The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey on October 19, 1987 · 18
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The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey · 18

Hackensack, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1987
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MONDAY. OCTOBER 19. 1987 B-6 THE RECORD Teen horror movies: One's witty, the other witless mis & cnTCHTninmsnT By Lou Luimnick Record Movie Critic When a movie company decides to open a movie without critics' screenings, you can generally expect the worst. The strategy is 'Weeds' an awkward By Deborah Joromo b Record Movie Critic n "Gimme a thick book," convict Lee Umstetter snarls at the San Quentin prison librarian at the beginning of director John Hancock's "Weeds." Umstetter (Nick Nolte) has just survived a couple of suicide attempts and is in need Hancock, in his own way, has a touch of Steven Spielberg in him: He's able to make the viewer swallow his own slightly soppy, but kind-hearted, vision. of some spiritual nourishment. So he reads a little Tolstoy, some Nietzche light stuff, to keep his spirits up. Before long, Umstetter is in 3 SENSUOUS EROTIC XXX FILMS VISIT OUR MALE ; preview; ; lounge; eeeeeee 715 Main Ave., Passaic 777-7240 Conl. fr. 9:45 A.M. e show every night) BARGAIN MATTVEE 8et,8wL, a Holidays lt Show Only Tutaday All 8how PROM NIGHT II no way OUT, STAKE OUT. 8TART8 FRI "NO MAN'S LAND" (B) IT'S THRILLING, EXGTING, VERY FUNNY AND ABSOLUTE MAGIC D0N7MISSITI" -JodSiegel. ABC-TV pRINGESQ PG AM BOY MULTIPLEX PASCACK r.VRE voTe 71.00 LOEWS ROUTE 9 CINEMA ,BEUEVUI TRIPLEX -lS,' UPPER MONTCLAIR 744 I4SS RIALT0 TRIPLEX BRUNSWICK SQUARE ""Ei0"' EAST BRUNSWICK 232991 LOEWS CIRCLE 5 BRICKTOWN 4M-5077 CINEMA PLAZA ROCKAWAV TOWNSHIP 324666 CIMEPLEI OOCON ROUTE 4-TENPLEX PARAMUS 467 7909 RUTGERS PLAZA FLEMINGTON 782 2777 ESSEX GREEN TRIPLEX W ORANGE 73I-77SS MENL0 PARK TWIN CINEMA EDISON M9-6767 LOEWS MEADOW PLAZA 8 SE CAUCUS 902 9200 MORRIS COUNTY MAIL TWIN 6397966 SIXPLEI FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP 8284767 SHREWSBURY TRIPLEX SHREWSBURY 542-S39S T0T0WA TWIN TOTOWA 256-6464 CINEPLEX ODEON WARNER QUAD RIOGE WOOD 444-1234 HANOVER TOWNSHIP UA CINEMA 304 MOVIES MIDDLE TOWN PEARL RIVER PEARL RIVER 73S-65O0 OCEAN COUNTY MALL TRIPLE! I RHooun sibRtol TOMS RIVER 240-5095 I II"""" al ""I -KatTaen OitH MEW YORK DAllY MEWS SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER LOEWS AB6Y DUA0 WEST MILFOftD locws COMMUttfTT EATON TOWN M2-4200 HLSCACK 664 3200 WESTWOOO ftiAiro RIOCEFIELD PARK 641-0617 KOfERTS 337-4476 AMC Rocwwir 12 ROC KA WAT TOWNSHIP 3264666 .CINEPLEX OOEON trum a TfNM a NATIONAL AMC USEMENTS HtAOWAJfTIRS II f MDUI KVUirUA tORRtSIWN 292-060C 721-3400 CINEMA SERVICES CUTTER 74 7900 IbUXWFIELO CINEMA SERVICES CmE-ptU AliiY TOMS RIVER 270S899 LOCWS WTtRSTATF. TWIl RAMSEY 327-0153 IWCOUI TRIPLEX ARLINGTON 997-U73 maplewooo 763 3100 PARAMUS 467-7909 Cml CEKTU 5 LOfWS BRICKTOWN HUM PU7J I GENERAL CINEMA SOMERYHU CIRCLE 477-M61 SECAIXOS 902 9200 S26-0101 CINEMA CWTtf 4 woooeRiocE JjTstio HOWELL 364-4S44 362 55SS CINEMA 4C TOTOWA 2S6-5424 LOEWS CINEMA SIX FREEHOLD 462-0600 NATHAN CLIFTON QU CLIFTON WpWCfTYFIWPLa UNIOKTWIN EAST BRUNSWICK UNK, 66-4373 257 5555 CINEPLO OOEON MOVIES AT MIOIXETDWN 671 1020 WARMER QUAD RIDGEWOOO 1234 .!(pu-toRi D3L CHtCK THEATRE O-RFCTORIES. 