The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 17, 1950
Page 6
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/ PAGESg BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 1958 THE BIA'THEVILLE COURIEK NEWS TUB COURIER NEW8 CO. , H. W. HAINES, Publisher JAMES In VERHOEFF, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising UtoUCT Sol« N»tlon»l Advertising Representative*: W»ll»ew Witmer Co, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphli. Entered u «cond clu* matter tt the port- oiflce at BlythevUle, Arkansas, under act at Contress, October », 1»M. .^____ Member of The Associated Pica SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the city of BlythevUle or «ny suburban town where carrier service la maintained, 20c per week, or 85c per month. By mall, wtthln a radius of 60 miles *4-00 pet year. $200 (or six months, {1.00 [or three months; by mall outside 50 uille zone, tlO.OO per year payable In advance. Meditations Give llicm according to their d«d», »nd tc- corriirnr to Hie wickedness of their endeavours: tlve them after Ibe work of their hands; render to them their dcsserl.—Psalms 28:1. * • • Master, I've filled ray contract, wrought In Thy many lands; Not by my sins wilt Thou judge me, but by the work of my hands. Master, I've ac;:;c Thy bidding, and the light Is low in the west. And the long, long shift Is over . . . Master, I've earned it—[lest. —Robert W. Service. Barbs We wonder—do gangsters refer to their descendants as off-shoots? « * * The fellow who Is a stickler for law U usually » trial lo his neighbors. * * * You leldom hear a girl yelling to get out when she Is locked in an embrace. * » * Hypnotism w»8 used during an operation on » woman. Now, If someone can find a way to •' make It work when she starts talking about the operation. * • * An honest confession is good for the soul but sometimes bad for the lawyer«. frowned on by our friends in other Asta- tic countries. And we ahould have to decide whether holding Formosa mean* enough to balance these substantial risks. once over lightly— By A. A. Fredrkkson Risks to U.S. in Aiding Formosa Merit Study Remember Argyrokastron? You're rare if you do. But the tides of the Greek-Italian war once swirled about that little Albanian-town and it was much in the news. Today most of the world is at peace. But the strange place names still keep hitting us between the eyes. Right now the magic word is "Formosa." Former President Hoover, Senator Taft and some military leaders talk of using the American Navy to defend Formosa, or maybe setting up bases there. Where and what is this place that has everyone so excited? It's an island about twice as big as New Jersey, located 100 miles off the South China coast. The 6,500,000 inhabitants, most with a strong flair for independence, have a rich stock of mineral resources and rely chiefly on crops like rice, sugar cane, tea and sweet potatoes. There are good harbors and 70 air strips. The Chinese ceded the. island to Japan after a war in 18!)5. Not until the Japs were beaten in World War 1! in 1945 did China get the place back—un- oficially.' (It can't be official until there's a Japanese peace treaty.) Chiang Kai-shek thrust the island into the headlines when he made it the last bastion of his Nationalist forces against the victorious Chinese Keels. The State Department now discloses that Chiang already has appealed for U. S. help in defending the island. The statesmen and military men who favor extreme measures to save Formosa argue that in Communist hands it would be a serious strategic threat to our outposts in the Philippines and Okinawa. Some of the statesmen contend, loo, that a non-Communist Formosa would stand for hope that, some day the Chinese mainland would again be free. Before we consider giving money or advice to Chiang's government, we should learn whether his armies have any more will to resist on Formosa than they did on the mainland. If Nationalist morale has not improved,-help from us now would have even less meaning than any we might have given while Chiang still held forth in China proper. Secondly, we ought to have a completely clear idea of the island's military value. If it is really vital to our outer rim of Pacific defenses, as many suggest, then extreme measures of pro- 'tection might be warranted. But we should