The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on August 26, 1958 · 6
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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada · 6

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1958
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FACE SIX- 0) , r a t r L J: ! 1, ,M'- I, A I ' .' a" xt ' , i r N-.D (!,.- ;1-' -Leader-Post pholo AWARD WINNERS: Miss Joan Wadsworth, (Mrs. D. Huber) centre, posed with four award winners of ihe Joan Wadsworth House of Charm and Modelling. Graduation exercises were held Monday evening in Boyle auditorium, Campion College. From left to right are Miss Lana Whitmore, winner of the diction award; Miss Agnes Stein, model award winner; Mrs. Huber; Miss Joey Cameron, charm award; and Mrs. Norma Carswell, winner of the application award. Charm, modelling -awards presented at graduation A mother of six children won a top award at the grauation exercises of the Joan Wadsworth House of Charm and Modelling, Monday evening in Boyle Memorial Gymnasium. She is Mrs. Norma Carswe'J. a graduate in professional modelling and winner of the application ward. Her children are Donald. 18, Larry. 16; Bob. 11; Doug, 7; Kenneth, 5; ard Gregory, 15 months. Other presentations were made to Mis3 Agnes Stein, model award; Miss Lana Whitmore. diction award; and Miss Joey Cameron, charm award. Honorary mention in modelling nas given to Miss Joanne Kraft and Mrs. Madeline Webster; in charm, to Mrs. Marcia Overend Holtby and Mrs. V. Montain; in diction, to Miss Gale Matheson and Mrs. Iryne Ruttkay; in application, to Miss Pat Wilson, Miss Valerie Jelinski and Miss Pauline Rottenbucher. "Don't set selfish goals for yourself," guest speaker Mrs. J. R. Hoag cautioned the graduates, '"Hiey will only put you In con- rice with your own conscience, those around you, and Divine Law. "History is full of women who fcave used their charm for both good and evil purposes. They have built and destroyed empires. "Beauty at sixteen is youth, but WA tcill collect for missionary WAWOTA (Special) It was decided to make a special collection for missionary Miss Jean Burns In Egypt, at a meeting of the WA In Wawota. Prayer was lead by Mrs. K, Kennctt, Mrs. B. Brimmer and Mrs. K. Taylor. Mrs. R. Cudmora was elected president, Mrs. Kennett vice president, and Mrs. S. Lathham secretary. P o 1 1 u e k refreshments were enjoyed. In the September Journal A WOSV1XIN8 DOCTOR TELLS WHY" PreMarital Sex Is Always Wrong In the September Journal, Marios Milliard, a famous Canadian doctor, reveals, her lifetime thoughts on this vital 'subject. She gives the facts practical, : physical and emotional on why Nature herself lines up against premarital sex. beauty at sixty is character. I have seen beautiful girls who were repulsive, but met homely girls who were very attractive. The difference in personality development," Mrs. Hoaj said. Director Joan Wadsworth (Mrs. D. Huber) congratulated the graduates for their outstanding efforts. She praised them for their application and hard work. Miss Wadsworth made the presentation of diplomas to the class, assisted by master of ceremonies Johnny Sandison. Special awards were made by Mrs. Joy Perkins, Mrs. Hoag, Miss M, E. Bums and Grady Kester. Valedictorian was Miss Lana Whitmore, who expressed the gratitude of her fellow graduates to Miss Wadsworth. "The course will prove Invaluable to us in our new life," Miss Whitmore said. A brief but Interesting demonstration to promote better understanding of the school's cirricu-lum was introduced by Miss Wadsworth. How to light a cigarette gracefully, correct posture, becoming make-up application, and the art of conversation, were most effectively demonstrated by the graduates and instructors. An ungainly sitting position, and an unladylike way of lighting a cigarette mere humorously portrayed. MODELLING TECHNIQUES Also featured on the program were demonstrations of different modelling techniques, including the slower movements used before a movie camera, the minimized hand gestures and slightly