The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1931
Page 6
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SIX (ARK.) COUH1IM TRIMS llttll They Triumphed Last Yeur-But Can They Do It Again? • y»v. -'.- " —1' •- .' • • -- -• • • ..•'•• O Southern California's Formidable Team favored > to Win Big Meet Again. -.,-.. . B y C1.A1KE BUKCKY "!.j NBA Smlce S|K>rls Writer . • "CHICAGO. Jimo -I.— 'I'hc curtain [ g'ill rise and fall Saturday' iJuue 6)'.' oh the final act in the collcjl- at* track and field drnma as 0111- sU'nding performers. from 25 or more western colleges gather here • for'. Uie eifliid nnalc of 1831. The event, billed as tlie Natloml Col- kglatp A. A. championships. will lw staged on the Amos Aloirzo stngx playground al the University of Chi- ..cago. : - Southern California lins be;n .cast In the role of the fair-li:iirr:l hero whose pan It will lj? t<> <IP- Tend the 1930 championship a'j.iln^ Hie attacks of nil uncnipuloiis vll- lain, a role intc'rinii.ivntly plnyo:' throughout the aftr-rnoon l:v Slan- ford, Illinois, Wlrcomln. Michigan. Indiana and several "extras." Success of the men of Troy this. year makes It a simple matter to install tiiem as favorites in tbe coining games. Stanford will h:ive to -'be made second choice by reason 'of 11 the scare they threw into the Trojans at the IC4A games las'. week! ' Eight 1930 winners will bo on hand to defend their titles. Two of these are Prank Wykotf and Jim Stewart, winners of Hie 100- y'ard dash and the high Jump for .Southern California. The remaining champions are Joe Sivak, miter of Butler; Lee Seiil- .nian, Illinois, 220-.vanl low hurdles; Harold Manning. Wlchltn. two-mll- er; Ken Churchill, California, Jav;Hit; Ed Gordon. Iowa, broiul jump, and Tom Wnrnc, Norttiwcstern, pole vaiiller. -. Sivak and Wnrne mny lie do- throned. So may Stewart, Oonlon and Scntman. although the IlHn; may add a triumph in the high barriers. •'•"Wy'kofl aopenrs n cinch In UK- century, and tlinl ;«•; for Churcli- 'ill iri ;hc javelin. Miimih'.j luokF to be the test In the twj :nile fljlc 1 "tut Iris opposllicii !iii-!iii!f; Wrigh: ; of Wisconsin, Putnam of Tov". '.• State, Clmmbcrleln t>f Michigiui -£tate, and Brocksiiiitii, Walson ri'id Kemp of Indiana, all capable of -. doing the eight laps under 9:U5. ; Wisconsin's weight-heaving team of Bchr and Kabat and big Hugh Rhea of Nebraska figure to cut in on Stanford in [he weight events. A!, the same time, Southern Cali- fornla may drop several points in -the hurdles lo Keller or Ohls Sta«. .' Gridley of Kansas, Slocomb of Texas Aggies and Sentman. ' SATURDAY, JUNK li, 31' ?':• P *.'• b CIIUIiLIIILl. srrvvARi to detour, tn the. N. C. A. A. saints Juno C in Chicago. Wykoif of Southern .-iHimm of imm,| S| Ma,-,,,!,).- ,.| '.Vicl,::, .ml Warnr of Norths-stem also have records to defend In the century low hurdles two "• lh " l :iv:lln ""' California; Cordon won the hroad Jump for i owu - Slvak'con- Jmm ' mM lo Southern California's victorious team lotal lleie are the alliloli's who have imloiin C.ilifcr:i ir.ll:- mill jiali- vault. n».|x.-ellvely. (Jliim-hil! toM •lUiu-il tin mil:' !i::;l lor Duller and Kicwail':- vsa- v.on .mx [icjinli; in tlie In picking ii s|iol fur youv Miim- bllnir. dcn't nvprlimk Cwniikey i'.irk. Harris Har.iswil Hucky IfuiTls. tryliij lo lln:l! comJjhmlltm Unit tan win • ;ull skill's. « .'•hilt Inn .shorlslops: first iii:<l moving nroiind the: outfielders. The only tiling ho VI • i p insn'l dour: with ihu;,e Tij;i.T.s in ' ".*'" mos ;1!UI ' ,0 mnku n .slai-llnx pitch?! 