The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on May 8, 1943 · 6
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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada · 6

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 8, 1943
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Womens World ACTIVITIES in Still I riifirant 1 nt,. v i'rn ."c t in UiC . I - M nponcc I ' At I V ft I'U ,rn n i C i.i i-': -'I; Kfj IL p MORE OUTSTANDING PERMANENT SPECIALS vn A.V-I7.F0 (REAM W W t 0 (REAM ON, 0 M $4 $3.75 I M lh CHEZ LEROY FRANCES S. ENGLAND PRESFNTS Audrey Johnston TUFLVE-YKAR-OI.I) riWII in Recital Darke Hall, Wednesday, May the 1-tli. IDE! at 8.30 pan. do' RUGS, DRAPES, CURTAINS, SUP COVERS, BEDSPREADS Them - iin mid to slr.l.; 'Ini' t lodMim; inli- 1'usn S ai o i (,ui'f)oi ail'dc'S boautilulh ami Call tis for osUmaU's. Rugs, 50c up Lntfce Kiun 4r to 8e S q . - f t Slip Covers For Chairs For Chcstri lield- dial 5665 it, Ii'tfiur -a-n yramnfiHwn.HuiCTjujjiig If Roi Cleaned It, It- C-L-E 2011 12th Ave. SAM LF.XIER, Manager, DONT WORRY ABOUT YOUR KlRS SEND THEM TO ROSES FOR SAFE STORAGE I)rolional lMnv p- L II U U 'I I 1 LI I A. I ,Wi i. S i jM I C I f ,n. ; u- tl I'fti.ih c! b 50 YIA i.i mi u.iotliop ot (. K(l(1,t, VilJ. M.iy 5 ..t the II H Ci Senc ol the p'jv YWCA 1'intmiul president, the te-iineitiuii .md All : H G Aniiioas. js in the (ho, D. ri 'by William-, accompanied by her - -ter. Muriel Wii-,,.im- delightfully two songs -toi v Appi opi lute otmo-phei i w.i- Mry J( () pw(,jj ,ntroduced the lent oy pin tic ul.irlv hue light, ng gl(a S1)ejk(.ri m,.,, E.-telle Boze-f lei t- for ohdti the uedit vv.i- m-in ,f cieorgin, noted teacher of 1 1 n to W II Chill- l)eotiin.d s(,,,t,flc lempeiantc, as special singing by a hoi us of gill- fi"m the (1,0. c-,in ai hool added to t f.e ( Wl((l (h,uk. bhickltoaul and diaim ri the Tho-e con- hotlcs alco- i.ei led v-ith the pleasing ptifmm- e,,, lir p the speaker illus- irue aruigid to ri peat it at St ipated the effects of narcotics on li let - chinch Sunday night after t)u. human s-em It people rould the .-.el v ic e child diet tops the list of foods rreommended by the Canadian Nutrition Services. One of the objectives of the nutrition program is to get all Canadians to take at least their minimum retirement. VITA-N-IZED JP rxclusive Conditioning Cream UFA! Til I I. TIIW VIR ND konumv ntimi I eAtlinf Mel-rhinrlrss and Iff If A 4V f 5 BEAUTY S A E 0 N do id kuk.uln- l'nim I In c lc al oc i moil i k all'. Drapes, 75c pair up Curtains, 50c pair up Bedspreads, THROW HITLER INTO THE ASH CAN BACK THE ATTACK Buy Victory Bonds Supper Held W W.C.T.U. d to think ,-ei iou-Iv there vc nuld be no piciblem of lritemper- nice- Cimo-ity and a ties. re to do shat othei- licit' doli.g led young nei -on- to take their fust dunk j It ecu- the fn-t smoke and drink t,t caii-ed the trouble You,h mu-t be taught u lentificaUy that lli nt.ol 1- hat pifal I The beer di inker olten get-j Tinie aiiohul in a day than tnrj a tnskj drinker because he takes j beer in huger quantities, said Miss ' It a a- haul to hieak the habit and nut of 10 who annulled the alcohol habit four become Nothing short of the abolil.ou of the liquor ti at fir- a.i-) enough Mrs W R Moin-oii,, speaking for the lompipc thanked Miss Boemar foi he i andte-- I Gilt-1 of lumifl ,I tilt 1 i'f t lhl I HKitn. Ml-v K H vtl II c 1 I'll 1 Ml U J Paltpr(.n Mi t l'hn - M-M Mrtlltr. V ( M H I)"! HD t 1 I Mis A-IiIpv M U tin 1 Roundabout - - - ir lliic- good necc- hi gal- who ai e tunning out nt hobby puis I. .dost i opy of Constimi t New-puiil i-he d by waifime juice- and ti.idc I io.u d, eunluin- an item -fating that theie t- to he an in-Jciea-e tin- year ill the quota oi I metal allowed foi making thc-e impoitant items unci -uiiplie- will bis nme moie plentilul m the te-tud stoies Canadian a i my mii"UY well may