Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 24, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 24, 1896
Page 5
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^W^ Dunlap's . * Celebrated flats. Silk, Stiff and Soft. ELEGAN1BALL •••••:•"• ..,'f- Ottos Take the First From Rushville, Two to' One. • YOUNG'S GREAT ,GAflE Spring Styles.- DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. SHOE BARGAINS. 98 Cents Buys Men's Shoe* solid leather, lac or congress. 98 Cents Bays Ladies Kid Patent Leather Tl Shoes, button or luce. 63 Cents Bnye Ladies' Kid Oxford Ties, pat tent leather tips, 73 Cents BuysJ Ladles' Low Calf Skin Shoe just the thing for Garden, 29 Cents Bays Ladies Serge Slippers, solid comfort. 69 Cents Buys Children's Tan Shoes, button or lace. 19 Cents Bays Buby Shoef, patent leather tips. 50 Cents Buy* Beautiful Velvet Slippers for house wear. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. TOWNSHIP TRUSTEES. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPfTAJ, 32.-O.OOO A. 3. MurdocJc. Prea. W. W. Roa», Ca«h. J. F. Brookmeyer, Aut. Cash, BISECTORS; 1.8. Rice. W. H. BrlnghuHt. . A. J. Mordocn. Dennis tlnl. a K. Yantls, F. M. Harwood, W. T. Wllnon. Banking In all Us Departments promptly arid carefully done. Safety to Customers and Stockholders •ought for. t Strong Rewrve Fund maintained. Business Change. James Beehoor has purchased the Pclton meat market. He now occupies the new room just-ejected to the west of tlie old stand, and it Is his -intention to run a flrst-class shop and handle a full line of fresh and salt meats. Decision Requiring Trustees Publish Statements. to Au Important opinion regarding tihe ivpoi'ts o.f township ti'iistoois has been submitted by Atlorney General Kctch- .1111 in which lie says: "The law roQiiires township trustees to publish statement* of tlielr imlebted- ntis's in <,U't;i!l, giving number and toiiil o.f outstanding orders, warrants and nc- .eowls. Tliisapplies to the trustees now •in '.rtlic-t', nad «rid report Should be published by said trustees on the first Monday in August, or as near t-ha: dntp as a wi-ekly p.-ipfr iu circulation 'in hi.-: couuty can be luul. I think :i publication in tin 1 iK-xt issue during that week would be .sufiicient." The suuule''says explicitly tiliat the trustee sii-all cause copy of 'Iris report, iu full to be published, and that does not mean simply statement of receipts and expenditures of each firml, but tliat he shall publish a statement showing his indebtedness ,n detail. giving tlie number and fatal unouut of the outstanding orders, \var- •sinfs and accounts chargeable jo sucli fun<V. which shall be sworn to." Allowed the Phillies But One Safe Hit. •Rn.shv.llli', July 2:t.'—Sp'edai.—It was a glorious victory- tlie Otios. won .tltis afternoon. .AVliieu a .score".!s~ ; lield -down ;o a total of three runs, for both teams' the National league iwiglit^be prmid to own it. And at that lbV' : 'n^.ii;iiyfjes had the best of the hitting, m.«klj*g-:0ig]rf off Lye.ti. to t!he Ottos .se,v«Ui;v.fifCv:'Faw- cett. There Is : oue thing certnlri, -the-. clubs which will compose We'--Indiana Stale League are all .so' evenly'matched t.biit it. will take playjng;.fro,u>'tho. first frame lo the end of the season,.to.deter- mine who will take the.:i>cimjmt. : The Ivashvllle base ball cranks'are cli'lish.ted a>t f.ho prospect, of league-b'flllv-ahJl 'are willing to do a'liyt'.hinig in their'ptfwer to make the league a success.' 