Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 24, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 24, 1896
Page 6
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a wash day necessity—an every day need* The means by which a woman can lighten her burden of care. A dirt destroyer of the highest merit —a time and money saver with the highest reputation. Have you tried it? Sold every where. Made only by THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY, CHICAGO ^mw Full Text i of • Ussblutions• :.or : ;:the • National Silver Party, '•'. The Democratic Ticket Strongly Indorsed — Proceedings of the Convention. St. Louis, July 23,-The national silver convention was culled to order Thursday ut 10:27 o'clock by Permanent Chairman St, Join). He stated Unit Eev. Dr. Joseph Nicholls, who had been asked to open the proceedings with pmyer, had been suddenly called from the city and therefore the convention would not hove the pleasure of listening to him. "I trust we arc nil in the spirit of |>ray<'r," JIB added. rA.1flnm.tm- applause.] Mr. New'a.nds of Colorado, stated that he; understood the expenses of the convention hrd not been provided lor, mid moved that a committee on ways :in;l means be appointed to provide the necessary funds. Agreed to, Towni; Jlnheii tt Sponeh. Chairman St. John then inlreduced into the convention its viea cliiiirman, Hon. Charles A, Towne, of Minnesota. He WHS received with ffn-nt applause, lie said that the condition of Iheicoun- 1ry wa.s most grave. It had been brought about, ho charged, in pursu- nnee"to LI plan which had for its purpose to make it npprtir as :!n> result of an orderly anil lawf-i! evo!u:io:i. Hrt staled that pat.riotisT.' had been al- mo<.lfor;.'0t1i'n,!f!nry had i -en narrowed to stieerss, money had i.i-eome a god, (.\pplaii!;c). "Vim. 'he day of regenfru- t.ion'is :ir hand . (Cheers) V.Varein !he very vonex of i-vi'iils; w.- arr making •Vm'crieai. history In-day; the American people are serving not if* that they nrc about to take charge of their own affairs." (Ocal. I'hVerini,'). Jir. Towne's allusion to t!ii' grand old man of Colorado sciu the i:oiivi'iition on its legs in a imiiult of applause. A vast major.ty of tin' democrat'!: convention atCh'.c.a- "O, Towne said, was in favor of free sil- B EST with a big B. Blackwoll's Oenu no BaU Durlium Is In a class by itself. ^ on will !nd onp coupOQ Inside each two ouiiue but', uncJ l^o coupons insldu cauli four ounce bus of Blackwe8rs Smoking Tobacco Buy abac of Oils celebrated tobacco and rend tlie =o"P° n - whlch gives u llstor valuable proscuta aud how to got thorn. •A HANDFUL OF DIRT MAY BE A HOUSEFUL OF SHAME." CLEAN HOUSE'WITH TfcN'-MILE SWIMMING MATCH. Society Leaders to Attp.mpt n JUfflcult i'cat In tho Open Sen. Robert, Jtsilston, of i'hihiflelpltia, and •Charlie Oelrich.s of Xcw York,both lead- •er.s in cx'j'.usivc society, X'irdes, have "been matched to sv.-jia fron: Newport, to Xarragar-stttt Pier, a. distance of ten aniles, in the open sen, says Oio "Poston Post. The onlv time vhis feat was aeccm- •plishecl V.-KS or. SopU-.nbtT C, 'JSSO, when Dr. ,T. YV, '-.Vhite, now one Of tho in«l',-iic- tors of ;he 'University of'IVniisylv;Aiii>, •covered Ihtf distance in four hou.-.s Mitl 'forty niini'tes. l.'a.jjt. VauH'oynt/jn U:M •ticorge 3'"ern once attempted it. but •were luhen fi'oui t'.;e v.'.-..;.fr n.v-ii'nif.tei.'. The matcii has crtai:!-.! yn-ai, e.vcilc- 3Ur. uiiiston VA a native of JM-.ilaclel- ,pbia and colom-l of tbo O.'lMrd :Tgi- xncut, the crack r-!; : .:ade!]'