Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 15, 1897 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1897
Page 20
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WAILYPHAKOS WEDNESDAY, DEC. 15, 1897. BMJ. T. ;K>tITHAm. JOHS W. BAHNE8. A Barn en. nUTORB AND PROPRHTOR8. TKBMB Of 8UB8CEIPTION — Daily per week, 10 cent* ; per month 40 cent*; per r •triotljr In advance) t*-*0 The Weekly Pharos and the Saturday Pharos, the two forming the Semi-Weekly •^itlon. $L25 a year, strictly In advance. Entered at theLogangport, Ind.,poBtofflce as leoond cl*» mall matter, as provided by law THIS la said to be a Billion dollar country, but It has just dawned upon congress that the Dlngley tariff law will not provide enough money to meet tte expenses of a Billion dollar congress. THK Democrats ID congress, although In a hopeless minority, are unanimously agreed upon the question of opposing the schemes proposed by the gold conspirators. Tbey will unanimously oppose the sale of gold bonds and resist all efforts to retire the grenbacks and treasury notes. Their course will be approved by the people. THE Republican platform of 1888 arraigned the first Cleveland administration aa having attempted to demonetize silver and the money plank in the Republican platform of 1892 declared that "the American people by tradition and Interest favor bimetallism," and in 1896 it declared In favor of international bimetallism. Where does the Republican party stand today? Is it not seeking the permanent establishment of gold monometallism and in doing so is it not violating its pledges to the people? • THE plan of the gold conspirators is to change the national debt from a debt payable in coin to one payable In gold. The conspiracy has existed since the demonetization of silver in 1873. If the conspirators can force congress to make the obligations of the government payable in gold the last act tn their scheme of plunder will have been carried out. They insist that this is what the election of McKlnley meant, and they dictated the selection of a secretary of the treasury who favors their purposes. Not only do they want the contract between the people and the bondholders changed, but they want bonds Bold to create an interest bearing debt to take the place of the green backs. to choose between the rule of th people and tbe tyranny of the trusts. THE Democrats of the lower hoas of congress, at a caucus held, las night, adopted the following . r'es&lu tions as exprMSlTe of the Democrat! position on tile questions now -pandmg: '-. Re solved, That it is the .setfjie:^! this caucus than the Democrat?! members of the house of repre sentativea ought to resist all efforts direct or indirect,to retire the green backs and treasury cotes. Resolved, second, That we are op pused to and will resist all attempts to extend the privileges of nationa banks, or to reduce the taxes wnich they now pay. Resolved, third, That we favor the ea;ly consideration of and passage n: the senate resolution recognizing thai a condition of war exists in th< island of Cuba between the govern ment of Spain and the Cuban people To >ax Incomes. As a means of raising more revenue to meet the Increasing ex pendltures of an extravagant govern ment, it is proposed to amend the constitution to provide for taxing Incomes. Tbe following amendment has been introduced In congress: Article XVi..—The power of con gress to levy and collect direct taxes snail not be restricted exclusively to the method of apportionment among the several states, according no their respective numbers, but congress shall have full power to lay and collect a tax upon Incomes, without regard to the source or sources *hence the Income is derived. In laying such tax upon incomes regard may be had to certain classes or grades of incomes, fixed by law according to amount; but the tax upon Incomes of the same class or grade shall be uniform, throughout the United States. Of course the amendment will not be adopted by the present congress After its adoption, it will have to be ratified by the states. It will come in time. Wealth must bear its full share of taxation. GIVEN HYDROPHOBIA BY A MINK. IT Is now proposed to create a civl pension list. Men who have beeo employed by the government for i long term of years and who have be come decrepit and unfitted for busi ness are to be retired and pensioned. If there Is anything that will work the speedy repeal of the civil service law It would come from loading It down with such a provision. Besides, the idea of creating a civil pension list is un-American. Men employee in the government service are better paid in proportion to service rendered than any other class of people and if they are not frugal and lay by enough to support them in their declining years, it is their own fault. Too many people are already depending upon the government for support. REPUBLICAN .papers generally are urging such modifications of the pension laws as will put an end to marrying for pensions and like frauds. Tbe statement of Senator Galllnger relative to special pensions has called out Tery general denunciation of the practice.