The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on July 13, 1991 · 13
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 13

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1991
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The Vancouver Sun, Saturday, July Look for LAND OF DINOSAURS. Jungle jaunts. Outer space. Armchair travellers never tire of too many trips. You can take treks in the past, ; , -rpresent and future when you join the " Reading Adventures Club, a sum-'mer program being offered at 300 " B.C. public libraries. Your guides for these treks are Paige Turner, a classy Canada goose, and Abel Reader, a suitably cool cat. The Vancouver Sun is an official sponsor for the club, which is run by the B.C. Libraries Association and local libraries with provincial government help. Club membership is free. Join now at your local library. You'll get an adventure scrapbook and bookmark, take part in special activities and have fun. During the summer you'll find club fun in the Sun Rays column every Saturday. After breezy stops in outer space and lost worlds with dinosaurs and mythical tales, let's pause to enjoy some fun, and perhaps write a postcard. ;i RIDDLE IXELLICS ?.' Share Abel Reader's favorite rid-,,dles with your family and friends Share you thoughts IN RECENT months, Hong Kong native Alice Chen wrote of her concern about Hong Kong Chinese newcomers in the Lower Mainland being stereotyped. David Odhiambo told Vancouver Sun readers how he felt when some schoolgirls called him nigger in a public park. Donna Nolle, originally from the Philippines and married to a Caucasian person, discussed the challenge of being part of a "mixed marriage." They and others have written Long-term marijuana use may lead to serious illness or impairment EAR ANN: I'm 23 years old Ly friend who treats me great. He is also my brother's best friend. a My brother is dating one of my best friends, which makes it nice. We all went to college together and enjoy being a foursome. ';- The problem is marijuana. My girlfriend and I don't like to smoke pot. My brother smokes every night, and my boyfriend smokes every i weekend. Neither of them thinks he ihas a problem, Ann. I thought this behavior would stop i once they graduated from college, but they've been out of school for i more than two years and both are working at good jobs that require a high level of concentration. !; My girlfriend and I have . expressed our disapproval many times and don't want to turn into nags, but we are worried about these terrific guys. Please respond soon -' With any advice and information you j jmay have on the effects of prolonged marijuana use. LOST IN A CLOUD OF SMOKE , DEAR LOST: Your brother and your sweetheart are working from an old script. These are the facts: The American Bar Association has reversed its stand on decriminalization of marijuana, because it is a far more powerful drug today than it was in the '60s when flower children were mellowing out and "expanding their minds." The August issue of the ABA's Law and National Security Intelligence Report had this to say: "Long-term use of marijuana can damage the immune system and ,: 'affect the genetic structure of new cells. It can produce memory loss, interfere with body coordination, impair speech and vision, and cause a dramatic change in mood. It can also do serious damage to the respiratory system. ' "Researchers estimate that smoking three to five joints a week has the same carcinogenic effect as smoking 16 tobacco cigarettes a day, seven .days a week. Marijuana also affects the heart, raising the blood pressure SUPER SUNDAY GETAWAY a 2 NIGHTS. 2 BREAKFASTS. 1 GOURMET DINNER. 99.00 PER PERSONDOUBLE OCCUPANCY MID WEEK GOLF GETAWAY 2 NIGHTS, 2 BREAKFASTS. 1 GOURMET DINNER. 18 HOLES CF GOLF 125.00 PER PERSONDOUBLE OCCUPANCY Stretch your weekend and beat the traffic! Arrive from Sunday to Wednesday and enjoy three days and two nights of spectacular natural beauty on Parksville Bay. Indoor swimming, hot tub. saunas, tennis, and long walks on the beach. Subject to availability Goi'ers. your choice ot 3 courses located ust minutes from the Resort Sen-efS travel c B C Pe"s 13, 1991 adventure at local MARILYN STUSIAK SunRays today. If you find a funny joke or riddle too good to keep inside the pages of a book send it to Sun Rays. We'll share it with other readers. Why is the Duke of Edinburgh like a book? Because he has a title. What's black and white and "red" all over? A newspaper. . What do librarians use for bait when they go fishing? Bookworms. What is a favorite land of small children? Storyland. When are you a country in South America? When you are chilly (Chile). Why will a traveller never starve in the desert? Because of the sand which is there (sandwich). on ethnic diversity about their