The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1950
Page 5
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WKDNESDAT, JANUARY 18, 19W BIA'THIiVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE THt NATION TODAY— Truman Program Faces Grim i Prospect of Slaughter With I Change in One Committee Rule WASHINGTON, Jan. 18, IJPt— Some of President Truman's pro| gram may get slaughtered without ever coming lo a vote. This Is because congressmen know more ways of killing a bill than i voUng It down or trying to talk it to death, I The House Rules committee >s< I giving a good example of that now. 1 First, a little history on that committee. 1 A great many bills are introduced in the Home every year. The House 1 doesn't have time to consider all .them. ort Which shall it choose? Long ago it set up a committee of its mem- 1 bers called the rules committee. This committee »-»s supposed lo set as a funnel through which hills would be let out on the floor for ] debate and vote. 1C the committee wanted to Vill I a bill by refusing to let it out, that Just about killed it. it took a petl- 1 tioa signed by a majority of the House members to jar loose a bill turned down by the rules committee Opposed 'by Fair Dealers For many years there were greal I uotnnlaints against, this kind o I power given to one little group o! I conimitlcemen. Along came the election of President Truman in 1948 with his Fai: D«al program and particularly tha part of it which promised new civi rights laws, mostly for the benefi | of negroes. Mr. -Truman's Democrats wo: control of the House, too. So whel (his Congress began its session r January, 1!M9. the Tiumanite.s look eel at the make-up of the rule com I mlttee. There were 12 members on II I eight Democrats and four Repubh I cans. But—four of those eight demo 1 crat.s were Southern - Democrats. If the four Southern Democrats I teamed vp with the four Republicans, that would put the Trumanite Democrat's of four in a small minority. And Any time the learn of Republicans I and Southern Democrats wanted to |le up some of gram and keep it the Truman from a vote, .nd of power away from the Rules ommittee. And the House estat>- ihed a new rule.-This was it:'' If the Rules Committee has sat n a bill for 21 days, it can be cal- ed up in the House anyway. Tht Rules Committee can't stop it: This Ives 435 members a chance, to dec- de whether they want to pass the ill. Committee May Win That's what happened in 1949. But now suddenly a majority of he Rules Committee — Southern Democrats teaming up with Repub- icans—want their old power'back. They voted the other day to ask he full House to vote this year on whether the Rules Committee can .ave back its old power to sit on bill-indefinitely. The Rules Committee nuy win, :i spite of President Truman's protest over the maneuver. This is one of the reasons: There's a bill in Congress to give veterans a bonus. This comes at a time when Congress is shouting economy. If that bill gets out on the floor for a vote—since this is the year when all 435 House members must stand for re-electioh and .face the voters on th?ir record—a majority of the House may vote for it through fear of antagonizing the veteran vote. So. If the Rules Committee could conveniently sit on that bill—provided the-House gave it back its old power to do so—this would save a lot of congressmen from the em- barassment of voting on > veteran's bonus. But— If the Rules Committee—where the Southern Democrats and Republicans outnumber the Truman- : ather of Eight Held in Killing Of Mistress CHICAGO, Jail. 18. Iff) — Harvey 'IcDonalcl, 35-year-old father ol eight children—six of thorn by his vlfo—list night wns convicted ol niirdcrlng his weekend, mistress POLK) POSTER KIDDIES .GO ON TOUR—Wanda Wiley of Austin, Tex., right above, poster girl for the 1950 March of Dimes, and Linda Iris ]3rown, left above, the poster girl in 194!), arc among five children who will tour seven Eastern cities tliiii month on behalf ,of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. Their lour is In connection \vith the 1050 March ol Dimes drive, Jan. 16-31. Other children to make the tour arc: Donald Anderson, 9, of Warm Springs, Ore., the first polio poster boy in 1946; Nancy Drury, 7, of I^ouisville, Ky., 1947 poster