The Kane Republican from Kane, Pennsylvania on March 31, 1924 · Page 1
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The Kane Republican from Kane, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Kane, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 31, 1924
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Vip - - ',i - " - :,'y?' '" - ?'.t' .' I.u, Kane WEATHKR REPORT. Fair tonight and TuefcUay; coutinucd IF IT'S ON THE MARKET YOU CAN BUY IT IN KANE I I cold tonight wi ponitun Tuesdi 1th slowly rising loin - Tuesday, i KANF A.,. MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 31, 1921. VOL. XXX, NO. 158. THREE CENTS A COPY nn THE IB (Wfi Y LARGE HOTEL WAS PURCHASED BY A WARREN RESIDENT Deal Closed Saturday Was Pro . n i ft - . LDiy me Largest ieai tiaic Transaction In Kane; Hotel Has Splendid Reputation Which Extends From Coast To Coast What was probably the largest real estate deal ever transacted in Kane was closed Saturday afternoon when Leonard S. Larson of Warren completed negotiations for the purchase of the New Thomson Hotel here, one of the largest and finest hotel properties in Northwestern Pennsylvania. The new owner will assume control on April 1G. It is understood that the purchase price was close to $155,000. Jnliii Fleming, who will retire hs landlord of the New Thomson, came, to this city in the early eighties mid j with the cxci p'!on of a few years, hits been engagei III - hotel business ever since In 1SN7 lie buill a huge brick veneered building suitable lor hotel purposes 'and named it the Fleming lloiel. Then' a few years later, thai Kane needed a larger and more substantial hoiel. he moved the brick sliuciure to ihe rear of that lot aitd built h tli" I rent a new hotel of brick and stone which was opened to the public as the New Plcjiiiug Hotel. Mr. Fleming conducted this luiel for a number of years and then sold it to M. 15. Fierce, of Iitiidinid. . a well known hole man. A few yvirs "ago the property was sold to (). !; 1'ii'own and is now known as the Hrown block. Mr. Fleming retired for a time and with his l;u, lily tool; up his residence on the Fleming f.irni mi the SmMn - poti road, where lie lived for live yenrs. Then lie slatted the erection of the New Thomson alter the old Thomson House Imd been purchased lor llie purpose of converting it luio what is now the Kane Summit hospital. Tie - New Thomson whs completed in l!ius and opened io th4 public the same year on iarrh 1.1th. F.icht years later in the month of May it was praciieally destroyed by fire. Tin - staunch character and business ability of Mr. Fleming would not permit him to retit) - , so lie again put his shoulder to Hie wheel, and hi less tlni i two j ems' lime the magnificent hotel was again opened lo the public, and has been successfully con - dueled by him ever since. The hotel occupies a place In the r ron I rank, and as an obliging and courteous host, Mr. Fleming is kiown from coast to c.msl. The hoTtl contains 12. rooms. The lobby and dining room are very al tractive and Ihe rooms are well furnished. Mr. Ijir - son however plans 'to spend a large sum rejuvenating the hotel and refilling many or llie rooms In the Mtructtirc. Mr. Larson la an adept la the cjii - duct of holela having been associated for many years with the late James Kd wards and later with Lairy Kren - pen In llie conduct of the Carver House. Mr. and Mrs. Larson will take intension Immediately and will make their future home in Kane. Inning the summer months tunny visitors from all over the country come to Kane and make litis hotel their home, and Kane now has a w ide reputation as a summer resort of note, on account of its location on one or the highest points In the Allegheny mountains. DioiiniHiuH. total dead from the collapse or Ihe water. At Dravoaburg, near Mi - Keen - and three years ago spoke on the oc - lf you have anything worth selling bridge over the flooded Guadalquivir port, 60 families fled from their caslon of the L'lks Lodge of Sorrow. It la