365 2020 OR CALL FOR SMOWTIMES VWTCH FOR "THE LAST EMPEROR" COMING SOON FROM COLUMBIA PICTURES A classic thriller f with a twist 'i,3 4 ot romance tll '. - "Ty usually designed to generate as much business as possible before the bad word gets out. This is even truer for low-budget horror films that get token one-week bookings, sometimes only days before their appearance on videocassette. spired to scribble a few words himself. That the play he writes, which he stages with his fellow inmates, bears an uncomfortably close resemblance to Jean Genet's "Deathwatch" doesn't faze him a bit. Umstetter, an armed robber in for life, figures no one is going catch on, since the play will never be seen outside prison walls. "Weeds," which starts out looking like a basic prison movie, is the kind of improbably upbeat story that ingratiates even as it puts your teeth on edge. It is cowritten by Hancock and Dorothy Tristan, but it's Hancock's touch that's familiar Hancock's baseball melodrama, "Bang the Drum Slowly," was as sweet-eyed about its subject as this one is about San Quentin, which comes across feeling a lot like a summer camp for big boys. But Hancock, in his own way, has a touch of Steven Spielberg in him: He's able to make the viewer swallow his own slightly soppy, but kind-hearted, vision. "Weeds" almost makes you accept that a convict can stage a play in prison that just happens to be seen by a good-looking drama critic (Rita Taggert), who not only praises it in print but fights for his release. BARGAIN MATS: 13:00 HON. THRU SaT. ALL SHOWS BEFORE 6 M - SUN. 1ST SHOW PRINCESS BRIDE (PG) Daily 1:30, 7:45. 9:50 Sat & Sub 2. 4. 6. 7:55. 9:55 D II THI OUTING (i) Denyt 1-30, t, 10 mt. A Iwu 4, StSS- 745, 940 SENIOR CITIZENS 65 OVER EVENINGS SPECIAL PRICE S3 That rongt ppy to himi rwhatd orfr Nov. , 1968 THIS 5EAL xh indkotM film wot wbmttlwd and approved undor th Motion Ptctur Cod of Slf-Raulanon fOl. ALL AGES ADMITTED (rJ RESTRICTED Under 17 require accompanying Porent or Adult Guardian NO ONE UNDER 17 ADMITTED (Age limit may vory Goncrol Auftnct PGl ALL AGES ADMITTED GvidoiK Suggested I- Parents are strongly covnoned to PG-13 j 9iv 9idonc for ottend- ' once of children under 1 3 Mr lire as A Dog SWEDISH -eNQUSH SUBTTTLM SLEEPER KTf Of THE MA40M icHck -MEW8QAY- I'VE HEARD f"ff THE MERMAID I "ifJ ZINGING VH- irkirk WONDERFUL MATINEES MONDAY B36-3334 SALES HELP WANTED Great hourly wage plus commission Flexible work schedule Paid holidays and vacations Training provided Transportation provided If you are 16 or older, please call for more information: BERGEN: 646-4270 PASSAICMORRIS: 628-8060 HUDSON: 867-7999 Yet occasionally, one of these movies will surprise you with its wit and imagination. "Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II," while no masterpiece, is the best teen-age horror flick that I've seen in quite a while. It's got a lot more style, idea done Not only that, but she falls in love with him and moves him into her sumptuous San Francisco apartment upon his release. "The Impossible Dream" is what "Weeds" is about, and it's to Hancock's credit that this impossible movie works as well as it does. Nolte is awfully good as Umstetter, a nice guy who, as he assures us early on, is no Jack Abbott (that is to say, faith in him is not misplaced). Nolte gets a chance to spread out in this big, generous performance. As part of the prison theater troupe, which goes on the road to college campuses and is forced to revise the plagiarized ilAY! -GBSSsBP An Unexpected Comedy. A NAT L AMUSEMENTS CLAIRIDQE AUC HEADQUARTERS 10 ,::; triplex MONTCLAIR 7A66664 MOHMSTOWN 26240O) MULTIPLEX CINEMAS SAVREVILLE 721-3400 ALLTHEATRES BARGAIN MATINEES $3.0C First Show Only to At Theatres Marked Dally Sat. & Sun. DOLBY STEREO 70MM r"; 81? 