The Courier News from ,  on October 16, 1952 · Page 18
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The Courier News from , · Page 18

Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1952
Page 18
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PAGE EIGHTEBW CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dallj rate per lint per cnnsrciillvf tnttrtlon; Minimum rtum Wf 1 tlBif p*r line I5c ? tlntfS per line p« day 12c Month por line . .]'.'.'.'.'.'.'. ' SOc j Co«n( Mrc avertfe words to Ihe Hnr. Ad nrdfivd for three nr six timrs • inri Stopped bpfnre rxnlral Eon will he chirp orl for I he number of (Imps the id appeared and arJJimmrnfs nf hilt 20 MINUTE PHOTOSTATIC BERVICE. O'tlTKEK'6 STUDIO, 11$ W AM"*. 12.4 ck tf Oil ftiave service. anlefl, Ph. 8652. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Custom t h r ft B h 1 n g and hailing, Charlrs Bright A: Son, Phone 25G6. JO 14 pk 12 U For Sale. Misc. r,..., ti ' A Thayer drl condition. Ph, in IB Good pk 23 b- All rlassUiert adrertlslng cop<r city roils I ho arromtvinled br rasli. Kat*s may bf casttr bo rompiilrd trom Ihf ahoTf tahlo. Adrorllstne ordered for Irrrpular in- •erllnns (akr tbc nne Time tali>. No r«p(in*lhlllfy he (aken for morr than one Incorrect tnsorltnn of any classified ad. All ads are reslrlrtfrt tn (heir proper rl.isstrirallon, si vie and type, Thr Courier S'ews reserves (he right to edit or t*Jert any ad. — — ....... For sale by owner, one cxir , ai:ti one small ro,il healing (-to lonp oil hrntrr, only J=]lj;hily n^ti «pr fhrrn F. T. Fr.nR/l, 21.1 \V j ky Ave. ] A-ln u'AlniH mef-i! prlnc nnr\ i,m:i] p, Ph. 267)- after 15 for Rent 2 room fiirn. »p(. Turn. Ph. 2592. chest 5 ranks firepln 10 is pk 2y 1 wnort. 11. C Knap- >pnnen,Tr. jo 15 pk 22 50 ynl. woodoti barrets $s 30 KM. H(Thiv,"-'iRhi rum! drums *1 10 RM metal mm with lojis ,., 15c J'epsl-Cola HoitHni; Co. ir> 15 rk 1ft In rinse in, utilities j Violin, rnrc old Instrument made 1700, Mrs- K. J. Jleaion, 205 K KITUI ky, ph. 8301, ibis T.H 4 room n rwly H ccor A t ff balh Ph. 26R" bofore fi n rf npt. with ' i. i<vis CK in , water jtunip ( I f h. 0143. Har 3 room Turn, apt, Th 8fi76. 10 15 pk 22 3 rooms furn. Private rntrRnrp both. Hot watpr, 1.4 hlock Krocprs 4660. 1015 p Fiirn "apt, : Ph. 32M. 2 large rrx'rr.:. 2 poi io|i5 ; 3 rm. 'urn. fint , prlratc hath, elrc, ctove, hot A- cold wnler fnrn. Ph Sfil'V 10' 1 5 pV. 22 3 rm. luTti. d heat. Ph. 2229, . pri* 21 Two 3-room, furnished nptv Prlvule bath, hot wpter $12.3f> per week r*1l S<83 before 8 Bin. or after fl p.m. 10 H pk 21 Modern film. npt. TTt. bnth nnrt pnf heat. 631 Wnlntit. ph. .?2!75. JO JO pV. 17 Nicely furn. 4 rm. i\pt.. nil Xltchen and clD^B In. Ph. 44,12. 108 elec cX tf 3 unfnrn. apt- Apply In tinck 112 E- Cherry, Mrs. Elrtrr. 106 jiV 22 Apartment KV/P rlrelrlr i parity 4 to 5 Irjs. S25 Cull Good sl/e. Delnxp O. E, odel. floor *,erv- '. \\ M ihrr. C;i- r.14 <lh tl neTrluorfltor fl foot Also. 75,0(X1 H.T 17 . . . , Norpe Oil Heater. Ph. 2038. 10 14 Fill Your Coal Kin Now. .E. C. ROBINSON LBR. CO, ]0 13 pk 20 House for *nl e.SB. Ph. 25H. Clearance Sale Bargains In n Btore Chnrm En. 61 /ythJ/tc er> f>ic Mem- 10 n rk if . S rooms anrl balh, tLIft decorated On bus line. Kenwood Drive, ' Moors. NLrrly Innnlro ?t31. ir>',i pic im 3 rooin Turn npt. PrlvRtn h:\th «nri private front ftnd hack entrance Adult. 