experiences in Cross Currents, a freelance column on multiculturalism that appears occasionally in the Life section. We invite Sun readers to contribute. Share your thoughts and experiences, be they positive or negative, about the racial and cultural diversity we all experience in the Lower Mainland. Write to Cross Currents, The Vancouver Sun, 2250 Granville, Vancouver V6II 3G2. Be sure to include your name, address and daytime telephone number. ANN LANDERS and heart rate as much as 50 per cent after only one joint." In a series called "Pot, Inc.," Paul Weingarten and James Coates of the Chicago Tribune reported that a potent and expensive form of marijuana called sinsemilla is up to 18 times more powerful than the marijuana of the '60s. It is being grown in clandestine greenhouses, on farms and in attics and basements. The potency of pot today is staggering. One veteran San Francisco smoker said, "We used to take a few tokes and everybody would giggle and roll around on the floor. Now you take a toke or two and you're completely blasted." In one study of 1,023 patients admitted to a Maryland trauma centre after serious car and motorcycle accidents, nearly 35 per cent had significant levels of THC, the active ingredient in pot, indicating recent use. The debate is much more heavily weighted against the use of pot than it once was. Why? Because we now know pot is not the harmless, recreational, fun thing we thought it was 25 years ago. I take no small amount of personal satisfaction in this verdict. I took a lot of heat for speaking out against pot in the late '60s on the ground that we didn't know enough about the long-term effects. It turns out that I was right. Readers can write Ann Landers clo The Vancouver Sun, 2250 Granville, Vancouver V6H 3G2. caysidle Osibi 7 ypgy tm Hi I it 4 V'AUD Til' JUIY 31st, 1991 Fishing & squas" pacdss atanati READERS' RCCST While we pause in our travels let's write brief books, a short story, neighborhood newspaper, poem or postcard about our armchair travels. Paige Turner has some book title suggestions. Look for these at your local library, they will help you get started. How a Book Is Made by Aliki How to Read and Write Poetry by Anna Cosman The Furry News: How to Make a Newspaper by Loreen Leedy The Puzzle of Books by Michael Kehoe Making a Picture Book by Anne Ingram I W R E A I Y I T L RISE O O B R K P E P S RAM 1 E G K D Here's a zig-zag word puzzle to send you on a search for words club members know very well. You'll find the words zig zag up, down, across and diagonally. For example, the outlined letters show you how to find the word STORY. Can you find 10 "reader" words? If you need some clues, the words appear in boldface type in this column. WIN A PRIZE Imagine you are Paige Turner or Abel Reader. Write two sentences for a postcard or a four-lined poem describing the adventure the two travellers are having in today's picture postcard. Cut and color the picture and paste it at the top of your paper. Be CRTC Decision Decision CRTC 91-423 - CBC, Toronto, Ont.; Goose Bay and Labrador City, Ntld.; Calgary, Alta.; Saskatoon, Sask.; Windsor, Ont.; Fermont, Matane, Rimouski and Sept-lles, Que.; Corner Brook and Labrador City, Nfld.; and Sydney, N.S. the CRTC APPROVED, by majority decision, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's (CBC) applications to change the status or programming source of 13 of its owned-and-operated television stations. The Commission has DENIED the CBC's request for an exemption from the CRTC's policy which prohibits soliciting local advertising where local programming is not provided. Under the CBC's restructuring plan accepted, the following changes are approved: CBLFT Toronto becomes a rebroadcaster of CBOFT Ottawa; CFLA-TV Goose Bay and CBNLT Labrador City will rebroadcast the signal of CBNT St. John's; and CBGAT Matana, CJBR-TV Rimouski and CBST Sept-lles will be rebroadcasters of CBVT Quebec City; programming for existing rebroadcasting stations CBST-5 Farmont and CBST-3 Labrador City will originate from CBFT Montreal, instead of CBST Sept-lles; for CBRT Calgary, programs will originate from CBXT Edmonton; for CBKST Saskatoon, programs will originate from CBKT Regina; for CBET Windsor, programs will originate from CBLT Toronto; for CBYT Corner Brook, programs will originate from CBNT St John's; and for CBIT Sydney, programs will originate from CBHT Halifax. CBC will operate these five stations as contributing bureaus and will continue to broadcast station identification, as well as public service announcements, occasional specials, and commercial messages. "You may read CRTC documents in the 'Canada Gazette' part I; at CRTC offices; at reference libraries; and at the licensee's offices during normal business hours. To obtain CRTC public documents, contact the CRTC at: Ottawa-Hull (819) 997-2428 Halifax (902) 428-7997; Montreal (514) 283-8807; Winnipeg (204) 963-8308; Vancouver (604) 668-2111". Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission i i Jim SALMON SHOWDOWi JUNE 17TH-AUGUST 13TH,i 931 PRESENTED BY I .... " mm OFFICIAL WEIGH KA1 CoMctenSayAACftorMmt IM BMchccmtm Mmt CgmentUvma Sityawt Sxx I Mmnt Qjncsft Cent 16W1I Irwui Undng Mm JbflftHBnrni MsfW SuocmMr Mra I AmxtlM Imttant SmTsUuna Hyax Uvra Stmca fisnrmtw Cot 90 Mem frscr Pott Mf'im Stow Cow Mmt QtoonsMmi Suit Mm (jtf Ovauti NKom 'bhwIs Spcfrxj Goods V &v VHm PJvxton?t U&w ft"V5 Sdl Ttdm tax" Sew i r i Schoonaf Com ftssort Branftraod Bay Boat Buna 4AE42 PKUar Bay Uaima QmCmkUama PvtMban Mtnni CftMftiiMmnf PaotcUontttama 0 Bay Mjnrn Sumy Stan tea SootoMvtourMvinf BfMMt tan f float Ul Pours Noat Manna Bay ShorvMtmt AKAt fhmSccHsnan Tym Mam I fisftna &CM Dcuftw Day Assort Date Bay fisfwj esot Saa Lob Hoc Looga for futVe1 information 1SJ&663-G518 LIFE libraries sure to include the entry form at the bottom. Have fun. Five entries will be selected at random, and senders will receive a copy of the Canadian Junior Green Guide. The senders of five more entries will receive a $5 cash prize in the mail. CONTEST ENTRY NAME ADDRESS CITY Mail to: SUN RAYS, The Vancouver Sun, 2250 Granville, Vancouver, V6II 3G2. Sun flays runs Tuesdays and Saturdays in the Life section. It welcomes elementary students' original poems, limericks, opinions and short written pieces. Use white unlined paper approximately 10 by 10 centimetres and black lelt pen for drawings. Mark each contribution with your name, address, school and grade. Write to: SUN RAYS, The Vancouver Sun, 2250 Granville, Vancouver, V6H3G2. Waterfront Townhomes 2,500 sq. ft. of Luxury Brentwood Bay next to Butchart Gardens (604) 685-8330 FRASER ACADEMY A Special School for Children with Dyslexia Is accepting applications for students in the Junior School Grades 4-12 for September 9192. For further information, contact: Heather Redenback Admission Officer Fraser Academy 2294 West 10th Ave. Vancouver, B.C. (604) 736-5575 Canada Conseit de la radiodiffusion et des telecommunications canadiennes STATIONS 1991 Costa Lotta Canponund Caryjbat Avar Sponstt Centre SportWi Canta Sty 4 Sxxt Manm Bales BeettiBoatinuse Jaspara Pisrtng Rasott OackFUPubUarm PamaraLodga HehotBaylm Carrot! Rntr F&frq Vp i RVPam Owns StjrMmnt SmonRnrMoM NoXhSamfiltanna ARU4 Port Hardy Mvwttrflto Bauia Cow Campground i Utnna Ti'GttiBn Spcf Ci&a Ocean Wast hfcsfiesU doner Dedr Mama Ewyw Soos (jpwajr&M; Betas Oar Bay Canpsm FT : f I -- r. wry ANNOUNCEMENT Harlcy-Davidson is plwisd lo announce the election of Don A. James to the Board of Directors. Don lames replaces nuv LiiLy, villain 1 mi 1 ui 1 ilu tAVii) Imports, who was the first independent Director appointed to the llarley-Davidson Board of Directors and retired after six years of serv ice. Mr. James, who resides in North Vancouver, B.C., is the Chief Executive Officer of Fred Deeley Imports, who operate the largest independent motorcycle distributorship in Canada with ninety dealers coast to coast and warehouses in Vancouver and Toronto. He is Director of Pacific Adera Financial Corp. and of Crest Construction Ltd. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, he was educated at the University of Alberta and Simon Fraser Univ ersity. Mr. James is a graduate of Harvard Business Schcxil O.P.M. program and a founding shaajholder of Fred Deeley Imports Ltd. Harley-Davidson Inc. is the only North American manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles and a complete line of motorcycle parts and accessories. Its Holiday Rambler subsidiary is a leading manufacturer of premium recreational vehicles, specialized commercial vehicles and a diverse range of related products. FOOT HEALTH SHOE CELEBRITY WHITE CROSS REG TO $98.00 HELENA SANDALS H REG TO $78.00 Good Selection of Sizes In Walking & Dress Shoes OPEN 9-5:30 MON.-SAT. 681-6811 INVITE YOU AND A GUEST ipii wejwmpMmm9fmmnmaBmamiuasmm iiujppiiiijiuMiiiiiji)jiitii(iwiiii li 1?' ml lhi j n I CONTEST RULES j 1. Only original or hand-drawn coupons will be accepted 2. Number of passes is limited 3. Participating sponsors, their employees and immediate family members are not eligible to enter. 4. CONTEST DEADLINE IS NOON, TUESDAY, JULY 16TH Mail or brina Pnoooo o o 00 oooonc "MOBSTPRS-.ThoVanrmiuBrQim I "MOBSTERS" - P.O. Box 13103 O Vancouver, B.C., V6B 4W6 Name: Address:. City: A13 LKpT I . ( ; 4 " , " f if' ' , r-fti L I ' 5 5,1 ' . ) a 7 r .h Dun A. Junius SALE T.95 FOR A SPECIAL SCREENING OF this couDon to: The Vancouver Sun JL fr95 RESERVATION 1 .S00-663-4232248-8333 'She'PancouttrSun cc:v? -P.C P.O. Bo 3000. Parnsville, vuh zsu Tetphone:(Res) 4Bus)

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