Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 31, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 31, 1895
Page 2
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AFTER DINNER -when you have eaten heartily, you should take one only of Doctor Piercc's Pleasant Pellets. Your stomach and liver need the jjeu- tlc stimulating, as well as invigorating, effect of these tiny, stisrnr-coat- ed granules. If you feel drowsy, languid, in<_-x- pressibly tired or debilitated; if you've MO appetite and frequent licadachen.or dizziness, a. furred or coated tongue—-it proves that you're bilious. In that case you should use the "Pellets." They are anti-bilious granules, wliicli act in a prc/mptand natural way, without ffripinfr. BEST PILLS FOR THE LIVER. KnnKitT MANSON, of U'fst A't'f, JJiickinxliam Co.. A'. //., wrilcs: " Three years ago I commenced.tnkifl? Dr. I'icrce's Goklcii Medic.'i 1 Discovery; I eighed Ji t fJ pounds, uml now I we'ifth 175 potnids, so you see liow I h.'ivt."gained in health .ind WL-iffht. Doctor 1'icrct's IV-HcUs ;irc the ticst pills I cvrr look <<"• r - ht liv<:r - A " '"y Wends sny I hey do til"" t 1 "-' luosl 4,'fod." ~° K. MANSOS, J LIVER PILLS. of J\'o, tftl Sitntrttit / HHf, HtiUip^lutrxh, N. writes: "There is nothing that crm cofupurc with J»r. rieror's rlrns- ntit Pellets, as f.iver i'ills. They luivc; done more (rood than any other Juce icltic I have ever t.ukeu.' -Mi;. FOE FREEDOM. Cuba May Seek Becognition from trie United .States, ' The Insurrection Growing—Reported Defeat of Rebels Declared .to Be Wholly -False. , March 30.—The (Post ,»ays: The successes which are said to bo attending- the .operations ol the insurgents in .Cuba \vilJ, li they are continued, soon lead to .a. determined effort to secure recognition from the United States. While no communication, either formal or informal has as yet been re- .ceivp.d at the state department, its arrival is not unexpected. It has always been the policy of tho United States to ; recogn,izo do facto g-overuments. It •therefore, the Cuban insurgents can te a nroyisional jrovcrnmeBt they will-have taken'a long- step for ward" in the direction of securing- recognition as belligerents. This country also demands, as a general rule, that the new g-overnment shall issue currency and shall be in possession of a considerable portion, of the territory over wi.ich it assumes control. If They Should Receive KneaRnltloii. If the Cuban Insurgents should receive recognitions as belligerents their government would be placed upon exactly tho same footing- as Spain in all rc-lations with the United States. This, in itself, is a high stake worth playing- for, but in addition to this the shipment of arms to Cuba would be no "longer filibustering, but would be legitimate procedure. It can easily be seen, therefore, that unless Spain speedily crushes the Cuban rebellion the future may h»vc some interesting develop-uents in store. j;«hHl» More Th»n Mnldlnjr Their Own. NEW YOKK, March 30.—A special to the Herald from Key West -Kays: One of the Herald's several -correspondents in Cuba has just forwarded here the followiuf; translation of a message from the revolutionary chieftain, Amador Guurra: ••IX CAMP, MANZAXILLA. March 20.—To the Editor of Hit! Horald: This Is for the In.'orraa- tlon of our Mends In the United States. 1 .would aslt the American pcoplo not to believe Uiu.slorliisoMnsurgeut dtifuiits corning from govtinmiem sourcus. They are (also. ••U'i; ui-u moro tbtin holding our own. By tho middle of Juno wu will liavu CO.000 men ia Cto lltjlil. -Wo feul sure of the sympuiby o! nil Ameri- CIIIH- AMAUOII GuEiiriA." C'ubiin 1'refectn KoHl/fn. ilADJiii), March MO.