The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNK (5, 1931 BLYTHEVIIJ,E, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first InterUoa «nd one wilt a word 'or etch Bub&equent Insertion. No advcrtlsemeut taken Sor less than 50c. Count tho words uui tend the cull. Phone 306 ii'OK HENT FOB RENT—4 rooms and bath, 1222 Holly. Seven rooms and lialli. 1133 W. Ash. Phone 100, E D. Fu'gusoii. 25C-K.B M RUTH DEWBY OttOVES"! FOR RENT—5 voora house, bath burnished. Newly decorated. 401 North 5lh, Phone HD2-W. 5C-KO FOR RENT—5 room, unfurnished!. Modern. West Main St. Arcola heat. Phono 417 or «S-W. 5C-K3 FOR REST—5 room bungalow and talli. Ntuly repaired and decorated. Reasonable rent. Close In. 113 S Franklin St. I,. A. Waters, Phone 712-W. GP-K10J : 1 FOR RENT — Beautiful cottage,! hath. 4 bed rooms, garages, servant house, chicken yard and shade, large lot. Rent lo good party at $27.50 month. Sec It Sunday, Call 722, Thomas Land Co. OC-K9 Mi:iil% : llEim. 111)11 lll-:.\. .crrcllr If loir ullli TOMMY WILSON. knii\ia 11,111 he wgitld we\rr lie llir.VK KVKKl.TT. u ltd Irlr. lo prrvriit Ibrlr rtinrrljitf*. mill llt-rjl »i.<iMirr» rt rndlu cun- Ir.-u-i. Hrr}l'N vnlc? «Inn hfT m 1 " frltM'N r>ul »!]<• rmictiil rururl ru-r ll|>.* tn\*< Illitnuli hfcr Run I'l mini** \iiil, >uiiiii: I'llKvrnS (j,\ Vl.llltt). Irrur Iriirii* tb:il I'ri-iiiU* In rU'b and trie* (u ivlii him Irnm llrrjrl. I'L ii>'« nunr dlr* und be lane* Ijinti nuiiifr jind lull (bruuKb 1'i-r lii:*.'ini!il. Turnni? li'lU Iri-iH' nix li::il lilrli and ( . lirrnli* <Ilr rii- ^riK^int'li^. \Vliru VrcriTlkM [thL» brr In m4rr> him «hr m-miit. In u>A[-nlr Tummy <lrlnl(» hrnvlly m:d llrrjl find* blm. Sbr Irlm (n chl'rr ll\iu ll[l nnil Irlla Imir thai • hr iuu>! En I.lick lu r n.J or Inform I'rrnll** hmT ri«.:irllr«Blj Illrll lllp* IIH.-IJ mill mlirrlrk to SOI) IS. "Wo don't elvo n guy < slilrt." I'ol retorted. Ucryl turned snay. then back, her mother with ettch clearnm again, knowing It «"03 foolish to; and emphasis that Eho dared uot allow his tads of courtesy to dcfi">t! ; disobey. Ucr. "1 am uot Tommy's girl." —now iho Ijully "rol" —liaj l>eon one ol her classmates lit iho llftli Krado at scliool. Then Polney hail given up cJiic.illon lor what to lilm were plcasanler pursulls. N'ow even souio ot '.ha town's police officers wero known lo avoid him. Tommy tad been hi tumble with Ualil evenly. "I nin <i friend. Ami 1 know ho was lu a row with yc.i) . S . If yuu don't loll mo what you 'iii! will! htm 1 shnll go lo tho police. I'ol laushcil. "You'ro hot Bluff sister," ho told her, "but 1 like youi Bplrlt even II you aro miles off hi u Iho aijoiiy of ilrend. Hho Mini Iwcu mt lo bed, nlmost forcibly, and eohlcd by Ilia family doctor nml Iho l.arliln boys, .'fiiiit coutd bii'fatul, bat ttiis onco U lir.iln'l been. The doctor'O bavc lohl tier. She fv'lsbed she'd "iiesllonocl him moro. but U wasn't LO Inlk about Tommy. mill llrr)l tlir nro -i *hr lir iilim Mrr ..... Mlllinn Uoflnian nnd h« • cainu but K.ild ho "had h-nshed Ills luitiils of tbo younr. |ui|i." Ucryl cotild t;et no ciicou(nt;eiiient from him. SliD prevailed u\iou her inolli- cr, on threat of goliif; out lo do II herself, lo ninko limnlrlis concern, ,, , , ,,, , I'",'", 1 """; ' I Ins Tommy DI various nlncra, but She should ,iuo aMu.,1 hlni that, a Hot one! • uul [iet no dlUcr ¥p , It could only mean that 'lomray ... (.-,,„„., H PI I , n hor Sho bad bee. Inured. ^ ) JJE^ «. _ .fill ;.