—Indianapolis Journal. It looks as though It were time to call a halt on the pension business. There are now 975,000 pensioners on the rolls and 200,000 claims for pensions are pending. No one objects to pensioning every worthy veteran wno has a just claim upon the government, but marrying for pensions ought to be prohibited. If it is not, there will be no great reduction in expenditures for pensions within the next thirty years. The young woman who marries an old veteran to secure a widow's pension has no just claim upon the government. "PARTIES have gone up or down," says the Terre Haute Gazette, "as they have stood for the masses, or for a class and special privileges. It is natural that those who would promote special Interests should rally around the party in power and seek to control Its action. Such are now tbe supporters of the Republican administration, and have been successful beyond precedent in accomplishing their object.- The Republican party today is in the condition in which the Federal and Whig parties found themselves immediately before they died. The Issue In 1900 will be similar to that of 1800. Democracy is the people's creed, and it m<iy be confidently expected that the battle In the last year of the present century will be found on the same lines as those of the last year of the eighteenth century, and that the advocates of Jeflersonlanism will be victorious. The Democrat* are prepared for the conflict; 'they comprehend the Issues, and will, clo -their , duty to the msssos The Ismesare grave and maniatakable. The nation will have Woman at St. Paul Dies with all the Symptoms of Rabies. St. Paul, Dec. 15.—Mrs. Louis Roberts died at 6 a. in. yesterday, supposedly from hypdropjiobia. Her sufferings toward the last were intense. She had been ill for the past two weeks, and since last Saturday her decline had been rapid. She was bitten on the night of Sept. 27 by an animal supposed to have been a mink that had infested her hen-coop. Nothing was thought of the bite until two \veeks ago, when she grew ill. Dr. Head pronounced it a case of hydrophobia and his opinion was concurred in by Dr. Hunter and Dr. Sweeney. A post mortem examination will be ordered so as to leave no doubt as to cause of death. Mrs. Roberts lived in this city, but her husband was a lieutenant in the Minneapolis fire department. _ People's Party IVIunapers to IVteet, Cleveland, Dec, 15.—The national committee of the People's party will meet in St. Louis. Jan. 12. to prepare the call for its national convention, which will be held in April, This will be the convention of the "-middle-of-the-road" Populists. ABBREV'fATErJ'fETEGRAMS. BAY STATE CITY ELECTIONS. No-Incense Men Meet M Frost at Nearly Al the P.ilL-. Boston. Dec. 15.—Municipal elections were held yesterday in thirteen cities of the state, thus completing- the list, with the exception of Boston and North Ad ams, which do not choose their rcuni-i- •pal officers uniil next week. The contests in several instances were sharr over local matters, but in many case strict party lines were ignored in making the nominations. Not one of iht thirteen cities reversed the licer.se vote of last year, seven of them voting in favor of llcensi? and six against. In Cambridge which for many years was the banner no-license- city, the license majority wa.= reduced from 1.S>1 last year to i97. The total vote cast on the license question this year in thirtj of the thirfiy-five cities was 153,120, divided as follows: Yea, 81,515: no, To.- 505, Last year the same cities cast !' 841 votes, uf which 84,075 were yea and '5.766 no vntr-s. Will Bc"3Iore Trufrt-ilie.s to Come. Paducah, Ky., Dec. IS.—Alfred Shelby, merr.ber of the nr.teu Shelby faction in Baliard county, twenty miles from thi.- city, shot George Jenkins to deaih with a Winchester yesterday. Jenkins headed the opposite facticn. They met in the woods on Gar creek and Jenkins opened lire. Two hundred people are Involved in both sides of the feud. A number of tragedies have occurred in the past. Window G"lu--.?- F:n.-torie* lt*»ume. Pittsburjr. Dec. 15.—Operations were resumed in t*-o window glass factories yesterday at the manufacturers' terms, of some length, warned the Republicans soon as authorized to do so by the American Glass company. The factories resuming yesterday are Hires, at Quinton, N. J., and Swindell Bros., at Baltimore. The cutters and flatteners will receive an advance of 12 per cent, over last year's wages, instead of 17 per cent. as demanded. Suffocated by Coal Gas. Toledo, O., Dec. 15.— Otto Lemke, 22, and his sister, a few years younger, were found dead in their beds yesterday morning and in an adjoining room the father of the two children was found in a dying condition. Escaping coal gas from an anthracite heating '..ft s c&iasfe of. the tragedy. JEx- Attorney Commits Stroudsburg, Pa,, Dec. 15.