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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 7
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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 7

The Leader-Posti
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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V. PC.E FVEN -THE LEADER-POST, REGINA. MONDAY. 7. 1931 sriCltL STAMPS Postage stamps hae teen issued to honor ail uc.ict pre-uter ts cf the United States from Washington to Franklin Kooseve't.

Pi Card party funds jTie mature imrenl to go to guides ERSONAL Too high standards tough on parents cnaiKisv iMajv hsnirr Ktrasw cxhsjI The executive of the St. Marys Junior Catholic Women league met at the home of the president, Miss Betty Neiszner. Considerable discussion of the various conven-erships of the club for the ensuing year took place and plans were laid for several activities. Christine Clark of the Rt Hon. F.

M. Forue, Australian University of Sa-kachea an, Sas- blgh commissioner, entertained at katoon, is a short t.rnc luncbe0I1 ln Ottawa in honor of Sir r.nm Sin, ns. o. to leaving for Regina, where she Sidney, Australia, who is visiting has accepted a jx sition with the Otawa. department of public health.

By Ml RIEL LAW REM Do you remember the chapter Im not afraid of showing my step out of lino, I think its myj duty to put them back into it, just as tne women at the supermaiket, will put me back in my plate if I try to push them around. I am Marian A Canadian, T. child guidance books warning It was decided to convene a card tha lf wf Mt johnys standard- When Applied A Directed, BERLOU party and games in order to raise l00 hell get so discouraged funds to aid the girl guides of com-, he wont try for any standards at a free, any race, creed, or color you Plans were drawn up for the! If anyone has a right tobe, she who 1 mtend to entertainment of the children of discouraged by standards that being Embury House and included a have been set too high, its not ddV Mrs A will speak up. picnic to be held in June. 1 an 'she will make her little Emanci- Refreshments were served by Its doubtful if MjTna Loy and plantation, and stop out- the hostess assisted by the Machree, together, could hef system Complimenting Miss Lambic Brown, May bnde-t lect, Mrs i McIntosh ertet tamed at a kitchen ,1 shower recentlv Assisting the I hostesses with arrangements 'Mrs W.

A Sihcrthom Other guest were Nlr Farl Robinson. 1 1 Mrs Ptrcv Lindsat, Mis Stan 'Watson. Miss Janet SUcerthorn -J and Miss Alice Bishop president, Miss Hermine Schwartz combine to offer the patience, i Mr and Mrs A E. Mcgson and Mrs Robert Pounder, Moose Jaw, were Regina visitois Friday to attend the opening night per-l formant of Canadian Legion I Plat era presentation, Mistress Mine Other out-of-town lsitors included Ait Jenouf. a member of the Winnipeg Little Theatre 1 cheerfuliness, sVrenityrcontrol" and feelmheuf stowmi- all-around endurance demanded of (pn chlldren.s emotional this generation of fathers and, wiU brcak dovvn under a a I Dont instead of a Do.

Why, then, don we say Look, everyone. I am Marian! Robot Parents A. I sew, clean, cook, market and whose idea was it anyway this collect the childien from school tentury SUperdeluxe parent SomeUmes I get tired. I not with its metallic hide the heroine of a womens mag?" guaranteed against denting by all zine serial on young family hfe juvenile bad temper, impertinence so Im apt to get mad when Im tired, especially when the children parenU Nobody quite figure out how we track mud in on my just-mopped can; got HUGH D. Mackenzie Optometrist 513-14 McCallum-IIill EYESIGHT SPECIALIST Phone 23122 Regina linoleum.

Im not the maternial pin-up girl of child guidance idealists, so children I am mad. When they Out-of-town guests who attended the ordination of Denis W. Roberts at St. Pauls Pro-cathedral were his parents, Mr. and Mrs.

William Roberts, Kamsack; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Robot ts, Poitage la Prairie; Mr. and Mrs. Rov Mitchell and family, Rivets, Man; Mrs G.

Quait, Mrs. R. Godtiey and Mrs. C. Parkinson, all of Kamsack; and Mis.

Alice Cox. Craven. caught on this mass production belt in the first place 1 But they do know one thing If the general purpose was to makei us ashamed of being indignant and outraged when our children insult us, we are going to be in The Shakespeare who said, To thine own self be true, also Let every eye negotiate for itself and trust no agent John Miltori said it, too: The just honoring of ourselves is the fountain head from whence woithy enterprise issues forth. Fonder their points of view -j when the standards of the robot TtlfA parent make you uncertain wheth-UCcCAA er God knew what He was doing! when He made fathers and moth- T1, Misses J. A.

MR. AND MRS. J. D. Highland The two nng-bearers, Misses J.

