ll,e 'eo"'f Y"lh ?Umn .T come m L"l"L'- ' ""l near or a case wnoie in iihikiiik mi 1 nrrest-the. ollicor Is cruel to his prison-1 er. You have no right to use violence. If a prisoner resists you hold I him and take him to the station wth- out cruelty. This applies to people of ""' ""tlonallty and there should he 110 ''ivorltes, no exceptions, for you musl I'uincmuer inai uie poor nave right as vifi as the rich. I propose having a system whereby the com plaints ngalnst officers may be Investigated in a business like manner nnd in this I will have the assistance of the business community. The orders to Bovetnlng your actions as officers i will be promulgated by the deputies through the captains of police anil I domand the same respect for them that ing against any of you and I hope that matters may be so that you will all passing on to the captains and lieutenants and patrolmen nnd finally to the prison guards and office clerks. When they reached Mahl, who came here with Sheriff Andrews when he became Sheriff of the Island, Sheriff Searle said to him In Hawalan "Sheriff Andrews tells me that you look upon him as a father, well so do I and I want you to stay with me and with this feeling of relationship we will be brothers." When the last greeting had been of' fored the men wore ordered to duty but they hold back. Doputy Sheriff Fettqr began to speak a farewell to Sheriff Andrews but B"ve It up with the remark "Later we will say fare well." He seemed to be broken up at the Idea of Androws' retirement. ' HAWAII LEGISLATORS ARRIVED. A. Fernandez, and J. D. Lewis repre ' sentatives from Hawaii arrived today ! by the steamer Klnau to attend the le- ' gislature. KINAU ARRIVED EARLY. The steamer Klinau arrived this morning from Hllo und way ports with - J ..1 1 . ii ii , i rmi'ii ntld a BUUU UUHU U. jianouiihui n freight. The schooner W. H. Mars ton hud not left Hllo for Sun Fran cIsco yesterday. THE RAT KILLING. During the iiast month Sanitary of fleer Bowman has been active In the business of ridding the town of rodents Ollva the catcher placed around town 1,7 pieces of poisoned meat and of these 767 were taken away, presumably by the rots. It is estimated that the carrying away of this number of pieces of meat would result In the death of sixty per cent of the rats carrying I nway. Ollva baited COO traps anu niim ed by this means 135 rats. This sor vice wjll be continued Indefinitely. Hawaii Herald. SIBERIA SAILED FROM JAPAN. H. Hackfeld & Company were notified today of the sailing of the o. a. wne rla from Yokohama for Honolulu. Hn has 600 tons of freight for this port and accommodations for 100 cabin passen gers from Honolulu for San Francisco, She Is due here February 13 At the meeting of the Merchants' Association yesterday afternoon to consider the report of the coin mil tee on taxatlun. a communication of con siderable length from W. A. fcwn was read. In this Mr. Howen argues against the Justice and policy of the provision in the tax law reward In "en-terprises for tn-oftt," and the 'aggregate 'value" theory. He says that In their attempted application, the department has, of necessity, gone so far Into the realm of the arbitrary (Slid Intangible as to make it burdensome and exceedingly unsatisfactory. He says that this Is in reality an addition al Income tax, though ostensibly a property tax. fter considerable discussion the whole subject of taxation was referred to a Joint committee to be appointed by. the Merchants' Association, the Chamber of Commerce and the Planters' Association. FOR WEST POINT .EXAMINATIONS WILL be HELD j TUB FIRST FOUR DAYS OF NEXT WEEK THE HOURS. ' According td previous advortlfcement the preliminary examinations for West Point will be held