The Louisiana Democrat from Alexandria, Louisiana on November 24, 1869 · Page 4
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The Louisiana Democrat from Alexandria, Louisiana · Page 4

Alexandria, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 24, 1869
Page 4
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TO M MOTHER. BY EDWA4D F. MOREHEAD. I've been sick an dsuffering, mother, And thy image lled my mind With the olden t ughts of childhood, Now so far--oh,far behind ! Once again a smi ng urchin, Rosy-cheeked a d bright and gay: In thy lap my bo -head rested At the twilightclose of day. While thy gentle fingers, mother, Smoothed my thnged, wanton hair; 4.d,thy lips in music murmured . Snatches from some olden air, Till my weary eye-lids drooping. Closed upon tihe heaving wolld, And my roving mind in slumber All its boyish fancies furled. But I wake-how different, mother, Is the scene upon my view ! Time has girt my frame with manhood, And I'm far, oh, far from you ! Battling 'neath my country's banner, Shells and bullets passed me by; But disease, with bony fingers, Marks me out, perhaps, to die. Friends in whispers tell me, mother, Death has marked me for his own, And they sigh that thus so early Youth must hush its merry tone. Little would my spirit sorrow Even at so stern a fate, Wert thou nigh me, to console me, Ere I cross the mystic gate. When the tale shall reach you, mother, How my young heart beats no more, Say, oh! say, you'd not forget me, As I was in days of yore! Teach at times, my little sister To repeat her brother's name, Which. to bear unstained and spotless, Was his bosom's dearest aim. And when on life's ocean, ;nother, Your bark, too, shall touch the shore, Where so early mine has stranded, We shall meet to part no more. In the light of life eternal, Grief shall melt away in joy; God shall give new pleasures, mother, Which no evil ehall destroy. --(N. 0. Sunday Times. -- .-~THE LATE WILLIAM J. MINOR. From the Turf, Field and Farm, of October 23d, we extract the following beautiful and deserved tribute to the late Capt. Wm. J. Minor, of Louisiana, whose death robbed the turf of one of its brightest ornaments: Some of the most graceful contributions to the turf literature of America are traced to the pen of Capt. Wm. J. Minor. Before the war he occupied a prominent position in the racing world, having the means to gratify his love of the royal sport. But the war swept away much of his property, and his face was less frequently seen at the prominent turf gatherings. If we mistake not, his last visit to the Atlantic States was a little over three years ago. Jerome Park was then in course of construction, and we geember standing with him on the hill where now is located the club house, and looking down into the valley where the laborers were at work. Capt. Minor, at the time spoke warmly of the enterprise of Mr. Jerome, and trusted that the completion of the Park would inaugurate a brighter era of the turf. The kindly-faced old man lived to I see his hope realized, but we believe he was never present at one of the meetings of the American Jockey Club. Capt. Minor was one. I of the most valued of the many valuable contributions to the columns of the Turf, Field and Farm. His last letter appeared in our issue of September 10. The non de plume adopted for the occasion was "Redlander," and our readers will remember that in that article. he recalled many pleasant reminiseences of the past, besides comment somewhat severely on the BayonetWauxhall disfirace at Saratoga. *re