The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on February 9, 1954 · 7
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The Leader-Post from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada · 7

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1954
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-THE LEADER-POST. REGINA, TIESDAV. rEBStART I, 195- TWCE SEVEN Queen's designer displays one of largest collections By Ml' BILL NARRAWAY (Canadian fres Staff Writer) b; 1 TJ - i 11 .)(...,. : .l. . .1 A . i i a. '' ria.-nru rwittuun in ifv eiDosin in; inrcai. a iw.e :av- era! seasons. W;tii time off from wed by th Queen en her present 1 , , , , royai commitments, the designer tour. LONDON fCD.-The world's showed lbmi. 100 mod,,Si inc! jd. fish:nn critics and buyers settled ing simple town sui's, e'egant day -lMrLe- u" U""J" in i!t chaus in a dove grey salon dresses, short evening styles n1 Day dresses are simple, mostly to ee th spring Styles decreed ,J"" IsMsnjv irimmea wun, iui suaigiu srji'-s soil' hv Norman Hr'ne:i. Britain's te.t cu pe.n. known designer. ened by loop of h:p draping and ! The levere plainess nf the first side panels. There are impressed i Perhaps th Q"fn' visit "Iwri OPSin wcti or Harwell, pieais coming rrom tne nips, wi a t'nrter" rsnonihl for the 'hows. It was be:g tweed drega flares, ttewtlion and barrel pleat- : and long loose roat that some ele- lug for soft wools and silks. Much . , .gant woman might soon wear for lace is used for garden ptrty and (jlljrC'Jl frn)lipS ; three-figure fee. The simplicity Ascot outfits. , J J" t a 'of its tailored styling was broken In common with most of the 11 l f'llllilv 1 1 1 rr 1 1 1 nn'- bv s'tchnd braces running "top 12" Hartnell uses the mould- I UM aiawiiajr 'ci down th, b3rk of ,h, dr.5. (do, "long-legged look. ' This t SALTCOATS 'Special - A family matching belt. imeans an unbroken line snd na- 1 right, in connection with Christian FORML FLEG W'CF ilural waist from bust 10 hips" In" I ' iniith 'Aeek i held m the Suit- ' '" .itri;acies of ri'sign roroe above and I 'w'cr5s fnitcct -thuich sfnsored'oy' 'MaTetf '"a'ilernbon''"''' a n'd below this girdle middle. t the senior and junior CGIT groups eocktai' dresses followed, inter-? Amusement ripnl'd tho.'eh the - ' sever!' 'ucaYionVf fiTmV' Ver,tWM't' '""mer Silks and bird-of-old sweetheart" heralded t net-l'7"-shown Taking part in the proeram Paradise ball gowns styled and em- dress embroidered from nerk to vre Mrs. H. Newman. Betty broidered for a queen and her hem in floral emblems. "Chene" Cbrise j j.r!aJ 8t.4 court. s-yjipurs lace iT.brilJutJ - .e tiriiii.? j'i-vni-'e.gia-'ivii A. .''' Fa-W 'ipvuitss of 2fW'sevc:ej3 rrhncis"n.trcidert4 R""s"hiik' and Yean '"wimiwoii embroidered gown that no- with ruby-red jewelled motifs. A I . v Pioneer farmers have anniversarv Cold edged serviettes, sent from Tregarva farm where their daugh-; Scotland, were used at a dinner ter Ethel 'Mrs. I. Patterson, Crav-party honoring Mr. and Mrs. Sam en! and their son, Arnley, were Denzin. 