The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on April 4, 1925 · 41
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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada · 41

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1925
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1 I OM CON . NATURE STUDY By Latira Gawthrop (11), Tomp ldns, Sask. My pet. diversion is walVm? through the trees or by a. little stream. A I am a lover of nature I like to it out In the garden and draw the flowers and gnuwcs. I like to watch the btrdn and try to see the different m;irlw and phadea they havo, or to lUrton to their Bongs, and dream of beautiful wood arid lakes with glay surfaces end a beautiful euiwt glowing over It, and of a gigantic tree with boughs preadln over you n you 'fit anil read a hock with your friend, a bock of tale of caves and college boye in their prank und during feats. X think tb'w to tny ret diverolcn. READING Honorable Mention No doubt we all would rather do no mo things than others, and I am sure I would, but In speaking of my pet diversion, I must say reading taken first place. When tho day's work Is done, and you sot away with a good book and are carried In Imagination to all parts of the world. You get acquainted with the people you od-mire, you have pictured before you lovely homos and beautiful scenery. You also learn how different peqple lire, and you can see tho different characters which are brought out Following up your hero you see those who stand up for the right always win out. When I say reading I mean, tho right &ort of reading. Everything must havo Its place, such as skating, baseball and other sport, which give such pood physl- cal exercise, but when I feel I want a change let mo divert to reading. But I don't believe In being: a book-worm. EEETA BROWN (12). J Davln, Sask. j . r BIRDS AND PUZZLES ! Honorable Mention One of my pet diversions ie, like tnany other people's, solving crossword puzzles. I like them because while helping to pa away the time It also give tne the meaning of words that ordinarily I would not know. Although I cannot solve the big cross-word puzzilew I can look at them after my older brother ba eolved them and see the meaning of the wc-rde. Another pet diversion of mine ifi studying birds. My reason for thi la that it allows one to 'see bird life and if one studies hard enough one will And that study -: ing. birds to better than killing them. I haveiad an experience of th love of parent birds for their young n the following incidents will show: Three coiwina and myeelf were going to look at a neat and ais we drew near the parents flew up uttering erkw. As wc were looking at the young ones one of the birds swooped down and pecked one of my cousin on the head. We then went away, Iho birdVs flying after u for some (ikxi.inoc. They then flew back to see if ilieir voung ones were safe. HENRY WIUJAMSON (10). Box 21)7, Estevan, Sask. READING STORIES Honorable Mention Tn .sclenting my pet diversion I have many things to choose from aa I tiki' practising on the piano, or wiiting. or reading, but I have at latrt '.oTiie to the conclusion that reading is my pet. diversion. My masons for selecting reading are many. In some stories you read about people of different countries ;uid tn ntliers you read of heroes and heroine, and then there .are. many (itli'-r Und.. Reading stories help you to make irp niherf, and if you read a story wherein there Is history and a story mixed, you are really learning history. Many people pay, "In reading there is knowledge," and I believe it is quite true. MTEDRED IUADR (10). Imperial, Sask. MAKE BELIEVE Honorable Mention l.iko nny other normal girl, 1 have a great number of pet diversions in which 1 love to Indulge. Hut, 1 have, on.i which I treasure n my own especial diversion, and that la "day dreaming" or "building air castles In sunny Spain." When tho mood Is upon me, I give tny thoughts full rein, and wander, fancy free, in that wonderful place called th "Ijaml of Make Believe." Many arc the thrilling adventure 1 havo Jiad whilo-Journcyrlng there. There is no place on earth which 1 have, not visited on