1 ; only. Festively rm children. Ph 6213 or MCI fl'30 ck tf Newly decorated «er\ro hrntr<l apt. *h. 3255, 9|17 ck I0il7 Xfodf^m crblns and npi\rtin/^nts last BOT Court Phnn* 0051 Cmiplp-i only. 673 cX 10 23 Modern 2 room fur. apt. Phn 2fift5 or 45«. 2,'H c)r If Modern »pt. 3'rooma and bath, new- Jr decorated, pood furniture, gas equipment. Ph. 3373 F. Simon. 921 ck tt Smalt Apavtments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms S4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2833 8M ck tf Services Th (&$'> or 8C30. Write Box 327, Finmcr IO;H pk"2i HefrlRerfttLon—Air Conditlonlnir and Heatlnt; servlcp Call Ww or 60C4' BROFF REFRIGERATION CO • 1014 tf Expert secretarial nnd notdrr cerr^ »ces av&lTahTe. Hotel Nohlc, ph- 4541. : 10,1 i>x*ii;i Try our drllcatessen specials—Darb^~ eiif ribs and chickens — plmlenio ehe«e — ham naiad — chicken salad —Cole R]a«* — potato sated. \ve will cook for your Rprclnl dinner or pnrly Call and ask us tor prices. Cecil r.owe Grocery Phono •J597 ^ 3'n etc 10M7 Guaranteed piano timing und rT- P«lr. Call 2071 day. 2059 nights 526 tl Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-Day service on Jewelry 3 rt^ys on watches and clocks. O.inrimttpd work done by (iprrt repilrmcn. txnrrct ' "Pat 0' Bryant Wain & Second , to 3 ch tr Bonn Hnvilinjr bed- Day or night' ReptilRr or < Eency. Ph. 3H2 before 6pm V\M cr6 - '100 mfi- B j[. cX tt eooU mlloh row-;; I Hnlstrln win !(f nn f-jrellrni nur.'O row for nr., , f>ne raisins bf-r-f ciHile. J. F. HRFCll. [ 1'-. inllps north ot Alth^sn. Rt. ;i. Elos •542. in ]4 pic 17 "TYPEWRITER^ DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W. Walnut Plume 336J Plenty of Parking Space WHEN YOUR BATTERY IS DOWN YOU'RE OUT IN THE COLD Replace your old, worn- out battery with a new GENUINE FORD BATTERY, NOW Priced right—guaranteed— WILL FIT OTHER CARS REFILL WITH ANTI-FREEZE Have your radiator flushed, cleaned and filled with anti-frcc/e NOW! DON'T WAIT! Avoid the rush and make sure your car is ready for winter. Come in PHILLIPS lodav! GAS EQUIPMENT Installed by hond"d fitters E g. ROBINSON LDR. CO. USED- COMBINES If you nnerl n pood used self- propelled combine . . . sec us first. Choose from Masscy- 1 Tarn's, Intel-national Harvester, John Deere and Case. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Hiway 61 Phone 2M2 7jl9 tf L.ucian Garties Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also liny your old furniture. Farmers (onus '/> down, balance in the fall Formerly Arnold &. Gaines Ph. 6357 4|17cktf THURSDAY, OCT. 18, 1958 TRAILERS n We Got 'em" Jack Robinson Implement Co. MlytheviUe, Arkansas — Phone 2371 LAND FOR SALE 240 acre, 320 acre, 160 mire, 80 acre nnrt -lO ncrc tracts In Penilsrct Couti- ty. Mo., with Rood huildings on good roads. 1200 per acre. 85 acres southeast of Blythevllte. f250 per acj-e. Sevrrnl g(wd 40's with Rood hxilhilng", loraled tn Mississippi County, J225 per icre. Have ROuie ^0 up to 1,000 acre tracts In Stodaa/d and New Madild Couitly Mo Priced frnm ?RO up to $200 per acre, I havp fievcrai ranees on good road* with &rood (jntJdJiiBs find plenty of graas and running water the yuar round. located !n Arkansas, II Interestc<l 1n farm lands ol any Xlnd—cotton farms or ranches. See or call R. M. BICCK 301 N Broadway Thone 2^33 10.11 pk 1& tost & Found SiMyed 5 mare mult-s Sunday nlfht ! 