The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 30, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1950
Page 8
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WUWffltBAY, AlKIUlf M, JE (ARK.) eouunsii OUTOURWAY BvJ.R.Williom. i Our Boording House with Ma j. Hoop U FACE HCRE'S A. BULLETIN OJ TH6TABLC! PLEA9e,\PA»4 ANDT'M NO RlCfe 1 6EATIH600T A TO IMJORV.' MDST DOKJ A CAM OF PAPER AND EAT CHftPS CASTING- v ASPERSION ? REFRIGERATION • Service % • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 City-Electric Co. Rtre's One Way To Sore Money Expert Service M-fl LT€RS qt TV SHOC SHO M a I N ST. For Improoed KIDNEY FUNCTION hi *• mojofrty of cottt (al«d In MV*tol hoipilalt and clinici, ivjbnormol Kidney (unction wot impfovwJ, Hadd«r pain and discomfort rcductd aH»r th« UM of Mountain Voll« r Wat«r. If your doctor hoi diagno**d your condition ai functional Kidney impairment tnit natural, un• tr*«4«d mineral water may be vary henefkiol. Try M for a few weelo. K it delkiou>, pure-tasting, and my be consumed freely. C<*Mt«wn Whitk«y Shop Main t, Divition UESCRiPTIONS '" rrwh Stock 6««rmnt««d Bot Pricea Kirby Drug Stores AUTO GLASS Installed Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. 136 K. Main Phone 6716 STOP! *n JO»T ptnmbing K CAM b« ronTenkntly fln- «4 thro.Rh FHA. contract roraptei* >ob or will ejll y»« the flxturr^ and roagh- i material and yow chooM yo«r L«p*lr wftrk ttentlctti. jlren wir prompt See or Call Orsburn Supply 918 \V. Main Blytheville I'hone 3208 or Orsburn Plumbing Co. I.1L8 Wanl V«: Camthtrjvilk _ I'hone 1179 •y Edwin Rutt THK STOUT i AHb«»*1i »fc«- (»*•- M*r Kdc- Kref had •*-r^r b*rm fetrrlvrM (or *•) •>!*!•»: wlik ihe fort»»* hMHlltift Prlrr fr'1ou4, krr fnthf r, Cor **•)!•• l-'ri-y, »«••«!» for krr Irti-B kl. drnlhltrd. Thrrr !• • * fall r«r win-Ill oil on. k*t Cur• rlliik »Brprl«rB K4<- by »n jI UK rl»j*t *W )• 11* tjikr i-Mrr *»* "Ibr VI CORNELIUS PREY'S voice be^ came softer. "Listen, Ede," he .••aid, "there are just two things I've loved in life aside from whatever latent affection I've had lor you brats. "First, yrmr mother. Before she died, I promised her I'd see that you children had the things yon wanted. I don't think I've kcpl that promise very well. In your case, Ede, I failed. But I didn'1 like that Pete flood business and I blew up. 1 thought, though, thai you'd com* crawling back home some day. You've too much character for that, I should have known better. You'd' stick to bargain if it killed you, just as '. would." Something of a sigh escaped the dying man's Hps. "Bui I wish you had. Things aren'l right with you.** Ede bit her Irp. No keeping anything from this shrewd father o; hers. "But," co n t In it e d, Cornelius "you'll have to work out your own problems. The point is that 1 wan you to look out for the others as well, seeing that you have a few grain* of sense in spite of marrying Peter Flood. "And that brings m* to other love—the business, Ede. Now I could easily have followed you mother 1 * wishes by settling tms funds on all of you and letting i go at that You'd have been taken care of and imbeciles, like Jeff anc Myron, would never have starvec But 1 don't do things thai wny Don't believe in it I took th I inherited and I doubled Copyright 1950 by NEA S«™<«, Inc. L I buiJt up my business arid, cad