The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1950
Page 6
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, •LTTOBVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY Bv J, R. Williams Our Boarding House with Mai. Hooplo ELEVEN Two of ft Kind 3UST THE RIGHT TOUCH ?Lyv. FOR COMWG WOMB FROM £%% —A HOOSt ?gg^i WTHALLTHE OFARUMOOWfJtOO.' THESE F1SHIM7 HE COT A "E A DUPLICATE LESSER KrVZI oNOose UPTH6 VK CAKlriOT^ 16MPO, HEARXeT^,, .... — T. LlKBA 6000 Fr\9T TAKIN' HALF "WHAT CO ' SHOP wax ANY CLOSCR TOGETHER THWJ THE OUTIM6 _ , - YOU VST. MARTHA REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. r ARE YOUR CHILDREN READY FOR SCHOOL? k New heels laces...rips repaired. • Summer shoes dyed for fall and winter wear. • Shoe Repair gives EXTRA Wear. H-fll_T€RS JURLITY SHOe SHO 121 W. M « I N S 1 MISS By Edwin Rutt l 1950 b, NEA S«r,k <»r Kdr far eloplac wllh fnr1en« Burnt** l'*t»r Plnoa. k« UIlM her • • aia OvBlabra' tha« »a« aloB« »f hi* litmr ralldrra. "haa bralM rBMBca" (a carry aM kU pronprr- ••• advenlalajr B«ala*»a, vtklrk k« wlaara la rramalk IK Ilit Immllj. H* ••'BioiBlaBrB a*» la aABfc aa«a tfc* alaek, toraBa* 11 will rakt car* at laraa alii Ka>, Jr-aTr*?. Mrr» ana* JrBa. Ea> IK tm aa*r 51 aer *«Bt ml tat ata^k, JraT ±3 mrr a«4 M7rOB 34. JCBB IB cakeB rare af tkrovKk a Irani fun*. Of <k« JCTOBP, aal7 Jvtf Maowa ai»y rora:- Mr«« a! K«>. He appnreatljr a«- HfTfa tkal, mm nla>»r ana, Ike hu«- Ineaa akaa-la- B« IB ala rkarg*. Ka> kaa told JTBB tkal ' Peter Floa4 will kav* ta e«a*« In New Ynrk •nr awklle. Peter n«w la lai Bcr- VIII f ENN FREY drew her knees For Improved KIDNEY fUNCTION In a majority of cai*f inv»stl- gated in wvcral / hospHalt and clinici, tubnormal K'»dn«y function wai improv«xi, Bladder pain and diKomfort reduced after the us* of Mountain Valley Water. If your doctor hat diagnowd your condition at functional Kidney impairment thii natural, un- treatee) mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it for a few weefci. h • delkiout, pure-tatting, and may be contumed freely. Crow town Whiskey Shop Main fc Division PRESCRIPTIONS W PVetih Slocfc Guaranteed Beet Price* Kirby Drug Stores AUTO GLASS Installed J on the chaise and clasped her hands around them. "I wonder how Peter will like your asking him to come to New York? He's very temperamental, isn't he?" "His bark's worse than his bite," Ede said offhandedly. "Now if you've got all of the questions ofl your chest, what about that crack of Jeff's? About your running around with an older man?" Jenn colored slightly. "Oh, Ede Don't you be stupid, too. Jeft'i just a nosy old woman." "Far be it from me to bott m," Ede «aid carefully. "But, after all, I'm your sister. Pd naturally take an interest." "Well, I've nothing to hide," Jenn said, a little defensively. "It's Hamilton Grieve, if you've got to know." Ede started. Hamilton Grieve had been at least 30, a hanger-on on the social fringe, before sh< herself had come out "He is a bit ancient, Isn't he?" she said, trying to sound caaual "So whfit? He's got a lot more on the ball than these college in fants. He isn't," Jenn hesitated "No," Ede agreed. "Ham wouldn't Only I should think penetrating blue eyes that Ede had ever seen. It was the eyei that softened the rock-like aspect Reagan presented. A little twinkle kept sliding in and out of them, constantly relieving the hard hlue glitter. He looks, Ed« thought, like a mastodon with a sense of humor. "Well, Mr. Reagan," she said, by •ou'd feel like his daughter. What bout lhat good-looking boy who was so nice to you at the funeral?" "Tommy Melbourne?" Jenn's •oice was shrill with derision. 