The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1952
Page 6
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TAGE BIZ BtYTHEVTTJ-E (ARK.) COURFETl HEW! VONDAT, OCT. 13, 1931 Negro Group To Test State's Segregation Law Little Rock Chapter Of NAACP Start* Drive For Court Funds LITTLE ROCK M") — A Uttle Rock Negro organisation is starting a drive to raise $5,000 for a court tost of an Arkansas segregation law. The LltMe Hock Chapter of (he Kalional Association for the Advancement of Colored. People set np a fund committee at a meeting here yesterday. The group hopes to receive matching funds from the National NAACP lor its fight to have aggregation on public vehicles In Arkansas declared unconstitutional. Tnad Williams, president of the Negro group, said the NAACP also 1s considering a resolution to oppose segregation In Little Rock public buildings. The resolution, lie snid, would mention specifically segreRa- tion at drinking fountains and tol- leffi. Williams is [he attorney for a Detroit Negro mini.stPi 1 who was ar- mted here recently and fined $15 Jn Municipal Court for refusing to move to the back of a public bus on the driver's request. The case has been appealed to Pulaskl Circuit Court and Williams has said "we will take it to the Supreme Court If necessary." Arkansas News Briefs— Jury Declares Mack Winner In Izard County Vote Case H) The Associated Pr«* MELBOURNE. Ark. — Stale Sen. Y. M. Maclc of Mooielleld Is the legal 18th Senatorial District Democratic nominee aj a result of find- Ings by a Grand Jury Investigating an alleged vole fraud In Izard County. Mack apparently had been defeated by stole Sen. Orville Clieney of Calico Rock In Ihe Aug. 12 Democratic primary run-off. Circuit Judge John I,. Bledsoe declared Mack Ihe winner Saturday when lie threw out 1,524 of 3,448 voles cast In fzard Counly, giving the Moorefield legislator a 251 vote margin la lhal county. Arkansas Municipal League to Convene LITTLE ROCK — Mayors nnd city officers of 230 Arkansas municipalities are expected lo attend Ihe 18lh annual Arkansas Municipal league convenlion opening here TtmrMlay. Glenn E. Zimmerman, league executive director, said .Mayor DeLosseixs S, Morrison of New Orleans and Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Francis Cherry v, r ill speak at the 2-day session. , Regiment Wins Top Honors in Korean War WITH THE U. S. 3RD DIVISION IK KOREA (/P|—Men of tile U.S. 3rd Division's 1th Infantry' retrlment have won five Congressional Merinls of Honor, the nation's highest oration, and 2.210 other awards In 32 months of ftghllng In Korea. The Distinguished Service Cross, aecond highest award, hns been bestowed on H soldiers of the regiment since it was committed to action In November. 1950. Other decorations Include: ,126 Silver Stars, six Legions of Merit. 13 Soldiers Medals, 076 Bronze Stars with "v" device for valor, 977 Bronze Stars for meritorious service and 201 commendation ribbons. All Quiet Until Water Main Burst, Then the Floods Came BIRMINGHAM, Aln. Wi—It was, employes cut it off. ust a quiet Sunday at the V. 1-,.' Smith home until a wntev main jurst. ..Tlien a 250,000-galIon flood In- indated trie yard nnd poured nix nches deep through the houso lor n hour and a half yesterday. Neighbors helped the Smiths build Silent Wedding BOZEMAN, Mont. ((F) — Music hath charms, but it's also a way to make n living. Musician Elmer Stokes .was married in silence and in a hurry—he had to play at a style show "minutes alter his wedding. WOOD YOU KNOW lT?-The ultra-modernistic figures, above, represent a man, lett, and > woman. Fashioned from African mahogany, they have been placed on display si (he Lefevre Gallery in West London, Kng- lend, by British sculptress Barbara Hepworth. ^ Pine Bluff Murder Trial to Begin PINK BLUFF <A!>) — The trial ol a 36-year-old Faulkner county farmer, charged with lirst degree nmriler in the slaying of his wife on a downtown Pine BluII street, opens here tomorrow. Prosecutor Pat H. Mullis Jays he will ask the death penalty /or Ernest E. Slnndrldjje of Waubcsekfl. Police Chief Met Cialligher .sakl the farmer told him nltei the latal shooting May 30 that lii.< wife "has mistreated me ever since we been married." Mrs. Slandrkise was killed as she walked toward a bus station here after meeting with her husband in «n attorney's office. Gas Commission to Meet Thursday EL DORATX3 — The oil and Gas Commissioner meets here Tlitns-, day and Director P. M. McI-augVjiin says the group will take evidence on Jive recently discovered pools. The Commission also will fix field rulM for seven producing nreas and set production allowables for 02 controlled oil pools nnd 21 gas fields in the state, Mclaughlin said. a plank and dirt dam to divert "I 'l-.:nk I dipped np 250.000 gallons of water In the living room alone." Mrs. Smith said when told of a waterworks official's estimate. "The water in tile-rest of the house we got out with mops and brooms. Or at least we're getting It out. We'll still be trying lo clean the ome of the flow until waterworks I mud off .sometime next week." Fishing Vessels "tanned by Canadians QUEBEC. Canada liFi— Picturesque but llot-loo-safe fishing smacks that dot Gaspe Peninsula waters soon be replaced by 40-ton high-powered vessels costing S22.