.h:.i tr.-on. Chnrl'- 1 * Oelrk-hs, like bis hroiiicv i>r- iriaii. is prrferUy r.t ho'V.o in th: 1 wnh-i 1 . ami has often /(.-marked to his !Vioi!; : '< that, ii-: woa trocd for HO nil' 1 * ! - «'• open I'.IM at nny tU:ie. Th.- I'hiir.(:i-!i : ' : '' ! " mis isl! .iwnrirby I:aisto::. w'n'.W-v.-po;-!- and Ni-.v York are liaeV.infr Oolri<-:-..--.. The rlau-grr i\cco;r-i";;iyiui'- Vlp; «'!:• the ".;.'• "' part, upoil any date to be ! • «gr<:i:«! u-.on by both ooiitc'staiits. but, j upc:: ili-: 27th it possible. Xeitii^r man j •Js to bo allowed to., partake of ai:y )'<•- j frc:>ln:u'.y.is or st.irmilr.nts durai?: 1.!if ~ W ; ;V| ;:•••' ^t least one man unist v.-p-* 1 .: i-- • ' - .'!i Ktviiiuov-s r.r-- iv—ir- ;•;..'. . •.: . !.'•:-. full fi-i-co ic-,-..:.•!-! l'.:c r •. • .,,. ..[v.-.-r.-s fcf;i n r'-.-'-y I'"•I,-,.r: ,,-.-. j,ori. o'i: th' 1 ' rr..' I-:''".! "'••*' •M:ts , :',: •'.'. and th;: en;.'.. r.L (.--.is 1 greatly .h:<:rr-".'.-.^d the old-time feeling. lEawlun Onlcen,* \VlUowK. "Widow,* ot Kussian officers w-'iio avfi not cut!tied to pensions are to be pro- Tided with a -novel means of.obtaining .-a 3iv.-"".r-,::il. In- UK; yni-ur-i' t-.-n .-. •- •_ ;,- -. ii-y v, ".! .bi 1 0|:i'r-.. to '.):;:;•!, ct.-.l, :••":..•. ....'(-, M..-.;'.:' (T.-l.VX :if i|;> ^lidt'f .?,. Cut His Tcotli li> Olil AJTC. A man up in the state of Maine is big-lily olutccl over UK: fact t.hat he is sutti-njr it too Hi at the ago o£ 02 yc;i.rs. One at his afi-c .should know belter than to go ini.0 the raisinfr oJ such troublo- iomn thi-nsfs ii-s teeth. Children may be excused; they don't know any butler. But pcvhaps the nonopcnnrian is In his s'C'W.cl chiidhooc!. Annoyiiis ILcotrintions. The Living- Chnrch (Kpiscopal) re/ors 'to 111- 1 a:::!0yini; n'Klrictiotiu placed on v\i,i;-v;:;:-:i !-'i'.!!":rip.~.J c!^r:ryi:ie!i \ii:ilincr "r"!; 1 ':!!. 'J'liL-v ";'.'•! obUiin a. liccin.'je to cifioia^' ii: 'U:^'! ; ::^::^i u!i'..'.reh for ctlly ;< liniilo-J Uu;e, find ••'- rencwr.l ot thc- JOI1N M. DBVIXE. OF NEBRASKA. rS'ccrctiiry of ' American Blmetdlllc League.] vur. "lu-.rtiiiiata democracy! Thus to hccome the heir of this great regenern lion. Happy flemocrnt. to find hiin-*el s: in possession of tlv results o£ ihi •frcat movement: without having- la Sored fiir years in its bel-.alf. and with out bcin£ compeljed to forcg-o theamia bl« prcjiidices o£ party afliliations.' (\pj-jlanso). ClowlnK Tribute to lirymi. Mr. Tewne paid a gro\ving tribtit«ta the worth, character ar.d abilities^! l[r. Brysm, saying that his nomination iliynonsl!ated"tH; truth of the state ITU-ut thnt in tilt- affairs of Providence there arc -no liCcidents. "Bryan represents an iflt-a, he stand: for a cause—the cause of humanity affa ns Injustice—the cause of tho masses <i£Uins thc> cliissus."' [Applause.] The flt-for.ilers o£ the; slnsk- KOld stana anl, said Towne, showed a remnrkabl alacrity In avoldlne a pitched battle. Th cause that Is championed by four-flfth of the political economists of the world is he said, denounced as tho cause of clmrla tans, cranks and paupers. "The arro ganco of those men goes beyond this llf und, assuming the prerogatives of the Al miiihty. seek*; 10 shut out-ot tho king dom -ot Heaven those who speaU in fuvo of bimetallism." Mr. Towne ple.-icTed ivilh the conveu tion to make DO mistake, but. to eve holfi 1h>: cause above nil thiny.-- t-lse, :mi closed with an eloquent peroration. Calls wore Inade for Oov. Srone. 