1. FATAL ATTRACTION g)o WATEWAI someok it mat m at s BEST jFHil E UKE FATHER LIRE S0N' NO WAY OUT g ?mm " BABY BOOM g. PRINCESS BRIDE 0 FATAL ATTRACTION I THE PRINCIPAL . STAKEOUT n BEST SELLER m "THREE O'CLOCK HIGH BABY BOOM PRINCESS BRIDE m THREE O'CLOCK HiQH THE PRINCIPAL SURRERDER IN THE tmOIFIIlt JSe J LIKE FATHER PROM NIGHT II We cover your world. All of it. foe M and considerably less gore, than the norm. Not really a sequel to 1980's "Prom Night" the movie was produced as "The Haunting of Hamilton High" before the Samuel Goldwyn Company stuck on deftly MOVIE REVIEW irkv, WEEDS: Directed by John Hancock. Written by John Hancock and Oorolhv Tristan. Director of Photography, Jan Wekncke. Music Angeto Bedaie-menti, Melissa Etheridge, and OrvMe Sioeber. Editors, David Hendman, Jon Pol, and Chris Lebenzon. With Nick None (Lea Urmtener), Lane Smith (Claude), William Forsvfhe (Burt), John Toles-Bev (Navarro), and others. Produced by BIN Bedalato. A De Laurenfiis Entertainment Group release. Running time: US minutes. Opened Friday in Manhattan at Loews (4 Street Six, Movieland (th Street, Gemini. Rated R: coarse language, adult situations. play and go on to great success he gets to feign improvisations, to sing and dance, and act hardbitten and tender. All of which he does extremely well. He's joined by Lane Smith as a gentle embezzler with a bad hairpiece, John Toles-Bey as a pimp-turned-Method actor who frets about the crimes listed on his biography blurb, and Ernie Hudson, a massive fellow who comes to a prison audition for Umstetter's play and sings "The Impossible Dream." That song is what "Weeds" is about, and it's to Hancock's credit, and to that of his terrific cast, that this impossible movie works as well as it does. "The brightest, sassiest and wittiest comedy of the year." Jeffrey Lyons, SNEAK PREVIEWSINN "Very funny. Two thumbs up." Gene Siskel. SISKEL & EBERT& THE MOVIES PCl"MwttnC8uagiTa LOEWS CINEPLEK OOEON LOEWS I -f.V 'I f ,1 J 1 1 MEADOW SIX ROUTE 4 WAYNE ' V. '? SECAUCUS M66161 TENPLEX SIXPLEX MOVIES Capacity $3.00 SR CITIZENS Except Only Fri & Sat. Eves. ID Required 1" TODAY'S MOVIES ARE TODAYS BEST ENTERTAINMENT VALUE MOOD GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE AT ALL THEATRES LIKE SON S REAL BUTTED ON HOT POPCORN AT ALL THEATRES in nn rp LjULiLS the current moniker it's more of a tongue-in-cheek variation of "Carrie," replete with leading Lady Lisa Lyon, who greatly resembles Sissy Spacek. When Lisa faints in school, her stern mother announces that "she's not sick, she needs to spend more time with The Lord." Lisa's real problem is that she's been possessed by Mary Lou Ma-loney, a drop-dead beautiful brunette who was incinerated by a malfunctioning stink bomb seconds after being named prom queen at Hamilton High. After spending 30 years in a trunk in the attic, Mary Lou wants to settle a few scores, as well as claim her crown. "She looks like she's in a fashion coma, she talks