In the Hall of Rep- resentatlves on Jlonuay ana 'i uesuay, l'euruary o una 7. -i nose for Annnpous will be held on Wednesday anu i nurs- day, February s and 9. candidate muHt be strictly on time each day viz. 9 a. m. The examination papers are prmieu, anu me .time auoweu lor eacn paper win ue siricuy ooserveu: MILITARY. Monday 9 to 11, Arithmetic; 11 to 12, Geography; 1 to 3, Algebra; 3 to 4.5", Physiology and Hygiene. Tuesday 9 to 11, Geometry; 11 to 12, History; 1 to 3, English; 3 to 4, Dictu- tlon and Spelling. NAVAL. w..,i,iv'i i ii Ariiiiinetlc: 11 to 12, Geography; 1 to 3, Algebra; 3 to 1.60, Physiology and Hygiene. Thursday-'.) to II. Geometry; 11 to 12. History; 1 lo 3. cngllsh; 3 to 4, Dicta tion hikI Spelling. E NSPEt'TOR NIHLACK ISSUES NOTICE OF PROPOSED CIVIL SER VICE EXAMINATION. The following notice of examination tor lighthouse keepers for these Islands has been Issued by Captain A. 1'. Nib- lack, the lighthouse Inspector: "Application for civil service exnni' Inatlon will be received at this ofllce uuriUK lliu iiuai mm .n lishlng registers of eligible from which appointments of keepers and assistant keepera of Llght-Houie will be made In i. ....... ... the Hawaiian Division of the Twelfth Llght-iHouse District. Applicants must be citizens of the United States, over eighteen and under fifty years of nt Blank forms can be obtained upon application to this office." DAILY STOCK REPORT HONOLULU STOCK EXCHANGE Between Boards Sales: 150 Hoiinkaa $23,875; 160 Hotiokaa $21,125; 20 Hono kaa $24.25. Session Sales: 100 Hwo, $30.75; 55 Mc- Bryde $9.60; 100 McBryde $9.60; 10 Mc- Brydo $9.75; 50 Haw. C. & S. Co., $90.00 40 Haw C. & S. Co., $90.00; 100 McBryde $10.00; 100 McBryde $10.00; SO McBryde $10.00; $1000 O. It. & L. Co., s, $102.75 $1000 Pioneer Cs, $103.00; $2000 Haiku C $102.00; 1000 Walalua 6s, $101.00; 60 Ho uokna $24,126. Stock. Bid. Asked C. Brewer & Co $376.00 Ewa 30.75 $... 31.10 Hawaiian AgrI 95.00 Hawulhin Com'l 90.00 91.00 Huwallan Sugar 33,60 Honomu 167.50 35.00 190.00 Honolulu 24.125 24.25 Kahuku Klhol 14.00 KIpabulu 35.00 14.50 60.00 McBryde 10.00 W.u Oahu Sugur 145.00 Ouomea Ooknla 40.00 10.00 Olaa 9.00 Paulflc Mill 860.00 Pala ...165,00 Pepeekeo L6.00 Pioneer , 160.00 170.00 76.00 Walulua Agr! 72.60 Walluku 272.50 300.00 Wilder S. H. Co 140.00 Inter-Island S. N. Co.... IK. 00 Hawaiian Rlootrlc 105,00 Hon, It. T. Co. pfd 100.00 Hon. R. T. Co. com,..., 60,00 Mutual Telephone 9,26 Oahu IJnllway 70,00 Hawaiian Govt. 5s 100.00 Haiku 6s 102,00 Hawallun Sugar 6s 101.60 Hon. R. T. 6s 105.00 Ouhu R. & L. Co 6s 102.60 Oahu Sugar 6s 101.00 Pioneer Cs 102,60 Walolua AgrI. 6s 100,00 60.00 Fine Job Printing, Btor Office, ANNAPOLIS ABmlNAT OS IGHTHOUS MEN Mrs. Charles L. Rhodes, writing from Hymn Hot Mprlng California, where she has been for some time says: "We found that other Island people have been visitors to this delightful place. Among those who have been here within the past few months are Prince and Princess Kalanlanawle, Mr. and Mrs. John liowler, W. 11. Hoogs, W. L. llenwkk. Mr. and Mrs. K. II. MrCluna-hali, It. K. Brown, P. Mclane, It. It. Muller. J. W. Mend, Mrs. 1C. F. Bishop, Mrs. J. Walker and August Dreler. Charles Helllna left here only a few days ago. They have Introduced Hawaiian music here, and almost any evening one Is liable to huve an attack of homesickness for the Islands listening to "Aloha Oe" "Like no a Like," "Toml Toml," and other Hawaiian songs. Paul Isenberg is credited with having Introduced these melodies. "The automobile trip from Oakland to Byron Hot Springs Is simply ravishing. It is about fifty miles, or a Utile more, and it Is one of the most popular automobile tours of this re gion. You go through Huywards where for