The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey on October 1, 1987 · 102
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The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey · 102

Hackensack, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1987
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. E-10 THE RECORD hrts & cnTermunmcnT THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1987 Jagger: satyr and sweetheart on 'Primitive Cool' By Barbara Jaeger tm nocord Music Critic i Mick Jagger, "Primitive Cool" C- (Columbia Records) ' Mick Jagger has always exhibited a split personality. As lead singer of the Rolling Stones, Jagger could be gentle and . loving ("Angie" and "As Tears Go By") or downright lewd and evil , ("Brown Sugar" and "Sympathy for the Devil"). That same duality is at work on "Primitive Cool." In "Shoot Off Your Mouth," the , misogynistic Jagger has this to , sing about an old girlfriend; "You j smell like Monday morning's fish. ,1 can't get near enough to take a goodbye kiss." But Jagger reveals his tender, sentimental side in "Say You ' Will," a ballad about love and de--;. votion. To his lover, Jagger "' croons: "Cast all your fears aside. ' And say you will, say you will be mine, and love me until the end of time." It's songs like "Say You Will," ' "Throwaway" (where Jagger seems to be examining the downside of his macho image), the title track (a father talking to his child about the Fifties and Sixties), and "i "War Baby" (a powerful anti-war - song) that raise "Primitive Cool" several notches above Jagger's " first solo effort, "She's the Boss." That album was laden with tunes that were long on dance beats, but short on lyrics with any import. ; "Primitive Cool" still has the beat, but the majority of songs are filled ' with sensitivity and thought. "Primitive Cool" also shows ; Jagger to be distancing himself ever so slightly instrumentally from his old band. On "Primitve Cool" you'll hear synthesizers and guitars intricately woven through songs, as well as extra touches of ; horns, saxophones, and even uileann pipes, which give "Party Doll" its country flavor. X, "See How We Are" (Elektra Records) Vi If X is ever going to break away from the punk label it has been burdened with, "See How We Are" is the album to help the group do it. Of all the punk bands to rise out of Hollywood's alternative music scene in the late Seventies, X is the only one to endure. And the quartet which now includes Ex- MOVIE TIMETABLE Due to last-minute schedule changes please check with theater to confirm - KR8ENFIELD 1. THE BERGENFIELD TWIN M5-M0O Sot Sellar 5:15, 730, 35 No Vv Out 5:15, 730, 935 LOOMfHLD 2. CENTER THEATER 74- 7900 Big Town 730, 930 CDM 6R0K 1. CINEMA 23 239-142 The Principal 730, 930 CHATHAM 4. CHATHAM 122-1550 Stakeout 730, M0 CLIFTON 5. ALLWOOD QUAD 771-9747 Plck-Up Artist 7:45, 935 No Way Out 730, 9:40 Dirty Dancing 735, 935 The Principal 720, 930 . CLIFTON QUAD 35-202t PIMM Cat Theater CLOSTER 7. CLOSTER 7M-MM Fatal Attraction 5:15, 730, 935 ED6EWATER I. LOEWS SHOW-BOAT 941-3660 Stakeout 730, 9:55 Beit Setter I, 9:55 No Way Out VM. 10.