The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 30, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1950
Page 6
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_WTOWESE>AY 1 AUGUST 30, 19W Skepticism Greets Supposed Request for War's End by 39 Captured U.S. Officers (ARK.) COURIER NEWS LAKE SUCCESS, Aug. 30. <AP> — Cautloui skepticism and vigorous denunciation today greeted a Russian . presented protest against American intervention In Korea. dly signed by 39 U.S. officers irlsoner in North Korea. The cabled "appeal," addressed lo and distributed by Russian delegate Jakob A. Malik, as United Nations Security Council' president Jor August, demanded withdrawal of U.S. forces from Korea and an «nd to "this senseless bloodshed." The remainder of its contents paralleled the Red line against U.S. action in Korea: "Great and mitel- less loss of young American life." • . . Demands for an end to the "indiscriminate" and "brutal Amor- lean air raids" . . . "The hearts oC the South Koreans were not in the lighting" . . . American troops could not stem "the onward surge ol the people's nrmy" . . . The. American prisoners were well fed, housed, and treated, American authorities here said they had no knowledge whether the men actually were prisoners Nur «as it possible to determine the circumstances under which they rniuht have put their names to such • message if they did so. Statements Ridiculed Among those listed was Maj. John I £>. Dunn of the 21st Infantry Reai- ment. 24th Division. Dunn's brother. police chief James C. Dunn of Rome, N.Y., ridiculed the statements In the cable. He referred to them as "those statements of Mu- likMtadding that "they are just as riil'CTlous' as those he has bran making every day in the U.N." "I would say they were on a par with his usual utterances— too ridiculous even to talk about." Another officer listed in the peace cable was Maj. L. R. Dunham, apparently the former Bennbigton, Vt., man "quoted" two weeks ago as felling a London Dally Worker correspondent: "The Americans know they are licked and ere Just trying to smash UP' and kill people. I feel pretty ashamed of my people, and seeing what they have done, we_ have been treated better than we deserve." The major's brother, J. Elmer Dunham of Hampton Manor, nenr Albany, N.Y.. asserted his, brother was too loyal to say "anything like that" even under torture. No Home Town« Malik's list did not give the home towns of the officers named. In "Washington the Defense Department said further checks would be necessary before It could, furnish the home addresses. v signers listed in the cable: J. J.J. Dunn, 24 Div. 21 Inf. Reg., Maj. L. R.s Dunham, 24 Div. 34 Reg., Maj. N.W. i/inlpon, 24 Div. 34 Reg. Maj. C. T. Darter, 34 Div. 63 Fabn., Capt. D.R. Henderson 24 Div. 21 Reg., -Capl. A.H. Nujesit. 24 Div. 5-2 Fabn. Capt, A.M. Boysen, 24 Div. Md CSO. Capl. J.V. Booker, US Marine Corps. Capt M.W. Green, 24 Div. S3 Fabn. Capl W.B. Macomber, 24 Div. 19 Reg. 1st Lt. H. E. Marlatt, 24 Div. 34 Reg. 1st Lt. PA. Thomaszewski, 24 Div. 34 Ren. 1st Lt. R.N. Layton, Par East -Air JVjrce, 28 Bombardment Squadron. First Lt. D.S. .Sirman, 5 Air Force, • Fg. IstLt. R.E. Culbertson, '24 Div! 21 Reg. 1st Lt. Brookrmm. J.J. (garbled), 24 Div. 21 Reg. 1st Lt. State Prison Estimates Needs LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 30. W>, The Arkansas priscn board estimate that S650.000 should be spent to replace obsolete structures at the two .state prison farms. Tne board, meeting here yesterday discussed completion of the now-halted building program but look no action on financing the proposed projects. The penitentiary, which supports itself through sale of cotton and other farm products, currently has no funds Jor continuation of the program, on which approximately $500,000 already has been spent The nrisou system recently \,a_ lent $15.000 from the governor's emergency fund to meet expense until (he cotton crop is harvested and sold. Pine Bluff .Approves Sewers Bond issue PINE BLUFF, Ark., Aug. 30. M>)_ A Sl.500.000 bond issue for sanitary sewer improvements was approved S v J. W.J. Rountree, 24 Div. at Reg. lot Lt. S.G. Zimmerman, 24 Div, 03 Ftbn. 1st Lt. B.M. Grambeig ->5 Div. 27 Reg. 1st Lt. C. Minletta 24 Div. 34 Re§. 