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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada • 16

The Leader-Posti
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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J'Ut LLAUElMUiST, KKtilNA. llLMlAY, K. IU4D Collegiate Board Notes Japans New Minister Here VANCOUVER, Oct. 8. Beiglro ITashizawa, newly-appointed minister to Canada, arrived here Monday en route to Qttawa where he will replace Baron H.

Tomii, recently recalled to Tokyo. The minlstei said he could not discuss poll I leal questions, but added there was a feeling ot quite natural resentment In Japan over the Impending United States embargo on scrap metal. "Scrap lion la required for peaceful machinery as well as for the manufacture of arms and munitions," be declared. "I don't think anyoody In Japan wants war with the United Slatee although there may be a section which feels it is Inevitable, he added. Odd, Stirring Drama LONDON, Oct.

8. Broadcasting to North America, Minister ot Health Malcolm MacDonald described besieged London as the stage of "an odd, stirring drama performed In deadly earnest to the accompaniment of droning airplanes, crashing gunfire and vicious bursting of bombs. Despite the pounding, he said, one could stand on Hampstead Hill and "notice no monument missing amongst all the spires and towers of the city. CANADAS WAR FRONTS News About the Boys at Home and Overseas PAGE bIXTEEX Dates for commencement exercises of the secondary schools were approved by the collegiate board meeting Monday evening. All schools will utilize the Darke hall for the occasion.

The dates follow: Balfour Technical school, Wednesday evening, oclock, Oct. 16; Soldiers are often reminded theyve got to eat a peek of dirt! anyhow, but in the army theres1 drra on the parade ground, heal- apparently nothing in the rule tated before entering the apic and But the atory doesnt end here! A strapping lieutenant whoj doesn't run second barking out or-; back to Begins for the winter months has already begun, with the pay staff alteady on the job at the armories. The entire district staff is expected back by the middle of October. DOUBLE A BOOK 1ST he (at down 1. M.

M.cPMrm, K.c, will or N'tit floor. that arent rakrc guest speaker for Central or gwpt. Civilian units l)ivou-butt. Then giate, while Bev. L.

M. a cigarette ash grew on In the past year of war, the Sal his smoking vation Army has distributed to Can-Self-consclously he looked 'adian troops, for use in writing home, Sti million sheets of writing paper and over 3 million envelopes, with 300,000 postcards to help 'around, excused himself and flick l.ed the ash out the tent door. acked at Dundurn found out soon enough. And when one group swept out and scrubbed a floor of the orderly tent where battalion records are kept, the two lads on that particular duty fatigue' hung up an Imposing sign: "Wipe your feet, air." Those who are wise about orderly rooms know that the most frequent visitors are senior officers, hence the "Sir. Offices at the Begina armories, which have been operating with only skeleton staffs or have been closed for the summer because tthe transfer of military district headquarters offices to Dundurn, are beginning to show a little movement and bustle again.

The trek of the district staff WEDNESDAY: STORE CLOSES 12 NOON DIAL 9311 1 SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith Mens Negligee Shirts Your opportunity to purchase better quality shirts at a low price! Madq from smooth cotton broadcloth shirting materials, that have good appearance, launder easily and wear well. Attached fused collar style in patterns and colors to blend with the seasons suiting materials. Sizes 14 to 17. (0) eJ HALF DAY SPECIAL, each Outerbrldge will speak at the Balfour Technical school's commencement exercises. Grades nine and 10 at Central collegiate were reported to be a little heavy with an average of 42.2 and 43.4, respectively, to the room In those grades.

These classes are at their saturation point and It was the report of Principal G. Scrlmgeour that the classes could carry on if no more students are admitted. Balfour Technical school boasted an attendance of 90 percent for the field day held Sept. 27. With Ideal weather, loud speakers, and a "take of $35 for the cafeteria, the day was voted an outstanding success.

An employment bureau for Balfour Technical school Is In the process of reorganization with Miss M. Sinclair In charge. A list of accounts paid by the collegiate board from June 1 to Sept. 30 came to $2,836.50, while a similar list from June 4 to Sept. 30, paid by the vocational education committee, came to $4,994.90.

Permanent loud speakers will be installed In the Balfour Technical school auditorium, the board decided. Out of 51 applications considered, it was decided to select Calvin Elchie for the position of- night fireman at Balfour Technical school at a salary of $85 per month, his duties to commence Nov. 1 and terminate March 30, 1941. Shop students of Balfour Technical school will be required to pay in advance one-half the cost of aprons and overalls which the board will purchase, the overalls to remain the property of the student on completion of the school term. The provincial government will be asked to pass an order-in-councll allowing the grant for the two days of the Teachers' association convention the coming Thursday and Friday.