were promised a series of ictees under the signature of " uader," bat alas! death has caused the promise to be broken. To Concord, the old family seat of the Minors, near Natchez, the remains of this distinguised son of thie South were carried, and there laid to rest. Friends wept over the calm, cold face, and his servants, once his slaves, thronged around his bier wi't sad lamentations, thus attesting the love they bore their old master, who had ever treated them with so much kindness. One by one the veteran and staunch supporterb of the turf are dropping from the ranks, and we who pursue the phantom of pleasure, pause in thegiddy rush to pay a passing tribute tW their memory. Soon the most light-hearted of us will feel the shadows closing around us, 'and the world slipping from beneath our feet. Well, let the-enrtain fall; at leiai re then shall be free from "the fever of tlre odds," and will hove to sleep as now sweetly sleos our friend, Capltain William J.Mindor.-' as' Not along ago a wren in the vicinity of Reading, Pa., tommnenced building her nest on the projecting part of a car in which the coupling pin is fast, on one of the ears which run from Reading to Allentown. The care remains over night at the East Pennsylva. nia shops, and makes daily trips to Allentown. The wren laid the first egg in her nest about a week ago. The egg was removed by one of the employes; the nest was not disturbed, however. Another egg was dep6sited last Friday. The bird remains upon the nest until the car is coupled, when she flies tothe roof and tiakes a survey of what is goipg an. The car travels about.seventy miles daily, but at night the little wren knows where to find her nest and sits upon it. a- A recently appointed postmistress, at a Post Office-on the Plains, sends her first quarterly report to the department with the following foot note: "For weeks past I have slept with a six-shooter by my bedside and a carving knife under my pillow, expecting at breik o'day the. Infldians would come for my scalp; but all of this has not been half so :harrassing to my iirid. as bt hmaking out of onc quarterIy ireport."7 ALEXANDRIA ADVERTSEMLENTE ATTORNEYS AT LAW. WM. A. SEAY, A TTORNEY AT LAW, ALEXANDRIA. La., Will practice in the Courts o0 Rapides and adjoining Parishes. THOS. C. MANNING, A TTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT Law, Alexandria, La. H. S. LOSEE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, OFFICE FRONT Rooms, up stairs, in Jas. W. Osborn'a Brick store, Front Street, Alexalndria, La. HI. L. I)AIGRE, A TTORNEY AT LAW, ALEXAND n ria, La. E. C. LECKIE, A TTORNEY AT LAW AND NOTARY 1. Public, Alexandria, La. R. A. IUNTER, TTORNEY AT LAW, ALEXANDh A- ria, La. U R MAURICE GRIVOT, ATTORNEY AT LAW, OFFICE 3E Natchez Street, corner of Bank Place, npstairs, New Orleans. W. W. WHITTINGTON, JR.. Attorney and Counsellor at Law -and11otary Pub 1i c ALEXANDRIA, LA. Sept. 1, 1869-tf. R P. P. HUNTER, A..ttorx.ey at lTaTN ALEXANDRIA, LA. Sept. 1, 1869-tf. R. J. BOWMAN, A.ttorxey &at _.a-w, ALEXANDRIA, LA. FOR the present at the office of R. A Hunter. Will attend to all busines' intrusted to him in the Parishes of Rep ides, Natchitoohes and Grant. During my absence, after the 10th inst., attending Court in Natchitoches, any oe desiring my services can make arrange ments to that effect with Colonel R. A. Hunter. Sept. 8th, 1869tf,. B. W. BRINGHURUST, Civil "I~ngineer -and.M4SI&s s 1T? rEý 0o, ALEXANDRIA, LA. ORDERS sent by mail, or loft at R. C. Hetherwick's store will be received and attended to. Jan. 20th, 1869-tf. HEYMAN & LEVY; CBENEYVILLE, HAVE JUST MADE A LARGE. VA-.1 Srled and carefully selected addition to their'stock ofDry" CT-c~c1, i ill1 made to special contract and order in 1 Tow York and Philadelphia. 