The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on March 13, 1922 · 3
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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada · 3

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, March 13, 1922
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-A ., nt ..bCo LaSi.i I PAGE THREE i. THE LEADER. REGINA. MONDAY. MARCII 1P, 1922 .V L 1 ' J . Floor Problem Worn floors, uneven Joints, warred edges solved with electric surfacer by expert mechanics. Estimates Free. Poole Construction Co., Ltd. Phone 6015 Births, Marriages and Deaths BIRTHS vnTH. On Saturday. March 11th. t Sir. and Mrs. D. Alpine Smith, a . 1. 6) DEATHS KCRBT. At Grey blurs' Hospital, on, March 12 th. Winn Ifred penoon. beloved wife of P II. Kirby, nd only sister of Mrs. Harry P. Hansen, Winnipeg.' Burial from Gardiners Funeral Heme, Winnipeg, 'S ednenday, March 15th. to Elmwdod 'eme:ery. Oshawa papcrE please copy. " 60 POiEHS. Mrs. FI la. PMfhn. wife of '.its PoseSn. 1945 St. John St., aged ' '9 years, died at Regina General Hos-n.tai. March 11. 1922. Funeral from krinity Evangelical Church, 1940 Ot- awa Street. March 13. at.,2 p.m., Rev. John Frita officiating. , ' - 60 - - CAMERON. On Tuesday. March 7 th, at the home of her eon-in-law, W. G. Robinson. Francis, Mrs. Isabeil Cameron, aged 71 years 7 months ar.d 27 days. . McOREGOR. On Saturday. March 11, 022. in the Royal Victoria Hospital. Montreal, Gordon Morton McGregor, of Windsor. Gnt.. aged 49 years. 60 ANNOUNCEMENTS MAPLE LEAF LODGE L.O.O.M. THEATER PARTY AND DANCE Wednesday, March 15. Best seats, Regina Theater, first house. After tneater, danc, K.P. HaU, Scartn street; refreshments. Tickets, 1.00, may be obtained from any cf the fallowing members; G. A. Chant, phone 5282; J. Woodward, phon 6320; W. H. Turner, phone 3302. A few tickets are held for sale at Irancis Cigar Store, Eleventh Ave. - 61 TWO SOVEREIGNS GRAND PRIZE AT MOOSE NO. 757 WHIST DRIVE, AND DANCE' . And usual six good prizes, at Kerrs, Monday, March 13. Bloom-rs Orchestra. Admission 50c. Everybody welcome. , 69 EUREKA CLUB DANCE Kerrs Tea Room on Tuesday, March 14. at 8.30. Good music. Admission 50c. " 61 NOTICE CF MEETING KNIGIITS OF PYTHIAS Regular Meeting of Capital City Lodge No. 1 tonight at 8 oclock, Castle Hall, 1755 Scarth Street. Visiting brethren always welcome. M- A. MarPHERSON, C.C. . J. J. RENWICK, K.R.S. 60 FARMERS AT OGEMA IMPROVING STOCK Agricultural Society Embarks Into Community Breeding Will Buy 'Animals The local agricultural eociety at Ogema has decided to take an ad vanned step and embark in commii-i.ity breeding, it was announced Saturday bv J- G. Robertson, livestock ommissioner for Saskatchewan, who ';as Just returned from a meeting in hat district. The majority of the farmers in :he Ogema district said Mr. Robertson, wish to have a number of good steers and a number of good 'aeon hogs to market annually, and with this In mind they propose to -peure a couple of the very best Shorthorn buli3 obtainable at a rea-'Onabie price. These bulls will be used by the various members of the agricultural society, and next yhar probably another bull will be added. "They also propose to purchase one or two- Berkshire sows immediately and will be in the market at -he time of the next association swine sale for a couple of good boars of the same bleed. It will not be many years, in the opinion of Mr. Robertson, before car-.oads of uniform bacon type Berkshire Narrows will be shipped from Ogema to the public dockyards, and, he declared, there was no doubt that a uniform product of the desired type always would sell to advantage over a mixed lot. ANIMALS FOR SALE ARRIVING IN CITY Broad3 Blackburn, Owned by G. N. BufFum, Is One of the Best Bulls in Canada Animals entered for the Regina purebred cattle sale -to be held Thursday and Friday of this, week at the Exhibition grounds unde? the isupices of the Saskatchewan Cattle-bieeders Association have commenced to arrive, a number having been stabled at the grounds Saturday and yesterday. One of the entries for the sale, Broadus Blackburn, owned by G. N. Mum. of Bechard, is pronounced by ...... . . ,, J- G. Robertson, livestock commis- 'A1 JTt kUid do e- sloner for the province, as one of the f n Independent lady known best Aberdeen-Angus bulls in Can- Juna Boots, who was brought into . .. the nolice station ahauf 11 n.t,,!. ada. The program calls for fhe sale of Herefords, Argus and dairy breeds tr. a do bar and some odd change whicn.sbe carried wuth her when arrested, charged with vagrancy. She displayed unwillingness to part with her sordid pelf, until it was repeatedly explained to her by her custodians j that she woulfl "get it back in the i morning. 