The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1950
Page 8
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TUKSDAY, AUGUST M, Dollar Value |s Falling Again Officials Differ * , (ARK.) COUKrEK NEWS On Idea of Trend Toward Inflation ".' SAM DAWSON lf ^ w YORK, Aug. 28. W)-The jtt "' your dollar Is going down »«Wi, Some think a floor will soon ™ put under It by Increased production of the foods and gootJsjrou want to buy. others think Inflation js eoing to get much worse before It gels better. The drop In the value of the dollar is Just another way of saying tnat the cost of living has Jumped sharply since the outbreak of the Korean war, starting its tenth week today. ; Most observers see no way for prices in general to go for the rest' of this year but up. However a few government officials think the °V jump has already taken place. a "d (hat while some lliings. like rent and house furnishings, may continue to climb, others, particularly meat, are due to drop. Scare buying has played the villain's role so far. The greatest dam*Se wasn't by [he hoarders who flocked to retail stores, but by "ie merchants, wholesalers and! manufacturers who flooded the prl-' mary sources of commodities with anticipatory orders. These multiple orders In excess of actual needs brought about Ihe shortages that caused the gray markets and price hikes. The ef»;ct.i of these increases in the cost of raw materials nre still wc-Mng • their way along the pipelines of distribution toward your retail stores. . j Jp( 1 Per Cent Hike *™e Bureau of Labor stastistics' finds the cost of living went up ! three per cent between April and ' July 15. But BLS Commissioner Ewan Clasue says living costs "pretty definitely are leveling off." However, here, are some of (he finished products on which price hikes have been announced (not, by ill producers nor In all cities) during August. Each adds a litUe to the cost of living since the period covered by the BLS report. Cigarettes, tires, shoes, fuel oil, toothpaste, bandages, paint brushes, lypwrilers, washing machines, rotary ironers. baking equipment, coffee brewers; Carpets, pencils, writing paper Wevlson Bad radio sets, heavj underwear, cotton piece goods, I woolen goods. »nd movie film. I And here are some of the primary commodities on which prices have Kon» up In August; Industrial alcohol, tin, rubber, steel scrap, lead, platinum, copper and brass product*, cellophane, soda ash. rayon .yarn, migar, an d some iron and «t«el product*. M Commodity Index | .•Aw":l9t»«1 Press index of 35 > adities reve.als how much "w"* ° ! these price hlkes were » l I wholesale, comparing August. 2S prices with those of June 25. when the Reds marched on Korea Lumber Is up ,13 a thousand feet. Rubber le up 2514 cents » pound, and tin 38',$ cent* a pound. Scrap steel has advanced a ton. Haw sugar has gone up 4"4 cenl-s • hundred pounds, and cocoa beans up 10"< cents » pound. Green coffee, has advanced 114 cent* R pound Hides are up 7H cents a pound. Flour cost 35 cents more a hvmdred- weight. Hogs, highest since Oct. 184*. are "P *5 a hundredweight from June 25. But iambs bring less now than then. Corn is 3 cents a bushel higher, and wheat is up 10 cents. But oats brings 12 cents a bushel less and rye is off 3!J cents. Cotton Is around 414 cents a pound more expensive ar( i cotton CKrth costs 4->; cents a yard more. Silk has gained Ji.;; a ))ouri( ; and rayon six cents. Wool is up "' -»nts a pound. BIO WHEEL—The world's Isrsest and most powerful aircraft propeller dwarfs an employe at the Curtis-Wright Corporation plant at Caldweil, N. J. The eight-bladed giant, called (hi tel °atTh ',,Tv 3 V 9 ' ee ' in diameter - » *«l l«t «h«u«tiv. tests at Ihe U. S. Air Force Development Center, Wriaht Field Dayton, Ohio. Italian Admits Jewel