The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1950
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 19, 1050 BLYTIIEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THKEX Chairman of GOP Voices Optimism Gabrielson Predicts Party Will Control Congress Next Year WASHINGTON, Jan. 19. (/T)—Republicans got a prediction from National Chairman Guy G. Gabviclson yesterday that tlioir party will win control at congress In November. The occasion was a parly eatltcr- ing. sort of a pocket-sl/e national convention, called to draft a 1050 campaign platform. Gahrielson tied his prediction to an "if" in tliat connection. . He said tlial if the GOI' comes t it with a "definite, sound and con- incing" declaration of principles it will strengthen the pavty in Uie November voting "and give us once again working majorities in both Senate arid House." Oahrielsbn also said in a prepared welcoming address that Republican senators and representatives wiH be called upon to "implement our declaration by legislation." Tills seemed to put tlie national chairman at odds with some GOP members of Cunnie.s-s. 'I'liese members have been insisting that .the proposed statement of party principles uo couched In such broad terms that it would nol affect their votes on bills pending before Congress. Among others, Senator T'aft (II-' Ohio) has said any declaration worked out by the Senate policy drafting group of which he is chairman would not tteal with specific measures before Congress. At the same time, Senator Millikin of Colorado, chairman of the conference of all Republican senators, made it plain that any declaration of policy will have to have advance approval of candidates before it is adopted. The seats of 12 Republican senators are at stake in November and Milligan told a reporter all of them will get a crack at the platform before it r,oes before Uie envire Senate Republican membership. . About every possible viewpoint on (domestic and foreign issues is rcp- flfc'seulcci among the dozen senators. ^^T- I Love My Doctor, " By Evelyn Barfcin* TUB SI'OKVl J.b» *mt I tr»rl>wr4». .*•*• fc*« !•»< *• \ Lainly democracy should begin at *e( up •» •««•€ I" *«r boill »y work at law . XX WOOUSEKEKPING is awful," 1 11 told John one nighl, after having lo forcibly repress a shudder at what his comfortable relaxation was doing to the couch. "Why is It awful?" he asked, pulling me down beside him. For the first lime, I made nn audible analysis of 6\c entire situation for our mutual cansidcra- tion. "The trouble is," said John, «"Si home, and in cases Like our* where **-"'V t._ii. *»._ ______ ««,4 *Kn usrtinan nro much aware of snd Interested in Uie sanitary integrity of his home ;is he L: in Uie mating linbils of the scarlet-eyed Drosoph.Ia. And in point, let me add that some pi the cleanest homes I have been in were by no means the happiest Feeling suddenly free the mai) and the woman arc In extracurricular oclivf* B hen 1 finished, "that aH jou young girls nowadays aren'' 'trained for housework, so that you work under two handicaps: one it's an unfamiliar territory, aix two, you don't know how. 1 "Look John," I said, "ho* abou helping me keep this place clean too! 1 help you in the office, don' I?" He looked startled. Most men have what lliey like to think is an ^inherent virile aversion to house work. But John had Uie doubl handicap o! laving been brough up by a maiden aunt whose rev erence far inviolate manhood wa almost s«<Tiligious; and who, in cidcntally, died without ever wholeheartedly forgiving me for the lime she caught John hum bling himself wilh the dinne dishes. But at least he was will ing to try. "Of course, darling," he sai< 'T know you have a lot to do, bill it never occurred to me to help. What should I do?" I gravely outlined my plan: John was to make the bed and do Uie breakfast dishes in the morning, and f, upon my return from school, would tnke it up from there. The idea itself was sound. Cer- Ues, it seems only ailing that they each share some of the burdens at a mutual establishment. But if the idea was sound In theory, in practical demonstration it completely overlooked the fact lhat a man's best defense against ousework Is his inept application. ohn was as compelent in this eld as Albert Mnstein Is in brick- aying. If!' the final chain in my inhuman domestic bondage was not broken until one day, a few months after we moved in. Sustained by Ihe erroneous belief mat I was fulfilling one of the prime comn.andmcnts of marriage, ny housework, though stream- ined, was still tedious. Wlxm tlie examination in Pleading and Prac- ice was announced at school, 1 was of necessity forced to abandon everything else and concentrate only on. the memorization of all the foolish, cumbersome, arbitrary rules that govern all legal conduct in court- Aflcr tho eoinple- .ion of Uie lest, however, I came home to a house that looked like Hiroshima survival. "Darling," I turned apologetically