1 This having been made clear, she Instituted anxio?i3 inquiries as to Thursday, while the reds, whites and roans will have their inning the following day, when 140 head will pass . ur.derthe hammer. All breeds include "some notable animals and a successful sale is anticipated. A. J. Clark will act as stable manager for the association. The sale will be' held in the Stadium, com menelng 9-30 Thursday morning. The Where should I go to bed . On be-hammer will be wielded by J. V. irT turned over to the police mat-J.mrno, of Calgary, assisted by I). Y. rcn' ,wl-1 le r-forma. ion that hei Runkle, of Regina, and J. J. L'afo veping accommodation for that Anight at least was assured, the lady I enteieTher cell in apparent content-GIVE DINNER. i went, merely remarking that it was "cold. Shearman Diggs, colored, was also arrested Sunday, charged with vagrancy. The McLaughlin Motor . Company. Regina branch, is giving a dinner to Vs saef-men and employees at . the K.tchener Hotel this evening LATEST EAT TAINTED FOOD; TWO SERIOUSLY ILL - 1 1 Mrs. E. J. Coade and Son Taken to Hospital Suffering From Ptomaine Poisoning RECOVERY IS DOUBTFUL Two Victims Are Believed to Have Eaten Contaminated Canned Food v i Suffering from a bad case of ptomaine poisoning, Mrs.' E. J. Coaije and her son, a; lad IS years of age, were rushed to the General Hospital about 10 o'clock last night. According to Dr. W. A. Harvey, who attended them, there is some doubt as to whether they will recover. They had, he said, eaten somecon-taminated canned food, but exactly what it was, he had been unable vo discover. The two victims reside at 2149 Albert street. EGG IMPORTATION WILL SOON CEASE Saskatchewan Hen I3 Expected to Be bn Job Soon Demand for Product Is Keen I. "With the advent of balmy breezes and running water the Saskatchewan -hen Is expected to be on the job shortly, and the clucking of the exultant biddy will sound the death knVdl of the imported egg, according to local marketing authorities. Very few local fresh eggs have foifnd their way to market up to the present, it was stated last night by B. W. Wyckoff, manager of Gordon, Ironside and Fares, and Regina people are still dependent on fresh eggs brought in from outside the province. ' 1 . A considerable quantity of eggs is being shipped in to Regina by express from Minneapolis. We always have to ship in fresh eggs between seasons, said Mr. Wyckoff, "but we have never had to bring them in so late as, this or for so long a period. - Demand is Good . , The wholesaler wenton to say that the demand for eggs is good, due to a considerable reduction i price as compared with several years past. Reattributed the absence of Saskatchewan eggs to the long coldlspell in February. In previous year local eggs have 'usually commenced to come on the market about the middle of February and in some years as early as the first week In that month. While,' no doubt, hens have commenced to lay more frequently since the mild weather came in, Mr. Wyckoff pointed out that it usually takes a week or ten days after the weather breaks before the eggs filter through the trade channels and reach ;ie consumer. He also remarked that stormy weather and bad roads were no doubt partially responsible for ' delay in ' getting local eggs marketed. EMPHASIZES DEED. OF MISSION WORK Rev. Walter Sparks, Brandon College, Preaches at First Baptist Church in Regina Rev. Walter T. Sparks, financial Sfient of Brandon College, spoke yesterday morning before the congregation of First Baptist Church t ere. . He emphasized thb missionary opportunities which he declared were confronting the Christian church in Western Canada, by reason