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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 6
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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 6

The Leader-Posti
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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JbAV? At -THE LEALUR-rOVT, REOfN ilLSDW, MVRC1I 30, 1334 I re PAGE SIX Nurses inslitute i i t'xlbV on moral problems Broadway United church Friday 8 pm, was planned when the Womens association met in the church. Proceeds of the social are Korean relief. Other activities at for discussed included a bake sale to v.cstcrn Canadian spiritual dncctor and Rev. hr. be held in a florists in the Capitol nsUtute of nurkes and Doctors, Helen, Barrhead, president, for Theatre building May 29 will take place in Regina, opening Alberta, and Rev J.

A Smorgasbord supper to be held In Tuesday, it has been arranged by Vancouver spiritual director, and Western Conferences of the Sister M. Alena, Victoria, secre- the church June 11. 4 PERSONAL MENTION SprliVfloweis arranged a low pottery bowl graced the head fHHc at the annual banquet of Knox-Meti opoiitan church chon, Sah.uia) Attractive pikims and in el added a note of color to the tables Eighty seven were In attendance Tho-e puscnt otlur than ives husbands and fiicnds of choir members, included members of the offuial board and their wives. tc ru were Rev. Harry MuUhn, or and Mrs Mutchmor.

Rev Donald a id Mrs. Wdson and Mrs and Mrs. Frank Thorolfosn Miss Mar.e McNair, picsidu.t wa, toastmiat.gsa. Tiwsts were proposed by David Little, Mis. F.

McKoown, Miss Helen toxen. Aveiy McDowell and Frier and plies were made by Mr. Wilson, J. Matkm, Miss Donclda Neu-feld Miss Frances Christie and Mi. Thoiolfson Miss Coxen.

vucll-knovvn lugna muMcal cnlcs, and soprano soloist in the choir for the pact three years, who is leaving for Edmonton in nnd-April, was presented a gift of jewelry by Miss McNair on behalf of the choir, Norman Langdale, conducted the singing of songs especially written for the occasion. Later guests participated in eontc ts. shuffleboatd and table tennis and an hour of squaie dancing The David-Fraser cucle of the chuich catered for tire banquet and Miss Marie McDonald and Miss Reta McDowell were in charge of enteitairimcnt arrangements kins D. STUART, will live Regina on to visit hei mother, Mis Han ip, 3140 Albeit stnet A Samuel pi i sided at dinner meeting INndav evening spoil oi ed bv the Emmet Ury for British Columbia. This is the fiist institute of its kind ever to be held In Western Canada.

It Is under the distinguished presidency of Most Rev (M1 I Catholic Hospital Council of Can ada and ita deliberations are closed to the press. The purpose of the conference is to conduct a thorough study of moral problems connected with M. C. O'Neill, Archbishop of Re-JTre-sent-day medical practice and gma and directed by Rev. Henri 1 ai-- odm-dov MR.

AND MRS.L.C. 8HOEBRIDGE Mrs. Grant S'ephenson, president, was in charge of the meeting Mrs. E. L.

Mitchell spoke on home missions. Guest speaker Tlie High Commissioner to Canada from Pakistan. His Excellency 0 A. Baig. will be guest speaker at a meeting of the Regina r.

Legare, Ottawa, executive direc tor of the Catholic Hospital Council of Canada OPENING MASS Very Rev. Mfgr. Fdmond representative groups of the lour western branches of the conference will attend and take part in panel discussion. Over 12 registrations from chaplains, hospital sisters, doctors and lay nurses Golden wedding marked by couple NORTH PORTAL (Special) 1901. He was marned to Lillian Mr and Mrs L.

C. Shoebridge, Cook in 1902 on their gulden wedding anmver- Mrs. Shoebridge was born in Ne-sury" were honored at a tea and braska and moved to North Da- fill V- V.IV. 'A Mrs Ivan Ridgeway of was a visitor in Regina. E.

