The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on July 21, 1950 · Page 13
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 13

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1950
Page 13
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to Maui Epaa Ciifimminfi Inrfmrfinn Class to Open at Perris Hill The next free swimming instruction class, under the San Ber- rardino Red Cross chapter and the city recreation department, will open at Perris Hill plunge on Wednesday, July 26. This Is two days later than originally announced, the change being made, according to Allen Cutler, Red Cross swim instructor, to allow extra days of instruction in the present large swim class. The class opening Wednesday will continue through Friday, Aug. 11. Those desiring to enter this class can enroll at the plunge on Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock. Instruction period begins at 10 o'clock. The last and fourth free swimming class of the season will open on Monday, Aug. 14, and continue through Tuesday, Aug. 29. Dates for junior and senior lifesaving classes will be announced later, states James A. Simms, swimming pool manager for the recreation department. The class now receiving swim- ft ming instruction at Perris Hill plunge is unusually large and many beginners have crowded the plunge to capacity and kept the Instructor and life guards "on the jump," according to Van Gordon Fields, water safety chairman of San Bernardino Red Cross chapter. Classes also continue at Gateway pool, opening at noon with Lawrence Clark as Red Cross instructor. To enable all to become swimmers and "water-wise," the Red Cross water safety service offers beginner, intermediate, swimmer and advanced swimmer courses through its chapters and branches in virtually every community. Junior and senior lifesaving courses are also available to swimmers who wish to learn, in addition, the skills of rescue and resuscitation. Since this Red Cross program was inaugurated in 1914, the drowning rate in this country has been cut in halt Irom 10.4 per hundred thousand to 5.2 the service states. Its goal is "Every American a swimmer, and every swimmer a life saver." Man Pleads Innocent To Batterv Charae Dean Brown pleaded not guilty to battery charges yesterday before Justice of the Peace W. E Balcom, who set Sept. 26 as the date for a trial and placed ball at $500. The defendant, who waived his right to a jury, is accused in the complaint of striking Dottle Brown on July 12. it r v ".. v. 4? ,i ' . 2' " N .4, .v Fri., July 21, 19 50 San Bernardino DAILY SUN 1 3 New, Successful Blood Test for Cancer Described By Swiss Physicians at World Medical Meeting PARIS, July 20 (.T) A nrw'lliry grt into cancer colls, they search, New York, told of using blood lest has so far proved al-1 may he able to halt or slow down! another virus which causes Rus-most 100 percent accurate in do- the cancerous growth. jsian encephalitis. This dangerous tecting cancer in humans, three 'aided PATIENTS jdisease, given mice, destroyed Swiss physicians reported tnriiiy.! rrpo,.t flon, pr. Phinikin andlsome kinfls of cancer. They told the KiTth International four oilier San Francisco experts Cancer Research congress the test Dr. Howard A. Riermnn, Dr. Is based on a chemical that ap- William M. D. Ilammon, Dr. I pears in the blood of persons with , Rcrnice U. Eddie and Dr. Karl F. cancer. The chemical breaks , Meyer said such diseases had i down a certain kind of stignr, been given to 16 persons suffering ' pentose sugar. The test is made from cancer of the lymph glands, by adding blood serum from the or cancer of the blood, leukemia.! person to a solution of the sugar. Some recovered temporarily, for a few weeks or months, the doctors said. Kadi virus administered was of ; m.., ii i v mi mr vi mm . w a SUPERFORTS STRIKE SEOUL YARDS Great cloud of gray and black smoke float up from Seoul marshalling yards after B-29 8uperforts struck in the second major raid (July 16). Centsr of hits appears to be at left where trains are visible. Photo was taken by RF-80 Jet reconnaissance plane shortly after strike. (AP Wlrephoto from U. S. Air Force) WHITE and SUMMER SANDALS Whit, R.d, (row Siitt 5 to ) $298 WKit. (I Shewn Sim 1 L. J. HOMER'S PETERS SHOE STORE 424 HIGHLAND AVENUE PHONE 81-4338 CleaningWoman Finds $40,000 Asks Bank Officers To Come and Get It SYRACUSE, N. Y., July 20 l.T) Mrs. Mary Sakowski, an $18-a-week cleaning woman, called the First Trust & Deposit Co, today and asked officers to come get their $40,000. Mrs. Sakowski explained that she found the money on the bankjln9 Saturday Night Serenade. Iioor wnne sweeping lasi nigm and took it home for safe keep- SOPRANO WILL BE HEARD AT CLAREMONT TUESDAY Hollace Shaw, coloratura soprano of radio and concert fame, will be heard in Claremont's