surely worth telling. Try our river at Atglba Is forty. Fifty were homes when the water reached (he classified columns. Ever Negotiated III KM MVS !! I III! Ill Will V THAT WORLD IS DRYING IIP Whole Earth Going Dry On Weather Standpoint WILL HAVE MORE TO TELL LATER W. O. Al'maii, writing from his home in rhe forest near Meade Kun, inrorius the IU - publlcan thai his sum - tie r forecast is nearly ready and thai he has some discouraging ne to give llie rounlry.. In brief, Alt iiihii. the premier prog - nosticaior, says the world is drying up and he will have more to say on this startling subject when his semiannual forecast is ready for publication. Since Volstead projected himself into history there have been Indications that dry limes were not far ahead one point of view, but this is evidently not Ihe Subject touched more upon by Mr. A'lnian. 1 1 is letter was very brier Just the alarming statement that the world was drying up. with a promise or future explanation. .Motorists who are trying lo force their cars through Ihe mud holes on dirt roads al the present lime will nn doubt read this announcement with unusual interest. Huerta In Honduras Is Now the Claim WASHINGTON, March 31. Leader Huerta of Ihe Mexican revolution. who H(t r,.,M.,,.d 0Ht , 8,.8 i an error! to reach the I'nlted States, was located at Hayo Oblsto, on Ihe Hon - duran border according to a dispatch lo the State Department from the American consul Ml Progresso, Mexico. It was also slated thai eight of lluer - la's cabinet members fled to New Or leans and that others have gone Cuba. to FORTY DKAD IN SPAIN FROM BRIDGE DISASTER (Sperlal to the Republican) SKVLII.L, Spain, March 31. - The injured. i WORST FLOOD CHURCH VOTES MM IS l TEN YEARS l FAVOR GF BRAINSTORM IS DROPPING KO KLUX KLAfJ' OVER SLACKER Steady Decrease jn ater MANY TOWNS WERE HIT BY THE FLOOD (Special til till' Republican) PITTSIIIRGH. March 01. The Allegheny, Mouongnhcla and Ohio i Iv - ors are receding today four tenths ol' a loot hourly. Thi'jr stood at eight o'clock this morning at twenty - live feet. The loss Is estimated at one million live hundnd thousand dollars. Much Damage In Maryland HAGKKSTOWN, Marylaud, March 31. - Hundreds of thousands dollars damage was suffered at Hancock to - di? from the worst flood since 1896. Railroad bridges were washed away from a fourteen foot wall and water was inundating the towns. The greater part of the business section today is under seven feet of water. Other seti ions in Washington county suffered also. Six are dead at Kitch Miller, .Maryland. Wttt Virginia It Hit WIIKKLING, W. Va., March 31. - As snow sifted l it lull) over the Ohio Valley today this section is in the midst of theVtost serious Mood in ten years. Today the river la practically at a standstill with forty - one feet and six inches at the wharf which is hI - most mx feel over the flood stage. Cellars throughout Ihe business dis trict ure flooded and major portion of the island on the south side is under waiter and street car service Is almost al a standstill. All - the valleys' steel mills are idle today as the result of ;hc high waters. ' ( ' Greatest In Years PI'iyi'SlitUGH. Pa., March 31. A score of city blocks In the lower sections were Inundated and. sections for several miles up stream laid waste "I"'11 both the Allegheny md Monon - gahela rivers meeting here to form the Ohio, V'fl their, banks yesterday in Pittsburgh's greatest flood in ten years. NnMnss of life wasreporlcd. Much damag was caused lo steel mills located "along I hi - river banks. Tracks of botn the Paid more and Ohio and Pittsburgh ,and Laki Kile Kail roads were flooded in sections. Many families were forced lo leave thrlr homes. ' " The crest of Ihe flood was reached at one o'cliM'k yesterday nt 29.2 lecf. seven feet above the flood stage. A slow recession began at dusk. Kailroads following the courses of the various rivers wert - greatly af - reeled. Ilaltimore and Ohio lines between Pittsburgh and Ilaliimorc were under water at various