—All the Cuban prefects have resigned- They will be iu placed by military oilicers. It, is reported that Hen. Antonio .Milt/Co, the insurgent .leader, has landed in Jamaica* The rebel leader, Jienry Jiruoks, has left Cuba for New York. Jt is slated that Caiman Garcia is also trying to leave the island. MurHlm] C'nmpiM In Coiiiniaiul. Tho appointment -of Marshal Martine/. Campos to the commund of the troops in Cuba has been received with the greatest satisfaction in that island, Itabtilft WultlnL" for Juno. A passenger arriving from Havana SiitorcUiy gives it as his opinion that the resignations of the eaptain general aj.id governors of the provinces will .be accepted by Spain. Scuor Polairega •will, in all probability, he said, succeed the captaiu general. The peo- .ple of Cuba have not yet forgotten Podair.eg-a's inhuman treatment of •prisoners in the former revolution. The .Cubans laugh at soldiers being sent .over from Spain. They say it is nlmost certain that yellow fever will It ill half of any number Spain may send. The insurgents are waiting for June, when the sugar plantations will be idle, to begin their active aggressive movements. WASHINGTON, March ' 30:—The president has appointed Charles Edgar Brown us postmaster at Cincinnati and John C. liutchins as postmaster at Cleveland- Rich In the body of an adult peraon there are •boat 18 pound* of blood. The blood has as its most important ele- mentB, gmaU round corpuscles, red and •white, In proportion of about 300 red to 1 white one. II the number olred corpuKles becomes diminished and th>; white one* increased the blood is impure, thin, lacking in the nutrition necessary to sustain the health •nd 'nerve strength of the body. Then That Tired Feeling, Nerronsnew, gcrof ula, Salt Eheum, or others of the long train of ills, according to the temperament •nd disposition, attack the •viotim. The only permanent remedy is found in • reliable blood medicine like Hood's SftrsapariBa, which act* upon the red corpuscles, enriching there and increasing their number. It thn§ restores tho vital fluid to healthy condition, expels all impurity, cures Nervousness, That Tired Feeling, Scrofula and all other diseases arising from or promoted by low stateof the blood. That the3e-gtaterae".t9 are true we prove not by our own statements, but by what thousands of perfectly reliable people say j about Hood's Sarsnparilla. Rend the testimonial in the next column from a beloved clergyman. Then take " In view of the benefit I have had from Hood's Sarsaparilla I wish to give the following testimonial. I have several time* been badly Poisoned With Creeping Ivy. As the old school of medicine simply tried to remove the symptoms instead of the sources of them, much of the poiion was left in my system to appear in an itching humor on my body with every violent exertion in warm weather. At all times theza were more or less indications of poison In my blood, up to a year ago last winter, when Large Sores Broke Out on my body. I then purchased a bottle ol Hood's Sarsaparilla, and' after (ulng that and a half of another bottle, the sores and humor disappeared. I attended the Christian Endeavor Convention in Montreal and also visited the World'aFair in the hottest weather of the summer. Was on the go all the time, but Had No Recurrence ot the burning and itching sensation which had marred every previous summer's outing. I have reason, therefore, to be enthusiastic in my praises of Hood's Sarsaparilla." SAMTCTEI. S. SCHXELL, pastor of Free Baptist Church, Apalachin ; N. Y. Hood's Sarsaparilla The Blood Purifier and True Nerve Tonic. X£x-Prc»l<Iciit CacoroH cntin(;i>» nin inii.o. 'NKW YOBK, March 30.—The Herald's special cable from Lima, J.'eru. says: Ex.PresidentCaceres changed his mind at the last moment and instead of start- in ff for Panama on the British warship Wildswun he left on. the German, steamer Seraplm. direct for Iquique. K(tB» Tlirowii at llrowne. MASSILLOX, 0., -March 30. — Carl Browne was treated to 'u shower o£ eg-gs Friday night while delivering- an address on. the wickedness of the leading- citizens in general and the goodness of Curl Browne in particular. The meeting- came to an abrupt end. ijDELIGflTE WOMEN Or Debilitated Women Should Vte Every Ingredient possesses superb Tonic properties, r-riini C~™"^^ and exerti a won- rr/lVllLC "^ derfulluGuenceln |,crill flTAP RkGUbnTOR. system by driving through the proper channel nU impurities. Healtb and strength aro guaranteed to result from its use. Uy •"'X^.nTB^m^ r r K 0 iAL». IK for two month*, U getting well.