then have to face the ffict that using our armed forces could involve us in major war, should Russia come to the Reds' aid. \\'e should also have to recognize that any extreme? action by u* would almost certainly be Tliese are grim days for tliosc who are smitten with gastric lUcers, "nervous" stomach, tils ol temper and other similar afflictions generally brought on or intensified by late hours, overwork, cheap liquor, strong coffee and reading newspapers. It's tills Jast activity that makes my ulcer throb, and it's no fault of the profession 1 laughingly call myself a member of. It's what's 111 the news—especially those cheerful little items under Washington datelines. This past week has produced some particularly miserable topics. Miserable, anyway, to anyone who isn't a bureaucrat, a union member with seniority, a porKbarrel politician or just loo damned lazy to scratch out a living'on /us own without ueing wet-mused by remote control from the time he leaves Hie delivery room till the time he hits uie emfoalmer's slab. If you've got 10.20 vision nnd a nickel lor a newsimiicr, you're bound to be getting wise to the fact. Harry Truman's lixin' lo put the government in business In the rest of the fields that it hasn't Invaded so lar. Private enterprise is facme a brutal klcKing around, but mat's okay with Harry because, after all, me business world didn't do right by him when he tried It. Perhaps his haberuaslicry wouldn't have lolded 'if there had been price supixirts for neciuies and underwear. KvcobiKly * Stockholder In audition Uj running a mammoth insurance agency—-straight hie and annuities available — tne yuvenmicnt's a!so got its biy, grubby linger ui the linance business, sure, the interest is lower than you can beg from your banker or private farm or home loan agency. But guess wiio makes up the clitterence in the long run? Step up, little taxpayer, and take your bow; but be tarelul when you bend down or you'll get it again. Same goes for that insurance stuff and all tue other some- things for "nothing." 1! you mulled over yesterday's Courier News before wrapping the garbage in it, you probably noticed where Air. T. is generously asking -Con- fress lo hand back to private enterprise part ol the government's STOO.OOO.OGO synthetic rubber manufacturing set-up. Hut just a part ol it. It will lake a lot of fast talking to convince me that the government couldn't keep itself stocked with tires and such in peacetime by just buying incm from private manufacturers. And with less strain on Mr. Biedwhite T. Taxpayer's purse. 1 am not exactly doubled up with enthusiasm at the idea of being an unwitting stocklioldei in a synthetic rubber business that doesn't pay dlvidcnds-dn the investment I must make, whether I like it or no. Something else that, makes my ulcer contemplate expansion is this public power business, which has been kicked around more thai] a practice football. From his predecessor, Truman has inherited a white-hot passion for "cheap" public power. He hankers for a TVA project on every creek and a llghlbulb in every outhouse. These people gelling TVA power can consider themselves pretty lucky, '1 guess. Anyway. I would if someone else was pacing part of my electric bill. They get their current cheap all ri»ht. bvit every March 15 you and 1 kick in to keep those kilowatts (coming. Just another case of something for nothing—nothing but taxes, that is. What Happens lo Ambilion? But running oilier people's business is just one card off tne bottom of the deck in Brother Truman's "Fair Deal." If he ever gels through the whole deck, we'll be housed by the government, educated by the government and doctored by the government. There'll be low-Income housing and middle-income housing, with Uncle Sam as the biggest landlord that ever reameri a tenant for playing the radio after 11 o'clock. (Sorry, no housing for the high-income folks because that dwindling group Is going to be taxed out of existence, thus collapsing another favorite American ambition—getting rich.) Wildest deuce h, this Joker-loaded "Pair Deal" deck, however, Is the Brannan brainstorm. With food selling nt the level this balding gentlemen farmer considers cheap, the grocer will have to hire a butcher with four thumbs in order to break even. Meanwhile, Ihc Bureau of Inlernal Revenue —the great