- 500 each The vessels, designed for a long- line cod fishing, are 55-2 feet long and are powered by six-cylinder. lOn-horsepower diesel engines. They be offered to fishermen on the Instalment plan without interest. The federal government will pay J8.GOO on each vessel. The fisherman will make a down payment of $3.500 and give the provincial - government 13 per cent o! Ills yearly catch until the remaining $12,400 is paid. PROPOSER CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 43 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the Slate of Arkansas and by the Senate ol the State of Arkansas, a Majority of All tne . Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following u nereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the •lectors of Ihe Slate for approval ir rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an elec- Read Courier News Classified Ads. Colon Troubles Often Serious Free IJook—Explains Causes and Related Ailments 3 A new-, FREE book contains many diagrams. charts nnd X-Rny pictures of rectal and colonlc conditions. Write today. Thornton fc Minor Hosital, Suite 1072, 911 E. Liimood, Kansas City 3, Mo. Once upon a time ihe shoes r<>« -"race came from New- York, your car from Detroit, ycKic stove from Illinois Few, if any, of the items y*< used ran* f tom Dixie. Today it is different. Your shoes come from lenncsscc, your car from Dora-rille, G«otgia, yo« rang* from Alabama. Total Sean purchases in the Soticti M 1951 amounted to almost half a billion dollars. Sears has turned to the South not only for goods soW in th« South but in tl» North, West and even in several foreign countries. SEARS CATALOG SALIS OFFICE 217 W. Main Blylheville PSione S131 ruorosicD CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 41 BE IT RESOLVED by the House ol Representatives of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate, » majority of All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing 'Hiereto: Tlial the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to the <3on- itltutlon of the State of Arkansas, md upon being submitted to the Sectors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general elec- .ion for Representatives ind Scn- TOPSY-TURVY X-RAY—Caroline Golibart isn't defying the laws of gravity. She's just being introduced to the newest thing in X-ray equipment, manufactured by General Electric Company and being demonstrated at Cleveland, Ohio. The examining table or the unit is mounted on an 8-foot-wide steel ring, and can be swung through an arc of 180 degrees from the vertical position for chest examination, to the upside-down position for skull and spinal viewing. A sueciaL heavy footstrap supports the patient on the table. lion, adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution ol the State ol Arkansas, to-wlt: Amendment No 18 lo the Con- ititution ol the State ol Arkansas, adopted by the electors ol this StiUc at the General Election held and conducted on the 6th day ol November. 1928, is hereby amended to read as follows: SECTION 1. It being most apparent that privately operated factories, industries nnd transportation facilities arc necessary for the development of a community and for the welfare of its Inhabitants, an annual tax of not exceeding one per cent of the assessed valuation of all taxable property within the corporate boundaries thereof may oe levied by cities of the lirst and second c!n.v> for the purpose ol providing funds to be used for the acquisition of sites within or without such cities and lor the construction of such sites ol buildings and other facilities, lor lease or sale, for the aforesaid purposes, or for the amortization of bonds bearing Interest at not more than four per cent per annunt .veiled tor such purposes. SECTION 2. When petitioned bj not less than ten per cent ol the qualified electors residing therein, the -City Council or other govern ing body nr any sum cny shall call for an election to be he!H no*, m than ninety days thereafter tor the purpose of having the quallfie< electors vote in the oropositton SECTION 3. The General Assembly shall enact such enabling legislation as shall be required to effectuate the purposes ncrcor APPROVED: March 20. 1951. Secretary of State C. G. HALL ators, If & majority or the electors voting thereon In such election adopt such amendment, the same shall become & part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to wit: SECTION 1. That tne Constitution of the State or Arkansas be amended mouitying Section 19 of Article 7 and Section 3 or Amendment No. 24 of said Constitution, so as to provide for the election of a County Clerk In all of the said counties of the state, a's follows: "The provisions lor the election of > County Clerk upon a- population basis are hereby abolished and there may be elected a County Clerk in like manner as n Circuit Clerk, and la such cases, lh« County Clerk may b« ex ofliclo Cler* of lh« Probat* Court ol such county until otherwise provided by the General Assembly." This Amendment shall be In full force and effect upon and after Ita adoption. APPROVED. March 20. 