The board also endorsed granting permission to teachers to attend. Sum of $100 will be spent by the vocational education committee on 496 keys to lockers for the Balfour Technical school. Womens Rayon I Hose out the writers of brief messages. This letter paper demand rises enormously and in fact from May to August rose from 166,000 sheets to 666,000, with a corresponding rise in envelopes. Nearly 2,000,000 enlisted men have used Salvation Army huts in the year and 30,000 men awaiting enlistment acceptance have been lodged or fed, or both.

The Red Shield is over 71 hotels, canteens, service centres and hostess houses. This includes two hotels the London, England, "West Central hotel, 101 Southampton Row, accommodating 300 men, and the Red Shield hostel at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Thirty canteens are run by the Salvation Army and 29 service centres with all departments of work in full operation. Ten hostess houses for the wives, mothers and children of Canadian troops are doing splendid service. Comforts have been shipped overseas to the number of thousands of pairs of socks, sweaters, etc.

One hundred and twenty-five large- cases have been despatched to England and Iceland. In entertainment the Army has conducted hundreds of moving picture shows. Twenty-five sound machines have been purchased and are now in constant operation. Overseas 12 Salvation Army supervisors serve the 1st and 2nd Divisions and one is located in Iceland. Eight mobile canteens serve 434 units, with 267,421 men served.

Four hundred concerts have been conducted, giving entertainment to 150,000 men, as well as 153 other services held, which were attended by 70,710 men. Since June, the "West Central hotel" the Army's hostel for Canadian soldiers, has accommodated 5,592 men. The Red Shield Womens auxiliary has now 512 established groups, with 18,100 members. They made and have distributed 100,000 articles ot clothing. 30,000 blankets and articles have been sent to evacuees and refugees in England.

Appointment of W. G. Stillman, officer commanding the Edmonton regiment of the Canadian Active Service Force to the post of inspector of accounts at Canadian military headquarters in London was made known at defence headquarters. He will continue with the rank of lieutenant-colonel. At defence I headquarters no word had been received regarding unofficial reports that Maj.

E. B. Wilson of Edmon- ton had been named successor in 1 command of the battalion. Circular knit from fine rayon yarns with lisle reinforcements. Choice of colors to wear for school or around the house.

Sizes 8V to lO1-; HALF DAY SPECIAL, pair Heavy Duty Bicycle Lam malted steel case of the strongest known construction, covered with cadmium to be rust resistant. HALF DAY SPECIAL, each K-S Vegetable Crispers A handy method for keeping vegetables firm and crisp. Dish of durable white porcelain enamel with cover. Size I inches. To fit in most any re- I frigerator.

HALFDAY, I SPECIAL EIDERDOWN Baby Blankets Shackle Lock This customer puts a nickel tip on the table and I give him my usual sneer. Instead of raising the tip he picks up the nickel and walks off! ITALY LOSES ONE-QUARTER OF SUBMARINES ALEXANDRIA, Oct. one-quarter of Italy's submarine strength has been sunk since June 11, when Italy Boys' and Womens Cotton HANDKERCHIEFS At Wednesdays low price we must refuse all C.O.D. phone orders. Some are plain white, others have colored striped borders.

HALF DAY SPECIAL, each Mens Handkerchiefs Generous, size handkerchiefs of plain white cotton or white with colored borders. HALF DAY SPECIAL, P. each Vw Soft cotton Police Hold Technocrat Ilaldeman VANCOUVER, Oct 8. Boyal Canadian Mounted Police officials announced here Monday the arrest of Dr. Joshua N.

Haldeman, wanted by Regina authorities on a charge laid under the Defence of Canada regulations of being member of an illegal organization. He is being held here awaiting an escort from Regina to take him back to the Saskatchewan city. Dr. J. N.

Haldeman, arrested in Vancouver, was head of the Regina branch of Technocracy Incorporated, outlawed by Ottawa after the outbreak of war as an illegal organization. Dr. Haldeman blankets patterned in pretty nursery designs. Choice of pink or blue in size about 30x40 inches. HALF DAY SPECIAL, each LauriePs Nephew Gets Cabinet Post TORONTO, Oct, 8.

