The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 21, 1952
Page 11
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MONDAY, Jtn/T 21, J9BJ OUK BOARDING HOUSE — with M.jor H**, I. _,-__- _, .., ,,, ^ f ,-,, , _ ft^^y +, *.f- vs ^ {Ttf^ VWTV f "*• $ WE C50C& 'S 3U6T LOAFIA& ALOMG/S FASTER -THftN'-TH& FIRST ^ KES AT AM OVMLS PiCMlC S^ ^ _ EMT y OL) . D gg T TeR * LET M6 TALK PRICE FAST COOLO WIN! /-^ ~T ' ^\ OVJMER A8OOT 1H& TRIPLE *Ejff^ t . \ (^MSI£?wl_ MER ... HAT AMD ._ OV6K- | Central Oregon's Wind Cave, a ' lava tunnel some 12 miles south of Bend, te approximately a mile long and considered one of > the best specimens of this type of -cave ia the nation. THE ONLY GRAIN BIN WITH 6-PLY RIBS EVERY Z2', OF HEIGHT FOR EXTRA STRENGTH EASIEST BIN Or ALL TO IRICT! •Stop in soon, whil« w« sfill hav* famous •SIOUX- Steel grain kinc! DISTRIBUTOR Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main—Blytheville Phones 6856 & 6857 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock .^ Guaranteed Best Prices %irby Drug Stores KILL JOHNSON GRASS with Sodium Chlorate, 9»% p»re! Flnv treated for dry application. HZ.50 per 100 Ih.. A. H. WEBB CULVERT TILE CO. Htwaj 61. State Une— Phone 1414 (ARK.) COUKTER NEWS OUT OUR WAY How Fast Do You Drive? It may be that you don't really know—yo»r speedometer can be defective. And THAT'S danger- Dun! Let us check It tomorrow. We «ive 1-Day Service on Speedometer Repair for all makes ot ear* and trucks. Then yon'll KNOW how fast ion drive! T.!. SEAY MOTOR CO. Dealer ill E. Main Thone 212Z A new air service is expected lo be operating soon between New Zealand and Tahiti, it will follow a route by way of Western Samoa and the Cook Islands. Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Election July 29, 1952 For County Jud£« GENE BRADLEY PHILLIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk OEBALD1NE L1STON For Stiw Senator SEN. LEE BEARDEN HENRY K. HOYT WILLIAM H. <BILL) WYATT For Slate KeprcienU KENNETH S. SULCER For Post No 2 It*, a 'Tact/ It's easy and Inexpensive to earry sufficient automobile in- lurance. Even the slightest »ccl- ilent ran put you in deep water financially, without It! Make it ft point to see us soon! (Proof Next Week) •J 0.'B08"Ba*H£1 GLENCO HOTEL BIDG. BIYTHEVIUE, ARK.««W>t4}60 Death in the Sierras «ffc XVI [BRIGHTENED, th« woman r~ dropped her eyes and sat very Apu:eUy. "We will question you ^Wurther a little later," David said ;crisply. "And now Sam, will you [Please tell us why you live in the leave and all about the buried treasure imlicaied in the map on the wall of the cave?" "Well, folks, there's not so much Ito tell ex-coptin' that back in I84ti jmy father had a fight on the ,wagon trail up the mountain yon- ider. He hit a man anrf thought he killed him. May have. "For years he hid here, just huntin', fishin,' and waslin' his life. Then he married a squaw of the Digger tribe and she was my mother. I brought up in the Digger way but when I was grown 1 came back to the cave. 1 don't like the Injun way ot livin'. Pa buried the little bit of monev lhat he had and dug up a little'when he needed il for grab. "Pa claimed lhat the watch and chain was his but they really did belong to fhat fclter he killed or hurl in the light, when he got old, they hinda worried him and IBSO he took the money and the watch out of the hole where you j folks dug up the trunk and he (put that note inside instead. That jwas about 20 years ago when he |was an awful old man. Every ,once in a while I've written an- iother note and put it In a new box or trunk so's if ever anybody should find the map and dig for the treasure, he could find the note. I'd ki.ow if he was in these parts and