to John, expecting lo share my dismay, "I'm so sorry 1 couldn' clean this up. It's a lerrible mess.' The puzzlement in his eyes wa a revelatiou. "Terrible?" he asked looking about the room as if he were incapable of visualizing the overflowing ashtrays, Ihe Battened chairs, the Uttered floor, and the dustincss that was like a London fog in the very air. "You mean the newspaper I dropped? I'm Hohinson Crusoe on his island, 1 effected my complete emancipation. Never again would I refuse lo go lo Uie park or to any oilier type of entertainment because of an unscrubbed floor, never again would I hesilale belween Uie pleasure we owed each other, and Uie false duty to inanimate things. • « • WH irreverent disregard, I decided lhat keeping house should be more like any other type of humrcn activity, instead of Ihe unconstitutional form of enslavement it had become. The long vaunled, long lamented, unpunc- taaled labor lhat housework had always meant was a ridiculous ncthod of martrydom. Soinc place belween knmacurale protection "id disorderly neglect, lay Hint lappy medium, and 1 determined to find it. The basic principle 1 followed was a syslom of laissez-faire ease, which allowed me tlie privilege of either cleaning like road when the spirit BO moved me, or else Little Rock Man Has 'Ham' Permit Suspended WASHINGTON. Jail. IS I/I')—Tlie Federal Communications Commission yesterday tentatively suspended for six months Ihe amateur radio operalor license or William Roljt'rt Fuller, Lllllc nock, Ark. The decision was based on n finding that Miller had used im nulliorizcd frequencies In operating is amaleur transmitter. Unless objection Is filed, the entativc decision will become final Ithln 40 days. L. Cralgo, Hot springs, at a meet- 1 :«S of the council board here Tuesday. Other officers are p. p. Wttt/ck, Crossett, vice-president; Holjcrl , Williams, Uttlc Rock, . seactruj'-lreasurer: and Sam Hays. UUlq Rock, executive director. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (All Types Except Cancer) Clinic 514 Main, BlythevUle, Ark. Phon« sorry.* 1 Carelessly, be picked it and went on: "Come OQ, up, sweetie, sit on my lap and tell me all about the exam. Was it hard? Do you think you passed?" The moral was as plain as the smell of fresh coflee and bacon, tor breakfast: man letting everything go to rack and ruin upon the infrequent occasions when the need for luxurious rest overwhelmed me. In between times 1 held to a routine Uiul was fixed, but flexible, and minimal. But my mother was horrified. "You didn't dust today," she would say accusingly, running a faint line across the dresser lop. "Nope," I would cheerfully reply, "I went on a call with John instead. And anyhow," the Impulse to tease was too strong to be denied, "it's much more fun to do it when the dirt really collects. and you can get a good before and after view." Even Freda began to look upon my activities as those of a well- balanced manic-depressive. "Your windows need doing/' she volunteered one day. "Not yet," was my happy refried P°«se. "We can still see through." ut as (To Be Continued.) xpenditures Council •lects Morrilton Man LITTLE ROCK, Jim. 19. f/P)—R. 1. DickcnhorsL, Morrilton bunker ,nd farmer, is tlxe new president of he Arkansas Public Expenditures Council. lie \viis elected to succeed Richard MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES A. we f, °M .ornji Hun. This I>!nln of nn id elrnln, over- ,luc lu . up nielli a or froiLiicnl imsi-a from minor E>lari.K-r irriutlu Jiiminic-trt or dlt-lary iiLiliicrf, If your disconiriiria are ( |u 0 t*> ttirwc CHiiBL-3, don't wail, try Dnini'j |'ilt K . A niiM ilinrotic. Used Buccc^afully !jy nulliimH for over &0 yc-»ra. While those »yni;itomi may often otherwise occur, it's MTDHZUII; liow nmny times HORII'S give Imppy relit-f - livlli the 15 inili-8 tif kid/icy IU!R-H ami filler* flujiti out wiute. <Jtt Dt>an'« I'ilb tuilayl A MEMBERSHIP In Your Chamber Of Commerce Is An Investment In the City of Blylheville! t Dreifus Purslane Is a weed inre&titig onion fields. I More than 4,800,000 farms have cUctricILy. American I The s u n will be eclipsed 1 March 18 and Sept. 12, 1950. 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The difference in color, cut, brilliance ar>J quality 3s io great that any attempt to judge Hiem by &ue or p<ic« U apt lo be misleading. No diamond is originally briIliant; thai comes (rora expert cutting. The amount of brilliance depends a great deal upon the experience and skill of Hw cutter. That'* why it's so Important K> Icrtow your jeweler. Our reputation is behind every diamond sell. Buy here with complete confidence. 8 DIAMOHD DUETTE $ 89 50 g DHMOHD PAIR 350 00 WADE FURNITURE CO "Trade witfi Wade and Soye" IF YOU DON'T KNOW DIAMONDS, KNOW YOUR JEWELER DREIFUS Unnt lirRiFns . . . \Vn;ir Hiamonds \\i:si \ni\ si STOKIS IW UTTrtCVlUE, MIMPHIS AND OVRMWO

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