exaggerated movements needed for a television camera, and natural look for a photographer's stills. Cameramen were Don Huber. Doug Biden, and Lyle Larrigan. Young Doug Wadsworth also participated. A short fashion show was neatly presented on a narrow balancing board at the centre of the stage. Little Marnie Sanderson, in a crisp pastel frock, wa3 a most charming model. Miss Dee Moerike was soloist for the evening. She opened each phase of the show with an appropriate song. Miss Joey Cameron and Miss Louella Myrvold gave an Interesting demonstration of the rythmic exercises practised at the school, accompanied by solo ist Miss Moenke. Mrs. L. Herman was organist. The rhythmic exercises were done on showmanship lines by two attractive blond girls, both in light blue tunics. INSTRUCTRESSES Instructresses participating In the program included Miss Le-anne Mcintosh, Miss Helen Hamilton, Miss Agnes Stein, Miss Ber nice Mario, Miss Pattie Lee Wilson, Miss Gale Achtzener and. Miss Penny Cookson. Graduates Included: Professional modelling: Mrs. Norma Carswell, Miss Dolores Collins. Miss Valerie Jelinski, Miss Norma Mclver, Miss Gale Matheson, Miss Shirley Mitchell, Miss Dee Moerike, Miss Jeanine Roy, Miss Vaughn Solomon, Miss Doreen Soveran, Miss Lana Whitmore, Miss Pattie Lee Wilson. Fashion modelling: Miss Helen Bock, Miss Joan Boney, Miss Joey Cameron, Mrs. Amanda Col well, Miss Marie Dirk, Miss Judy Fontaine, Miss Christa Gust, Mrs. Marcia Overend Holtby, Mrs. Nona Laird, Miss Carole Latta, Mis? Veronica Lukey, Miss Beth McAuley, Miss Dawn McDonald, Miss Bernice Mario, Miss Louella Myrvold, Miss Joanne Kraft, Miss Pat Nestman, Miss Marnie Sanderson, Miss Pat Staseson. Miss Agnes Stein, Miss Sharon Stuart, Mrs. Marg Turner, Miss Marie Waddell, Mrs. Madeline Webster, Miss Betty Weisgerber. TV modelling: Miss Beverly Boyce, Mrs. Joan Ulmer. Photography modelling: Miss Pat Curtis, Miss Beverley Goff. Charm: Miss Evelyn Arm-strong. Mrs. Lillian Bargholz, Mrs. Marjorie Campbell, Mrs. Phyllis Fraser, Miss Gloria Connelly, Mrs. Evelyn Fulton, Miss Eileen Hauck. Miss Marlene Hell-mann, M.-S. Mae Jackson, Mrs. Linda Laird. Mrs. Nona Laird, Miss Ann McCarthy, Mrs, V. Montain, Miss Vicki Ollinger, Miss Pauline Rottenbucher, Miss Iryne Ruttkay. Miss Cleane Sinclair, Miss Kay Strumberger, Mrs. Olga Wosly. Refreshments were served following the graduation exercises. The hostesses, Misses Gale Achtzener, Arlene Cybalskl, Marilyn Metz, Dorothy Schaffer, LaVonne Embery and Joan Gaweton, were assisted by Town House charm THE LEADER-POST, REGINA, TUESDAY, AUGUST 1958 Bridal shower SHAUNAVON (Special) Pink and white streamers and bouquets of gladioli decorated the parish hall for shower honoring Miss Margaret Hansen, August bride-elect The event took the form of a come-and-go tea attended by approximately 60 guests. Mrs. D. BecKwith, was in charge of the guest book. Mrs. Sam Jamieson, Mrs. Lyle Duncan and Mrs. Robert Houston provided soft background music during the evenin?. Mrs. Clayton HalL the former Margaret Jamie-son of Estev-n, was soloist. Miscellaneous gifts were presented the honored guest. Hostesses in charge were Mrs. C. H. Behrman, Mrs. H. Behr-man, Mrs. B. Damphouse, Mrs. Alex Hastie, Mrs Vern Horn, Mrs. D. Beckwith, Mrs. G. A. Christen-sen, Mrs. W. Fulton and Mrs. Or-ville Horn, Gull Lake. Mrs. Alex Hastie performeo the tea honors while Mrs. H. Behrman and Miss Marian Schoales poured coffee. Servers were Mrs. Vern Horn, Mrs. W. Fulton and Mrs. G. Sloan, Gull Lake. Mrs. G. A. Christen-sen, Mrs. B. Damphouse and Mrs. H. Behrman were kitchen helpers. '0 1 K PERSONAL MENTION One ot the most elaborate functions ever seen in Rtgina was the Oasis under the Stars held Saturday evening by delegates attending the Mid-west Shrine association convention. Thousands of Shriners and their wives danced on an open air platform set up in Confederation park. The park was brilliantly lighted with many colored lights which played on the flowing fountains. Tha women wore exotic silk and satin costumes as Persian princesses and harem girls