1oHts,, Tinware, Woodware, Willowware, Crockery and Glassware. G~P (OO "El E Il8 - an immeuse stock forPantatiou and Famo. ily use: Wines, J|.quors, Syrups, Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Shuces, et~c. In this line, moie thap ever, planters and mechics will find our stock ample for their wants. SUGAR, MOLASSES, COTTON, HIDES -andOOUiNTRY PRODUCE, of all kinds, purchnsed or bartered for, at the highest make price. With sincere thanks for the very liberal patronage already extended to oar house, we continue our eftorts to please and extend all facilities to our customers. COME AND SEE US. September 22d, 1869-tf. LOOK HERE!! SECOND STREET, CORNER 3.ELOW TOWN HAL1. J 0 N AS ROSENTHAL IS just bose from New Orleans where he has given personal attention to the selection and purchase of a large, fine and varied stock ofDry Goods and Family Groceries. CLOTHING, BOOTS, .HOES, HARDWARE, WILLOWWA RE, CROCKERY, TIN WARE : and merchandises, ai!aes and notions inhis line. He invites'a call from the public, being satisfied he can fill the billh Cash advanced on cotton. and other countryproduee, or benght at the highest market prie. SW- WALK IN!I October 6, 1869-tf. Try St, John's Cough Expectorant Magazin de Modes! Va&r~iety "::o3 e.. MRS. C. SULLIVAN, IN BOOAN'S BRIOK ROW, 80OND 8BIRERT, ALEXANDRIA, LA., H AS now on band and offrs rare Inducements to the Ladies of Rapirles, in the assortment of her stock, selected in person, of BONNETS, LACES, TRIMMINGS, DRESSES, Silks, Ribbons, Flowas and otheibney anbdnshionable goed e . " - Particular attentiona given to Dressmaking, hawving seared the services of a fAnished and ashiu able Dressmaker. 'ER~ 6FAIR AND REASONA. Octobcr 6, l9-tf. I ALTXAND1UA ADVERTISEMENTS 1 .L C. MILLER, t FRONT ST., ALEXANDRIA, LA., M ANUFACTURER OF COPPER, TIN I L and SHEET IRON WORKS, keeps constantly on hand an assortment ofCOOKING AND HEATING STOVES. Orders for Tinware, repairing of gutters and pipes will receive prompt attention. -ALSO AGENT FORRICE BROTHERS & CO. -CELEBRATEDCharter Oak Cookingi toves, which he keeps always on hand. TERMS CASO3I. Jau. 13, 1869-tt E.& S. WEIL, Wholesale and RBtail MERCHANTS, .F.RO.N'T'S 2"I.E Y, Ale &a21ciria, La . WfE BEG LEAVE TO INFORM THE friends and patrons of Joseph Weal, that we have purchased his entire inter. est and contents of his store on Front street, and will carry on the same under the above style. Joseph Well is thankful for the liberal patronage bestowed on his house and hopes his successors will share equally well.E. & S. Well have assumed all the liabilities of the late firm and all payment of aecounts and notes must be made to them. We will continue to keep in our store t everything in our line. Our stock con sists ofDRY GOODS GROCERIES, HARDWARE, TINWARE, CROCKERY WARE, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, ETC., All of which we will dispose of at very small profits. L; ' We will pay the highest market price for cotton, or make liberal advances. ,Tan. 13, 1869-tf, A, HEYMAN, BEGS leave to retrn. his warmest a thanks to his friends and customers for the liberal patronage exteuded to him the past year, and informs thiem that he has moved into his large, commodious and now brickstore, one corner above his fornerstaud and is ready and ever willing to serve thoemin his line. lie