The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1952 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1952
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS $ Bright kte,.. •«*.. „„„ Buttermilk HOM£ CONSULTANT, MIDWfST DJtlJY PRODUCTS CORPORATION V f t ? I Golden Royal PASTEURIZED, CULTURED BUTTERMILK Economical, Too.' Let Golden Royal Buttermilk help stretch your food-buying dollars. Serve it often .. , use it in baking and cooking. WIDEST DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION BUTTER K5ILK Pork, Kraut and Apples Form Top Autumn Trio By CECIiy BROWNSTONE Associated Tress Food Editor Pork, kraut and apples make flavorful, nutritious and thrifty trio when crisp weather demands hearty meals. Put these good foods on your menus often during Octo her !5 to November 30; during these six weeks there will be specials on them for budget-minded cooks, Some night when you are serving pork chops, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, top the meal off with this delicate lemon dessert. SAWEnKnAUT-STUKFKI) AFFLKS rnsredlents: 4 large baking apples, one No. 303 can sauerkraut (drained), (4 pound ground fresh pork, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, V, teaspoon salt, 4 teaspoons butter or marga- Dessert Idea: Try Apple Cup Cakes Apple cup cakes! Here's a tempting treat for dessert or for coffee time. Suggests Reba Htaggs. home economist, serve them plain or frosted, with coffee; with whipped cream or Ice cream for dessert. An unexpected addition to this recipe Is coffee. Combined with chopped apple, dates, nilt meats anrt spices. It adds up to delightful eating. Apple Cup Cakes \*i cup lard 1 cup su^ar 1 teaspoon salt 1 egg 2 cups sifted enriched flour *'i teaspoon soda 2 teaspoons baking powder rj teaspoon cinnamon '/£ tenspoon cloves ',4 teaspoon allspice % teaspoon nutmeg It.cup chopped mils A cup chopped dates 1 cup chopped apples M cup cold coffee 1 teaspoon vnnllla Cream Inrd. sugar, and salt. Add egg and beat well. Sift together lour, soda, baking powder and pices. Mix with nuts, dates and ap- iles. Add dry ingredients alternately with coffee and vanilla. Fill rrensed small muffin pans 2/3 full. Bake in a moderate oven (350 F.) for 25 to 30 minutes. 24 small cnkes. Food Pg Fillers Food Page ONLY. , A rubber spatula will help you get every bit of batter out of a mixing bowl when you are making cake, cookies or a quick bread. Or you can use one of the Inexpensive new spatulas made from plastic. If a.child drinks a quart of milk and taker a teaspoon of cod liver oil iinily;hls Jienltli and appearance arc bound to benefit. PURE GROUND A Mays' Special! Big Value! Country Style Fresh 'icrulcr Delicious BEEF A Real Treat Fresh Tender mm mm Open Kettle Rendered 3 Ihs. His. 3 Ibs. . 3 Ibs. $1 440 890 50 Ib. Shortening CRiSCO Mar-Go '4 Ib. Slick 3 Ib. can Tall Cans i ill 1711 Lit 0 f nr Domino and Godchaux SUGAR Old Judge (lOc coupon in can) 60FFEE ,, t ,890 Sugar Crisp FREE with 12 07. $1 POSTTOASTIES X250 Coupon for lOc on Back $8.29 TIDE ,„„„,«... only 290 U. S. No. 1 2'/2 Size 850 POTATOES ,„„„ 590 Fresh Tasty 390 OLEOMARGARINE, 4k CRANBERRIES Ib. 