The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on August 4, 1936 · Page 7
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The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1936
Page 7
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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN, TUESDAY. AUGUST 4, 1936 Today s Radio Program WLW 700 Ke A. M. 7:30 Cheerio 8:00 News Flashes 8:15 Chandler Chats 8:30 Dance Rhythm 8:45 Aunt Mary :uu variety 8:15 Aristocratic Rhvthms 9:30 On the Mall 9:45 The Gaieties 9:55 Canning Talk 10:00 Hymns of All Churches B0:15 Home Sweet Home 10:30 Peggy at the bwitchboard &4S Gospel Singer i uu uin Alone 1:15 Live Stock Reports 1:5 wewa jnasnes 1:30 Old Fashioned Girl 1:45 The Kid Sister 2:00 Words and Musie P. M. 2:15 Blue Belles ' 2:30 Live Stock Reports f l - .te Kiver, Weather and Market Re - Ports 12:40 National Farm and nome Hour 1:30 Blackstein Trio 1:45 Kittv Keene. Inc. 2: 09 Molly of the Movies 2:15 Ma Perkins 2:30 Vic and Sade 2:45 The O'Neills 3:00 Johnny Grosse 3:15 News and Financial Notes 3:30 Pepper Young's Familv 8:45 Alice O'Leary and Oman 4:00 Betty and Bob 4:15 Life of Mary sotnem 4:43 Little Orphan Annie 8:00 Wise Crackers 8:15 Steve Merrell and Orean 8:30 Toy Band s:43 Lowell Thomas 6:00 The Johnson Family 6:15 Voice of Experience 6:30 Lum and Abner 6:45 Crusaders 7:00 Reichman s Orch. 7:30 Edgar A. Guest 8:00 Bernie's Orch. 8:30 Ed Wynn 9:15 Super Sonester 9:30 Coney Island Orch. 9:45 Hot Dates In History 0:00 Amos 'n' Andy 0:15 Paul Sullivan 0:30 For Men Only i:hu ainging neiRtioor r.ia Lignt s orch. :ji Monaco's Orch. 2:00 Lewis' Orch. 2:30 Heidt's Orch. 1:00 Sander's Orch. 1:30 Moon River WE AF 660 KO. M. 7:00 Children's story 15 Talk; food prices 30 Cheerio; talk, music 8:00 Male auartet 8:15 The Streamliners: orchestra, music 9:00 News; Alden tlkins :15 Viennese Sextet 9:30 Armchair auartet 9:45 Today's children oo Sketch, - David Ha rum :15 Breen and de Rose 30 The House Detective 45 The Wife Saver 00 'Girl Alone,' sketch 15 Old Doctor Jim :30 Berlin: Olympic Events 12:00 Talk; markets P. M. 12:15 Chas. Stenrosi Orchestra 12:30 Wilbur Evans, songs 12:45 Music Guild: String ensemble 1:30 Rhythm Octet 2:00 Pepper Young's Family 2:15 Sketch, 'Mr Perkins' 2:30 Vic and Sade, sketch . 2:45 Sketch, 'The ' O'Neills' 3:00 Woman's Review; Jo Ranson, guest 3:30 Gene Arnold's Rangers 3:45 Women's Clubs i 4:00 Afternoon at ' McNeill's 4:30 Manhatter's Orch. 5:00 Berlin; Olympic games 5:15 Talk; Hymn Sing 5:30 News; scores 5:45 'Billy and Betty' 6:00 Amos 'n' Andy 6:15 The Lamplighter 6:30 Jack Berch. songs 6:45 Fred Hufsmith, tenor 7:00 Leo Reisman's Orchestra: Eton Boys, Girls' Trio 8:00 Voice of the People; Street Interviews 8:30 Ed Wynn, comedy; Hayton's Orchestra 9:00 Nickelodeon; Comedy 9:30 Barry McKinley, songs 9:45 Campbell Royalists 10:00 Clem McCarthy, sports 10:15 Rodrigo's Orch. 10:30 Talk; Henderson's Orch. 10:45 Jesse Crawford, organ WJZ 700 Ke. A. M. 7:00 Morning devotions 7:15 Did Leibert, organ 7:45 Landt Trio, White 8:00 Breakfast Club: Jane Behlke, Hollywood high hatters 8:00 New?; Vaughn de Leath 9:15 Aristocratlo Rhythm 9:30 Berlin; Olympic events 10:15 Home Sweet Home 10:30 Vic and Sade 10:45 Gospel Singer 11:00 Five Star Jones 11:15 Cadets Quartet; news 11:30 Schneider's Texans 11:45 Words and Music P. M. 12:15 Dot and Will 12:30 Farm and Home Hour 12:45 Blaufuss' Orch. 1:30 Golden Melodies 2:00 Bailey Axton, songs 2:15 Continental varieties 2:45 'Have You Heard?' 