The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1950
Page 2
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PAGE TWO m.YTUKVIU.K (AKK.V COURTIOR NEWS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY lg, 1950 DeweyCondemns Gaming Proposal " New York Governor . Takes Sharp Issue ;.• With Mayor O'Dwyer ALBANY, N. y., Jan. 18 <AP> — Mayor William O'Dwycr's plan to legalize gambling on all svoils events was a dead duck in the legislature today. But the proposal seemed destined to become a roaring issue in the state election next lall. ' •f The New York mayor's controversial proixxsal was embalmed in the Senate and Assembly last night after. Gov. Thomas B. Dewey denounced it as "shocking, immoral and Indecent." Everybody got into the act. Three Democrats challenged Dcucy to bo "consistent" and call for an end to legal pari-muluel betting at horse tracks. i But nobody seriously expects that, fo happen, even though Dewcy said he had "per.sonal doubts about the wisdom or the morality of this system." - Dewey obviously was out to make political capital" of '.lie O'Dwyer plan, with nn eye on next fall's gubernatorial campaign. " O'Dwyer has bepn mentioned a^; a leading contender for the Demo-; cratic nomination. Dewey has not yet Indicated whether he will seek re-election. • "The entire history of legalized gambling in this country and abroad." said rwwcy, "shora that it has brought nothing but poverty, crime and corruption, demoralization of moral and ethical standards, and ultimately a lower living stand- ird and misery for all the people." Burglars Haul.Off Safe Containing $10,000 in Cash •• FORT SMITH. Aric.. Jan. 18. (IF\ i-Safe crackers ripped apart a West Fort Smith Stockyards office here Monday night. "crAt «p" one large safe and escaped with another containing $10,000 In cash. ) -. Fort Smith Police Chid Pink- Shaw said the burglary was discovered by Homer Todd. when he opened his livestock commission office Tuesday morning. The West - Fort Smith Stockyards arc located Just across the Arkansas River in Jloffett, Okla. - Shiuv said Totld told him a 400- pound safe containing $10.000 in cash was niiss'ing. He said a larger safe, which Todd reported contained $20,000, was battered but unopened. • The building was entered through back windows. A desk was torn up and the office was ransacked. ysssJM^spdsw TUB STO»YI .!•»• «•< I ••« •txirwr*.. A«le» .*•»• *"— p'H«« kUC»rrm»kl» ml * k»»»H«l k« •»! • Uum b«H4l«K «» • mf*lfml *r*r- tlrt In o«r Utllr <«.»-r.o— «»»r<- «f>I. I »«<•»<• »'• r~»»«U»i«<, uifri.e ••« h«»«*k**»*r wMi* « BlU.kfJ m,, Vftm «! Uim ~-k—L, I ••<. <* *rmmmf- IHK «B4 W»rdr«. Krr4* l,a*K, ike XIX B UT I couldn't just lightly dismiss a live mouse in my kitchen from my mind, any more than 1 could idly imagine Pochahontas doing the Charleston at the Stork Club, i worked with my usual resentment, but under a Dew and more difficult type of tension, expecting «t any moment to have Mr. Mouse Freak up behind me like the villain in a murder mystery. "He ca.Vt hurl you,* John said logically, when I complained. "But I'm afraid," I said. "It makes me nervous." "Afraid of a tiny mouse? Ha ha," langhed John, and 1 realized as I glared at him that there is basierttly very little difference between the grown men and the little boys who delight in putting worms down little girls' necks, or running olf with their hals. The next Saturday night, w •.vent out again, ant. this time t*rcda had mote specific news about our nonpaying guest. "I heard him gnawing at a pnpe bag in the kitchen," she sai< pleasantly. "That's wher" he is You must have some exposed foot there, haven't you?" "My potatoes!" I said eagerly "I hot nc's there! Oh, John, [ re member ,we once had a mouse— only once, and my father caught it You catch this one, darling," turned to him in sudden inspira tion, ."and 1 won't have to worr any more!" "Catch it?" John nearly shrieked "That's crazy. You can't go chas ing mice, can you?" he asked, ap pealing to Freda, who, like mos women, could never k.'t a ma down. Tb*f* right," she *gr«ed, JUnding like a sudden, self-con- iluted authority on small anjmaj life. "But. fret afraid," I protested. It interferes with my cooking and housework. Please, darling." . "Oh. »ll right," he said