A. RATCLIFFE costumed One treatment with BERLOU Mothbprav relieves you of worry and financial loss from moth-damage to your clothes, blankets, furniture and rugs. BERLOU costs little BERLOU is economical and easy to apply. A mans suit or womans dress requires approximately Uj to pint of BERLOU for 5-years guaranteed protection, making your annual cost extremely low. Other articles are proportionately inexpensive to mothproof.

Get BERLOU today! Fluffy lainbow -colored gowns brightened the Y.C. hall Saturday evening at the spung foimal held bv the Blessed Sacrament C.Y C. The decorations, in a harmonizing spung theme, were arranged by Miss Madelaine Kaiser. Guests danced to the music of the "Harmonanes, and master of ceremonies was Ed Reed. The committee assisting Mr Reed with dance arrangements included Helen Kaufman, Lyle Ehman, John Daync and Nelson Lautsch.

ers human beings. (First In a Thrice-Weekly Series) Ratcliffe, Regina Beverley and Margaiet Robson, jdouble-ring ceiemotiy was solem-wrere in full highland costume, nized in the late afternoon, April when Sheila Mathew, at the First Piesayterian daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P.

'church, Regina, with Rev. G. A. 16 oz. SI.

29 S2.57 Church circles Cunningham officiating. The bride, entering the church Over 300 attended the pancake Runciman, Regina, exchanged vows with James Douglas Rat-cliffe, only son of Mr. and Mrs. with her father, was lovely in a supper held Saturday in the gown of white satin biocade recreation room of the Y.W.C.A, modelled with a sweeping tram.lm aid of the World Fund of the An impoited veil edged with organization. The World Fund Alencon lace misted from her tiny committee was in charge of ar- The St.

James Anglican Senior A meet at the home of Mrs. Shawcrows, 13511 Royal street, Tuesday at 2 30 pm. Texaff STORES rangements and the room was decorated with colorful paper tulips along the walls. Mrs. E.

G. Bom. was in charge assisted by Miss M. Laidman, Mrs. E.

Martin, Mrs. N. E. Huff, Mrs. W.

F. Pyne and H. F--die. SLIPS Lavishly lace trimmed. Crepe, white only.

Straight cut 4in. lace at top and bottom. Sizes 32-38 The senior subdivision of the Holv Rostary meets the cathedral clubrooms Tuesday at 8 15 m. The Friendly circle of Carmichael church meets in the church parlors Tuesday at 3 pm. The Carillon circle of Metiopolitan United church meets at the home of Mrs Sharp, b74 Wallace street, Tuesday at 0 in.

West Fnd circle of First Prebtenan church iederation meets Wednesday at 3 pm at the home of Mrs. D. Hannah, (5 Angus crescent BRODER 11th ROSE, REGINA. Plf. 7611 cap of white lilacs, and she carried a fragrant bouquet of Calla lilies, heather and trailing ivy.

She was attended by Miss Shirley Styles as bridesmaid, whi'e Morris McKay acted as best man Mrs. W. G. Laird sang wedding selections preceding the ceremony and during the signing of the register. Following a reception at the home of the brides patents, Mr.

and Mrs. Ratcliffe left on a wedding trip to Minneapolis. On their return, they will reside in 2.98 The Mirpah circle Westminster United church, rut ets at the home of Mrs Douglas, 3JJ5 Victoria avenue, Wednesday at 3 in. The Loal circle of Westminster church meets at the home of Mrs A Grant, 2123 McTavish street, Tuesday at 3 m. circle of First Presbyterian church meets at the home of Mis JE Stewart, 244 I eopold crescent, Wednesday a 8 lr m.

Miss MacMillan and Mrs Brown are for the meeting. Tuesday's Programmes EEGMA MUSICAL FESTIVAL OF TI1E SASKATCHEWAN MUSICAL FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION Day Of The Week Pantie Sets The afternoon branch of St Marys Anglican WA meeta In the parish hall Wednesday at 3 pm. Tea hostesses will be Mrs. A. Ludeck and Mrs, J.

Sullivan. A. E. Powers, president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Home and School, will preside at the 13th annual convention of the association which takes place in Regina Wednesday evening through to Friday Tuesday Morning3 Sessions 9.30 a.m. Friendship circle Westminster United church, meets at the home of Mis I) Brock 25 Angus crescent, Tuesday at 2 10 pm Assorted colours, attractively boxed in sets QC of seven vw Weekend Sets Three in box, assorted colours IT IS ASH TO PIY OUt WAYI Tuesday Morning May Klh BAPTIST CHURCH Admission: 25 cents Adjudicator Albert Howe 9 am Class 104 Girls (tale 15 vers and under) The Hoiie in the Tuesday Morning, My 8th Metropolitan Church 4dmtfon 25 cent Adjudicator Filmer Hubble 0 30 a in lass Mil Plano Holt J.