Caudill Regina, was a visitoi at Eyebrow the otganiu-1 tion la the Wiitmg room of Hotel Mrs Jean Giay, who is leaving Saskatchewan The neeting was Regina to nuke her home in Stony held to orgntiie a committee for Beach, was honoicd at a the futuie United Jcvvph Appeal it fctoaS hostess Guests played games and guest speikei. picsented Mis. Giay a fmewcllt gift. Ref leshments vveie served m- W. Bioughton of Bilugeford, fuimally.

was a icccnt business visitor in Regina Mr. and Mrs A. R. McKay weiCj hosts to membets of Lukov levvj Lae of Coronach was arc- ho5.ii, to memucts 01 jumevievv( imueoi uroMinar havVn received from the four Goebel, Milwaukee, Wia presi-tM and will preach the sermon at the opening mass which was to be held at the Holy Rosary Cathedral Tuesday. Rev Louis Campeau, Ottawa, Rev.

Kinlin, Regina, Rev. A Guadet, Edmonton; Rev. Kramer, Saskatoon will sit on a panel on the religious care of patients on Friday. Other speakers are Dr Stern, Ottawa, author of Pillar of Fire," now professor at the Ottawa University school of medicine; Dr. T.

Haughton, Regina, Rev. Leon Loranger, Ottawa; Dr. J. J. Collins, Melville; lawa; coima, Karl More than 300 attended the be officially represented by Rev.

Women's Canadian club Thursday, Odilon, Winnipeg, presi-at 8 m. in a private dining room Rev, c. Codin, Milestone, at Hotel Saskatchewan. His topic spiritual director, and Sister M. will be Pakistan-Partner in CoiLaurentia, Moose Jaw, president, snonwealth.

sasUati hwan The commissioner will also ad-, dress a luncheon meeting of the Mens Canadian club the next day at the hotel, on the same subject. Mr, Baig was born In 1904 at Bombay. He was educated at Clifton college in England and the Royal Military college at Sandhurst. He received his commission in the Indian land force in 1924 and served in Indian cavalry until J930. The Regina chapter, Order of De- kota when a girl.

The couple has two daughters. Mrs. Mansfield and Mrs Ethel Engstiom of Pasadena, one son, Louis P. Shoebridge of Noith Poi tal, and an adopted son Leonard aay aftcinoon Four kitchen units Shoebridge, of Regina. There are eight grandchildren and four great- Open House of the College of Home Economics of tile University of Saskatchewan ii Saskatoon Fuduy and again on Satur- were displaved with table settings and ideas for Easter dtnnets grandchildren andulcie, Fitst Picsb.Urwn 'ttnt business visitor Regina.

buffet suppets Recipes and'and their husbands, at a social clothes weie shown and house-1 evening following a lectin in the Among the Rcginans who at. keeping shortcuts demonstrated Monday evening Mrrf annual meeting of Brown was gut st of honor Mrs he svkatchevvan Council of girl Donald, Laing pouted cottee, in Moose Jaw UU Schu.ilPr, ana a gay 01 1 vmcial commissioner. Mis M. Speunl SCK 1 tBoisjoli, Mis Wadsworth, Mis. Mrs N.

Kennedy Huti Mrs Stagg. Mrs. Carry, Mrs Donnelly, ca 'TV VV LOUJ, 'V He then transferred to Indian Molay, is holding a tea and Stanley Deis, Regina; Rev of home cooking at the Masonic Fmucane, Campion College, temple Saturday from 2 to 5 m. Reglna. j3r.

G. J. Breton, North Pouring tea will be Mr Justice Battleford, Emmett M. Hall, QC, D. A.

McNiven, J. W. Hill, E. W. Larrigan, HGR.

Walker, F. political service and held various appointments in India until 1942 became British Consul in Portu-gese India in 1943. Next was as first secretary in the was as iirsi sei icmij m.v. Luisnn, Saskatoon, Rev. Raymond Duro-cher, Winnipeg, Dr.

Paul He appointment rnent LHeu-reux, St. Boniface, Man. leceptlon held by members of the North Portal community Mrs. Mary Daley. Mrs G.

A Dunbar. Mrs Nick Kuster, Sr and Mrs. George McClelland, Sr, shared tea honors Mrs. Hannah Dunbar presided at the guest register Mrs. Merle Hill was organist.

G. A. Dunbar recited early experiences with the guests of honor. Grandchildien presented them bouquets of flowers, gifts from their daughters in California A profusion of flowers decorated the North Portal Legion hall for the reception A wedding cake centred the tea table. Mr and Mrs.