1 out uf! Wally Ecliani;. Without Ohr-! er. wlmse liiiiir- nnn continues i lo show r/j improvement. Uii! DC- | l roil OH ai'e not so very classy, i ebs Give 'l:lrn Works; Barons Cop Over Lookouts. . as APT KRE.NZ i :il niniiiiisluim. The llieii- eleven hils to E.i:d I'lnkey Whilney lo Chuck Kit-i": away will) Mnyte Huch i president of Ihe the' Lookout I'hiUI Isn't slrk lhal he hooked l-Hamis med you lo n tlirr-c-jvar t'untiMCt —' wr( nrtvinii'i Uvo more ypurs lo pay u gay like! .j- he Mobile" Marines won a vic- you that's hlttiiu; Ihein on the {lory ov.. r t!,,. i,mi e i )ock Trnvol- ers In Hi" hut Iwo Inniuts a I, Mo- Wle. The Marine"! came from br- lilnd in Ihe ei'ib'.h '.uul scored Ihc winning run in the ninth. The When the term "slow back" Is bciu'd. it refers lo Ihe club bams taken back nioderiUcly slow. A slow bncksniiift Insure 1 ; good <" tla inii^li villi the offerings of bnl'.mi-c, which Is one of Ihc i.iu, 1 , W.-ilnp nnd ihe pncc sclliiiK Bar-; important etemenls in Ihc oxecu- ons r;f Hie Southern loop walked t Ion of a perfect golf shot If the i 1 tn 2 triumph over The ClnUlnniMiija I.ookonls failed i.' •• Southern California placed in IT "of .15 IC4A events at Philadcl[ihlE -•and figures to do as well in Ihr N. .C. A. A. games. II Is problematical, though, whether Vic Wil,' liains, Bob Hall and Blli Oralicr -can repeat their recent Uluuiph? .. in the quarter, shot put and pole vault. The.fealurc contests ol Ihe program probably will be the high nnti ;•=. low.hurdles, the 440-yard dash, and Ihe pole evault. World records may topple in these events. ..Keller bettered the high hurdl== mark in winning at Ihe Ohio Ha- lays while Sentman equaled Ihe record in winning Ihc Big Ten championship. - Vic Williams of Southern Calt'.. ...fornia tied the official world rec- . ord for the 440-yard dasli in win, nin'g last week. Previously, Ben • Eastman ol SUnford lied Ihe mark . .In beating Williams out on the coast. In competition with Alex ';. - Wilson, the Notrs Dame Canadian. . Williams or Eastman may have to ~ do bstter than world recortt time to win the quarter. .Graber of Southern Calirornia the logical choice for victory in the pole vault, with Warne of Northwestern and McD;rmott of Illinois closely pressing ' him far honors. The Trojan sophomore . - started as a 12-foot vauller early • this spring and only last wet reached Ihe ceilinj al 14 feet '-'• inch, the fourth vaulscr hrhistory to attain the 14-foot mark. Warne and McDcrniott hav; flirted with that height for Ihs past two yen's and either may make the grade in his final collegiate effort. landles." Replied Chuck Kl?in lo Tinkey Whlti-.ey: "Mice old gcnllrman, Mr. Huch. WlnU'n the matter with me? 1 haven't got the h.ui« of lhal dca:l ball yet. They r.o! the nld apple d;ad:r than blazes In oui 1 leiiciie, till that iiinx £n with the American. Thiil Ami'i-irnn rabbit lunnlnj aioimd jnsl the sjinc as before." Interviewer Gordoiv Mackiiy i:sk- ,-d Chuck about (lie Phils. "Bc-st club (ho Phillies l-.avo had r.lno? 1 Jchvd 'cm. FiiitiltiiB j ilia llcr '" club Nine'men out Uier; all (lie I c:cl l 111 Imilns lime who w.inl to win. Thnv can't keep UK down this season, alhcr. because every man has llu eld light and we're going lo get svi-hcrc.. We woiVl llnlsh worse than nilh. May gel inlo Hie first division. I'll get hittlnj them prel- ly soon: they ain't soinc; to stoi) me all Ihe limo the iviiy thvy lire now." Inlcrcsliiip; leslliiiony. that, pecially aboul Ihe ball. scnn> was 3 to 2. Kpwsoin, wnoi wciil th.