retue- mtly, "I'll try." Stealthily, the three erf us ttp- oed Into the kitchen, hoping to ike Mr. Mouse by surprise. We lapped o 1 the light, and sure enough, as we opened the cup- ward door, a flash of gray, went y. "Catch him!" 1 yelled, like a >odger fan to Uic third baseman t a. World Series game. JI7ITH the gallery cheering, John m^ae a dramatic wild grab at he gray slrcafc, only to lose his >nlancc and fall on his face. After we all finished laughing; John organised a new plan. "Maybe we can chloroform him," he said thoughtfully. "I'll get a cnn of ether, ;.nd pour it all around he tnsides of the cupboard and close the doors. That should anes- hetize him, and when he's [nocked out, I pick him tip, throw lim down, and tini!" Even Freda, who. in the first place didn't understand why a ittle mouse should be bothering me but was too polite to say so. seemed properly impressed al Ihe marvels of modern medicine. Accordingly, John got the ether, and started to pour. "Keep your faces away," he warned importantly, working like Sherlock Holmes in a mobile crime laboratory to corner a vicious criminal, "or this stufl'll get you too." Finally, the can was empty and we stood by 10 await Mr. Mouse's collapse, the way Eisenhower must have watched Berlin. But nothing happened except that we must have do\ised ourselves too, for all at once the effort of slnying awake became harder than petting pennies back out of a slot machine. Just as all our eyes were half Mr. Mouse run ener- fieticnlly out from the cupiioard and hid warily under Uie stove. » • • rE next morning, 1 slept late. ; and di'r.'t r-.c: up until altei Jobn had already lett or a call. , "Maybe it's really, isonc . away . this time." 1 tried to tell mysell. reaching sleepily for rn> tooth- b'rusl, and stopping short, there Ih the bathtub and heaven only knows how he ^ot there, was Mr. Mouse. He was obviously cornered because trj as tic might. It was impossible for him tc climb up the ittcp sides, and his exhaustion from his futile iltcmpts to do so. was equally plain. At first, ) was frightened and inclined to run. Then 1 reconsidered and emerged with the victorious thought: "I'll get him myself. It's easy now since he's so tired and then I'll tell John, yes sir." 1 gloaled, thrilled by Ihe prospect of nuch deserved praise to come for this heroism above and beyond tlw line of duty By bis tail seemed the mosi practical rr.cthod, ana. with Mr Mouse evidently in the same stale of collapse as a floorwalker aflei a penny sale in a bnrgain basement, also the most feasible With my bare hands? Even Denny Dimwit could have answered that. Humcdlv, siill in my nightgown, 1 went into John's oflice and put on a pair of rubber gloves. Protected by these and trying to bcliave .with the nonchalant aplomb of a professional sword swallowcr, I re.-ippto'u'hcrj Mr. Mouse, and to our mutual surprise, easily caught him. "Now what do I do?" 1 tried frantically to remember, as 1 dangled the poor, struggling imi- mal by bis tail. As 1 slood thus trying to recall. 1 looked str.'iighl into-its fncj, and was overcome with a deep sense of pity for the helpless creature. "But you can't go on tickling him all day!" 1 told myself furiously. "Whnt'll you do?" Just then 1 heard John's key in the lock, and rushing to the dooi as be opened it, I threw Mr. Mouse into the street, where he scampered happily away. "O/ all things!" John ejaculated (To llr r- 'inurd.i ready have German Unrest In Saar Area Flares Anew .,' BEflLIN, 18. f/Ti—Potential pfrman unrest over Mi? Saar loomed iaii'cr today as both Prance and West, Cicnnimy cli-.imril special its over (lie coal-rich border area. - : Prance, ocrimylnK the 738-smiaro mile area anrt holding special trade and economic- nrivUi'iies there, Ls reportedly seeking to lease the Sanr's valuable coal mines for 50 years. West Gerrrnn Chancellor Konrarl Adenauer told a news conference Monday he disagreed with French Forclun Minister Robert, Schuman on "imnv pMnl. 14 " lnrlndin<* French coal rlfjhts In (lie Saar. The Saar nnd iU coal mines hr-longs lo Wos! Germany, he itecliuccl. The question of future control oi the Paar. raisnl (li'ring Schnman's fo-Ciilled goodwill visit to Oernianv. 