tny then ?ist(r huutcn-imtN .milky the line foi their (luuu'iMif u 1 1 pv ai untion rluty Competition for this -sen up is in ttip It s A. anrl applicants pcip(i po-ts 20 to 1. Recently a pioneer muse tn tins field m eompanied the hldier patients fiom India tn Washington m a com cued bomber. Air e acuatmn nm ps tide a spfi nil eouise, whuh me hnips loKis tu s. tiopunl, dpscit and Autn meduine, apio-iriedn-a! physioiofr.v and mental hygiene in relation to flying and cbmatir tions ' They must know liovv to administer oxygen and blood plasma during IliKhl, must be between the ages of 21 and 2(i and weih between 105 and 135 pounds Mrs Roger Moffat, Frobisher, The ceiemony was pcrloimed by Rev. Dr. J. L. Stew ait Flowers and fern decorated the chinch The bride entered the chinch with her lather to the strains ot the Lohengrin wedding march, played by Harry Jones. She I wore a white brocaded satin One Bade magaim ha- olf' T' ' n' . '''nIipmb clever means of jeminding jcooplf ( ' frn-e- -nid carnn , .. .. ,, . 4 r - non a buufiutt ot roses uici carna- wh, n it IS P act, rally time foi MdlI m of honr was Mr, w of sutismption Vhvy waul a letter together with a dainty spun f aititieial forPt- me-nota. which the subscriber may wear n fi boutonniere of re-mindei until he foi wards lias xe-uew al. T.G.A. PasseiigcT Giii- Aenl.s WINNIPEG- Women have taken over some of the impoitant T (' A min A- soon a- the plane goe-down the iiinwny, whether it'- on a -hoit hop or tians-Dommion Iiiji, if- tip to the pilot and his I lew But till the moment when j t he -top- ale pulled awav, collecting the t ic kets, getting passenge-s altnaid. m.i tmg and weighing the I luggage is U) to the pa.-ienger .agent' At TC olnce at Sea island, the iu--rnger agent- ate three ivoung wonion who consider th it tin v h.o e a monojioly on the really lop-lli'dlt )ob- I '1 he Jills wear smait navy nm-i.uin- -nn , n- to tho-c worn by , tew. ode -( and in airports nenn-s '( an.iila tiie-0 gn 1- ate taking men's i lilac es -o that the men can do more evienlud wnik. All the girls are nintpelled to take a tive weeks' h.iMi Paining eouise at Winnipeg in loi c in nig posted. Snimmiiifl Course at Cvnenil Ilospitul Fust course in swimming at Regina General hospital school ol nut sing was completed a few days tl CH i K". The hospital has an exeel-3)1 TO JI.OO (,,( swimming pool and a eouise m swimming has been imm pointed Into its curriculum Swimming classes will be ic-umed In September. Mrs. William Caul-der, a trained instructor from the Y.W.C.A., has been in charge of the classes, and appic-uahon has been voiced by the hospital authorities to the Y W.C A for making it possible for the school to obtain this skilled lone lung. The students are planning to organise a group of their bc.-t -w immors to compete) for the royal life saving awards during the next school vear. w. A. PURVIS OPTOMETRIST 2032 12th AVENUE, REGINA -y Lfc AlitB PO's ftfc.(lNA, PERSONAL MENTION PRINCESS ALICE, who 1 with the gov ernoi -general is on a tour of the west, will attend a combined meeting of the Women's Canadian club and municipal and provincial lODE chapters in Vancouver Muv 13 No tea will be served Ilincess Alice will speak and later receive the members. E A. Picketing has lull on an eastern business trip Mrs Robin Rcndle has joined her husband, Sqdn. Ldr. Randle, in Weyburn, whole he has u-sumed his duties as chief Hying instmctor at the RAF. station lie was fot-mcrly stationed in Albeita and lecently returned to Canada after seven al months in England A suipuse showei was held m honor of Miss Maiy An-iliay. bnde-elect, at the home of her mother, Mrs. S. An-riray. Games were played. The following wcue pie-en' tl , - III III II an M.ii II H"g '.I I ( i- H i ant huk J v f Sil r E tin i Ann ' htetaff i tr it id Jsuiel E it ( Du j Dnnlln Hindi, Jv m Uftu-ttui and IU f 1AI.