«>. ^^^ [ ^, S ,,t II"es,. !or the ,Ath .boul a siorc In the village slic tried . to lurn Iclepliolie tu Mr. liuffuiiiu but Why liad lliciliujlrr seen Toi'.iiuyTj ymir rceUnnlH'. The iwllce—that'sj |Xf 1 to WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any Quantity. Marilyn Hut- Ctiery, 21D S. Fourth St. ' 9C-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora JTIzell, 2207 18th St. TP WANTED — Hay Co Smllh, Phone 327. or oale. C. 0. 0-GC-TF Mrs WANTEn—Man to take cave ol an established business in the sah ot otu' products in the south half of Mississippi county. No in-1 vestment necessary and selling c-x-! pericncc not required. McCONNON i: COMPANY', Siiccial G10, Jlcni- phts, Tenn. WANTED—Lr>ca\ manager to look after repeat business and service; machines no\v its use. We train you for a. bigger job and you earn fioin SAO to S50 a week while learning. FYR-PYTER, 2192 P. F. Bldg., Dayton, O. lirpn \r>i Hi fhilUl. II Is ^rr.Hl.t EIJ (III' rr iJ>nl I'liniitij !• In Jmii I'Linip MMV Ml l>.\ WITH TIIK S'l CIUI'TKIl XXXIV 'i| W1KI! you'll lalk Ecnse," ^ rlvcroll i;rule£loil. "All rklu," Rcryl compiled "tben I'm having a tbroat speclnllst out from Xew York to tell me II I'll have to stop singing or not." "A Ihroat specialist!" "Yes. and he's a famous person, so give hltn a proper reception." lieryl heard the telephone ring shortly afterward ami a minute later her mother came up tc. loll her that Dr. Anguston would r.r rive In two hours. At the end ot those two hour= Beryl said to herself: "Sherman had a woid for It. all right!" To the eminent specialist, who lohl her he'd corns to her Instead of making her come, to bim because be loved her voice, she appeared calm and sclf-iiosscsscd. Tho physician too was non-com- v,-as told lie lind none lu the ell?. Sho Mcln'i expccicd lo lenni any- tlilnfi from him anyway. It wits I plain that Tommy v.-.isu'i coiiUdlng In his nnclr Tbo llilug lo do was lo go to llic l.[ir!tln house a3 Ghe'il Intctided and fliid OKI v.-tiLtl Ghe could trom I'ol If be \VLTC at home. She liadn 1 : dared lo lake hut nalsy old rar, so now she got u laxl and asked llic driver if he knew where Ihe Larklns lived. He loolicd at her In astonishment and avowi-d he'd tell llio world he did At the- house sho asked If he'd Inquire for I'olney Larkln. In hope ot haying Pol come oulsi'ie to talk wllli her. The driver was pleasant ahout It. but whoever It was that came to tbo door ant called back InsUie to Inform the powerful Pol Ihct i. damo wanted to sec him, send word to Reryl Hint she could come Inside. "Shall I wait?" the driver holding tbo car tioor open for her "Please." eho breathed, for tit houso had a dark and forbidding aspect that equaled the reputation o[ its owners. Pcrhapa Us power n terrorize Ibo timltl was one reasoi Ami there In n doorway i v ndln s ( Ikrjl Irarnwl It milcUly ciioush. Into nn Inner room stood Tommy I however, whon. after * lormlKlit. lie was licssartl oml entirely (Us flio was allowed to leave the houso. rcnulalilo looking but ho showeJ n natural Eitrvrlso at seeing Ucryl. "What yon doln' hero?" he nshi-il. ml bis volco was ns cracked as hip klu. "If you'll lakfl mo out to my tail 'II tell you." Beryl answered. Tommy glanced nt Pol who KM arhiB at Ulm with a crooked stvule. "All right," Tommy said uneasily, and followed her from the room. "What were you doing In that house*!" sho demanded ot him when they were outside. "You wo:c n a fight with those, men. weren't yon? TBUSONAL CASH PAJD for second hand furniture. A. L. Flowers, corner Main & Lake Sta, CC-TF •..j WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Equitable Building & I>oan Association, Plaintiff, vs. W. u Cunningham et al, No. 4iSi, Defendant. The defendant;;. A. Harrison and Mrs. A. Harrison, are warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in Uic caption hereof and. answer the complaint of the plaintiff Equitable Building & Loan As Eociaciori. Pated May 22, 1931. K. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. JC5™ Taylor Ally Ad Litem. 22-29-5-12. mittal. Finally he smiled. "We'll have to vratcii you." Us satd. "You have been III danger but If. you are careful. . . ." When ho ivas gone Beryl bad another battle with, herself, but this one nas of short duration. It wa3 ono thing~lo Trait a few hours but romethiog very different to face days ot suspense—days in which Tommy might sink to leveln from which ho could never r!so. Sha left the house quietly—for her mother had heard Dr. Auguslon order her 'o remain la bed.—ani jvcnt In search ol Tommy. Sho knew where .tlio LarKIn honso was located—an old sidins building wlih rusty browa palu why they dirt not paint It. Bcr> Tommy had joined wllli the Ijirkln Eanu in earnest, lieryl heard that ho bail heen cngagcil wltli them In certain midnight sinngiiUni; operations designed to aid En ussua^Uir, scolflaw (hirst. Uul ihla w;ia only rumor nn-1 sho refused to believe tt mill sho had tnlkcd with Tommy. After this news lloryl wa? more heartsick than ever. Sho knew that Tommy Imu got. Into EOiiveUiliiE ho couldn't get out ot without more trouhlo than ho at present had llio courage, to face. Ho did not tell her frankly, but sho understood thai his association with the Larkins bad hegun In n spirit of defiance, and that ho was held to It OUR BOARDING-HOUSE -as not timid, and so sho cnterei and spoke cajmly to the big. biu' sh Pol when he approached her. "Can you tell mo wliero I may (hid Tommy Wilson?" sho asked, i'ol grinned at her. Pol liked to [rin. He had exceptionally fine teeth. Corn had done It. he claimed. He liked to questions, too. "What right you got to askl*- he returned bluntly. fieryl eyed him haughtily. "According to your standards I probably have none," sho answered coolly. The grin left Pol's face. "Lay of! that track," ho warned Beryl sullenly. "I haven't coma hero to bu dlplo lomray essayed a laugh but U was only a travesly ol a sound "Sure." ho said, "and they wallopci me good and plenty. But I had comin'. i tried to £ct smart with a belter ntan." - "liut'-l don't understand. 1 ' Beryl said, "why you ore- here, In -their house." ' i '•Tlicj'-re.jril right" Tommy saW In dcfeuso of his now friends. "1 see." Pcryl remarked scathingly. "They beat that idea Into your head." "I'd rather lake a beating than t preaching,'' Tommy warned her Beryl Instantly look a different tAck. "1 won't- preach tc you Tommy," sho told him softly "Come on and let's talk !t over on tho way hack home. 1 "I'm not golus home," Tommy declared, and tbo determination lu his volco was alarming. Urge as Elic would. Ueryl could ..—. that had peeled off In largo patches uiatic," Ccry! Informed him. yilh. ragged ndsrai. i'-lney. LarUln'wnnt to know whe*n ToKmy Wll not persuado Tommy to leavo Ibe Larkins. "1'lease." she begged, after; all arguments hail proven v.iln, kcop iu touch with me. Tommy." But Tommy did not keep In touch wlti» her, and for days Beryl lived by taunts. Tommy eaid ho wished Bho'd let him alone. What hail ho got out ot !l(o trying to please other people, iityhowV Cor'yl attempted to bait him wllli news of Ircuc. It waa tho only way »ho could, get lo BCO him. Sho would drive to tho Larklu dwelling —from all sho could learn Tommy was living there