0 Missouri, and W. H. (Coin) Harvey, bu ncilhcr \\as in the hnll. -Ex-Oov. J. i St. John, of Kansas, responded to ih demands for a speech snd yi-eatly (.'liter tallied tl'.ii delegiilcs. ' 'JTiu convention at, 12:-IS took a reccs until 2:SO p. r.i SE.SS10X. I to the Xiit.:c ! V/hi'ii Chairman St. John called lh j crm'eiiliiiu i,o.nriu'r:it2:" o'uioc!: HUT I v .-i>r<! jut. iv hitlicf- present Than :;tan I ."'in- (•oiiiiiiiiLi-eon vosoiutionsiirestinle. ' —!"n- M;-< : ')II;.I silver party of .\ii.f-rici i-i I-.,;IYI "tiuri usseml'lcil, hc-ivby adopt I , V,|,';' 1. P...H; Stall,-:* iM i:iill.'.-lMl'>-. '.•'"' ';'' I '.! ; .',..' i'i-. ;:;• f'>i :•'''•-.'. an.l tilt :.;:•:• i . |iiK tt^V^n^''*^™!'*'* 1 '- 10 ''''** 1 "^^''^^^'*" lU.ntiard&y' borrowing frold; arid 'wo de- mund the payment of all coin obligation! of •he United States, as provided by exlst- ng laws, In either gold or sliver coin, at he option of the government, and not at he option of the creditor. "The demonetization of silver In 1S73 enormously increased the <Jenmnd for gold, enhanclng'tt's purchasing power and lower- mr all prices measured by that standard; and since that unjust and Indefensible act. he prices of American products have fallen upon an average nearly M per cent., carrying down with them proportionately the money value of all other forms of prop- •"•'Such fall of prices has destroyed tha prollts of legitimate Industry, Injuring ho producer for the benefit of the non- >roduccr, Increasing the burden of the debtor, swelling the g*lns of the creditor, paralyzing the productive energies of the American people, • relegating to Idleness vast numbers of willing workers, sending the shadows o( despair Into the home of the honest 'toller, filling the land with ramps and paupers and building up colossal fortunes at the money centers. losiilt ot MalnUlnliiK Gold StanJnrd. 'In the effort to maintain the gold standard the country has within the last two vears, In a time of profound peace and plenty, been loaded down with $21.2,000,000 of additional Interest-bearing debt under such circumstances as to allow a syndicate of native and foreign bankers to realize J. net profit of millions on a Mingle deal "It stands confessed that th* gold stanu- ard car. only be upheld by so depleting our paper currency as to force the prices of our product below the European and even below the Asiatic level, to'enable us to sell In foreign markets, thus aggravating the very evils of which our people so bitterly complain, degrading American labor, and Striking at the foundations of our civilization itself. 0u Overproduction. "The advocates of the gold standard persistently claim that the real cause of our dttr"ss is over-productlon-that we have produced so much that it made us poor- wh ch implies that the true remedy Is to close the factory, abandon the f«rm and throw a multitude of people out of em- ulovmenf a dQdrine that leaves us un- liorVed and disheartened, and absolutely without hope for the future. "\Ve ufllrm it to be unquestioned that there can be no such economic paradox as overproduction, and at .the same time tens 01 t'louim s of our fellow citizens rcrmtln- mV half clothed and haK fed, and who are p"teously clamoring for the common necessities of lite. 1-uvor Bold iiul hHvor. -Over und above all other questions -ot oollcy we are in favor of restoring to "he people of the United States the tlme- honorud monev of the constitution-gold and Lilver not one but both-the money of Washington and Hamilton, and Jefferson and Monro.e, and Jackson and Lin- coin? to the end that