like she's in an Elvis Presley movie, she's Linda Blairsville!" is the reaction of Lisa's friends when she develops an affection for saddle shoes and expressions like "see you later, alligator." Director Bruce Pittman has a sure feel for how much he can stress the humor in Ron Oliver's script without disappointing fans of the genre. Among the more imaginative special effects are a rocking horse that comes to life and a blackboard that sucks Lisa in like a whirlpool. The acting is several cuts above average for this sort of film, especially Lyon, even when she's gamely playing a lengthy and pointless shower seduction scene in the altogether. Lisa Schrage makes an imposing Mary Lou, who is memorably reunited with her old boyfriend (Michael Ironside), who was responsible for the accident that killed her. He's now Hamilton High's very nervous principal. Earlier, inside Lisa's body, Mary Lou complains to another ex-beau, now a guilt-ridden priest, about the afterlife: "You know what really ticked me off? No bleeping MOVIE TIMETABLE Due to last-minute schedule changes or possible typographical errors please check with theater to confirm picture and time. Like Father, Like Son 730, 930 No Way Out 730, 930 24. UA CINEMA 304 914-434- (200 Surrender 7:40, 9:40 The Princess Bride 730, 930 NUTLET 27. FRANKLIN 447-1777 Prom Night II ( Can't Buv Me Love ( The Outing ( NYACK 24. CINEMA EAST 914-350-4431 Fatal Attraction 7:40, 9:50 OAKLAND 29. TWIN CINEMAS 337-4477 Surrender 730, 9:15 Someone To Watch Over Me 7:40, 930 PARAMUS 30. RKO BERGEN MALL (45-4449 Malewan 7, 9:45 31. RKO CENTURY TRIPLEX ROUTE 17 (43-3(30 Three OCIock High 730, 930 Surrender 7:15 Man on Fire 9:15 Prom Night II 7:45, 9:45 32. RKO CENTURY TENPLEX 4(7-7909 Fatal Attraction 2, 4:45, 730, 9:55 Best Seller 130, 330, 530, 730, 930 No Way Out 1:55, 430, 7, 9:40 The Princess Bride 1:45, 3:45, 5:45, 7:45, 9:45 Stakeout 205, 430, 7:15, 9:55 Baby Boom 235, 5, 730, 10 Someone To Watch Over Me 2, 430, 7, 930 The Principal 230, 4:45, 7, 930 In the Mood 230, 4:45, 7, 930 Like Father, Like Son 1:15, 3:15, 5:15, 7:15, 9:15 33. UA CINEMA 35 (45-5070 Dirty Dancing 7.45, 9.45 PARS!! AMY 34. LOEW'S TROY HILLS THEATRE 335-4400 Like Father, Like Son (, 10 Surrender 735, 935 35. MORRIS HILLS CINEMA 335-9300 Please call theater PASSAIC 34. MONTAUK 777-7240 ' Three XXXX Adult Films 10 am to Midnight PATER SON 37. FABIAN 742-4(00 From Night II 7, 10:20 Blue Monkey 8:40 Stakeout 8:20 Big Bad Mama II 4:45, 1020 The Outing 705, 1025 Survival Game 8:45 Big Shots 4:55 1020 Predator 8:30 Superman IV 6:55, 10:15 Man on Fire (35 PEARL RIVER 34. CENTRAL TWIN 914-735-2530 No Performances 39. PEARL RIVER 914-735-4500 The Princess Bride ( P0MPT0N LAKES 40. POMPTON LAKES TWIN CINEMAS (3547(9 Mo Performances RAMSEY 41. RAMSEY INTERSTATE 327-0153 Three OCIock High 730, 930 Someone to Welch Over Me (, 10 42. RAMSEY CINEMA (25-2090 Dirty Dancing 730, 930 RIDGEFELD PARK 43. RIALTO 441-0417 Someone To Watch Over Me 730, 930 RID6EW00B 44. RKO CENTURY WARNER QUAD 444-1234 Someone to Watch Over Me 730, 935 Fatal Attraction 7:30, 9:50 Best Seller 7 JO, 950 The Princess Bride 7:45, 9:45 RUTHERFORD 45. WILLIAMS TWIN CINEMAS 933-3700 Please call theater SECAUCUS 44. LOEW'S MEADOW PLAZA ( 902-9200 Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II 730, 930 Dirty Dancing 730, 9:45 The Principal 7:40, 9:55 Someone To