ami park oiiposlta tho front door for hours at a tlmo. There Beemci! to bo some smaller members of tho lanilly. and occasionally they threw such things aa overripe tomatoes and rotting apples at her. Beryl suspected they'd havo tlirovvn rocks It they dared, and tho thought that Tummy was affording her some protection made It possible for her to cndnro the rldiculo ot tho Larkins'. Tommy never would come out ci- ccpt when sho could ec-t Eomcoue to carry la word that eho had news wLTVMrJCi MICE A BGVC , QKi A PIE-T BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 1'OOR ', : By .MarUii J-'- ; ;yv-^;^H from the west. Ho camo reluctant' ly, for Beryl would plead with him a lilllo before tolling him anything about Irene. •Hut one tlmo aho tricked him. tor sho had something elso to tell him (Tcr I!» fcjntlnucd) WARNING OKDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Missouri State Life Insurance Co., Plaintiff, vs. F. W. Clare, ct al, Ho. 4Do8, Defendant. The defendants, F. W. Clare, Mrs. P. W. Clare and Ada B. Gwyn, are warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption liarcof and answer the complaint o[ the plaintiff Missouri State Life Insurance Co. IJated May 23, 1931. R. L. GAINES, Clerk. By Haivcy Morris. D. Ivy W. Crawford. BY SISTER. MARV NEA Service Writer Since strawberries are a) plena- fill this year, it may he '«vc:l worth the lime and effort it. lakes to can and preserve some for nsxt winter's use. The Atty Ad Luein. 2J-30-G-13. |-o ( , salad, old-lasliioned str.uvbcri-j fchortcake, milk, coffee. ler lor nve minnks or im'.il syvnp ] kettle, cr,vc-r with a layer of sugar clings to spocn. Allow 3-1 cup sti- • atid continue layer for layer ttnlil ;ar to rarti quart- can of fruit. B; i all is used. Let slond over night, sure to make enough syrup to fill :In ihe morning put over a slow fire flj an ,. r)"nrrpri: at Hnmp ail the cans. Extra syrup can belaud bring to the rolling paint. Re- | """'/ "«»8«» <*l HUHlc in a glas^ jar hi a ccol plac? i move scum as it rises and let. boil' until wanted for the next, batch ol j eently for five minutes. Cover with canning. i glass or mosquito netting and let you want, lo prevent Eiiriuk: you may prcccok for five mimitf-s. the berries stand in the sun. Cook—in the sun —until the syrup is thick, stirring glass is used to acidity of Closing Stock Prices A. T. fc T. 166 -i- Anaconda Copper 20 1- Auh'.irn Atito 1(H Caterpillei- Tractor 23 Chrysler 16 Cities Service 11 Coca Cola 138 3-8 Continental Baking 10 1-2 C?neral Electric M 5-8 '•encral Motors 33 5-8 Montgomery Ward 11 1-4 New York Central Packard Radio Simmcns Standard of N. J. Texas Corp U. S. Steel 12 C 5-8 M 3-4 2 3'i 3-1 10 1-2 80 3-S New Orif.a?if! Cotton NEW ORLEANS. June fi tUP) — Cotton closed barely steady. high low July Ocl l\-c J.1L1 S4G 3M 002 nil ;-.irc'.i 834 fH9b 35o S|:ots steady at EOS, eft 20. 834 DOS 01G OT Ml BUT 89 D cloie 8.11 BG3 888 037u New York Cotton NEW YORK. June G tUP)-Col- tcn closed barely steady. makes them very easy to can in the average home kitchen. They "keep" if canned by ti-.e old- fashioned oncu-kcttle method, but, they lose their vitamin C content. The Viral-controlled oven provides one of the easiest means of canning many fruits and tomatoes, the water-bath canner. steam-pressure cooker and any of the "steamers" and "water-less cookers" on the market are suitable for the canning of strawberries. Fruit for canning; or preserving should be iwrfectly ripe but no', the least- bit ever-ripe. So sort berries carefully and use the large perfect ones for