and the men were equally colorful in their roles as sheiks. The new Saskatchewan building was beautifully decorated in the Shrine traditions and buffet supper was served throughout the evening from a gaily decorated table. The dance commenced with a grand march led by the Scottish pipe band, the president of the Mid-west association, S. G. Atkinson and Mrs. Atkinson, and Illustrious potentate of the Wa-Wa Shrine, G. Ferguson and Mrs. Ferguson. Prior to the dance, a reception was held in the Shrine with members of the executive of the association and their wives being leceived by Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson and Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson. The party later left for tha Oasis under the Stars by caravan. Dr. Bruce McCannel was convener of the committees arranging for the final event of the convention. Cooking can be fun Party fare includes jellied potato salad By MART MOORE j flavored gelatin, U IXCIUSIVI INTERNATIONAL FALL FASHION PREVIEW Six fimoui dVsisrners create for the Journal, forecast coming tilhouetlcs. In '"Firt Fall Fa.hionj.'' IN ALL, 32 article, stor'trs and jfaluret. Cat your copy today W.11, u-wjiajiJiip cupa hot Pickled watermelon rind and! water. medium cucumber, jelled eggs sound like strange j "liced thinly, five to six radishes, companions but line them up on I sli, f"'ve tablespoons mayon-a summer buffet table and thejnaise. ,w sta:k ce:er'. sliced, crowds will swarm around., medium green pepper, sliced Throw in a new jellied potato .diagonally. Dice potatoes while salad and vour party-giving re-isti!1 warm and add three tab'.e-putation will soar to the top of fPons vinegar, onion, salad oil, the list 'sa't and pepper. Mix gently and PICKLED WATERMELON' 1 !et f minutf 5 j pjy p marinade. Dissolve geiatm in hot . water, add remaining vinegar and Cut white skinless nf.d of pour H cup of mixture into watermelon into lj inch pieces, !mou!d. Decorate evenlv with cue you need six lbs. Cover withii,,,. and rah slices. Chill water, boil 15 minutes and Beat remaining gelatin, drain. Combine two cups sugar, jafter it has thickened siightlv, I'a cups light brown sugar, ma it -a and fairly three cups vinegar, two cups j mavoraiaise. remaining vege-water, one tablespoon ground , ub!es potatoes. Spoon potato-cinnamon, one teaspoon each vegetable mixture evenly over de-a Ispice and cloves two lemons gatin in mouI1 gnd sliced. Heat, to boiling, addi,ii fin rnm.,M , uned nostess piate. DEVILLED EGGS IN ASPIC Ten e??s, about five stuffed olives, one jtablesooon eelatin 'j spices, to cup each cold water and vmegar. h tea?ooon salt, one teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, one can consomme. Chopped I chives or parsley are optional. Cover eggs with cold water, bring f tlft Ivgut Utgtsvkt fur f mr.m J$k CONNIE'S HATS Now Open it) e! 11th Ave. end ) -V-J Albert Sfreet drained watermelon rind, cover ; and boil over low heat until rind is clear, about 30 minutes, j If desired spice oils may be used l . place of ground taste. Add sparingly and green 1 vegetable colouring to color. Pour into about six pint jars condensed wnitn are ;erue ana seal. POTATO SALAD. JELLIED i ive medium cooked potatoes, to nimrr.erir noint. and cook six tablespoons ruiegar, one small covered 15 minutes Drain and orion. grated, two tablespoons i chill in cold water. Peel, cut in salad oil. I1 tea5poons sail, dash i halves and lift out yolks. Mash of pepper, ore package lemon-; them with a little salt, pepper, : ' dry mustard, onion salt and may onnaise and return to whites. Press a slice of stuffed olive on each. Make. Aspic: Soak gelatin in cold water and vinegar. Dissolve by stirring over hot water. Aid consomme, salt, Worcestershire sa uce. Cool but do not aSow to congeal. Pour about of this gelatin liquid Into a glass loaf pan, sprinkle with finely choprd parley or chives and arrange stuffed egg halm, top side down, in one close layer in it ChiH until eggs are set in jelly. Aid an? remaining egg halves "-d all remaining go'atin liquid and chill ur.U firm. To uranould