'Tjie.y .turn out well at Wie Ramos and-Toot for their home team in a way that sl'iSwis -their appreciation of (he worlc'-ot-l.he...pJayers. The game tomorrow wiJ-1'.W hotly con- tttstcfl, as 'Hie Rushvilles "are sniartfng for revenue. Crosby will'..bo' In'the box for the Ottos. The scow;, ;,..",.,.., LogaiLSports. '2 runs. ~ J>i|vS. •••]...•.-.. . 'Rushvilles, 1 nin, S hits. 1 .•-.-..• ' Batieriiv, I.ycn and Byers;. Faweot a.nd Weaver. "••;;" •"' ' SPrnck out—by I.yeu ."i.'.lty! Wea.ver 3 SPRING^ NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOP LESS MONEY ITHAN ANY OTHEP CLOTHIER "IS LOQANSPORT. llNE COflPLETE. A REMARK ABLE-. Cy Young Hiilrl t;lie Phillies 'Down One SaI'o nit—TheiRe'coi'ds. ''-' A JAIL BREAKER. DAILY JOURNAL, FRIDAY JULY 24, ISOO. Potatoes 15 cents bushel at FoleyV. G'eo. \V. Edwards will make loa.us at the very lowest rates. Office,, over First National bank. For sale.—A bay mare, very desirable for delivery wagon, weight 1030. Will be sold for eiwh. C17 Broadway. Tho Hon. S. T. McDonnell lectured to a fair audience yesterday afternoon at Michael's university on "How to.Make Li'fe a Success." ' The Journal has a few copies of "Gold and Silver under the Constitution" a work containing nil financial legislation compiled by Rand & McXnlly. Price 23 cents. ' How j* Your Liver? To prevent Biliousness, all you need l« to occasionally take Dr. Hobb's LJttle Liver Pills. 10 cents a vial. For sale In Log.insport by Ben FIslier and John F. Coulson, Drug- j gists. _ • . But. He Works From the Outside -Was at a Window. Early this morning a man 1 named Scott imployed at Borgeis's livery barn, reported to rhe authorities that a man had ieeji clianbi.ug upon th* sill at the niid- le window on. t-he AA'estsldc of Uie jail. Tbo police at once went to the jail to nvestigate, and made .a thorough :in- esUgation, witQiout finding ' anyt:h.ing :iat would indicate such a visit as was lentloned. The matter will Ix. 1 t.lior- ugh-ly looked into today. It was Scott',* leory that Jielp was being given to Loti axon by unknown jiersous. Scott Jias een more or lea? interested in the axon case from tho first. It is said he offered, for $30, to turn the alleged rap- ift and robber over to the police. TJ" stated that'he was with'Saxon On a certain day. and as it turned out, Capt. Bradley had tlie latter In charge at that, in Chicago. ESCAPED. FIVE TIMES. Northern Indianlan: Sheriff Stouer left for North Ma-ncheste'r this morning In <]<iest of Christopher Beeson, -who has been, adjudged of misonind mind a,nd unsafe to permit his running at 1-arge. Five times Iran the sheriff taken- Beiiwn to the Long Cliff asylum, near Logarusport, Beeson escaping from Hie ilnstirutloji a'number of times, putting Sheriff Stoner to considerable trouble and expanse to recapture him. Beeson is daft on the subject of Masonry. Pitcher Cy Young'diid a'.remarkable th-i:ug yesterday in the ganic" between clio Cle-velauds ami the'-Phl]adolphin>?. The Qua.ke.rs, who for a long time .held the record as the hai'dest hitting tea mtlu •i.he National League, 'wo-nt, -rtowrf like wheat befo.ro r.he sickle of .the reaper' yesterday, and secured.bu.f_p';i>e Safe hit offoC "Old Cy" You,i]g,,pif jhe-GJeVjeJand club. This record' .has been- -.equalled but twloe liefore in 1*0 hJstoiry.