give the walch if he wanted it and the money too, if that was his." David said. "How much monev is loft. Sam?" 11 'Bout $50. What I'd like to know is-how'd the crazy story of Bold ever get out anyhow?" • • • j"r)EKE ALVORD, who I, the L editor of th« San Francisco Journal, came up here on a flsh- ing trip," David explained. "A guide told him the story. He wrote it up and sent Miss Curtis up here on a vacation so that if a story of treasure hunting should break, she would be on hand. She knew nothing of all this. I r as you know am a Federal man, Sam, Our office saw the story about gold; also the state police had notified us that they had received word of threatening letters being sent lo Miss Martinson who was buying this parcel o( land. There was evidently some truth to this gold yarn and it became my business to investigate. I cerlainly did" not guess that the situation would precipitate a murder. "Elsie Martinson was frying to buy the Lake land from the Sacramento bank. Miss Martinson had managed a resort in the Maine woods. Mr. and Mrs. j arnes had failed to make good for money borrowed from the bank and so foreclosure ensued. Is that true Mrs. James?" She flushed 3 painful red and nodded as her eyes filled with tears. "J;.mes wrote letters to Miss Martinson, hoping to inlimidate her, until he found the treasure But he couldn't find the treasure " David continued. "Then James had anolher idea He went to the University to see Professor Ordell to tell him of the situation and to ask help in hunting for lh« treasure. You probably know thnt Ordell Is a geologist " "He told me absolutely nothing about the letters," broke in the Professor. "I'm sure that he didn'l. But you agreed to come to the Lodge and hunt for the money. I'm. not accusing you, Professor." Dnvid continued. "Unfortunately Miss Martinson's death was promoted probably by an affliction. She was very hard of hearing. When she told the slate police about the l«tler», thejr told hei u} •y J. R. WHM«Ni I Iblfc 1 A FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ABOUT TH£ OWUf 1MAT K-9 V A WHI^'ASO/ INVESTIGATION OONT OVER6AT WUATHK.TQ*. WANTS MEY, THIS ISNT i—couRse.-we tjAtxo THE Tooikir/ yswpTwe MAN WITH THE SCAP. HAD Tb BS CAUGHT, TOO/ _ I m i changed man, Betty—I've really got the incentive to make high grades next semester! Isn't summer school foul?" «w r WKE wr THE oft/gcr VET, .. AIJC-HT Be A METEOR_ e - TO THE DESretKTlk'E 6KEED OPCHW^E FEOM O7WEE. W3R1.CW KNEW «TOCe 4HIF& Television- Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT, Menphis, Channel 4 MONDAY, JULY M, 1952 S:00 quiz Kids, NBC 8:30 Howard Barlow, NBC 7:00 Mama. CBS 7:30 Democratic Convention NSC 10:00 Wrestling 10:45 News 11:00 Film Fealuretle 11:30 News 11:35 Sign Off YOU WOMEN MAKE ME LAUGH! ALL THE STUFF YOU TOTE ALONG JUS7 TO GO FISHING-1 COME ON, WAZEL.' THE WON'T / WAIT S FOREVER TUESDAY, Jlftr 22, 195* Test Pattern Today- News Today News Democratic Convention Mrs. U.S.A. Strike It Hich Storylaml Love of Life Democratic Convention Homemakcrs Program Manhattan Matinee Hawkins Falls Gabby Hayes Howdy Doody News Berl Olswanger Industry on Parade Film Featurette Convention Highlights Liberace News Caravan Report to the South Wednesday Theatre Boston Blackie Democratic Convention t've Got A Secret News My Friend Irma City Hospital News Sign Off 6:45 1:00 1:25 7:30 7:55 8:00 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 1:30 2:00 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 4:05 4:30 TH£ LITTLE (SUV's KISHT MY NMVE'S PU& SHASON AK1P I'VE POS.E TUAE. 9UT HO-iT HAKPESTY RCKEPMEOPF THE: ,! VV!SH V-' WE COU.P STAV t AM!7 VOUK 9 HEKEALLPAY. WELL, I GOT 'EM A glENl NOW Ne KUStt BA6BI IOCKEP TO M'SIEUK CASItW* DNOIECOOTIN / AMD I USE ZB FOR -WU TO ESCAPE THE SriGM OF PMNTERS ONE THlklG KOOUTZ... NR1 HMNG PA1UTEP IW35E MROCITieS WMOUTOF&PADP6D I'D KNOW THAT VOICE ANYWHtRE-IT'S OC WHO'S /V.