The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on May 26, 1952 · 7
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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada · 7

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, May 26, 1952
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p "p rr V V -THE LEADER-rOST. RF.GINA. MONDAY, MAY 28, 1952- PAGE SEVtN Mettzies tells Liberals Socialism leads lo class warfare A Socialist philosophy baed on sat.sfaetory living eondi'iors for the premt-e that happiness can be rural teacher,, more generous fi-echieved by the acquisition of nancul asitnnce to deserving material things will lead to c!as students above elementary school distinction and welfare, G. N level, improved security of tenure Menries, Liberal candidate for for teachers, expansion of voca-the city of Regina in the June 11 tional and technical training faci-provlmUl election, told the Liber-'hties. assistance for physically and at Womens club, meeting In the mentally handicapped, immediate Business and Piofessional Wo-rePenln8 of Regina normal men's club rooms Friday after-!1'1100', 8i,lrl-noon.' I Mr. Walker accused the C C F. Tho two other Regina Liberal,01 having painted a bleak dismal gntU picture" of a teachers life and thu.i candidates, J. C. Knowles H. CL R. Walker, also addi cessed the meeting, at which Mis. G. 11 Cucker, vice-president, presided. 'Mr, Mcnzies warned that soc-, ialism would lead to a loss of m.teducational purposes, dependence, initiative and person-j r nowes ald the C.C F a litv on the part of citizens. The wvcu.ment was conducting an state will control every phase ofielccUon mp-8n ot to dc-eur lives he said jceive the people. Anything and everythlng to keep away frr n a! P,e-e action of a C. F. K0'.crr.-tlls(,ussl0ll 0j 10W ltu.v Kave away j ment in Saskatchewan will put millions of acres of our oil audi us in danger of having more and minerai rights to a small gioup of more power vested in the cabinet exploiters for a mess of pottage " at the expense of the people. Mr Mr. Knowles outlined the Lib-Menzie added eral p0ijCy on natural resources He suggested the announccmentye have never given a ay noi of the forthcoming election had j will we barter pway the oil rights! proved a tonanza to the city of of tins piovince to a few special! !" . . , J friends as this government has The provincial government nad(j0ne. All of these mineral rightsi offered to pay 60 percent of the. will be auctioned off as they are! cost of that portion of the trans-jln Alberta. , j Canada highway going through! The rights of the province will) Begina, and to pay full taxes on i be protected by withholding a per-! crown corporation property. ThisWage of the acreage and by the, was done only when an election collection of royalties when devel- ppeared in the offing, he said. Upment is proceeded with, hr Mr. Walker, principal of Lake-'said. view school, revealed the Liberal partys platform on education. They were planning thorough revision of school grants legislation, salaries based on qualifications and experience of teachers. Baptist missionary anniversary speaker t A ere time resident of Regina, Lake Titacaca which was pur-Flev W S Ridgway, now a chased by Baptists. " The slaves missionary in La Paz, that worKed the farm were fieed uouiid, , as s, .Cuivcr when and each, a p.Cce ofaand to Carneion Memorial Women's Mis- work for themselves, he said, sionary circle had its 30th an- There aie ten schools on the1 nnersary meet'ng Friday afte-- lake shore now and a bible school noon in the chuich pailor. to tiain teachers. There is also a Mr Ridgway went from First dime supervised by a Canadian, Baptist church, Vancouver to the missionary nurse The need for1 mission field in Bolivia. He was consecrated missioinary nurses in avsouated with the famous consecrated missionary nurses in, Southern Cross radio station and Bolivia is very great, said Mr., on his return will head Cocha- The work of the famous bamba Bmie college Southern Cross radio station, ana With the spread of Christianity, the two religious publications in' the speaker said, the natives have the country was described. Mrs J showed a great desue for educa- Ridgway is editor of one of these, tion. They want to learn to read papets called Redemption, and write and to improve their 1 The speaker was introduced by homes which aie mostly mud