Robert Lau-rier, Ottawa lawyer and nephew of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, was sworn in as Ontario minister of inines late Monday. He succeeds Hon. Paul' Leduc, who relinquished the cabinet post to become registrar of the supreme court of Canada. Mr. Laurier, assistant secretary to Justice Minister Lapointe in Ottawa for the past year or more, was sworn in by Chief Justice R.

S. Robertson In the presence of, Premier Hepburn and the whole PROFITEERS THREATENED cabinet. -w. I SOUTHPORT, England, Oct. 8 Brovinrioi rntu er re8ldps 'n President William Holmes of the Fast ucjlcy of Ottawa Trades Union congress, attacking in tn i ri represented War profiteering, said that "ifiOct.

8. Raymond G. Jones, 14, i a IeKtslature, it Is ex-manifestations of the' people's died shortly after he shot himself pected the new minister of mines spirit do not shame the greedy and accidentally while drilling In the will also seek election there in anjselflsh," then sterner government basement of 'hts home Sunday early by-election. 'measures must be employed. with a loaded .22 calibre rifle.

entered the war, British naval sources said Monday night. Twenty-two Italian submer-sibles have been accounted for. In 1939 Italy was officially listed as 104. There is no way of knowing how many were put into service since. DIE IN CAVE KITCHENER, Oct.

8 Two teen-aged brothers were smothered to death here when a sandpit In which they were dig-had 's11? a cave collapsed on them. The Drugs and Toiletries 89c LYDIA PINKHAMS VEGETABLE COMPOUND Toilet Paper LASTEX GIRDLES Ample support for average figures excellent to wear for active sports. Of two way stretch Lastex in tea rose. Finished with four hose supporters. Sizes, small, medium and large.

HALF DAY SPECIAL, each EATONS CLEANSING TISSUES 200 J) for sheets CREAM ALMONDS AND WITCH OK a HAZEL 6 oz. KUC Household rolls Current district orders of M.D. 12 instruct soldiers not to wear their web anklets with battle dress when they are walking out, either on leave or furlough. Bole of a padre in the Canadian army has changed completely since 25 years ago when he first followed the men into the battlefields, Capt. J.

Logan-Vencta, adjutant of Protestant chaplain services, said Monday at Ottawa. He explained that the armys modern auxiliary services, libraries, entertainment facilities and medical services have released the padre from many of his old duties, and leave him free to concentrate on the job of being a spiritual adviser to the men. The padre has come into his real role as the Soldiers Friend, which is what the word means in Hindustani," he said. Capt. Logan-Vencta said that the higher level of education among the troops, and changing social conditions have made the men more critical of the padres than 25 years ago.

"They arent backward now about showing their dissatisfaction if a sermon is dry or uninteresting," he commented. "They want sermons dealing realistically with their own announcements, the first' problems and today's social and Militia Training Time To Remain at 30 Days Writing Paper Special 29c writing pads 50 sheet linen finish, and 2 packages 2 of matching envelopes Cotton Tea Towels cfl Choose them by the half dozen or dozen lots. Absorbent cotton in white with Ralston Says Manpower Problem Studied (By Canadian Trees) been representations regarding the earlier colored borders and centre stripes. About 16x30 inch size. HALF DAY SPECIAL, each Increasing need of men in war industries and that this whole subject is receiving the intensive study of a committee.

"I mentioned that one of the' Paints, Varnish, Enamel and the second economic problems.1 The troops, who a generation ago kept their troubles to themselves, press now asked frankly about all sorts conference, Mr. Ralston had indi- moral and even domestic prob-men called into the militia for methods suggested in order to cated changes might be made inlem8- Nowadays a chaplain was compulsory military training dur- more men available for in- the miiltaiy training program if sometimes asked to write letters to dustry might be to make the tram- thc demand8 of lndugtry for man-, soldiers wife to help clear up dif- lnK periods longer and thereby to Wer and the most emclent tili- Acuities and effect He said that whether any change reduce the total number of men to of military equipment neces- TOMATO SOUP Campbells New Season, 10-oz. tin 3 25c HERRINGS IN TOMATO SAUCE Clover Leaf, No. 1 tall for tin Cm is made for men called up later be called for training during any grated them. will Oepend on the result of the At the conference, he said the studies now being made into the nunlbr' present system of calling men JLf0-S Detailed Yet methods suggested to make for jq dayS' training in militia OSl LctUlfcu Ct a 1 i manpower available for the training centres would contlnue.l OTTAWA, Oct.