or alive, I want it lo go on. \nd 1 want it lo slay in my own amily. "Bui"—Ede could almost eel, as well as see, the gray eyes turning nl her—"there's only one f you with brains enough lo carry t on. That's you. Ede," "But, Dad." Ede was aghast, "I don't know beans , , ." ORNELIUS'S mouth worked in : annoyance. "Don't interrupt me. Of course, you don't know inything about the ' advertising nisiness. But you've got a head, laven't you? You can learn. And there's a man in the agency—Reagan—who can help you." "Rut what will Jeff and My- 3n—" "Fiddlesticks! They've nothing to say about what I do with my own business. And what I'm doing is giving it to you. I'm giving you 51 per cenl of the stock, a controlling interest. JetT and Myron have the rest, because 1 want it all In the family. In Jcnn's case, I've made a trust fund. 1 don't believe in that rot, mind you. But she's a child and I don't know what else to do about her.** Ede murmured, "You were very sensible." "I'm usually sensible. All this is in my will, in black and white It's unallerable. I saw to that. And let me tell you ~ something else Edith Frcy. You hang onto lha 51 per centl That business of mine Is a good one and it'll take care o all of you. I've said nothing abou the way profits are lo be split That's up to you. only don't make a tool of yourself. I want Jeff and Myron earning their way, Ajjd you, too. I'll not have you people lolling R round on incomes thai you don't lift a finger lo make," Ede'i brain was whirling .slightly. But she said, in a steady voice, "Very, well, Dad. If that's the way >ou want it, I'll do my besC" "It won't be ea*y T Ede," O1J Cornelius shook his head. "Thing! have been slipping lately. We'v« lost a couple of accounts and a couple of others are shaky. That's because I wasn't myself these last few months. 1 couldn't see to things properly. Reagtyi's done his best, but he couldn't save those accounts." He brooded. "Advertising agencies, the whole bunch of them, are like a pack of wolves. ..el one slip a little and the others louncc on il, trying lo grab what hey can." "Is it liring you lo talk so much, Da<!?" Ede asked, 'It is. Hut there mayn't be another chance lo talk." "Then tel! me about this man Reagan/ 1 said Ede. Ah," Cornelius fixed her with a pc lie t rating stare. "I said you lad brains. You know that you won't be able to rely on Jeff and Myron for anything, don't you? Well, I was coming to Reagan. He's a smart, hard-shooting Irishman. Right up out of the gutter, with his mind made up lo go places. And he has. He's the best man I've got. He'll be a M of help to you. Watch him though, Ede. Reagan's out for himseli. Bui as long as you keep him under control, he'll be valuable. Well, that's all I've got to say and I'm tired now." His lined old face twisted in a sardonic grin. "I wish you luck, Edilh. But remember, keep control. If you don't, you're licked." J7DE got up. She laid a cool ftrm hand on her father's forehead. "And about Peter, Dad," she said, gently. "You're not still—still sore about that, are you?" "I don't know," said Cornelius resignedly. **I suppose, now that I'm using you' for a purpose of my own, I'll have to pay for it by forgiving you, in part I say, 'in part,' mind you. I never forgive— entirely. Some day, though, you'll see that I was right. That fellow'* no