-05 The Principal 7:40, 9:45 EMERSON ' 9. TOWN 261-1000 The Principal I Fourth Protocol I FAIR LAWN 10. HYWAY 796-1717 Ful Metal Jacket 730, 9:45 Matters of the Universe 730, 930 FAIRVIEW II. FAIRVIEW 941-2424 Fatal Attraction 730, 9:40 HeDralser 7:45, 935 FORT LB 12. LINWOOD 944-6900 Dirty Dancing 1M, 9-45 Pick-Up Artist 7:50, 9:50 13. SHARON CINEMA 224-0202 Please cat theater 14. GALAXY THEATER 154-6540 The Fourth Protocol 730, 9:45 15. HAWTHORNE 427-212 Best Seller 730, 9:10 No Way Out I Fourth Protocol I Cant Buy Me Love f JERSEY CITY 1. HUDSON PLAZA CINEMA 433-lt00 Snow White I Can't Buy Me Love 330, 530, 730, 930 The Plck-Up Artist 1:45, 3:45, 5:45, 7:45, 9:45 17. U.A. STATE THEATER 653-5200 The Principal 1:05, 3:15, 520, 7:40, 9:40 China Girt 1:15, 3:15, 5:15, 7:15, 9:15 HeMraisar 130, 330, 530, 730, 930 Offspring 1:45, 3:45, 5:45, 7:45, 9:45 KEARNY It. LINCOLN TRIPLEX 997-6073 Stakeout I Dirty Dancing 730, 9:15 Hellralser 730 No Way Out 945 KWNEL0N 19. MEAOTOWN 131-7900 Dirty Dancing 730 The Big Easy 930 M0NTCLAIR 20. CLAIRIDCB CINEMA 746-5564 No May Out 735, MO Stakeout 730, 9:45 Jean De Florttte 7:10, 930 21. WELLMONT 7134500 Offspring 730, 930 China Girl 730, 9:10 Bestseller 735 9:15 NANUET 22. MALL CINEMA t14-423-6336 La Bamoa 7:15, 930 23. RKO MOVIES NANUET 914-623-0211 Stakeout 730, 9:50 No vv Out 725, 9:45 Big Town 7:40, M0 The Principal 7 JO, 10 The Bestseller I, 10:15 24. ROUTE 59 914423-13SS Dirty Dancing 7:40, 9J0 NEW CITY 25. TOWN 914-634-5100 The Principal 730, 9:45 China Girl 730, 9:45 26. UA CINEMA 304 914-634- 0200 The Plck-Up Artist 7:40, 9-.40 Dirty Dancing 730, 930 NUTLET 27. FRANKLIN 667-1777 Stakeout 0 La Bamba I NYACK 20. CINEMA EAST 914-151-6631 Fatal Attraction 7:40, M0 OAKLAND 29. TWIN CINEMAS 337-4477 China Girl 730, 9:10 No Way Out 7:40, M0 . MRAMUS 30. RKO BERGEN MALL 145 444T Jaan De Ftorette 7, 930 31. RKO CENTURY TRIPLEX ROUTE 17 043-3030 The Plck-Up Artist 730, 930 China Girt 0, 9:55 Hellralser 7:45, MS" 32. RKO CENTURY TENPLEX 417-7909 Fatal Attraction 2, MS, 730, 9:55 The Offspring 130, 3:45, 6, 1, 10 Fourth Protocol US, 4:15, 6:45, 930 -The Big Town 1, 3:15, 530, 7:45, 9:50 No Way Out 2, 430, 7, 9:40 The Principal 230, 4:45, 7, 930 Bestseller 2, 4, 6, 1, 10 La Bamba 1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:10 The Big Easy 1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:10 Stakeout 2:15, 4:45, 730, 10 33. UA CINEMA 35 (45-5070 Please cat theater PARSHfANY 34. LOEW'S TROY HILLS THEATRE 335-4600 Stakeout 730, M5 The Principal 7 45 9 50 35. MORRIS HILLS CINEMA 335-9300 Pleaie cat theater 36. MONTAUK 777-7240 Three XXXX Adult Films 10 am to Midnight PATER SON 37. FABIAN 742-4(00 Offspring 4:55, 10:15 Blood Dinar 1:40, China Girt 7, 10:15 Ghost Warriors (35 The Principal (30 Summer School 6:45, 1020 La Bamba 6:45, 10:10 Who's That Girt (35 Hellralser 7, 10:15 Slaughter High 1:45 KARL RIVER J(. CENTRAL TWIN 914-735-2530 Bestseller 7:40, 9:50 The Fourth Protocol 7:40, 9:50 39. PEARL RIVER 914-735-6500 The Plck-Up Artist 7 JO, 9-.40 TOMPTON LAKES 40. POMPTON LAKES TWIN CINEMAS (35-1719 Cant Buy Me Love 745 The Fourth Protocol 7:45 RAMSEY 41. RAMSEY INTERSTATE 3274153 The Principal 730, 9:45 Bestseller 7:45, 10 42. RAMSEY CINEMA (25-2090 No Way Out 7:15, 930 RI06EFK-L0 PARK 43. RIALTO 6414617 Nadine 730 Lost Boys 9:15 RIDGEWOOD 44. RKO CENTURY WARNER QUAD 444-1234 Big Town 730, 9:40 Fatal Attraction 730, 9:50 Stakeout TMt, 930 Plck-Up Artist 7:45. 