( 1 MK - A Hilt diouci m fit ui ( ii oi Mij-n Ainciia Giad wa- held at Ralgome school. The evening was pent 111 contents and game-Pi it t nr Min B ii h. t nn I li Mt C i in Du wotci m.l ! -in, kH 1e I. ii t 1MMIlMtK.n MRS W W BCRKAHT ha-,111111-1 horn the east to vi-it her paiont-. Mr. and Mis llemy Blai k. College avenue Him hu-band, Al'3 Buikait i- at It t' A K tiaming -i hool in Alnei la Mi and Ml- C A Beeki't and Aiicliey, Avonlca, pent two day- in Regina ttu- vve-k, gue-t- at the home ol Mr. and Mis W J Putts, 2J1! Hamilton ,-tiect. and Mr and Mrs. G Robot tson, 2304 Osier street. MOI FAT W II.I.I MSON SASKATOON Gtace church was ttie setting for a ceiemony by which h iances Enid Williamson. daughter ot Mr and Mis. L l H Williamson, Saskatoon, be c,im0 hi ide the bride of the Hew Alexander I fathei ho was duumniH in a Thompson Moffat, son of Mr. and'Rown of white satin and net with - - veil held in place by a coronet Robeit Jack.-on. and best man Her-beit Moffat, Frobisher. Ushers wine Kenneth Williamson, Al Brown, Rae Allen and Rea O-tic. Allen Robinson sang "Because. Mr and Mis E. B Williamson, and Mr and Mrs. Roger Ivloltnt, received with the bndal party at a reception at the Elite cafe Mis. A S. Walker and Mrs. John Manuel pet lot meet the tea honors The bndal couple left umid a shower of conletti for a short honeymoon nt Regina and Frobisher The bt ulo wore for Ravelling a turquoise crepe dress and pink hnt. The couple will make their home at the United church manse at Climax. A-ltinff Jn wr imr t Uu miptmn pip Gold k Holler, ClrsMe Dew Alt, Jc teline Andnon. Melon Sltwait. Eve-lui Htrrt end Nina KiuiV Hie vvotl-dtnd cke wj cut bv Min Wr More nml mony. The was gowned in to the bi Ide war pnipo-rd bv the llev jpjnk .'he! I. With matching Veil Dr BeniDe nf-town Ktu-u jn eluded Mr nml Mrs Hdr 1 Mono! DRAYCOTT IHL.YIT OWLN SOUND, Ont. Pnmi-'ley pals in a wedding ceremony foi need on Api il 24 at St. chew's Presbytei tan church by Mm A Muflnt. H.'ihi'it Mnfat ti t-hor, unit Fern lit-dtli Oli-Mime Rev. Ross Adams were LAC. Keith Reginald Diuyrolt, RAF, and Miss Patricia Hulatt The groom is the son ot Mr, and Mis F Diaycott, Colchester, , anil the bude the daughter of Cajit and Mis. Erie Hulatt, foi met ly ol Regina. Easter lilies and other blossom.-, Club Notes Ictdic atmlifltv to Tlr Fq i.n'ton ami IICAl inett- Mondav nif.Hl t ovcinmenf It. . 8 txhwk F.mpirw lt kan IocIm- No 4 1 tmots Tuiit1v ntK'tl al fi o A lot k at I HO I hall Th meeting will ho followed b.v mutt wrluM. India mixlluitv of Hrltnl end Di tut War Aid fund will met! at home of Mi-F MartUntf 2122 Mi lavish on Tuesday night al 8 o clock Annual nirpttng of Princess PalMcia Hub will he held at the home of Mr MnH, 2040 Rae afreet, with Mi. Annhel Collier and Mia Then Ko-Mn as ho.t-ev.f Monday night, 7 30 otlntk ( aphal Citv I. O B A meet fnrdriee practice on Mondv nurht at Orange hall tesouice committee "f the local council of women meets Moi fiav afternoon at 3 o'clo k at home of .Mi II, L lovermg Church Circles Catneion Memorial W meets Ttie-day, 8 30 at th home of Ml. J lioUoik. 11H Cameron atreet. Central circle. Ftmt Raptlt chmrh, meta Monday night at 8 o lock nt the home of Mr. O. It. Turner, 8te. 21. Wil lianvon apartment l.adie of Wet End circle. Flrxt rren-hvtenan ihurrh. will meet at the home of Mr. J Iatereon, 2711 Ihliteenth ave nun, on Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'tlotk Ijikevlew rirtle. lrt HnplNt church meet at the home of Mr H. rher. 3040 CoihkO' avtnup. on Monday niRht at ti o i lot h. SATUHDA Y, MA 8 liH3 WOMAN IIPLOMT: Miss Maiy Craig McGcachy, formerly of Sarnia, Ont , who has been made first -ecretaiv to the Hi iti.