2 Sorrels " i J 0«y 1 1 Jllnck I 1 nay . J Contact or rail cn]\cct c. H. Whistle. Jf - **• D'-H 275-1 or 253/j. 10.15 pk 22 i Notice We Buy Pecans Higher prices paid for wild pecans. V.e buy any amount from a pound to a car load. ™ Joe Hester's Gro So. H\vy. 61 ph. 2032 For Rent 416 East Main, ,"t?00 6q. [«*<*t In main building Reasonable rent. Call 1612 7 29 rfc tl Whatever you have to scJl. *e)f It throd ? h Auction. Call 4Ii96 10,8 pk 22 Watch our windows for Bargains We hai-c spprla. lo^ prices every weekend Cecil Lowe Grocery Phone 4597 fill? CK 10 11 4 room* unfurn. house, 2016 W. Vine. Bath, hot water. 10,11 pk 18 He/p Wanted. Male Evpcrl^nrpfl plumber or plumber helper. Orshurn Supiily. Ph. 3203. 10,16 pk 23 Wanted. Press Man anil Suck Feeder. ooci pay, fiieady work, Hlytlievllle Gin 'o- 10,16 ck LI Part-time checker. Must have high school education. Would worfc 3 to 4 hours each nl^ht exrrpi, Sunday. Apply I'opsl-Coln Hottllnfi Co. 10,15 ck IS THAILOR PARK | City water, bath house, electricity nlrmy of s>iadp. raqnns Trailer Park, i 1 ml R. 61, Blythevllle. 102 pk M* Private Rooms LarpP front h e (I r o o m. Exccllcni nel^hhorhcod. Pit. 2514 10^11 pX li;il Com/of table bedroom with private nath Ph 21>38 or 9671 9 10 cX t( Strayed Dirt. Ph.-23ao. Johnson Hlock Co. 10,2 ck 11 3 For Safe . E<|iiity for s n I e in 15M8 PoiHJiic 2-door sedan C. See ;it oOG S. Franklin St. 10J13 DIl Shirk Bros.—peonies, roses, slmibs, berries & trees Ph 3857. FAIR VIEW ACRES S. invY. ei. 1015 pk 11115 Cheap! SO.OOO BTU Coleman floor furnace, fuel oil burner. Ph. 6371. 1011S cV 18 New (Ire prf pick trie Inrt prices. 465. Til Toms Cnfp. . selling. oM ^ce of ^^fc5 Impossible ... Wt 775 Ihs at faciO'V 325 pfc 10 2S 1!) W Ash Ph. nR02 Re . Jon for _ 10,8 pk 2!) Flrr.h(!rj;J5r f r<K>I 1 "" rs ' Vnnlt' doors "Y "'f*-,'" 1 ' 8 «nrr prices FMshl. >«!'!. Pll. -SMT ^ 0 ' M pk ,025 Allls rhalmers roilon picker, ricked hairs. Will sacrifice. C. W. Reed 1U. 352 irnl, tank f.- fittings. Pprfecl con- Man Extra heavy ,t M |. che.ipl Pli J8J - ID.llpk 18 Save Jloney When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture CLIJV HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 S3 ck tf Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits Now is the time to purchase breed- Ins stock Some «rc ribbon winners my NEA fair. Must s.tcrlllre 53 tin Phone- Jim Uolrson, 2061. 9 !3pk t[ • . . II:iytl. Mo. Phone 2121 Chftncellui whei II Whistle C3ln 1015 pk 13 ale, 1300 per 1 Dell 839 t! FOR SALE J room house with (rout nm! hack porc.i nrrrnMy decorated. 