3:00 'Foxes of Flatbush' 3:15 Joan's Escorts 3:30 Alma Kitchell, songs 3:45 Magic Voice 4:00 Ernie Stemm's Orchestra 4:30 Singing Lady 4:45 Little Orphan , Annie 5:00 Talk; Male quartet 8:15 Animal Close - Ups 5:30 News; Zeke Manners - 5:45 Lowell Thomas; rnews 6:00 Sketch, 'Easy Aces' 6:15 Republican Reporter 6:30 'Lum and Abner" 6:45 Vivian Delia Chiesa 7:00 Show on Wheels 7:30 Welcome Valley sketch; Edgar A. Guest 8:00 Ben Bernie's Orch.; The Revelers 8:30 Sketch, 'Romance, Inc.' 9:00 NBC Concert Hour A. Leopold Spitalny 10:00 Talk; La Marr's Orchestra 10:30 Jolly Coburn'i Orchestra WABC 860 Ke. A. M. 7:00 Resume; girls' trio 7:20 Food prices 7:30 Salon musicale 8:00 Summer days 8:30 Richard Maxwell, songs 8:45 Bill and Ginger; news 9:00 Betty and Bob, Modern Cinderella'; news; Betty Crocker, church hymns 10:00 Bob and Rennle, songs 10:15 U. S. Navy Band 10:45 Olympic events 11:00 Between Book - ends 11:15 Rhythm Boys 11:30 Emery Deutsch Orchestra 12:00 George Hall's Orchestra f2:15 - Stage talk; Concert Miniatures 1:00 Judy's Jesters 1:15 The Dictators 1:45 Madison Ensemble 2:00 Margaret McCrae 2:15 Science service 2:30 Mayfair Singers 3:00 Olympic games 3:15 Great Lakes Revue 3:45 Chamber Orch. 4:15 Billy Mills' Orch. 4:45 'Wilderness Road' 5:00 The Instrumentalists 5:15 'News of Youth' 5:30 News; scores. 5:45 Renfrew of the Mounted 6:00 Jerry Cooper, Sally Singer, Block Orchestra 6:30 Kate Smith's Band 6:45 Boake Carter, news 7:00 Hammersteln Music: Lois Bennett, soloist 7:30 Ken Murray, comedy; Phil , Regan, tenor 8:00 Tom Dorsey's Orchestra 8:30 Rupert Hughes, Nat Shilkret Orch. 9:30 March of Time 9:45 Willard Robison Orch., Lee Wiley, soloist 10:15 Joe Reichman's Orchestra 10:30 Noble Sissle'l Orchestra Women Drawn As Grand Jurors roup to LiOnvene September 8 on The Dersonhet" of" trie Grand pry which will convene on Tues - iy, toeptemoer 8, was selected fore President Judge Will Leach the Court House yesterday. The hmes of four women were among ie 24 drawn from the wheel, rs. Marv Shaunessv. 433 Linrtpn reet, read trie names as they ere drawn Dy Mrs. Emma Whit - an, 306 Washington Avenue. The following were selected: Healey. 1113 West Market Street. rick Keliey, 614 Butler St.. Dtmmore. D. Reese, 38 Belmont St., Carbondale. eodore Dersheimer, 108 S. Irving Ave. sworth Jones, 510 School St.. Clarks Summit. Gardner, Clark Ave.. C. Summit. olonta Shorts, 643 Boulevard Ave.. JDickson. orge A. Hagen. 1607 Jefferson Ave. His Berry, Olyphant, Scott Township. epn nuise, v7 union St., Peckville. H. Pepper. Clarks Summit. R. D. 2. oyd Emmett, 135 Birkett St., C'dale. igeline Laurence, 535 Hoover Street, Old Forge. crenas Miller, Clarks Summit, R. D. 1. ard Thompson. Second St., Blakely. rtin Joyce, 2712 Birney Ave., Minooka. Hie J. Rvan. 548 Ouincv Avenue. hn Rawllngs Jr., Main Street, Dalton. inlfred Reynolds, Dalton, R. D. 1. mes J. Graham, 123 S. Rebecca Ave. nest M. Hodgson. Chinchilla. en McGovern, 500 Second Avenue. TeSRup. cholas Suchenlrk, Simpson. la Gardner, 302 Lansdowne Avenue, Clarks Summit. declares Martial Law After Strike Bloodshed OROFINO, Idaho, Aug. 3 VP). htional guardsmen moved into rbulent Clearwater County to tablish martial law today after a oody clash between striking log - ng pickets and a truckload of orkers who were returning to bs In defiance of the strike. Gov. C. Ben Ross ordered mili - ry rule after five strikers were ought to a hospital with bullet ounds and one of seven beaten oodsmen was hospitalized. Ninety mrdsmen were ordered into the ea. CTORYVILLE WOMAN DIES Mrs. May Becmer Haverly, Fac - ryville, widow of the late George . Haverly, died a few minutes tier midnight this morning at bst Haven, 1812 Green Ridge reet. John Tomczak John Tomczak, 35, 39 Sljidmore Street, Hudson, died Sunday in the Wilkes - Barre General Hospital. Among his survivors is a brother, Peter Tomczak, Taylor. The funeral will be held today at 9:30 a. m. with a requiem mass in St. Joseph's Church, Hudson. John Devine John Devine, 54 Regent Street, Wilkes - Barre, died on Sunday in his home. Among his survivors is a sister, Miss Mary Devine, this city. The funeral will be held today. Miss Jordan Dies In Brother's Home Funeral Tomorrow in Old Forge Church Miss Bea Jordan, resident of this city and Taylor,'" died at 4:15 o'clock Sunday afternoon in the home of her brother, Frank Jordan, 715 West Taylor Street, Taylor. Miss Jordan, who had been employed by Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kingsbury, 541 Monroe Avenue, had spent some time at their Summer home at Madison, Conn. She became ill there and was taken to the home of her brother July 8. The body has