Rev, A. Hadley. Mrs. A Wad-hovels dell presided and G. Ralph Easter Mr. Ridgway also desenbed conducted the devotional. Guest! Denial Hall fai m on the shores of soloist was Lyle Richardson. V SIMMER FOOTWEAR: lleie are three style motifs typical of summers footwear features that are destined to have a long life. Left the important use of mesh ... in this instance combined with suede, which is as smart for summer as for winter. Centre, the use of colored piping combined with patent, Below the open weave kid pump, in many colors and combinations. Lilac tea June 8tli Mr. Knowles also promised a reduction In taxation in the event; The senior catholic Womens of a Liberal victory. 'leagua of St. Marys chuich, to- Prior to the speeches a brief Kether with the junior C.W.L. and, business meeting heard reports the catholic Mutual Benefit as-J - , from Mrs, & Niidon, Mrs, E G cnriqtinn will ItgIH 9 Lils tps assistance in building and equip-jBourne and Mrs. W. A Brown. 'Sunday, June 8, it was decided at! ping school, and providing more Mrs. H. A. Perry thanked ihe a mccmg of the senior league. speakers. proceeds of the tea will go to' Plans for the Liberal open house the Oblate Fathers house of studies' at the Trianon June 2 were final- at Battleford, Sask. lzed. Mrs. C. H. Slack, Mrs. H Conveners of standing commit-Staines and Mis. W. Craddock re-(tees were appointed at the mcet-ported. . mg. They included: Mrs. A Jclen- Guest soloist was Rea Knowles, ski, spiritual; Mrs. L. Tanuuye, accompanied by Mrs. L. Mars. (literature; Mrs. J. J. Sidlcr and iP. Wingert, hopsital visiting; Mis. About one-third of all Canadian A. Mayer, girl guides; Mrs. J. MISS CANADA? Auburn-haired and brown - eyed Jean Mane Treble of Mimieo, Ont, is the fiisl beauty as-puant to file an official entry in the 1952 Miss Canada pageant to be staged next Aug 11, 12 and 13, at Bui-hngton, Ont. A dramatist and writer, the 19-vear-old beauty will con, pu.-.fc and picoiiu her own dramatic reading in the contest. Reception in Regina A reret'tion i 'he Qv Tea speaker outlines growth of Communism "Christianity exalts the woilh growth of which, she said, had and purpose uf the individual, it been phenomenal. She attributed is a rel'gion of love, mercy and that growth to the intensity and luict aniv. on L.e contrary. Com- g: c r e of the Communists and mumsri exalts (he state and mini- to the receptivity ot Chinese youth, j msfs the indtv idual, it instils She talxed about the zeal ot i hatred and fear, Mrs. W. S. Communist teachers, who work , Hud-peth, wife of the secretary, dav and night without thought of j of the Dominion Bible society, self." She said the indoctrination told ea guests assembled in of the rhildien and youth of 'Cameron Memorial Baptist church China had been sa thorough that Mrs. Hud'peth was talking young children were placed m about Chinese Communism, the classrooms where radios constant- " , ly proclaimed the Communist rp motto: There is no God, the state I tree chosen Three additional conveners were as e pe(j influence of fear end named at a meeting of the Forget. foice ls in power. chapter I O D E., at the home oij Chinese people who cannot end Mrs. E. Henderson (will not accept Communist phil- They included. Mis R- G FeiOSOphy aie committing suicide guoi., gul guides, ..s. G. Reid, rathcr than succumb to the force commonwealth and study; j Hudspeth said. Mrs A Brown, empire correspon- ,.0n th o christ,an CTh'e chapter will send nursery,"110" up'tnBeon-bags to children's hospitals over- rlf Communism can seas, it was decided. Sums of $50 Christians of China were voted to the hospital visiting here saf tn Canada fund and the Fott San preset- hould Pr 7e 0l,r free- tonum dom and he our beliefs. Above Mrs. R. N. Miller reported that-,ad doQ 'et this cancerous growth , . '31 patients in the Veterans w.ifd 7 Communism find any foothold u Api'cx had been visited, and that fou-i whatever among nr, she ron ; ?ulte' otel Skatrhewan, Xol-0verseas parcels had been sent Dv eluded. lowed the wedding of Ruth M. the convener, Mrs. W. C. Trick. lrt rtmtlf yef lr MOTHS, BtJitfi JL BREAKS TRADITION: Barbara Ward, brilliant British economist and writer, broke tradition when she was the first women to address the Canadian Club since it was founded in Ottawa 48 years ao. She is shown with Pnme Minister St. Laurent who attended the luncheon. Fatten son and Emil L Ludvicckl