points and I rains were rerouted over III' Pennsylvania lo I'.allimore where I hey proceeded on their own lines. Traffic was delayed for 21 hours over Ihe , Pittsburgh and Iakc Krle lines thru the Monongahela Valey and the flooding or Ihe Pittsburgh terminal Hacks ' caused trains to be re - routed at Me - Keesport lo the Ilaltimore and Ohio tracks and run Into the Pittsburgh terminal of that road. A landslide occurred on the Monongahela Division of the Pennsylvania but was cleared oloon( fi2i a prominent member of away within a few hours. lht, find county bar. died last Thousands of basements In the af - ngnt rrom Injuries believed to have fected area were Hooded and niHiiy In - been suffered Saturday when he fell dustrlal plants along both Mononga - rrom a chair In his office.' He coin - liela and Allegheny rivers will be fore - pluiued or suffering pain alter returned to HUapcnd operations uutll damage IIK dome and wan taken suddenly ill wrought by the flood can be repaired.' ,,Hl.y Sunday evening, dying a few How boats and canoes were pressed into service to establish communlcat - ion between flooded districts and to rescue marooned residents. At McKeeaport. where the Youghl - ogheny River Joins the Monongahela several streets were under sis feet of second rloor. i Much Discus - sion Baotists To sion Baptists To Allow Lecture NUMBER WERE AGAINST PLAN At the opening of the services nt the llaptlst church yesterday; moraine an anouncenietil whs made by Rev. I. L. Woods, pastor, that a, petition had been presented signed by a number of church members asking that the church might be used Tuesday evening, April S, for I lie purpose of a lecture given by Rev. Dempster, a Presbyterian minister, of Pittsburgh, who will advance the interests of. the Ku Klux Klan and explain the purposes ' orgaiiUalion. After a tew remarks by Kcv. Woods in which he reviewed Ills knowledge of the Klan in Pennsylvania in a favorable light, he placed Ihe matter before the congregation for action. A motion made al prayer meeting, last Thursday evening, when the Klan were denied Ihe use of the church by a vote of II to 12, was taken up and rescinded and another motion made to allow the use of the church for the protosed lecture. This precipitated a debate In which various members of the church aired their views for and against the K. . K. K.somc of the swkers becoming guile emphatic In their arguments, but after about three - qulir.ri, r hour - ., discussion a - vote was taken which resulted 42 to 19 in favor of Ihe protosition. It is understood that the lecture is to be for men onlv and that admission is by card which must be signed by the name of Ihe bearer. This method of admittance said to have been adopted because of the limited number the church will held and to eliminate persons liable to create disorder. County Offers $2,000 Reward for Umfcm (Special to the Republican) 8METHPORT, March 31. The County Commissioners this afternoon authorized District Attorney E. G. Potter to offer a rewaH of $2,000 for the a i - . ! a . i arrest - no convenor, . ,n. p.r.Dn r persons who murdered Wm. J. Mc Oougall, aged recluse, at his home in Lewis Run on Feh. 27 last. , I'DITKII VI IVil FA I I INTO LAKE; UN1NJUKKD (Special to the It. publican) COKKI', March 31. Squadron commander MticUren who Is attempting the round the world Nighl while il; ing from llriudisl lo Athens rell Into a lake at St. Mathias. MncLarcn was uninjured. Maclren is leader of Ihe Ilrltisli aioiind'lhe world flight. JAMES A. CLEASON DEAD DC HOIS. March 31. James A. hours later. . The deceased was one of the best known Democrats of the Twenty third congressional district And was once a candidate for congress. II" has siok - (.n In this city on several occasions Advertising Is the gasoline of bus! - Charges U. S. Gov - eminent Inltonr - eminent In Berg - doll Plot - ATTEMPT TO LUKE HIM BACK TO U. S. KUKKNACIl, Germany, March 3I.J - (!ltarging the American government with an attempt lo lure (irover Cleveland liergdoll