girl, aiid Terry Tullos, 5, of I-auiel, Miss., 1U48 poster hoy. McDonald's , \vus .set at H housework." McDonnld, a salesman, testified that the sun wenl off accidentally when he tried to take It from Miss Vestal alter she proclaimed her In- IciUion lo play Russian roulette. In this bizarre game, a revolver coiiliilnlng one shell Is used. The phiyer spins the cylinder, holds the uuti'?.le to his head and pulls the trlRB'T, Rambling his life th»t the firhiR pin will fall on mi empty clmmljer. McDonald's lawyer, Morris C .'outs in prison, th? minimum sentence for murder lu Illinois. A Jury found him guilty of slay- .uj- Joan Vestal, 24-year-old Iburiu Mo., slrl who had boruu him Iwo children m their seven-year r«- inntico. The shooting look place lust April 3. The slal^ hat! i\sk«l lh,e dentil penalty. Earlier, McDonald's wife. Onicc; a tiny, brovvn-oyi'd \vtnnnn of !H, blamed herself for her hiislmnd'.s philandering. She -said: "I blanni myself for this terrible thing. 1 could have gone out with htm more. He asked me over and over lo RO. I wns always too tired from curing for the children and doing the Meyers, tolil the jury It should pay no attention to McDonald's nffiitrs women. He said his client was not on trial for adultery. Head courier News Want Ads . Blast Victim Jies in Memphis Hospital MEMPHIS, Tenn., Jan. 1». (<P)A 17-year-old Arkansas girl died 101 e yesterday ot third degree burns received yesterday when aa oil stove at her home exploded as she poured tractor fuel into It. The girl, Louise Martin of Brickeys, was brought to a Memphis hospital along with her mother in* two sisters who' also were burned. Hospital attendants said that one sister, Mary Evelyn, six, Is In "serious" condition. The other two were reported In "fair" condition. Their home was destroyed by * fire caused by the explosion. they could Just vole in the com- mittee'to bottle It up. Well, the majority of the men In I Congress decided they'd lake that ites two to oni you .can' tell -wins it"; old power Mr. Truman's civil rights program good-bye this year anyway. The Rules Committee wouldn't let it out on the floor India Offers Hew Job: Monkey-Catcher Heeded NEW DELHI—W>»—Want an ont- oor job with lots of live prospccis? ley need a monkey catcher here, ie field hasn't been worked since 47. A newly-hired monkey calch- i Moslem, left India suddenly urlng the communal riots of that ear before getting down to work, indus won't take the Job because monkeys are sacred to them. Besides perpetrating such annoy- nces as swiping golfballs right off le greens, the monkeys are occa- ionally vicious. Captured monkeys •ill be deported rather than killed. Municipal President Ylldhvir Singh hinks they might bring som" much-needed dollars in U.S. trade for a vote. Right of Doctor to Create Life Poses i Bigger Question than 'Mercy Killings' Bv Clarke Reach WASHINGTON—What right ha-s doctor to take a life? That's one I of the physician's oldest legal and I moral problems. What right has a doctor to help I create life? That's a fairly new 1 problem for medical men. The mod- I em techniques of artificial Lnsemi- j nation .created it. , ^ I ;Churchmen "and -lawyers«.for cen- tlines ~flSVe'*tfrgued""'abbiit* *'mercy I killings," snch as the one for which 1 Dr. Hermann N. Sander was recently indicted at Manchester, N. H. I Now they are drawing the battle- 1 lines for the newer controversy: Ts I it morally or legally right for a I •pan to have a baby by use of ^life germ of a man who is not her husband, even though the husband consents and a doctor engin- | eers the project: Or is it. adultery? There are now about 4,000 persons | in the- United States who were "test | tube babies." Are they legitimate i Problems involving their property rights could become enormously | complex. Could Involve Doctors In criminal prosecutions or civil I litigation over issues, doctors | could become involved as agents or accessories. Both medical and legal I men have done a lot of thinking and worrying about the possibilities. Actually there has been very little court action regarding artificial insemination — but that very fact I leaves the physician all the more in the dark as to "his rights and i liabilities. Doctors who perform an artificial I insemination often view, tt as an act of mercy A couple long frustrated In their hope for children come to him with the plea to enable the wife to have a child. It is often an act of desperation, on which all their future happiness seems Lo depend. They won't be 1 satisfied to adopt "~R baby. The> Baby Plants Incubated DAVIS, Calif.