'He's got the mind of a halfback. 1 "And the shoulders of one, too." "Well, he did play football at Yale." Jenn's boredom was just a shade too obvious. "But he doesn't know from nolhing." Jenn got up arid came over to ler. She put a bare warm arm around Ede's shoulders. "Don't worry about me, Ede," she said. "I know what I'm doing." 1 hope you do, dear," Ede said. "Because, frankly, I'm not going to have (ime to worry about you." And llial was a lie, she knew. She was worrying already. Hamilton Grieve had been trying to make an advantageous marriage for years and years. way of opening the discussion, strange situation, isn't "this is a it?" "Yes." The Iwinkle was out of . Reagan's eyes now. They stared at Ede like blue searchlights. He eemcd io be'taking in every detail of her tall (rim figure, the little black hat and doited veil, the •martly cut black crepe dress ouchcd with white, the black iliede shoes open at the toes. "It s indeed," he added. "You know all about—about everything?" asked Ede. "Yes. Your father told me what ic had in mind." Ede felt that he was waiting 'or her to play to him. She said, And how do you think you'ri going to like it, Mr. Reagan?^ He looked her straight in the face. "1 haven't made up my mind yet." JEFFREY FREY'S (unction at "* Frey & Company was to contact the account of Loman Smith, makers o[ Morn-Glo Soap. It so happened that, when they arrived at the agency on the following morning, he found an urgent message from his client. The Morn-Glo advertising manager wished to see him immediately. Without even removing his hat, JefT dashed away. Ede was secretly pleased. It gave her a chance to talk with Reagan atone. They would gel farther, she thought, without Jcfj fuming and fussing at the conference. Her first impression of Dan Reagan was almost frightening The man aflected her with a sense of vast power. His shoulders were incredibly broad, his neck short and thick. He had a large not too homely face, liberally freckled km. 1 •king the ri«ht word, "w»U, cal- j that ended in a slab of a jaw Reddish hair and the lightest, tnos was an awkward pause. Ede grew a little desperate. He was giving her no help, just sitting there staring at her with his challenging blue eyes. Her mouth firmed. Don Reagan must not see that he had her slightly ill-at-ease. "Keep control," Old Cornelius had said. "If you don't, you're licked." "Look here, Mr. Reagan," she said, in a steady voice, "I'm going to lay my cards on the table. L need you and I need you badly. At the same time, I understand your position. You were Father's righthand man and you didn't mind being that, I suppose. But now things are different. You may have to take orders from a woman. And you may not like it." "And if I don't?" Reagan's strong hard jaw was jutting out. His eyes were like blue fire. "In that case," Ede nerved herself to it, "you'll just have to get out, that's all. There can't be two bosses." (T. Be C««Una«i) "You haven't told ma a word about your vacation trip Yellowstone—what were the boys like out there?" Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. 