3621 Dewdney avenue. rirn. t Well-known pioneer farmers of the In 1319 they moved to Ke;ia for; Tregarva district, Mr. and Mis. five years, returning again to the Denr.n observd their 50th wedding farm until 1331 when their son anniversary at their home Jan. 20. took over the farming operations guests, including their and they returned to their present i f f t if : s 1 J u 1 1 Thirty famliy and immediate relatives horn in Fegma. They have eight were present. grandchildren and one grrat- A three -tiered wedding cake, grandson, decorated by gold leaves and top-: ped with yellow tea roses, centred the table. The serviettes were from Mr. and Mrs. W, Sfoulcr, parents of their son-in-law, T. Pat ina their dauzhter-in-,aw.: . . Derefli:-1 e.lo -CitimMi tY'l Vll 1 1 i J'' and red roses decorated the rooms. vUllilii-H vvyvy S! ;ie,n i-nTc g rrr1v- o. fetk:"t''."ffnp.e1reIlf "ivev:" "A - ...sicviVii -iT.TiiriiTre H ' life'' dre. ivhilo Mr HenTin wnro the Cirt guides has been set up in J ; terson .a S fMi-A. A. Girl guide HOMEMADE ArRON: Horrierriaker (above is" wearing gn organdy hostess apron , RS? Fy-i'.'s. .htl ;vv. ZiC. t:vi .. features new loxiie stitch. same boutonna're, artificial of-the-valley, which he had lj!V. Hegina, to replace tne lormer to-worn ca' association of girl guides. w His tseyn". 0 J vWV,Tf were in charge of films. LENGTHY TRAIL thing can ehatlence the floor-length whit satin evening dress glittered f, I gown for grand occasions. with jewelled sprays of peacock J, I He relegated even the most ele- feathers. . j gant short evening dresses frr The .tail ruddy-faeed designer, imiddle place-although some o f whose coronation gowns now are , -Appalachian Trail, extend- London's "top 12" showd no long world renowned, is still too shyi mg w miiM irom mi. r.aianain,'g0wns, "Perfect medium dresses to appear at his own dress shows. Me , to Mt, Oglethorpe. Ga., is a for perfectly medium occasions.", One must brave the background pamway tnrougn 1 stales wa, Hartnell's summing up. labyrinth of cubicle-sized dressing mat rates as one or the seven won-; The designer's spring styles re- rooms, scurrying model snd b tiers of the outdoor world. main at mid-calf, avoid extreme workrooms to run him to earth. ;: v ..--'lines and favor slim-ekirted suits He is, however, easy to see-even with decorous scooped necklines by a mannequin seeking work MR. AND MRS. F. J. TI CKALL Puckall-Howell Ivows exchanged For beauty out of the blue... Nothing revolutionary r 1 in Parisian fashions Gowned in traditional bridal sa- ence Galbraith fin Marraret Klijaheth Howel! be- Brochu. came the bride df Frank James PuckalUan. 23. The morning cere- groom's parents local associations will bp formed. They were the recipients of The first of these. District No, 2 many congratulatory messages and was organized at a meeting of the cards, two cups and saucers with mothers of guides at scout head-gold overlay and one gold overlay quarters. cake plate. During ' the evening' Mrs. M. BoisioU. district corn-guests autographed a gold organ- missioner. presided at the organ die tea apron. At the conclusion of ization meeting. Mrs. H. M j the social evening a wedding cake Schweitzer, Saskatchewan provin-' and a gold cake were served. .cial commissioner, also spoke. Those attending from a distance1 Officers elected were: Mrs. J. were the bride's brother and sis- Boisjoli, president; Mrs. J.!aw, Mr. and Mrs. August kinsop. secretary: Mrs. T. Favre, Zummack, Asquith, Sask. .treasurer; Mrs. A. Gables, badge Mr. Denzin was born at Palmer secretary: Mrs. J. Mather and Raymond Rapids. Ont while