Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 31, 1895 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 31, 1895
Page 4
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Join Gray's CORNER ON WHITE QUILTS. The Greatest Bargains ever shown In Logansport for the money and we mean just what we say. See our north show window. State National Bank, Logannport, Indiana. CAPITAL $200,000 J. K. JDUIHON, Pi<i«.a 8. W. ULLKKT, VICK Piuts H. T. HKITBKJNK, CASIIIKK. —WHKCTOI13.— ^. jr. Johnson S. W. Ollery, J. T. Elliott, W. II. Elliott, W. H. Snider. IfOlJRNAL. I Highest of all inLeavening Power.—Latest U.S. Gov*t Report J Baking PabUihed ererr day In the week (except Mondayj by the LoaunpoBT JOUKMAL Co. W. 8 WRiGHT A. HARDY C. W. GRAVES 8. B. BOTCH PRUDBHT. BBCSITAXT. Price per Annum Price per Month se.oo . 6O Buy and sell Government Bond*. Loan money on personal security and collaterals. Issue special oer- tlfloates of deposit bearing 3 Per cent when left one year; 2 per cent per annum when deposited 6 month*. Boxes in Safety Deposit Vaults oJ i ast • this bunk for the deposit of deed*, Insurance policies, mortgages and other valuables, rented ufc from tt to $13 P er W. 8. WB16HT, C. W. GKATXS, THE OFFICIAL FAPEB OF THie'Crrr.'" ABSOLUTELY ALL AROUND BAB Tolls Women How They SnooJd M*tv* • Hodcl Dinner Prom NUirt to FInUb. [Entered u Mcond-clau mstfcsr port rent Office, Vebiauj S. 1RB.1 SUNDAY MORNING. MARCH 31. ELY'S CATARRH CREAM BALM Is quickly Absorbed, Cteant-esthe Nasal Passages Allays Pain and Inflammation- Keals the Sores] Protects the Membrane from Additional Cold Restores the Senses of Taste and Smell. IT WILL" CURE. HAY 1 A particle \" nppllPd Into each nostril and IB .•grewahlH. Price 50 cents at Dnuglst or by nail. ELY MOTHERS, CO Wariea St., New lork City. Lake Erie & Western, Peru Union SUtion, Tnroncti tickets aold to points In the United •;•.gluten iinu Canada SOUTH. Arrive,; Depart." So. 21 Indianapolis Ex., D 7;0pam J No. 'i& Mull * Kxpress S 11-.28am 11:46 a roS 'Mo. 25 Tolmlo Duress, 3 8:25 pm NO. fl> >;vonl»K Express S...- 8:1" P m NO 151 Local XroiKhvtt <•* P m NOHTII. Arrive. Deport, .So.20Mnll * Express 3.'....10:12am 10:22am No. IBMIuhUatiCltyD* -1:30 piu 4:45 pin NO34 Detroit Kxpross S »:56p m No. IfiOAccominyduilourft" 7.00 urn D. Dully, S. Dully exw&t Snmlay, •No. 22 (loo* not run nortU otJPoruSundiiys. tRuns .Mondays, WtdnuHJiiya Fildnys uud Snn- tt«nn» Holiday, Tuesday, Thursday and iSatur- dn7. Union tlnpot cfnincctlons at Blooinlntcton nnd Peorliilor pi Intx west, urmthwiatmicl northwest. Direct coimt'etlon* miula in Limit, i'osiorltt, Fremont, or siimlunk) lor nil points o.'ist. Iinmwliiitecoiuicctlonsiit Tlpton with trains onlluln UiuimiUI. « M. C. DW., for nil points North, Soulli, Kiisuind West. i'or ticuucs. nitfS iind pwneml Inrormatlon cnll on THOS. FOLLKN, Tlcxet ARent L. E. A W. K'y P«U, inuiana. C. I. GOVERNOR MATTHEWS infilling the vacancy on the Cass circuit benoh caused by the resignation of Judge MoCoonell has not shown tbat broad statesmanship hia friends sometimes assume lor him Judge Dudley H. Cbase, a lawyer ot rlpo experience, twice before chosen to the bench In this Democratic county, was elected fall for the term beginning November 7th next. His twelve years' experience rendered him especially qualified for the position and thu fact that the people again last full regardless of party, insisted on bis taking the beach left no room for doubt as to the proper course in the present emergency. The Cass Circuit Court has never been a political machine. A Democratic stenographer was retained by Judge McConnell, who like Judge Chase Is a Republican, and the question of qualification has always taken precedence of that of party. ID •electing a man for the Interim whose only claim is hia Democracy, who was repudiated at the polls last fall by the people of a normally Democratic county, Governor Matthews has not displayed the broad statesmanship hia friends are pleased to attribute to him. With no disparagement of Mr. Lalry's industry as a law student or of his powers of development, the public, without regard to politics, will agree tbut at present ho was appointed solely and alone because ho was a Democrat. Tne Ideal Wheel. AMONG the many comments on the famoua novel Trilby since Its publication wag begun in a leading magazine that raado recently by the New York Frees is one of the most sensible. It said: "Since Mr. Palmer and Paul Potter havo got 'Trilby' on the stage, let her stay there. Sho never ought to have been in a book. By being in a book she got into a whole lot of unsuspect- lug private'.families which she never would have had a chance, otherwise, to enter. Her influence will have to he measured la the mortality statistics Of the next generation. ...