miles It Is truck gardens on both sides of the road with such luxuriance of celery and early pens, and strawberries and raspberries and ciii ne inver 111 me mrwnuii, kiiu uuici , .... .. i ...lo vegetables ana iruiis, as muae yuu marvel at the fertility of the soil. Then $'ou begin to climb those hills that make such a pretty background lor lull those towns on the east side of the i,.,y. You cross und traverse some wonderfully pretty canyons and go through the Livermorc Valley with Its orchards and vineyards, and where nro HOlne ,)f the finest country reH.,onc0H in California. Including Mrs Thooll HenrHfH. Then there Is the .,mIl un .hroUKh tile to Altamont ,.,, .,, Mi,i,t,.i,i iTmiun im,t the ,. ,, vllev Mi.rends before you. ."rimro ar all kinds ot traditions about the springs themselves, their oil gin and how they were discovered. In the days before the "Gringos" came, they were visited by the Spaniards H,i for fifty years Americans have been coming to them. There are all kinds of spring, with waters of all dogrees of heat and all kinds of cura tlve properties. It Is as wonderful as the hot spring region of Puna, and a great neai easier io get m. "They say me waters nuiu an- a. most Identically like those of Carlsbad and to those of us on this side ot the world they have the same advantage over Carlsbad that they have over Pima they are easier to get at. '1 here are waters to drink, and wijtors to bathe In, all declared to have beneficial dualities, and really, some of the cures that you hear people hero telling you about, and that you see, are wonderful. The Hot Springs are about three miles from the little town of Byron on the Southern Pacific, and a stage uns between the Springs and the rail road to meet every train. Byron Hot Springs, as the hotel Is called. Is really a most Interesting place. The springs and the baths make It a sanatarlum, but half the people who come, It seems to me, make It a recreation and pleasure resort. fhe building Is a very handsome struc- ii., l. win, ,.,,,, ru"" ' "'" , "' " nlwmt It, and plenty of K m h. for even In winter It does not got cold v.. ... enougn to irosi uu- ....,.. ''"V w" H,,ow "' ? uiamo union you can wv .....h r 1,'ranoiy. as you iook irom u.e veranuans across a imjnuoi Hi....... The building Is In Mission style of ar ehitecturc, and as you drive away from it. It stands out clear cut against the sky and seems to harmonize so com pletely with Its surroundings. There are any number of beautiful drives in this region. Mr. II. R. Wnmor Is the malinger of Byron Hot Springs and he and Mrs, Warner, as well as Dr. Mend, the real- dent physician have a great many friends In the Islands, anil they are each determined to lake a trip down there some of these days." ERNESTINE IS STILL SINGLE. Ernestine Coughrau who Is perhaps betttlr known by her newspaper name of Nan Byxbe, Is not married. She Is now in Seattle and she Is still whole heart and fancy free and any reports to the contrary are Incorrect. She Is showing much skill In newspaper writ' lug and her human In tor out. storles- 0ven though she -s unmurrled-ore fea tured In the Seattle Times. She writes iiml unv ilown In hor heart she still (lH a feeling for Honolulu and she tells 1 a f lur f,'i(.,)(H who have money nnouuh to travel or can get passes, to VHlt (he Paradise of the Pacific. PEPEBKEO WINS. Some time ngo a local paper men tloued a banana growing on Dr. Hoi land's place that weighed a pound Mr. Dillon, of Pepeekeo, showed a ba nana of the cooking variety yesterday grown at Pepeekeo, weighing one pound and thirteen ounces and men surlng eleven and one half Inches In circumference nnd six and one-half Inches In length. Hawaii Herald. KILLED BY THE CARS. A report of tho Innuost on the body of Yusaka Konlklchl a Jnpanoso who was run over by a plantation train a Lawnl, Kauai, Juiiuary 20, was re culvert today by the Ulgh Sheriff, Th doath was accidental. MOHICAN SAILED TODAY. The bark Mohican sailed this morn Ing for San Francisco with 1,166 tons I of sugar, In our Safe Deposit VamH and Boxes far your valiwMe paper?, Jewelry, cto. Hat reasonable. I III CO. Ltd. Merchant and Fort Sts., Honolulu, llawili. 