of the presence of such a large number of non -English speaking peoples. This opportunity. he said,, presents itself in a particular way. to our own denomination, because the Baptist church is growing rapidly in many of the countries from whfch these people come. is tha churcl, they look for when they come to a new land.1 -He went on to urge the need for trained leadership in order" to cope with the situation adequately. Brandon College, -he said, was the logical place for western young people Ao train for leadership in home mission fields. He ended his address with an appeal for funds with which to carry on the work of the college. Mr. Sparks is in Regina on the Extension Fund campaign of the college. He will remain here some days, before going to other points in the province. Rev. Dr. Whidden, President of Erahdon College, was in the oity-vluring the week, but he returned east before Sunday. JULirOBJECTS TO PARTING WITH PELF Averse to Handing Over Odd Change When Under Arrest on Charge of Vagrancy the police station abut 11 oclock last might, when ordered to hand LOCAL How to Start the Th final. Touch Tes- Too Do LOCK Coo D TonMGHT Hff 3tues AbD STARS STAHeRi AIEWCR HAS CtMTC SO SVMPATHCTItf- To GUARD YbU Yc)v JVAV Km HaS Charmcdj CHURCH ATTENDED BY, STUDENT BODY Time-honored Custom 13 Observed by About 300 Pupils of Regina College REV. j. H. TOOLE PREACHES ( . Members of Faculty Assist in Service Support for Jnstitu-- tion Urged - Observing a time-honored custom, almost the eiHire student body of Regina College assembled in Metropolitan Church yesterday morning to listen to a sermon by Rev. j. H. Toole, M-A.. of. Rouleau,, president of the Saskatchewan Methodist conference. . ' About 300 students were present The center of the church was1' reserved for them, the regular congregation occupying the sides and gallery of the building, which was practically filled. The ' service was given .over entirely to the College. It was conducted by Rev. Dr. E. V. Stapleford, president of Regma College. Assisting him were Prof E. R. Doxsee, Prof. D. R. Patterson, and Prof. J. W. Ansley, all of the college staff. Pcof. Rat t of son led in prayer and Prof. Doxsee and Prof. Ansley read the Scripture lessons. Rev. H. W. Avison, minister of the church, was also on the platform. and assisted In the service. Lessons for Students Mr. Toole took as his text, "When the householder had agreed with the laborers for a penny a day. Jie sent them into his vineyard. From this he drew three lessons, which he applied to the lives of the students whom he was addressing. He said first that the householder represented God, who send his people out into the worlds vineyard to work for him. The laborers, Jie ' said, were in need of work. Enfil they were called and sent into the vineyard. they -were standing Idle in the market place. An idle life. he said. In this connection, is a useless life. He urged the Etudents to put their lives to a good use and not to stand idle while other did the worlds work, idle while others did the world's work, the laborers needed work, the vineyard needed the laborers. 'There was, he said, much work in the world which needed to be done. He referred then to the motto of the Regina College; "As One Who Serveth and strongly urged, his young hearers to dedicate themselves to a life of service. During the service the choir gave an anthem appropriate to the occasion, and Mg. R. Bridgman, rendered a solo. Most of the members of the Regina College staff were in attendance. Custom of Colleges Dr. Stapleford, in his opening remarks, stated that for centuries It has been the custom among colleges to hold a' special college Sunday once n. year, when the students in a body shall attend the church of the denomination to which most of them belong. He also spoke of ti; work of Regir.a College, and urged its support by Jhe people of the Methodist denomination. . Mr. Toole, who came to Regina especially to address the students. at Rae street church during the evening, before a large congregation. Rev. A. J. Tufts; minister of Rae street, is absent in Calgary. Mr. Toole is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Etapleford during his stay in Regina. F. J, REYNOLDS TO SPEAK TO REGINA BOYS . F. 