The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1952
Page 2
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER-14, 1952 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Marshall Won't Vote In November Election NEW YORK (*_Gen. George C. Marshall said today on his return from Europe that he would not vote in the forthcoming presidential elections. Marshall told reporters in answer to a question that he had obtained an absentee ballot from EISENHOWER (Continued from Page 1) trim, dark-blue tailored suit, "and carrying a huge armful of red roses, took a bow first. Then Eisenhower stepped to the microphones. The Houston speech was a fol- lowup to his hard hitting states' right speech last night in New Orleans. , In that speech he again supported state ownership of the rich tidelands oil deposits—and he warned against the encroachment of federal government on the rights of the states. Roaring thousands In New Orleans greeted this assault on the administration, giving him a welcome at least as great—and many thought greater—than that given to Democratic presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson test Friday. The Eisenhower command hoped for similar receptions throughout the day in Houston, Waco, Lubbock end San Antonio—from Texans in revolt against the Democratic party and its leaders. In his Houston speech, Eisenhower praised Texas Atty. Gen. Price Daniel, Democratic senatorial nominee, for his "valiant defense of the rights of your state tn Its own tidelands." And then he said: "He (Daniel) thinks the Texas tidelands ought to belong to Texas. So do I. "This has been my position since I first looked into this matter in 1848. I have always felt that the titles to these submerged lands should be recognized in the states out to their historic boundaries "Not Just Texas—all the states. Not, Just tidelsnds—all submerged lands within such historic boundaries." his I/eesburg, Va., home. But he added Jovially. "My father was a Democrat, my mother was a Republican. I'm an Episcopalian. I never voted and I'm not voting this lime." The wartime Army chief of staff and former secretary of state and his wife returned aboard the liner United/ States from an overseas tour he made as chairman of the American Battle Monuments Commission. "If you could remove the constant strain of the threat of Soviet Russia, Europe would 'again be a happy place," Marshall said, Yet he observed "a tremendous change" since he visited Western Europe in J948, Marshall said. He was told there was "a constant dwindling of Communist influence, more emphatic in some countries than others," he added. In 1948 Europe was a "fallow field for Communism," he said, but now it "had the appearance of reasonable prosperity, certainly from the agrarian standpoint." Marshall toured Italy, Prance, Holland, England and Luxembourg. Fendler Named To Head County Demo Fund Drive Oscar Pendlcr, Blytheville attorney, has been appointed chairman of a Democratic fund campaign In Mississippi County. Mr. Fendler was notified of his appointment in a telegram from Lcffel Gentry, chairman of the State Democratic Committee. Derails of the campaign and appointments of team captains will be announced «oon, Mr. Pendter said. His work, he said, will be confined to North Mississippi County, and he will recommend that n co-chairman be appointed for the Osceola District. The drive to raise money for the Democratic presidential campaign will involve sale of $5 certificates showing that the purchaser has contributed to the campaign fund. Coming! REVIVAL Oct. 12th—19th at the FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Lilly & Vine Blytheviye, Ark. Evangelist: Rev. 0. L. Spears . of Louisville, Ky. —IN— EVANGELISTIC HEALING CAMPAIGN Luke: For with God nothing shall he impossible COME JOIN US IN A HOLY GHOST CAMPAIGN FOR THE HEALING OF SOUL & BODY. Commodity And Stock Markets— N«w York Cotton Open High lav 1:15 Oc t .3727 3830 3683 36Q8 Dec . ...... 3737 37« 3703 3722 Mar 3752 3152 3710 3734 Maj' 3744 3744 3708 3730 New Orleans Cotton Open High Low 1:15 Oc ' 3728 3128 3692 3108 Dec 3730 3140 3702 3722 Mar ;. 3142 3745 3708 3732 May . ...... 