plain cannins and fine preserving and Ihe imperfect her- ries requiring cutting for old-fash- ionecl strawberry jam. The canninc; and preserving processes cannot correct any imperfections hi the fruit. Consequently bruised and blemished berries must be trimmed and matte usable. llov* to Wash Berries When washing berries, do nol pour water directly onto the fruH. Drop bcrri°s into a big pan of coK! water or into a deep coland;r placed in a larger pan of water. Lift colander gently up and down into the water, Idling berries set: slowly together wiir.ctit nivy lencc. Change v.atcr several Uiiu.s tiillil all traces of sand or grit arc moved. Drain, and trull is ready for use. Slrawbervics uu:s,l he h.u-.dico. very carefully, for there is ,i goi- samer-llke i covering over the berry that is easily broken. After berries arc thoroughly washed pack them into sterilized jars, adjust lested rubbers and pour \ over medium syrup to cover mm.' Half-seal and process according !•> rule—quart jars 16 minutes In hot water bath. 35 minutes in heat — regulated oven at 275 degrees T. ar.ri 8 minutes in steam-pressure cook- i>yrup for eight or ten hours and thin pack in sterilized jars and process. Sunshine strawberry presrrves are one of Ihe most delicious "com. fits" known. Select lar^e perfect strawberries [ tc. rr j cs and wash anil hull. Drain. Add no liquid and occasionally, if low lire. Simmer. cover fruit, it must be removed and frequently. Twelve hours of put fruit, over a for five minutes and then add the t dried prepared syrup. Let beirics stand direct, hot, .June sunshine will cook the fruit and juice to the desired thickness. Pour into sterilized glass jars and seal. BREAKFAST: SUcea tresh pineapple, cereal, cream, cggs ix>achcci in milk, on loast. milk, coffee LUNCHEON: Clear soup, toaslcd crackers, spinach salad, riei tare! pudding, milk, tea. each pound of berries. Put a Inyer DINNER: Baked halibut, baked of berries into n smooth preserving' new potatoes, siring bean and car- Weight fruit and use three-fourths pound fine eranul&te;! sugar to Says Insurance Report HARTFORD. Conn.. (UP)—Thi diuvgcvs ot remaining at home nn described in a statistical report o the Travelers Insurance Compan; on personal accidents. The statistics show more thai 44 per cent of the adults injure in home accidents in 1030 wcr victims of falls, 21 per cent wcr cut and fix per cent sufferc burns. The familiar "1 walked in to a door in Ihe dark" is inor than just an alibi for a black cyi for Iho survey shows seven per CMS- I cent were hurt in such collisions. Figures fn;- five years show onc- fifth cf all accident victims have been injured al home. By Biossti July oct Marc:) ^fay open 8-13 815 BM 012 030 94D high 345 882 004 015 930 low 839 605 838 QOfl 913 037 close er at 5 to 10 pounds IKCSSUIC. Ro- move jars at end of processing pe- £06 riod, fully seal and cool quickly. 883 i'ack fruit closely b'.it do not niasii 500 or crush. Fill cans to within half 010 037 Spots quiet at 835, off 25. an inch of top. To make medium syrup ball three cups of sugar and two cups of wa- ND HIS FRIENDS -T\G JUST CALLED ME UP AM' FRECKLES VJAS HOME" AND eoWEYlXlfJG i\6OOT A THE y HUH? VT U3OKS LIKE A &1& PIECE o? RED. GLASS . ! YOU OOH'T "SPOSE NOTHING (N THIS THE ALL RIGHT.' YOU HAD M SCARED FOK A> MUNOTE OPEN IT UP AND LOOK, SMHY DON'T YOU WASH TIWHS (\MEPTrWC6S 8E6IN TO POURlM T«t CHICAGO &AN& (\6ietS TO LOOKS ROSY, SUTEfv«OVr DS 11EAO OF ,SU ^0 EKSV SUDOfcNLV REMEMBER rtM6 TfaVO ^Eh^ mtS HUWW UWLt

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