rs h. G. Wells reported un Aftcr cooking the family meal, at the farm home of Chailes Dcn-L, various court sittings. jfieshen up by splashing cologne z.n on May 10. Rev. W. W. Carr j)on Grant has arranged a or toilet water on your hands and officiated. rummage sale, it was reported. (brow. The biule is the daughter of Mr Refreshments were served by thei : - : 1 and Mis, Thomas Patterson, Cia-ijoint hostesses, Mrs. A. Brown and ven, and the gioom is the son of Mrs. C. Buckle. Mrs. Doia Ludweck, Fan fax, Iowa Given in marriage by her father, the bride chose a gown of lace and satin styles with a sweetheart STRAWBERRY SOCIAL j St. Matthews evening W.A. will at a strawberry social and a fingertip veil anchoied byjln 'e church hall Wednesday a satin and rayon net hcaddicss hom 3 to 5 p.m. and from 7 to( ,She earned a bouquet of wine P-m' WEDDINGS Peerless roses. I Miss Ruth E Claik was maid I of honor, Mi's Eleanor Claik and Guests will be received by Mrs. R. E. H. Howell and Mrs. R. A Sendall in the afternoon and by summer-light and figure-perfect! wheat export goes to the United RiffeV, magazine; Mrs. G. Pussier, Kingdom. 'citizenship; Mrs. A. Wcisenbcrger, - - - Red Cross; Mrs. A. Tell, study clubs; Mrs. P. P. Schmidt, immigration; Mrs. L. Novak, Catholic welfare, Mrs, C. Lockert, mem-beiship; Mrs. G, Thomas and Mrs. M. Bokitch, bazaars; Mrs G. Klein banner; Mrs. A, Eberle, social, Mrs. C. Schneider, refreshments. Mrs. H. M. Burghardt, president, conducted the meeting. Members reported $230 collected in the cancer drive. Following the meeting,. Rev. N. Feist addressed members briefly. am axing run Flex-Top girifla and ttraple bra i, FLEX EES Xwp cool .Re roofer m Cooleire, ingenious new ilim-hip girdle with &e built-in elastic band that nips inches off your waistline, nukes your prettiest summer ' faebions look like dream! Its never too hot to wear - Cooleire, for world-famous Flexees styles it of brefcsjr, airy Nyralon, coolest invention since ice cresm 1 Our expert fitters are ready note to prove il v Coolairt Tlex-Tnp Girdle of Nyralon t ,meih and leno lattiquo. Magnolia while. . 26 to 32. $10.50 Matching Deep Plunge Coolaira Bra, ttraplau, wired for perfect uplift. Sixes 32 to 33. $2.00 2007 . 12T1I AVE. PHONE 5714 i.m. r. P resell tn tion to past regent CARLYLE (Special) Mrs. M. Luedtke was preesnted a sterling silver I.OD.E. coffee spoon in recognition of her services as regent when the Carlyle Memorial chapter met at the home of Mrs. F. ONeill. Final arrangements were ntade to cater to the chamber of commerce farmers banquet, and to purchase a piano for the Memorial hall. Mrs. W. R. Stockton was appointed convener of a courtesy fund. Mrs. A. McLeod, and Mi'is Dorothy Fatteison was lumor bndcxmaid. Biuce Patteison was best man and Bill Clark, . , , , lOsboinc Clark, Wilhard Patterson ip r Was scrv!d later at the anfj Warten Donzin were ushers SPY HILL (Special i. Arthur Jexas afc' Assimboia. A wed-j Mr 8nd Mis. Ludvicek will re-Hai old Miller, only son of Mr!?.'1 dan'e followed in the',ide 0n their faim at and Mrs Walter Miller of Spv, ni.8hts, ot Columbus hall, Wil-Iowa Hill, and Rose Mane Houben,10rbunth , . , daughter of Mi and Mis. John Mr and '.J- Vaudnn honey-Houben of Demame, were piinci-!mooned ?n. Yellowstone park and Miss Ruth Quine were biidcsmaids,llss Violet Dethridge and Mrs G. K. Dickson in the evening. Fdiifax, When you buy a new coat, make p ,..,,..-1 .. shields of matching lining cloth, pals in a wedding ceremony per-'? ,ei! polnts ln he Cnded States ew them m under the arms and formed April 21 in the Demaine betQle E01ng t0 llve in Tionto. they will take the stains and rub. United church by Rev. W. Marshall of Lucky Lake.' Given ir. marriage by her father, the bude woie tiaditional white satin in a floor-length model, with nylon net oversknts and a lace bodice Hex ifloer-length veil misled fiom a beaded halo and she carried red roses. Bridesmaid Vas Miss Maxine Johnson of Demaine. Flower gul was Shirley Anne De Marre, also of Demaine. Carl Perrin of Prifice Albert was best man. Mrs. Neil Burrel was oigamst at the ceremony. Fifty guests attended a tecep-tion which followed, after which the bridal couple left tor a honeymoon in the United States. CKRM, Tues May 27! 