The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1950
Page 11
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f WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1950 BLYTirEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER PAGE ELEVEM r OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Pur Boarding House with Moj. Hoople FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Mig Deal BY MERRILL BLOSSEB HULLO. PIKE/ I OlST"DROPPED IKS TO RELAX FROM W HERVOUS Tension O'TH 1 TiM.eS/-~SUPPRl5EDTOSe6 LVOO PERCHED -THOUGHT YOU'D BE DEATD ~8l M68S6 V<3U REFORMED FROM CRWXlf-V THEM 3OK6S 0^ T^6 6EUB AKiP A LITTLE FIRST AIP ALWAYS ^LATJTC ANOTHER C»e OF FAMOUS POOPLE FAMILY MOOSE oil TllB OTHER I GOT TO WORRVIW6 COME OUT TM6ET BEIMG ALL ALONE DO I WOW WHAT A BOX SOCIAL IS? JUST ASK YOUR MOWER. J JM THIS OLD LINE CAMP IF VOU E FIRST MET WH£ YOUR FATHER BrC GOT SICK OK AMyiniMS/ MIGHTV CAReFUL THE GOO^E PIMPLE OVEPCOAT JAH6.'BRING VOUR 8LACKC!MK1Ul&TlrA.E IT^S Position Wanted or Sole. Cars and Trucks num. SO. di-sire.s positio cr or a.ishttuu t onc<3. Box AIJO, c-o Courier Nev/a, ; 1-17 ' t;k 20 Don't take him seriously, Mrs. Benson—those . — aren't loadedl" BRAND NEW ' MODERN S bedroom home on Pecan Avenue, completely insulated, liawiwood floors, tile kitchen and Ijatli, large lot. Price $~l,550. Will FHA or CJ 1007°. Large corner lot on Hwy. 61 Norlh. 100 toot frontage, 200 i'eet deep. Ideal location for, nice suburban home in Country Club Drive Addition. Price ?3,000. JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Phone '1111 Res. Ph. 259G 12-29 ck ti: •thenst Arkansas "t\l estate fur farms, cits' properties, business properties Unke .t Bratlen, Pnrusaiikl. >lferj Persona/ Ttirttv minute pliolostatlc service. OSTKEN'S STUDIO l[8-ck-tf Clirlst:n;is Island in the Pacific was so named because the explorer James Cook, discovered it on Christmas Day, 1117. Lost !.ost Pr girls glasses between HlBli | school and Mrs. C. J. ta-xc's Friday REWARD. Ph. 108. 1-1G pk 1-19 Token Up Taken lip one gray Dlack fiorse mule. C. D arc nmle, LxiKg Rt, 2 a?5, 12i27 pk 1 Female Help Wanted _ 15 SELL NEWEST EVEHYDAY CA No expcrlpiicp needed- Folfcs b I carrt 5t GrretJnKS ARsoritnpnt samples we send yon on npprovnl, P»ys you \ip to 1009;, profit 1 . Also show FREE Samples oT Imprinted Notes, Nnpkins, -^pnal Stationery, Write lor Samples! P-ISTIC. 312 Way. Ehnlrti, N. Y, 1-18 pk 1-19 WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best losins o be liaii. 20 years to pay Jlioap rate of iiHcrest. \Vill refinance your place >r help you to buy one. RIALKS LAND CO. V. T. BanictL—Russell Rialcs 2262 two phones 3322 11-25 ck If MONEY to LOAN On City Property or Farm Lands CONWAY & HOUCH1NS GLENCOE HOTEL BLDG. 1-13 ck.2-13 Money to Loan IK> you need R loan to repair or remodel? No down payment oil mortgage, no ml tape FH4 APPROVED HATES 6% ASK FOR DETAILS . Max Logan, Realtor I'nonc 2im Lynch Building Blytherllle. Ark fi;23-ck-t MONEY TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE W. T. BARNE I'll. 22G2 or 3322 1-6 pk 2- Pr/vote Rooms - SPECIALS- 940 Sltidebaker Tudor $175 13'1G Kurd Tudor 700 iMl l-'ord Tudor 265 9-il Chrysler (Windsor Club Coupe) ,250 19<r7..Frfucr Kordor 000 See Jim Roicson 116 North Second 1-18 ck 21 Want lo trade 194D HlucSebafccr 1V/ on iruck Stake body lor lighter trtick Mi. 4319, 1-16 ck 1-1Q NOW II four H) "wheels pull on the Willys tiuiuon Wagon, Pickup and rusyea Jeep "The worlds nmsi useful •elncie.v* BJytiieville Willy Sales Co Ph 554 At a bar-Rain price 1'i ton Dodge .take body truck, practically new, See tt at K, M Larkln. Service StatLnn J19 Ease Mnin, or phone 523. _ 113 pk 2'f IT PAYS YOU To Kcijp Vour Shoes in GOOD REPAIR , pUflUTY SHOC SHO k,Ur w. M ff\ N ST. PUISCILI.A'S 1'OP I'lus Ruiuiiiu; \V:iler 1JY AL VERMEER OPENING SOON Bfythevillc PLOVER MART Wedding & Corsage Flowers Our Specialty VIC FLINT 1JY ftnCHAKI, O'iMAU-EY'aiid RALPH LANB SELL GREATPST VALUES! In Evcryrtny Greeting Cftrcls. 24-Card $1 AH -Occasion Assortment, sells oil sight. You mnkc up to lOOr^. per box! Plastic and Metallic Cards. Gift Wraps, ^rsoiiHlUpt! Stationery, Mnny rnore. FREE Imprint Snmples. Assortments on Approval. FRIENDSHIP, 412 Adfims. I Elmira, N, V. 1-13 pk 1-19 Instructions "New Clares Irt Stiortlmnd. Bookkeeping. Typing Mrs, L M Burnett 1010 Hearn." 1|5 ck tr Nicely furnished large bedroom, prl vate iionie. Ph=-24S3 ^ r , 1-1S pfc 2-18 Bedroom, convenient to bath Qtetm heat. Ph, 3325, fill W Main. lill pk 2;n Nicely iurnlRhed front bedroom Steam neat. Oentlemen Pb 3264 - BPdrooms 9S2 , Hotftl . \1\21 pfc Nice bedroom. Men only l'rlT*tr entrance 613 Walnut Ph 240C 12,28 pit i|2S Bedroom adjoining bath Pb 233a Ueaioom aajomtng bath Pb 232fl 17 21 pk 1|2) StcRiti-heated bedroom adjoining bath. Plenty privacy. 901 W. Ash. Phone' 22 «9. 1-18 pk 2-1 Insurance Help Wanted, Mate AMBITIOUS Man cnn earn larRe I steady incomr opcratliiR loral -V/Al.Ij WASHING MACHINE BUSINESS. In- I vestment I CM than SiOO, Iti cqulpniocit, and supiilie-s. Dclntls lira's, Lincoln Bunk Bltls- Syracuse, N. Y. 1-18 pk 19 For Rent c, newly painted 3-rootii iinluml- tiniiFc. 2200 Margaret. 'l-!8 pk 22 4-room hunir,a!oT. 2 miles out ol city. On grave! runti, elcctrlcUjr. Ph. 2874. 1-13 l»c 21 furnished houso. il2 W. Dnv!s_ Ph, 3-room furnished house. 4(11 •1-room house nnil hath. Plioun 4^^fi. ?2 N Rth. 1-18 pk 1-22 Parking, . Ph. 950. room 00 per house \v-Uli shower month. Prone M82. 1-13 p bath 1-20 Furnished 2-moni hon^p. Xdnlc.s only N'o pels. CaU 6272 419 So 2iMh SITfCt l.H P* ' 2I Call 3545 • For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 121 W' ASB St. GLENCOK HOTEL BULI.DINQ . : 413-ck-tr Wonted to Buy Want to buy or will trade 4R Chevrolet Ptck-Up In first class condition roj- good 2-1 to 3Ct foot house trailer Stanley Fnul.;riburE, Route I. Mnnlla: Phone 2.W2 Drill. 