been removed to the home of another brother, Stephen Jordan, Cornell's, Old Forge, from where the funeral will be held tomorrow morning. A requiem mass will be celebrated at 9:30 o'clock in St. Lawrence Church, Old Forge. Interment will be in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Minooka. Miss Jordan is survived by her two brothers. Charles Sakulich Charles Sakulich, 416 River Street, Dickson City, died yesterday morning in the Blakely Home following a short illness. A resident of Dickson City practically all of his life, Mr. Sakulich had made his home with a niece, Mrs. Alex Kurechka, and was admitted to the Home a week ago. Mrs. Kurechka is his only survivor. The funeral will be held at 9:30 o'clock tomorrow morning from the home of his niece. unerals Strongman Mrs. Caroline De - witt Strongman, Bethany. Today at 2 p. m. from Bethany M. E. Church. Place of interment to be selected. Stanton George R. Stanton, New Milford. Today at 1:30 p. m. from the home. Interment, Dickson City. Durkin Martin Durkin, 437 Harrison Avenue. Wednesday at 9:30 a. m, with a requiem mass in St. Peter's Cathedral. Interment, Cathedral Cemetery. Arrangements by John Durkan. Latcham William D. Latcham, 2310 Pond Avenue. Today at 2:30 p. m. from the home. Interment, Powderly Cemetery, Jermyn. Arrangements by Howard J. Snow - don. Burger Mrs. Amanda Burger, 630 Willow Street. Today at 2:30 p. m. from the home. Interment, Forest Hill Cemetery. Northup Frank L. Northup, Factoryville. Today at 2 p. m. from the home. Interment, Dun - more Cemetery. Arrangements by H. W. Cole & Son, Clarks Summit Schoenfeld Mrs. Martha Schoenfeld, 940 Taylor Avenue. Today at 2:30 p. m. from the home. Interment, Hickory Grove Cemetery, Waverly. Noone Mrs. Julia Noone, 721 North Lincoln Avenue. Wednesday at 9:30 a. m. with a requiem mass in St. Patrick's Church. Interment, Cathedral Cemetery. Arrangements by J. E. Regan Sons. Johnson Mrs. Margaret W. Johnson, 148 Harrison Avenue, Old Forge. Wednesday at 2 p. m. from the home and will be private. Interment, Marcy Cemetery, Duryea. Arrangements by R. Davis, Taylor. Alexander Mrs. E. W. Alex ander, Alliance, Ohio, former Scranton resident. Thursday at 2 p. m. from the home of her daueh ter, Mrs. E. D. Hughes, 1117 Fair Street. Interment, Abington Hills Cemetery. Arrangements by Howard M. Davies. Weir William B. Weir, 800 SDrinefield A v e n u e. Mnnsir Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. from the home, interment, Marcy Ceme tery, uuryea. Denies Exceptions to Report in Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Referee David Ros enthal . at a hearing at Wilkes Barre yesterday refused to sustain exceptions filed by the Miners' Bank of Pittston to the trustees' report , in the Howell & King Brewing company bankruptcy, The exceptor holds a mortgage of $120,000 on the bankrupts prop erty. The report filed by P. F. Joyce, Peter J. Noll and C. R. Bensinger, trustees, accounted for receipts of $367,910.08 during the bankruptcy ana aisoursements of $327,098.69, leaving a balance of $40,811.39 for distribution. Administration expenses and preferred claims are nearly $2,000 , greater than the balance. Daniel Frutiger Daniel Frutiger, 70, 902 North Street, Endicott, N. Y died Sat urday afternoon at Glenn's Falls N. Y. Among his survivors are two sisters, Mrs. Kate Roth and Mrs. Margaret Miller, both of this city. The funeral will be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock in the First M. E. Church of Endicott. Inter ment, Riverhurst Cemetery. NAV YOU flAD CAMEL'S NEWTUESOAy NGHT CABAVAN WITH TZUPSKT HUGHES AND $ULKHT'S CONCttT ORCHESTRA? Y$, AND THty - HAVE 3ZNNY GOOQMAN'S SWIN3 - ' BAND AND HOLLYWOOD 6U$T STARS TOO! 1 NEW! HOLLYWOOD RADIO TREAT. Camel cigarettes bring you a FULL HOUR'S ENTERTAINMENT I Benny Goodman ... Nat Shilkret . . , Rupert Hughes, Master of Ceremonies . . . Hollywood Guest Stars. Tuesday 8:30pm E.S.T. (9:30j)m E.D.S.T.), 7:30pm C.S.T., 6:30pm M.S.T., 5:30 pm P.S.T. over the WABC - Columbla Network. 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