1ms brought into (lie open old nft- terney.s between France anrl Germany. And II fanned the propaganda war between East ami West Germany. , It hart repercussions In London where F.mirce.s close to the Bri government snl<t the propo'sdl to lea.Re Saar cri;(l irirnes to the Frencii mlKht "prejudice" the Ocrinni: peace (reaty when it, Is finally, v.-ritten. Both Adenauer and Scliu- maii agreed that tile Saar's future would not be determined <m[!l tin peace treaty is concluded, 1 but ir the meantime the French secmei set on developing their present ceo nomle union with the semi-antonn mous Kaur government which rules Rfjo.OOO Prcochin' Drys ond Election-Minded Officer Raid Oklahoma Night Spots OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan, 18. (IP)— .ootlepKei'S and - (V.c night i;lub 'take It of/" shimmy ladles—those are the folks a growing' group of Oklahonu Cm'niy parsons figure shouldn't t>c in business. 'J be raiders from the pulpits al- touched live whisky sellers- two of ihein lute last night stitutionally dry Oklahoma, the strippers will helping of thefr Their clothing, they add. they say, peiicious Now ;et a wrath - - isn't in the proper proportion to the skin wh:ch shows. A trio of preachers got togelhei with a constable Saturday night, aided a couple of rum-runners, and had ? lork in on .some night c!nb'. More than twice Hint ninny did we raiding Monday afternoon. And about, that same, number did nteht's rerun. In all, about 310 pints of the hard sli'ff have been seized. The girlie-girlie shows came in for some renl frowns yesterday. The raids have been in the city and thp county. The scorned shows are in notn nla^es, too. Said the Rev. George Stone, pastor uf the First naotist Church in Oklahoma City. "Talk about sex crimes, it's no wonder we have them when pcnple tlo what they do in sn>'(" of < ni^ht clubs. •T V"aw lhat in some places the cnterinine-re strip down to virtually nothing, while a master of ceremonies dors his best to make to lonk attractive to Ihe young Indie? of the audience." Siolti 1 srtid tt'cre i'n't a real or- tfanvation o' raiders, yet, lhat "Pii.stors have been hollering SaarianUcrs. since Sunday lhat they want lo come in with us," said the Rev. H. C. Einmert, minister at the Crown Heights Church of the Nazarene here: "They're ready to go," Thr-.mas Eppler, 28-year-old pastor at the Church of the Nazarene In Briuon, promised repeated raids. "We'll raid them three and four times a week until we gel some officers who'll stop ail this," he said. But Sheriff Newt Burns is inclined to scoff at the preacher-led doings. Not about (he parsons, but about the constables who go along to make It le?al. He reckons It's possible they haven't forgotten the cornipg elections. "ThiiiBs,"-he said yesterday, "just arc beginning lo warm up for the political races this spring." With the Courts ('hancery: T. r. Soay cl al vs Eddie B. Ross ct al. suit to foreclose on Lot 15 ol Larry's Fifth Addition, to collect, on $322.06 account. IK TUB CHANCERY COURT FOR THE n-ICKASAWBA DISTRICT OK MISSISSIPPI COUNTY', AHKANSAS Mack Williams; V. G. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Holland Timtw, Pltf. vs Sain S. Simmons, Dft, • H'AKMNG OBDKR The defendant Sam S. Simmon* Is warned to appear In thLs Court within thirty (30) da*s to answer the complaint of plaintiff Mat'k Williams. ThLs the l»th day of January, 1950. Harvey Morris, Clerk Holland and Taylor, ally, for pltf. Spinach contains vitamin A. mentlng rectal ilch are oft«n telltale signs of Pin-_Wori»i.. u»| y parasites that medical expert* lay Inf«5t one out of evtry tttret p«r- •onj examined. Rntirc famih>« m&y b« victims anil not know {t. To E*t rid of Pin-Worm*. thes« pests must not only be kilted, but killed in Uie [arve Intestine where Ihey live and multiply. That'a exactly what Jayoe's P-W tablets do . ... and here's how tbey do it: Firtt—M. scientific coating carries the tablets into the bowels before they dissolve. The* — JayaVa modern, medically-approved fn- crcdicnt Roes right to worlc— kiti* Pin-Worms quickly and «a»ily. Don't take chances- with this dilion. At' the first sign of Piu- Worms, aafc your druggist for genuine JayneVF-W ViH-«ifuj;e.,. the small, easy-to-tflke tablets perfected by facnoiM Dr. D. Jayne A Son, specialists in worm remedies for over too ye ~ pick dipped water. In alcohol or toilet President to Speak At Missouri U. in June and Get Degree WASHINGTON, Jim. 18. (AP) — President Truman will fly to Missouri in June to .speak at (lie University of Missouri in Columbia and at the 35th Division Reunion In SI, Louis. Mayor Joseph M- Darst ol SL Louis announced Mr. Trumim's acceptance of the two invitations after a White House call yesterday. He .snid Mr. Truman will fly to Columbia June 9 to receive an rttm- orary LLD degre then go to St. Louis hi the afternoon for a reception and a speech the next day (indicating .the Jef-fersoii; National "' . , . . e yEesuI en t ;com m a nded Ba t- feiTib,'^29th"Field Artillery of -the 35tli Division in the fiist world war. He regularly attends the di• -- r Examination Scheduled An examination is to be con- duciedxin Doll February 4 (o ere- i ale a list- of persons eligible for np- | pohiimcnl by the United Slates j Civil Service Connni.ssion U> the position of substitute clerk, in the Dell post, office, it was disclosed today, AppltCiints must be between the ages of 18 and 50 and live in the Dell area. Applic.ition forms may be obtained from the Ucll postmaster vision's annual reunions. Last year's was held at Little Rock, Ark- caused by functional 'middle-age'! r)o VOM siUtcr from hot Hnsl\es.Wcak nervous, Irrttntjlr clammy fceltllus— clue to tile [unclicmiil 'niL(UIIi:-n^o' ]>erlotl peculiar to Women IJK-52 JTS,)?Tlieilno tryl.ytlln K.l'hlktlaill's Vegetable Compound to rc'Uci'C such syinptoin.s! It also has what Doctors cnl! iv stomachic tonic cilcct! 1YDIA E. PlrlKHAM'S SS RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (All Types Kjt'rpt Cancer) Clinic 514 Main, nlylheville, Ark. 1'hnnc 2321 Check These Remaining Sizes in Famous CAPPS-TAILORED MS Coming in 1950 ...siill more telephones... even better service A quick report on a busy year—and a look at what's ahead for the cities and towns served by the 3,300 men and women of Southwestern Bel! in Arkansas. MORE PEOPLE SERVED \Ve started 19-19 with 10,000 people wailing for telephones and during the year 35,000 more applied. To meet this tremendous need tor service, we installed telepiioiie.s (or 35.000 people, disconnected service for 22,000, luid a net increase of 13,000. MILLIONS SPENT FOR NEW PLANT Arkansas' telephone system last yeai was improved and expanded by nil -$S mil; lion, construction program. The total outlay . For construction si(ice llic war has been S33—almost ticice as much n.s our total plant inmluicul just hcfote lite itar.'.. And still Ilia demand for telephone service grows! MORE EQUIPMENT ADDED To serve tlie new telephones and improve service gcnei ally, we installed dial etuiipmecil for 20,000 telephones . . . added over 50,ilOO miles of wire . . . •!0 new switchboard posilions ... 18,000 miles of now long-distance circuits ... H new buildings and additions. tETTER EARNINGS Krr TO nm« smvici To alt! act the additional millions needed to improve and expand service, earnings must be improved from their present depression levels. We must continue onr 'program of repricing telephone service in line \vitli postwar costs—which hava risen sharply, much more than revenues despite the rat« increase granted in 1948. SERVICE IMPROVED Qu.ilily and speed of telephone service improved. Ion. Now the average long- distance call j^ocs through in two miii- ntcs—ninit limes out of Ion while the c.lllcr holds the line. In 10-13 more local calls were nude, '['hey weteliandled moro promptly. And tlicro were fewer errors. TELEPHONE SERVICE STILL A BARGAIN And we intend to keep it a bargain. In most places, the. recc-nt rate increases were the first in '20 to 30 years. N'owhcrc did the)- amount to nuie than a few cents a day. Here in Arkansas telephone service is .still one of the best buys in thn family budget. 2 SIZE 44 5 SIZE 42 2 SIZE 42 3 SIZE 40 2 SIZE 42 4 SIZE 39 2 SIZE 38 2 SIZE 38 4 SIZE 37 3 SIZE 37 REGULARS REGULARS REGULARS LONGS SHORTS LONGS SHORTS LONGS LONGS SHORTS SOUTHWESTERN BEU TELEPHONE COMPANY Reg. 45.00 Suits Reg. 47.50 Suits Reg. 59.50 Suits 50 $*IO75 $Oft95 23 29 A!! Gabardine and Covert Topcoats at Half Price. HUDSON CLEANER TAILOR CLOTHIER llyth.YilU, AT*. ' »t~U.M«.

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