The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1950
Page 8
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?AGI EIGHT BLYTHKVJLLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEW* Army Finds Hew Evidence of Aid By Soviet Russia Report Also Says Chines* Red Arm let Massing Near Korea WASHINGTON. Aug. 26. (fl>)—Tile Army reported new evidence today of recent Russian shipments of fighting equipment to the Korean Communists. A briefing officer at defense headquarters told reporters of the development. The disclosure came on the heels of a report from the same source yesterday that 120 heavy tanks were shipped to North Korea in July from the Russian- controlled port of Dalren. Russian spokesmen have insisted that the Soviet Union has provided the Korean Reds with no additional lighting tools since Russian soldiers were pulled out of North Korea. Coupled with the report on tanks was an account of the massing of two Chinese Communist armies near the Korean border. At this morning's regular briefing at the Pentagon, the Army Spokesman said: ; "Interrogation of North Korean prisoners tends to confirm reports that Soviet Russia .has sent equipment to the North Korean Reds after 1949. Prisoner Testifies "In one case a prisoner claimed fo have seen as late ns June, 1950, the delivery of Russian weapons. He nald he saw the Russian seal oni boxes. Among the weapons he claimed to have seen were 24 76-mm. 1 and 12 122-mm. artillery pieces. Representatives of the United Nations other than American representatives witnessed the questioning of fhe above prisoner and stated that he made his statement without being subjected to threats or being offered any reward. In response to inquiries, the Army spokesman said 'reports on llic- shipmcnt of 120 tanks from Dajreu described them as heavy tanks. He said the only heavy tnnks Russia Is known to have are Joseph Stalin Ill's, believed to weigh between 50 and 60 tons each and to mount. 122- mm. guns, considerably larger than the 90-mm. guns on U.S. medium tanks. . The officer said, however, that the Information did not specify that the tanks were Joseph Stalin m. Whether the reported tank reinforcements can be brought to the •battle area Is a question in view of mounting American air n.tSncks on communication lines. NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DON'T-Photo at left shows North Koreans' railroad repair shop at Wonsan. Photo at riglil is nearly Identical view, with one addition—several tons of exploding bombs dropped by U. S. Air Force B-29's. (U. S. Air Korce photo from NEA.) Filipino Rebels^ In Violent Raids MANILA. Aug. 2B. (Af) — p iV e .nousnnd rebels, shouting opposition to the Philippines entry into the Korean war looted, binned and killed last night and today In terror raids on 11 central Luzon towns. They lelt 167 dead and scores wounded. Heavy police guards were thrown around Manila, the capital. A national defense headquaitt-rs spokesman said the Hllkbfllaliap raids ivonld not. change plans to send a Filipino combat team to Korea as soon a.s transportation is available. RAILS Appointment of CIA Head Delayed in Senate WASHINGTON. AUK. 26. IJTj — Senator Morse (R-Ore) said today he has asked Secretary of Defense Johnson to find out ho\v long Lieut Gen. Walter Btuell Smith Intends to serve as head of the Central Intelligence Agency. Smith's appointment to succeed Rear Admiral Roscoe N. iilllenkoct- ter as CIA head was held up in the Senate yesterday at request of Sen- Btor Hickenlooper (R-Iowa). Hickenlooper told his colleagues he isn't questioning Smith's qualifications, but wants to know whether the general Intends to take It only for » year. Hickenlooper said be thinks the agency needs somebody at the lop who intends to stay. KOREA (Continued from page I) battle. The Reds left behind a llt- ler of corps, tanks and guns. There was no overall estimate of North Korean casualties, but they lost 30 tanks in this sector. American aril ery backing