1st Lt. J. A F OX 2 4 Div. 21 Reg. 1st Lt. C. Thornton 24 Div. 24 Reg. 1st Lt, R.I. Amarus. 24 Div. 34 Reg. 1st Lt. W.J. Bii-p- man, 24 Div. 34 Reg. 1st Lt. E \V Maynard, 24 Div. 83 Fabn. 1st l,t. J.C. Ruridel, 24 Div. ifl Reg. ] S (, i~i G,W. Krestanoff, 24 Div. 4 Recon Co. 2nd Lt. B. F. Roth 21 Div 11 Fabn. Second Lt. R.W. Bartmcn, 24 Div 52 Fabn. 2nd Lt. A.I1. Books, 24 Div! 52 Fabn. 2nd Lt. I. o. Peppc far- Wed) 24 Div. 52 Fabn. 2nd Lt °1 C Cox, 24 Div. 21 Reg. 2nd Lt. \v P Jester, 24 Div. 21 Reg. 2nd Lt. W. G. Leivcs, 2! Div. 21 Reg. 2nd Lt J Slahrakes, 24 Div. is Reg. -2nd Lt. R.K. Pearson, 24 Div. 03 Fabn. Ensign K. Thomson, U.S. 7th Fleet. Hlll.l) IN PLUTONIUM THEFT — Sanford Lawrence Simons, <above) 23-year-old University of Denver research scientist is shown after his arrest on a charge of stealing some Plutonium—n vital atom bomb component—while he was employed on the Los Alamos A-bomb project. Simons, fa- Iher of three children, -has been working recently at the University of Denver. Denver, Colo., on an army rocket project.—<AP Wire- photo) . U.S. Seeks Fly Foe BANGKOK (AP) — The United States Department of Agriculture has started a- one-year investigation of fruit flies and their enemies in Siam in Hie hopes It will find a at a special eluctlon here yesterday. At the same time voters rejected a proposed 300-unit low rental housing project. The sewer bond issue 'carried by a vote of 1.267 to 062'. housing was defeated. 1,165 (o 1,061. There's No Substitute for QUALITY & SERVICE A. Kiln-Dried and Grade-Marked Lumber. ^B. Sherwin-Williams Joints, . ~^ C. Cabinet and Builder's Hardware. D. Millwork, Doors and Windows. E. Plumbing Fixtures, Pipe and Fittings. F. Wallboard, Plywood and Tile B^ard. BUILDERS SUPPLY South Highway 61 Co., Inc. Phone 2434 500 Fishermen Missing in Sea COLOMBO, Ceylon, Aug. 30. (AP) —Nearly 500 fishermen were missing today after*'gale caught IJiem at sea off Hie northwest coast of Ceyloti early yesterday. A Royal Air fr^orce plane, Iwo tugs and commercial planes were making search sweeps of the area. Of 1,600 men who had set out in the toning n ec t, about 1,000 were either resnied or riinde their way to shore last night, Hundreds of boats were smashed on reefs when the fishermen made ft frantic eflort to reach shore be- 1'orc the gale. Anxious wives and children lined the coast throughout Ihe nigh 1 ., maintaining a ceaseless vigil. as Lilile Drops of Water Liltle (Irons of water, lilllc grains of saml Make the intglity ocean, and tl.ic pleasant land. AND Liltle (^rops of 7 Crown, litllc colics of ice, Make a cotnliinnlion lliare mircly inighiy niccl Arkansan Sees Need Of More Food Production UTTt.E ROCK, Aug. 30. MV-Dr. Lewis Webster Jones thinks fann- ers must face the problem of producing more food for Increasing populations. The University of Arkansas president spoke here last night at a conference of Arkansas vocational agricultural teachers.. He said the period of worrying about disposal of surpluses has passed; the new problem is greater^ production. "The future of democracy itself depends In large degree upon the manner in which we do our Job of applying the scientific method to the productive process," Dr Jones said. "We can't continue carrying on agrlcultuial practices which