dip pan in water momentarily. Locwn i-it. Cover with uri.d'TTi serv-!g di.. Grasping both fcrm-'jr quick: invert. Radiation affects productivity LONDON (Renters! The British Medical Research Council said Friday there is "general agreement" among scientists that every exposure to radiation brings changes in reproductive cells which will show in future generations. But "scientific opinion Is still divided" on whether small doses of radiation cause leukemia (blood cancer) or other forms of cancer, the council added. The British statement said a United Nations report on radiation was "unduly alarming" in suggesting serious results could follow the exposure of a pregnant woman to medical radiation such as X-rays. It said that "as far as we are aware" no evidence has shown such doses of radiation could cause malformation of the unborn baby. The statement commented on a report issued last Sunday by the United Nations Scientific Committee about the effects of atomic radiation. The council said the UN findings "generally followed the same line" as a similar report issued by the council two years ago. The UN report also jibed with one published in 1956 by the United States National Academy of Sciences, the council said. WILL SHOW IS FUTURE The British council said there is general agreement that the experimental evidence available on animals and plants indicates that "for every small increment of exposure to radiation there is a small but proportional increment" in changes in cells of reproduction "that will manifest themselves as genetic changes in future generations." The statement said that when the direct effects of radiation on the body are considered, "scientific opinion Is still divided" on whether there is a dose below which cancer of the blood or other forms of cancer will not be caused. The council maintained that the only scientific attitude possible on whether or not there exists a "threshold dose" below which there is no direct effect on the body by radiation should be "suspended judgment." The British researchers questioned the UN's stress on the role of small doses of radiation in producing malformations of the lions of the eye. They also noted that the UN report did not make it clear that radiation doses required to produce permanent sterility were very much larger than those which produced temporary sexual changes. MEDICAL X-RAYS As for medical radiation danger to pregnant women, the British statement said: "As far as we are aware, no evidence has been produced that trie doses of radiation used in diagnostic procedures on pregnant women have produced congenital malformations in the child." The risk of an embryo baby developing leukemia after birth because a pregnant mother was exposed to radiation such as that produced by X-rays is "a small possibility to be weighed against the importance of the need to carry out the particular examination," the statement said. i MRS. A. RENNIE: Miss Shirley McEachern, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. E. McEachern of Regina and Arthur Rennie,' son of Mr. and Mrs. David H. Rennie of Regina were united in marriage in a double-ring ceremony at First Prebyterian church, Regina, Aug. 16 by Rev. G. A. Cunningham. Given by her father, the bride wore a floor-length gown of chiffon over satin, featuring a French lace trim and lily-point sleeves. Her veil was held in place by a crown of pearls and sequins and she carried a cascade bouquet of red roses and 'mums. Attendants were Mrs. Madeline Jezegou, Misses Marlene and Bernice McEachern, sisters of the bride, Robert Rennie. brother of the groom; Peter Walbaum, Cam Jezejou, and Delores McEachern, niece of the bride. Ushers were Laird McEachern, brother of the bride and Harold Ipsen. Mrs. Shirley Currie was soloist, and Mrs. N. Kennedy organist Camping enjoyed Susan and Carol Crossley of Regina were among diabetic children and teenagers attending Camp Manitou at Camp Easter Seal, Manitou Beach, during August. Susan was a member of the Brownies, with Shirley Froc as counsellor, and Carol and her cabin mates