Mrs. Denzin. Mrs. C.Smith, telephone; Mrs. J. ithe former Minnie Zummack, was Lowey. membership committee. The waddina breakfast was serv- born at Renfrew. Ont, Mr. Denzin e Binders of the district held ed to guests at the home of the came to Saskatchewan in 1832 and a training session Monday at scout following th e homesteaded in the Tregarva dis- neaaquaners. and , S mony was performed by Rev. W. ceremony. A reception and dance:txict. A. Wadey in Holv Rosary cathe- were held at the St, John hall. He returned to Ontario in 1M4 ' I, t. - . . . . - i : - , . , t u u . u : Irtral R-ffina I rt'icr a noncynmon in nruuna.iu ie juaiiiea ai me uuuic ui iii.i ! ti, v,,i i tt,o A-,h nf Mr and Mexico Mr. and Mrs By NADEANE WALKER their loose waists. In all shows !anri xf,c William Howe'. 0f Wev-! Wl11 res,fie ,n Rpina- PARIS fAPi-The Paris spring. th"? welVJm ilim sheaths. jburn and'the groom Is the son of lasnion snows nnve enaea wim Puckall bride's mother at Raglan, Ont. Aft er the wedding they came to their Diues ana pinxs, ,M. .-j Wr. ir,hn PnrUall nf iges, white, navy pastel green, ir..;, I no style revolution. The short skirt golden yellow and red. Some black A,'in ,..:. h uOI. 9th.,! nd white combinations. L ! "S?"aIi.1lWeI,Kr.p"?L' diaeval styled wedding gown fash-! us here to stay for way. a while, any-,a1 in artllr an4 finllAn rvi-vl s M m m ! !..T,h?" r.!"."?- VArtiLny.r": "ish pin-stnped and pencil-striped "" '"l! I unal innovations in the dress shows ,,,. ,,i .,,,,.,4. the sccent on a worked of maior houses, but the trend is i .j u.:. t : Her cmlv piece of jewelry was a i " winii a nti MifiiiMii 'i a.e . i - 4 a.. . m A i.i.i.Jl.. KM.14... ,---sr. - Rebellion staged by fashion designer clothes, and away from the ele-1 Length midriff PARIS (APt A one-womanilines right where he put them with pearl and blue sapphire pin worn ' rebellion a gainst the new fashionjlast season's revolution. stirt. fiin rnnr'. at tne- iecs ni me siaim-up touar. trends was sta?ed weanesaav dv uior s new. tacs is tne uncn-to- gantly ugly ones of past seasons.' ,w insth of last e.on Her finger-tip veil of illusion net Elsa Sehiaparelli. dinner suits which permit a three- That s the good news, but there s jncnfs rom flj,. oniy hold-outs trimmed with lace misted irom; Keeping her skirts way down to stage respectable striptease. Jack-bad news, too. jfor iongt,r gkjrts tre BalmainJ white feather hat. She carriedmjd-calf, she decreed "no belts, jet$ come off early in the evening, NF.KDS PERFKrT Fir.t'RE iSchianarelli and Balenciaea. feather fan bouquet of roses no buttons, no boning" in a short-; and later a big sailor collar is Details Pleated skirts, stiff pet- centred by an orcnia. j skirt season rife with Buttons, Don- removed to uncover the shoulders ft Trust DOROTHY CRAY , Uin ,uSnuctt if -tico from bust to hips, and woman! Dream of. beauty are fulfilled out of the blue jars and hollies that hear the Dorothy Gray label. These creams ami lotion reward you far in exces of the few delightful minutes you de-vole to their daily iixe. ' FOR NOR MAI SKIN follow alnn Cold Onm with Orre Mower Skin Lotion; then ti Spwul Dry.Slun Mixture. ton DRY SKIN -hw Dry-?kin Clfinwr, Oranfe Flower ?kn lotion and Special Dry.f'kia Mixture, , - " FOR OltY SKIN o Salon Cold Crtm, Testure Lotion and Suppling Cretm. FOR COMBINATION $KIN-(pnrtiry, part i7y) o