^j,V ; "She is all well enough in ber'way, but her way la not one to be dlicussed in publications designed for Indiscriminate reading." °- k ' •• As jou glide along the path of life, Take plewure und Joy as you puss along; (live twpplruvts to children and wife A bicycle makes life one glad sons, •'. Call tind see The Eagle, Spalding, Boytil and Wiutoa bicycle, The llghti-st inj weight, aud running, there's nothing beats them. BU ROMAN CYCLE CO. THE action of the Emperor of Japan in declaring- an unconditional armistice is a surprise. It is /looked upon as a shrewd move on the part of the Japanese minister to diminish the harmful effect of the murderous attack upon LI Hung Chang, the Chinese envoy. It is stated that Japan will abate none of her demands on acoount of the armistice. Headijimriers o: :::,< •ll'lilAHKEToT. Service PHONE SO. / • WANTED. WHYilopwpie complain of hard tli-••=. "Den ' If aiij-wuman or man c»n mtike fMi' >'.i$lo ' 'a d*l <"»-•"ir A.Uh»ve hrcird of the \.- .-icrtul - • toaerss ot the Cllmiix Dish Wnaber; tin .-i-i>y am ' - : apt 10 xhmk Uiej can't make rooiiPT soiling it; but anj "ii* can make mono)-selling It: but nnjt on* '~" «an Dinkc money, two*us- eveir family cants one. On* went haa mad* H7S-36 In tbe ln*t three - Biontha, AfnT p-jlngall exp*n*es and intending ; to regular bu»in«t!ibe»lv.-(M. Yuu don't bar* to ." faiiTanx; IK soon tu people know jou hnve It for «l«Hheyiien'!fora D'sn Wather. Adrtrtn the ffltnvtx Mf*. Co.,45 stnrrAve., Colombo*, Okl), :*ar particular*. OKE of the most noted events in the athletic world and which loses none of its interest, from the fact that it takes place every year, is the boat race between the oarsmen of the two great English universities, Oxford and Cam- Bridge. The Qfly^seventh race occurred yesterday on the Thames, and the dark blue of Oxford lead by two lengths at the fiolsh. RN to laneoid.•»la ev-r> town id wnie; work. chj; BO . d* Ivertn*; rood wage*;.pay weekly; no c»r>- BRCS-TRoohester, W>r L. ELKINS. the Philadelphia street railway magnate, appears as a patron of American art. He has offered a prize of $5,OOC for the best work by an American painter to be ex htbited at the Academy of Fine Arte. in Philadelphia, at the sixty-fifth annual exhibition to behold in January, 1896. THERE were only twenty-seven books of humor and satire published in this country In 1894. During the year 772 w»rks of fiction were pub- llshsd while iboie on religion and theology, ranked second in number there being 697 of the latter claii. Special Correspondence. Niw.yoM Mar * -Jr. 1895. It was quite worth while liawuiuj; :o a stupid lecture, to be informed tbat Lady Mary Wortley Montague not only introduced inoculation into England, not only bad the reputation of being at once the wittiest and dirtiest woman of her day, but, that it was she who presented to thi-sty wominkind the always delightful milk punch. History doss not record whether she found it amoDg the Turkeys, or where in the Orient it had its birth, but ilia is a deal to know tnat it came from there, and that it haa always been popular. The knowing how tu make a good milk punch is an arc. The milk must 03 cool, not cold; audit must be, if success is aimed for, half cream and half milk. Then, too, It ia neceesary tbat the maker should know just how much brandy is required to make it strengthening, acd just how much rum to .make [it sp'ioy. There are people who use whiskey in place of brandy, but theee are the people who do not realize that the beet use to'which whiskey can be put ia as a wash. It is absorbed by the skin, which, thankful for its pleasant qualities, becomes firm In texture and white iu color. The putting of nutmeg on the top of milk punch Is an insult. When you are smelling rum, tasting inllk and being strengthened by brandy you don't want to have your attention distracted by bits of spice, which are really only to be need when it is necessary to bide the ingredients of a drink or dish. CATERING 1O MAN'S APPETITE. If nothing else would prove that we are growing more civilized, our dinners would. They no longer represent millinery shops by cotillion favors, with p.oor entrees aid worse roasts, or rather bakes, but a hostess, if she wishes men to accept her Invitation, must give something good to eat. Even if OLB only has a single maid, it U at once