114 John-nn How. Cnll 6.',39. SJ WAI.i, PA PER & PAINT' Room lot Pnlr on Pnppr FOn SALE A KOOrt 18 room Hnuse on Ash Street. Lot 75 x 190 leet. Cannot .cplacc the house, lor 515.000 Will sell tor 513 000 Terms for part. 3 bedroom house on North Fifteenth street. A barsaln tit price o[ E850 cash Pay S37.2S per month W. At. HURN3 REAI.TOH-INSUROR PHONE 3361 115 NORTH SECOND STREET !»;a ck is Beautiful home located on \V. Main. GD; hot water healing, system, modern kitchen, large breakfast room, full sized dining; room, comfortable sun porch, modern servant house. Can lie financed by FHA loan. Shown by appointment only. Comfortable 3 bedroom home in nice residential area. Equity cnii be bought for reasonable cash terms. Low monthly payments, immediate possession. See or call MAX LOGAN, Realtor Lynch Rldg. Ph. 203.1 lO'll ck 18 For Soi'e, Real Estate Cornfortalil" ho brr-.ikfnf! nr,if.. Irom Kro^crs n J »ynt. mcnthljT Un '' N NOW with fi rooms clown s less OPENING Due (o Increase In bu-lr.««s a»d expansion program with new sensational Invention, hacked with Natlorinl Ad- crtlslng and twenty five year old name, we are otlertns two men n Kcovind floor oppoiumlly. Thcs« opcn- Inps will he- filled from Blythevllle SUK! snrronndtnR territory' Car helpful. Phone Friday Oct. 17. for Interview appointment. \V. K. sinks NPIV Gl^nroe Hotel DlythDvllle, Ark^ns,T3 10 15 rk 17 Press man and bean elevator man. Ph. 6645. Vallcy- fielr] Gin. 10;2 tf 2 r^d Atpers. w-eSeht about 600 Ihs In vicinity of Marie. Ark. £5O Reward for Information leatlnv; to recovery. Call HiiF.spl] Gill. ph. 2n2l, Dell. Arl: 10,4'plt H[4 Salesman Wanted BE INDEPENDENT. Sell Rnwl«l[;h Products. OootJ nearby locality open. Write today. Rawlelpsh's, Dcpt- AKJ- 210-D, Memphis. Tcnn 1016 pk. 17 Insurance FOR AUTO INSURANCE The Bf5t Insurance Service Call 3361 •W. M. BURNS Hcnlior-Insuror I0;i4 ck 11114 Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection GLENCOE HOTEL nUII.DINO 121 W. Ash St. <!3 ck tf FARMER'S CORNER Best Values in Blytheville! GOOD USED TRUCKS 1949 CMC Pick-Up Tl , K . k , a c|can , ruck Dial will saltsf.v your needs. Priced at 5fOU 1950 INTERNATTONAl. L-110 Un K Wheel Hnsc iruck; has very low mileage. Y ()ll -)| S4APA hke Ibis one; Its i : . Kxccllenl Comlilion ' IUDU | 1 ™r1lh'; T °»" (:HEVR 0'-KTS ln k«; a Tires' 80< y0 " r J ° l> d0 " Cl G ° 0ri J-jr *! ID COMBINES & TRACTORS Th A ovM| B }""t n n BHI '? rsed Com " incs " i( Jnej 11 Kct (hose hcans. A RKAI, HUY S at Delta Implcmcnls in Hlylhcvillc Only ' «Vu" XE l'r >0 , IjIS >IOUNG Traclor > Mo < c with cultivator and busier. Sce it to- ? day ................ s .JOHN HEERE "irTra'c I o r' wi'th Here's a real (n,y in a K o,,d trador. Come by soon, it's sure to sell quick. . . . FOR THE BEST BUY SEE ' E. M. TERRY Phone 1 2,131 _2 WN PAY.MFNT MON'TKLV . . , fi-1 foot In: with ron- Timing room pine- E.' M!" "ERRY S!2134 PPF.C1AI, LAM) FOR SALK 1(')0 acres in front of levee slmrl ilistnncc of I'oma'.o mi good gravel road. ! This is a liigli dry loam piece f soil, all tractor land. Can l>c divided into two SO acre tracts. For riuick sale a few <inys only. KIAI.KS I.A\D CO. I'lione 3322 10 ifi ck 10 Farm For Rale YOUR HOME Just completed In restricted Country Club Drive Addition ftt -117 Huidin. Tliree bedrooms or two bedrooms and flen; 25 ft. living room ' i'.ncl dining room combina- j tion; deluxe Geneva Kitchen with breakfast nook;[ beautiful tile bath, colored : fixtures. G;is heat, large slor- '' age attic; carport with attach- • eel storage. lOOxHO ft. lot. All j fir dimensions material was] used in construction of this! home. Price ?lfi,500. Open for inspection Sunrl.iv 2:00 to G:00 JOHNNY MARR Realtor & Builder Ph. .1111 _ 'Res. 25flf> lOil ck tf REAL ESTATE Farms—City Property LOANS INSURANCE If Intpresied'ln Buying nr selling see Noble Gill Agency Glencoc BMg. Ph. 6SG8 Instruction T tench piano, ncrordlon. Mrs. C. Johnscn. Ph. 3134 E. Moultrle Drlvp. Wonted to Buy We will pay CASH for your old Ko- daks, ramrrns nnrt lensca for parts. O'STEEN'S STUDIO, 115 West Main. Wonted Hating stoves ot all kinds HLshp5t prices p?.!d. Rose Snles Co., 501 S. 2Ist.. Ph. 4596. 