'If Pays To Shop at Mays' " MAYS' SUPER MARKET 421 South 21st rlne (melted). Method: Wash apples, remove core, being careful not to cut right through apple at one end. Hollow out Inside of apple, leaving '.i-inch shell. Chop •}; cup apple pulp. Mix thoroughly the chopped n p p 1 e, sauerkraut, pork, sugar. Worcestershire sauce and salt. Firmly pack sauerkraut mixture Into apple hollows. Pour 1 teaspoon butter over top of sauerkraut stuffing In each apple. Arrange fluffed apples In baking pan containing W-lnch water. Bake in moderate (350 P.) oven 1 hour, or until apples are tender. Makes 4 servings. LEMON CAKE COSTARD Ingredients: 2 tablespoons butter or margarine, I cup sugar. % cup sifted Hour, ! ,t, tenspoon salt, 'A, cup bottled lemon juice, 3 eggs (separated), 114 cups milk. Method: Cream butter; blend In iugar. flour, salt, lemon juice, well- beaten egg yolks, and milk Beat egg whites stiff; /old In. Spoon Ixture Into 6 or 8 greased custard cups or a 1-quart casserole. Place In pan of hot water. Bake In moderate (350 F,) oven 30 to 35 min- Ites Jor custard cups and 40 to 45 minute'; Jor casserole, or until done. When baked, the dessert will have :ustard on the bottom and sponge :ak6 on top. Makes about six servings. THURSDAY, OCT. IS, 1952 Corned Beef Provides Sunday Dinner of Major Proportions corned ' bed dinner for Sunday? It is popular all over the country even though It Is > Now England specialty. As a change Irom corned beef and cabbage, why not serve corned beef with cauliflower? For an attractive dinner platter, cook the cauliflower whole, top with pl- mtento cheese sauce and serve with slices of hot corned href, Corned Beef ninntr One corned beef brisket. 1 bay lea/, 4 whole cloves, 1 clove garlic. I whole cauliflower, 1 cup medium white sauce, >K cup grated Arneri- can choose, 2 tablespoons chopped plmlenlo. Wash corned beef thoroughly and cover with cold water. Bring slowly 5 minute.. Skim, add bay leaf, cloves anil gar lie, cover and reduce heat, Cook slowly 3 to 4 hours, or until very tender. (Allow 4S-50 minutes per pound.) Add additional hot water as needed. Coolc cauliflower In boll- ing, salted water until tender. Prepare white >auce. Add cheese to hot sauce and, stir over low heat until cheese melts. Add pimlento and pour over hot cauliflower. Corned B«f Hish Hlnti I—Use equal amounts of chopped cooked corned beef and chopped cooked potatoes. Don't chop either too fine or the hash will be compact. 2—Add some finely chopped onion. The amount depends on your taste. 3—Moisten the mixture with cream, tomato juice or diluted catsup. 4—Fry hash In a few tablespoons hot fat in a skillet over low heat until browned on the underside It's MEALTIME MAGIC! So quiet TO fix—to good to . fW»r fl«vor For a different salad serve cole slaw topped with a whole canned tomato; drain each tomato well In a slotted spoon before putting on the salad. To make this Into a hearty luncheon salad add sliced hard-cooked egg and extra mayonnaise. When you take a hot heat-reslrt. ant-glass dish from the oven and remove the food, never set the hot dish in a wet sink or breakage m«» occur. ' Genuine COUNTRY GENTLEMAN 1 Cream Style White SWEET CORN ^ So easy 10 prepare—so good—so eco. nomical! Just heat and serve, or ireat ilie family to mouth-watering corn L puddings, chowders or frilicrs. Yo»r i grocer has Pride of Illinois Cream Style While Sweet Corn now at a price lhai's righc. Gel some today. THE FAVORIII IN DIXIELAND FOR OVH 70 VEAIS TH£ ILLINOIS CANNING CO,, Ho.p,,t« n , HlliMta (P'clcni:} Ftmoutjoxn of Arc KiJnif S,,»j) New Brer Rabbit reminds "old-timers" of real ribbon cane flavor. And in syrup, it's flavor that counts! NEW ORLEANS ... Is there an "old-timer" in your family who is always harking back to the wonderful syrup folks used to enjoy in the "good old days"? The kind made from Ribbon Cane —that gave syrup a flavor that was simply glorious? Today that marvelous "old-time" flavor is here again! Here to make your hot biscuits and corn bread, your pancakes and waffles a brand- new treat. Just try it, you'll see! It's the new Brer Rabbit Syrup -a new flavor your family will simply dote on! The new,Brer Rabbit Syrup combines lightness and sweetness in a delicious