-of, base ball so far as (.he records show. In a g-anw ait Baltimore, Septoiribt/r 10, 1895, tlie Cleveland team niiulc' J but one' safe hit off of MeMa.hou; on July,'4,'iinggs, pitching for lihp Little Rock, Ark., club, •of the .Southern League, held the At- hinitas down to one sale hit. ' Wallace, pitching for Cleveland, on May.30,-lS05. held Brooklyn down to r.wo safe hits and no runts. Cleveland is now w,i-.l>hin< four points of'the leaders. Cincinnati did.not play yesterday on account, of rain and will play two games today. Rain prevented the Brooklyn-Chicago gaine...also. Following are tlie scores of' rue-"-- games played yostwday: ' ''' ; ."'"'"•. "' At Cleveland—Philladcijilifa i t)j-"-^iovo- land '2. ' ' . .['':l" f ',^-.' ' .... At Pittsiburg—Nc: "i. (Second game.) N.R- Buy a lougley Hat and be up to Date }• £ 426 Broadway. P. S: If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing PERSONAL. : Oliyeii! .teiikiiues was here from Winamac yesterday. , ;-.;;•,;.,",• ; Sheriff McKay was : :over yesterday fro^ATinama'c. | B.'^JIicliene'r. Graves was here yesterday -I'ro-m Richmond. .,,,.. W.'-'A. Jonos 'of- IIimtinRton was 'here yesterday on bujan'cs,?. 1 _ Hom-j- DalzeJl has. ccturhed from. New Castlo after a short visit. IjUfjj.yette-^Call: Willartl. Tlwma.s of (LofraiSport is here today. Pratt is here? from Goodland, friends a few days. ^.riglit and family are enter. C. Ward of Newport. Ky. lei.'Radabatigh of -Harrison 'town-. "spending soniC'time at. Atlanta, AH, HA! BENJAMIN. [Conveise .Tounial.] The Logniisix)rt. Pli.-iros was strongl. opposed to tin; l'n>; foiiiiigc or silver tin til the Chicago convention gave ii . new creed. .The Pharos, however, lut 1'ouiul no difliculty in chnnglng it.s spots and now charges ihat the maintenance of t!he piiese.nt gold standard meau> 'that silver is to be excluded from om circulating, iiKtllum. The-Pharos has. no a'rguineu.ts to support its new eroci' and .therefore resorts to lying. . ; 5a'n5;ei ; ..M! .?'r;'D}if;ny o'f Fowler was Jo rhe.cijy" fii-ansacVijig' business "ycstor- Stella . Spnrloek .lias . .returned a 'vlsIif-'Witlr'frletiaci at Do- AY.IL.LARD THOMAS WINS. The'tenth annual meeting of Uie Lafayette Gun club opened Wednesday morn-ing. Throe thousand dollars will bo given out. in prizes, the entrance fee* aggregating that • amount Willard Thomas of tfluis city .is participating in the shoot, and AVeduesday carried oft two firsts, one second and four l.liirds. lite best: record was leii straight a.nd .fourteen, out of a possible fifteen. At Loulisvillc—Wiwhln'srrdn'-T;' I-.oiils- vlllo4. ' '"-;•* ? rK ' : -.•'•'" STANDING OF THE Clubs —~77%.,f. Won"." AT POPLAR GROVE. Sunday, July 2(1, will be a creiit day for Poplar Grove oin account of the bis camp meeting wlrfch is beinp held thci'o. The sermon will 1 be preached by tiie Rcr. W.-II. Carter. After the services he "fatted (iiir* wffi be killed, roasted and distributed 'to those presort, A couple will be married on the platform .n full view of.the audience. "Who the prospective bride and jrrooni .are rc- 1'iains n secret. ' • • Baltimore . . Chicago ---Boston ' . . . . Pitlsburc . . Brooklyn : . . Philadelphia WashilTWrton New Y.on-k . . St.