equalizer—will see to it that you don't squander the money you "save" because of cheaper food prices. Who kno^-s, maybe baby-sitters may be socialized eventually—if the AFL or CIO doesn't unionize them first. If the taxpayers and voters let Truman nnd his cohorts rain their hand-carved Utopia down Congjess' throat and make it stick, we'll be living off the fatheads of the land—ourselves. So They Say Something Tells Us It's No Match Russian Territorial Expansion Moves Anticipated by Acheson Th* DOCTOR SAYS BI Edwin P. Jordan, M. D. Written for NEA Service Brucellosis of which there are several varieties, Ls a disease whieh attacks animals as well as human beings. It is estimated, for example, that there are about 1.300,000 dairy cattle and 800,000 beef cows involved. No one knows how many human beings are affected with undulant fever, which Is the. principal human form of brucellosis. There are some encouraging things about the situation. Brucel- losis can be eliminated from any herd of cattle when the proper steps are taken under suitable direction, * Secretary of State Acheson'i blunt statement before the National Press Club in Washington regarding Russian territorial expansion In Ihe Asiatic theatre presents a grim picture to opponent* of communism, but It has the vir- ture of helping clarify a muddy situation. Acheson accuses Russia of dismembering Northern China and being in process of absorbing it into the Soviet Union. He says the detachment of provinces Is complete In Outer Mongolia and is almost complete in Manchuria, inner Mongolia and Sinklang Province apparently are being processed. Well, this column certainly cant argue against that. I've called a^Jt tention to this trend perslstentl-oF especially to the absorption of trie rich and strategiv slate of Manchuria. Possession of this country and not only from a single herd but e |ves Russia one of the most rtoin- from a whole area .This attack on ta £* >!»L.* A^..*" 1 the disease Includes destruction of the animals who are carrying the disease, even though they are not seriously ill with it. I^aws Recommended For the control of brucellosis in catlo, certain legislation has been recommended. On the national level, it is .suggested that the secretary Indeed, Sjcretary Acheson declares that Russia's designs on Manchuria are "a single most Important fact" in the Far Eastern picture, And what Is the .significance of Soviet tactics? The answer to that slso is clear- It ni^ans the Russian offensive in the Orient is more than , . . -. •••"._ itt»u a political drive It of the United State,? Department of ls aggression aimed at the ex- Agriculture should be authorized to p ansion of the union 0[ Sovje( . eslablish regulations governing the interstate transportation of infect- • PETER EDSONS Washington Hews Notebook Children's Lobby Latest to Appear On Political Scene in Washington Washington now has a "children's in lobby." It's the American Parents' | Committee, which is a tail tu-il to the kite of George Hccht. publisher of "Pa rents' Magazine." All the Parents' Committee wants in the way of aid for children next year Is $36G,V50,50-i. The first $300,000,000 would be in the Federal nid to education bill. Then 535,000.000 lor school health services, 35,000,000—to be matched by a similar nmount from tl'.o suites — for plrvvmhi™ school construction, nnd $7,500.000 for "child research," whatever that is. The committee would next like to increase appropriation for the present Children's Bureau by $2,250.504, and Increase the school lunch appropriation by $16,500.000 This would make iota! cost of the hi nch program S 100.000,000. The committee also wants an unspecified amount to restore wrirtirnc ma- tcriUty grants to working mothers. office at 100 East 50th Street, - York. From this latter office, McKec has been clrci'lnling peti- -ions calling on the U.S. to forbid creation of an army or a nationalist police force in western Germany. By Way of SI. Louis When rocket-firing from the long-range guided -missile base Fit Banana River, Pla., begins this spring, it is expected Lhat all military and commercial air travel will have to be routed arcund the area. The base Is approximately in the middle of the Atlantic coast of Florida, and Ls crossed by the regular commercial airlnnes. Although the range Is 3000 miles long and eventually