good. You've got brains. Ede, but not as many an I hav*. If you had, you'd have seen it lor yourself long ago," Erke left him fben. It was the last time she saw her father aliv*. (T« Be Continued) To My Friends Wish (o announce that ! am now located at CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SBRV- ICB. Now I am able to serve yon 24 hours a day on COM MERCIAL REFRIGERATION and AIR-CONDI- TtONING work. Please feel free to call at any time. Frank We stall Day 2993 Night 2808 HAIRY VETCH Balboa Ry«, Barley and S*td Wheat. For Fell Planting Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1M« Wnrt Main FARM LOANS LOT* KM* C»tes Wiggs Co. REALTORS Fhon* - We're Proud of Our Work [ work « Woodwork c'wint • Welding BARKSDALE MFG CO. Machine wort MannUcturinf Chrysler-Plymouth Owners Whether it's just for occasional servicing, or for a major repair. . .bring your car home to your Chrysler- Plymouth dealer. He knows your car best. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 131 K. Main I'hone 2122 DIAL 3391 FOR TEXACO HEATING FUELS R. M. LOGAN. ConjIinM Tank Truck Salesmen: H«nry Thompaon, G. E. Parrhh, Harrey Doirii :. T. M. int. u. 5. rAT. CM M«r« Than a Friend OKAY, NOW I-M THROUGH RrADY TO TALK/ TtlE IMPORTAMT THIM& 1 WAM1ED to TEU.-jDU.JUME WEI-L,WEVE BFEN GOOD FRIENDS THIS SUWMEfi, MAVENT W6 ? Bur GWAOUM.LY -itx/ BECOMt? MOBE '[HAM p,.*STA FRIEND/ "Hortente Cooper, third prize in diving—Ethol Jones, first priie in floating!" PRISCILLA'S P01- Il's u Losing HV AL VEKMEER PIANO PUPILS Enroll Now MINNIE LEE JONES STUDIO 807 Chickasawbo Phone 2994 •7, \ UPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! Any Sofa RECOVERED Except Tufted Pi«c«* We Guarantee Satisfaction 7 DAY SMVICE* 1 *" • <lo«l l*r UiBlt«J Time Ontj BUT. DFAK.'-' WE CAN'T y SPEND THAT ON AN OUTBOARD^*.YEAH.. MOTOR! •f^,' / Sft. OH, WALDO! WHAT A LOVELY DRESS... ' ONLY " ' NOW WAIT A MIHUTE! YOU JUST SAID WE CAN'T SPEND MONEY FOR LUXURIES! JUST SAVED $150 BY NOT VIC FLINT A Job for Lihliv UY MICHAEI, O'MAli.KY and RALPH LANS TWO CEP TEAS, t'M STILL CURIOUS > ABOUT THAT MAN- ] POLIM PICK YOU FOUND. S£E,«EI7 PK6TTY LOM6 ANC7f NAPWOVV. M6HT HAVE BEEN A ' SfKlAL ONE. f>DU MBHT PROP (N AT SOME STOKES AND Set. IP THERE'S SEEM A PEAVANC7 FOH SM\ BEEN EXPECTTNS SOU. WE DONT KNOW UWAT THIS IS ALL A9OUT, BUT WE'KE CAPTAIN EASY Handcuffed BY LESLIE TURNER " WHW W BIAZES! SOMEBODY'S TEVINS TO BLOCK THE ROAO! f Us&e 7iwn S-IO LCfiPR,.(?iO BY^tl^^vift.JNC^LJ^ YOU CANT BEAT Y BEAT UP XmRl'.HOfi] UPAFIWE FELLA \ G«RCIMTHI>ife\YflllCfWfif| LIKE GAKclft AMD RIDICULOUS! I'M HIM TO TH' 5TEAL HIS CAR.-/TKWJS TO KELP/MIL, VMlE NOT IN MY /HIM FIND—-,/! FOUEE IU . couMryt ^^<^^\ w Jtsp . fa 1/F m M BUGS BUNNY of Mind mKAI.'S) Cult I1M THIS AIN'T A BAD ' - 1 RAiCKST,.. Pl.EA5A.NT OUTDOOR AVORKJ ROB ME Q' A\Y RIGHTFUL OPPORTUNITIES WILL VA, ALLEY 001' liiiflle of Words (iY V. T. HAM1.1N HAH.' SO 1M A. UAP, DtDNTCKA / IN TIN. AM I: LIKE MY J LISTEN V(5U A.TW0-LEGSED CEITTES WITH FEET LIKE BOATS. BELASOSS MY EASS WITH TOAD-LIKE CEOAKL ~ \\eee r NOT KINR ID SLICE HIM THSWUGH... ZOUfO A3CUT HiS FAKT5 TO STUEW.' S5N Ur A CWEL.FATTENED ON TELL ME. t KWE YCU TO S,\Y.' BOOTS AN» HKR 151)01)1 BS .nisi (he Hnme 1SY KIMiAK MARTIN CftMT <X\ OVitR ROOM'. OVO VKOV1

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