- I/ouis ... .no'- . ,35 -~. .82'O3 . .10 .. .07,0 • .571 Miss M.iiin'ie'vBoji5!s''' : of iMIsh'.iwaka, Ls Ivjsi'ttnjr. Jier wiisii'i.;. .Mrs.' .7, q, Beatty of : Jliss Magsrie Pipfav-fi.- after spending jtwo. -months,. traveling: in the east, lias ' i Di : . M. }tl:' : Boxes' (if Macy, a I tended it.lio 'conyeiLtfoii' 'a'B^L '. T ,'^l ;t£ ! < l '!' is niece 43 440 AN . t a ..his Awarded . Highest Honors—World's Fair. • CREAM BAKING POWDIR MOST PERFECT MADE • jr»e Grape Creafti of Tartar'Powder. ''Fre« I F Ammonia, Alum or iny other adulUrtnt 40 Yews the Standard. FRANK NEFF UNDER BOND: Frajuk Neff who.was arrested on the charge of bein'jr mixed up In the thoft of some braw journal's from box ca.rs at. ICoknmo. liaf beou bound over to the Circuit court, in the sum of S100. Unless arrnTigcTiitinis can be.jnade whereby tihc'case cam, be disposed of in'-vacation'. lh.o youn'f; 'man musCwa;it 1-n'jail ttntll Octobel- bofoi-e hi* case "dll bo called for trial. - ... ... PLACED .IN ..TAIL. .• Charles AV. Waterma.n ls,ih the Cass county jail. He'was brought back from Crawfords\-.ille yesterday evenincMiy Capt. SkeltoD, and bring unprepared to furnish bond, .was' placed" 'behind the bars to await a heauiing on tlie charge of embezzlement and larceny. The ugly accusations are made by W. H. Overman, the music dealer of Third street. _ . A free .coinage. DeiiKK-rat RUjl silver dollar the ' liocket. u.nd exultantly ' llon: "Did you ever see .6ne-.:ol'f,tti*'se that was depreciated ?" -•'Of r "eo'{li*e|;not,. and the reason.' I* that ItV'Va'lW ;is ; iield ;up .bnthe United Stat'e| Jiy^t ..sold basis. Lot him go do.w.ujln|:o!li'loxlpo, over imfo Ch.ljid, or Inta-Miy ptJier silver cotiint.ry, and they wIlL-give-vhla)'. r^-o' of tli^iir dollars for one'.of ••OUT. 1 ', .'and yet. each of 'them 'will have ^a fe\f -RraliV*' more of 'silver' Jin' themvtliii.ti Oiir. own'.. .Gold holds it:ho silver <l6Up npi't'o a hun- di-ed cents for caqh . dojjln,r, f aad;jip .one', II; .seems, would •.•or".:j5B!»lld;;(l'es!i l e,r,.t< pla.ee If. Ur-n -condition? >wiw« It -would lose half "its value,"as' Is nr»w i he- ease" In all countries' whej-e'sllVei' i'3"tiie p only lawful enrj-encj!." ^Je. dp/hot want;.fo Chbinlze.oc Mcxitaalze ( ;O.u^ : silver .., •Mrs.'.".7. C. Bea.t,ti ; -i; -^iT '* ''Jim. A. G., ir!o.!J.s j.e^t -yestei-day for McKenzle. Teun... fcjr-flii extended- .visit with lier d.'iughtti'r.r'-n fif;; 1 '. • • '. ! Jfiss i Irtn-Klsfl«;'o'f-'Rpi;«I"e( > nter, who bns""boen visUliig two .nyoifths' fit Coi'uin- FOWLER-MOREHART. Miss Nista Jloreharfniul Jlr. II. F. Fowter wore tiwlred la. matriage We,-l- nesd;iy eventng- at the home of the bride's parents. The ceremony was witnessed by a l:i.i-ge number of friends and relatives, after whleti an elegant reception was tendered them by the bride's parents. /Oe . Rev.' T/JiL.<^!iild 'and ' wife of ..-El wocd •were : ; i the,,.pn«5tfi;.. yesterday of 'tlie-.family of-.Br.-.Griijinorid.,. Burr RoiH'MVas-.'i'etunied to her at DolphF'n-i'feV-rt-'pl-ensant visit with .tlie Mis.ses l "MJQoro_oj' .H-igh.street. Mil's E'thel'TJo'ggel.tJias -lytnrned lo hier home ar J: PI;iM]r'f:ti'.-; Olijb,' aft 1 ?! 1 a visit with lierjirinid.^ffss.^rae. 'fiend. •of this, city.-"....,.,-' :. ;: -.