—W'j—Test-tube in- cubMovs are being used tu'ro lo nurse delicate yoiins hybrid phiuts through their earliest, stii^je. Many hybrid embryos die cnslly in llic first generation. Dr. Paul C3. Sniilh, truck Burdening exiicrt at the Uni- Read Courier News Want Ads \eitity ol California College of Ag r ruulunc here, has worked out a way to keep them ulivc until the sceoutl KeucvjvUou produces lh« cns- uiniury stronger I raits, lie keeps the embryo lu warm test- Beware Cfcuglss From Common Creomulsmnre] ic vcs promptly became It |;ocs ri&ht to tlic scat of ihc trouble 10 help lonscn and expel gcrrn laden phlegm and aid naime to snoilie Anil lical raw, tender, inlbmed hrmulifiil mucous nicnirtrnm'S.TcU yonrdrmii'ist to sell you a lioitlc of Crcnmulsion will] ilie iiiulurMiimVniK you must like tlie way it {|inckly alhiys ilic coufth or you arc t(> have ytuir money back, CREOfVfULSEQN for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Dull The Color 'Feel" NOTICE The Faults You Find .in Dry Gleaning: • Odor • Shrinkage Correct These Now by Calling 2408 BRIGHTER, SOFTER, and Above All, ODORLESS CLEANING With Our Scc-O-MATIC Process POPULAR PRICES Bestway Cleaners 1920 W. Main Phone 2408 want JL child that will be *t leas half theirs- If the doctor agrees, he must ac with extreme secrecy to protect the parties concerned. He mus choose a donor, trie other man; wh is youthful, healthy, intelligent, o good character and resembling I husband as much as possible. Neitt er the donor nor the. couple mu ever know the other's identity. Usually the donor is a -hospii Intern who needs extra money. H « paid (5 or $10 for n speclme anci he of ten-donates to one recipient repeatedly over a period - of months—neither, of, ever seeing the other. One .specimen was carried 500 miles hy airplane. "Many Questions Mar Arise After the. baby is conceived, here are some of the complications that may arise: : the husband or wife;has change of heart. "Could they charge the physician with abetting a rape of adultery? What will be the statue of the child if the couple became divorced? If potential heirs later find out that the husband i.s not (he father, .can they deny the child his inheritance on the grounds of illegitimacy? Suppose the donor resorts to blackmail. Or .suppose he claims that he unwittingly had been used in a medical experiment. Suppose the donor's wife objects to her husband be-ing the father>> of another woman's- baby? 'Does the'child have any right to claim the donor as his legal parent? Or could the mother subsequently sue the donor for the support of the child? To protect themselves, most doctors rsquire that all parties concerned, husbands and wives on both sides, sign statements agreeing to the procedure and freeing the doctor of all liability. New York City requires that such records be kept. But if the names are thus recorded, there is no guarantee of perpetual ecrecy. So some doctors outside if New York never require any uch statements. in Need ELKHART, 111, —Or)— Luck fr> Maurice Tierney look a brightc li'rn when fello wworkcrs got to gether to help him remodel hi house. Tifirney has had misfortui dogging his steps ever s* e i h fractured an ankle at the siir the project last March. Since the he has had appendicitics, and late dislocated shoulder. RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere You 1'lease Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 NOT HALF-SAFE OUCH UKUMAtK HUM fun or. Y( HURTS is REAX HELP, *»«*! Scientific, medically compounded C-U2H Cont*i«. tkn famous, beneficial her* "B1*ck Snak« Hrxit". And it's IODIZED to speed u» the SalfcyUte Action that m»k« I Penetrate tissues better to *iv* yw fast, effective pain relief. Don't deJaj • . act today I The first bottle pur price back if not uti<tfi«<l NEW YORK, N. Y., l!)50-Dorccn Kelley of New York aitil Wilmington, Delaware, says: "I Hkc to have plenty of beans antl dates, and n girl doesn't get them if she's half-safe. That's why I use a deodorant thai Mops my