10.3 pk 22 Female Help Wanted Settlert Iridv booltltenppr and typist. Shorthand not necessary. State age. experiences nnd references Write Box T-6, % Courier News. 10,3 ck if Port Has Free Zone By Legrs/af/ve Decree LATAKIA. Syria <f?)— A free zor.R In the Latakia port has been sot np hy a recent Syria legislative decree ^ Goods may be moved in and nut of the free zone exempt from reg- uJations of the Ministry of National Economy regarding imports and exports. The free zone rtecree Is regarded as another move to make Lataku a significant Mediterranean port, thereby helping Syria become less dependent on the Lebanese ports of Beirut and Tripoli. The Beirut port also has a tree zone. FOR SALE 272 ACRE FARM At Hnloise. Tnnn. (Known as Michelle Kami). 2 " C ™ R. C. FARR & SONS Gasoline Tractor Fuel Lee Tires Distributors Fuel Oil Kerosene Lee Tires PETROLEUM ^s&z^ PRODUCTS "Serving the Public for 20 Years" Plione 4567 400 So. Railroad St why pay more? Come in and see these VALUES! CHEVROI.KT Fleetmnster Deluxe 2 Door n equipped with lai-Re radio, ,,l as ,i c se ., ( ov . «i-s, heater and rtcfroslcr. Has )„«• mileage one owner car. Come in and see this one lodav Priced nght. 1911 1-ORO V-S 4 Door Sedan, motor runs good and has good rubber. Good cheap transport- 1950 CHEVROLEt Ton Pick-Up Truck. Here's an *.. s ::.! l ..'985 excellent buy NOW! ". 1949 FORD V-S '/ 2 Ton Pick-Up Truck. A real value al Sullivan-Nelson. Price al only 1917 CHKVROI.KT 3/-1 Tern Slake liocly Trk. A dandy farm (ruck priced ri^hl at only 19'Ki KOHI) V-8 y, Ton Sli.kc Hody Trk. Good J - , , iic oy r. oo rubhcr, motor in perfect condition SPECIAL! 19J8 •CHRVROI.BT £ Ton Pick-Up Truck. Come in and see what an excellent buy this one is at 87 AC onl - v ............... ; ..................... 7S5 EASY G!\!AC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut . Phone 457g I AM A JAYWALKER \Vhen I am injured or killed, please send me to one of the following Hospitals: (check one) CHRIST CCNERAL JEWISH MERCY D GOOD SAMARITAN n D ST. MARY'S H D DEACONESS H D COUNTY MORGUE Q Ntmi GRIM REMINDER—Citizens of Cincinnati, Ohio, are reminded ot the tragic consequences ol jaywalking by this grim little identifi- canon card, thousands ol which have been distributed throughout the city. Those \vho fail to heed the reminder to use the crosswalks, have the small comfort ot knowing they'll be identified in case oi accident. Young Boys Play Polo With Borrowed Trucks CLEVELAND (JP,_TWO 14-year- old boys had an afternoon of expensive amusement playing polo with coal trucks inside the yard of the Fahrlnnd Fuel Co., in Brookstde Park. Police were called by a witness who saw the boys colliding with each other in separate trucks. Authorities said a total of seven trucks had been damaged. Most ot the vehicles' fronts had been hashed in. One truck was saved by two oak trees from goiiK. into a 'creek Another was driven halfway up a huse pile of coal. Dams,;,: ,vas estimated at more than S500. JOE ATKINS MACHINE WORKS W - «Af AM* IUCTlc WILMH* . cm MPANM . »« • HA.BWAM . -r-f. In Mr : p.utiirr. nrr>: AHv.i'nrnrMlsnivitl"orwrt fl^v. mlvrt son. l.lchly |iro«Jnrl1vr in r'-rn. rotton nnrt hrnn^, n'.