Dunbar were also honored, it being their 43id wedding anniversary. McKenzie gave a reading and presented the honor guests the communitys gift of money Among congratulate messages a telegram from Robert Ko-haly, MLA for Sourls-Estev an. OUT-OF-TOW GUESTS Out-of-town guests included a daughter, Mis. Mary Mav Mansfield of Pasadena, Calif Mr. and Mrs Leonard Shoebridge of Regina, Mr and Mrs.

Paul Eng-strom and Mrs Esther Venne of catches put allow before beauty. them Columbus, British Embassy in Washington in Dixon, J. Britton, G. W. Stewart 1946.

In 1947 he was appointed and G. L. Cook. Club notes Executive members of St Larford, Misst A Curi, Marys junior Catholic Women hUlki Mis D. Sawka, Mrs.

league held a whist drive In the! Mis Dl)Hlu Cmgtuik. rhurch hail Miss Janice Oliver, Mrs. L. J. i pf door mize was won by Miss Loue.son.

Miss Annie Itoait, Mis. G. W. Molier. Hefieshmcnts weie fcerv-J Fitzgciald Mrs Thormcroft, ed Proceeds will go to the RtginafMrs A Hurtle, and Miss A.

Lie-separate school band i wellvn Receiving the guests will be A J. Y. Guy. chapter "dad: Gilbert G. Cook, master councillor; and Mrs.

E. C. Leslie, president of the mothers' circle. Boys of the chapter wiU serve. The Mothers circle will be in charge of refreshments and the home cooking sale.

Mrs. Jon Johnson is tea convener; assisted by all the members of the mothers' circle. Regina chapter No Order of the Pastern Star, meet In the Masonic tempie was Thuuday at 8 pin, SLEDE SHOES Counsellor in the Embassy of Pakistan, in Washington He was acting High Commissioner for Pakistan in Canada from May to July, 1949, and appointed Minister in Embassy of Pakistan at Washington in 1950. He returned to Karachi in 1951 as the bead of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Relations. This appointment was non political.

In 1952 he was advisor to the Pakistan Prime Minister at the Commonwealth Prime Ministers Conference and he received ms present appointment as high commissioner to Canada in September of 1953. -s1- wK'jrMa. 1 Regina woman wed CRAVEN (Special) Yellow and white spray mums, blue iris and daffodils with blue and white tapers formed the setting the living room of Mi. and Mis. Elmer Denm's home in Regina when Phyllis Urnce Davies exchanged marriage vows with Bruce W.

Patterson, March 6. Rev A. J. Hadley, Regina, officiated. The bnde is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Chailes Demon, of Regina and the groom is the son of Mr.

and Mrs T. Patterson, of the Craven district. The bride, given In maniage by her father, wore a street-length powder blue nylon dress with white accessories compomented by a corsage of yellow roses Attendants were Mr. and Mis. Bill Clark.

Wedding music was played by Mrs. Elmer Denzin and guests were ushered to their places by Elmer Denzin. During the signing of tlie register Mrs. Denzin was soloist accompanied by Mrs. Eric Clark.

Folowing the wedding a reception was held for the bridal party and 39 guests. Mr. and Mrs. Patterson left for a short trip to Sas- momy katoon and wiU make their home 5w.iLArtJ.nkyn. on their farm near Ciaven.

Films of child development com- pletcd the interesting and educa- weie honored by a coffee party on the mezzanine floor of Hie Giant Hall hotel. A red cloth coveted the table and tapcis alight in black wi ought non holders made an interesting and modern contrast. Mi s. A Parkins convened the function and received tho guests assisted by Mrs H. Hedley, past provincial commissioner Mrs Parkins is piesident of the Moose Jaw girl guide association Like a bieath of spring was the banquet table at Grant Hall hotel when the Saskatchewan Council of the gal guide assoc iajion held its annual banquet Moose Jaw Gold tapers in quaint lamp chimney effect holders, cnuitled by daffodils flanked a take centrepiece of daffodils and deep purple irises a low pale gieen pottery bowl Mrs.