8. There will be to rLi Ihe need, of of ar equipment. but lt wa8 nPCesMiry that all plans nothing approximate about the rrnv end indniiiv i All Being Studied regarding manpower remain Bex- 1941 Canadian census which starts the army and indust. j. A mohodl brm(f jblp next June 2.

Ralston's Statement but it can be stated with-' Within the last few days, the A. J. Pelletier, chief of the cen- Col. Ralston issued the following out anV reservation that there will' minister said, conferences on man-isu board. Dominion bureau of statement: he no extension of the 30-day power have been held between the statistics, described it as the most "It has been brought to my at- limning period in the camps to be national labor supply council, 'detailed census ever tenton that the headlines in some in 1940 Bnd whether any representing industry and organ-; of the afternoon papeis convey an change might be made in connec- ized labor, and officials of the erroneous impicssion of what I tion with ome of th laler camp8 navy, army and air force, said to the piess this morning.

depend on the result of the Later Labor Minister Norman "What I said was that there have study which is now being made of McLarty said a satisfactory ar- the whole manpower problem and rangement had been reached at the needs of the munitions Indus- these conferences although he was 1 and of the services" son nouse na 80 on- DOCTORS CHECK PER QUART TOILET SOAP Nile. Palm- tr 4 An olive 3 I UC SARDINES Brunswick. 5c PRUNES Sunsweet 2-lb. i6c MEATS FRESHLY MADE BEEF AND PORK SAUSAGE meat- 41b. 2gc TRIMMED PORK CHOPS-Per lb CUC ROLLED POT ROAST 12c COOKED HAM J- Per lb 4J SKINLESS WIENERS- 18c A survey of hcusing likely will (Two camps or training periods shortages of labor had developed bf lncluded ln lhe ml census, if A wIswhaJ fne 1 OiA mm -J mm I Ml 1 HOUSE PAINT For storm windows, white, cream, huff, brown, green.

FLOOR PAINT For porches, steps, verandahs, inside or out. Yellow, orange 1 1 battleship grey, slate, golden, brown. VARNISH For inside woodwork, etc. Clear, light oak, dark oak, walnut. FLAT WALL An ot for enamel, etc.

White, cream. ENAMEL For inside walls or woodwork. Whit ivory, cream, light green, light blue. SATIN FINISH For inside walls or woodwork. Whit ivory, cream, huff, light green, light blue.

FRUITS ORANGES Sweet Valen. cias, per OCm dozen Wv APPLES McIntosh Reds, SL $1.59 PEARS Flemish Beauty, 10c Limit: dot. to a customer while they last! APPLES B.C. Wealthy, E. SI .39 Fifrreg KIDHEYS FIRST Because they knew that healthy Kidneys remere Iron the blood the waste auttw the excess acids and peuens, formed By the evtr-chanying human body at it decays and rebuilds Bit il tU 1 mac 11 Japan were cue on irom Kidneys ltd, illness surely follows.

Rook- cPI('r Canadian supplies she could get i bi Japan WOuld shut down two Of ir.nT,nmr from mil JeTh Columbias mine operations; Asselstfne aid G. C. pIanU in uthwcet Sleeplessness, Headaches Buy rewik bUt 1,800 Blen and man. federal metal contrr-- Boa Isulty kidneys. At health saiefuard 1 jaDan as a wise precaution rryuiato your 1 kidneys freeuently with Dadd's Kidney Pdlt for ever fifty year, the Lrorito kidney reaedy non-habd brainy, roc Doddls Kidney Pills BOMB RrXMIXG KUNMING, China, Oct.

with federal authorities I anpse flyers raided this northern The investigators were informed terminus of the railroad from that if Japan were cut off from Frfnch Indohma for the aecond time in a week, bombing several man, federal metal controller, had not necessarily prevent bePn unsuccessful in efforts to ob-i from getting its supply ofain another market for British! 1S7 TANKS the metal, Hon. W. J. Asseistlne. Columbia 'a copper output, which! OTTAWA, OcL 8 Col.

F. F. British Columbia minister of year amounted to 35.000 tons Worthington's armored brigade at said Monday. 'About half was shipped concen- Camp Borden. has so far re- He said his statement was based trate form to Japan and the bal ceived 137 over-age tanka from the on investigations conducted by the ance to the United States for refin- United States.

Defence Minister provincial government in colla- ing and ro-expoit. 'Ralston said. i.

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