The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1950
Page 8
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PA4BBGHT BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COimiEK NEWS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1950 Governor Seeks Food (or Needy R«l«as* of Schools' Lunch Supplies Urged To Relieve Hunger LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 18. (AP) — Governor McMath sought today to distribute surplus foods to destitute share croppers and renters. He said he has asked Washington • authorities it the foodstuffs customarily used for the school lunch program could be allotted for farm f&miiie.s who suffered ns a re. suit of last summer's boll wevll in- feclaUon ill cotton producing conn- UK. McMath said he had written Secretary of Agriculture Brallnan and had contacted the White House and members of the Arkansas congressional delegation by telephone. In his Iflter to Brannan, Mc- Uath wrote that the situation, as a result of (he weevil Infestation and reduction in cotton acreage ''Is absolutely critical with many farm- erfi, usually with 8 hir^e number of children, Roing hungry except for school . lunch programs which the clillriren get at their respective schools." .The governor wrote (hat apparently the 1949 agricultural ad "is broad enough to cover distribution of surplus commodities through the Welfare Department or some other designated agency to needy persons other than the schol lunch program." He adrieii that ample su;iplie.s were available in warehouses and asked for authority to release all possible to meet the emergency. US. Last Year Set Record in Home Building t . WASHINGTON, jan. 18— (&> Home building set n new record In \949 with work started on 1,019,000 <1 welling units. Of these 983,7IK1 were privately financed. "The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which announced the new record. Mid the previous top was 937,000 units started in 1925. The 1948 total -Was 931,300- UnkissobleMon Loses His Life ConfederateHome Seen as Haven For State's Aged "LITTLE ROCK. Jan. is. </ Governor McMath yesterday sttutec •'study of possibility of transforming the Arkansas Confederate Horn* into a state-wide home for Hie aged. ,' He appointed a committee to KO into feasibility of using the home's facilities near Little Hock plus added construe! ton. If the plan niaterinii/es the inmates would include some 1,500 senile patients now at the Slate IIus-: pita I. Many of these patients are non-mental cases.' .-Mrs. Henry, Bethell, stare welfare director, was named coinmit- tee chairman. Other members: Dr. George W. Jackson, Mipertntendent of slate hospitals; State PurchHsIng Agent Carl Parker, State Comptroller Lee Roy Beasley, and Roy Jumpe, Lit Me Rock, chairman of the Confederate Home Board, Conversion of the Confederate Home has been recommended by the Home Board. The institution now has 25 residents, all of them widows mid daughters of Confetl- By Al 11" iiki KANSAS CITY, Jan. 18. (/!>) — iirby McRiil. "the imklssable pe- leslrlan," who once ss".\lketi from ? to Chicago, was killed ye.sler- lay—by an automobile. The 75-year-old eccentric was >ne of Ktinsas cit-y's best known inures. He dominated tlie scene in nt years along oucc-Kandy •Ifth .Street where many a blue OUR originated jn the twenties. He had a lontf Mowing beard and \shy. uncut lialr, the result t>! « ost love'with a lady barber by the tame of Oaisy HeJI. Once ho was well-fixed, bnt ill laler years jnadc its living by picking np what he ailed ''salable trash" in a push- art. When he made his name ax "the inkissrd man" mid "champion walker," back in the twenties he lad rich, auburn hair and a neatly, His walking cost him his two Kansas larms, one near Tonga n- '.xie and the other not tar from ^awrence. Ho couldn't resist, the 0-mile walks from them (o Kansas City. And in 1920 he came hefc to ive. t.oscs Twu Farms He walked lo ClucnKO. a 454-mile rek. McHill walked the Santa F'c racks. The railroad gave him the. •ight to "walk any place on the racks bill icstrictrd from rid ins in freight, pnsieiiKOr of swilcli lo- •o.'ilotives." While lie was goni >anks foreclosed on his farms, Kirby prided himself that he was Once a theater press agent billed Him at a showboiise as "Kirby. the iinkissed." then got x Kill to .0 kiss him by promising to pet hei [licuirt- in tlie newspapers, a week's meal ticket at the best, hotel In town, and a cjnail, of whisky. 'nit girl waltzed up lo Kirby and was about to kiss him when MeRlll shrieked: 'No sir. she can't kiss inc. No e,lrt has ever kissed me. I'm Kirby. tlie tmkisscd. I'm not coing to break my record.' 