easier and in better taste to serve a dinner a la ruese. Mankind was always disgusted with what he culled "that ribbon stuff," and which appeared in tbe form of strips of plash or satlo, and menus to correspond. Nowadays these are not seen. The dinner Is better, and if a menu appears U is In the form of a small while card; while if there are flowers, they make a low, pretty centre piece, are not heavy with odor, and are of tones that rest the eye. A good hostess does not forget tbat the dinner hour is the restful time of the day, and EO she makes her color scheme pleasant to the eyes, but not assertive. Her mahogany is covered by a wide hemstiiched cloth, that has, a little to one side of the center, the initials of the hostess embroidered In white. The napkins are large, hemstitched, and done up without starch, so that' they are not dreaded by the young man whose moustache is young. Candles undoubtedly g!?e the most beautiful light, but they"will drip, they have a way of setting fire their shades, and so ^lee wornca substitute a group of glass lamps in the center and one in |each corner for tbe waxon sticks. To have A SUCCESSFUL DINNER TARTT. there should not be over ten people. The round table is again preferred. If flowers are at each plate, then there is a small knot of violets for each woman, and a single orchid for each man. The napkin is never folded In any fancy shtpe, Jor nice people do not think it dainty for a napkin to pass through many hands. Just beside it is the long French roll or the square cut of bread, without crust The forks, laid in the order in which they are to be used, show first the oyster, and then .two others of the ordinary size, two knives on the right hand, and a small butter knife of silver is at each place, for after.these are used the butler can order fresh ones, and it is more desirable to have only these few, because then there is more room for the glasses, Nowadays these are one for white wine, one for sherry, one low-bowled one for champagne, and s tumble; with a lump of Ice in it and into which may be Vaken apolllnarie or soda. Claret la served as It used to be, after the desiert, when an especially fine brand Is required, champagne, very dry, constituting the vln ordinaire. Just before the deuertand fruits are brought on, the J ••' • " " Tgtaiees are all removed, the Burgundy and liquor glasses' take their place, and one ii aeked as to whether one will h&vd Mac en* or claret, while with the coffee cornea some odd liquor, Mocb'apr WelechselgeUt being fancied just now. •' ' TABLE ODDS AND IKDS. Old-fashioned salt cellars,tbe quainter tbe better, are placed at different corners of the table, and tiny Apostle spoons are beside them with which to help one'd self; the individual salt cellar*, thank goodness, being relegated to tbe kitchen. Stn* 1 round cut glass dishes have in ihom cracked ice, surmounted by bright, r3d radishes, while long- ones on a bed of cracked ice hold just the hearts of the celery. Little silver baskets contain fancy fruits, bon-bons and salted almond?, and as atl these are on the table from the beginning, they decorate it very mucL. A specially handsome plate Is put before one with the individual ice upon it, pnd this, by the-bye, takes tee form of a flower, a vegetable, or a fruU This is quickly followed by another of crystal, on which rests the serviette, and above it the finger bowls. Womankind now remains at tbe table after the French fashion, and she drinks her mixture of Java- and Mocha from a cup the size of an egg shell and quite as thin, and through it she can see, in golden letters, tbe Christian name of her hostess, which is bye-tbe-bye, re, •peated on the saucer. This dainty fashion originated with Ladyde Gray; on the inner side of whose caps may be'seen, duplicating her own way of wrltlDg It, the pretty name of"(iladys, ' which is a bit heavier In its gold lines on the saucer. There are people in New York, who still use candles. Among them Mrs. Astor, whose marvelous candelabras, are made more brilliant by tbe use of pink tapers. The late Mrs. Whitney lighted up her ball room with FIFTEEN HUNDRED GOLD CANDLES, While Mrs. Winthrop, when she gives a ball, • makes people visible with hundreds of plaln'whlte candles. I doubt, If among our womenkiod, we have any wbo were as witty as Lady Mary Montagu, but I doubt If her coarsu wit would be fancied today. Think of her saying-, when her brother remarked, "Mary, your baads are positively, filthj !" 