my (ravels through that land. I have listened, enchanted to tho curious smnrF of ire gondoliers, a tliey propel the gondoln over the water In tho beautiful bay of Naples. I have seen Jiulu maiden!! nwaying In rythmic motion to tho witching music of tho Hawaiian pultarn on tho moonlit Khores of Hawaii, havo breathed In tho delicious scent of thn cherry blossoms) In smiling Japan, havo watched, tho rlurwflr camels, draped with Oriental trappings, carry fair, dark-eyed burdens acrosn the hoi, yellow sand:! of India. It Is n. gift I treasure dearly, but rorhnpa Indulge In ton often, tmemmo Often havo niy peaceful d renins been rudely (mattered by 1.hnt wordfi; "riy dreaming will not; get you nywhT:" ETMHE P. NIVON (If,). 2V'A Tor.-i.t, rt. )U .In". SK ATI N Honorable hrienuer, 1 think my ei diversion,' for tho wintur at It-act, I ukating. If an of our niernb haven't learnei to iskate they've certainly ruined me-thinK ttkaling Ui about tho mot healthy padime for the winter. The exerc-se derived from it la exceedingly beneficial. If akating la Indulged In frequently, In a abort time one become eueprialngly proficient in It, After being in school all day one Is naturally" tired of 3on. Unfortunately, however, there in a! way plenty of homo-work to bo dime, and. In an effort to finish it we proceed to crtrimence Boon after four. Consequently we don't do It w;U as we aio tiled of iKihotilwork. If, instead, we went fckatlng In tha fronh air wo would be able to do our work much more efficiently when w returned. - And I suppose all my rcadem may graphically imagine what can bo done- to the pantry after a couple of nouns of this. Apart from the hyRlenlc value cf th! port it te a very interesting recreation. Thoo of you, who can ;kato well, may have experienced that exhlliratlng ft-nsatlon of skimming over the ice with nothing1 ta Impede your progress. I am quite positive that the majority of TorehboaierH will u.groe witn mo in saying that skating Is the mofit wholesome of winter sporta and ably merila the position of ft "Pet IJiverafon" to many. MARY WINDEATT (14.) 1957 Rae Kt., Reglna. READING Well, Torchlea, I think of all tho diversions I have I like reading tho best. I have Tcad only a few books, the names are "Lovcy Mary," "XJttlo Susie Stories," and "Alice in Wonderland. "All are good stories, but I like "Ivovey Mary" best. I also started to read "Tho nigrim'a Progress" but I did not find it interesting. We have a library la our school and I get books very often, especially "Booka of Knowledge." They are very Interesting. I also like reading "Fairy Tales." I have a big book of fairy tales and a little one too. MARGARET GOAT CHER (11). North Reglna, Sask. DAY DREAMING Eleanor was sitting on the sofa., or rather lying on It, staring lazily out of the window.. Billy was asking her to play a game of hide-and-seek, but she was so far Into the land of dreams that she did not hear him. She liked to sit and dream. Now you will be wondering what she waa thinking about She liked to think she was living In a little cottage near a river with mountains in the background. Then her thoughts turned to what he would do in the Rummer holidays. She finally decided that she and Billy would go camping. They would pack the food in baskets, roll up thenr tent and blanket and pack them in the canoe and then they would be off. Juet then, mother called her, so she had to wake up. I think I am the same as Eleanor as I like to dream. mary c. Mcpherson (ii). Tierson, Man. YARNS OF THE BIG WOODS By ART CHILDS (I'p ill Die great lonesome woodH of tho North tho old gulden havo made up many yarns which they tell over arid over to the tonderfeet from the cIHch their own way of explaining the strange tracks and weird noUu.'s. Mr. Child, who uned to bo a game warden in the woods of northern Wisconsin, collected Hlorle.s himself from the, "old! iriier,1'.") THE SIZZERB1LL TM you ever lor"e your hook when you were fU.hltirrV Know how It feels to have a mighty tug on your line and think that It muni be at least a whale who's taken a fancy to your bait? Thun you felt the lino fro limp, pulled It In, nrt found your hook pone. "A big fish must havo