missiles are expected to fly over the British Bahama 1s- liinds, it will be a long time before any reach that far. First rockets to be fired will be short range missiles which are already considered obsolete. is placed by the Commies on two factors, First, strengthening of the American "monarcho- Fascist" military aid. second, the "treachery" of Tito's Yugoslavia. animals or those exposed. States probably should sponsor a program of reporting, testing, vaccinating, and oihcr steps. . x The control and elimination of brucellosis in caltle, pigs, and other animals should eventually be of great benefit not ony to the livestock and agricultural industries but also to human beings who acquire their infection almost always from eatiiig or drinking contaminated products. Although one of the most complicated diseases of our day, it Ls encouraging to realize that progress Ls being made and the future Is so bright. Until eliminated In livestock, pasteurization of milk, careful cooking of meat, and well-known sanitary precautions should be helpful in reducing the number of human beings attacked. * • • Note: Dr. Jordan i.s unable to answer individual questions from renders. Howcvei, each day. he will ans- ver one of the most frequently ast- eti suestions in his column. Socialist Republics. Follows Clear Fallern "What's new or strange about that?" Not H.ming. It is precisely what has been going on In Eastern Europe. Moscow has never concealed her Yugoslav in n I'osilinn Improves Any idea that the Russians will resort to actual Invasion of Yugoslavia to overthrow Tito is now being generally discounted. There may be some border incidents and some attempted 'sabotage, lint every nonth Tito maintains his stand igainst Moscow domination makes What Does He Say? | Frederick C. McKce of Pitts- j Inirgh. an active lobbyist for more lilitary ni:i for Nationalist China, , also lobbying against yearming estern Germany. As chairman pro- cm of the Committee, to Defend Vincricn by Aiding Anti-Communist China. Mr. McKce conducts his anipaign for more arms for Chiang <ai-sliek's fotce.s frmn offices in General Motors building, Nnw York. chairman of the Committee on Our conception of work and money is out ol proportion. Work such as our fathers knew has become a thing of.scorn and distaste. Teachers are the human engineers who can develop youth eager for work, ready to pursue world citizenship and to keep peace on earth.—H. Roc Bar tie, attorney anri banker. • * » I will be proud to represent my people, my country find my great democratic government, and I am happy that I am going to another great democracy,—Mrs' Eugenie Anderson, U. S, ambassador to Denmark, Greek Reds Call Tt a I)aj Greek Communists have now ad- mined their defeat. Only they ca.ll it "a temporary retreat." The Commie communique announcing tht:, new tactic declared the reason for its adoption was that "the question of reserves was not solved." In other words, lack of manpower to carry on the guerrilla warfare. Latest re- [Kirt.s say there are now only 804 rebels, where once there were 28,000 Mationa! Affairs, he operates from j But the blame for this s.ttmtioi chances of better. survival that much QUESTION; I have white spots on the back of my hands and wrists. What can be done about this?—S.M. ANSWER: This sounds like vit- Lligu or leukoderma. Mast treatments which have" been tried are not very successful. Coloring the spots with -I'alnut Juice (If .you can get it), or a properly prepared potassium permanganate solution, have been used to moke the spots less conscipuous, light under a bushel. The objectives of the world revolution for the .spread of communism have been made perfectly plain. The goal is to create a communist world state—one world—one Red world. So we see Russia in process of absorbing Chinese territory. The areas thus far- most concerned (Manchuria, Outer Mongolia, Inner Mongolia and Sinkiang) form a huge, solid bloc whose northern frontier contacts Russian territory all the way. -. Moscow Is working 'mcthodica'jBB so that her expansion southwara *" Into China moves as a compact mass containing no non-Communist areas. The steam-roller thus las its northern side completely protected, ft is » mighty smart job of strategy. Manchuria of course is the mosl important single item in this picture. Here we have a big