8 Barb Own Chou from the Two and Three Part Inventions Tuesday Morning, Mav 8th KNOX CHURCH Admission 25 cents Adjudicator John Clements 9 50 am. (lass 175 Plane Grade years and underi The Mouse the Coal Bin Peerson Hornpipe Peerson 10 49 am. (lass 178 Plano Grade (12 years and under) Soidiers in the Distance Benjamin A Cloudlet Like Swan It Sailed Benjamin DARLING HAT SHOP LTD. Lutheran ceremony STRASBOURG (Special). Wedding vows weie exchanged between Elisabeth Hengemuhl and Gustav Kirstein April 19 in the Trinity Lutheran church, Regina, with Rev.

F. W. Henke officiating. The bnde is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Paul Hengemuhl, Mesun, Germany, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Kirstein, Regina. The bride was charming in an afternoon frock in aqua tones, accented by forest brown accessories.

A corsage of crimson roses and a pearl necklace and matching earrings, gifts of the groom, completed her ensemble. Her only attendant was Mrs. Emma Klatt, as matron of honor. John Yung performed the duties of best man. A wedding supper vis served at the home of the grhom's parents following the ceremony.

Later, Mr. and Mrs. Kirstein left for the grooms farm east of Strasbourg, where they will reside. Brahma-Whit taker lass 107 Bovs hois bull) Widows Id 50 a Grade A Sea Fever 1850 SCARTII STREET Canada's Largest Chain of Millinery and Accessory Shops Tuesday Afternoon 4 Sessions 2.00 p.m. Graciously Modern 4 IH pm.

Claas 134 String Quartet Open 4 to m. Class 134A String Guinlelte Tuesday Afternoon, Mav ftth KNOX CHURCH Admission: 85 cents Adjudicator John Clements (Ml pm Claas 168 Piano hole Modern Own Choice selected from Modern Composer. eddings DENZIN MIDFORD GRESHAM, Oregon. Pink and white snapdiagons, white stocks and lighted candles provided an attractive setting for the wedding of Virginia Irene Midford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

H. S. Midford, Gresham, Oregon, and Maurice F. Denzin, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Denzin, Craven, Sask. Rev. Harold Backlund officiated at the ceremony, which took place March 3 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Sester in Gresham.

The bride, given in marriage by her father, was gowned in white nylon and satin. Her finger-tip veil clouded from a headdress of orange blossoms, and her bouquet of white carnations and pink rosebuds was centred by a single white orchid. Miss Ida Marie Morgan was maid of honor, and Miss kosemary Berney bridesmaid. William Clark, Craven, acted as best man, and Dan Morgan and Oscar Froese were ushers. Soloist for the occasion was Miss Dons Bennett.

Guests were entertained at a reception immediately following the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Denzin travelled to California for their honeymoon. On their 'return, they will reside in the Craven district.

Tuesday Afternoon, May Htb Metropolitan Church Admission 55 cents Adjudicator Fibner Hubbi 2 00 pm. I lass 43 Grads 5 Chorus Little Bo-Peep White When Swallows Fly Elgar 2 15 pm Class 48 Grads 4 horns King of bong Thiman The Bluebells of Scotland arr. Dunbill 1 30 pm Class 44 Grade 7 horns Bolling Down to Bio German Steal Away Little Birds Anderson 2 45 pm. Class 45 Grade 8 horns Own hnice Cloud Boats Schubert, arr Tapp 8 (Ml m. (lass 21 Girls Chorus Grads Creation Hvmn Beethocen A Song of Youth MacMahon 3 15 pm lass 2 Boys Chorus Grade a Open Old King Cole Dunhill Song of the Sea King Tletcher 8 30 m.

lass 61 Grade 4 lassroom Band 159 sm (la 62 Grade 8 iassrsom Band 3 60 pm i law PI Mrtio Soprano rade A A Green Comheld Head Psjche Pahidiihe 3 35 pm (lass 05 Tenor Grade A Bntlany Tarrar PiRgeune ariotk Tuesday Afternoon, May 8th C.Y.C. HALL Admission 55 rents Adjudicator. Knight Hiisnn 2 00 pm. (lass 1 18 Clarinet Grade 16 years and under) Canti.hlle Tesare Cut 2 15pm lass 120 Euphonium Open Tramp Tramp Tramp Rolllnson 2 .50 (lass 113 Clarinet Grade fl 18 years and under) ViHftnella Lubate 2 45 pm. (lass 121 Kaxophone Open The Sleeping Beauty Tm haikowskv 8 15 pm (lass 114 (ornet Grade A Open Sweet Memories Wiegand 880 pm.