back to the l'nil d Slates with a promise that he would be given a light sentence, thereby providing the American public with u fresh sensation which would divert interest from the "oil scandal," the Kb erbach newspaper Messenger, yesler - day details or alleged parleys with Fowler and Policeman Retzei. From the condit - ";7nZXmZv - on f the body and information subsequently syndicate and a man named Lcignion gained it is believed that the man died Thursday liiood aiegediy a representative o. night from the poisonous fumes of burning gas. the American slate department, but . , , . . who. ihe newspaper dedans, is sus - us an open stove was found burning and the at - peded or being ihe spokesman for the mosphere of the room was suffocating when the "Tiding tt'he Messenger and oth - ?fficeiS bVOke ill the dOOl' Whidl WES locked Oil tllC er newspapers, the four agents ate al - lllSlde. TllC DOUy VaS badly CleCOlllpOSed. leged to have carried credent ials from , - Secretary of State Hughes and the president of the American Legion on the strength of which liergdoll was assured I bat he would be given a minimum sentence of four months im - pilsoiiDicnt provided he returned to the I'nlted States before March 20. ltlood, according to haal reports, was equipped with a passport issued in the name of "Pryant" and oilicful German documents which would in - "U' leigdoll s unhampered exit from Germany. Hcrgdoll'a failure to get under way before March 20, il is asserted, brought a notification from an American newspaper correspondent to the effect tha ihe stale department had withdrawn its promises of partial Immunity, but that two day's grace was obtained by the correspondent which would have enabled liergdoll to catch the steamer George Washington sailing from Ilremen. The Messenger asserts that (lie failure of liergdoll to accept the promises made by the Americans resulted in warning from Mood in the eifect Hint two "cxpcdlilomt" were being organized in Paris with the avowed purpose of kidnapping or killing liergdoll unless he returned voluntarily to the I' tilled Stales. It was assert .'d Unit Ihe men of these 'expeditions" purposed to "get him" and thai they would not stop "short of murder." Mood Is alleged to have assured j.,.,.,,,, (lU ,M,d wo,d ,. b ,0 prevent harsh measures if Ihe slacker would meet the terms proposed lo 'e is said lo have added that Hie Iteich and the liadetiese minis - ' Jorf'h - c would highly welcome l5'i'Kdoirs exit rrom Germany in or - dor to prevent another attempt to kid nap him. llc:r;rVII and his advisers, says the Messenger, were inclined lo view llie proposal advanced by the four Americans as "false pretences" in view of Hie fact lhat Ihe American government failed to release Frederick W, lilshotf. another liadetiese from the penitentiary because of his collection with the attempt to blow up the If - vingtuti, New Jersey munitions plant, although lllshorr'a pardon was suppos ed to have been made a condition for the release of l.leut. Corliss Hoovcu Griflis. who was arrested in connection with au attempt to kidnap liergdoll last year. KMv COUNTY ROAD PROJKtTS Alti: I'NDKUSURVHY ' (Speglal to the Republican) HARRISHCUG, Pa, March 31 Highway Secretary Paul Wright told the Klk cniin'y cuiiimlsKloners today thai the surveys of llie Kersey - Hoot - Jack and .lolinonbutg Wilcox toad projects were under way and wotiH be completed in three weeks. J FOUND BODY OF MAN WHO HAD BEEN DEAD FOR SEVERAL DAYS 'Elmer 0. McArthur Died From PnisnnniK Has Fiimoc Ft - nm Poisonous Gas Fumes From Open Stove In His Bedroom In The St. Elmo Rooming House On Fraley Street; Police Find the Body Elmer O. McArthur of this city, aged about 50 years was found dead in his room on the third' floor of the St. Elmo rooming house on North Fraley street, Saturday evening by Chief of Police McArthur was last seen aliV on Thursday night and is believed to .have retired to his room at his habitual time on that evening. John LVk - borg who runs the rooming house cx - plains