-^, .Tip ton TrJlHinetj.Bey;. Kroeger of Lo- gausport. • who>:-was .iHe guest of Rev. Kroeger of this-'-city.', ICff'tliis morning for bis home. •" : "- j: "- ••' • • Miss Stella McAfee of"f>elpJri visited friends in Th.is..'ei.t^ i ,v^s/er('la.v while on ro.u,je.tQ;AV!i)aniac,.'.w.he;x!,she will be the Mjjw Maggie. Ruff. Journal:,:-Mil*; ^W-ill-'Rife and Peru da«glit.ei- WRnt W Jioga report- this inorn- Mrs. Helm of J Eeloit, Wisconsin, visiting Mrs. N. Stnart of thl* city..' . laj«; but It sihbuW be thenlin-,to,preserye t-heir value rljsh twhewr.lt 'I* npw-'-ori 'ait equality wilth goliF^t'l^j^appiliiii^ed coin of the world. . . .•, ,?*.,/• .,._.,, lr .-rl .,; -' MRS. NEFP'.HQKORED..- '. . 'Mrs: Dr.-'Neff deHtf^F WlPortgt bal poetic address at'the'-nie^l^ : of* the ' Warsaw, The address and was favorably - ng lo spend (lie woek^. ..'.\V. D. Pratt !f.'.]Crog:iiisp'ort, wn's; 'iii.^tlj.e' city' a .'few ing 'o!f.'. .morning. • | ^MaJ)a.»h;rLiJ:i)<3ealer:,;\rrs..,S. II. .Hen- •dee~ rotiirirpri.-.lo-. 1 • liogaTkSpovt Tuesday • eH;t.iRtog- v a'f.'tcr'a s-L<Srr visit in 7 this City 'as'tlie'-gufisf of'Mrs. 'J'pr-se Pjirmete'r :A.'-T)i!lIoh.flr of LogaMsiioiH,. was in tin; city today. .'.He. clrdv.e-ov.er_.... •-.'" : Converse .7mn?ntfK-.-'Rev;..Rf>bert Arrick awl''I'am ily;"''a nil'"MrS:'i0Tia' Ca {c-s' : nnd Foiii^df A : IBniij ; i >fo)i'd'Arflck and family. ot. tpgaDspon^Cikfo^'n:^. .of' Marion; and .fohn ADDITIONAL LOCAL. . Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents n month. John AVills has been acquitted of tin charge of violating the Nicholson law Mrs. Deuais Uhl and daughter, Mis* Leonora, are visiting relatives at Indianapolis. Coleridge will be started Lu tlie free for-all pace at Detroit today. It is hope:! Miat lie will win. Misses Jennie and JiVtfie Uhl, Minni Stan-, Lizzie Trautmmi and Cora K«'ss- liug are visiting Miss Loftie Tyniir. Miss Blanc'he Stnait has returned from from a two months' visit w'l-h friends in Chicago and Boloit. AA'is. A .handsome bamner bearing the. lik"- messes of McKiuiey and Hobart wassus- poiMlwl across Bifuulwny from the Ro- pnblk-.-i.il 1-jKiilquarters to t)ie Manlovt. biiikling yestwday morning. Tlie banner is the .handiwork of F. W. Pot.t^r.j who is prepared to furnish campaign pictures of all kinds. 'The work is ux- r cellent. The Republica.is are proud of- and attandu-aF-Tattntaii?: family. """.^^""^. ;£.r->..''-o... :..-•-'> lsif ; i'plative.s the. .--An'icl; Foley'?..- the r>a.nner, •Thoimis I-'la.herty. ojglweeii years old of .Teffersonville,' is in-issmg rr.'in.! hoiric ,-iud Hie iHfcaiJhvs tnnik of a youth Jwv- iiug bee-n found Homing in rhe Oliio river the aiir.lioi.tta5 are trying 1o coimoct th-.i two. Tiie dclJi.:ng respmbles that worn .by the mjss-lng Flaherty youth. Tiie Rev. Alexander Po'sey, pastor or ti:e A. M. E, chnrch'at Riishville. \vliilt preaching cm Sunday I.i,?t m a Very Impassioned manner, suddewly fell for- wa.i-fl.l-n a helpless coiiil.il ion. a.nd it was feared that Ks left ride was paralyze;!