Salon Cold Creim, Tetture Lotion and Spwi.l Dry-?kin Mixture. Trust DOROTHY GRAY Cnnnda' u omrn An I THE T. EATON CO. (Canada) Ltd. rnsmetie Department MacGILLIVRAY'S LTD. V :oift Twelfth Avenue CHARLES C. REID, DRUGC.IST 2335 Thirteenth Avenue ROBERT SIMPSON CO, LTD. fn.tnetie, Department needs a wear it. corselet belts, sailor collars, neck GROOM'S SISTER nearly perfect figure to',ineg generaliy wide rather than! Miss Angeline Puckall As long as she doesn't I ling and belts. Likewise, says stubborn Schiap, sister of no zippers and no hooks. She uses for evening decor. Hew! Scientific Medicated Formulation SKIN-COLORED ... Wti p''mpfi wlii H wylt Ke t ltt! A nf m?dirrfd formulation railed CtriiUl dcvHoped fpertaiif for piirplri! ClHPiL hs uch rrmirkthlt drying irttoHtt his prnd imiiinglv efffC-liv to hrmg relit to pimple suffereri, Crcaselets and fast-drying in conurt with pimplei...drifs pimple lurprisinglf fa?!, And ri tARSMl's enlist lii union swp the ftroih of baciern that can came .nd pread pimplc. Skin-colored to hide pim. pies and end embarrassment. riMntsii li pleasant 10 tease on day and nijthi lor un-inierrupied medication. Rder'l Difeii reported on clinical tes'J using ciiarsii tpe medication. Now tht lorgest-iellinrj jpecul pimpl medication in America. ..because f t f ARsil. ha helped so many tecnaeer and adult,. Must work for sou or monev hark. Only (.0 nd $1 II." At ill druggists. Oet ILlAfASU today. The general trends of the spring1 ' Silhouettes Th. nrince-s line1 mmOTeL.f,ir- na lur5' J' ny B"ie 01 "Right out of 'Gone With the Hear Nancy Dale, your friendly radio neighbor. 10.50 a.m.. CKCK. Reglna and 8.50 a.m. CKRM, Regin ine princes line ,. visitor in Rena. . Fillmore were visitors in Renna.'...... ..... . ... . .. .... , t .. . . evolved into the figurine silhouette,! ; i1- 10 ioks lau-isn. me, which ft. ilk. th Miner on th! ... I . .'model are-such a mixture of I " " ' 'r 1' " .' - - . -J T T. TT k .A ....: . T - 1 IB... . . ', . - J . . ...... ... wall down to the hips then flares' ' ouo jonnsiun ana styles ana periods tney eery ae- into fullness to the hem Dissenters Phyni& Noble, and Mr. and Mrs.. ; Mrs. E. Downing of Fillmore were scription in any one . term, from this line included Dior with ! Harold Cross, all of Fillmore were recent visitors in Fegina. I Christian Dior, in his showings his tiny waist cinched In between rece!W vors in Hejmt. . . i earlier .Wednesday, displayed wasp a bloused bodice and full skirt, and ' I Mr. and Mrs. Phil Goski and: waists cinched with belts. Nobody; Balenciaga and Sehiaparelli, with Bernard Sorenson was a visitor Doreen, and Mrs. Cliff Killaby ofiwas surprised that he kept, hem- STUFFING jbulge, dainty though, she can look as a Dresden figurine as deep: short jackets, mannish too- the groom, was maid of honor and a drawstring or elastic band coats, bustle - backed evening bridesmaids were Miss June Ash-the back of the skirt waistline, j tablespoon butter or margarine rwmsaam nnn n a l w urrtt-n in nniirnnn. inn aiin iiiiv .in nsniiitn i iiii.iii-i vu un n rnri nr nontorca nrtno . . . the new boned bodices with skirte;bunV 'tlred ruffled ,nd floclnf the bride. Best man was Marceljshe avoids buttons in places whereC !m!!!!!! 1?!!,.. , 'skirts, cap coats bows and ties. Possant and , ushers were Clar- they're really needed and