that" llie" bedding Is changed each Monday, but , t hat. the roomers themselves care for the rooms' through out the week, t McArthur's absence iront his wort; caused an invesligat ion to start which rcsult"d as above aiated. The d ad man was born in Kinztia. Ho came to Kane from Gorry, where he was 'transferred from a Penna. railroad Job I here lo a place in the shops here where ho had worked as a machinist for the pnM six years, lie was a married man and haves a wife and several children. It is understood that Ik - has been estranged from his family for seveial years. following llie Itnding of the body coroner II. ('. Ileliner of P.raillord, as. - ; notili. - d ai:d ordered that Ulie. body Im taken in charge by a:i uu - (lertaker and accordingly It. was placed under care of (. G. litown. Yesterday Coronei' Hi - It n - .'r came lo Kane and alter hearing the, stories of various persons decided that tin inquest was not necessary and that the man came to his dentil by nspny xiaiion. The fu al services of K. O. Me Arthur will be held tomorrow ull'T - i!iHn al 2 o'clock at l.rown's undertaking pal lors, K v. J. A. McCauiey of the Methodist Kpl - ropnl church officiating. Interment will he made in III idf Wi tt c - nii lel nt Mt. Ji'Wett. Mrs. McArihur of Kile, widow of the deceased is expecl"d to arrive here tudiiy anil remain until after the funeral. Means becomes' the Storm Center - (Special lo llie Kepublican) WASIIINti'iON. .March 21 .Cm; Ion Means, tiie principal wli tes;! of lh senuie committc Investigating the f)f pmlinetit of Jiullce today became, llie renter of a lively row between the coininliii and Federal Judge Garvin ol New Y.nk. Senator Wheeler de - lied tile JtuK'e lo lake Meuns GWH) tnd declared Unit his detective would be placed In llie custody of the ser - wnat at arms of the' Seoate Me - i.u C" I - 'oreite:t NiAV H)HK, March 31 - IVderal Jidg. I lv. :i ('srvln today ordered a befell wurian! issued fur Gaston D. Meatt't and ordercJ his bail totalling ?3fl.0"0 forieltcj when Means failed toJaj Ij appear and stand trial on In - : dictmcu'n charging hint with consplr - iiry to vlclalc th. - prohibition law and with removing l!juor from bonded ; warehouses. IHE LEGION IS BOOSTING FOR 8AI1J6 POOL Citizens Are Summoned To Attend Meeting PLAN IS TO BUILD POOL IN THE PARK K;iii" may have a coniniunliy sw im . mine pool ihe coming t - cason If lh - plans of tile Lieut. Kaymimd A. Nico las Post of tlm American carry out. Tile Post has sicnitled its willing ness to lather the proposition, which i t so sadl needed in ihi; city and ha.; ailed a meeting of citizens to ron - ider tli: udvis.ibili'.y of building tie pool. 'i'lie meeting will be held at Ihe Armor) on Friday evening. April I, at T::;o o'clock and many citi.wis have been ai - kej to attend and have heeil lint l led 1 a coinmiltee of. the local l.eglon Pot t. composed of Dr. Kdwaid I. Kane. Major M. A. Means ami 'I horns U I.y u. At a meeting a plan which has been undfr Investigation for some time past, will be t:uggei,ted and lie - cooperaiion of (lie public will be sought. 't li" coiiiiiiuiiiij :wiinining idol plan will ii(ipetil to both I ho children and the grownups of the community and t lie fact that last summer Im.vf crowd Irom Kane visited the pool near Wilcox, a distance of over ten miles from this city, is certain proof thai I In proposition will iiiott with ready support. It is said that the plan as discussed for tiie enlarging of the pork pond, tlx concreting of the same and ah ai - raugciiicnt lor providing a ftviim'tit change of th" - water of the pond. Thli local Ion will be Ideal and will l - c handy lo all. Tiie Republican has for several yen I'm worked to get thin proposition started and is clad that action lri finally st.trt.'d. The Girl flrout Troop that usually Ween ou Tuesday fveulugs will not hold a meeting thla week. Goods that hog the shelves aro nol mnne niakrs. Make them mora with a,n ad ia the Republican.

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