} •Mr. Posey Ls fiftyisix years old and an original Kpoiitncky colored prenohe: 1 . '• GREAT ASTRONOMICAL WORK,. £fap of the HenvAnB 8howlnff All 8tan D{^ to the Fourteeotli Blaffnlta<ie, It is thought now that if no mishap! occurs the gigantic map of the heavens, which has been in progress for nearly: ten years will soon be completed. Eights een observa.tories. have, been taking an, active part in its construction, each hav-. Ing- had charge of a certain part of thft skies, and having- been required to hrw» ready for production, and platting- at. least 3,000 photographs of its section. These photographs are to be used by tho observatories in the construction of a map to contain 1,500 parts, thus making 1 when, completed a chaxt in 27,000 parts. The total area of the mftp will be nearly two acrcsJ ' An idea of the gigantic proportion*. of the undertaking- may be obtained} from a recent description of -the map. which appeared in the. New York Tiroes. "For each hemisphere," says, hat paper, "there will be 11,000 littles, maps, or 22,000 for the whole Kidereoli universe. Upon it will be shown about. 30,000,000 stars. Of these 2,000,000 will >e catalogued and numbered, so that any star up to the nth magnitude can, je Jp ( cated as easily as an island in thft map'.'inf the world. The stars actually hown upon the map will be those up to lie 14lJi magnitude." Owing to th» cnsif.iveness of the photographic plate, ays the Brooklyn Courier, many of the tars shown wifl be those which cannot), e detected by the humnn eye even ch'cn a.ide<3 by the most powerful teK scope. Each observatory was obliged to hav«. jecial apparatus with which to coo-> duel the work, otherwise the results, would not conform to any standard, Amtf.ig other things necessary were. specially constructed telescopes, each,' of tne 11 feet ? inches focal length, hav^ ing an object glass 12 inches in diameter. These measurements were decided upon, . by the interna-tional congress of nstron**' omers which mcta.tParisin 1888, and Jn,' tiddition the congress decided that each i observatory eng-aged in the work -waaj '• to bear the total expense connected with,! the collection of data of its own sec* j tjon. and to be responsible for the ac*. curacy of its work. The total costof thft : completed map is estimated at »bou^ | $2.000.000. The congress further <te-v j ci«!ed that, owinfr to the enormous advi clitional cost, no effort should be made I to obtain photographs of stars beyond I the nth magnitude. ' * INVENTIVE YOUTH'S LONG WALK 1 from Ark&niaB to Upon n If millet* Errand. R L. D. le Nord, a precocious youth of j ]C, .i.rrive<l at f.lie navy.dopni-,men.t nt, • "iVashing-ton the other day, ha.\-ing- all t.he wuy from Arkansas •Subscri.be for The Jwirnal, 40 cents' a month. :Ic has invented a subwtan'^; for th et'tib-n of ships 'of \va.r in battle . having buen unable by co-rn-spouil Jaicc.'-to make satisfactory arrange ,"raenti= .for se-liing his invention.,to i.Iu- •govorriyrit^.docidrd to COLIC .persona*, ly .to . "\YnsJ!)m^fton. Comniodcr'j Ilich born «iw':it once that tin- iiivciitio-n was 'iiiipractituible, as a coating six feet; thick wou.ld be necessary to protcot v-p«5sels in" action- But h<> was intcr- est/ed in t.he boy iuid n«ked him how ht came 10 Washing-ton. "I walked," he replied, "I came by way of >>w York, where I so.w Thomas A. Edison, who offered me ten dollar* for my invention," "How did you come to mate up your miiul to take this trip?""I -talked it over with my parcnte, and we agreed tha<l this was my chance to nuke my \voy in the wortd."

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