3738 3740 3706 3728 Chicago Wheat Open High low 1:15 Dec . .. 233H 233'4 232% 232H Men . .. 2391,1, 23954 238!i 239 Chicago Corn Open High Low 1:15 Dec ... 165% 165% 164% 165 Men . .. 169M 169 H 168H 169 Nsw York Stocks A T anil T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel [ Chrysler Coca-Cola \ Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward M Y Central Int Harvester ..... J O Penney Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum ..'. Studebaker Standard of N J .. Texas Corp ;,. Sears So Pac 153' 56 1-2 38 7-8 48 5-8 84 1-4 153 1-8 63 3-4 60 5-8 57 1-2 18 31 1-8 66 1-2 38 1-2 21 3-4 33 37 1-8 74 1-2 52 1-4 57 7-8 41 1-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111 OR—(USDA) — Hogs 10,000, open slow, later moderately active; barrows and gilts mostly 10 to 15 lower than Monday's average- sows fully steady to strong; 'bulk choice 190-250 Ib unsorted for grade 19.35-50; few toads choice nos. 1 and 2 mostly about 220 Ibs 18.60; heavier weights very scarce; 150180 Ibs 11.25-19.00, few 19.25; 120140 Ibs 14,25-16.50; choice sows 400 Ibs down n.50-18.50; mostly 17.75 up; heavier sows 15.50 - 17.25; boars 12.50-15.50. Cattle 5,500, calves 2,200; demand good on steers and heifers; high choice steers and mixed yearlings up to 33.00; few good and choice 26.00 - 31.00; cows active and strong to unevenly higher; utility 'and commercial cows largely 13.00-16.00, a few to 11.00. Auxiliary Plans Gifts For Men in Korea Got a boy in Korea! Dud Cason Post 24 American Legion Auxiliary wants to send all Blytheville men In Korea Christmas packages. Names should be sent to Mrs Speck McGregor, T01 Southeast Parkway, president of the Auxiliary. Wifh the Courts Common Pica* $95 judgement awarded Annie Thomas and Georgiana South in suit for damages against 2100 Cab I'l)!/cnilli (liiiilin l\ ^tith SUPER AUTOMATIC STATION^SELECTOR Eliminates Needless^— Tuning. ~ ft",,*,«••"> "TuJor" TV-Modi K1812R.I7.ioch (1,(8 K,. in.) cylindrical picrore xibc icrccn. FmWf modern itjrlinR. »»FSfd.rood looking Pj,ro*rtm coV«r& cwinct m nch Mahogany color. •mMaiwainiKiv 199 95 Up Come in HOW for your personal d«monstrpfion me nest in competitive tests in the ireu of worst reception KTOH the country. Here's Wt»f Ztnlth Qvciffr Mem... ... In Prove* P«ri«rmaiw«. N*w "K-53 1 * Chatiii develop«d nl a eott of ntorly 11.000,000. Teit.d ontt proved rin btif in areoi ol wont reception. ... In Fmell TV Reception. 20% hrigHter picture. 25% gr«or»r olilonce. R«fl«ctio»- proof picfur. (ub«. Eicluifve Frmge-lect — «l il onc« for b«> renption in M ng> own or>d forget ill ... In N«w IffortUu Tunlrt*. Tuning oil bul etim!nal.d by Super Aulomolk Sralir*, Seleclor. Eletlronic OiiforK. Adiu.lor p.rmih tuning ilallon lo station -without furlncr ... In »ui!t-ln, for IMF. Iv,™ Zenith ever told hoi buill in proviiion lor Tuner Strip, lo r««ive new VJHF rietiom wr*. ovf a converter or adopter. ... in Superb Co.ln.try. Flowl** croft.. monihip otnTevci itunninfl edefilioni to your finest furniihingi. WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. Main Phone 3122 CAKUTIIF.ttSVHXR QUFKN — Judy Foster, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Way man Foster, has been nanacd homecoming queen for the 1 Caruthersville-Charleston football game Wednesday night. She will be crowned at hairtime by football captain Perry Going. Her maids include representatives from each of the four classes. They are .Ann Dillman. Shirley Shields, Linda Taylor anci Bern- Ice VanAusdale. Edwards Speaks On Proposed Amendment 43 Proposed constitutional amendment No. 43 was discussed by its sponsor, Representative Jhfimie Edwards, last night at (be regular meeting of the Ulylhcville Junior Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Edwards explained the amendment, which will be on the ballot of/the Nov. 4 general election and is designer) to let cities flont bond issues to finance buildings for now industry. He explained that a'state screening board will be set up to rule on specific bond issues. This board will check the reputation of the proposed industry and will advise In cnch particular bond issue. In other action, the club planned a membership