™ route for (he Pebs weak-j curd. Hums wns credited with the' Vli'Miv. The Nashville Vols lost (o the is! Allimlii Crackers 0 tn 7. Barnes led the Cracker attack with four hilr. and Carlyle uol tlir,?e. Tlrarn was HH wlnnliif; and Milslpad the losinc; hurler. The N.JW Orli'nnr, PellcniK hav- to one run lu the _ scored three in (he ninth stanv.a In brit the Memphis CSiicks. •! tn 3. Bean was Hi.-; winning lesser and Granger weak- SLOW BACK eeFt«s To THE CLUB ' BEIW& TAKEW "BACIC ©NEA , , ,. , - player hurries Ills club bact. n «l In tlie ninth after being sav- tas n , cm ie,, C y lo start the : oil by snectacnlai 1 .supiwrt. in the' early innings. nroinlsrs to be llielr bcsl season. Cracli Mercer B."asley announced. Sutler, who last year stood head Ks- j nnd shoulders above ; mill ^ll^UJUUl.-) IIUOVC Ills fCllOW I'oalpclitors in Ihe Southern Con Sutter V/i!| Wield for Tulane i swing before the bac'kswln? is i ccniplcted. He may lunge nl Ihc Iball ami at the moment of linpatl '- he may be way nlicad of it. 'the result, probably Ls a slice:! or dubbed shot. TOMOKUOW: When shoulil -i pilch sIiDl br. mailr? When tlie cliiii shot? NEW ORLEANS. (UP) Sillier wil Ibc back In tlu university temus fold after a season's ab^.-nu lead the Greenie nctnicii ii fciencc. and gave Tulane (be sin- Klcs clwinnionship, and paired with Maurice Bayou lo win Ihe doubles. Five Years Ago Today— Chair- will have the whole of this year's | man .lames A Farley of Ihc New ilwim. exc-?pt Cuptain King Stubbs. i York State Boxing Commission dc:with him. Besides Perry Eastman, dared nc would resign from the Gamc to Be Played at Osceola; Jackie Mitchell There On Monday. OSCEOLA, Ark.—Tomorrow Blv llvville Red Sox come nere to take on the,fast Osceolu Indians in return game, tlie firsl being played in Blythevllc last month, the Indians winning by the decisive scow of 12-4. Since that defeat the Red Sox have strengthened considerably and are determined to even tne count. Considerable enthusiasm anil interest has been aroused oh the eve of this ball game and the funs supporting both Clubs will IK out in mass formation to watch what should be one of the hardest fought ball games in Mississippi county tnis season. The game will start promptly at 3:30 p. m. Hfcnday an the local diamond the Indians will play the fast independent club of Chattanooga, Tennessee headed by Kid Eber- flehl, forirer Southern League.pil- ot, and Jackie Mitchell the famous sevenlcen-j'car-old girl pitcher, who in recent exnibition games struck put Bab? fiulh and Lou Ochrig, celebrated home run twins of.' the Nc»- York Yankees. The Osceola club is very fortun- ile in being able to arrange a game with this team and it will be their first appearance in Northeast Arkansas. To date this Club nas won fifteen games and lost only (hree. Th.iy boast ot a group o ball players of class "A" calibre. The game will be called nt 4:00 o'clock In order that the fans may be able to get away to see th game. . THE II SERIES; mm LOSE Giants Drop Extra Inning Tilt; Good Pitching and Pinch Hitting in Majors. The St. I,ouls Cardinals made It three out of four in their, series ill) the New York Giants l;y iii!! In front after a 10 in- battle yesterday. The Athlet- s losflo the Chicago White Six 1 two runs after 12 innings of ittllng. Burleigh Grimes, the fourth Carnal pitcher to mount the box. as the winning hurlcr over the lants although he pitched only le tenth inning. Hcving was lie losing hurlcr. Collins, re- •uit first sackcr drove in th? Inning run for the Birds after le GianUt had lied the count in he ninth. The Brooklyn Robins beat the hlcago Cubs 3 to 1 behind Ihc ood pitching of P helps and Quinn. lie Brooklyn pitchers limited Ihe ruins lo six lilts. The Robins cored their runs early. Root was