3.30 - 3.35 MRS. J. G. RYAN Tone Why I Am Voting Liberal YOTE LIBERAL KNOWLES MENZIES WALKER ... MEN YOU CAN TRUST Autnviyed bv the Regina Liberal Asiociation STRAUTMAN JAMES VANCOUVER. A wedding of interest to Saskatchewan residents took plare in St. Saviours Anglican church, Vancouver, on May 3 when Phyllis Mary j.imcs, educational'daughtcr of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. secretary, reported the arrival of James of Woodiow, Sask, became a Chinese youth and was instruct-1 the bride of Arthur John Straut-ed to present him a set of Basic man, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. English books. MEMORIAL PLAQlE CARLYLE (Special) Members of the Womens auxiliary to ihe Canadian Legion in Carlyle are collecting money for a plaque, a memorial to men who died during the Second World War. Strautman of Speers, Sask Rev. J. Davies officiated at the doublering ceremony. Given in marriage by her father, the bride chose a ballerina-length gown of white nylon net over satin with a fingertip veil of illusion net misting from a coronet, of orange blossoms. Her bouquet was of red roses with lily-of-the-valley and her jewelry was pearls, a gift ef Jthe groom. Mrs. D, Forsyth and Miss K LEAKY TAPS If a faucet leaks, It needs a new washer. Dont incur a plumbers ( bill for this simple job. Your' hardware dealer can tell you howiWebcr attended, the bade, while to do it yourself. Charles Sfjautman attended the rr:::-. : :groom. Fred James and Jim Moore ushered. A reception followed at the home of the bride's brother. After a honeymoon trip across Canada and in 'he United Kingdom, Mr and Mrs. Strautman will live in Khartoum, Sudan, Afiica, uheie Mr Strautman is employed by the Sudan government. HUGH D. Mackenzie Optometrist 513-14 McCallum Hill EYESIGHT SPECIALIST Phone 23422 Regina WMtiWMrTvm ommmE wm. Utterly Unlike Old-Style Instants Not a grind! Not a powder! but million of tiny flavor bud" of . 100 PURE, ROASTER-FRESH MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE -sa? Dissolves in the cup Instantly, mpltltlf At Your Grocer's Today THE DHlt IHSUNT COfftl WITH THAT "GOOD T9 THE LAST DROP" FLAVOR! MI IXCIUSIVI SPIRAIATOR that )t cloth Kicntifically elwn by wolr cunntj alon. VAUDRIN LAFONTA IN E ST. VICTOR. Toronto will be the home of Agnes Lafontaine and Marcel Vaudrm, whose wedding took place in the Roman Catholic church at St. Victor on Apnl 23. Rev. L. Rodrigue pcrfoimed the ceremony. Soloist was Miss S, Rou-seau and organist was Miss M. Bad-I thazar. I The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mis. Nap Lafon-itaine and the gioom is the third 'son of Eldege Vaudrm, all of St I Victor. Attendants of the bridal louple 'were Miss Marilyn Fortcous and 'Mai cel Bissonncttc. 1 Given ln marriage bv her father, the bride woie a floor-length gown of nylon and net, styled with a full sknt featuring three .tiers of lace gathcied at both! sides with three white rosebuds, j a tight-fitting bodice with a( high neckline, and long sleeves ending in hlv-pointa. A halo ofj whlte rosebuds and seed peails! held her fingertip nylon net veil. I She carried ted roses and woie! the grooms gift a rhinestone! c Milntnsu . . . ARC OLA necklace and matching ea.nngs i((n,on forrrs,pr Hardware. BROMIILU) j Following the- erremonv. Mullers Hardware P.UtUNW buffet luncheon was seived 80 Kcn lUrdwa e C El LON guests at the home of the o. G. Herucr IIPK bode parents, and a wedding John C. hmith DAIIDSON Waibdoy h no picnic but it comet around once a week just ike lome o I kjured the little women belle hove the fineil woihe I could buy . . . ond now iho ho itl Thot new Eoey Dieamline 88. You ihould hove teen hei eye pop open when the taw thoie tweet, modem line (or (he hr it time. But whot I think It jreat It tho woy It time th wathinj oil by ittelf. There t no watching ond woitinj. And doet thot "Spirolatoe" ever Ret clothe cleon! How e my wife like it? Brother, the toy every woman thould hove onel , aFOINA DEAI Fits liointman and Co. Ltd. 1839 Scarth Street Sherwood Co-operativ 1828 Albert St. MW ORM.CHS Child & Gower Piano Co. Ltd. 13 High St. E. Moose JTavv Hardware Co. IHVI.IHS IV SI anoi AXES Drake Hardware DRAKE Perrv'a Hardware Ltd ESTEVAN I). 4. Sarsoii E ORGAN Jcsske Bros FOX VAt LEY Hoffman and to GOLDFN PRAIRIE N. A. Duprat GRAVE LBOIRO IL A. hpritce and Co. . . GUERNSEY Btkea Piano Parlor .. 8V4IFT CURRENT IL Tenold Hardware 1 TORQUAY T. I.nton (o. ltd WEIBIRN The Worden Co WEVBURN

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