The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1950
Page 9
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^THURSDAY. AUGUST 81, 19W QUT OUR WAY By J. R. William, ILYTHEVILLE (ARK.I COURIER NEWS Our Boardinq House with Moj. Hooole ,,..-: TOO f JUSTJ* FAW?BEGOHe> ^ANC>T»i'T ^GOT A CALL* VOU UHGRftTePUt-fcOMS CRWJL- FROMA : ttCAOS.'TrilS ^ ING BACVC i - : ^ Ef i D WtJP /{OMELET At)/ fj TOJGUT FOR ...., >.~^^, .1 OFF.6EeDToi\ FINES OOOR.SCRKVCrU) SHARE AK) f) WOULD Be TOO g$WACk— I'M „ ,._ RICH FOR SbOR. ^jc^u. owRlLSN.oKfSSS'S^ ^""•^ ^•^•t ^111 r™*^^__ ___ M,At U- • SCOOP OP OYJLS FOR A MUSIC F6STWAL / REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 By Edwin Run City Electric Co. * ARE YOUR CHILDREN READY FOR SCHOOL? • New heels laces...rips repaired. • Summer shoes dyed for fall and winter wear. • Shoe Repair gives EXTRA Wear. H-fl LT€RS TL'TY SWOC SHO : i w. M a i N s-For Improved KIDNEY JUNCTION In • mo|orf>y of «n« invmti- |at*d in Hvcrat hoipitolt and clinici, subnormal Kidney function wot improved, Eladdar peirt and dixomfort reduced offer the UM of Mountain Valley Water. K youf doctor has diagnosed your condition a! functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it for a few week). H • delicious, purs-tasting, and- may be consumed freely. Crotstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division Nopntain Valley _: wbter tfZ&^g PRESCRIPTIONS || rrc«h Stock GMintnleed Best Price* Kirby Druq Stores furluir ",t* '"V"!*^ ii IHI. ber .. kr li,. drl.n fk.l •he mlow* *f hla favr rMldrr». Kdr. Jttfrrr- M)Jtnm^ nmd Jrnn. "ha* »H<;» b* wl«k». |. ritiiiul. 1. ,kV I "ill 7 ' ' '• '* **" "* '»"- IrolllBr l.trr<-»t .nd Ik, »lker> • wt take *rdrn (rr>M bvr. • • • VII lEt-F PREY st ro< je nervously up and down the room. Hung out one arm in a gesture o' irritation, then stopped at a table and poured himself a drink from a aecanter. " I(PS —it's preposterous," he said a Uttle wildly. "Maybe it. h. JefT." said Ede, "but those are the arrangements Father made. And don't get drunk ov«r it. That's your third in the last 20 minutes." "I'm all on edge. Whal do you know about running an advertising agency?" "Not > solitary thing." Ede looked steadily out of her green eyes. "Then that proves It's ridiculous. Isn't it, Myron?" Myron, seated Jin a corner near the Rreplace, looked lost and confused. "I—1 guess so," he said uneasily. "You guess? Don't be so wishy- washy. You ought to know." Jeff swung back to Ede. "Father said nothing o[ (his to me. Not a word " "Oh,-shut up, Jeff!" Until now Jennifer hadn't spoken. "You might Ihink Ede was going to cheat you, the way you're talking." Ede gave her sister a little pained smile. "Thanks, Jenn I was just going to say that there's no stipulation about the way profits are to be divided. H'e'll come to some equal arrangement about them." "Profits?" JacTs voice was almost a sneer. "There mayn't be any profits under • cockeyed system like this." "You are a bit of a louse, Jeff." 1950 bf NEA S«mcs, he. Jenn said. He glowered at her. "Look here, I'm not taking any impudence from a kid like you. You're "01 in such good case yourself right now. young lady. Running around with a guy twice your age " Color flamed into Jennifer's checks. "Mind your own business Jeff Frey." Myron lit a cigaret in absent fasliion and began spilling ashes over the rug. "Oh. listen." Ede said, a little catch In her voice. "This is pretty terrible. Quarreling, wi(h father only just buried. Please understand that I'm only going to try to carry out his wishes, lie wanted his business kept intact, and in the family. That's what's coine to happen if !_if we—can huiryinly do it. And none of us will lose by it. So let's forget it now, please and tomorrow we'll go into things at the office." She turned to Myron. "By the way. Myron, what do you do down there?" "Eh?" Myron started. "Oh, I'm m the media department." "And just what U the media department?" JEFF waved both hands in cxas- peralion. "There you are Thai's great, isn't it? In charge of an.advertising agency and she doesn't even know what a media department is." Ede rose abruptly. . Her eyes curiously light-green now, were narrowed. "You are being nasty Jeff," she said. "Up to now' whether you know it or not. I've been sympathizing with you. But i m beginning to lose some of my sympathy. As the eldest son you ought, possibly, to be in (nil charge. But Dad wanted it otherwise and, so far, you've been a rotten sport about it. I don't think I want to talk to you any more now. So—good night!" In her own room Ede changed to gray crepe de chine pajamas and sat (or a while at the dressing- tr.ble. brushing lier bronze-colored hair with long sweeping strokes. Her halt seemed almost alive to- n'Ehl, sparkling in the subdued light. Little electric clicks filled the room. She brushed vigorously, partly