ic losing hurler. Tom Zachary and Meine hook- n up in a twirling duel :it Pitls- urgh but the Boslon Braves' ace urned the Pirates back, 4 lo 0. Soslon scored three runs in the eventh mostly due .to a poor de- ense. Berger hit a homer. The Cincinnati Reds hemmed our Philadelphia pitchers for a lo 2 victory. Wally Roettgcr ot two triples and two singles D lead tlie Red attack. Johnson itched good ball for Cincinnati. The Philadelphia Athletics losl ' the Chicago White Sox, 7 to 5. xiu Ponseca's home inn in the 2th nnnmg .gave '.the Sox the vie- Cards' Former Chain Store Discard Stars With Giants next year, inul Charlie Tlnine. one of the bost 11 hlyh sclv. ol stars in the south, now tia studci.t nt Tnlnue. body vole to make Dcmpsey give Hurry WilLs n chance al the champioii- tihlp. (Parley is still chairman; . Dcmpsey never fought Wills.) BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufer - Cornell Is In There will be a fine looking body Qf • men on display Miien collegiate crews assemble for the; . regatta at Poughkecpsie. Syra-' cuse and Washington look slrorg Columbia has a pretty good boat.-, ful. But Cornell will win. There • Is no charge for the tip. * • * . _•. The SUtnbtei^ If you are a good stumbler, and •, -happen to be out of employment, drop si line, to Donlo Bush, care ot Comiskey Park, Chicago. Mr. Hush is hiring capable sUim- ,, blcrs to help the. White Sox lose! b»ll games by tripplnj around the , .outfield. Mel Simons. Pat Pother(Jill ^nd Smead Jolky arc the leading MumWers at vhls wrltina. TwJENTV GRAND 0?rlER LEADING THE HOW THEY STANB Southern I.fajpie W. Birmingham 37 Little Rock 24 Chattanooga 26 ^Tclnphls 25 New Orleans 25 Atlanta 23 -N'ashvillc 20 Mobile 20 American Lfacut W. Philadelphia 31 Washinglon 21 New York 24 Cleveland 23 Chicago 18 Detroit 19 St. Louis 15 Boston 15 National league W. St. Louis 27 No*- York 24 Chicago 23 Boston 21 Brooklyn 21 Philadelphia 19 Pittsburgh 19 Cincinnati 18 PC .eas .51 .51 .5W .50 .41 .41 PC .13 .01 .57 M .423 .38 .38 .34 GAMES TODAY Scmthrrn Ir.ifw Memphis fit Mobile. Nashville at Atlanta. Chattanooga at Birmingham. Little Rock al New Orleans. R (JACK OoYNERJiTOlft XToWM'S &RE/ SftdAiXB TFse RiST&sT MOR^e iws UVEP " ' American Chicago nt Washington. 3t. Louis at Boston. Detroit at Philadelphia. Cleveland at New York. National League ncston at Cincinnati. Urooklyn st St. Louis. New York at Chicago. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. Ten Years A$o Today — Benn Leonard, world's lightweight boxin champion, successfully defender lils crowii against Rocky Kansa of Buffalo In i 12-round flgnt. Leonard ivon in nine rounds. ory. McKain was the winning Itchcr and Grove was crcttiled ith the loss. Babe Ruth's home run clout in !ie ninth innimj with a mate board gave the Yankees n 8 to 7 erdict over the St. Louis Browns, 'he Yankees piled up a early ead only to sen it overcome but ianaged to last when Ruth put hem ahead. Kress and Goslin Iso hit homers. Big Ed Morris turned back the :ievclai-(J Indians at Boston yes- prday. The Kerf Sox won 4 lo 3 nd beat Hudlin. The Indians ad » p on 10 slriialu until meeting lie Sox. The Detroit Tigers were the vic- ors In a. hurling duet at Washing- on. yesterday (hat went 11 innings wfore a run \ias scored. ,Uhle and BY WILLIAM BRAUCIIKR NEA Service Sports Ktlitor HEW YORK, June 5-Onc of these' days you may pick up the ]:ac:r and road the "Berly Blanks Cards." About (hat time there is just chance thai Branch Rickey. Ihe Cardinals' slralegist and founder of the St. Louis chain store base- inehiclcd Housloir irips lo Forth and Rochester. one of Ihe spring panics, he pitched five viinlcs., innings against Ihe headline, Yankees. During his years in Ihe Three Eye. Ihe Western and the Tnlcrnalioiial. Bcily never failed to :nti the season \villi a vanning percentage. 