up United Nations Infantrymen in (his sector alone fired 70000 rounds of ammunition during the week. American bombers and fighters carried tne attack deep Into North Koreuc territory Saturday. Fighter weeps reached 300 mites into" Red territory In a hunt for Red planes. Tney found none. Bombers ham- menx bridges and rail yards I! was a continuation of Fr'iday's naticrn-the busiest day of the air war. Nearly 600 missions were Frjday Fifteen tanks sud 10 locomotives knocked out. On one front the Air Force said, advancing infantrymen found Bodies of 600 Reds killed by air blows. Oiins of U.S. warships destroyed or heavily damaged more than wo box cars Thursday and Fridav the Navy announced. Most of them were caught in the marshalling yards at Soncjhi. 165 miles north of Parallel 38. Naval shells snarled ralln-av tototf 6 °" d SCt ° ff nnc hcnvy e - x '~ (Continued from Page 1) the bargaining for the railroads. Want Wage Hike The unions want the same r for a 40-hour week as now paid'for 48 hours—requiring a 31-cent hourly Increase—for workers in yard scvice. For those in train service, tre trainmen and conductors wan! wage adjustments that would wlpa out the pay differentials enjoyed by firemen and engineers. The railroads have gone as high as 23 cents Increase for yard service men, and a five-cent boost for train servicemen. Presidents w. Park Kennedy of the trainmen and R. o. Hughes of the conductors planned to leave Washington "for a short rest". The carriers said their representatives would remain here in case they ari called for data by the Army or Pesidential Assistant oJhn R. Steci- mall. Stcclman ha* been directing past negotiations. White House Pre.w Secretary Charles G. Ross said llally Unit the government won't make a settlement with the unions iinucr seizure—that it is up to the carriers and unions to settle their o'.vn ;ir- gimient. Health Workers Attend Meeting In Jonesboro About 25 public health workers o! this district attended an nil-day meeting held yesterday at the Noble Hotel III Jonesboro, Mrs. Annabel Fill, county health nurse said this morning. The group included nurses, guest speakers nnd sanitary workers of this district. ... „,.„ Representing Mississippi County 1 ?'. 0 " 1 ' of tllat tlme "•'** s P cnt i: i woi-j> Mrs, Clara Ambrose, clinic . Pa . c ' tlc theater. He was, dis- James R. Mead Called to Duty James R. Mead, 417 North Broadway, this week was recalled to active duty with the U. S. Navy. He reported to Little Rock Thursday nnd departed that same night In charge of -10 recruits bound for San Diego. Calif. Mr. Mead, a petty officer in the Naval Reserve, ii a d three years service in World War II. One . , clinic nurse; William Mitchell, county sanitary engineer; Sam Dickey, county sanitarian and Mrs. Fill, »n . charged in October. 1945. He will be assigned after arriva on the west coast. ' Fourth Polio • f Blytheville and Mrs. Lucy Miller, | county nurse at Osccola. The meeting featured round-table! discussions of the responsibilities of Cnfe* D« n n.*«,J both (he school anl the health >-«»€ KGpOrfed worker in carrying out better health programs throughout the district. Several State Public Healih Depal imcnt personnel were there and each discussed the problem briefly. Included In this group were Dr Francis Rolhert, director of maternal and child heaith; Miss Margaret Vaughn, director of the division of public health nursing; Mrs. Christina Spears, nutritionist consultant; Miss Amy Key. vision and hearing consultant and MUs Margaret Bnrt and Miss Vcrna Hancock, nurse consultants. Another guest speaker was L. R. Kirby, assistant professor of en- efneerlnK mechanics nt the University of Arkansas. Morning and afternoon sessions were held with the group adjourning for a noon luncheon In the Noble Hotel coffee shop. The semi comities making up is district Include- Green. Clay. Polio struck in Mississippi County again this morning when a 3-year- old girl' was found to be afflicted, .Mrs. Annabel