Rot It," you mourned.. Welt, up In the North Woods tho old fishermen asHUrn you that Is Isn't Ony fhtli that got your hook. Not, at nil; ll's the Jdzzorblll. Now Hie " i1)il l'i a on ;in cus MUSIC HonorabU Mention "Iuie iiata cUarnw." Tho old Japaneee proverb, "Muale has the power of bringing heaven to earth," appeal to the Imagination of thorn who aro interested in one of the roost important faetor of their education, inuMiC. A simple, way of mine, in my everyday practice of the piano. Is to get myself interested by I am a great rmiHlclan. I pretend I am crowded by a throng At admirer, playing my scales and exercW s as if they were bouutlful musical com-poltion composed by some of the greatest musicians of the times, uch as lieethoven, Mendelmohn, Chopltt and Handel. Mak your pr.ailice easier, moro intcrestUig and entertaining. Make it your aim. I pifled with first clasa honors in lh elementary examination cf music tmd hope to do ee well in my primary exam, which I am ta-klDg this year, MINNIE BIGG (12). Davidfcon, Saik. BASKETBALL ' I have many tret diversions but I think thfl ono I like beat is playing basketball. I think it a good game and ono that gives a person plenty of exercise. Nearly everyone knows what this game Is, I think, but nevertheless I shall try to explain it. The grounds are about 24 by 28 feet On the end at the center is a basket. This baaket is on a 2Qfit up in the air. The . grounds are marked off into three divislona; and In these certain of the playera are required-to stay. There are five and sometimes six players on each side also one or two pubs. Two of the players are known as guards. The duty of these is to try to stop baskets from being made. One, or two axe known as centers. These do ail they can to help the forwards get the ball,, and the two forwards make the baskets. The guards are required to tay In ono of the end divisions and the forwards in the other. The centers stay in the center field or-sometimes roam. When a basket Is made the ball is thrown up between center players, CHLOE HAREEY (16). Tugaske, Sask. BAKING I have- quite a few things that I like best, (but now I will tell you why I like baking. When mother Is away I Ilka to bake a lot of nice things as a surprise for her when she comes home. Another thing it is very exciting to wait and see If it turns out well. I have a number of favorite recipes but they are mostly all cakes. Here is one of my favorites: Black Hill Cake One tablespoon butter, 1 cup white sugar, 1 cup sweet milk, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 2 teaspoons cream of tartar, 2 cups flour. Mix well and spread. two-third of it into a pan then to the remainder add tablespoon molasses, teaspoon allspice, 1-2 teaspoon cloves. Spread on top of other and bake in moderate oven. All my diversions are skating, bakina- and embroidering. CATHERINE S. MURDOCH (li). Neville, Sask. tomer. He's ;ihvay hanging around the weeds and rushcH und in olher pliu i h i loHO to tho shore. He's mighty clever fit keeping himself out of Might. When lie ecs a fish n( niggling to froo himself he will dart out under tho water and uilp, snip with hl3 bill ho cuts the Him very neatly. And away goeo the fish, free once ncore. And away goes the slz.erblll, off to another hiding place to make trouble for bonus oUh r fisherman. The slzzerhlU Is really half bird and half animal. He'H growing rarer find rarer, and It Is only every year or so thut Homo old guldi up In northern Wisconsin or MlnncHot.i reports that he caught a sight of ono tif Ui'-ko tricky fellow a ho made fo- one, of his favorite hiding place union)-, 1 he reeds. Next week Mr. Child will tell you i bout ti e' 'Ti .tiiiriimr.' READING STORIES By Katherine McConechy (10), 3031 Rae St., Regtaa My pet diversion is reading. I enjoy the Torchnearers" Club very much. I read It from beginning to end every week, and always look for. ward to anything by Marlon Andrews. The first books I read were the Bedtime Story Books. Through thera I learned much about tho life of the little animals. Thea I read 'Th Bobbsey Twins" and "Five Little Peppers" series. I liked thera so much and have read them many times. 