1951. Secretary ol Statfi C. G, HALL. TSie grooving of citrus fruit 1; Israel's most valuable industry. ^(T'6 EVERY A/\AN'& RIGHT^ TO VOTE A6 HE PLEASES —AND IT'S HI& PUTYf j ;$ee You at the "Polls! plus a few dollars more We Need Help in Fighting the Phone Rate Increase! There are H number of thinking people of Blytheville ready and willing In offer themselves in service to you. Those people will work free and Kive you their every effort. We are working to save you money and, in so doing ask you (o study Ihe following facts. You will note that your current telephone bill shows an increase of from fifty cents to two dollars per unit. This addition to our already overburdened cost of living represents a bonded increase which they are hoping lo have authorized through the public service commission. We have gone to the trouble to break clown this increase as it'will effect Blytheville as a whole. We will be out no less than §7,500.00 each month. The money required to fight such a rate increase must be raised from those who are to either benefit or suffer the consequences. Whv do we need money you may ask'? The answer to that is that we must have lawyers who understand such issues and there are other expenses which should be borne by all. The last refund you received was a result of such a fight. That expense was borne by the Little Rock and Fort Smith communities. '' This lime we think it only fair that (he small communilies unify and raise the money needed (o carry on the fight. There are five thousand phones in Blylheville. We are to furnish the Central Committee our share to further the fight, which is §1,200.00. Your individual portion amounts to only twenty five cents. We know that we can not expect 100% cooperation so we ask you who can afford a little more (o send in fifty cents. Addres» your remitancc to: RATE FIGHT, OFFICE OF CITY CLERK Blytheville, Ark. This Investment of Pennies May Save You Dollars Our Only Interest- is to Sore You Money BLYTHEVILLE CITIZENS COMMITTEE To assure you a dependable water supply through the years which lie ahead, large sums must be spent within the next decade. Engineers who have been appraising our national needs figure that the bill will rim over three billion dollars for the country as a whole And that's just for physical equipment and installations — that's just for the things which make up a water supply system. and What about the men who make these things function? How much should we pay for their knowledge, (heir experience , above all, (heir unceasing vigilance? -'astng vigi water works Everything about a water works involves big money except Ihe remuneration of the men responsible, for its dependable operation. Perhaps no other enterprise in America puts more solemn responsibilities upon men and pays them less for accepting them. Our people have been fortunate lhal so many able and conscientious men have been willing in accept these responsibilities in (he* face of Ihe low financial rewards their services command. Hut their numbers grow fewer as the cost of living mounts. . Already, water systems are finding it difficult to enroll a n d hold on lo younger men qualified for advancement to key executive jobs. The will to serve is there but it withers in the face of n dollar thai has lost almost half its purchasing power in the course of a decade. Salisfaclion in discharging a great public responsibility with honor unfortunate!.! doesn't heat the house or clothe the children ov buy food for Ihe fable. H billions of dollars must be spent on plant facilities, it becomes all (he more important Hint (he men who direct these purchases and operate these facilities shall be of Ihe highest character and ability. Can we afford not to invest thousands in human intelligence and integrity? \Ve need to spend a few dollars more. Blytheville Water Co. "Water It Your Cheapest Commodity" in 1 SAVE PART OF YOUR INCOME REGULARLY... The "lop of Ihe world" is within reach if yon have a systematic savings account. Starting your savings program is the important part — and you c^n start it here with any amount. Then, sel aside a certain part of your paycheck for your savings account — and watch it grow! You say that's hard to do? Not if you make np your mind lo do it. Actually. You'll he surprised at the amount of money each month that most people just wasle. You can save it — by frying. Then it won't be long until you'll fed "on lop of the world"! THE FARMERS D A Ml/& TRUST D AN t\ COMPANY The Oldest Bank In Mississippi County "TIME TRIED — I'AtS'IC TKSTED" F.n.l.C.—S10.0M Kach Deposit Member Federal Kcurv* System

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