hopes, with renowed efforts to please and suit, to merit a r continuance of their favors. He will continue to keep on hand, and sell at.the cheapest rates, a complete end well selected stock of DRY GOODS,CLOTHING, HOSIERY,. HATS, BOOTS. SHOES,. LINENS, I¶JANNELS, LINSEYS, CHECKS, STRIPES, ,TRIMMINGS -A LARG BTOCK" OPGROCERIES, WOODWARE, PoT WA-RE, TIN WARE, WILLOW WARE, CROCKERY. CUTIERYI PERFUMERY I january23, 1867-tf WILLIAM: MILL S, .A-' Iris Old. Sh.Op, W OU.LD ANNOUNCE T) THE PUB. lie, that he is now supplied with a full assortment ofFITEI I TMilMI11il UlS ES -andThey are of the latest and most improved ,atterns, are AIR TIGHT "-nd will preserve and protect theDsEA, aLd are Iparticnlarly designed for the safe trausportation of bodies. He solicits, as of old, the patronage of the public. July 7th, 1869-tf. GRAN I1P E NiNG B I-WEISS, H AS opened on IFRONT STREET, Sopposite the Ferry,-s large, fine and well selected stock of FALL AID WIITll GOIS Of all kinds, and offers them to the market at low and very favorable rates. He offers ao nArre, but sells every tsiag cheat His stook consists, in part, of Dress Goods, Ladies' Cloaks, Mantillas,French Poplins, Alpaca, all c. olorand lslades, Hoslery, Bpots, Shoes; Ladcs' '~iest Gaiters and Slippers CLOTHING; knit ad silk undershirts;: Latfrifes,r Misses' and Children's bose abd halfhnee. Calicoes, Muslins ofall colors, shades and prices. In short let the pnublic give him a call h hetiM deem it a pleasure to display lits goods. Alox.,Qot. 10 '66-tf.... AiGRDEN SEEDS. ,L~PRETXH'S NEW 0OP, 'OSJAnmry Lh I , . ST.JOHN/ January 6th 15693m. AtEXANDIIUA ADYEERTIEMElNTSI MOsESK aOSETU;4L. MnIRS ROSENTAi L I. If TI AT 1 l ii0. HAVE REMOVED TO THEIR OLD stand on FRONT STREET, opposite the New Town Wharf, where they will be pleased to see their old friends, customers and the public generally. We will keep f constantlyon handa comple assortment of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CLOTHING, BOOTS, 8HOES, Etc., whibeh will be disposed of at the lowest CASH PRICES. Cash advanced on cotton or bought at the highest market price. (iGIVE US A CALL. &, Jun. 6. '69-tf. NEW FAMILY GROCERY : THE UNDERSIGNED has opened a FAMILY GROCERY 82ORE on FnoNT STtRET, opposite the Ferry, where he will keep always on hand, at the Cheapest Cash Market Rates the best and Freshest Groceries: BACON, SUGARB, TEAS, JELLIES, JAMB, ALES, FR UITS, ,OFFEE, JICE. In the establishment he has put a BUTCHER'S STALL and will keep and retail at all hours of the day and night, FRESH BEEF, VENISON, MUTTON, PORK, --irD--A VARIETY OF WILD GAME! N. B.-The wantaof Steamboatsspecially attented to. jan29-tf. JACOB IRVING. MRS. MULCALIY, MILTLINERY AND LADIES' FASH I IONABL1 STORE, FRONT STREET, ALEXANDRIA,LA I BI)ONNETS, Ribbons, Silks, Trinmmings, B Laces, Gloves and all and everyvariety of Ladies' Furnishing Goods constantly on hand, and received weekly from New Orleans. PRICES MODERATE Jnly 17, '67-tf. JOHN FRASER, Alexandria, La., Wholesale and Retail Family Grocer,' KEEPS cotauntly on hand the Frealsh a t ind best FAMILY GROCERIES,CHOICE t WINES, LIQUORS. ALES, etc. A BOAT AND BAR STORES. Ang. 29, 1866O, tf. TAKE NOTICE -TIIATB. Weil & Bro., ave just returned from New Or leans, wherethey haveselected and purchased with great care, express ly for the Rapides market, a ful stock of Fall il ID l1T OIIDIS. comprisingOlotlhing of all kinds, makes and shapes; FREXNCH ead NGLIBSH 'P RINT; BOOTS, 80 8,SLIPPERS, Gaiters, a truly ine lot. G- .OO" CE 'rtI'EIS, A FI-B AKD CHOICE LOT. CALL AND SEE!. All