— T. C. Beatty, nephew of General Beatty, of Ohio, and at one, time a well-known attorney n a Michigan town, yesterday pleaded guilty of forgery, with Harry Otis, alias Howard. The arrest of the men was made by the American Bankers' association. A. JLncky Find. gtiest in a Philadelphia hotel lost stud in the waste pipe of the jathtub the other day, according to the Philadelphia Record, On bearing of ;he loss the proprietor allowed the pipe to be taken up at the expense of the oser. A plumber did the job for $10, md the guest not only recovered his :tud, hut also found in the bend of the drain pipe a diamond ring. Being an louest man, he gave the ring to the jroprietor, who advertised the find in :everal newspapers. As no one came to ilaim the ring the proprietor, with an qually commendable sense of honesty, eturned it to die finder. .Needless to ay, the loser of the stud was highly ompeusated lor bis trouble, as the ring vas valued at §150. The fortunate man ;ave the plumber a crisp £20 note ex- ra, as the brilliant find was partly due o that •worthy. Lebanon, Ills., residents were awakened from their Sleep by an earthquake shock Monday morning. The Simmons bronze monument of John A. Logan to be set up in Washington has been cast at Rome. Preparations are making by the Volunteers of America to feed 12,000 of Chicago's poor Sunday, Dec. 26. Six masked robbers raided the town of Argusville, N. D., Monday night, and secured between $500 and $1,500. The 'Peruvian chamber of deputies has passed a bill sanctioning on broad grounds non-Roman Catholic marriages. Major Handy, who has been ill for some time at "Washington, is convalescing and leaves Washington today for Aikin, S. C. Thirty-six men lost their lives In northern Wisconsin by being shot by deer hunters during the open season of twenty days. The mayor of Marshfield, Wis., has refused the petition of a theatrical company to give a performance on Sunday in that town. Henry Probasco, of Cincinnati, who retired from business thirty years ago, has made an assignment. Inabilities, $100,000; assets, $200.000. Judge Sanborn in the court'of appeals at St. Louis has granted a postponement of the proposed sale of the Kansas Pacific railroad for sixty days. Hog cholera is doing much damage in Chippewa county, Wis. Two fann- ers have lost seventy-five hogs in six days and other heavy losses are reported. The dry goods stock of S. Frank, of Oconto, Wis., who failed about a month ape. was sold by the assignee for $4,425. About 30 cents will be paid on each dollar of indebtedness. The report of Professor S. M. Inglis. superintendent of public instruction of Illinois, is out. The enrollment of pupils in 1S97 has aggregated 920,425, against S9S,S19 in 1S96. More trouble is reported to be in store for Hayti. Italy, it is rumored, intends to follow ^Germany's example, and send warships to enforce claims-which have been pending for a number of years. Mrs. Jessie Palmer Weber, of Springfield, Bis., has been chcseri-. to succeed Miss Josephine Cleveland as librarian j of the Illinois historical library. Mrs. ! Weber is a daughter o* General John M. i Palmer. The thirty-five mines of the Consolidated and Madison Coal company, ta th* Belleville, Illsi district, Tiave resumed operations; and 3,000 mrner* -who have been out of empjoyonent month* returned to work;'. Good Advice. 'I have become so accustomed to wearing bloomers, 7 ' said the bicycle irl, "that during the winter I think ] shall simply wear my skirts over my bloomers. What do you think of the idea?" "In my .opinion," replied the girl •who never had a hankering to forsake the garb of femininity, "that will be infinitely preferable to trying to wear the bloomers over the skirts," Thus it happened that for a time the relations between them were somewhat strained.—Chicago Post. ; Notice of Election. The annual iceeting of the •share holders of The City National Bank of Logansport, Irdiana, for the election of nine directors for the ensuing year, will be held at their cffice o^ Tuesday, January llth., 1898, from ten o'clock a. m. to four o'clock p. m. F, RJ'Fowler, Cashier( No Pain! No Danger! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore moutb, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and painles. Tbe Finest aodrjBest method of CKOWN and BRIDGE Work. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. J&-NO charge for extracting with out pain when new teeth are to b supplied. Dr. W T Hurtt sn 1-2 Fourth St. Over Fisher's Drug Sto Newspaper Advertising In the United States. A book of two hundred pages, con tainiig a catalogue of about six thou sand newspapers, being all that are redited by the American Kewspape: Directory (December edition for 1897 with having regular issues of 1,000 cop ies or more. Also separate Siate map of each and every State of the American Cnion,naming those towns only inwhicl :here are issued newspapers having mon than 1,000 circulation. This oook (issuec December 15, 1897) will be seat, postag }aid. to any address, on receipt of one dollar, Address The. Gee. P. Rowel Advertising Co.,10 Spruce St.,!New York ttcCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREh n fS. CHICAGO. Like a Romance. A true story which is as strange as fiction is that of Miss Isabella Farley, who sailed for England the other day to take possession of a fortune of £50,000. Miss Farley, who is a granddaughter of Lord Derby, was turned adrift by her