drive. T. H. Cnrnivay and Joe McHaney will head rival teams in 1 tne race for members. State President Charles Moore said a stale board meeting will be held in Little Rock Oct. 26 day after the Arkansas-Ole Miss football game there. WAR (Continued from Page 1) casualties. Allied warplanes with wing racks full of bombs nnd rockets peeled off over the battleline and pounded the Chinese. Front-line reports said fierce bayonet fighting broke out on botri White Horse and Triangle. The attack on Triangle, north of Kumhwa, began when raiding parties crept out ahead In the cold predawn mist. They wiped out several Chinese positions. Then the main force stormed forward. The first assault carried right to .the crest of the hill. But the Heds quickly recovered and pushed back Ihe attackers after a sharp bayonet fight. Chinese reinforcements began to move up from "Papa-San" Mountain, about 500 yards north of Triangle. Allied artillery observers spotted them and the U.N.'s big guns opened up. The Reds were blanketed by air-bursting shells. The Allied troops fought their way toward the crest a second time. Soft sand and shale slopes slowed their advance and gave little protection from the dug-ln Reds on top. "The assault troops have been under terrific mortar fire from the time ^ they jumped off," a frontline officer reported. "The battle is a big. tough fight and very bloody. It hasn't slacked off n bit." U.N. and Chinese soldiers also battled etn Finger Ridge, Christmas Hill and west of the Pukhan River. Frequent raiding and patrol contacts were reported across the front. THEATRE OSCEOl YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE "Where Happiness Costs So Lillle" Paducah Man Dies in Wreck Near Portageville Otlell Brlnkley, S2.ycar-oJd roofing salesman from Paducah, Ky., was killed about 9 o'clock last night when his car rammed a bridge abultmcnt on Highway 61 about two miles north of Portageville. There was no other car involved in the accident. The body was taken to Richards Funeral Home, New Madrid Mo Officials there said the body will be sent to Paducah for services and burial. MANILA (Continued from Page 1) engine, dies*i »rigine, cutting knives, saws, trollies and other machinery. This, the company will buy p.t a cost of about $8,000. Asked what he thought of the town's volunteer effort to rebuild his mill, Mr. Wagner replied, "Fine " "I appreciate every thing that is being done and it rently Is a help. They are doing a real nice Job and I couldn't expect any more. "I hope to repay them by continuing to provide a payroll ana employment for the town." A stave mill has stood on the site of the burned structure since 1002, Sir. Wagner said, and has been out of operation only from 1938 to 1945. In 1938, the mill was first hit by fire when the yard's drying sheds burned and the mill was moved to Riven-ale. Ark. A secnnd fire followed the September blaze of this year when one of four drying sheds was destroyed a day later. Evidence of arson has led to a quiet investigation of both recent blazes. Thus far, no report, has been made by officers. MOX Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sal. Sun 1:00 Always a Double Feature TUES- WEB liudtly Nilcs 2 For Price of Cartoon & Shorts STEVENSON (Continued from Page 1) plpymcnt and created 62 million lobs, (2) "developed n system of partnership between government and private enterprise, which accomplishes far more than cither partner could ever hope to achieve alone." (3) hnd formed "a fruitful partnership between the government ma its citizens" in the field of reclamation, M> had bolstered farmers with price supports despite Republican opposition and (5) had worked 20 years to develop our national resources and open them up to Inn creative vigor of private enterprise." Argued Openly "Do you have any doubt about what will happen to the programs on which American prosperity !s founded if the Republican Old Guard ever gets control of our government?" he demanded. He said that most of the GOP Old Guard members have "argued tiuite openly for a policy of weakness, a policy of abandoning our friends abroad, a policy of retreat in Ihe face of Soviet imperialism. "They