these they are selling at re duced rates for cash only. No more OCREbIT, so be sure to bring your gold and greenbacks with you. WALK IN LADIES AND GENTILE MIEN. oct 24, 1866,0 f. f. J. GOUJLDEN, II O TT US i], SI G-19 Ornamental Painter. Glaizing and Paper Hanging. SHOP 0N THIRD STREET, YIR EAR Of THE TOWTN HALL, mar 2067-tf ALEXANDRIA, LA PATENT METALLIC BURIAL CASES, TREE undersigned announces to the Spublic, that he is now ready to supply the wants of the community with the new PATENT SELF-tEALING OMBINATION CASE AND CASKET, a very peat itamprovement over compositions goeaerdlly s eed.ia arrangements are perfee complete in that line, and the IpbieW may rely on being supplied stadl'l times. IHs rates are reduced and the cheapest in BapidBe na . PATRICK KBELLY, SUndertaker., Mareh l1th, '8-aSm. FOR ALE, . B[ETWEEN treaty and thirty bead of J cattle, between one hundred asd two ukndred bogs, a1d some other proprty of the State Seminary, will be sold on reasonable terms en applicatioo, at the Seminary, to tbeuaderlg ed. "~ .FO,P. IS. -N&Weabor 17th-tf.L ) ... E. C. TAIT. Q. W. LANEY -ANDMEDICINES -BYTAIT LANEY, -AT THE - Well-Xnown Stand -OFS. K. JOHNSON, FRONT ST., ALEXANDRIA, -:oxo:W HERE they have just opened a new and complete assortment ofDRUGS, CHEMICALS. PATENT MEDICINES, PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES, DYE STUFFS, PAINT BRUS] GLASS, KEROSINE OIL, L AND CHIMNEYS. C WINES AND LIQUORS of the best quality, for medicinal purposes only. FANCY TOILET SOAPS, COLOGNE WATER, Extracts for the' handkerchief of every variety, 4 EIAIR PREPARATIONS, COSMETICS, COMBS AND. BRUSHES of every kind. Books and Stationery: . CONSISTING OF SCHOOL BOOKS, BLANK BOOKS, LETTER, NOTE C & .CAP PAPER ENVELOPES, SLATES, PENCILS, PENS, COPY BOOKS, PLAIN AND BET, r with every article usually kept to complete the stock. I' fThe business will be conducted by Dr. W. C. TAJT, who will give it hi qntdiyided .ontion. I' Particular attention given to the compounding of prescriptions AT ALL HOURIB February 10th, 1869-tf. CAROLINA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF MEMPHIS, TENN. ASSETS...................... So00,000 x. J. WIClKS,......-.........President J. '. P.'rl''i',........... Vice-President ( W. T. BOYLE................ Secretary J. II. EDMONDSON,.....General Agent J. T. TREZEVANT, JR. & BRO., Agts. for Arkansas, Louisiana and Eastern 'lbxn'e. Issuee Polioies on all the Improved Plans. All Policies Non-forfuitable. Naw OBUAXSx RsRan5Nc: John Phelps & Co., Nelson Lanuphin & Co., Joseph Hey & Co., General Harry T. Hays, T. H. & J. M. Allen & Co., John Chaffe & Bro, C. H Slocomh, of Slocomb, Baldwin & Co., Wings, ofBeades. Wingo & Co. TRzeVANT &, BEaEx, Agents Norgh Louiesana, OfLce: Monroe. HENRY ST. JOHN, Local Agt., Aleuxandria, La. WM. T. MADDOX, Solicitor for Rapides, Avoyoelles, Sabine and Natchitoches. Febl7th-ly. POWDER rTHE 4ndersignkl is agent for tSe 'American Powder Company," ofSt. Loas, and has on hand fiwsale, at New Orleans whbolesale prices, POWDER in keg, half kegs and quarter kegs. Here~Zats and traders will mnd it to their interest to call and examine his stock before ordering elsewhere. Sept. 29-tL E. R. BIOSSAT. Ice Honse TonsorialSaloon, LEON DESSEINS SAS PURCHASED THIS SALOON, and will attend to it in person. Shampooning, Hair Dying, Shaving and Hair Cutting attended to in the latest style. NEW. STORE. [ HAVE OPENED A FRESH LOT OF GROCERIES, in Alexandria, La., and will keep on band astplies for plantations and famlies, beof all kinds, and will take in exchange all country proince. and will pay the highest market price, IN CASH, for CkOttO2a ALX.Cd. or make liberal ad op l cotton shbipped through my hands to New Orleans . I have opened on between BIOSSAT'S and WILLIAMS & o0'8 WAiOUSZs. . 