Theft NICE. FRANCE. Aug. 29. (AP) — Police say an Italian youth has con- fesed stealing some »51,ooo In jewels from the home of Mrs. Norman Winston near Cannes on Aug. 5. They said the man. idenlified as Dante Spa da, 23. had confessed to 11 burglaries along the French Hiv- icra in recent months. No charge has yet been Iiled against Sparta in connection with the Winston burglary in which Elsa Schaiparclll, Paris modiste, Negro dance hall and tourist court. Police Officer James Daniel Johnston, 42. was shot in the back with a .38 caliber pistol, Saiier reported. Johnston died' at n Conway hospital. Sasser said Johnston was wearing both his police uniform and Klan robe. Sasser Identified the Nejro he arrested as Charlie Fitegerald, proprietor of the dance hall. and Mrs. Ernest »Ot«, wife at » British Conservative member of parliament, reported lc«inr f*nu. Some of the jewels have ben recovered. Police said Spada entered the home of Mrs. Winston, wife of a New York plajtlot manua«tuMr, : by scaling a wall. They »ki he walk- f(i along a narrow ledge until he found an open window, then .searched the rooms (or jewelry. H« escaped by the same route. During the first nx months »f 1946. police recovered tj p»r ient of the motor vehicles stolen In the United Stales, wys tht Cncyele- pedia Americana. WARhflNG ORDEB In the M.nMj.) r«»ri, Chlete Arhannaa. . Planters Hardwart Co., pur « Ko. »1» Helen Ford, Deft. The defendant Helen fart CongratulatiorisTo fat ti» Miirt miM< in t)M c**te* tmut t»t MMMr tk* cwnptelnt nt UM *lktaUtf. D«U4 titit Ittk ««f '«( Au«uct nn. . . •' .• • - : ' •'. W. I. Malta, fieri «lrrl«»«, Mtamty t«r Ktwel purpaa*. Ttw polU wtB opw at *:» e'clock A- M. a«d wUl daw at *:»0 o'clock U. •* ••»>•»!>« r «, |*M ; at Ita k»«in| potttat »)MM ta tha Dia- trict. tfl-wit: ,. m»h School BuUtfnc 0>U » 4»y M "OTIC* Or AMIIVAI, nr MAMU BWTMCV H*. If Kotlu It' 'hirtfer tin* that tha uuiual aehoel atecttei ^ tha' tbotr n*m«< Dktriit will h* *M <m fc»- t*mb«r M, u«*, Mr tM rh« aketioii »f MM 4irw«fr far a term of fir* jltn.. . ' To submit UM iiMMttrn vt T*UI\( a total ackoet tax «f »• mUli. a. «^ out In MM Hrfricf* .taint, which «hu fcMIM*, to tMtttMi t» tha mllUf* far th* «»intta* an* malnUnaiw* at «i* WlMoU. U mUla vhich chatl k* * «onUnnin t Imildiny fun4 **^> ftf'tk^ MVpAja of parinc UM principal aA4 M*r- twrwu* , -. -,^-_ _.^ V^JH^ »VTW«t#« from tht bulldirw;-fund »UU(« afUr tha parmattt erf prlvlp* and InUreat c* t»M beoda matur ln| thit jaar and pcort4in| iri^ th* not aix iMdUV teUnat on all «utiUn<Hn,'konda,'may b« u«4 »T tha Diatrkt Mr UQ other New York Store W«*twrn C*. ,.*• *"* John l(a;ea, County Oup*rviao> County §-» I GOOD WISHES I 1 '". I BEST WISHES TO Biytheville Glass & Paint Co Rumbra Brassieres Officer Is Shot Under KKK Robe CONTVAT, B.C.. Aug. 29. (AP) — A Conway policeman wearing his uniform und'r a Ku Klux Klan robe was shot to 1 death in a Klan-Nesro gun fight »|. nearby Myrtle Beach Saturday night. A Negro man who. oficers said, had been beaten on the head was arrcjlcd and whisked to an undisclosed jail. Horry County Shcrif C. Erntst Sa.«ser estimated today thnt 300 shota were fired by about 60 robed Kiansmen and an undetermined number of Negroes in front ot a CONGRATULATIONS PETE IS THE 'LUMBEI BEST WISHES to the NEW YORK STORE The Carpet - - - "Friezcttc", by Guliistan Hubbard & Son Furniture • * ^Congratulations— to and to Walter and Lil Rosenthal New, ultra-modern, WrtiKil , . .the New York Store of fen the ftnert of wrroundingt—the finest of fashions to lh« discriminating. We are proud that >ye have been chtwen to play a leading role in helping to bring the Utett and be«t fashions to Hythevific. CRESTMOOR WenwB 1 *, Uisau' an* Junior MM* OOATB AND SUIT! • <

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