country of 404,428 square miles, with population of more than 43,000,000. Congress Checks Figiire-s Joint Congressional Committee on Economics has five big reports com up soon, and the question whether they will agree or disngrcc with President TiTmnn's economi report to CcitiRress. The Congrcs stonal Committee reports will not attempt to cover the whole economic picture and will be Issued one at a time for easier digestion. The first four will cover unemployment, low income families, investment conditions and monetary policy. The fifth report will bo the first attempted compilation of U.S. regional statistics. Up to now. all U.S. statistics have been compiled on state and national bases. The new report divides the U.S. into 12 geographic-economic regions and asses them on comparative basis. Light for Hom/s* FLATV1LLE, 'ill- —(A 1 *— This hamlet may not be much of a dot on the map—but it's going to be a bright one. Twenty-five volunteers from the countryside have started to put up street lights. The community has no organized government so flie lights were bought by trustees of the Immamiel Lutheran Church. IN HOLLYWOOD Ky Erskine Jobn.son NKA Staff <'orrcspomlcnt Therefore, he cannot have less than the king of spades, ace of hearts ami ace of clubs to Justify Uis bid 11 declarer counts his tricks he HOLLYWOOD (NEA) — Jamc.s up ami Dr. Kildarc ran out of pa- Mason hasn't made a single fuv::y -rack about life in Hollywood since jecoming nn adopted son. BeEore arrival here thre years ago, the English star wrote several magazine essays kidding the town's life and norals, via hearsay, to such an ex- tieuts. Hut now there's talk of parlaying "Mystery Street" into a crime .'cries with Ricardo Montalban-and Bruce Bennett in key roles. John Hoyt, directing Peter Men- jou in n Beverly HilU school play, (cut that he received a lot of uu- i reports the 14-year-old son of the 'avorable publicity and Hollywood ' sariorLaity elegant Aclolphe ts hope- did a great deal of viewing with , ! t .vly addicted to tee shirt*;, faded) alarm over his attitude | blue Jeans* and a beat-up flight 1 Wns he ordered by the studios to j jacket. | lay off? | Shelling Out | Mason says no—"I've Just been f A show girl at Larry Potter's has too busy tu do any writing about; changed her name to Shelley Sum- Hollywood. But I've got several ar-jmr:^ Thnt leaves room for Shelley tides in mind." Then he added: "I still think you can write humorously about Hollywood and live Humphrey Bogarl is Iryiiif; li> falls happily here." j l^iureii Biieall mil of thai Ivtiropran There have been storks that Ma- 'm> <" favor of a I'aclfic cn.isc son Is difficult to handle on the .<et. I aboard his "Sanlana." T asked director Hugo Fregoncsc' about it. He said: "Mason is the most co-opcr.-ilivc actor I've ever worked wilh and the onl.v actor 1 krcmv who can make a had Hue snuml good." western ballad dapartment: Burl Ives' contribution to the night." "I Slugged My Love This Morn- Ing and I'm Kicking Myself To- Bnrl wrote it himself. Hucksters Help Hope Slick ad line for Bob Hope's "Tne Great Lover"—"Women at his feet and men at his heels." Springs and Shelley P.ills. McKENNEY ON BRIDGE By William E. Mc-Kcnnrj America's Card Authority Written for NEA Service Remember Bidding And Count Tricks * K 10-4 V A J 10 9 6 «95 * A 7 3 Rubber— N-3 vul. Soulh West 1 V Pass Pass 2 A Pass 3 » Opening— * North Pass Pass Pass Easl Double 2 » 3 N. T. 17 This Is the second of a series of h^nds taken from an article written ny Mr. T. T. Svin. in the December issue of The Bridge World. Mr. Sun. one of our very fine Good news department: Judy Garland is nn almost sure bet as the loatlini: lady In Ihc r.iramuunl [ chmr.'e players in New York, points western which will star Bing Cros- 0 «t that many of the weaker players by. i Iry to play hands at no trump anc • • • j do not snow how to make them. Marlon Brando. T hoar, will turn j T,, today's hand, when South op- down cold an offer Irom Warner i onct | n,c'jack of hearts. East won Brothers to recreate his role, for Ihe uie trick with the king. He entered film version, in "A Streetcar Named dummy with a diamond and led Desire." He also Inrncd down "Quo | me jack of spades. When It los Vadis" at M-G-M and "The Brave I to South's king. South immediately i at the University of Alabama, has Bulk" at Columbia