930 RUTHERFORD 45. WILLIAMS TWIN CINEMAS 933-3700 Dirty Dancing 1:15, Witches of Eastwtck ( SE CAUCUS 46. LOEW'S MEADOW PLAZA 902-9200 Hellralser (, 9 JO Dirty Dancing 730, 945 The Principal 7:40, 9:55 The Plck-Up Artist 1:05, 9:55 The Big Town 7:55, 9-JO Bestseller 7:45, 9:40 China Girl (:10, 10 La Bamba (, 10 47. LOEW'S MEADOW SIXPLEX (76-6161 Cant Buy Me Love 7:50, 935 Stakeout 7:45, 10 Offspring (, 10 Bom m East L. A. 745, 930 No I f ,. .J. ..: if' The members of X: Exene Cervenka, ene Cervenka (vocals), John Doe (vocals and bass), D J. Bonebrake (drums), and Tony Gilkyson (guitars) has done that by producing music that's tight and lyrics that are incisive. Those characteristics are solidly in "force on "See How We Are." Drums fuel the sound, while the combined voices of Cervenka and Doe drive home the anguish of the homeless in "I'm Lost." A softened guitar that grows in intensity underscores the disturbing state of the world as viewed by X in the title track. "See How We Are" marks the debut of Gilkyson, who replaced Dave Alvin. But Alvin, who left X to pursue a solo career, left a lasting contribution to the band with his beautiful composition "4th of July," a song that looks realistically at a love that's gone awry. BoDeans, "Outside Looking In" (RepriseSlash Records) irkV There was quite a buzz within the music critics' community when the BoDeans released their debut album, "Love, Hope, Sex & Dreams," a little more than a year ago. The Wisconsin-based trio's music was described as innovative, enthusiastic, and exciting. Now, the group is back with its second album, and those adjectives still apply. or possible typographical errors picture and time. Way Out 745, 9:55 Fatal Attraction 7:40, 935 SPRING VALLEY . CINEMA 45 914-152-1445 Stakeout S 49. FIX CINEMA 914-425-6902 Fatal Attraction 730, 9:45 No Way Out 730, 9:45 50. SPRING VALLEY 914-356-6060 Three XXX Adult Films 10 am to Midnight STONY POINT 51. 9-W THEATER 914-942-0303 No Way Out 7:45 SUFFERN 52. LAFAYETTE 914-357-7030 Hewralser S TEANECX 53. MOVIE CITY Wish You Were Here 7, 1030 Maid To Order 1:50 Dirty Dancing 7:15, 930 My LKe as a Dog 730, 9.45 TOTOWA 54. UA CINEMA 46- 256-S424 Big Town 7:45, 10 Dirty Dancing 8:15. 10:15 China Girl (, 10:10 55. TOTOWA CINEMAS 256-(4(4 Full Metal Jacket 730, 9:55 Snow White 130 The Plck-Up Artist 130, (, 9:55 UNION CITY 56. SUMMIT 465-4120 Closed For Renovations 57. CINEMA THEATER TRIPLEX (65-5600 Perseduldos Por La Ley 3, 6:15, 930 Do Pure Relaio 130, 445. ( China Girt 3, 620, 9:40 Summer School 120, 4:40, ( The Offspring 3, 6:15, 930 The Evil Dead II 135. 