-.o cnod com'- hlnatlnn farm for llvpswv On» 5 ronni Immr with h^rh find r»tni\lnc w.n>r. ncflrlrny and mall route on 100,1 rojrt. ! fnrf » 1Ih „.„,.,.„ alrr „„ tuTlioxv. Ar thr <"\trrm,-lv ' -••* rrlrr O! *12.S r ,r »r,r. V, nm ,h r * .Unrt^lnt or Imprm^TOrn---. land nnrt location ijlj '••>"" will r^mprln allli most nnv W'lM rl" ."""« ''"«"'' '" "" cn >""rj- w.' n M! m"Rxs. n 'Ro;iu m 115 N -S^ronrf Slrrtl Phnno ^361 farm in Tennessee — See • Ellis W. Prichett Finley Gin Co. Finloy, Tenn. Ph. 1008 or 7!)ri-\V,S, Dyersburg Exchange 10:i4 pk21 BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 . lft!5 ,-k 32 ________ _ .\fortr-m 5 room h.i mr News . llri-]>l;r<! In llrlnf! hr«t. i at \.-yi , UD-. n^st ' n ,.'l '" v "»vill<- Otv-nrr .'J.J r ' K 'E cr . UI2 Hcorn. or 33i». Hnrrtioort room. B a!< Good Used Combines We have all ma scs pull typr enm. Mnrn Priced from SlCfl up. Oelln Implements, Inc. 312 S. 2nd Ph. R8G3 •< acne S ' 26 ck 105S fi ROOM HOME PRICED WAV LOW About UTOO.rxi doTn payment will jcl you hi on a pood htij- in tht fortAblr home. Tot*! price only j E. M. Terry .Vbon* ^381—2134 —.... . 'J»tuck» FOR SALE n t \iul!tnl hrirk home on lltjchway 61 North in Country Club Drive AHrllHon. ThU home has S extra laige hcrtrooms, large rto<cls tn each: tarce. llvingr ronm wilh firrpl.-irc, rtining room. New Geneva kilchen. one and one-hair halhs. utility room., largo scrreile.l In front p<ircll. Servant's house wilh ins,,iff an,; outdoor storage. This home has new roof and Is In lop condition. Can'l bt rlupllralerl for twice the M-MInf price. EMra large lot, choice neighborhood. Triced for quick sate. SEE OR CALL JOHNNY MARR Phone 2596 1951 MERCURY S-Door Sedan Mcrco-Matic, equipped will, raillo anrt hcat- Koyal Master tires, has low mileage. A very clean car. Priced right. 1950 OLDSMOBILE Deluxe Sedan with Hadio and Heater, all c.vlras, city driven, exceptionally clean . . . g ee it; you'll buy it. 1049 CHEVROLET '/ 2 -Ton I'ick-Up Truck Low mileage nnd a clean truck. A Homer-\\ ilsun spc- cial value at only l'J16 FORD 1 Vj-Ton Truck with bed. New paint job. Good tires. A real buy at 1916 FOhD V-S Four-Door, Bargain Priced S 895 $ 495 S 495 LOW PRICES AND BIG VALUES! 39ol GMC 2-Ton, I.WH. wilh new grain hcrl 900 x^O rear (ires, 825x 20 front lires, 2-speetl axel, SfCftF cah lights anrl turn indicator. Only .' 'lO;ft) 1948 CHEVROIiET Fleellinc, 2-Door wilh radio and neater. This is Rn exceptionally clean auto SA/IC mobile. A SPECIAL Price, looi "4J in IS PLYMOUTH -1-Door Special Deluxe with radio anrl healer, new lires ... a rea! bnv 1950 CHEVROLET '/ 2 -Ton Pick-Up Truck. An extra clean truck af an extra-special price HORNER-WlLSON EAST MAIM Rocket Oldsmoliile — GMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot _ Phone 615T

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