'J. Reynolds, ef the Department of Neglected and Dependent Children. will address the Tuxis boys of the city, next Wednesday evening. His subject will' be The I,aws Affecting Boy Life in the Community and the Institutions Which Stand for Community Uplift. - The boys are . making an effort to win their citizenship badges and this lecture will be given in that connection. Among otner things, they will be required to attend sessions of the municipal council or provincial parliament. and to take part in such campaigns as "Safety First, "Learn to Swim and "Anti-Tuberculosis. WILL ADDRESS ROTARY; H. E. Sampson, K-C. - will be the speaker at today's Rotary luncheon. AND DISTRICT Evening Wrong - YOU DRAPE ON TMC CrCMFOTIM3 he Comes .SAY S You Mice Towksht-. HAIR ts HUGHEY IS RECOVERING FROM GUNSHOT WOUND. Leslie Hughey, who was taken to the General Hospital last Tuesday night suffering from a., gunshot wound, is progressing favprably, according to information given, out last night. His physicians state tie will rtcover. He is still under police guard, though as yet no-defltdte charge has been laid against him by the crown prosecutor. NEW PSYCHOLOGY TO COMBAT WAR HERDED Ijtl. Brace Speaks on Causes of War at Meeting of Regina . Peoples Forum t. "The psychology created by ' the present, masters must be combatted by fostering another psychology more In keeping with the necessities of the people if war is to be'abolishedr1 said Malcolm Brace, speaking on Causes of War at the Forum yesterday afternoon. - - the speaker declared that rAnatole France, Bernard Shaw, H. G. Wells and. Eufene. Debs were all of on, mind as to the evils of fqstering the military spirit in young people. "Real democracy," he said, does not exi4t when the position of the ruling class, as rulers and masters, I seriously challenged. The dictatorship of the present ruling class must be abolished along with the state which it has-eet up. and the dictatorship of the masses be established in its place. World imperialism cannot repair the damage wrought by the war. Neither can it restore, the economic balance. Its historical Justification has vanished, and it, along with its state and institutions must be swept into the garbage heap of history. Until this is accomplished wars-will ever recur with greater intensity and savagery. The address was followed by a lively discussion in which many of those who took part disagreed -with Mr. Bruces point of view. Colin Faunt contributed a vocal solo to the program. ROTARY PRESIDENT IS LEAVING REGINA E. E. Rogers Transferred by Temple-Patton Co. to Office ? in Vancouver After tix years as manager of the local branch of the Temple-Pattison Company, Limited, E. K. Rogers is being transferred to his companys Vancouver office Yind will leavefor his new home Friday. fJe was sent from the same place do Regina six years to establish the branch here and was one of the first members of the Retina Rotary Club when it was established here during the war, and of which he is now president. - I His place in the companys local It-anch will te filled by his assistant, I. It. McLeod. WILL REMOVE ICE ; FROM THE STADIUM - : ' ' With -Hockey and Skating Season Ended, Rink Officials to Remove Sheet Its ail over now, sighed the fans as they left the last big game. And it is all over. Proof sufficient Of the fact that the hockey season closed Saturday night, March 11, is evident at the Stadium this morning. The big ice sheet is to be taken out today. ' t Ten inches of ice covered the center' of. the Stadium during the season. Of that portion, a , goodly quantity disappeared Saturday night in the form of damn i and clammy snow swept off between periods. By the end of the game, the ice was ppced-iiy melting. WITH THP F5BL.lrJ4. ' YOURSCLF CLOSER A NO LOOK AWFULLY - ArJD So YckjR is utterly RuiMeo! but Voor. SOLD LIQUOR. August Beidal was fined $200 or three moraHis when charged in the Police Court Saturday morning with the illegal sale of liquor. - SEIZE "STRONG" BEER. A carload .of beer, alleged to sury pass the limits of the "temperance! article, was seized by the Saekatche-way Provincial Police at IVoIseley Friday