combination that modern Southerners vote "tops." Mild and light, it tastes just right—makes everything you put it on taste finer than ever! IN STORE TESTS...folks who tasted, praised its flavor MEMPHIS: "Taste this new syrup, ma'am,—and say how you like it?" In stores through the Mississippi Delta region, people tasted the new Brer Rabbit Syrup . . smacked their lips . and gave their delighted answers: Ten to one —the chorus was "YES!" Did they like the new Brer Rabbit "better than Uie syrup they were now using?" Again the chorus was a resounding "Yes 1" Almost 7 times as many said "Yes" as said "Not" Even people who hava us«d Brer Rabbit Syrup for y»qr» wars outspoken in liking this newBrar Rabbit even belter! People lilff you— said thing f Ilka th'n In Memphis: "Sweet enough but not too sweet- has a new taste." "Best ilavorJ" "Mild and not too strong." "Would be fine on cakes and waffles." Local stores now stocking new flavor Your gro<«r now has the n«w Improved, lighter Brer Rabbit Syrup, packed under the old, fomiliar Brer Rabbit label. DEALERS] To mMf the d.monJ tor Ihli Imprev.d n«w tyrup, wril« or wlr« Ptnlclc t Ford Ltd., Int., N«w Orl*gn< 7, La. "Tastes just right." "Best I've tasted—they've surely improved Brer Rabbit Syrup." In New Orleans: "Well, I'm mighty particular about syrup but I'll try your test . . . M-m-m, say, I like this Brer Rabbit." "This tastes like real old-time syrup." "Tastes like country syrup." "This Brer Rabbit would be. grand on biscuits and pancakes.^ So said folks who tried the new Brer Rabbit At your house-we think your family will say the same! This new, lighter, milder flavor, sweet but not too sweet— can bring new pleasure to your table, three times a day. Try Brer Rabbit, why don't you-first time you're in the store? BEST SYRUP NEWS IN MANY YEARS Prominent sugarcane grower says "BEST EVER" ' y MR. VICTOR WINTZ, Annandate Plantation, White-Castle, La shown with Mrs. WSntz and their three attractive little daughters. The Winta family has lived in Louisiana for many years. They know sugar cane! They know syrup! They think the new Brer Babbit Syrup is the best yet! "Growing sugar cane is our business" says Mr. Winfz "We know what a difference the right cane makes, in the final flavor of table syrup. "In the good old days, the finest syrup was made from Ribbon Makes Hot Biscuits a New Treat! Your fine hot biscuits will win View praise, once folks taste them with new Brer Rabbit Syrup. It's sweet, but not too sweet. A light, mild syrup that doesn't nirte the flavor of hot breads, pancakes and u\iflies ... juat makes them taste pcrfectl NEW SYRUP A FINE ENERGY FOOD Children burn up go much food energy in their active play, they need an extra supply, to grow on. Give them plenty of delicious Brer Rabbit Syrup 1 It's a fine "fifel food". . . concentrated "energy" that is easily digestible and in- expensiye, too. Cane. And today we have found that the Brer Rabbit people have captured the secret of that old- time goodness. It's delicious! At our house, Brer Rabbit Syrup is a daily pleasure, for tis and everyone who drops in." IN SYRUP IT'S THE fLAVOR THAT COUNTS! There are many syrups on the market but there's only one way to judge them-and that's on flavor. You'll find some have a strong taste, others an over-sweet taste. But Brer Rabbit-well, there's a syrup that tastes just right. And Brer Rabbit makes pancakes, waffles, hot biscuits and corn bread better than ever before. TRY BKSK RABBIT AND SEE FOR YOUKSfLF LOOK FOR THE RABBIT! For light, mild syrup, try BROWN LABEL Brer Rabbit For richer, fuller sugar cane flavor, try BLUE LABEL Brer Rabbit

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