G. A Paikins introduced the head table guests who were Mrs Schweitzer Regina, provincial tominiwuoner Mr A Par kins president of tlie Moose Jaw Kiri guide fusotiatinn Mr JuMice Crrp McPhee guest speaker Geoffiey Bask ill dtoutv mavoi and Mrs kwill Art Jenkvns district romimsslonei nf the boy stout and Mrs Jenkvns Mts Bellamy the oniv life mein 5 If a spring shower your suede shoes unprepared, shoe trees in them and them to dry thoroughly attempting to restore their When they are ready, brush carefully and then steam them Mr Shoebridge came to Canada Then, while they are damp, brush'from Susrey, England, in 1887. them with a bristle brush to re- He settled fust near Brandon, mov-store the nap ling to the North Portal district in Church circles Insist on guaranteed" TO OTAL FABRICS At better stores everywhere! Canadian home expert leaves for Yugoslavia Th Rosemont-Lan A meet Wedneii-diiv at I pm the horn Mr. Robinson, 1443 McIntosh street Member aakad to bring sewing tor the April sale The executive of Westminster Womens federation meet In the Allison room of tho church Thursday at 230 pm. St Paul Pro cathedral afternoon branch WA meets for a devotional Thursday at 1 30 In tho parish hall.

Guest speaker Is Mr J. Buck Before painting a wall, remove all grease and dirt. This will assure proper adhesion of the paint to the surface. AIM- UPSET STOMACH Take On. FOWLER'S extract of' WILD STRAWBERRY 901 AT ALL DRtO COUNTER! her of the girl guides in hakaUheftn Mrs Hedtev past provincial corn mission and provincial vice-president Miss Maurhel Sakkttoon Inter nn tumal commissioner Miss Baldwin Yorkton Gaining commissioner Mi Hort Regina, provimial honorary secretary Mra sealv.

Kinder slev cunp commissioner Mrs Mrifitf Regina, provincial lone guide commissioner Mis A Hudec Ibsm public relations conimiioner Mrs Tv re- honorary vne-piesidml and Po vincial chaitman and Mis Kuknam Saskatoon, extension guide commumioner By CHRISTINE SIROIS Cinidian Press Staff Writer had a battle with hei sponsors and iquit. wanted to help th housewife I Wttmcu IU laa nuviocoi.v MONTREAL (CP) Estelle Le- she explains, "not further the pub- ULinu 4J3VVI1C XJV-- silC explains, IlUt IUIU Blanc, one of Canadas leading jlcity of some product home economists, leaves Thursday she isn sure where her new to apply her 31 years experience J0b will take her before it is com-to help Yugoslavia housewives Ipieted She exjjects to have her Miss LcBlanc wae chosen last home office in Belgiade, but her week by the Food and Agncultural.woik in conjunction with the Tito 1). .1 u.1 nn Iinximip llrftrtv nne week by the Food and Agncultural.woik in conjunction wun tne iikj 8 Nijxiicin club I CCiptS Organization of the United Nations govei nraent and various womens; -NIPAWIN (Special) The Simp to assist In the reorganization and 01 ganizatlons in the eountiy prob- son Homemakers club will contn- rf national nrn(lOTTi flhlv tu)A hor on lours tO fill a development of national program ably will take her on tours to all bute to a Saskatchewan tootal FABRICS AVAILABLE AT GEO. M. MALONE, A C.M.

SURGICAL SPECIALIST 806 McCallum Hill Regina, has moved to a new location att 610 BRODER BLDG. recipes g0iden jubilee cookbook, it was an the main Yugoslavia. the main centres in Communist -nr 1" nounced at a meeting at the home of Mrs. Palmer Moren. Members were also asked to raise 5 talent money each this year.

Mrs. R. Thorna convened the program, on public health. Mrs C. Richards spoke about accidents the home Refreshments weie served and will be associated with D.

S. Johnstone, J. S. McGillivary and N. Bruce McCannel Drs.

Residence 23915 TELEPHONES Office 29452 iv4'? a of nutrition, education and home economics in Yugoslavia. The Importance of her new job came as a surprise to Miss Le-Blanc. Last July, after 31 years service with the agriculture departments of Quebec and New Brunswick, the fisheries department in Ottawa, and a term at lEcole des Sciences Menageres dc Montreal, she had decided to take it easy for a while. Idleness wa foreign to her, however. so she offered her services to FAO and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural Organization.