'Oh, but you ought to see my feet!" Then, too, although it has been credited to many, to her balongs tiat cl:ver remark, "If dirt werfe trumps, what a, splendid hand I'd have!" However, with all her faults acd all her virtues, she is of the past, but alwapa 10 be remembered because of vaccination and milk punches. QOEEN VICTORIA'S NOBLE TRAITS, I wonder if you have the same admiration for the Queen of England that I have? Of course, that clever mot is applicable to her, that a queen Is ihe host ruler becauee she is influenced by men, but she h»s always been wise enough to select great men. and no one gave.a greater admiration to Lord Beacons Geld than did the Em. press of the Kingdom upon which tbe sun never sets. But I like her beet as a woman. Her love for her grandchildren, her devotion to her husband and her affectionate wisdom to her people seems to me most marvelous. I never saw her but once, and then I realized how possible it was lor a little woman '.o look majestic, and that it was tbe soul and not the body that gave this Impression. I read a little story not long ago, one that ought to make all women feel near to this one good woman. Just before her marriage, tbe Archbishop of Canterbury went to her and asked her if she wished to have the word "obey" left out in the marriage ceremony. She raised those beautiful, clear, full eyes to him and said very quietly, "I wish to be married as a woman, and not as a queen." Then, too, when it was suggested that her wedding ring be set with wonderful gems, she taid: "No; the wedding ring- all over the world Is a plain band of gold, and I should not feel myself married unless I had a ring like all other women." And It is on her finger today, thin and worn, but it has never been removed. The woman was stronger than -the queen, and she would have the same feeling that you or I had if It were taken off after it had been put on with such sacred words. HOW USEFUL HAIR PISS ABE. Somebody was talking to me tbe Other d»y about the certainty of a woman bruising her finger when she used a hammer. IF YOU ARE GOING ? TO MAKE GARDEN. It will pay you to be particular as to whose seeds you buy. We are now im .the market -with a full line of Landretu's seeds • for the season of 1895, and I wish to gay to the gardeners and others using 1 seeds, that while Landreth's seeds may be a little higher price then some oth«r» they are always fresh, clean and true to name, and n» we handle no other •seeds except-those grown by Landretb. "ifc Sons of Philadelphia our customers may rely on getting nothing but the very best. I believe tbat the cost of the seeds Is nothing compared to the crop, and when a person has the trouble to put out a garden, he should use nothing but the very best. We handled Landreth's seeds for four years and have never heard a single complaint; in fact, oVir customers unhesitatingly pronounce them perfect in ever particular, and as an evidence of this fact, we have almost the entire trade of all the gardeners around Loganoport as well as many from a distance. Our trade has increased on this, particular line of goods more- than tenfold since we have been in the business? We also have a full line of garden tools and fold seeds. Remember that the firm of Landreth & Sons ha s been 115 ytai-s in the occupation of seed growing. George Harrison. 617,623 Broadway. For Fine Printing. ® You will find the Journal Job Rooms unsurpassed. LETTERottBrtDS INVITATIONS NOTE.flEflDS, .PROGRAMS. : STATEMENTS, GflRDS, ENVELOPES ftcSPEGlftLTY. You get our figures and we'llgdo the^work. Do not fail to call on the JOURNAL for Job Printing. it-, but I faid tbat a woman had one weapon with her always that a man knew nothing about, and that was— the hairpin. She uses it to open a letter. She uses it to button her gloves and occasionally her shoes. She twists It eo she can hang a picture by it. She draws a cork with if, and brushes off the burnt part of a lamp wick with the same weapon. She picks a lock with it, and fastens the catch of the window by it in such a way that no burg-Iar could ever gat past it. She sticks it into women who take her place in the lino when she is buy- Ing tickets for the theatre. She hangs a notice on it for the milkman, and twists the ends around the door bell. She files recelpls on it. and, when she pays a visit and her friend is out and nobody answers the door and ale haa no card, she twists it to form her initial and drops it in the letter box. In fact, there Ja very little she can't do with a hairpin. If pens are scarce ehe writes with It, and if baby swallows a marble she pries it out of bla throat with it. If it