evening. KEPT STILL. Ralph Evers and Robert Strausser were fined 3200 and costs eacn and six months imprisonment, when convicted at Prirce- Albert Thursday of operating a s t:i- . EXONNERATE TRAINMEN. The crew cf the C.2 R. train which killed John Shjtlpkan, near Star City, Sask., February 2S. has been exonne-rated by a coroners- Jury which in- quired into the case. ' - ' DRUNK. Alfred Heighten, pleading guilty of being drunk, wasflned $10 in the Police Court Saturday morning. Frederick Lott, on a 'similar charge, was dealt with in the same way. REMANDED FOR TRIAL. . Charged with shooting a norse, attempting highway robbery and the possession of firearms, George Nicol was remanded for trial when be pleaded not guilty before Judge Hannon in the District Court Friday. PLEADS NOT GUILTY. , Pleading no guilty JtoJ-veing implicated in the theft of At cases of liquor from F. A. Dunk's drug store at QuAppelle some time ago, George Fisher was remanded for trial by Judge Hannon in jthe District Court Friday. ' ' VISIT REGINA Mr. and Mrs. Fred Whiskin, of Cupar, came to the city Saturday to see the final game between Vancou-ter and Regina, Saturday night at the Stadium. They spent the eek-end guests of Mr. Whiskins brother in the city. HOCKEY TOO STRONG. Tile regular weekly meeting of the Regina local Saskatchewan Grain Growers Association had to be adjourned Saturday night, on account of slim, attendance. Hockey was apparently too strong an attraction to enable the Grain Growers meeting to compete. PROSECUTION DROPPED. Jim Curley, recently charged with seduction, remanded and admitted to bail in $50 arrived in the Police Court to face the charge Saturday morning. This time he was accompanied by his bride, and H. E. Samp- . . - son, K.'C., informed the bench tnat, out, to the under the circumstance' the crown would drop the prosecu AERO CLUB OFFICERS TO BE NAMED THURSDAY The deferred election o officer, which was left In the hands of the new executive of the Ae(ro Club of Regina, following the annual meeting last Wednesday evening, will , be conducted at a luncheon of tho executive Thursday noon. - The officers to .be elected by the executive at that time will be president, secretary, treasurer, auditor and solicitor. Thomas Temple is acting secretary in the absence of T. H. Spence, who has gone otn a.n instructional course to Ottawa and Camp Borden. BURROWS WINS SPOON AT WEEKLY REVOLVER SHOOT DINING-ROOM SUITE; ONE MOR-' .. . . iris chair; one Winnipeg couch; two C. H. G- Burrows was tin winner rugs, fur sale. Rhone 7S67. -69 the of the silver spoon In the weekly miniature range competition of tho Regina Revolver and Rifio Club, with a score of 95 out of 100. Scores by other riflemen were: G. Rurrows, 88; oods, 84; Biug, 83. The following top scores were declared in the competitions for the Wunscn Tyro Cup: Ring.1 39-22; Woods 32-22: Burrows, 32-22. Tho WunschCup is -a revolver competition. TODAY AT .TIE Y." 4 ID-3.1 3-t- Regina College. 5..5-6.30 Business mn. , 6.30-7.16 Basketball practice ( Pro-bus.) 7.15-8.00 Boat Club basketball practice. 5. 15-9. 30 Senior graded tlaes. HAPPENINGS TBy Briggs H6C eRR'vej You ooze r FOGtTM Berriir-JG OIU feRlfiHTLV ; . IBOYS DEPARTMENT OF T REMODELLED t Second Floor Refitted and Now ' Compares Favorably' With. Any in West r- visitor today to, the Regina y.M.C.A. who had not seen it since this time last yea a. would hardly know the second floor as belonging to the same building. Recently, this floor has been completely remodelled into a boys department, and hundreds of boys go there for entertainment and instruction every' week. L'pder the direction of IT. W. King- tag of potatoes erley. boys work secretary of the Y.M.C.A., the boys department, which now compares favorably with any in the weet, has' been formed, and all provisions for the amusement of -the boys under his Ttare have been made. The floors have been painted, -walls kalsommed, and many necessary repairs mad. Greatly adding to the appoaraflee of the department are the bright cretonne curtains which have been bung at all the windows. Lighting and heating apparatus has been increased and repaired, the billiard tables from the lower floor