t"e America people tnav receive honest pay for an honebt nrod'ict- that the American debtor may mty his Just obligations in an honest ITnaard and not in a dlsho"«t and unsound standard appreciated 100 JJM cent, in piu-chuslng power, and no appreclatlor In debt-paying power, and to the_ cna_ further that silver standard countiies may be deprived of the unjust advantage They now enjoy, In the difference In exchange between gold and sllver-an ail- vantage which tariff legislation cannot overcome. Appeal to tho I'eoplc. "We therefore confidently appeal to th« people of the United States to hold In abeyance all other questions, however Important and even momentous they may appear, to sunder, if need be. all former pa-ty Vic* and affiliations, and to unit? in one supreme effort to free themselves and their en llren from the domination of money power-a power more destructive than any . TmcVlcan cit| Z ..-ns. and the "vor o£ Divine providence. Indonn) llryan nnd Sowall. n pendMT campaign, therefore, recognlzln ?hat their nominees embody these patrioti nrVi c iples, ™ recommentf that this con ventlo ' nominate William J. Bryan o Nebraska, for president, and Arthu. SewallVof Maine, for v"* Resident." " strike It, Crowing. ' Kew York,, July B3.-Thc 9,000 tai lors who went on strike Wednesflay to nu increase of. wages and shorter hours had tiieir number increased ThurschiJ by 400 men employca in 13 shops, wnc aui.t work voluntarily. Squads of men were arriving at the strikers head quarters nil the ihorninpr reporting tba theyliad lefttheirnviehir.es. rroinluonc Frciicliuwii Dimtl. Paris July 23.— Senator Seraph in Eu •jeneSpuller, minister o£ public instruc lion in the cabinet onr.Kouvier in 1SS7 -iul Inter minister of foreiffn oflnirs n the Tirurd enbinet, died io-d;iy atj)jjou after a Jonff !"'"»»• llc v ' ;is bo ™ D ° cember S, 1S^3£. __ __________ In the vicinity of Malta is the only place where remains ot (he piR-my elephant have been discovered. There are several place.- on the islnncl where these. remains* have hccen nncartlied, butp-.r- ticiilnvly in the caves mid in l.he muck ant! maVl of. ihc ccrr-1. O::e speeiitifn, '\vlik-h ir-l:uov.-n to have been rnllrrrovn Dt Lin: ! i me' r,-; bis NCJII^C by the state of his 1ce1.li, was ::o iiill.-'r or-l;>r>?er t>.nn o. ' "'•'• l -.:-.';• !-.;<u-h. Ciiio'.so. July '23. •CAT-ii/l--' 1 ."'•"•••'• ^^'. '".-.avy Brides 10 ,,;,.,-. r-.Mi 1 -,:i I.--.-- ,..••<•-.•.:;;. _.;.,„, . ; ;,.10, i ...i-.l 'iVlviUV, iLnd.'v/L- demand s;;.:it l.^.-.in.a- i "ion 'aV'wil'l ;u'CVt-i-.u for the I'lifu/'O the ii.mel.loii of the loga'i tendtr .;iu\!lty • any k:i!(i oC money by pi-ivati; foniraot. \^ 7 i". hold th.it tho power r.6 ronrM :i:iJ ' ' ' ,-.:. ,-;ll..l.; Stricken with tlyntorla. Munc'ic, Ind., July S3.—Miss Bessie P. Vnnderver, of .this city, was engaged to be married to Xoah E. Yount, o/Troy, ()., and arrangements bad been ir.adeto lave the wedding- take place Monday afternoon. The prospective husband tame to town Sunday morning. Upon iis arrival the young woman began to think seriously about the; wedding and jceamc afflicted .with hysteria and nervous prostration. Physicians were ^nlled in, but their medicine was of no use. They stated that her life was in great danger, and if it were her intention to be mavrii'd it would be best to have the affair over us soon as possible. A marriage license and minister were secured and the couple were married within an hour. The bride at once recovered from Ihe effects of her nervousness, and the physicians say that hastening the wedding "in all probability saved her life. Sp!rlHmll»t» »o Not Agree. Indianapolis, Ind., July 23.