-YCLLIN NUTHIN MUCH THAT -t CAN SEE...COUPLE THE SHE1K6 ARE ON THE FUt 5S MAGWINE) WftStVV fs f\vy suc.ctx.wa WEVb fS Stt*SfS\_\ VROVA ^W' UWONs .Wt r "An Electric Fan Does Not Cool A Room" (from last week) The temperature nf- a room is actual)]- increased by setlinj the air in rapid motion. However, each puff of air absorbs heat and moisture as II passes and thus Jives a cooling effect. 1. "N'ugBets of Knowledge"— <Jeo. \V. Slimp- wait for an escort when she went to the Lodge. She evidently misunderstood and she started out alone, reaching the high mountains well after dark. We know that she drove safely as far as Horseshoe Springs where she bought some gas and asked the way to Gold Lake from old Jim. Half an hour later, Sergeant Duncan and Officer Marguard who patrol that stretch of highway found her murdered in her car. • • • "WITHIN a short lime Miss Curtis arrived at Horseshoe Springs in her green coupe. It seems fanlaslie that both she and • Miss Martinson should both drive similar cars and that both should have red hair, but such was the case. However, Miss Martinson was in her fifties and Miss Curtis is still in her twenties and different in all other ways. Jim hesitated about coming out ot the house after the murder only a short time before but when he heard a woman's voice, the kind old man wanted to warn her. When he saiv Miss Curtis by the dim light of the electric lantern he carried, she frightened him thoroughly. Her red hair and green car were loo similar to the murdered woman's. Then Ihc rifle shot put an end to any warning he might Rive her. But the shot was not really intended for you. Rosemary, il was intended for Jim T.oomis." "Not for me?" I gasped. "No, you were quite harmless in the eyes of the person who held that rifle. Jim believes that he sold the shell killed Elsie Martinson. Together with the coroner, the officers removed the bullet from the body when they reached Blue Valley. Is that true, Duncan?" "Yes, the bullet had been disturbed. The murderer probably tried to dig ft out, but was scared off. It was a 30-30 shell, the kind Jim soils. And it'll probably work out that it was Tired from the rifle found In the barn loft tins morning. Our ballislics men will be able to tell." (To B« Continued) 5:00 5:30 5:45 0:00 6:3C 7:00 7:30 10:00 10:30 10:40 11:10 11:40 il:45 Generals Live on Charity From German Government DUESSFiDOHF, Germany M>,_ Twenty - six "forgotten generals" tenant a" large and gloomy castle nenr here, walling for the day they can return home. The 26 svere once commanders of forces under young King Peter of Yugoslavia. In 1941, they look part in Ilic fight against the Nazi invasion. As Hitler's hordes swept ahead, they were imprisoned. When the Allies occupied Germany, they were housed in the 60-room Varlar castle near Duesseldorf. Marshal Tito regards the 26 as monarchists and if they tried to return, it probably would mean prison. So the 26 ppnerals, the youngest of whom is 52. are living on German charity. Each of them is given his lodging, a simple board, and six cents a day for pocket money. We'll gi,. Lhcrn • nev I ook--and • 1 o n ge r I e a s« on life! RENEW-RESTYLE H-flLTCRS Kflt. "V SHO€ SMC in w. M n i M s T SICK? Gall bladder, high blood prepare, It as pain*, heart pains, nerve*, sour stomach? Try Tflkir < A lUNt '»*>"«> It may help to remove the rAuse. Hundreds have found relief wllh VITAI, TONE. OWENS DRUG STORE Main >nd Railroad

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