-h embassy at Washington. She now holds lull (l.plomatic statu- and is the only woman in the- Biiti-h C( mmonwealth to do so Her dqilomatic career started 14 yeai- ago with the League of Nations, Geneva. QFFICIAL opening tea and new membeis' clay will be held by- Regina Golf club ladies -ection, Tuesdav, all members being invited Games will be arranged, after which lea will be seived in the clubhouse fiom 3 to 6.30 o'clock. Mrs. S G. Goodman, president of the ladies section, will receive with Mrs. Harry Perry. Mi-. Knight Wilson, past president, will perform the tea room honoi s, a-issted by Mrs. W H llallett. Mrs. J A. Morton, Mi- F. D Malcolm, Miss Maigaiet Met law and Miss Flossie Lawtence. Mrs. J. C. Pike will convene tea room arrangements, by Mis. C. E Sat gent and Mrs. H. Slack. Mis J W Blyth will be in chat ge of the lcgister. tall ivory tapers in blanched can-delabia, terns and palms graced the ehuich. John Dednck, To-lonto was organist, and Miss Lillian Blown vocal soloist. The wa- given away by her of Bovvers. Her bouquet was of culla lilies tied with white satin ribbons Bndal attendants wete LAC. Homy Tedder, RAF., and Mi-s Betty DufTy. A reception and wedding dinner tor 16 guests was held at the P.itcn son house, Mr. and Mrs Hulatt leccning with the bridal couple. The bridal couple leit later for Tot onto, the bride wearing a blue silk jetsey diess, black hat and coat and corsage of roses. The In ide will remain at her home in Owen Sound, the groom lejoining hi.- unit. The bnde's lather, Capl. Hulatt for tin ee or four years was organist of First Presbyterian chuich. Regina, leaving in 1938 to take a similar position in Owen Sound Mrs. Hulatt is an accomplished lynr soprano singer. Their daughter is a gifted musician and interpretive dancer. H.VI.mYZ StllANTZ CHAPLIN. 7 ion United church manse, Moose Jaw, was the scene on May 3 of a quiet wedding when Miss Beatrice Georgina Schsntz, Chaplin, and Michael Hahwyz, Moose Jaw, were principals. Rev. W. H. Shaver performed the eere- shoe r, with matching caught 111 place by a coronet of blue (lowers She was attended by Viola Crapley, Moose Jaw, who w ot e pale green sheer. John Crap- was best man. The wedding pei-ldinner was served at Princess An-ln.fe Later Mr. and Mrs. Haliwyz left for Chaplin where they will ,Me' ,, , T Riccken. Gu vin, and LAC. Sli't''- c A Dafof v son of Mi. and Mis R. Sietz, Regina, woio m.trricxl on April 10 at St. Maiy's iectory. The ceremony was porfoimed by Rev. Father P. W. Minx. Miss Lenore Chatwln and Irene Wovvra, both of Regina, were bndesmaids and F. Powell and S Lance were the best men. The bride given away by her father woie a gown of white bro-eadeo satin with veil and carried a bouquet of American beauty roses. The bridesmaids wore gowns of blue and pink sheer with matching flower petal hats. The wedding music was played by Peter Bender. F. A. SMITH Optometrist Second Floor In T. EATON Cfc COMMUNITY and WAR 1UUGH FARTHING, K C., n and Mrs. Farthing, Calgary, are weekend guests of Major M. A. MacPherson, K.C., and Mrs. MacPherson. Leaving Saturday, Miss Helen Drupe will go to Edmonton, where she will do war work. Mrs. Lloyd M. Howell arrived home from Montreul Thursday to visit her mother, Mrs. G. R. Dolan. Mrs. Howell will be in Regina ot least a month. VARS. FRASER Calgary, is friends m Regina STEWART, visiting Mrs. A. G. Johnson entertained at a shower in honor of Miss Kay. Milne, bride-elect. Bunco was played, honors going to Miss Kay Milne, Mrs. W. Roberts and Mrs. E. Truman. Relreshments were served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. A. Milne. Mrs. George Barker. Ivan Johnson presented the gifts to the bride-elect. Guexts included: Mrs. A. Coombs Mri. F. Heinris, Mth. F. Krurjter, Mrs. N. Spamer Mi. J. Sullivan, Mrs. A Parkinson. Mm. T. Hatpenny, Min R Nelson. Aflnc Jones. Mrs ;i.ids Bradley Pearl Rodger Alice Moie, Rvivia Bronk, Jujce Bannl lei. Gavnor Halpennv. Kay HettcJ, Ruin Cook. Maiy MUne and Muriel Waif Fit. Lt. Leonard Bennett and Ft) Llewelyn Tanner, Wey-burn, are spending the weekend in Regina. IEUT. Lloyd Bowman, R C.