Fill, county health nurse, announced Inte this morning. The girl. Melba Hardin, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Odis Hardin, 623 Park St., was found to have polio when examined by Dr. w. T. Rainwater this morning. She Is to be placed In the isolation ward of the Paragould Community Hospital for treatment. Tliis is the fourth polio case reported in Mississippi County this year as compared to 1,13 cases n the same time lait year said. Craighead, Mississippi, Lawrence and Cross. . Poinsett. British Silent on Red 'Liberation' Plans to L dSs N 'th AUS ' 26 u> '- Rcr ««ns Foicign Office today I'xmdcred'Rr'cl j Chinas recent declaration that it 1 hf N 5 ,, 10 "' ibcratc " K °™o S a from the Nationalists. A spokesman denied however a Chinese communist complaint that B itlsh land, sea, and air forces in Iti Ho " 8JKo »E area had been violating Red territory. Check These Uargtiins! Demonstration models In Washing Machines at greatly reducer) prlccj. Fully guaranteed. Several to choose from. The B. F. Goodrich Store •117 \V, iMain Phone 6331 Legion Head Warns U, S. To Use Bomb WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 —i/V>— George N. Craig, national commander ol the American Legion, demanded today that the United States construe any further Communist satellite agressions as "the! signal for our bombers to wing! their way toward Moscow." \ His get-tough, appral was voiced in an addrcs,- prepared for delivery over the NBC network. Craig said he gave his views "as chief spokesman for the American Legion." He said Marshall plan countries should be required now to stop trading with Iron Curtain nations, and he called for a prompt world wide understanding of where the various nations will stand if World War III comes. Air Conditioned By Rcfrigcrorion NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees S;il. & Sun. I'h. 58 Big Quake Recorded CLEVELAND, Aug. 26. lift — A major carti.r.uake at 12^8 a in. (Eastern Daylight Tinici today was recorded on the John Carroll University seismograph. Fnther Henry F. Birkenhauer said the quake probably occurred nt !he eastern cdse ol the Aleutian Islands. The Japanese, who captured eUr"c!cd I ir l on Cl '" ^ ^ V' Ihn F h r? t °" " 3 ° 5 ° a there [or the first time. . rs. Fin There have been no deaths Irom polio reported in the county this year. Hearing Date Changed Hearing lor Warren Howard of Dell on a charge of driving while I under the influence of liquor was j continued until Wednesday in Municipal Court this morning. McMath Urges Drive to Get H-Bomb Plant LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 2«— ffi— Governor McMath last night called for an "all out" effort to obtain the proposed $200,000,000 hydrogen bomb plant lor Arkansas. And at wasnnigion, Hep. Boyd Tackett (D-Aak) said the state already was the 'potential site" for at least part of ttie project. Two Arkansas sources reported Tacket told them the state "definitely" would get part of the These were radio station KWKN, Fort Smiih, which first reported the selection, and the Port Smith Southwest American, whose managing cdHor. Ralph Lee, said Tack- ctt gave him Information similar to that received by KWHN. Radio Station KLRA, Little Rock, recorded a telephone Interview with Tackett. in it both the adjectives "definite" and "potential" both were used. Governor NfcMath. who discussed the proposed bomb plant in a radio "report to the people" of Arkansas, said he knew of no site selection. He said he had "hopeful assurance" from President Truman and other Washington officials that Arkansas might be chosen. There was no announcement- from the Atomic Energy Commission, which is responsible for developing the H-bomb, although In the re corded interview, Tackett said his information came from that source. Laurent Enters Railway Strike OTTAWA. Aug. 2S. (if,— Canada's Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent has intervened personally in his country's less-work-for-more pay