from habit, partly because the slight exercise seemed to relieve her irritation over Jeff's altitude. Jeff had certainly acted like a spoiled arid petulant child. The thought called Peter Flood to mind and she put down her brush abruplly. She had to write to Peler at crict. Upon her father's death she had wired him, urging him not to think of coming up for the funeral. It would have been, though she didn't say so in the wire, something near the height of hypocrisy. Peter hart replied with a long telegram of condolence. Ede was to do whatever she felt necessary in New Yark and g«t back to Bermuda as soon as she could. Now, however, it was necessary to break it to him that she might be in New York indefinitely. Frowning, she nibbled the end of her pen. Peter hated New York, except when he was enjoying success, and the roar of the crowd and the critics. Now he had no success to enjoy. • • • CHE wrote him a long explana- "^ lory letter. As she was signing it Jenn came in, without the formality pj knocking. Jenn was in a dark-blue silk negligee with little silver stars on the collar. Her hair was a coppery drift. "Ede," Jenn sat down on the PAGE SEVENTEEN chaise. "I've just come to say that .'d like to smack Jefi Frey right across his face." "Oh. forget it," said Ede. "He'll come to his senses." "He's an idiot," Jenn said emphatically. "As if you'd asked to be put in a spot like this." "1 certainly didn't ask (or it Father wished it on me beautifully." "Well, what's going to happen now?" Jenn inquired. "I mtan about your—about Peter?" "Peter," Ede said, "will just have to come to New York for a while." (To Be Continued) AUTO GLASS Inatalled Blyth4ville Glass & Paint Co. 136 E. Main Phont 6716 To My Friends Wish (o announce that I am now located at CHAR- LKY'S ELECTRIC SRRV- ICE. Now I am able to serve you 24 hours a day on COM- iUERCIAL REFRIGERATION and AIR-CONDITIONING work. Please feel free to call at any time. Frank Westall Day 2993 . . ...Night 2SOS STOP! ear tl|ira en jenr plumbing r»e, it c»n b« ranTenienU; dn- ilM«J FHA. We cenlract compkte >eb or will Mil JOB the flxtam and rengh- material and jva choose jour plamhrr. / See or Call Onbum Supply 1916 \V. Main Bl.vthevi]l« PKone 3208 «r " Onburn Plumbing Co. ISU Wart ATI. Canthernitte _ Phone 1179 HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley and Seed Wheat. For fall Planting Blytheville Soybean Corp. !M« Wnt Main Bljlhevilte Phoiw SUS FARM LOANS Cales WiRKs Co. REALTORS Pl>»n« 2751 Chrysler-Plymouth Owners Whether it's just for occasional ceiTicing, or for • major repair. . .bring your car home to your Chrysler- Plymouth dealer. He knows your car beat. DIAL 3391 FOR TEXACO HEATING FUELS R. M. LOGAN'. Conslrnw Tank Truck Salesmen: Henry Thompson. G. E. Parrish, Harvey Dorris We're Proud of Our Work • work • Wtwriwork ctnrim , Welding BARKSDALE MFG CO Machine work Manvlactarinc ''It'* the honest to goodness truth, Jfovercnd. Wnetrter it is o washing machine Of a big beautiful car, GENCRAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORA TlON wiH finance H for you." Left In the Middle i—i \HEOOIY SISTEK.JUHE, l WANTED TO TELL You FSANOI -" GOT LETTER Of= A F€W DAVS FRIEND BACK HOWIE? WHATS 8AD ASOUf BEIWG UNDERSTAND, MOMl A NICE eoy. / Bur BELIEVE ME, i GOTTA LAKEVILLE/ I'RISCILI.A'S I'OI BY AL VERMEER A FRIEND OF OURS BROKE His ARM . A HE CAN'T GO TO \\ SCHOOL NEXT WEEK! MEAN . . _, ,.^D OF CONSOLATION COA/GRA7UL AT/QMS' Selling the Trail BY MICHAEL O'MAI,LEY and RALPH LANS "ifceH/GHWAl 1 ftWKX. KHS Wf.fE ffif- OUK ORDERS ARE NOT TH* THUCK WIU. we'SM DING TO CERTAIN TO 6ET CURIOUS A POUT SOLB PWe'S MA6IC /«E[7/CIK)E MISSION, BUT JUST WHAT TRUCK LINE 6HOULG" K'E 5E LOOKOUT FOK7 WE STOP ANC7 W««SM \ ALL I CAKE AffOUT 6VEKV KS THATCCmES) (5 ONE OUTFIT. TI-KOUOH, FLjsrr. rS you CAN KLP MS HITCH AKIPE WITH RY T.ESUE TVRNKR GET •!« ON W PKOtlS, JIM. BUT n - . CAN'T GET <tOCK THIS FEUH THATKOOOtUM? 'IM, CHIEF.,, VP. JIM-WHILE I WHV,H6— yHIS PHOUE'S /RUNOUTMrS€TTH' OirA CKDERl/FWTS ON THIsrASE! UPiBTTiM' ME Pt>KS! NOW III flHD A PLACE TO STOH .TW SHERIFF 2f A BIG MISTAKE, SHEEIFFi TOUCH UK. GAECI|\ TOtD ME TO'TAKE HIS CftEl PHONE ANO I'LL RANCH. DMV COW CUTS THE WAS TftLKIW ABOUT 1 . BUGS BUNN\ ARE S'OU S-S-SURE? GO5W, NOW I'M REALLY / EKHH, WORRIED/ BY V. T. HAMLIN BUT.SI?. WE SfM I HtMTONE N*J<EP. UNARMED THIS LOUT P.MSE ( DOLT DO WOLENCE JO ME / B'JT KNND TO CO \ \-.VScE BUV3E STRIKES / V7/fe AM I NOT STILL >. HE. Cr THE LION HEA.E AYS.' NAN HE 15.' Of WIT /XND • ••\.« T,I> -i «v MI^ ti*f i—w \ \*ncoc O /V./^. ^ I X'jsc-^ / \'7 iv HOLD IT/A vou VIOLENCE: VTEKKOS IN ALL ISLAM ? JH^NKS.. 'fiflffim-i ^' : ^^M£te BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN (\VOV56 MOO 60 '. p- T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 E. Main Phone 2122

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