After surveying her record, the FAO wasn't long taking her up. The official announcement followed last week. TEACHES HOUSEWIVES Miss LeBlanc has devoted her career to teaching housewives tlie most efficient ways of going about their daily duties She pulls no punches when something gets in the way of that objective Last year she started a French-language network radio program, counselling housewives on cooking, sewing, interior decorating and nutrition The program was an immediate hit. Then Miss LeBlanc Spring lea plans made NOKOM1S (SjKUal). Mem-beis of the Wreford homemakers club will hold a spring tea, it was decided at a meeting.

The ways and means committee will on-vene the function. Members met at the home of Mrs. J. E. Nichol It was decided at the meeting to move the rest room to a new location and to secure it upon a higher foundation than the present one.

Ten dollms were donated to the Red Cross, Mrs. M. Braith- waite and Mrs Woods were delegated to attend a meeting re-1 garding a proposed home for the aged in the Nokomis area Mrs W. A. Mason was guest speaker.

Mrs. Robert Fclske was soloist, accompanied by Mrs. L. Potter G. was at the Liberal women hold meeting in Melfort MELFORT (Special) A quiz conducted by Mrs Grant Carleton at a meeting of the Melfort Womens Liberal association the home of Mrs.

E. Jameson Mrs McAusland presided at meeting and Mrs J. Eisner gave the secretarys report. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 DISABLED CIVILIANS WORKSHOP 172 Broad Street 32911 iV iV Ladies auxiliary to the Army, price Navy and An force veterans will Dresse hold a whist drive Wednesday at other DrMSM 8pm at 2334 Albert street. He- Sizes 12 to 52, 3 S5 from Thone freshments will be served, LABEL, THEN STORE You'll be looking ahead if you label packages clearly before stor- ing them in the attic or basement locker.

Tea convener is selected Mrs Margaret Barker is gen eral convener for the Fellowship Robekah lodge. No 123 noveltv tea Wednesday, April 7, at 8 30 pm. in the IOOF Temple, 2080 Rac stieet. Mts Barker will be assisted by Mrs. Hazel Ward, Mrs V.

Fraser, Mrs. Gtace Milam, Miss Doris Bennett and Miss Mane Jackson A good program has been arranged and theie will also be a sale of home cooking and candy Tickets are obtainable from any member of the lodge THE WORLD LEADISG ENGAGEMENT NOTICES BEALTY AUTHORITY invites you to a private consultation Have you ever hoped for personalized beauty advice, from someone who would give you individual attention show you how to achieve a radiantly lovely skin, and how to make the most of your best features? Now you can meet such an expert, trained bv the intemaUonally-famous authority, Ulirabeth Arden She literally will take you by the hand and set vou on the road to discovering how beauUful you really can be. Whatever yojr beauty problems, youll emerge from jour consultation, feeling more poised and confident! For your personal eoiwxlfaton naif or hlaabrth Arden Cotmehe Counter. Or, xj you prefer, phons today and snake an appointment. 4-t AnnounrmenU to appear tinder this heading wtU be accented at The Leader Pnt Cl unified Dept Minlmam chr SI fr flral fta srerds ar trim Adi Ae per ward fa? iwl addtwaaal ward.

We regret a printer's error made in our handbill recently distributed to all homes in Regina Garden Side Green Beans were advertised as CUT FANCY whereas this item should have read CUT STANDARD GRADE We will gladly refund the purchase price to any customer ho bought these beans under the tr presston that they were buying fancy quality. un- The only lotion designed to guard hands from damage before it happens! Lovely hands dont just happen they need care i the kind that Trfishovs beauty oil can give. Iruvhay is the only lotion designed to prevent damage to your hands et you can use it as you would any lotion i or hand cream. Trushay leaves your skin satin-soft with a lasting fragrance, gjj At toilet goods counters everywhere. LUknt ijfrn Alant "Mvc rUcj- ucTrictsKmj.

HV the beforehand Urn! Mr and Mis W. A. Wills, Lumvden, wish to announce the engagement of their only daughter Ellen Alice Caiolyn to Colin Arthur, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwm Klcmp, Lumsden The wedding will take place in St.

Andrew church Lumsden. Saturday, April IT at 2 30 tr Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics SOLD IN REGINA EXCLUSIVELY BY REFINED RENTERS READ Classified Want ads when looking for living quarters' Order For Rent ads NOW. Dial 7634. A.

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