(lass 111 Clarinet Grade A Open Luisa dl Mont for I Bergson 8 45 pm (lass IJ.V Cornet Grade The Te hnician Fndresen GREAT COLLECTION Bajlor university" at Waco, Texas, piobably has the woilds gieatest collection of works, by and about Robert Browning. Important Change Entries Aon. 17 te 58 lnrluslvc In (lass 168 (Plane Modern Solo) originally scheduled to be heard In Knox Church on Tuesday alter-noon HILL NOW BE HKAfttt in Knnx Church on HKDNfcMlAT EVENING commencing it 4 pm. with Mr. John Clementa, adjudi-Cating Tnasday Afternoon, May Kth BAPTIST CHURCH Admission: 35 rents Adjudicator Albert Howe 2.00 pm lass 80 Soprano Grade A The Fuchsia Tree QuiJter A Piper Head 2 iti lass 00 Bass Grade A Victorious My Heart la CariMinl Full Fathom five F.

Keel ENGAGEMENT NOTICES Tuesday Evening 2 Sessions 7.30 p.m. Announcement to appear under thi heading il) be attepted at he Leader-Post Classified Dept Minimum charge, II 59 first 59 woede or lest. Add 8c per word lor each additional word. The engagement is announced WERNER MORRISON DAFOE (Special). An attractive ensemble in navy and white was chosen by Beatrice Irene, youngest daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Charles Morrison, Woodstock, for her wedding to Clinton jat Regina in the latter part of Henry, only son of Mr. and Mrs. May G. G.

Werner, Dafoe. The cere' of Mildred Ruby, second eldest daughter of Mrs. Christine Swed-berg and the late Mr. P. Swedberg of Holdfast, to Joseph Frank, son of Mr.

and Mrs A. Schnurr, Regina. The wedding will take place Also manufacturers of Tuesday Evening, May flth Metropolitan Church Admission: cents 7.30 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM by Regina School Children and Kivvanis Junior Accordion Band 8 Oh A PrnKfam of Loral Musir Metropolitan I niled hurrh (hir Gordon Hmcock, Corductor entral oilegiate Glee lab Llovd Biarxman Corsd ictoT. First Freshrterian horch heir Mrs Kenned' Conductor Balfour Tech Glee (lob Allan Kumbeiow Conductor First Baptist (hsrrh (hair Ian Barrie Conductor Lakeview I niled (hurch Choir Jack McLean, Conductor. Hestminster I nited Church Choir.

Melvin Yeo, Conductor Carmichael tilled (hurch Choir. Dan Crone Conductor. 81. Paul's Pro-Cathedral Choir. Stanley Farnsworth, Conductor Knox I nited Church Choir Dan A.

Cameron. Conductor. Demonstration of horal Technique by Mr John lemertts Massed Choirs eondorted by Mr. John Clements The Demonstration Choir has been chosen from Brgina Church Choirs Tuesday fretting. May 8th KNOX CHURCH Admission emts 7.30 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM by Regina School Children frening Festival program Adjudicator: Albert Host I pm Class lltt -CJirH' Solo High Voice ve Been Booming C.

Horn Like td a Linden Tree Dvorak Presentation of Prise loners of Poster Contest 8 64 pm Class 7 Folk Bong Any Voice (18 years and under 8 (d lass BJ Golan ft. Boole Memorial hbfeid Clan PC- doprano lass WV Tenor I a mi P2 Meq Soprano tax 'at Baritone Class h4 Contralto Tnnh Class la confined to tne winners of tbe Class Vocal Clares The Adjudicator wiJI announce the winner only No marks will be awarded In this Class The winner of this competition will compete ln the Finals on Thursday evening For years to come typical of Jlesttmores enduring staling. This charming four-piece suite is available in three attractive finishes walnut, grey and bleached, with handsome contrasting hardware. And like all Ilestmore products an outstanding value in lasting style and quality construction, llcst of all, so reasonably priced, you will lie agreeably surprised! monv was solemnized by Rev. W.

Singleton the rectory of St. Margarets church, Wynyard, April 27. Given in marriage bv her brother-in-law, Arthur J. Harvey, the bride was charming in a street-length frok of navy silk crepe. Navy and white accessories and a corsage of red rose completed her ensemble.

The brides sister, Mr. A J. Harvey, was matron of honor, while the groom was attended by his cousin, Raymond Laybourne, Lampard A reception for 40 guests w-as held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A Harvey, where a buffet1 jsujiper was served.

A wedding' idance attended by ISO friends took at the Dafoe hall in the fliniJITIJDF Later, the young couple rUKilllUKL Iff? on a wedding trip to points jjg in southem Suskatc hew, in. Buy a Festival Program 20c This advertisement Sponsored In the Interest of the Regina Musical Festival by THE HOTELS ASSOCIATION OF REGINA AND HOltLS ASSOCIATION OF SASKATCHEWAN Limited Manufacturing Company YOUR LOCAL DEALER SEE DU.

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