-A , is on leave visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Bowman, Albert street. Miss Irene is home from Weyburn and Miss Jean has returned from the University of Manitoba, where she is a student. AC. Manson Bowman, R.C.-A F., is stationed in Regina ot piesent, making this the first occasion in a considerable time that the whole family has been together. Leaving Sunday, Mrs. J. F. Lunney will go to Brandon and Winnipeg for two weeks. She will visit her sister, Mrs. W. F. Lowe, in Winnipeg. RADIES SECTION, Gyro citizens golf club, held its opening tea Thursday afternoon, a number of new members being among the guests. Srmg flowers graced the ir-viting tea loom at the clot' house, gay tulips centring the tea table. Mrs. B. Dickson received: Mrs. Roy Batting poured tea; Mrs. T. O. Cleave looked after the register and Mrs J. S. Turnbull had charge of the tea arrangements. A-si-tlng tn serving weie Mrs. J.mie. Vlitchrll, Ml E. E. BartUm. Mrs 1 P. Hleht Mrs. B A Hem-htu'ct and Mrs, W IT Dae idsnn Gue-ts es hn rpHl.lerpd included' Mis H C Andrews, Mrs. J. M. Fisher Mrs E T Rnlke, Mrs D. F Bond. Mrs. W J. Harelton, Mrs. If G Dunlop. Mrs. J E Graham, Mrs K. S Flelrher, Mrs G. Tetlow. Mrs C. H Bidden Mrs. A Reid. Mrs. C L. Wells Mrs. R L. McKinnon Mrs. G. Mclndoe, Mrs. W. It. StehhlnK Mrs A G. Chsptln. Mrs, L. D. Parker. Mrs A FeiS'ison, Mrs. G. Harlow. Mrs. R. L. Stutt. Mrs. G. Ball, Mrs. G A Ivev. Mrs H Wilson. Miss Irene Wilkie Miss M. Gll-hs and Miss F. Coati - Reltckuhs Initiate Six New Member Meeting of Naomi Rebekah lodge was held with Mrs. W. W. Petrie, noble grand, in the chair when a class of six candidates was Initiated including Mildred Perric, daughter of the noble grand; Mrs Pearl Rankmore, Mrs. F. E. Ennis. Mariorie Lawson, Olive Hoar and Sylvie Blakely. A report from the war work committee was read showing donations to the Red Cross and Russian relief and a number of quilts, articles of clothing and knitted articles completed. Lie Da, on hark, erma at aidea. Bend hoih knee, in cheat. Kick one lea airaiehi forward amartlr. Return lo cheat. Keck other les for-ward and return to chest, thro botli left together nd back. lUpeat in rotation. Uc on back, feet together, arm on 8 oof at For sliii-sliaie liifi-shape do this exercise and wear a DIRECTOR PLYMOUTH. Miss J. M. Woollcombe, serving with the VV R N.S. since the outbreak of war as superintendent of personnel, has been named deputy duector of the W.R.N S. in charge of manning. Don't Be Beguiled ... by our smart fashion values . . . wonderful though they are . . . the best buy in the land today is still VICTORY' BONDS! CERTIFICATES!! STAMPS!!! It is essy to c(an floor finished with LOWE BROTHERS QUICK DRYING FLOOR ENAMEL. A damp cloth or mop wiped over the surface restores th original beauty. Furthermore, Low Brothers QUICK DRYING FLOOR ENAMEL is easy to apply, REGINA HARDWARE LTD. (Exclusive Dealers in Regina for Lowe Bros.) 1722 Rose Street Phene 7809 ahoulder level. Keeping shoulder flat, leg ftraixht and twisting body freely, awing right leg tar at possible oyer left, touching floor. P J Wbnt Jim ibmk of tl: Ukt s t or mpplouiu mtd rtUxatton I (LEEREtt CDtUM mmd STHONQ 'CLEAR COMPLEXIONS 50 6 H9g -AT ALL OPUG-STORES QQnor?Q dries bard overnight, and leaves a durable glass-like surface that stands up exceptionally well under the roughest abuse. Equally serviceable on wood or cement floors. Stop tn and let us show you the many colors In which this enamel can be secured. If busy days keep yon pretty well tied to a detk or machine, it's difficult to find time for even a normal amount of exercise. Wear a LeGant foundation for firm, non-spread support and take time out once every day to do these hip-coneiitioning exercises.

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