—A serious schism is reported in the ranks of the spiritualists participating in the annual camp meeting: at Chesterfield. During the life of President Westerfield. father Of spiritualism in Indiana, (here was talk- of a rival organisation led by Dr. George ?s. Hilligass, of Mnncie, basing its belief on the Bible, which belief was rejected by Dr. Westerfield, who depended wholly upon spiritual manifestations. Tho"sTcat influence of Wester- He hi wa* sullioicnt to prevent a break in the rank's, bat since his death the old controversy luif been reopened. Dr. Hiliiga« has remained away from the camp. The Wcsferfirld intlm-nce continues iis hostility to the Biblical belief shared by the Ililllgass faction and stops are said to have been already talicn looking to a break. Indianapolis, Ind., Jniy 23.—The details of aulangL-rons fight at Smilhfield, east of tliis city, are reported. A church festival was held in the schoolhouse grounds. One of the features o£ the entertainment was a guessing contest as to which was the prettiest baby present, each guess costing ten cents. Pctei and Bert Helm, Bate IIoss and Charles Shockley were in attendance, and one ventured a guess, and was toid th:>,t he had no coin and ought to keep out A light followed, all but Eoss .being knocked insensible. -The four were so lindly disfigured that they are hardly -recogni/.abie. The festival broke up in confusion, several women and childrcr being injured in the crush to get. out ol the gate. The. fighters have been arrested. DHftatroui Floods ttt rort Wayne. Tort Wayne, Ind., July S3.—A portion of this city was submerged by tin waters of a flood at Shawnee run, • creek which runs through the soutbe part of the town. The cause of the flood was a deluge of rain which poured down from midnight until almost noon Many of the houses along the sides o' Shawnee run were completely sur rounded by water and the people niovsc out of them in boats. About 500 cellar were filled with water and in some case the foundation walls were weakened, al lowing the buildings to sag. There wn good boating' on many of the streets the St.. Mary's, St.. Joseph and. Maumw rivers are out of their banks and filled with driftwood.. Muy Opou the Campnlcn. Indianapolis, Ind., July 23.—At thi republican conference here most of th time wa,T devoted to a business session of tiie state committee. Jt was dcciAcc 5 to -send a committee to Xew York ntx montli to ask Ocn. Harrison to com buck and speak here August C2 at a bit mec-ting which the local organization wil' "-et up. The regular campaign wil be opened on the Saturday following Aujnst 29. • Man Bents » Ilorso. JJourbon, Ind , -luly 2:).—A very inter esiing race took place at the fai grounds near Plymouth between a man named Grunt and a horse. Grant was t run one-quarter of a mile and the bors three-ei"'Uhs of a mile, but heavy ran made the track muddy, so thedistanc was made, one-fourth of a mile to one Ixalf mile to favor Grant. He won easilj in 57Vi seconds. ^_ Co'il Operator Commits Sulcido HoekV.lle, J'nd., July 23.—If. IX Smith at one time a wealthy coal operator a T,:-:\-/.\] ai:d Terrc Haute, committed sui ciile' by shooting, himself through lh head with a revolver. For two year he has opera led a mine here. H.e wa about 70 years old, and sullering on ac o.mnit of y-rip is unsigned as the cause- of the- suicide. V:ir.<l..-r]ir[r, Ou^of I>;u);^cr. Xev.