Bridges Hall of Music Tuesday night in an extra event of the Claremont Summer Concert Series. A native Cahfornian, Miss Shaw is a graduate of Pomona college. She is widely known for her years of radio performance, particularly as "Vivian" on the Hour of Charm program, ana more recently on ing. New at the job, Mrs. Sakowski said she was scared and did not know what to do with such a sum of money when she found it. "So when I finished work, I simply put it in a paper bag with my shoes and took it home with me." The money was in four bundles of $10 and $20 bills. A bank spokesman said Mrs. Sakowski will get a reward, but that the amount has not been determined. Best in Training At Fort Ord Camp Orville Best, 25, son of Mr. and CHORAL DIRECTOR Her brother, Robert Shaw,, is the noted choral director. Both young people inherited their musical talent from a concert-singer mother, and had years of preparation singing and leading choirs in their minister-father's churches. General admission tickets may be secured in advance by mail order to the box office, Harper 100, Claremont college, or may be purchased the evening of the concert at the box office, Bridges Hall of l "- - -I-, I. SINGER Hollace Shaw, coloratura soprano, who will appear Tuesday at Bridges Hall of Music In Claremont. Music, from 7 o'clock until curtain time at 8:15 p.m. There is a special rate for students, it was announced. Transamerica Stockholders File Petition With" Court Side Glances SAN FRANCISCO, July 20 (IP) -A- petition by 19 Transamerica Mrs. Edward Stevenson of 104 Corp. stockholders, asking that Penn street, has begun basic training with the Fourth Infantry division at Fort Ord. At the completion of It weeks of training, Best, who attended San Bernardino Valley college, will be permanently assigned or selected for a specialist school. Pecan trees should be set holes three feet wide and three or four feet deep. ' ' ' :" the Bank of America be allowed to manage the assets and business of the 22 banks involved in current litigation with the government, was filed with the ninth U. S. circuit court of appeals today. The stockholders asked the rnurt to adopt their plan and continue it In force until a decision jn is readied on Ihe main contro versy. Bank of America had acquired the 22 California banks from Transamerica in an $18,000,000 transaction when the federal reserve board asked an injunction to block the merger. Contention was made by the Bank of America that the transfer had been completed when the injunction was issued. However, the court in a later action found the two concerns and their respective presidents, L. M. Giannini and Sam H. Husbands, guilty of civil contempt of court for acting against the injunction. On June 11, the court ordered the respondents to purge themselves of contempt by restoring the 22 banks to their former status within 30 days. (and cooling) Jxaurt m buttermilk y KADI MAM When the temperature goes upend your energy goes down 'reach for a big refreshing glassful of Aden Freilwhurrted Buttermilk. That richer, more zestful flavor ond high nutrition will make (t your favorite afternoon 'pick-me-up. Get the buttermilk habit-but make h a good habit-make sure ifs'so defcious" Arden tW Buttermilk. Arden tlAMMAH BUYTGRIYimi T Korean Stand Backed By Methodist Bishop LAKKS1DE, Ohio, July 20 tin The United Nations' stand on Ko rea was upheld today by Bishop Arthur J. Moore of the Atlanta, Ga., area of the Methodist church. Bishop Moore, formerly bishop of the Shanghai area which Includes Korea, declared: "The bold measures initiated by the United Nations In Korea . . . will give a new ieane on life to men everywhere. "The struggle may be costly but justice will prevail and the world given a chance to enjoy peace, economic prosperity and right human relations," ha said before an audience of 2,000 Methodists. Action by the federal reserve board grew from its own charges that Transamerica is tending to become a monopoly in commercial banking in California, Ore gon, Washington, Nevada and Ari zona. J. Leonard Townsend, counsel for the federal reserve board, earlier said Bank of America and Transamerica are, in effect, one and the same. At present, the holding company owns about 11 per cent of the bank's stock. METHOD TESTED The method was described by Dr. Georges Menkes, Dr. P. Rentchnick and Dr. S. Steenmf, of Geneva. The test was tried, they said, on 2D0 persons with various kinds of cancer. It was 95 per cent right. An improved version was Dr. Menkes said it was almost sp?',0(1. f"'": 100 per cent accurate. Blood from 42 of 44 healthy; persons producea no reaction on the pentose sugar, while 88 per cent of 124 persons with diseases other than cancer also showed ' negative reactions to the test, the Swiss expert said. Rats were given a cancer-causing