have been brought up to the boys department, and a large and a small gramophone have been added to the attractions. v ' Many or the boys, who hold their weekly sappers and meetingsta the V are glorying in a new set of dishes, which replace the somewhat chipped and battered ones usel before. Funds through which these changes have been made weie realized during the ire-establishment campaign held during the winter months. The membership campaign which followed, resulted in a number of boys joining the Y, and thus providing funds for the upkeep of the new department. There ha. Mr. Kingerley explained. always been a boys depart-1 ment inieonnection with the "Y, but rever one on such a large scale before. The boys showr their appreciation of the rew system by patronizing tho building every evening and Saturday afternoons. CONFECTIONERY STORE MUST BE 25 FEET BACK The city" commissioners will not tonsent to the erection of a confectionery store on a portion of the ground owned by the Regina Tennis Club .opposite Wascana Park on Albert street, unless such premises are kept back 23 feet from the streeL it was announced at the city hall Saturday. They have no objection, however, to the proposed building street line of Nineteenth avenue, at the Albert street corner of which it will stand. The application by Sampson and Sneath, solicitors, on behalf ' of the Tennis Club, was submitted to the special committee of the aldermen at the meeting of February 23, in which it was pointed out that the club had an opportunity to sell 50x 125 feet at the corner as a site for a confectionery store, the purchase being conditional on the city permitting the purchaser to build to the s.'reet lino on both streets. The commissioners, however, maintain that the property Is in a residential district and therefore f omes under the building line regulation. TOO LATE FOR CLASSIFICATION U. . . 2 MISCELLANEOUS ARTICLES FOR SALE ARENA RINK SKATING EVERY DAY 2230 to 4.30 Children 15c Adult 25e 8 to 10 p.m Admission 25: Strip Ticket, 6 lor 31.00 KNOWLES COAL ' $12.00 REGINA CITY SUPPLY CO LTD. 'b Farmer Bldg. Phono 546(3. I JUDGES FOR WINTER FAIR ARE . SELEGTED Livestock Experts Will Adjudicate on Merits of Animals at Regina Winter Fair EXHIBITS ARRIVING Fair Will Open Wednesday and Judging Is Expected to ' Commence That Day Judges who will act during the three days of the winter fair were selected at a meeting of the direc- j tors of the fair held in the offices of the Regina Kxhibition Association Saturday afternoon. . John Scarll, of Hartney, Man, ; and M. B. McKenzie, Indian Head, will Judge the Clydesdales. Per-cherons and Belgians will be judged by K. E. Brennan, Canora. W. H. Gibson, Indian Head, will judge Shorthorns, and John Wilson, Innis-faib Alberta- Herefords and Aber-deen-Angus cattle Poultry Judges will be Richard Oke. London, Ont, and George Wood, Winnipeg. Several carloads of exhibits arrived In the "city Teeterday from Brandon, where they have been figuring in the winter fair during the past week. They are being placed on the fair grounds today. The fair will open Wednesday, and it is expected that Judging will commence the same day. REDS HOT SEIZING FOOD FOR STARVING Letter, on Conditions in Russia Is Received From Trade Commissioner I know from experience that this has proved to be an absurd contention," says CoL H- J. Mackie who was sent as Canadian trade commissioner to Russia and has returned, referring to the statement that food i sent to the Russian children will be apprehended by tho Red army. Cob Maekfes letter has been received at the newly organized provincial headquarters of tho "Save the Children -fund, and gives some insight into conditions In Russia, "The harrowing eights c-ne eees beggar description," he writes, "and i I have frequently found it impossible! to give a word picture of the softer- i ing I witnessed. J Explaining that the famine is 9-? ! per cent, attributable to last summers drought CoL Mackie states I that the rye crop had to be harvested I before any min had come; wheat was i a faiure, oats were overtaken by j frost which necessitated the harvest-before they were J me tare. Feasants have frequently told me," be adds, "that