father at the age of 19, on his second marriage, and since then she has had great difficulty in maintaining .herself. She took places as a servant several times, and when her fortune came was a hospital nurse. THE 6RE.1T HUXLEY. What Hosier, tbe Great English enlist, Considered tbe Best Start in Life. Sci- The great Eogllsh scientist, Huxley, sala the best start In life is a sound stomach. Weak stomachs fail to digest food properly because they lack the proper quantity of digestive scids (lactic and hydrochloric) and pepcogecic products; the most sensible remedy in all cases of Indigestion, is to take after each meal one or two ofScuart'g Dyspepsia Tablets because they supply in a pleasant, harmless form ail the elements that weak stomachs lack. The regular use of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will cure every lorm of stomach trouble except cancer of the stomach. They increase flesh. Insure pure blood, strong nerves..a bright eye and clear complexion, because all these result only from wholesome food well digested. Nearly all druggists sell Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets at 50 certs, full slced package, -J Send for Fi*e Book on Stomach TroablM to Stuart company, *-"••• FIRE PROOF. One Mock from C. K. I. A: P. and JL. S. A 71. .S. Railroad depot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 have just teen completed, and the house no\v offers every convenience to be found in any hotel, including hot and cold water, electric light and steam heat in every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First ciass restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner and Proprietor. PIANOS Nothing More Acceptable as a Holiday Present than a fine Piano. Previous to February 1st we offer unusual inducements to out-of- town buyers. Upon receipt of mail order will ship piano subject to examination, to be accepted if found as represented and satisfactory, otherwise to be returned at our expense. Good Stool and Scarf with each piano. Correspondence solicited. Catalogues sent on application. Old instruments taken in exchange. -Our mail business is extensive and we guarantee careful selection from our large stock of Steinway, A. B. Chase, Hazeltqn, Sterling and Huntingdon PIANOS. Second-hind Squares, $ 25. npirnrds. Second-hind Uprieht*, 100. upwards. ; Second-hand Grands, 150. upwards. Easj payments if desired. LYON, POTTER & CO. Steinway Han, i7Van«uren St.. Chicago. International Ha$« Ball Port Huron, Mich., Detf. 15.—The In- ternatinal Base Ball Leagne was formally organized here yesterday with HamDtOtt, London and Guelph, Ont.acd Bay City, Saginaw and Port Huron, Mich., as members. The protection o£ the national league has been secured and each club made a cash deposit aa aguarranteeof good faith. The schedule will comprise 120 games, the season to commence May 5 with the Canadian teams playics a series of nine games in the Michigan town*. The*e Sften Are Dfiap'polnt**^ TVabash, Ind., Dec. 15.—The friend* of Harry H. McNamme, assistant cashier of the"Wabash National bmnilc, thi«-city, are much disappointed * over his^failnre to receive the appointment of national bank examiner for Indiana. Thcy GBVB Him th« Second Degree. Elwood, lad., Dec. IS.— Abi.-aham Pry, formerly a soldier, 61 years eld, married Mrs. August* Austin, who ii 58. After the marri*K* Ms comrade* cC th* G. A. R. pool t*ok:Fir i» kand, fiun*tu A Bargain An opportunity to buy a Swell Bag at 50 per cent under regular price. We, this day bought the entire Sample Line of Bags, the finest to the very cheapest, from if. H. Lingenfelser, Traveling Representative for the Hartman Trunk and Bag Co., Racine, Wis. The line, one of a kind only, represents every grade from the German Alligator, English frame, gold plate, trimmings, full leather lined, also full solid leather Dress Suit, Cases, very swell, some as- low asys cents to $10.00. A Very Acceptable Christmas fiift. A Remembrance for a Life Time. MEN AND WOMEN SEE OUR FELT SLIPPERS. Walker & 420 BROADWAY. Gpm'e and See T Great Reduction in Price of all our Millinery Goods. Broadway! Pearl St. ==PATENTS== American and. Canadian Patents promptly obtained, Patent, Mechanical and Perspective Drawings prepared, Inventions Developed. SLS!X£> B B. GORDON. THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . . FOR THE ... Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE ...FOR... Dysp.psia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, Nervous Debility, Sick Headache, Loss of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. Scrofula, Erysipelas. Salt Rheum, Eczema, "Went Back, Fever and Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 25 Cents, PREPARED BY * THE THOMPSON HEBB TEA CO. NEW, YORK. Before selecting a, Christmas Present Or Furniture to adore Your Hone we Desire to call atttention to our bud- some and complete line of tbe very Latest Designs and Novelties hi Furniture and Upholstered Good* consisting of Roman Chairs, Tabbor- etts, Divans, rockers, couches etc. at Low Prices. Cflmmiogs & Morgan, Car 3d & Broadway. titjr

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