1.* ReSIBIJL January 20th, ll-ty. A. Rare thaet ! qB RSAIB b7 the andsrsd a Srgt' rate Engoa re ad BoelA The eytlleder is 12 lash. 1a. diaeter by 5)% Suet strote, aitable for a sugar .or saw mill. It ~ Id cheap for cash and delivered SPer par-tiedars apply to Jams B.I Wates e n 'he m s r -, . Welasir Ahlebr ..: ,AM ES  ,, .R WTATERS. out 1-lm. " " 5:EN8TJO~ COHN'S COLUMN. Ji I HENRY ST. JOHN, Alexandria La. The following List is a portion of the Articles made by H. ST. OHN. and will be found on trial,well worthy of patronage. ST.. JOHN'S EXPECTORANT SYRUP,4 FOR COUGHS, COLDB, Bronchilts, Palns in the Chest, &c. ST. JOHN'S a Compound Syrup ofthe IIypophosphites. CHEST COMPLA'TS, WFEAK I UG8 cr. ST. JOHN'S J ARXICA LINIMrENT. An Excellent Preparation For 8PRAINB, BR USES, L Siwetliasg:, 2Aheumati'sm, Jc. CONCENTRATED ESSENCE OF C J.a .tdl4ICA GIN' G.E J, PREPARED FROM THE FINEST ROOT. ST. JOHN'S CREOLE HAIR OIL. CAMPHORATED CHALK TOOTI EPOT77DWEFI ANTISEPTIC A D "E 1' T ER . 129 I Q CONDITION POWDERS, Improve the General Condition or the Renders His Skin Clear and Glossy, " is Eoellent When off is Feed. SOLUTION OF TUB OITRATE OF MAGNEBIA, - An AgreeibleRefrilgerentand Lxative. .SUGAROF LEMONS i Far Making L Bd;' O 7 .~A:D E" At any tMoment RB Pkpaieans .Preriptios sciN rsecosee at all imes prompt and orsefli attenitia. Ise te best of Mfediciue in DiApeang, and have Imported from' Europe stasa rt;icles eex;preul for that purpose. .EJN,1Y BT. JOHI. pATENT NEDICINES. Nearly every - Artileof the kid kept on land constautly. EN KNIVES, 8cissors, Lancets, ScoriSoators, Meuical Scales. Medical Saddle PAINT S0 VARNISIES, Ois and HEWING TOBACCO, Smoking Tobaeco, Pipes, & . The celebrated Lou. Isianau PERIQUE SMOKING TOBACCO kept for sate. warranted genuine, is out on the Premises. TIOLINS ani BOW. Brewesad ItaCONCEYNTRATED LYE Washing So'da, Blaelg Scrubbig iBarbse, Boleking cad Br hes. OAL OIL, Lamp Wicka. SrPoarra a9qv-tsoN. EOy'aGmn SWasd, Doubnle ad iagle t Gmn Cape. Pistol CapM.'Fle Po rColt's and Remington's Revolvers. Colt's C ietr, S ines. Smith & Weuson's .Pldtrides; 3sise. PowderFlasIks, Shot PeThes, eir Tips and Serew., Gua Nipples. ro.. FINE ENGLISH Hair and Tooth BruesSer. Brow Windsor, Honey, Lettaee, and other ~Te~It Serp. s onmatua,Cold l aBorbon Whisky by seBottle or Gal-o lon. Jaataiea Rum, lhs M ky, Pori and Sberr Wiae, Freush White Wine.Vinegar. pLaYORINn uxTsMa1*. lem on, Y Vle se!os., Po . , P " SoCHOOLOOgL 0 A -rsest SCap, Note. nd Let . Peu Farniture. n Ppand Tin Cans "8pies Not -mes,, Jace, Ginor Pepper, &c. Juli Levia _ T.. . - _. .  , -ANDPCTIN BROCHES, HAVE ALJUST OPENED A assortment ogP the following " -4 old aud itilvr Wai ALDSO AN ASLTVENTO eelrFancy Goodsof PINS', rEtc.,y : UFF Watches, Clocks d repaired by competent workme : l S-BTrnOLD AD SILVEc AUCTIONEERS and COMMPlated Merchants, Corner of 2A AZLAN PEDRALE IECAC ToLadies and Geatlea~as ngoods, Ey omaod~ Toy-s, Etc., Etc. WrhWtelthea, Cloeka and 3es Great Reduction inDA A UCTIONEERS and COMM _M' erehaits Corner O tlluu ad dtreets _= ds indmet Ont lem a W EtHI te ofer at recssea I iAYS at - '-+W The higuSLtprlt 1w or limberal advancemI and Hides. SALTXA PORKE . (Choie, Etra s.e O.r u stoPr, eOLASSe.' 3 . F. IIUBd . itober 6. 1t . " li 1s.t,,&!+ +,

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