4J0, tM UPPER MONTCLAm 50. BELLEVUE 744-1455 Fatal Attraction 7:40, 9.55 Dirty Dancing 730, 945 The Plck-Up Artist (, 10 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP 59. WASHINGTON TRIPLE CINEMA 666-0020 No Way Out 7:15, 9:10 Bestseller 7M, 930 Wish You Ware Here 7:45 WAYNE 60. LOEW'S WAYNE SIX (90- 0505 Offspring (, 10 Fatal Attraction 7:55, 1k05 No Way Out 7:55, KM5 The Principal 730, 940 Stakeout 745, 10 Best Seller 745, 940 41. RKO WEST BELT TWIN (ROUTE 46) 7(5-0555 La Bamba 745, 945 HeUraiser 730, 930 62. WAYNE (PREAKNESS) 694-4136 The Big Easy S, 1(k05 Stakeout 7:40, 10 The Principal 7:50, 9-J0 Fatal Attraction 730, 945 63. RAMAPO PLAZA ADULT CINEMA 633-77(1 Continuous XXX Adult Movlea 10 am to Midnight WESTWOOD 64. PASCACK 664-3200 Big Town 720, 930 The Plck-Up Artist 730, 9:50 Dirty Dancing 735, 940 Stakeout 745, 10 WEST MILFORD 65. ABBY 72MM6 Bestseller 730, 945 The Big Town 745, 10 Full Metal Jacket 745, 10 HeUraiser 730, 930 WEST NEW YORK - 66. MAYFAIR (65-2010 The Big Easy 730 Dragnet 9:10 fMIVE-mS 0RAN6EBURQ 67. ROUTE 303 914-359-2021 ho Performance! PARAMO'S 41. PARAMUS DRIVE-IN THEATER 344-1440 . Pleete cat theater WARWICK 69. WARWICK TWIN 914-946-4440 Hellralser (, 11:15 The Offspring 945 Pick-up Artist (, 10 John Doe, D.J. Bonebrake, and The trio's fiery brand of basic rock-and-roll is captured on "Forever Young (The Wild Ones)" and "Say About Love." But the group can also effectively turn down the musical heat and produce a moody song, such as "The Ballad of Jenny Rae," or a soulful tune like "Don't Be Lonely." No matter what the musical style, though, what comes shining through on the album's 10 tracks (and the three bonus tracks on the cassette and CD) is the smooth and at times electrifying blend of the voices of Sammy Lianas, Kurt Neumann, and Bob Griffin. While the BoDeans have yet to duplicate the vitality of their live shows on vinyl, "Outside Looking In" comes close. And given the overall strength of the album, it probably won't be long before the BoDeans are solidly entrenched inside the musical community, looking out at those groups looking to duplicate the BoDeans sound. nWMrofing apply to tUmt nhod attf Nov. I, 1968 THIS 2 SEAL in ods intiicotei the film was lubmitfwd and approved under the Motioti Picture Code of Self-Reoulofori Gl ALL AGES ADMITTED General r RESTRICTED Under 17 require accompanying Parent or Adutt Guardian NO ONE UNDER 17 ADMITTED (Agelm may vary PG ALL AGES ADMITTED Guidance Suggested I Parents ore strongly cautioned to give ipecial guidonce for attend-once of children under 1 3 BARGAIN MATINEES $3.00 First Show Only to Sat. & Sun. At Theatres Marked Daily 1OOtBVSTEREO H I JMl.lJU """ l FATAL ATTRICTIOI STAKEOUT THE OFFSPRING m NO WAY OUT FOURTH PROTOCOL H THE BIG TOWN THE BIG TOWN THE PRINCIPAL NO WAY BEST SELLER : I0 THE PRINCIPAL ;3CIS7H30 BEST SELLER PICKUP 1RTIST LA BAMBA 7ije ire-ia CHINA GIRL BIG EASY HELLRAISER STAKEOUT 2:IM73tlB01 ROTDC, BD2 EilOTSC! "'NEAR DARK' makes 'The Lost Boys' look like Tinkerbell." - imf ScoWTORONTO GLOBE t MAIL "'NEAR DARK' combines the nerve shattering violence of 'The Wild Bunch' with the tender