were the Purple People Eaters with Ruth Leex as counsellor. Those attending the camp, which is much like other camps except for medical and diet precautions, enjoyed swimming, sports, boating, campfire, crafts, cook-outs and wiener roasts. Special events were planned by the Campers' Council, including representatives of the various cabins, camp director Lorrie McColl and program director Leone Wellwood. Pajama parties were held the second night of camp. The two girls' cabins held their's separately while the two boys' cabins held their party jointly. Games were played and refreshments served. A banquet and final campfire were highlights of the last day, when a Fresh ie King and Queen were crowned, representing good campers as well as good citizens in their own communities. Closing ceremonies ended another Camp Manitou and closed Camp Easter Seal's fifth season. Camp Manitou is sponsored by the Saskatchewan Diabetic Association. ;NO VACATION' for Classifed : j Want Ads! Always on t!.e job to, serve you at LA2-7603. c-t Ksr is yy ; F ! i if-I! Members of the ladies' section of the Regina Golf club entertained members of the Wascana Country club Friday afternoon at golf and tea. Foursomes were played and refreshments served in the main lounge of the club. Mrs. B. C. Tremaine was convener and Mrs. J. C. Pike performed the tea honors from a lace covered tea table which was centred by a low. bowl of summer flowers. Low bowls of marigolds graced the lounge. Looking after the pleasure of the guests were Mrs. M. L. Krisko, Mrs. J. E. Rogers, Mrs. J. Vallinquett and Mrs. J. Stevenson. Mrs. David Sarsfield, the former Miss Ilona McLeod, was guest of honor at a coffee party given by Mrs. R. J. Davidson and Mrs. H. Janzen at the home of the latter. The attractive table was centred by a profusion of sweetpeas. Mrs. J. McLeod, mother of the bride, performed the honors. A hostess gift was presented the honored guest. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Jones have had as their guests during August their son and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Jones and family of Calgary and their son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. A W. Menzies and family of Edmonton. The families have been visiting at the Jones summer home at Cotrto Park. Miss Audrey Scheurwater, bride-elect of Saturday, was honored at a hostess miscellaneous shower at the home of Mrs. T. Stamberg. Games were enjoyed with prizes going to Mrs. Laura Coin, Mrs. Margaret Wilson, Mrs. B- Brown-bridge, and Mrs. Thelma Bohen. Guests present included Mrs. W. Gutheil, mother of the groom to-be. Assisting Mrs. Stamberg were Mrs. T. Scheurwater, Mrs. N- Scheurwater and Misses Jennie and Anne Scheurwater. Miss Audrey Galbraith, bride-elect, was honored at a linen shower at the home of Mrs. Ernest Cocks when Mrs. L. Kennedy and Mrs. H. Ryan were co-hostesses. The bride wes presented a corsage of gladioli. Games were enjqyed and the bride received a basket overflowing with gifts. Refreshments were served. Out-of-town guests at the Perkins - Neff wedding included Mr. and Mrs. Harry Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Perkins, Debbie and Rickie, D. Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fleming. Donna Lynn and Caron Ann, and Mr. and Mrs. D. Krauss, all of Rouleau; Miss Marnie Petrescue, Miss Deanna Gillespie, Miss Veda Astell, and Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Andrews, Moose Jaw; Mrs. W. E. Perkins, Marilyn and Wayne, E. Sonstelie, and R. McCullagh, Saskatoon: Mr. and Mrs. M. McElroy, Virden, Man.; Mr. and Mrs. E. Anderson. Dawson Creek, B.C.; Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Shepherdson, foss-bank; Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Shepherdson, Estevan; Miss Wilda Perkins. Medicine Hat, Alta.; Mr. and Mrs. D. Hannah, Drink-water; Mr. and Mrs. Muir Barber and Lome, Regina Beach; Mr. and Mrs. J. Stothers, Calgary. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bonney of Howell. Mich., are visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Watt. s f Reports given at CWL meeting ROCKGLEN (Special - Reports on the summer religion classes and the picnic he'd for the Sisters and children attending classes were given at a meeting of the Rockglen CWL held in St. John's clubrooms. Thirteen rr.errben attended, and volunteered to aid the parish in meeting the cost of water installation in the rectory. General plans were drawn up for the fall bazaar, fancy work and sew.rg : were handed out, and pnzes jel- ecvi. ine cae was set lor Wednesday, Oct. 22. Study from St. Mark's Gospel concluded the meetirg. Refresh menu mere aerved. MRS. R. R. FAHLMAN: Marlene Jean Kuntz, daughter cf Mr. and Mrs. John F. KunLz and Ronald Richard Fahlman, son of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fahlman all of Rcgma were married Aug. 11 at St. Mary's Roman Catholic church. Rev. B. Lewans officiated. The bride, given by her father, wore a gown of net over satin. The net was appliqued with French lace to form a border around the bottom of the bouffant skirt. The underskirt was fashioned of tiers of net over satin and the neckline was trimmed with crushed pearls. Her chapel-'eng-h veil of French tulle misted from a coronet of pearls and she carried a cascade bouquet of stephan-otis and Happiness roses. Attendants were Miss Laveraa Haider, Miss Rita Fahlman, Laverne Fahlman and Bonnia Miss Leor.a Kuntz was organist and Albert Reich, George Kuntz and Ken Measner, Jr. were ushers. ENGAGEMENT NOTICES nnunementi to ippnr urdr thit hdmg will h rpWl t Th !ader-Po.t Ciasstiied Dpt, Minimum thr J2.00 tor ftrt SO writ mr !'. Ait 4e Mt tr ft tark 44itlBl wr4. Mr. and Mrs. Ben M. Moe, Regina. announce the engagement of their daughter. Ardelle Margaret, to Lome Gerald, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Hunt. The wedding will take place on Saturday, September 20th, at the Apostolic Mission at 6.30 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Floyd of Harptree, Sask., announce the engagement of their fourth daughter. Catherine Myrtle, to Mr. Caivin Wayne Shaver, twin son of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Shaver of Bengough, Sask. The wedding will take place on Saturday. October 4, 2:30 p.m. in the United church, Bengough, Sask. BLIND CHILDREN Children in Denmark's schools for the b'.md are taught to use a jpecial typewriter which produces Braille type. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. SeLnger. Swift Current, wish to announce the engagement of tneir daughter, Marlene Kathleen to Keith Gregory Ford, sort of Mrs. Martha Ford and the late Harry Ford, Regina. The wedding to take place Saturday. September 8, 135S, 11 a.m. Sacred Heart church Regina. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan C. Seed of Tregarva, Sask., wish to announce the engagement of their daughter. Mary Dianne to William Scott son of Mr. and iL-s. Walter K. Stirewalt o." San Diego, California. U.S.A. Wedding to taka place at 4.30 pm. Sept 21, in the chapel at St. Andrew's United church, Regina. A beautiful floral arrangement in white flanked by white candels, centred the lace-covered table at the annual membership tea and heme cooking sale held by the Regina Hebrew Ladies' Benevolent Society Monday afternoon in Beth Jacob Synagogue. Mrs. S. Bevker and Mrs. M. A. Bloom were co-conveners. Performing the honors were Mrs. S. Shragge, Mrs. B. Minti, Mrs. P. Bell, Mrs. Becker and Mrs. O. P. Minovitch. Mrs. J. Plosker and Mrs. D. Fisherman were home cooking conveners, assisted by Mrs I. Steinberg, Mrs. C Classman, Mra S. Greenberg and Mrs. J. Weinberg. Looking after the money basket and guest register were Mrs. M. Schwartz and Mrs. L Mintz. Guests were received by president Mrs. M. Reiner. Following the wedding of Anne Lois Biegler and Arthur Nowie Stables a luncheon for 60 guests was held at the Wa-Wa Shrine temple. Rev. J. C. Deutscher and Rev. J, Vogi proposed the toast to the bride and groom. A wedding reception was held at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Biegler. The table was covered with a pink damask cloth and