The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 28, 1950
Page 11
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MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 195« •LYTHITTLLB (ARK.) COURtE* NEWB PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople By J. R. Williams coot* tw 1H* 1 JT OUT FER. IT JM CAU. -EM AM rr OVER OUICKER.' Hee-VAH- COME AKi' SIT IT/ Whnl's This? REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. Hfcre's One Way To Sore Money » FORMER By Edwin Rutt Cop>"g>.t l»50b> , Inc. THK STORYI Kdr Klui»d, thr fomtr 3Cf»* 1'rfJ, •>•» • vvrr Wr« forcivtPi kj.hrr fMlhrr, Cnracllun Frey, for flitplnj: wtlh a fortune- hHatrr. Now llvlnr I" Hrrmudn, Expert Service ^ QUBLITY SHOC SHO1 I 121 W. M a I N ST. For Improuecf KIDNEY JUNCTION In a majority of ca»« investigated in Kverol hospilaU and dimes, lubriormal Kidney function wai improved, Bladder pain and distomfort reduced after the uw of Mountain Valley Water. rf your doctor has diagnosed your condition a) functional Kidney impairment thi» natural, untreated mineral water may b« very beneficial. Try it for a few weeks. It '•. delicious, pure-tasting, and may b« consumed freely. Cross town Whiskey Shop Main & Division IV TpDITH FLOOD sal straight, al-*- 1 most tensed, in her seat on the plane, paying little allention to the tea and none at all to the other passengers. She was thinking, just now, that Peter had been surprisingly considerate. He should have been. But normally he sulked when anything interrupted ^what he was pleased to call his routine Now he had accepted Ede's departure almost gracefully, even though it meant that he'd more or Jess have to shift lor himsell. Ede (eared that things would be in a mess until she returned and pointed this out to Peter. Bu Peter asserted, cheerfully enough that he could manage. There was naturally, no question of his ac companyirjg her. Aside from th fact that he could be of no help be occupied a prominent place i old Cornelius Frey's Black Book Ede's thoughts swung to th things that might lie ahead. No' that the first shock of the new had worn off, she found hersc not inclined to worry too much It was serious, of course, or eve her brother Jeffrey, nervous an somewhat hysterical, wonldn have wired. But there was a chance that it wasn't terribly serious. When anything went wrong, Jeff Frey was always quite likely to go off the deep end. It could be tnat he had sent the telegram without consulting anyone, fearing things that were never destined to happen. For her mind rejected the possibility of Cornelius Frey's dying, Hard, wiry, implacable, he would fight as he had fought lite, PRESCRIPTIONS Mk. Trrah Stock TTwaranteed B«s1 . Price* Ktrby Druq Stores !iere was a powerhouse of; rength, she knew, in his tough an body. If any man could pull rough an illness, even a grave ne, it would be her father. As for her younger brother and sler, Myron and Jennifer, Ede carccly gave them a thought. Myon was the dreamy impractical ype, with vague blue eyes and an ndefinile offhand manner. Jef- rcy would certainly hnve found im no help in a crisis. And right-haired litlle Jennifer was nly a kid. Suddenly Ede smiled, she was constantly forgetting that he hadn't been home in three 'ears. Jenn would be quite yrown ip now, over 19. And remember- ng her, it occurred to Ede that enn might be something ol landfill in the remote event itiylhing happening to her father Jenn was eager, strong-willed selfish, with something of Cornelius Frcy's own strength in her j character. Well, there they were, thought Ede. And Jeffrey had considered it necessary to wire her, who was by way of being the black sheep. But there was no use worrying and planning until she got there and knew the worst, or the best. So she sat in her scat, wondering how her father would receive her. Ten to one Jeff had sent that tclc- gram without the knowledge and approval o' <~tM Cornelius. • * * JEFFREY FUEV met her at the • airport. For nil his broad shoulders, he looked Ihin anc peaked- There was a harassed expression on his sallow fi Ede's first thought was thai Jeff had grown older, much older than the three years since she had seen him seemed \o warrant. "Well, Ede," he said, kissing her, "this ts 3 rotten homecoming for you. 1 * "It's serious, be, H said Jeff. "Come on, Th« car's this way." lie bundled her inlo il and they started for Ihc city. "Now then, Jeff, 1 ' Ede said, "let's have it." Jeffrey's tired face tightened. He simply cracked up, Ede. It .ccmed to happen all at once. The motors say complications. But his learl's the worst. He"—Jeff shook its head—"he can't possibly pull ,h rough." "Does he," she ash.ed hesitantly, 'know that I'm coming?'