goes to'q, cud water "een . ' r , , , - . - :n . . . . .ui jai.. t . . . an si-ii.i ui m.uuic uwmS .i, "iiir i2 teaspoon celery salt to plunk them on blouses wherelDash marjoram or sage they're not really useful at all. jj rups soft iy. bread Cllbes full below the hip The fashion salons have blooming like flower gardens with silk and cotton prints this season. Fresh and charming pastels colored the scene, TRENDS ERSONAL ing red and violent violet. I, tabl g hamburger and onion Viewers of Balenciaga s new d A(M w - jmmpr spring designs described his mo-! tifs in terms that ranged from: " ( .. . y-v DIABETICS Whn w itrlktok IOTBK5fMiM: It's SUGAR RU at the home of his parents, Mr. j Fillmore were visitors in Regina and Mrs. S. Sorenson at Rouleau, recently. Mrs. M. Windish and Anita of Central Butte were visitors in Regina. FIRST NEEDLE AT 91 Will PaU of Hauston, Miss, caped the doctor's needle for CGIT has Headers' meet WADENA 'Special ) Four H4f TWl-. TAkn,A. . c.ii I'll . iViUWl! UU1IIIMH1 wi r lUrilUIIT . TM i has been a visitor in Regina tor!i;" a , X V Sc"lare CGIT rouP h(,,d n initia- two-weeks. Mr. Johnson was also was s.P,,a,,7-wl ,0.rthe..f,rst tu!!e-.Uon service followed by a stunt a visitor in Regina over the weekend. W. S. Seaman, secretary-treasurer of R. M. No. 9rj at Fillmore was a business visitor at Regina. Patterns Mr. and Mrs. Ken Ogden of Fillmore spent a few days in Regina, 0 family favorite.. V frozen strawberries Rev, A. D. Stade, Mrs. Stade, Mary. Joan and Anne, of Fillmore were recent visitors in Regina. y Lru Mr. and Mrs, J. Pringle of Fillmore were recent visitors in Regina. ! C. T, Leslie has returned to i Regina from Fillmore where he j was en business for seme time. Mr. and Mrs, Donald E. Lubiens of Fillmore were visitors in Re-! igini. I I Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Rondeau! and family were visitors at the' homes of Dr. and Mrs. WRondeau and Mr. and Mrs. Herb Keith of Rouleau. i f Mm, P. Schmitz of Central Butte was business visitor in Regina. Mr. and Mrs, J. Kelly of dene are visitors in Regina. Co- Miss Beulah Bourns, who has recently returned from Korea, was special speaker Monday at the South Alberta Preshyterial in Sthrrfctsr church. LeUibiiiiit. 3ve.s,; ieiii a:'.rrn" liii program when 10 girls were added to the roll call. The neriod of devotional exer cises which accompanied the initi- : atjon was conducted by Mrs. C-. F.f Gillespie, leader; Helen Hicks i president, and Helga JohavtsonJ secrearr Present were parents of the girls, and ministers from the 1 three ehurches from which the: group is drawn. Assisting also was Mrs. J. Magnuson. who is ro- leader of the group consisting of, about 19 girls. j; A program of comical stunts. which formed the social part of a the evening, was arranged by: Ethel Fisher and Joan Inglis. Kew memlws of the CGIT thisjs year are Leslie Anne Guest, Mar-,; garet Johanson. Marilyn Johnson,!': IJerene Stovern, Diane Scott,! Maidra Creswell. Lucy Fudikuf.j -and Bernice Haskey. Mrs. Magna- j son was rlso initiated since she is i a new leader with the group. I I """ a ai inmiii n iwiii jMwBila,,l,j!niM LUSTRE-CREME is the favorite beauty shampoo of 4 out of 5 top Hollywood stars ....and you'll love it in its new Lotion Form, too! fji'WQ in "HOW TO mm A MILIIONAIPE" A SOth Cm lufy Fox Or-' r , Le : n