romantic fatalism of 'They Live By Night.'" DM KshrrfHE CHICAGO TRIBUNE "It's the 'Bonnie and Clyde' of horror movies!" - JolinS1anlySAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE .pray fix-daylight FM ENTERTAINMENT im a FELDMAN MEEKER imuru "NEAR DRK" s-, ADRIAN PASLW? JENNY WRIGHT LANCE HENRKSEN BILL RAXTON JENETTETOLDSrTEWrtTIMTHOMERSON.ui, umc n TANGERINE DREAM ram am HOWARD SMITH DnoerdPMivviv ADAM GREENBERG - tntumPKidgm EDWARD S. FELDMAN i CHARLES R. MEEKER ' c-ftoiu- ERIC RED Ftadund By STEVEN-CHARLES JAFFE b ERIC RED & KATHRYN BKJELOW Rj-JTr.Sj' lazi' DKram ifcji STARTS T01V10RR0W AT A THEATRE NEAR YOU. Tony Gilkyson. Quick Spins: The Alarm will release its third album, "Eye of the Hurricane," Oct 19. The LP was produced in London by John Porter, who has worked with the Smiths, Roxy Music, Eric Clapton, and Steve Win wood, to name just a few. The Welsh rockers are planning a tour of the United States. Things continue to be unsettled in the Quiet Riot camp. Drummer Frankie Banali is the latest to defect from the heavy-metal band. Reportedly, Banali didn't like the musical direction the group was OLDIES NITE tc:::c:it 9:30 'ISI 2:00 Schnapps Shots $1.00 Rtrnkuuirre cmegru GLErPQNTE oy5 W01-M Fort Lm Rd. ExH 70B Totneck 692-1704 - Capacity $3.00 SR CITIZENS Except Only Fri 4 Sat Eva. ID Required JEAN DE FLORETTE lb THE BIG TOWN FATAL ATTRACTION OUT STAKEOUT 7HM PICK-UP ARTIST n ro 13 TODAY'S MOVIES ARE TODAY'S BEST ENTERTAINMENT VALUE TO 13 ewer cpmwcATta humjmm AT ALL rHurui RCAL IVTTW ON HOT AT ALL THSATVIBS b KATHRYN BIGELOW J? u 1 RECORDS, ETC. taking. Bassist Chuck Wright also recently left Quiet Riot when original bassist Rudy Sarzo an-ounced he would return to the group after the Whitesnake tour. Sarzo has now said hell remain with Whitesnake as a permanent member. That leaves guitarist Carlos Cavazo and singer Paul Short ino the only remaining members of Quiet Riot The Northern Pikes, the Canadian quartet making waves with the single "Things I Do For Money," will be touring America from mid-October through mid-November. The group will be part of the "Fourplajr tour, bringing together four new bands for a tour of colleges, universities, and midsize concert halls. In addition to the Northern Pikes, the "Fourplay" tour, which will make a stop at The Ritz in Manhattan Oct 18, will include Will & the Kill, Hurrah!, and Royal Court of China. Richard Barone best known as the Bongos's lead singer, song MmCTED THEATRES rl(U I UIC3 CINEMA TRIPLEX UNION CITY MS-5600 afcCINEMA TRIPLEX TOTOWA 254-6434 , THEATRE MANAGEMENT FABIAN teon. lOFWSMEADOW lECAUcusan-tteo 111 wmM "A STEAMY, SECT, SUSPENSE-FILLED SENSATIONAL move:' -Joel Segd, f ABC-TV, NET VOLS CITY m 1 1 II currarineo r w a a R BRICKTOWN LOEWS BRICK PLAZA (201 ) 477-3400 VCLIFTON CLIFTON QUAD 1201)385-2020 CLOSTER CLOSTER 12011 788.