Wbtch Over Me 7:15, 920 Near Dark (, 10 The Princess Bride 7:40, 9:45 Surrender 930 Man on Fire 7:50 In the Mood (, 10:10 47. LOEW'S MEADOW SIXPLEX (74-4141 BERGENFIELD I. THE BERGENFIELD TWIN 315-100 Prom Night H 7:45, 930 The Outing 7:45, 30 BIOOMFIELO 7. CENTER THEATER 741- 7900 Someone To Watch Over Me 7 JO, 925 CEDAR GROVE 3. CINEMA 23 2-142 Dirty Dancing 7 JO, 930 CHATHAM 4. CHATHAM (22-1550 No Way Out 730, 935 CLIFTON 5. ALLWOOO QUAD 778-9747 Like Father, Like Son 730, 930 Surrender 7:40, 935 Dirty Dancing 7:45, 9:40 Stakeout 735, 9:45 4. CLIFTON QUAD 345-2020 Pleas CtH Theater CLOSTER 7. CLOSTER 764-4800 Fatal Attraction 730, 935 EDGEWATER (. LOEWS SHOW-BOAT 941-3440 Like Father, Like Son 7:55, 10 Best Seller 7:45, 935 No Vy Out 7:15, 9:45 Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II 1:05, 10:05 EMERSON 9. TOWN 241-1000 Like Father, Like Son 730, 930 Best Seller 730, 930 FAIR LAWN 10. HYWAY 794-1717 Maid to Order 730, 930 Robocop 7:45, 9:45 FAIRVIEW II. FAIRVIEW 941-2424 The Outing 7:45, 9:50 Fatal Attraction 730, 9:45 FORT LEE 12. LINWOOD 944-4900 Dirty Dancing 7:45 Surrender 9:45 In the Mood 0, 10 13. SHARON CINEMA 224-0202 Closed GUTTENBERG 14. GALAXY THEATER (54-4540 The Principal I HAWTHORNE 15. HAWTHORNE 427-2421 Like Father, Like Son Stakeout ( The Untouchables ( Surrender ( JERSEY CTT 14. HUDSON PLAZA CINEMA 433-1100 Fatal Attraction 1:45, 430, 7:15, 930 Three O'clock High 1:45, 3:45, 5:45, 7:45, 9:45 17. U.A. STATE THEATER 453-5200 The Outing 1:10, 3:10, 5:10, 7:10, 9:10 Prom Night II 120, 320, 5:20, 7:40, 9:40 The Principal 1:40, 3:40 Near Dark 5:40, 9:45 Big Bad Mama 130, 330, 530, 730, 9:45 KEARNY 1(. LINCOLN TRIPLEX 97-M73 The Principal 730, 9:30 Fatal Attraction 720, 920 ( KINNEL0N 1. MEADTOWN (3-7900 Stakeout 730, 9:40 MONTCLAIR 20. CLAIRIDGE CINEMA 744-5544 Baby Boom 7:45, 9:45 Malewan 7.05, 935 No Way Out 730, 9:45 21. WELLMONT 7(3-9500 The Outing 730 Survival Games 9:15 Stakeout 730, 9:45 Three O'clock High IAS. 930 NANUET 22. MALL CINEMA 914-423-4334 My Life as a Dog 730, 930 23. RKO MOVIES NANUET 914423-0211 Someone to Watch Over Me 7:55, 9-55 Like Father, Like Son 7:45, 9J0 Three O'clock High 1:15, 10:15 The Principal 730, 10 Baby Boom (05, 10O5 24. ROUTE 59 914-423-3355 Dirty Dancing 7:40, 930 NEW CITY 25. TOWN 914-434-5100 COME HOME TO tjhjc Ectorii FOR TIMELY TRAVEL NEWS MOVIE REVIEWS irkv, HELLO, MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT If: Directed bv Bruca Pittman. Written by Ron OKvar. Pnotographv, Jotn Herzog. Music Paul Zaza. EdMor, Nick Rotunds. Wrth Michael Ironsida IBM Nordham), wenov Lyon (Vtckl Carpenter), Justin Loub (Crato Nordham), Lisa Schrage (Mary Lou Maioney), Richard Monette (Fattier Cooper), and others. Produced bv Bruce Pittman and Peter Simpson. Released by the Samuel Gotowyn Company. Opened locally Friday. Running time: minutes. Rated R: Nudity, gory special effects. THE OUTIHC: Directed by Tom Dewy, written and produced by vterren Cheney. Photography, Herbert Raitschnig. Music Joel Rosenbeum and Bruce Miller. With Deborah Winters (Eve Parrel), James Huston (Dr. Al Wallace), Andra St. Ivenyi (Alex Wallace), and others. Produced bv Warren Cheney. HIT production released bv TMS Pictures. Opened locally Friday. Running time: M minutes. Rated R: Nudity, gory special effects. wings." So she gives him a chance to see for himself. To appreciate how a