* JeR flashed her a quick look, then turned his eyes to the road again, "He asked me to send you that wire." "Oh," said Ede, * little weakly. Even in the shadow of the grave, it would not be in Cornelius Frey's nature to forgive. The Frey house on upper Fifth Avenue was just as Ede remembered it. Gray and forbidding from without; high-ceilinged, cool and dark within. tlien?" FxJe said quickly. a kind of cold reasoned fury. "Just about a« bad as it could Afl'YRON had not changed. He •*•'-* was as vague and oflliand at ever. He greeted Ede casually, almost as if she had never been away. 3ut Jennifer came forward quickly t threw strong sun-browned arms around ner sister. "Oh, darling," she said, Tm » glad you've come." My litlle sister, Ede thought, ;eems to have the makings of * nice kid. She held Jennifer oft and looked at her. The angular figure she remembered had resolved itself into slim willowy lines. Jenn was tall and straight, coppery-haired, and with vivid • blue eyes. But the eager look was still there (hough, obviously, Jenn tried -to conceal it beneath a thin veil of sophistication. And Jenn's mouth was still small and determined. "You've grown xrp, baby," Ede said. "And you're very beautiful." And Jenn's smile was like a light, turned on suddenly. "You'd better go right up, Ede," said Jeff, "lie's been asking lor you constantly." Ede went up the wide circular staircase slowly. A pleasant-faced nurse in a starched «hHe uniform met her at the top <T« B* CM AUTO GLASS Installed Blytheville Glass & Paint Co 136 E. Main Phone 6716 To My Friends Wish (o announce that I am now located at CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE. Now I am able to serve you 24 hours a day on COM MERCIAL REFRIGERATION and AIR-CONDITIONING work. Please fee free to call at any time. Frank Wesrall Day 2993 . . . Night 2808 Sugar Pine trees were Jlrst discovered by David Dougtas, i Scotch botanical explorer, on October 2fi, 1826. In California. The ribbon-tailed bird of paradise li bl«ck with a bluish-green cap nnd thro»t ind two-foot white tall feathers. STOP! tt oiir figure on jour plumbing ob> H can b« convenlenUj nn- nced through FHA. Ve contract complete job or will ell ynu the fixtures and rough- n material and y»« choose your fc;n plumber. •wpair work Is given nur prompt ttention. See or Call Orsburn Supply 1916 \V. Main Rlytheville Phone 3208 or Orsburn Plumbing Co. 1310 Ward Are. Carulhemille I'hone 1179 HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley and Seed Wheat. For Fall Planting Blylheville Soybean Corp. 1»0« West Main Hlythevilk Phone RS RADIO AND TEiTv'ON REPAIR Faclory-'jTained Mechanic: Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Callihon 110 So First St. FARM LOANS Co. Gates Wiggs REALTORS rhone 2791 /•iftuijMrf Morttaft Lnan Sotidtartor We're Proud of Our Work Machine work Woodwork Martulacturirif • Wtldmj BARKSDALE MFG. CO. "My good deed for today, lady, it to inform people in Biytneviile about th« friendly loan serrice o< GfNCRAL CONTRACT PURCHASt CORPORATION." .' t B6T 1 ICJCT«V WHAT Ocse WA TELL WE ( OM. EXCIOMGi. GEORGE/ MEET MB AT THE SHORE IKIM fOB. DINNER, JlWe7 SOMETUIWG- IMPORTANT I JUST MOPE YOU'RE NOT BUILDING UP TOR AM LBT-DOWrJ DEAR/ MR-GWBN PHOMED A TRIFLE DELAYED WILLVOU JOtH THE OTHER YOUNG- LAOY ? WISH WE LUCK. O»DDV/ ... , ,.ICr. INC. T. K. BEC. U. S, PAT. OFF. u Thank you for your running commentary—we enjoyed it tnuch more than we did the movie! VL VERMEER WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE 1 HATED TO SEE •SCHOOL OPEN, TOO.... ...BUT WOW ! THINK IT'S WONDERFUL RALPH LANS BY MK'HARI, O'MAI LEY and 1 Call on flic Inspector I'M BACK WITH LCHS M3ULL HAVE TO TRUST A\6. I'CJLIKE •you TO UK SOUK INFLUENCE WITH THE STATE. HI&HWAY B4TKOL. w/maoms CALLED aVAVSPfC- FUNT/ WHS86 HA* XX) BEEN AND WHAT5 TH6 K7EA OP THOSE OU7 CLOTHES? THIS \S /16AINST KE6ULAT10MS, WJT TELL A!E WHAT M3U u/AMTANP.. CANT TELL')OU EXCEPT IM HOnN6 TO THUMB «V WAV [,KSL!E TURNER IM AS MYSTIFIED \ HEY, tfOI's EASY RXIM' TO AS VOUi PMCHITA [ . \00t \\'S SITTIW ClOST TO BUT I'M (HJMUiVSEARCH I TIWE WKEK 1HAFTA TAKE THERE V3MN! ./Ttf CAE RN 1 SPE.1WS WACT SWAB OUrA JWL ! SAW WHECS HE'D 7 BUT DWISOtJ HAS STUCK EEPEATEOLV.AMD / KlfH HIM TILL HE HE FINALLY FOKCED DAW-1 SMASHED UP- SOU TO TOW HIM! WHY.,. \ THE SAFE HAD UWLES5 THE BEAK EUD WASOUEEL0ADED? STILETTO MUST UE WODEN THE SffS OKU SOU MID 1 VET HIM HBEE HIIE5 F«M THE PUEBLO! WHY HIPE A SAfE HE WAS TEYIWG TO GET Off WlfH? HE C0UIPKT IIFT SHOUl.D'VE PULLED THAT SAMP.. BUGS BUNNY VA'CAN'T CRASH.' TM' SATEKESPSR'S TOUGH/ . . II I *, T \ OF OETMLS, ?^uc Guv ' NOR ' OW CO/AS YOU 6OT OUGH pea TW e»J-i- VA. MOOCHIN ' HO NEEDS MONEV ? Dclavcd Aclion BAH; w 5TEEL THIRSTS NOT roe THE BLOOD Or DONT LET TWsT STOP YOU-. IVL CO EGAD. ILL. CU1 HALF. Y0UE NOT SAD. BUB.' IF Y5WING A WELL *5 fOU >Z7WL FEATS. >iPU r-tJST BE OUITE A EVEN BE ! HE TLJKK.' (\KNXWM6 t& VOO

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