136 K. Main Phone 6716 To My Friends Wish to announce that I am now located at CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE. Now I am able to serve you 24 hours a day on COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION and AIR-CONDITIONING work. Please feel free to call at any time. Frank We stall Day 2993 . . . Night 2808 STOP! on your plwrablng *>b> It can be conveniently fln- nc*6 throngh FHA. We eantract complete >ofe *r will l y«« the fixtures and rough- ma(«Ti«l and JOB choose yomr n plumber. Rep*ir work Is given o«r prompt •ttcnti«n. See or Coll Outturn Supply 1916 \V. Main Blytheville I'hone 3^08 or Orsburn Plumbing Co. 13 II Win! Art. C»rathenTilte I'hone 1179 HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, BorUy and Seed Wheat. For Fall Planting •«•--- Blythevill* Soybean Corp. IN* West Miln Phone S*5« Chrysler-Plymouth Owners Whether it's just for occasional servicing, or for a major repair.. .bring your car homt to your Chrysler- Plymouth dealer. He knows your car best. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 E. Main Phont 2122 PRESCRIPTIONS For careful attention to the filling of your prescriptions, be sure to come to Barney'* Drug. BARNEY'S DRUG C Weal Main Phone 3647 FARM LOANS Gates WiRgs Co. REALTORS Phone mi A<B*ar«M<t Mermn Lamm HOW'S YOUR SPEEDOMETER? T« be, »»re If* working right, drlre In l« Mr •hop »nd we'll check It over. Rupert repairs en . ill makes and models, ears and trocaj. O»« T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 East Main Phon* 2122 We're Proud of Our Work * "">rk • Woodwork icluriaf * W«Wmf BARKSDALE MFC CO • Machine work • Manotactarint ^UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! RECOVERED '59 M We Guarantee Satisfaction Except Tufted Piece* Older »f « BeaotlfD. rabrta* 7 DAY SERVICE The House of Charm cnr.Ai.-m can «m 8 . mrtiin? « '"'SCIU.A'S POI JENNY LU ISN'T VERY NICE! SHE ATE ALL HER UW CE CREAM AND V^. , NOW SHE WANTS Mff'A HALF of MINE; '• '"'" HY MICHAEL O'MAI.LEY and RALPH LAN§ T/-/E PAY USSY LA\'G TELL SOU WHAT. IT'S TOO TDCWvJ PUT IM THE AtOKNKvJS SE6W* TRY eRJLOWS MUSfC STOPS: ON)WarrH»l»*UL . HE eoe* IN < BUT itfmv rVELL, THERE N '<7R. P»JfJ6S A\A&K,) RISHT LAST COV1E5 THE £UN, J/MEC7JCINe l 'TKAVEL£/Nk5HT. FOUNC7 FLINT. ^^^OJLV »V MkSHT. I "S. 14 TRUCKS THINK ILL CATCH A NAP )TKAVELIN6 IN THE HOTEL COWN /WAV OVEK- NO, ^M'AM, WE CAKKV T. THE FIPTH jo EXTRA-THIN /MANPOUN IPLACE ive PICKS HERS, we 6ETNO /'BEEN THIS Fog TH&IV JAFTEKNOON, »Nt7 THE STOKV l€> THE SAME CAPTAIN EASY An Old Iceboz BY LESLIE TURNER BV TH 1 WfVVrGllZUEXOrt. nut's A HUGE ,.-. WOT's TWCT ROOM | WE US6D TO KEEP WHOLE KEUES !W THERE! NOW WE CRUT AFPORD TO RUW IT. WITH w HEN/V METAL COOK, Off . WkJTCHBNt T GLAD YOU OOT H6Re,9HfB*«l f ELIPE'S FEtUM' BETTER Ht ABLE TO TALK I COME TUS WW. IF YOU WILL \SUBE.GO? EXCUSE M6 NOWA AHEAD,/ BE SOLIP Ml' III RUN UP AND I K.IDI f SOUNDPROOf KEEP FATWte a^_ ^A AW'lTs GOT J^-m. A LOCtt... . V \ v h ^ KT LATER DAW SON IS WWTINS. BUGS BUNNY Charming! THSV C-CALLIHE AJN-T SONNA VOUR -rf TRV rto BNAKIV OPPONENT ^K »TUF=F ON TH- »OA- COOt»T«ICTO«/ ALLEY OOP So He's a Minstrel BY V. T. HAMLIN BECAUSE I LIKE IT THAT W>Y.' NOW PIPE DOWN MSD MAKE LIKE A. TJSTKEL.' HEAR VE7 I. VIMS KtCHABD DO DECLAEE VIS MAN A MEMBEB OF <3Ue SAND.' THCU4H UNSKILLED IN AJZM5. AS MlN ITEEL.HS BEADV WIT AND WILL LIGHTEN Tt€ TEDIUM AN9 5C7 Cue / r DON'T MIND VEARIN FINDS THE6E 51ULV DUOS. AN HIMSELF IN \ PLUMKIW THIS THING J THE COMPANY V CAN T,\KE_BUT WHY D'/A HAFTK CALL ME BLONC? Of LION-HEAETED ON THEIR LONfi Sy HOME FTOM THE HOLY THE TKI^D C5L1SAD is llf I A.Q AND DAMfiEK IS' BOOTS AN!) HER BUDDIES

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