film like "Hello, Mary Lou" rises above the competition, consider 'The Outing," another bargain-basement tale of possession among the high-school set that sneaked into area theaters over the weekend. Rent it when you're having probems with insomnia. It's a sure cure. In this one, a museum director's daughter (Andra St. Ivanyi) is taken over by the evil genie unleashed from a 3,500-year-old magic lantern that she had the poor sense to rub. Her eyes glow amber and she persuades her high school friends while on a field trip at dad's museum in Houston, to stay for the night. Their attempts at sex result surprise, surprise in decapitations, spearings, and assault by an ancient mummy. Under Tom Daley's inept direction, none of this is remotely as scary as the acting by a cast that seems to have been chosen primarily for their willingness to take off their clothes and work with snakes. Deborah Winters, who gets top billing playing a teacher in love with Ivanyi's father and is listed as executive producer, plays a closeup scene with a large zit on her nose. Baby Boom (, 10:10 Stakeout 730, 940 Three OCIock High 7:15, 920 Like Father, Like Son 7:45, 10 No Way Out 7.05, 935 Fatal Attraction 7:40, 10 SPRING VALLEY At. CINEMA 45 914-352-1445 No Performances 49. PIX CINEMA 914-425-4902 Fatal Attraction 730, 945 In the Mood 730, 945 50. SPRING VALLEY 914-354-4040 Three XXX Adult Films 10 am to Midnight STONY POINT 51. 9-W THEATER 914-942- 0303 No Performances SUFFERN 52. LAFAYETTE 914-357-7030 No Performances TEA NECK 53. MOVIE CITY I've Heard the Mermaids Singing 7:40 La Bamba 925 Dirty Dancing 7:15, 920 My Life As A Dog 725, 930 TOTOWA 54. UA CINEMA 44 254-5424 Someone to Watch Over Me (, 10:10 In the Mood 8:10, 10:15 Dirty Dancing 805, 10O5 55. TOTOWA CINEMAS 254-(4(4 The Princess Bride 130, 7:45, 9.50 The Outing 130, (, 10 UNION CITY 54. SUMMIT (45-4120 Closed For Renovations 57. CINEMA THEATER TRIPLEX (45-5600 El Nino v El Papa 3, 4:15, 930 El Padre TrampMs 130, 4:45, ( Prom Night II 3, 4:15, 930 Blue Monkey 125, 4:40, 735 Big Bad Mama II 3, 430, 10 Stakeout 105, 435, (OS UPPER MONTCLAIR 58. BELLEVUE 744-1455 Fatal Attraction 7:40, 955 The Princess Bride 730, 930 Like Father, Like Son (, 10 WASHINGTON T0WNSHR 59. WASHINGTON TRIPLE CINEMA 444-(020 Stakeout 7:20, 920 No Way Out 7:15, 910 Prom Night II 730, 915 WAYNE 40. LOEW'S WAYNE SIX (90- 0505 Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II 7:30, 930 Fatal Attraction 7:40, 9:55 Like Father, Like Son 7:15, 915 The Principal 7:50, 1005 Baby Boom 730, 940 Three O'clock High 8:15, 10O5 41. WAYNE (PREAKNESS) 494-4134 In The Mood 7:50, 950 Three OCIock High 7:40, 10 Like Father, Like Son (, 10O5 Falal Attraction 730, 945 42. RAMAPO PLAZA ADULT CINEMA 433-77(1 Continuous XXX Adult Movies 10 am to Midnight WESTWOOD 43. PASCACK 444-3200 Someone To Watch Over Me (, 10 The Princess Bride 7:45, 945 Surrender 4:15, 10:10 Dirty Dancing 730, 930 WEST MILFORD 44 ABBY 7244444 Surrender 730, 930 Dirty Dancing (, 10 The Outing 730, 930 Someone To Watch Over Me 7:45, 10 WEST NEW YORK 45. MAYFAIR (45-2010 The Fourth Protocol 730 The Big Bad Mama 930 DRIVE-MS ORANGEBURG 44. ROUTE 303 914-359-2021 No Performances PARAMUS 47. PARAMUS DRIVE-IN THEATER 344-1440 fftMse cat theater WARWICK 44. WARWICK TWIN 914-94-4440 No performances L : r : ; :

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