neither they nor their! women have any expectation what- ever of living to see. next seasons harvest, but they hope their .children will reap the benefit with help of the outside world. He concludes .with an assurance that members cf the Red army are conscientious in the convoying cf DIED OF WOOD .ALCOHOL. Wood alcjhol was the cause cf -the death of Thomas Houston. Sangor, Sask., according to the verd.ct returned by a coroner's jury there Thursday. ' , Gilbert and Anniston Closing Out AUCTION SALE HORSES, CATTLE, FARM IMPLEMENTS, ETC. 3 Mile N.E. of Richardson, 14 Miles S.E. Regina, on Geo. Anderaon . . Farm. Wednesday, March 13 At 11 o'Clock. Free Lunch at Noon. . 21 Head of Horses Several good teams frohi 4 to 8 years old from 2,800 to 3,000 lbs. 15 Head of Cattle Including 6 dandy good milk cows, none over S' years old. All real milk and butter cows; 2 steers; Shorthorn bull, registered. Full double line of Farming-Implements. Teams will meet train at Richardson leaving Regina at 6.33. A good lot of stuff in good condition selling without reserve. Usual terms. , DT V. RUNKLE.Auctioneer ' W. H. GILL, Clerk GILBERT 4L ARMISTON, Owner CLOSING OUT AuictioB Sale On Stc. 30-19-18w2rdf 6 Mile North Of Zehncr, 20 Mile N.E Regina Tuesday, March 14 th - CoWnoncing loClock 11 Head of Horses Including one team over 3,200. 2 Cows soon to be fresh. Full line of Farming Implements. ' 2,500 good Oat Hhenves. Everything to sell without reserve. Vual terms, D. V. RUNKLE, Auctioneer W. H. GILL, Clerk ENIE ROSCA, Owner Central Coal Co. CHOICE WOOD FOR SALE , Exclusive Agepls Ter the x FAMOUS MIDLAND COAL' ONLY $12.00 PER TON PHONE, 7007 0 2418 Dewdney, Office and Yard . COAL SPECIAL We have in stock about 20 tons ROUND HILL LUMP Regular $10.00 per ton. While .It Lasts, 58.00 PER Yon. This is a real lump coal and has been selling and giving good satisfaction ail printer at llO.Oo per ton. Also Just Arrived A fresh car of Lethbridge Imperial Lump. This is the grade of coal to etocK this time of the year to give you a supply until teaming can be done oer ycur garden next fail. THE MONARCH LUMBER CO, LTD, Yards and Offi ce: Sixteenth and Elphinstane Telephone 2570 Lethbridge Imperial Lump Drumheller Monarch t CITY COAL CO., Limited ' Phones: 4300, 2434, 302 . 1761 SCARTH STREET YOU! OH SEE! (U.O.C.) United Order ef Canadian BANQUET ' Trading Co. Hall, Tuea Mar. 14 f 6.30 p.m. If you are still minus a ticket phone or call on any of the following: A. G. De Guerre at C.N. Express F. Horton at Horton Land Co. P. B. KeFer at Leader Pub. Co-Leo La Belie at Port OFica W. Bennett at" Donwnion Express E. H. Carter at John Deere Plow Co. TONIGHT S P.M. - Commissioner E a d i, e AND STAFF At the SALVATION ARMY CITADEL n Broad Street w COVE AND BRING A FRIEND AUCTION SALE 'GENERAL STOCK AT ESTUARY, SASK. By Auction will be offered for sa'.o at the offices of Salter and Arao'd, Limited, 3wl Montreal Trust Building, Wir.nipetV on Tuesday. Marcn 14th. 122. at 11 a.m the Stock and Fixtures be .nr ring to the estate cf George Neum.iier, Estuary. Saskat-ci-war. as follows: Iuy floods 233.25 Mens Furnishings 1.303.49 Clothing 642.4-1 Iioots and Shoe . 1. 030. SI 40.' Groceries Crockery irtaiiom-ry ' Fixture . V V. i 5.61 3.72 3.879.07 TERMS: One-quarter cash; balance to, ' four and six months; interest at Si, deferred payments tx be secured, i'rices on inventory to govern. Adjustments as to quantities c-nly. The highest or any bil not Jleces-sarily accepted. For inventory or further information, apply to SALTER AND ARNOLD,. LIMITED Authorized Trustee 301 Montreal Trust Bldg. WINNIPEG. MAN. McCallum-Hill Bldg. REGINA, SASK. J. S. DONAHUES AUCTION SALE TUESDAY, MARCH 14 10 O'CLOCK ON S. 2, ,T. 13, R. 21 West 2ND 21 a Mile Northwest of Adams on G.T.P. 2t Head of Goo'cl Horses 10 Head of Cattle Double line of Implements. Hitrucb, Il.uUrj, Furniture, oL, All to le wold ns the farm lias beer, rented. O.f.H. train lnvcs Regina ut .7.30 for ivnso. Tiain tin t at Reuse. Arrangement niade for rtturn to 1cusn alter tho sale. Sue Bills for Term, R, McMULLAN, Auctioneer Graduate of Toronto Auction College PHONES 2333-7002 -I I J

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