1 HILO. Arriving January 31 Am bark Amjr Turner, Warland, 24 days from Suu Francisco. KAANAPALI. Arriving January 31. Am shlu Hawaiian Isles, Mallett, 24 days from Sou Francisco. AN ENJOYABLE OUTING. The most attractive day's outing la that afforded by the excursion down the railroad line. The HALEIWA LIMITED, a first-class train, leaves Honolulu every Sunday morning at 8:22 o'clock making the run in two hours, the rate for round trip being only JE.60. From 10:22 a. m. until 8:10 p. m. la spent at the beautiful HOTEL HALEIWA, with fresh ond salt water bathing, tennis, golf drives nnd walks, shooting or fishing and you are back In town at 10:10 o'clock In the evening. e Star Want Ads pay, 25 cents. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. BENSON SMITH & CO., LTD. At the adjourned annual meeting of BENSON SMITH & CO., LTD.. held at the ofllce of the corporation, Friday, February 3rd, 1905, 8 p. in., the follow ing ofllcors were elected to serve for the ensuing year: Geo. W. Smith President and Manager. S. L. Rumsey Vice-President. J. ('. McGllI Treasurer. A. J. Glgnoux Secretary. J. A. Kennedy Auditor. W. C. McGonngle Director. ALEXIS J. CIONOUX. Secretary. HAWAIIAN KLKCTHIC CO. ADJOURNED ANNUAL MEETING. Tlie adjourned annual meeting of the stockholders of the Hawaiian leotrlc Co., will be held on Friday. February 10th, 1905, at 3 p. in. al the ofllce of the Company on King street. W. L. HOPPER, Secretary Hawaiian Electric Co. Honolulu. February 3, 1905. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE Second Circuit, Territory of Hawaii. Ill Probate At Chambers, li the Matter of the Estate of William Goodness, late of Walluku, Maul deceased. Before Judge Presiding. Order of Notice of Petition for Allow ance of Final Accounts and Discharge la this Estate. On rending and tiling the Petition and accounts of A. N. Kepolkai, John V. Kerr and L. M. Baldwin. Executor of the last Will and Testament of WH- llain Goodness, deceased, wherein they ask to be allowed $4176.96 and tluiy- harge themselves with $7118.78 and' nsk that the same may he, examined' and approved, and that a final ordor- may be made of Distribution or th property remaining In their hands to the persons thereto entitled, and discharging them and their suratlos from, all further responsibility us such txe cutors, I It Is ordered that Monday, the 20tl day of March A. D. 1905, at 10 o'clock u. in. before the Judge of said Court at the court room of the said court at Walluku, Island of Maul, be und tha same hereby Is appointed as the llinw and place for hearing said Petition ami Accounts and that ull persons Interested may then und there apjiear ami show cause. If any they huve. why the same should not be granted, and may presunt evidence as to who are entitled to the said property. And that notice of this order be published In the Hawaiian Star, a newspaper printed and published in Honolulu, for three success I vu weeks, the last publication to be not less than two weeks previous to the time (herein appointed for said hearing. Dated at Walluku, Maul, this 31nt day of January 190$. .ly the Court: (Seal) EDMUND II. HART, Clerk of the Circuit Court of th Second Circuit. 4ts-Feb. 4, 11, 18 ond SC. in in

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