1 But both Kltby's record as "the imV.ixsed" and "champion walker" were lost soon after in a three-mile walking match with George N. Brown, a vaudeville actor. They walk-raced through Kansas City streets. MeUill broke the tape but he had [n run to do it. thus disqualifying himself. Lalei- Kirby snid he conliln'l. slinul to look at Brown's back. If beaten Kirby )md agreed lo be ki^e.d. Two rushed up and smacked him. Kirby took a 30-mile Jaunl, to "cotil off slowly." Resaius Some of Ills "Glory Two weeks later Kirby tega some o[ his lost reputation s walker. He trimmed R. J. shnnnit- han. president of the Heart Amerca WalkinB Club by three feel iu a 10-mile i Ice. Kirby always wore a 'baseball uniform to do hit* walking. But In the Shannahnn race, he discarded It for R swim- n With Yen for Walking ALUpr/ Inrnrnp in Automobile Mishap viasiers income . .. - M .« A • * ming suit. He claimed the baseball Hants had handicapped him in the llrown race. Kirby fell in tovc a few years later, to a ladv barber by the name of Daisy Iii-11 Hicks. When she left tim for a nia5ciillne barljer he sued iier for $250.000 for breach of promise. The latvsuil faded but not. Kirby's memory, lie vowed never to liave anyliiinp more to do .with barbers. He let his linir and beard Xrow. - j / Once the )x>!ice picked him np and gave hint a loiuorjal trimming. Kirby sued for $161.000 but nothing happened. Once the ever-walking Kirby was hit by a car as he pushed ills wheel- call through the streets. He refused lo ride in an ambulance. Tip. walked to a hospital for treatment. Yesterday Kirby started ,ont, as eveiy movnine. He was on a downtown strrel when he was hit and injured fatally. SometimesAbsent Census Bureau Shows Millions Don't Earn a Cent They Buried Him in October, But Russell Scaggs Came Back Co-OpsRece/Ve Okay on Power Plant Proposal LITIT.K HOCK. Jnn. 18-(/)>) -'1'he Arkansas Slule' Electric Co-O)wra- ti\'e .vestei'tlay gave unanftnons ap- l>rova] [n plans of two power cooperative* lo devise a power interchange iiBreenient W jn 3 southwestern rovs'cr Administration and bttitil tlieir own .steam generating plants. TJii.s iiidoi.sciiicnt. given at a quarterly meeting of the ASKC here. followctl on [lie heels of ciitici.sin of si'A by Rep. Boyd Tackett of ernic veterans. Thri'R no longer Ls a vctet'an at liic home. In WashiiiKtcn Monday TackeU ceusetJ Sf'A of having ulterior ilotives and Hie Interior Department of HtUiu]itlng lo socialize electric po\ver in this country. Sim- .lltaneoii.sly, he introduced a hill to 'ree/.e all REA loans approved nj) ,o Jan. 1-1 and to tie a string on future loans. The ASEC, nil organization com- [Jrising )H Ai-kansas REA coopern- lives, adopted a resolution asking that loan application.; of the Arkansas Electric. Co-Oiierntlve an< the M. & A. Power Co-Operative for fimtls to nnlld ptiwer neneratioi plants be granted by REA admi nistralor Claude R. Wickard a KOoii a.s posNibte. The Arkansas Electric Co-O'i> coni[,s o^ark.s Co-Op of Fayc- ttevitle. Arkansas Valley of o/ark and Carroll Kleclric of Bcrryvllle. 'I'he M- *V A. Power Co-Op members are: Mississippi County of Bl.vlhe- ville, Craigheiul of Joncsboro, Clay Connty of Corning and North Arkansas of Salem. The two co-oiK-raiives are seeking an arrangement with SPA to •'relieve a power shortage in Arkansas and provide power to the rural electric systems \vithoiil contract re.strictions no;v imposcA by pri'vate utilities." WASHINGTON. Jan. 18. (ff->— The Census Bureau reported yesterday that 3.500,01)0 Americans over 65 years old have no cash Income at all. This group makc.s up nearly one- third of the 11,000,000 persons in that age group, not counting Inmates of institutions. The Bureau said the remaining 7.500.000 had a median cash income of 5808—thai Is, half of the 7,500,000 had thiin $808 income and half had more. Acting Census Director Philip M Ha user said the data were released today "in response to interest stimulated by the beginning o fcongres- siona] hearings on legislation to extend Social Security benefits. full Kepnrt C'omillg The figures \veie related to 1948 incomes. They were obtained in census survey whose full result.s are to be released "shortly." The Bureau shower! the number:, of persons aged G5 or .more in eact iconic bracket to be this: LTndei 1.000, 4,500.000; ?1,000 to $2,000 .500,000; $2,000 to 53,000. 100.000 •(,000 to $4,000. 400,000; $4.000 01 lore 400,000. Hauser observed "that "many o liese persons lived with relative rid were not entirely dependen pon their own incomes." However, he said, 2,200,000 lived part from any relatives; 4.100.000 wen: heads of families, and the oilier 4.100,000 were members of families headed by other persons. The income figure of $808 for per- T'ESTUS, Mo., Jan. 18. (/P)—Rus r •ell Scales is buck from the "dead" —to the .shocking bewilderment of 'datives and friends who attended its (uncral on Oct. 15. The body of a man believed to lave iwen Scaggs was buried with "til! military honors In Telegraph Je'mctery In Festus, atjout 25 miles south of St. Louis. Scaggs. 