1-17 pk 1-2-1 For Unexcelled Quality WOOD WORK MACHINE WORK We promise complete satisfaction with any job assigned us. . .be it large or small. Whether it's machine work or welding, millwork, building or repairing cabinets, repairing or custom-building furniture. . . .we guarantee you high (nialitj' work. Try us. Barksdale Mfg. Co. South Broadway Phone 2911 TAKE F« DOWN IN THE ELEVATOR TO THE COURTROOM. OKAY, BOYS. STEP IN. THE NEXT VOICE YOU HEAR WILL BE THAT OF HIZZONER. YOU GOT DE CARLO HERE SAFE AND SOUND, PLINT. t OFFERED HIM TEN TO )NE LAST NIGHT I'D E BLOWN UP IN MY BED BY THAT STOLEN DYNAMITE, INSPECTOR. VIC ALWAYS WINS, THAMK600DH65S VJE RE PR05ECUTIOK \ HANS ONTOM£,OR WITNESSES, SO WE Sit I I'll REACH ACCOSS TMt UP AT THAT TABLE. /TABLE AND PUNCH THOSE „ . ., _ .TWO HOODS IN THE9KWI aoac j CAI'TAIN EASY IIY LESLIE TURNER liome. Moderately prtcrcl 1^13 pk 1(19 p,si pnce« paid for CUTCKKNS— Ash Street Grocery A: Market Ash «.? ck U LISTEN TO BOYD McKAY'S "Songs That Are Different" Station KLCN 5 P.M.—EVERY DAY EXCEPT SUNDAY Sponsored by the RAZORRACK DR!VE-IN Store bmitllni: 20j!0 It. nil 1st St In | Ingram lllclg. Ph 4-167 1113 p* l;21 i-room farm house enst o[ city Hmlt5 | her. carles aicmnc, V. mile Irom K H O'ums. Clenr LaSe Hoan. 1,13 pk 20 i | lug rlwrst Dilry prrKlncu Ph «•!? 11[16 ck 1C occasions <S-ck-tI Klash cameras rnr O'STKKN'S STUDIO MOB RENTr~F7o7c7- Food lnc» C r« i >la;locks Highway 61 Phnnc 3172 I 8,23 ck tr . Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, iallen and crippled I animals picked up free ol (charge in sterilized trucks. (-'all collect, 6142, Blythe- IviHe, Ark. | ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 11 [21 pk 1 [21^50 CQ LU a H Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY ' 1946 Chevrolet U-Ton Cob & Chassis Thursday's Price $ SL&TES, THM- MUST K IUCM.L THAT WJMBEE. I'M S. 5TRAMGER M THIS DEPASiTMEMTr BUT— U.SVIA. WMBj: THIS K WHAT YOU'RE LO0KUM FOR: 'FOUUD,,.BLACK A»D WHITE PUP. OWUER PHOWE MU-S619 RUGS liUNNY Don't Ue So 1'arlictilnr CATNIP DIPS/ SEE THE MARKET PAGE/} YA DIZZV AULEV CAT/ THIS IS VESTERPAY'S PAPER/ AI,I,KY 001' a I.onis Arinslroni; V. T. HAAILIN You can buy it for $735 on Tlmrsday, $725 on Friday, etc., if the truck is still here. It has 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint .. . clean as a pin AND a '19-50 Arkansas licens*. 735 7 48 STUDEBAKER LAND-CRUISER Fnlly trtllippcd nifh radio, heater, ovcrrlrirc, hill-liolilcr, wllilr ^ ft f f^ p» sidcwall tires.'ami cscjltislvc nylnn uphnlslcrj, shiny black finish. ^ I ^^^J-^\ Owner's name on request. Check this very special price I ^^ ^f +^ CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Vour, friendly Studebakcr Dealer" RAILROAD A ASH PH ONE 888 NY AV.' ( THiKTS HOW IT'S ) FCQ. \ SOT TO BE... < PETE'S Y/ N^'' LETS \ .'/f HEMZ.HOW 1 y V ~>'OU 00 WTH/ «\ : <*?\OOQ£H,~' ;-x:]' i ^ IW-^^TV ^mP^MirU^veK HIVEKNfi IS-US. V.HW THAT ? ^ << \v Z k ;,^, HOOTS AND HHK itUDDIKS Side EDGAR MARTIN WO 1 WcS. Sr^f Mt"i 600D OOT

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