- JOHNSON, Mulvern, Ark. Sola by ill Drunliti u II ,00 pir bottle. BRADKIELD REGULATOR CO., At'.intn.Oa. UCLnlc" « «BU . — ..--. . CIUCAGO, March 30.-.Tuclge Baker rendered a decision Saturday in the suit of the attorney general against the United States School Furniture company in which he declares that the company is a trust and a monopoly and that its existence is contrary to the public policy of the state of Illinois. llayward'n Motion lor New Trtnl. MISSEAPOMS, Minn., March 30.— Judge Smith Saturday morning, in consultation with attorneys in the Hayward murder case, settled the bill of exceptions on which the appeal to the supreme co\irt will be made and set the arg-umenta on the motion for a new trial for April 13. ^ Wife of B»llro»d President Drops Dcao. DETROIT, Mich., March 30.—Mrs. II. B. Ledyard, wife of the president of the Michigan Central railway, dropped dead at the corner of Chene and Champlain streets shortly after 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon. The cause of death is given as heart disease. LONDON, March 30.—Lord Eosebery, the premier, came specially from Ep- soa Saturday in order to preside at the cabinet council. The cabinet council decided to nominate Mr. William Court Gully, Q. C., member of parliament for Carlisle, for the speakcrship, to succeed Sir Arthur Welleslcy PeeL Important Uotherlnr of We.t«rn Coll*c« I'midcntl In Chicago. CHICAGO, March SO.—Thirty-five distinguished educators, each the president of a western college or academy, met at Evanston Friday and formed the Northern Centraa Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The object of the association is to bring in closer relations the big colleges and university and secondary schools. It will be composed of professors of the schools and colleges and a few prominent literary men of the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Mich- iean. Wisconsin, Minnesota. lowa.Mis-; Bouri, Nebraska and Kansas. President Anjrcll, of the University of Michigan, was chosen president of the association. PLEASED WITH SPAIN'S ACTION. Suite Uepurtment People Think AilUncm ' Atlatr Will Soon B" Si'tlUirt. NYAMiiXGTOJf, March 30. — Reports that the Spanish government is taking steps to meet the requests of the United States in the Allianca affair, that tho commander of the offending Spanish cruiser has been relieved from his ship and that orders have beeri sent 10 the other Spanish com- mandars in Cuban waters to observe tho requirements of international law and refrain from improper interference with the ships of the United Suites or other foreign nations.have caused ranch gratification in official circles here. :iiim»Lrr nnuor v out in;: rioim-. WASHINGTON. March 30. — .Minister Lewis Hakei-. tho- diplomatic representative of the United .States in Costa Kica., Nicaragua and Salvador, has secured leave of absence and is expected to be home iu June.. Swept hy a-Cyclone. Ot approbation to the pinnacle ot popularity Hosteller's Stomach Bitters has acquired a commanding position, which has ooeiuslonally made It R brl. lit and shining mark for knnves, who seek tofo-Bt upon thrt'comniunltr spurious compound In the guise akin to that »f the article. These are mostly local bitters or tonics of groat impurity, and, of course, devoid ol medical enieacy. Beware of them and get the genuine Blitcrs.aToal remedy for malaria, rheumatism, malaria, rheu matlsm. kidney trouble, dyspepsia, nervousness constipation and blllon»ness. Physicians ot ewInence everywhere commend the crent Invle- orant, both tor its remedial properties and its purity. A wineglass thrice a daywlll soon bring vigor and .regularity to a ulsuruered mid e fee bled system. ^ For Orer Flrty Vean Mrs. Winalow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over flfty years by millions of mothers for their children while teethlcft, with perfect uuccets. It soothes the child, softens the gurne, allays all pain, cures wild colic, and Is the besi remedy for diarrhosa. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. 'Sold by druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for • Mrs. Winalow's Soothicg Syrup," and take DO other kin J. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and solids to personal -enjoyment when •^ghtlyuged. The many, wno live bet- i?r than others and enjoy life more, with Visa expenditure, l>7 more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest r,oe value to hsalth of the pure liquid s . native principles embraced in tb<> .-eraedv, Syrup of Figs. . Its excellence is due to its presenting •a the form most acceptable and pleas- int to the taste, the refreshing and truly x-neficiftl properties of a perfect lax- •itive; effectually cleansing the system, Impelling colds, headaches and fevers wd permanently curing constipation, '> has given satisfaction to millions and net -vitlntho approval of the medical Profession, because it acts on the Kid- icvs, Liver and Bowels without wear -Mne them and it is perfectly free froa evorv objectionable substance. c -, : rup of Figs is for Kile by all drug.-. ;s"te in foe and *1 bottles, but it is Dcan- "> factored by the California Fig Syrup , '-> onlv, whose name is printed ou every Mckage.also the name, Syvup of * igN Ind being well inforaed/yon will n-w feecept any substitute il oflbr»"- 1 WEBSTER'S INTERNATIONAL -DICTIONARY! floi.D. J. *iww,, Jnnicn . ot .th* U. H. Mupremo (Jonrt,mlt«i: t -~=^^ . • lixmunciM 11 10 nil M 11 the one great ataaiHrH authority. ! > Send for freej»mphlct«ont<ilnlngKi)ediiD<!n "~- V.S.A. Do not buy reprint* of nnelent ciliUooi. VV. P. jMuss-ev "i 1 Chicago is coming east to shoot one or two livu bird matches with Gotham bhooturs. On« of the m.itcbe» will probably be with W. X. Eilev of the Ne.w York board ol trade.— IZx. ; • • . i Co. appeared tW. da y ^ me, a Justice of the Peace of the above State and County, and being duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that the foregoing letter is an exact copy of theletterreceived from H.Sehoen fl eld.PM,adelphia,Pa. > Prop P ^ \ SEAJj- f Mr. M. SHONFIEJJ), Manager of N. T B. Co. togansport purchase amounting to r«31,000, I have shipped by fast freight Dear Sir:-I have bought today the ^hol^ give you a cbance to gell first . c la S9 to lojaniport, S o inaugurate a b. B sale at once You can sell the goods at ^o on th MJoltor Th ls wiU alU>w j p ^ ^^ ^ Respe ctfally Yours, merchandise to the people of Cass county.at such ridiculously low prices that will raaRe tne JN. I. K. uo. KDOWD, auu ^ x HERMAN SCHOKSFIKLD. THE ABOVE TELLS THE TALE! THIS SLAUGHTER OF PRICES UNPARALLELED! Never equaled before, never equaled again. Note these Telling, Daring Low Prices: ? ' $5 73 $*.98 $ 2 - 98 A gentleman's fine Dress Suit, worth $18, $20 ................. • A workingman's suit, worth $12 and $15 at ... A nice suit, worth $10 at ....................... • Boy's and Childrea's suits at these esme low prices. Men's working .pants worth $1.50 ....................... ...... 59 cents Men's hats worth $1.50, $2 and $2 50 at ........................ 33 cents Men's underwear, worth 75c and $1 at .......................... 19 cents Men's heavy blue overalls worth oOc and 75c at ...... „ ......... . . 29 cents Odd coats for boys, ages 14 to 19, worth $1.50, 82, $2,50 and $3, ---- 48 cents This Sale Starts Friday, March 29th, and Continues Until the Stock is Sold! The New York Bankrupt Company, 324 Fourth Street, Logansport, Indiana.

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