32-year-old war veteran, >eard of Ihe.alTiOr and came here Saturday night from Iowa to investigate. His brcther. William, 51, md just ordered a tombstone for Hussell. "Why, we just couldn't believe it when he walked in," exclaimed William's wife. : She said this is what happened: On Oct. II, William received a telephone call notifying him' that sons over 65 and having some. Income compared with these median:, for other age groups: Fourteen to 10, $463. 20 to 24 $1,635; 25 to 35, $2,288 ';35 to 44 S2.45I; 4;; to 54, $2,332; and 65 to 1)4, $1,898. Concrete Culvert Tile Si/es up to 36 in Corrugated Metal Culverts Si/fs up In K4 in. Automatic Flood dales Concrete Seplic Tanks Metal Seplic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices Wt nelire A.H.WEBB Highway 6] at Slate Line I'bnne 114 lussell had committed sutctde in a lall cell at Norfolk, Neb. . William was told by Nebraska authorities :hat.Identification was made by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The body was brought to Festus and William identified it as Russell's. "I thought it was Russell, too." Mrs. SC.ISBS said. "Ho must have been his twin brother—but, of course, Russell doesn't have a twin arother." A big funeral was held with the American Legion participating. Kussell. who has no idea how the mix-up occurred, said he had been working on a railroad construction job in Iowa for about a year. On Christmas Kve, lie telephoned a younger brother at Cape Glrar- (leau, Mo., to extend Christmas greetings. "He like to have fainted," Russell said. "He said This can't be Russell; we buried you two weeks ago.' " Russell and William are seeking an answer to the riddle, but haven't decided yet where to start. Fire at Swimming Pool Causes Head Scratching UTTLK ROCK, Jan. 18. </f>,_ When the fire alarm rang and the dispatcher called out "the swimming pool at Catholic High School," the firemen could be forgiven some slight misgivings. But crepe paper decoration* from a Christmas party had been placed in the pool, unused during the winter, and when nreinen arrived Moo* day the swimming |x»l was on fir*. The building was filled with smoke but undamaged—and ther» was no water damage to the i tejief ftr ; Itchy, Skii Irritatin t Here'* a IJjiI So many p*o[U« depend on Resinol Ointment to relieve Heading itch of dry eczema, chafing, common zajh, it must be tood. At all rirujji§t£. Th« cam. is email— relief it jreat, Try it! Relieve Stuffy Nose FAST! ^ u ' ch - Pllt a f ew Vicks Va - ii-o - nol Nose Drops in each nostril. Va-tro-nol works right inhere trouble is. Relieves head colct stutliness almost instantlyl W * *'-* * VICKS VATRO-MOL NOSE DROPS NOTICE JANUARY 31st is the last day to purchase City Auto and City Truck License Plates to avoid payment of the penalty. All unpaid Privilege Licenses and Garbage Fees are past due, and should be paid immediately. CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE W. I. MALIN CITY CLERK -Master Plumber- JOlDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Guaranteed For 12 iMnndis- I 531 Norlh Kith. I'hone filini FILL UP FOR FAST STARTING with PHILLIPS 66 Improved high-volatility mixture gives you faster warm-up, better performance! Now 3,1 your Phillips M Idler's Kivr^ you f*aM "pick-up", even with you'll find a mot(M- fuel specisll) a cold vtijtiftc. It helps you j« cJesi^ned to help overcome the Setter »ll-*ro*md performance, problems ofh»rd starting, «jllm 8 > Find mM what Wmtrr.RtfnJ** 1 spvmerin R ,»ndw»««dgasonc«ld Phillips 66 Gjwline can Jo for winier days. your car | VJH u p «t any nation (*"iWrer-/i/<-w*/^/l*hillipsrt(' 1 GAso- where yovi see the oratigcaud black tine is i fast-firing mixture thai Phillips 66 Shield. PHILLIPS 66 GASOLINE BIGGER SALES GAINS THAN ALL OTHER TRUCKS COMBINED PROVE FORD IS AMERICA'S NO. 1 TRUCK VALUE! No other frvclr can match this increase! Economy-wise truck buyers make FORD NO. 1 SALES GAINS! No other truck can match this trend of user preference! PROOF OF FORD LEADERSHIP 1949 new truck license registrations as reported by R. L. Pol-c & Co. — total lor Ihe latest available 3 months period of 1949 (August, September, October) compared lo 1st quartershow: FORD TRUCKS Truck Increase 24,683 AH Other Trucks Combined Truck Increase 15,382 TRUCK "B" Increase 9,884 TRUCK "C" increase 3,835 TRUCK "D" increase 2,179 TRUCK "E" increase 5,026 ALL OTHERS decrease 5,542 TOTAL 15,382 Economy-wise frudr buyers know FORD IS NO. 1 IN VALUE! No other truck can give you all these features! Smart Truck Buyer* recognize extra value . . . They know Today't Smart Buy is the 'SO Ford! Choice of V-8 or 6-cylinder power! Two 145-horsepow»r Big Jobs! Over 175 models to choose from! A new 1 lO-horsepower SIX! -A- Ford Million Dollar Cab! 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