have hurled lies nnd slanders against great piitrtots, such as Gen. Marshall, who have' devoted their lives to the defense of this country," he said. "They have demanded drastic and Immediate tax cuts which could only result In gutting the slrength of our anncd forces and our allies and opening the door for new Soviet conqucsiG." Stevenson said the Democrats have made mistakes, but contended that "their basic direction has been right and we have not winced or flinched in the face of attack from all. quarters." He praised Robert Rose, a candidate for Congress, and Sen. Joseph O'Mahoney, Democrat running far re-election. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 PAGE FTVB TUESDAY 'RECKLESS ACE" Marshall Thompson Judy Clark . WED -THURS "WE'RE NOT MARRIED" Ginger Rogers Fred Allen Burglary Attempt Fails at Joiner Burglars broke Into the M. Speck general store in joiner and damaged a safe lasi night but got nothing for their efforts. Deputy Sheriff Dave Youne of Osceola Eaid this morning that the burglars broke a window to enter the store. They attempted to pry open the safe but failed. 2 Dunklin County Men Wounded in Korea Two Dunklin County, Mo., soldiers have been wounded In action In Xv.-ca, ;he Department of Defense announced in » casualty list released today. They are Pvl. Hal W. George, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carmel George of Rt. 3, Kennett. and Pvt. Leland P. Sipos, son of MM. Zadle Lane of nt. 1, Senath. RITZ THEATER MANILA, ARK. LAST TIMES TONITE! DON'T MISSl itglZWtoP*-'. W&«uSffjffii rvin- k.. Tir/-'llMirTa r\-n ^ ^ttiiW^er. .* •• Cow by TECHNICOLOR """"I MTU C01NH OUI1TON M10IKT O10IU •«MInnia. iti litsi• unn iaii-KIM -ivjsttii ts«m f .r J ««n ^ Wolrttadlftflll MM!-l!>feKVtftii>rittitfl!|l<thi bralliBfttg / \lllUIRJ I J !««Mllh4t<h*.!l'[tiii«rt»irtlltlli fc^hctlFiitolnilltaiiWM l''Mn\n ( *••••••••«•«»•••••••••••««> u« ] «:.>'i-in.ii • Atlm: 35c - 75c Matinee Sat.' & Sun. WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY 'ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN' Jose Ferrer & Kim Hunter For Downright Eating Goodness Always Look. For CHOCOLATES THE CANDY SHOP The Perfect Gilt for tha Sweetest Day OCTOBER ISTH TUESDAY, OCTOBER M JESSE JAMES' In Technicolor Tyrone Power and Henry Fonda WED-THURS OCTOBER 15-1C oxu.«w 'ova Ctt+nti Loretto YOUNG Try the Me-Camp SNACK PACK.... ill New ... it's Differ, Important Facts About PACKARDS PROVED POWER BRAKES Outstanding Advancement in Car Control Sets New Standard of Motoring Safety N OT SINCE ] 924-when Packard was first to offer four-wheel brakes as standard <quipment-h« there been so important a contribution to driving and safety as Packard Power Brakes! • • Proved fojter acting, far easier to apply and completely safe at all times, Packard Power Brake: give you quicker, smoother stops with 40% leis foul pressure--us ii.ousands of Packard owners have already learned through hundreds of thousands of motoring miles! • • You don'f even have to take your foot off Jhe floor to use them. You merely pivot your toe from the accelerator to Packard's low-level brake pedal. This alone cuts 29% from the *v e ,-ig e time ii take, to apply brake:.' Gentle roc-tip pres- lurt is all that Packard Power Brakes require. • • Flr»t power brakes on any passenger car that you don't have 10 lift your foot to apply, proved Packard Power Brakes use engine vacuum to produce .(0% of the braking effort and to assure a normal "feel" 10 pedal action. They give you smooth, straight-line stops every time. • • Th« only car with these proved power brok.I, today's great Packard offers you another braking exclusive in its Safti-Set Parking Brake. This convenient hind brake is either "ON" or "OFF"-it can't be accidentally left halfway on to cause brake lining wear when the car is moving. • • SII, COMPARE AND DRIVC A PACKARD before you spend S2500 for a car.~Only Packard gives big-car comfort, performance and safety at medium-car cost and economy. And remembcr- "Built like a Packard" means built to lail! PACKARD ASK H S MAN WHO O W S S MOTOR SALES COMPANY 110 West Wolnur—Blyth.vil!*

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