chemical. The sugar-destroying chemical appeared in their blood at the same time as the microscope showed cancerous changes in the rats' tissues. The sugar-destroying chemical seems to be a constant and prob ably peculiar property of the blood of cancer patients, Dr. Menkes concluded. The congress also heard a description of a new injection technique in which hollow tubes, pushed through human arteries, wind as far as five feet through the body to deliver cannon shots of drugs against cancer growths. CARRY DRUGS TO SITE Dr. Michael B. Shimkin of San Francisco's National Cancer institute said the tubes can carry large amounts of drugs to the site of the cancer. Twice as much of the drug injected into a vein would be greatly diluted before it reached the same site, he ex-1 plained. Drugs were given in this way to 50 patients, all dying of cancers, in the past year, Dr. Shimkin said. About half of them received temporary help and a few obtained an extra three months of life, he added. The drugs used were nitrogen mustards, made from wartime poison gases. The tube method, Dr. Shimkin said, had proven safe and may become increasingly useful. The patient lies on a flurnscopic table and doctors watch where the tube, or catheter, is going. The patient gels a local anesthetic at the point of the tube's entry and doesn't seem to mind the process, the doctor added. Two other reports described the use of virus diseases 1o fight cancer. Smaller than bacteria, the tiny viruses have to enter body cells to live and reproduce. If U ri I i ties Firm Names New General Manager SAN FRANCISCO, July 20 HP! -Norman R. Sutherland, vice- I president and assistant general j manager of Pacific Gas and Eiec-j trie Co.. will become its vice-prcsi-! dent and general manager on Aug. : 1, succeeding W. G. B. Euler, ac ; cording to an announcement to- a type that could be controlled or day by J. R. Black, president. cut off with such modern antibiotics as aureomycin or Chloromycetin. Diseases used included a virus disease of cats, a venereal disease called lymphopalhia venereum and Rocky mountain Dr. Alice E. Moore of the Sloan- Kettering institute for cancer re- Kuler will become executive vice-president of the company, assisting the president in the general supervision, and directing t lie purchasing and general construe-, tinn departments. Euler and Sutherland have served the company for 40 years and 37 years, respectively. r-Rivct8 CAMP Buys. l IK 1 .n o J $1 COWL 1M4 IT tVICt. INC T. HMO. f. Til 7-20 "I'm looking for a boy who calls my daughter long distance and reverses the charges!" Get Complete Coverage At One Low Cost With the Want Ads COOLERS! ISSICK - UTILITY Alio PADS, PUMP3 and PARTS for All Makei DELBERT MILLER Licrnlrd In Collon HEATINO AND COOLINft Phon 82-6373 6-15 Court &L ATTIFAN A' Dull KlHhMl in Atllt Vnlil" Tmprattir rn.. 15 to 20 for Health f and Comfort ury tool ir , a - Call 82-13M or Write ATTIFAN, 1388 Fairfax Dr. San Bernardino Funds Provided for Synthetic Fuel Work WASHINGTON, July 20 UP) The house has voted a three-year extension beyond April 5, 1952, of the government's program of research into the production of synthetic fuels. At the same time it authorized an additional 527,600,000 for the project, termed vital to the nation's war-making capacity. The measure was sent to the senate without a record vote. Of the added funds, $2,600,000 is earmarked for the construction and equipment of a permanent experiment station at Morgantovvn, W. Va., where the work Is now going on. Exports to Reds Ended CANBERRA, Australia, July 20 Wl Australia today banned exports to North Korea. iSV Jem" " 6 W lfp .SaJis JS?1? " 4i PUIS -I M ! k; ft ' X i lift i pi ' m MftiSia TVf iiAtl)imY i VILLAGE COTTAGES - - Lake An onlieail Accommodations to Suit Every Purse For Information or Accommodations Write P. O. Box4 Lake Arrowhead In the Center of Village Completely Redecorated Knotty Pine, TUo Showers, Complete Kitchenettes, S7.30 Per Day for Twd People. For Reservations Phone 3333. O Lnlteshoru Cottages Deluxe Housekeeping Cottages. Aecom modatlons for Two to Eight Persons Per Cottage.. For Reservations Phone Arrowhead 3111. O Village Inn In the center of everything. Accommodations for two. European plan, begin at $6.00 double per day. For reservations, phone 733. O Lodge Beautiful Lake Arrowhead Lodge. Accommodations for two, American Plan, $20.00 Per Day Phone 711 for Reser-vations. Dancing Nightly to the Music of Tinv Dobbins. O Lakeside Motel and Trailer Park Trailer parking, $10 and $12 per week. .Modern Motel Cottages for two, per day, $7.50; for four, per day, SI 0.00 S60.00 per werk. Reservations for either may he had by phoning 718 collect. IM) MINER MOUNTAIN VACATION SPOT THAN BEAUTIFUL LAKE AKKOWIIEAI)

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