happens to ^be studded with diamonds, ehe not only wears it in her hair, but hiding Us ends in the chiffon, as a brooch, and also to ~ fasten a feather In her bonnet. If ever women become Amazons, they will not use guns, but enormous hairpins, and they will knock a mas. cuiine arm. out in the first round. INGENUITY AND IRISH STEM". And still, men have no objection whatever, in saying that women lack mechanical ingenuity. This is untrue. They have both mechanical and men tal. This was never better proved than when a fool of a man brought a stranger home to dinner and there wasn't much elie but an Irish stew, and It was too late to get anything The wise little hostess thought of the date; tricked out her table In its bett, served the stew and the rice pudding that followed it.and emilingly told the unexpected that, as it was tbe 17tb ol March, she had the special dish ia honor of tbe day. And, as the ttew, was good and so was the pudding, tbe unexpected had two helpings of both, and in a glass of Irieh whisky drank to a repetition of the dinner and to the health of Jt. Patrick. What maa would have thought of that? Not one. Such things make me proud of being a woman, and glad tbat my name IB BAB. A DISGUSTED SPIDER. After Much Labor tbe Innect Loie* • Cov ' cte<l Prize. A correspondent writes that he was lying- in a hammock, reading-, one warm afternoon, when his attention was attracted by a loud buzzing directly overhead. On looking- up to sec what was the matter, lie found that a bify fly, with legs twice aS'long- as its body, had become entangled in a spider's web. The fly struggled to free itself, but the web, though bont and stretched, would not break. The only part of the fly which did not become ensnared wore those tremendous log's. The spider rnusL hani been astonished at the size of his-uijwiDing visitor, ami advanced cautiously to make a closer inspection. The fly was making- every effort to escape. Its le.'.fs were whirling- round and round like the arms of an old- fashioned windmill, while the contortions of its body shook the whole web like an earthquake. Tbe spider seemed to realize that he had a contract in. hand .which would require considerable thought before it could be successfully carried out. But a spider rarely gives up, and a.ftcr a few moments of meditation this fellow mode bis plans and was soon hard at work. I could see by his motion* that he was spinning- threads and catching- them over the fly's legs as fast as they were spun. In a very short time so many of the threads had been wrapped around the leg-? of the fly that they were no longer able to kick. Then tbe spider Gpun another thread about four inches long, and fastened it somewhere among- the former ones. Grabbing- hold of the free end, he beg-au to haul, just as a sailor does when he is helping- to hoist a sail; and at every tug- the fly's leg's were drawn closer and closer tog-ether until they were all in a. bunch bard and fast. Jifow comes the astonishing part of the story. ^Vhcu a person is in prcat danger, or near death, he is apt to make a strong- effort to save himself; and that is just what the fly did. By a little extra squirming- it freed its • wings, and then, with a mig-hty. con- •' vulsive jerk, it wrenched itself clear of 'the web, but left every one of its leg's behind! Can you imagine the surprise of the spider! lie darted down to the insig-- ; n ificazl t bunch. that was left, and tasted ^ of it. and I verily believe tbat with a. microscope I might have see* genuine ^ disgust written all over fa!s face. Those ' bony remains must have contained very little of the juices that a spider- loves to well. •••"*; The leg-s were cut loose from the web >' and fell to the ground at my feet, '•?• while the spider retired to his darkest '. corner, where he evidently gave himself tip to a fit of the sulks.—Youth's Companion, C' .Beat Eatmt* aad .iBleUlceBce offle* I bare .opened- a real, etlmte and Intelligence office over Hiuk'i jewelry store, 410 Broadway, and Invite the public to call on me. I do not attempt to deny^aBons. Gzo. W. BODKFZK p.m., • ...'•,' t\ —W. C. Sterling <fc Son, large cedar- poic dealers at Monroe, Mich.,.have received an order for telegraph pole* to be shipped to Buenos Ayres, South America. This is a trial order, and If .the poles go through safely and are tatisfactory. this company is promUed ome large orders. God has declared that no man shall do the devil's, work without reaplu the devil's fruit. , : - -.,.; • '.. .;•-;-,/•,/?••

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