- York, July £3.—Cornelius Vanderbilt, Sr.. is now ent-irdy out oC d:i.n- ,v,.i-, ufU-r si t>i)i~ days' illness. Th? doctors have r.ei (he tightest fear for him and .iliev ihin!; th.-.t within two v,-, :r i.: S Alv. Ya'nderbil: ir."y bo removed li)'his (.-.i':ntry iioi'.i? nt Newport: Vr, Y:'.ni"i.:i'bi'i. ]ias?cd .1 good night. . VVii.niii^rtnn. lli-i.. " ' •,i,-;vl!Iv a-.'.'l V/. 3!. iitfclo Pills. Tlicv a'.so rc'JCTC Distress bora JJrsncpsia, ( digetf im r.nd Too Kc-ai-l y Eallti;. A per- posiU'il :?JUO.OUU gold ill the subtroasury Tharsilny morning, making total depos- its'thus j:ar!?s.230.0Qn. ' '^H"^ J ^"ii^&i»^/v^:^ ™^JZ™™?^1^ : ponV";:; ..,,.,.,>...,.., ]^^:i^^^ .V:"';:;;,/" 71 ^'" "TA'cil. T >''.-.'-. it- is vKh'kiF'.r your c~- " ; Bender Women All-powcrrul. [SI-ECIALTO our. LADY Li:.i!.r.ns-j Tct blended with tliose perfections, must be perfect health. : V,'oii:.':i nr« 10- -•rc::gi!r in tl:«ir ..;, ; r, W:<T in nature, truer in ovo. v.ani:cr in ^frcc'.icns. than clown. They c'nfl grsdualiy end tmccn- scicusly iato that teinr.estu- ous 1 t-ca of v.o- ctablet'om- d restcrcs . cl:ccr- !ncsr-. cncy, . runner of se"io:'.i v.-cii::j Irc-uie. — Ji.- licves bapk^chc. <=:ro^:i" "s n.e nmscles of the v.'omb, a::d ;c.,tcrc.-, it to j:s _nor- m.il con,li'io:i. :-;:;;:-.!itcs n:c:;;.ir::aU'.'3:f, , • T~ . n -r- ' -s- " '"!' removes in;i:-.;:r:i":K..:, ..... - ........ , '•••'•• luii'.O'.'S of tin: v.-o::ib. f '<••••• It is :i rr,n-.v!v of .-. v- c »'rn f-.r v*:;-.n. Million; of v.-o:::e:i ' c-.ijoy. . relief ,T.ii . . ' -Fo:- live y ::'.:•_•; I,/--,'-'-'- V of tho v.-o.-.ib, ,11: ' ?-'-'' '•'••- ^ and paini that n-r.":::v/.-:.y ; I trirtJ sevi-r.il doc'.t"; ".:v! >•:: cines. u:)lil L lo?i ail i.>i:n "•* I h.i.l not t.'ieJ your L.. fr.va d.:y u )v;l d'iy. ?.'i 1 c.u-h r ^V1 At l.i>'. -^ '•'*- S-'i ,..; «'.-,„ -,} j i solvc.1 to try i:.. Pi| '",' "'•" *'•'} \, I hnve taken frl \';>': y j seven ijoitles, c#ij \/- .,;• i ..: an..liiavegiiuoil *%*.- ^f^f,^ : ': ;tj' s^ | :^l I a 1 !) n. -veil v.'y- ir.iin. I do all ' r.".y ov.'n work, a:nl can v " n " : J Tvilhout feftiins lirerl. ^ v "r •" ^ has been worth iis woki 1 .'. i" -"•_' " e I cannot praise it cnous-'.." M"" EH.VAM, Columbia, Lancaster !..•>., , REV. 3. p. KI.OTZ. PASTOR D. B. CHUBCH. waterioo, ind., Sept. 8, 1838. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:—I have been afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or sour Ptomach. I have tried different remedies without much benefit Finally-I- bought a 10-ceut bottle of Srrnp Pepsin .and fouud that it benefitted me. 1 an) convinced that .it will Jo wu:tt It Is recommended ween taken according to directions. 'I have taken nearly one bottle and feel like a different person. S. P.- KLOTZ. For sale liy B. F. Keesliup. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC TAKE THE-*-<— DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 1 1 ttsw Steel Passenger Si • "s • '}.'' '- '-• t.^Itvi)!, (j^i^'-' ° cc: \r'y^::\ S^EED ANV SAFSTVV •T^sedOjOftrost^MscF^ns'; _ -r.- ••• i?/T2S to Pletnrasq^a 5i«Pkiasc_«KW r, "-urn incJadir.v flao!:. on* Berths. From CtevclMd. Si8; from Tele*, S-S i l™= Octroi*. *' 3 ' S °' . EVERY. EVENING Between Detroit and Clevelaad r* j£t«ii HorJ. 11 ^oiASuort), an.i NorUwwt. Sunday Trips' Jane, My. rt!1 = i;sl srli r ':- i(!r; '" r t:i/.-SV 'DAY BCTWEEl! e -••i-i/iiv i'l'v- Uur;er; States of ini.-A .-:-:.-';^' ' !>c-,::; i:i time "or i-cacv, av.i! '••'- ' uri '

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