perspiration \ to 3 days. Kills odor instantly, safely, surely, hotter than anything Pve found.. Safe for my skin and clotlius." Flow about yon? Don't he half- safe—be Arrid-safcl Use Arrid lo 6c sure. BuynewArtid with CrcnmoKcn. Arriil with CrcJiniogcn is guaranteed not tn crystallize or dry out in the jar. What's niprc, if you arc not completely convinced that Arrid is »H every way the finest cream deodorant you've ever used, return the j-.u vith unused portion, and we'll rc- '«nd Ihe entire purchase price. Our id dress is on every package. Get a jar of the new Arrid wtth jrenmoKcn today—only iiOc 1 plttx tax. ONLV " BUVTHEVILU All Y/M1TETH •^ Day • 2 Big Hits Fcatvr* J i i i i I I II \\0\\\\ EMMWI ALSO Chapter On« 'F«d«ral Ag«nt T*. Un«i«rworld" RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday "THE THREAT" with Michael O'Shea and Virginia Grey News ami Carlonn NEW ••* Open* Wnk r)a>s T:M p.m. Matinee Saturday *• Surid.ij-s M«t.-S». 1 p.m. Cant. Showing Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday 'EVERYBODY DOES IT' with Paul Dnugla.s • ml Linda Darnell AIM Sh.rU ' o{ 1950 That's the word spreading about Bui(k's brand-new F-263 valve-in-head engine, already proving ifse/f in ths bends o? ttevt SUPER owners C ALLicif you will the biggest power-story of the year. Call it another triumph in Huick's long history of coming up with, rar performance beyond compare. r But, sir, when you step into the sleek-lined traveler pictured here—/v.wj/ OH lo ymr lull. For you'll be riding behind a power plant that is not only new but a major sensation of the l<)5() season. You'll be commanding ihe very latest word in valvc-in-head power—the newest accomplishment of the organisation with the country's longest stretch of experience in this engine design. « Features like these mean ' ] JSVICK'S THE BUY r/rcl.all vafvc-in-hcaj power ' in Ifirco tn B inos, fivo dp rating*. (We* F-263 engine m SufCK morfef!) - HlW-FAIJlltN SJYLIHS, with bumper-guard B"ff«, l<iper-lh roua h fenders, "cloubfe bubble" hrilfighlt • WIDC.ANGLf VIUSItnY, cloicup roaJ vfcw bolt, fo,warj onrfbodc • rR/SFflC-HANDV SIZE, Icsl ovei-olllcngth for easier parting and tjararjmg, thort laming radius . CX1RA- WIDf SEATS crorffcd bolwecn llv, axhs • SOfT CUICK KIOl, from all-coil tprinrjing, Sofsly-SfJo rims, lowprcaart liret, rWc-slcodymo lorque-lubo • DrNAFtoW O«IV( itandard on all RfMDmsrtliS, opI/orwJ ol oxlro C oi) on &UHt ami SfCCIAl jorfcs • NINlltCN HODlLi Win Body by fisher • V/IOf CH01CI OF [QUIPMINT orfJmg tlcxibililY lo price* lhal bracket every price rongo obove (no lo»eil. Here every fist-size fuel charge MOW delivers a huskier wallop. Shorter, lighter connecting rods mean that pistons Hash with faster and livelier action. Heavier crankshafts, floated on bigger, more rugged bearings, lake this greater load and transmit its' slepped-up surge to the drive shaft and rear wheels. And you; behind I be wheel, wrcalbe your fucc in smiles ill the lift you find! At the trigger-quick lakc-off •—the mile-eating cruising stride your easy disdain for the passing ' gas pumps. You and your SUPER are really stepping out—and Buick's good name as "a sweetheart on the road" gains still more lustre. Nor is road-thrill the only blessing this new power plant brings. Simpler design makes service easier, so upkeep diminishes as a problem. Hydraulic valve-lifters keep, valves properly seated for efficient operation— and for quiet unbroken by tappet noise. And you can have this power either with Huick's easy-shifting Synchro-Mesh transmission or the silken luxury of Dynaflow Drive.* ISithcr way, this SUPHR is certainly something to see. To this top-notch new power it adds style and room, comfort and a wide outlook, soft easy stride and handier new over-ail length. Piven the price justifies a prompt trip to your Buick dealer to learn more about liuick for 1950. You'll soon see why so many folks arc already saying, "Whatever your price range — belter buy Butch!" XSisrtifarJen KO,1f>MASTLK f tplhnal At txtr* OJt 99 SUPLR and SPECIAL madtls. - Thonc your BnicJt dealer tor A cTcrnonjfrjI/on — Kiyht Nofr lANGSTON-AAcWATERS BUICK Co. WAI.NU'l & BROADWAY. TELlil'HONE 555 »*« tfttrr ••/•Mt»*j|e« «ro built Itl'ICK ir.iH build (Item I

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