before accepting | cached the ace of hearts and then!signed a contract to Join the coach- Picasso Playing Card LEEDS, England —(jPj— A new- picture by French artist Pablo Poc- asso is on the back of a playing card. The local company he designed the card for (John Waddington. Ltd.) ts pushing sales to the United States in line with this country's dollar export drive. Picasso's card is described showing a lobster and something a Chinese Lantern. The artist signed the design. Its soil is among the world's richest. It has great mineral wealth and vast, industrial possibilities. Strategically it is a base of immense strength- Here it should be noted that it was virtually; a part' of Russia In the days of czavs before the v'Japanese .war. U. S. Plans Slrateiy There Is one interesling—though not highly important—Soviet absorption which seems to have been almost completely lost sight of. That is the case of Tannu Tuva, little known cotmtry which in the heart of Asia. Tannu Tuva is bounded on the west, north and northeast by Asiatic territories Ift Russia, and on the south aiW southeast by Outer Mongolia. It was annex«d by Soviet Russia in 1945. It's about the size of Nevada and its main fame lies In the fact that it was conquered by Ghengis Khan in 1207. Secretary Acheson holds that Russia must someday account to the "righteous anger of the Chinese people" for trying to detach the Manchurian provinces- He warns that America shouldn't embark on "foolish adventures" which will obscure this fact. That thesis fits in with tha ilk' has claims of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, who maintains that the Chinese people will in due course rise up against the communists. He pins his hopes to hanging on until that reaction develops. Ts that wishful thinking Perhaps, but much strategy is based on wishful thinking. The fc-llow the one who does Ihe A five year ]ob of deepening and shortening the Suez Canal to ban- who wins die big new new tankers has been it tip. started. b:st wishful thinking and follow! On the Air Waves Answer to Previous Puzzle can see that he has four diamonds, ;wo hearts, and he must make two spades and a club, or three spade tricks. If South plays low and the jack of spades holds the Irick, then all declarer has to do is to establish clnb trick, which will give him his needed ninth trick. Just a little question of remembering the bidding and counting your tricks. 75 Years Ago In Blytheyilla — Mr. nnd Mrs. Roland Wolfort and son. Joseph, nnd daughter, Cecile, will leave tomorrow for St. Louis. Mo, where they will make their home. Mrs. John H. Lone:, county probation officer, and Mrs. James B. Clark, leader in activities conccrn- inb crippled children, will go to Little Rock tomorrow for the meeting of the Crippled Children's society. J. B Whltworth. head baseball coach and assistant football coach 3* Age 35 Roman bronze 38 Onager 39 Strikes 41 Surrender 42 Attempt Stan Kramer's offer to do "The Men." Says he has no desire to work for A major studio. « • • M-G-M lias shied away trom series pictures since AJidy Hardy grew knocked out dummy's queen of ing slaff of Louisiana Stale Unl- hearls. South still had the ace of clubs to get in with to set the contract. Mr. Sun said that first of all South has made an opening versity It was reported here today. More than 60 report's «i washing coal have been tssucd by Uie U.S. bid.Bureau of Mines. HORIZONTAL 4 Parlicl* 1.5 Depicted 5 Wot radio SMorindindye performer ' Knock D Rounded 8 Acrimonious 11 King's home 9 Label 13 Exist 10 Before 14 Constellation 11 Seed container 16 Metal fastener 12 Compass point 17 Proceed 15 Preposition 18 Corrected 18 Cutting tool 20 Down 19Diamond- 21 Out of (prefix) cutter's cup 22 Correlative 21 Emanate of either 23 Meal 24 Identical 2 4 Fly aloft 28 Skin of a beast25 Operatic solo 43 Egyptian 29 Mineral rock 27 Jump sun god 30 Vegetable 28 Sailor* *4 East (Fr.) 31 Ventilate 32 Swiss river 33 Fury 35 Snakes 36 Symbol for erbium 37 And (Latin) 38 Exclamation 40Shft is a radio 46 Laughter sound 48 Be seated 50 Expunge 51 Assist 52 Undevialing 54 Barlers 56 Cloy 57 Son ol Selh 45 Withered 46 Hastens 47 Paid notices in newspaper! 49 Afternoon social evenl M Bustle 53 Near 55 Any VERTICAL 1 1 Roman emperor 2 Anger J Symbol for

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