'ones bolh \vcnl (he route nnd I laddies 2.49 ball system, will move to Gravy Haven. N. M.. 'and take up Intensive fanning of moth-proof lizards. It was Mr. Rickey who let John Berly cscapq from the Cardinals' farm at Rochesler and into ihe uniting arms of John McGraw. . . Berly, whose fine pitching Ihis year has begun lo remind Polo Grounds old - timers of Christy Mathev.-spn, is one of those pitchers who has been kicked around for •several years in the minors. McGravv scouted him personally lasl year at Rochester. He purchased him al a price that was said to be fairly fahcv. During Ihe 1930 season "Berly "took part in 30 games, won 16 and losl eight and allowed the visiting fire ach ieam got but five hlls. A ingle by Johnson with Walker on iasc gave Hie Users their 1 to 0 riuniph. runs per game. Rickey had been shifting Berly for some years at various Cardinal farms. Berly's routes from the spring training camp of the Cards Berly is built on lines thai Mc- Gi'aw 1 favois for pilchers. five feet II inches in heiglil nnd weighing 385 pounds. He has a good curve ball and a high hard one. Berly also is rated as a "smart pilclur who kncsvs how to \vori: with the head as well as the arm. There is something about his face and build that is mindful of old Bi? Six. A recent five-hit victory over the Reds put Berly among the six regulars McCra-.v likes to work—l-'itz- slmmons. Walker. Hubbell. Mitchell. Morrell and Berly. With these six taking their turns McGraw believes he can win a championship. The National Leagu? race looks to lie a close affair this year again. •A game or [wo may win a pcniianl. It would be: ono of Ills qiieer twists of baseball that make the ^ame so interestini; if the Ciiants should beat out the Cards on the margin of a victory supplied by John Chambers Berly. s Six more records! $ WILLYS six 495 AND UP f. o. b. Toledo, O. Under official A. A. A. supervision, t strictly stock Willys Six Roadster tweeps dramatically to five amazing new speed records for American stock cars in its class—one mile, flyiruj start, 50.925 seconds, average 70.692 miles an hour; standing start, 61.56 seconds, average 58.479 miles an hour; one kilo, flying start, 32.225 seconds, average 69.416 miles an hour; standing start, 42.17 seconds, average 53.045 miles an hour; one mile, flying start, second gear, 66.90 seconds, average 53.812 miles an hour. The gear ratio used in these recor£4»r*akin< runs was 4.6 to 1; These records continue the long string of remarkuhlf performance achievements of the Willys Siv, which include winning first and second pluccs in the ininual mountain .race from Mexico City to 1'nehl-a. Pitied against a field comprised mostly of ciglil-cylindcr cars, llic winning Willys Six covered the course of 75.8 miles in 75 minutes. The record for the steep Mount Baldy climb is also held by a stock Willys Six, which clipped 38-3/5 seconds off the former record. In the last Pike's Peak race two stock Willys Six Roadsters won first and second places. The winning time of 24 minutes, 18-1/5 seconds is the fastest on record for a stock car under $1000. These records are convincing evidence that the Willys Six is the fastest, liveliest and most powerful of all low-priced cars. Courier Newt Want Ads Par. MORGAN MOTOR CO. Blytheville, Ark. Utt.Mtfy. GENUINE PARTS e manufacturer of your cur

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