(000 EAST BRUNSWICK LOEWS ROUTE 18 TWIN 12011 254.8000 FAIRVIEW FAIRVIEW CINEMA TWIN (201)941 2424 VFLEMINGTON CINEMA PLAZA FIVEPLEX (201)782-2777 . FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP RUTGERS PLAZA . (20118284787 FREEHOLD ROUTE 9 CINEMA (201)7104436 J MIDDLETOWN THE MOVIES AT MIDDLETOWN (201)871 1020 MORRISTOWN AMC HEADQUARTERS 10 (201)282-0606 CINEPLEX ODEON PARAMUS J ROUTE 4 TENPLEX 12011487-7809 CINEPLEX ODEON RIDGEWOOD WARNER OUAD (2011444-1234 ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP ROC KAWAV TWELVE 12011 32(0666 A NAT L AMUSEMENTS THEATRE SAYREVILLE AM BOY MULTIPLEX CINEMA (201) 721-3400 NYACK CINEMA EAST 1014)3584631 SAM ASH MUSIC STORES TODHY'S in PTRnriG DIGITAL SOUND You gal Ifor your monay than lor comparably pricad acoustic pianoa COMPACT Qraat lor amall apacaal AUTOMATIC ACCOMPANIMENT featured on many modala NEVER NEED TUNING Sava on maintananca HEADPHONE INPUT For ailant practlca MAJOR MANUFACTURERS Yamaha Clavinova, Roland, Tachnica.Korg, Kawai MIDI CONNECTION For hook-up to computera, drum machinea, aynlhaaizara, aaquancara, on moat modala ' PRICES RANGE FROM $629. to $5000. SPECIAL! TECHNICS by PANASONIC model PX4, incl. stand and bench $1299. 0 iw - IVT FOREST KILLS HEMPS11CAD 1 1 3-25 Clamob BM. 124FutanAve (71I)7U-7M3 (51) 45-2151 MANHXmN ' MRAMIS 1W.4iSl E-SO RduM 4 Bia)71OT , POT)M01H writer, and guitarist recently released a live solo album. "Cool Blue Halo" was recorded in May at the Bottom Line in Manhattan and features cellist Jane Scarpan-toni (from the Hoboken-based band Tiny Lights), Nick Celeste on acoustic guitar, and percussionist Valerie Naranjo. The Grateful Dead recently received Madison Square Garden's prestigious Platinum Ticket, awarded to music entertainers who have attracted more than 250,000 people to concerts at the Garden. The award was made prior to the second of the band's five sold-out Garden shows. The Dead, who previously received the Garden's Gold Ticket (for concert ticket sales of more than 100,000) join the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Yes, and Billy Joel in the elite Platinum Ticket ranks. Starshlp's top 10 single, "It's Not Over (Til It's Over)," is this year's baseball pennant race anthem. A new video has been made combining Starship's video and some of the greatest, as well as runniest moments in baseball over the past year. -I J.S!Ei'i,(2SSl,'. RTjm.PLH ROBERTS SaVSt? ROBERTS WELLMONT TRIPLEX MONTCLAm m-esea CREATIVE ENTERTAINMENT TOWN NewcmrtM-siM m iPAMMoirpinniE . h. -- riuxu. -y.j T' SECAUCUS LOEWS MEADOW SIX 12011886-6161 SHREWSBURY SHREWSBURY PLAZA 1201)542-5305 SOUTH PLAINFIELD MIDDLESEX MALL CINEMA (201)7532246 SUCCASUNNA CINEMA 10 SIXPLEX (201I5B44B60 TOMS RIVER OCEAN COUNTY MALL (201)2405095 UNION -UNION TWIN (201)6064373 UPPER MONTCLAM BELLEVUE WATCHUNQ BLUE STAR CINEMA (201)322 7007 WAYNE LOEWS WAYNE SIX 1201)8900505 WAYNE WAYNE (201)6944136 WEST ORANGE ESSEX GREEN CINEMA (201)731-7755 WOODBRIDGE WOODBRIDGE (20116364474 oourr STEPKJ (201)744-1455 SPRING VALLEY P 0)14)425902 C0I1CEPT IURI1Y mODZLS many styles financing available batttr oundlng piano IIUKTiTaTON 447 Rous 110 P16)4?1-e333 WHJTtPUIN3 17BMmranek l14H4M44a BROOKLYN taatEisa (71I)V6-MM I J MAILORDra 5 1(M0)4SAMASH iiiiiffi irtwf

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