centered with the bride's cake flanked by white tapers and sweetpeas. Performing the honors were Mrs. V. P. Murphy, Mrs. S. Bevan and Mrs. A. McLennan. A wedding dance was held in the evening at the Wa Wa Shrine. Congratulatory wires came from London, England, Bayonne, New Jersey, Vancouver, Toronto, Sudbury and Zenon Park. Following a wedding trip to Colorado Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Stables will reside in Regina. A two-tiered cake centered the table when a reception was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. Jordan following the wedding of Nora Ethel Jordan and John George Stasko. Pink Sweetheart roses topped the cake and summer flowers were used throughout the rooms. Arnold Wilson proposed the toast to the bride. Thirty-five guests attended. Following a wedding trip to Edmonton and Waskesiu, Mr. and Mrs. Stasko will reside in Regina. Miss Avril MacKenzie September bride-elect, was guest of honor at a surprise kitchen show-er at the home of Mrs. J. A. Gilhooly and Miss Diane Gilhooly. Games were enjoyed, and a corsage and gifts presented Miss MacKenzie. Guests included Mrs. A T. Little, Mrs. T. A. 'Howe. Mrs. S Elcombe, Miss Leah S cer and Miss Delaine Clifton. pi- Mr. and Mrs. N. I. Pechey, White Rock, B.C., are the guests of their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Pechey in Regina. They leave for their home later in the week. Honoring Miss Ruby Zaremba, August bride-elect a shower was held at me home of Mrs. G. B. Music. Bunco was enjoyed with prizes going to Miss EUy Schin-del, Mrs. C, Siekawitch, Mrs. D. Kaytor and Mrs. M. Lipinsld, A special guest was the mother of the groom-to-be, Mrs. T, W. Warren. Refreshments were served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. C. Lambrecht and Miss Schindel. The guest of honor was presented a corsage of white carnations and miscellaneous kitchenware from Mrs. B. Dormuth, Mrs. A. Schneider, Mrs. A. Nicurity, Mrs. N. Maly, Mrs. E. Pisula, Mrs. M. Bokitch, Mrs. J. Kleisinger, Mrs. R. Meldrum, Mrs. L. C. Music, Mrs. D. Powers, Mrs. J. Uhren, Mrs. A. Domokos, Mrs. S. Lanr and Mrs. W. Marchuk. Mrs. S. C. Atkinson entertained Saturday at an informal luncheon in her garden, in honor of the wives of executive members of the Mid-West Shrine Association. Highlight of the luncheon was entertainment by the German Band of Zuhrah Temple of Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. E. Good and family of Regina spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Ira Good and other relatives at Fillmore.' Mr. and Mrs. F. Duckworth of Regina attended the Moose Jaw retriever trials. Don't uffe ny lonfff. tot quick relief treat painful piir ith medicated Dr. Chaae'i Ointment. Sooihrt it healt. A aale home treatment for 50 yean. ItCHASEiS Complete shotting of Fall and Winter Millinery Finest Models From Leading Stylists Peggy Anne Variety Strathmore THE IRISH LINEN STORE 2015 12th Avenue Thone LA.2-2013 JPPLIES Before you go, see your friendly druggist he has a complete stock of school supplies, such as exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers, ink, erasers. Drop in today he will be pleased to serve you. YOUR FRIENDLY DRUGGIST Brownlee Drag Store 2144 nrt 1 A 1-44T J Canada Drag and Book Co., Ltd. lit! lam at.-rka LA M2l MacGillivraj Ltd. J0I-1II A..-P.i. 1.4 2-4444 McNeill's Lome Drug 2349-1 4ik Ate ... ia J-3JJ0 Central Pharmacy 3914-Mtfc rtmt LA 3-424 Duncan's Corner Dror Stora Diar Alkert rk. JO -274 Edward's Dnir Stora D4aef A tanr rk ;o-im Fulton's Drug More S4-Utk -r.t 12-141) Hill Ave. Prutl 4oi a;ti . r la 1 use rqui Drugs 421? f4i!f ., rit jof-ujo Tepper Drug Stora Heater Trial Hr. fk 14 2-4H1 Tinder'i Drag Stora Mftalla Bill BI4. fa LA J-4J4S Charlie Keid Drags .. Bablnaas Ara, raana LA 2-4VJ1 River Height Pharmacy Beflaa A. a4 Ialrtraa II ra.aa LA 7-277 Tamblyna Weiiera LW. Carman? Llttatt'a M4iai ar4 Da M!4. ra.aa LA Mill Vkrtoria Phrmacy 4trtarta 4a iBiaf ft m.. '. a j-tii White CroM Phrmry Llrl. m-Mk A I4 2 71P

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