1 think I could repeat them, . word for word. I have read many other bocks, such as "The Idttle jLame prince," and Grimm's Fairy Tales. "The Make Believe Series" is also good. I enjoyed "King Arthur and Hia Knights," "Robin HooQ and Hi Metric Men," and "Indian Hero Tales" are very interesting, especially about Scar Face. I have been reading some of Dlcken's lately. I like "The Christmas Carol" and "Tho Old Curiosity Shop," and am now at "David Copperfleld." But I think I will appreciate it more when i get K ATI I A I UN E McCONECHY I0). 2031 Ka5 St., Regina, Sask. ' MUSIC; SOOTHES As I did not enter the pet aversion contest 1 thought I would like to enter this ee, and try my luck. Let me see. -What do I like bet? Oh, yes, I have it Music. When I feel blue, or am. angry nothing can sooth me as music does, ncit even a book. I would like to be abl to play the accordion as that is the instrument I like best I often hear one played over the radio, and that makes, me want to be able .to play, more than ever. I often hear some of my friends that take music lesons on the piano say how they hate tt, hut as we have no piano or organ I don't know whether I would like it or not, but I tMrjc I would. Next to music I like books. I like Gene Stratton Porter's booka best. 1 have read pearly all of the, m. Jph, yep, of all the clubs I belong to I like the. Torch bearers by far the best. It ha the best stories, letters, and' contsels. It Is managed) best, and gives more art! better prizes than any club I hav beard of. - MABEL HANSON (13), riocho Percee, Saids. READING Many thing passed through my mind when I thought of iny pet diversion. I Kke eporte, rnueic, writing and reading, but the last I like best of all. . Reading, i my pet dl version, then. .There 1 noihing 1 like better than getting a good story-book or magazine to read. I will mention the Torchbearero' paper also because I ,am always anjriou for Saturday to come. I like to snuggle down in a. cozy armchair and read to my heart's content. I w'Kl aUo mention that rfomctimeut get rather angry at the one who diBtupb me while I am in thl great pleasure. Isn't that terrible. But you tnufit excuse (such a book-worm as I am for ouch ill ink-deeds. Do you know that if a person offered me either a good interesting book or a bag of candy, I'd take the book, -Maybe you'll think me & regular hog of istorle and I don't dny It, I am nure. Til ay so mylf. LlLbUN B1UNKWORTH (13.) Estevan, Solt. READING T have many "pet diversion," but after thinking for a while, I find that tho thing I love to do bwt of all Is reading., I love to read very much, and I have read a great tiumbor of book. Reading I the ouree of education, providing 'the books are good ami wholesome. The books I like best are those containing adventure and detective elorle. My three favorite authors are. O. K. Ilenty, Horatio Alger,- Jr., and Harry Hale. Of course there are numeroiw other authors that 1 like equally a well, hut the three mentioned abovo are tins ones that I am beat, acquainted with. 1 have read about forty book nine Christinas, 1924; but 1 could have road more. I- quit for the slinp'.o reason, that I did not have any more to read. . 1 think the beat way .anybody can vpend hi Npnr'e time Is In reading.' Reading will help ono tilong In Hchool. Although you should riot read too much o b to prevent you from studying your lmsoH. 1 don't think the time I waited while reading. KAUIj D. STKNNES C5.) MUSIC t am going io toll you about my pet diversion. It Is music. I like, music very much. I Hlarte'd taking lessons on tho piano when I was eight years old from my mother. I urn still taking them. I havo played In Oxbow at our school fair and took third prize out of a great many girls. When I first ularted taking lensons I found it qntte hard but after I had learm d a little bit I liked It very mwli, altliouRh I do not like to prugtlfie. 1 have to take scales for practice for the nn-gera, I do not mind them. I hope I will bo able to play belter later on. RETII URKy (12). Northgate, SaHk. AdditienalPer Diversion Storiei jWilt be found ti P(je 8. . 1 i n

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