deplete the soil." Siamese wasp to defeat a plague of fruit ftics in Hawaii. The Hawaiian Jruit fly is believed to have started during ihe war with the introduction- of some infested fruit. Insecticides have lail- ed to eradicate it. PAGE ELEVEN Ki-skiBe llumc. lop Army surgeon ill tlic Far [Crist, rtcclmcil thai Korean war wounded nrc " \\orld War 11 s r"' ' - -' - : -- - ' -' — - - -- above are, left a War ll's rororel nut"of li" oulo! seven • Korean war wounded nrc rccoverini! so rapidly llial they (nay b-»t ° a ' Cl IC " '° f iShl(: ,;| 8lA !,' C J ^r' y . Ull «' {'pa."ll?SgT"l!c Davey'Taylor S.'mmt^O hioT Pr" C Nommu^ensot"™!, 1 "'wiT*- Li'l. Anlu;i blaniiuwski, Wausaw. Wis.; and Sfl. I'Vancis Hi/nzke, New London, Wis. t Harrishurg Given Okay To Buy Water Company LITTLE ROCK, AUR. 30. t,V, — The Arkansas Public Service Commission has authorized the city of Hanisburg lo buy the Harrlsburg Ice and Water Company from Al<l°n Baker (or $25.000. Another order yesterday approved sale of Ihe Macedonia (Columbia County) Telephone Rxchanec by Dale Nipper to George and Lois Henry. Price Is S3.500. Hollywood Continued learn page 8 quipped: "I wns two blocks away bill I knew it was mother. Only mother would do something like this." Her other daughter. 18-year-old Michelle. Is KeltUis howls from her confession in n magazine story that she learned a lot about men IronGloria: "1 must admit that I hart belter luck with the older gentlemen who c.iniB In cull on mother than with the younger nnes wlm came lo pick me up. The younger men »too<l Blued to the floor staring at mother until It wns time for us to go out." SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom n-nrk for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custoi Shearing up (o 1/4 inch lhiclcne»s. Frank Simmons Tin Shop ' 117 South Urondwuy Priori* Z6S1 It says SUCCESS-with SPIRIT First, of the Pint Can in 86 ' 8 *»'• 6 «5 ««"• N«l«l Spirils. S., P .m.Di,H,l«« Corporation, Chrysler 8M«.. N. V. Y OU can see this man has made his mark in life, and whilehis heart's still young. V You can tcf[ he likes action for his money-that he knows a fine car needn't be the most expensive to give the greatest value, Yes, such are the things you know of any man, when you note that his car is a ROADMASTER. JroIIow him on his spirited way as he pilots this lively motorcar through, traffic. Even the lightweights are no match for this road-steady husky — not with the 152-horscpowcr straight- eight Fireball engine that purrs beneath its bonnet. Maneuver beside him at the next stop light. Then just try to get away as o»/ r smoothly, swiftly and silently as Dy- naflow Drive gets his ROADMASTKR going-and keeps it rolling without shifting, even automatically. Out don't waste time merely envying the man in this great car! Why not emulate him? With all its outsize roo.m, Interior luxury and exterior grace — with all its front-rank prestige, rare performance and matchless ride —a HOADMASTHK can be yours for less than some smaller cars cost. In fact, even if you had a fortune to spend, you couldn't make a more fortunate buy in the fine-car field. C iJo we suggest you try a few minutes behind the wheel. We're confident they will convince you that ROAU.MASTER has everything you could ever ask Jwr in any motorcar — although your Huick dealer asks a good bit less for KOADMASTKK than you might pay for, other top-line ears. Typical Delivered P r j ces 2018 XMB WIT* IT COn, HICHf« ,, /„ K,,., , ne r n .,. bolh f»,..rd and bo^ or «<iV pmtmg onrf garaging, ,/,;,„ | urnina , aj!{ , crorfl.rf i.l,,,v Ik. „,!., . i/r. Ifr.t.riJ. LANGSTON-AAcWATERS BUICK Walnut at Broadway Phone 555 CO. turn «.uTO«o»iLts AM IUILT tuicic win «uuo IHIM

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