i, . MV 9270 1 12 I3.M-4J the Now's time for . . . O'f.r him Irraiitiibln Jll-0, mother.. .then sutch that wander. iP hov gladly turn in hi iSm.fl aed ittck for I dert rx-n! 8PIB X mm K S(YIN DKICIOl'J fUYOtS Hit .w rK''Vf-frofi 'ilSTiZiii' er Als-.n r-:-f? I Shirley Mae Carlberg, I. Luchen- jskl. Miis Florence Grieger. Miss' tnspir.d trif!iTh.fl '.T ' r. i JifM-'-r rf ''' xirfifor&l'l Scw'ielei-a? and'afwavi I Lloyd Hofmeister, Lloyd Hall, look sweet 'n' neat. This is a honev Hubert Morris and Harry J. Elder, of a step-in with big pockets and lall of Fillmore, wer. visitors tc cenUr front cleat U-iow that R'g'n iplacket-dcpth buttoning. Choice of 'four sleeve versions. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Marsden; Pattern 8270: Misses Sizes 12. have retuned to their home in '14, IS, IS. 20; 30, 32, 34. 36, 31. 40, Winnipeg after visiting Mr, and 42. Size 18 takes 4'i yards 3!Mneh QUICK CREAM OF ONION SOIT 4 tablespoons butter 4 tablespoons flour I cups hot milk 2 teaspoons salt Dull of pepper 1 cup finely grated raw onlnn Melt butter in top of double btoi-w. blend in flour. Gradually add the heated milk and cook, stirring constantly, until thickened. Add salt, pepper and onion and cook over hot water until onion ia cooked, about 20 minutes. Sprinkle with hTr?4 rsnley a r. d servz hct Tin rectr will rs.ske appro imateiy 8 ounce cups of soup. WJfc..'.-:t r L : BETTY C'AHE oyi, ,"Yai, I ut Luitre-Creme Sbotnpoo." Whwi Americo'i mot glamorout woisn u lujtrt-Crm Shorepoo, jhouldn't it b. your choice obo oil o'hri, too? NOW- lh Canada ! ncitra.i r ho IflUfllil. OMflBHRnn 5W rSStJ lf 8f"S8Sil "WW ENGAGEMENT :,...v 'Vl '.SS:..iV ' NUf(Cfc!, Aniounrement. to .pp'.r unttee thi. h.iKtinf will b atvenurf at The t,d.r-PoKt Cl!!iJ D'pt. afk.ef. II V f.r lint M w.r.i .r U.f A4t It ft D.rS f.r .c. .S4IU.B.I t(. Mrs. Henry Roth several days. in Regina for fabric; 'a yard contrast. Price 35 cents. Hi 0 .n..t .nd. Mark ,.,4 in Caeada by &er ft4, tlM RUSTF.D IN' THE RANK BOOK' Classified Want Ads fix you up 'fast: To rent, sell, find a job, !phon 78S4. t NOT eort um(i hiirr 's-fr orier t pj't.-ji tlrT,ir'-"l, 'Th. I .Pn.l t,i"si,id. P. i.. .,'K Arwtt ten r!. r. reguiri f II A-H-. Nft r.'urds .r e'e-a v-e"i"tn Tv' i s H'limis ".s at M.rKirt Martin p.tiertu .v.iUhi., Mr. and Mrs. F. Merrett of Regina wUh to announce the en-gaaement of their daujhtcr Grace to Kenneth Alexander Tough, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Tough of Regina. The weriiing will take place Mar-h h 35(, it 2h0 0'rlc.t in St. Peter'j Arglican church.' Reg;r,a, Sak. ' Voted "Iif" in Dromtitit U$e-Tistsl 7hTt mf.m'. ?. '""iVlZ liquid and ktion shampoos all unlabelied Lustre Creme tn r.e-A iot-.e.i Fofrti was prefcrrea by 3 out of every S women for these reasons: lothar foams mere quickly! Eatier to rintt owoy! Clvom hair and scolp bofttel loavot hoir mar shining! O Da.l not dry or dull tha hair! laovat hoir aaiy to monogat Hoir hot battae f.nejreint.! -,- V TO ""W., r4M.teV -J Shampoo ! Cfi'1i t fvwftt rrm thimpori n4 ail tff hi'ir W r,f ft qtit-te-a ir 'fef-ifjun-! in ( n lotion F-'afW L'lrP C"ern le" y-vif hmr iKn ni ljn, ajEr lei sve n vrr 4 ill w (4y r V '.rm Trovi it to yowiiill . . . luilri-Cftmt in new Loliort feim ii the but liquid shumpoo yell V

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