general railway strike, the first such direct intervention of a prime minister in a Canadian labor dispute. St. Laurent scheduled separate meetings with rail and union chiefs. He was expected to urge resumption of direct negotiations under threat of a government crackdown, The Montreal Gazette reported that union leaders would give St. Laurent new proposals on their de- •nands for higher pay and a workweek reduction from 43 to 40 hours. •ATURDAY, AUGUST M, 1»M State Seals Formerly In House Go to States WASHINGTON, Alig. 26. «'(— President Truman has signed leg- slafton under which state seals ,vhich formerly adorned the House ceiling will be given to the various states it they want them. Rep. Trimble (D-Ark) was au- :hor ot the bill. The seals, or glass and about 21 inches in diameter, were removed when the House chamber was remodeled last year. Arkansan Awarded Bronze Star Medal V. S. 8TH ARMY HEADQUARTERS. Korea, Aug. 26. (,]'j—Two South Koreans and HI American sen-ice men have been awarded bronze star medals, the U. S. Eighth Army announced today. | The American decorated included I Hope. Ark. Saturday COVERED WAGON RAID" \vilh ALLAN 1,,\XE Saturday Owl Show "KEY LARGO" n-illi HUJU'llIiriY BOCART Sunday & Monday "CARIBOU TRAIL" willi Randolph Scott SHOW STARTS 7:30 P.M. SATURDAY ONLY DOUlil.E KKATUHB I'KOGKAM JHE.NW j NEWS-REALISM No. 2 Look at the suspense! jr. **}•? I 'i Heit Hie f,ln> ihelf ii Hopped In odiofl al lh« hcighl of o 9 . e oUlima» lo adcquolcly nwior Ih. fei<xity of *t uoryl 2o> CRY OFTHE JUT , ^f :• ^ y^V",' [ill '• VICTORMATURE RICHARD CONTE. —PLUS— Swiss Miss" 2 Color Cartoons with ' LAURSL & HARDY •HEATREOSCEOL YOUR FRtENDLYTHEATRE SATURDAY 'MULE TRAIN Gene Autry — Sliclia Ityan Sunday & Monday r OMEN FOUGHT FOR His KJSSES... MEN CLAMORED FOR HIS LIFE? H< Hole thr STATE of ARIZONA >nd bid it jllhf (crl o( hit txiutifiil briJrl SttllMI SON01 VlAOIMIRSOXOlOFf mo H ROBIKT PM?KAT UNA KO.VIL ROBIN SHORT OfAN RED HOT MAMA—Mrs. lima Hamilton, 24, was recently chosen to represent Florida's Miami Reach in the annual Mrs. America contest at Asbury Park, N. J., on Sept. 10. Married for six years, Mrs. Hamilton is the mother of a five-year-old son. Belgian Volunteers Join UN's Korean Army BRUSSELS, Belgium,- Aug. 26. m —A battalion of about 1,000 Belgian volunteer troops is to Join the United Nations forces in Korea. The Belgian cabinet decided yesterday on this contribution to its UJV. obligation. Open Week Days 6:-15 Show Slitrls 7:00 Saturdays & Sundays 1:00 Saturday —DOUBLE FEATURK— —PtWS— "HlDDEf DA with JOHNNY . BROWN & KAYMOXil 11ATTON Cartoon & Scr a I Saltinliiy Owl Show ', 11:30 p.m. Cartooii A- Serial Sunday & Monday (l)OIJBl.K KKATtJItK) ROBERT Rotary Governor AtSteeleClub L,. Wyman Dillman, governor of Rotory's 19th. District of Rotary International. Will be a guest of the Stcclc, Mo,, RoUry Oiub Wednesday. Mr. Dillman, president of Arl J. Dillman and Son Auto Parts in Caruthersville, j s ,, O w in the process of making his annual visit to each of the 32 Rotary clubs In his district. Willie In Steele he will confer with. President Wade Holknbeck, Secretary J. o. Klnningham and other local offiiers. f lion Brown Reported Wounded ,, Pv '- Ell °'> r ^» Brown, son of Mrs. Martha Drown of Armorcl, has been wounded in action In Korea, it has been reported. According to reports received by Ins family, Pvt. Brown was wounded in a skirmish on Aug. Jl He has been In the aimy about 15 months. Police Raid Gambling House in Hot Springs HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Aue, 26 «>j —Police yesterday raided a downtown establishment and said they seized horse race "scratch sheets," Detective jerry Watklns said lour men found nt the place would be charged with operating a gambling house. He Identified them as S w Patterson, James Barker Garnctt Tucker slid S. M. Null. The four were released on bonds of S250 each, SKYLINE With *h« Court* M»rlh» . an McN«bb, witjor dh-ore«. Anlt* Vasquea w. Artwe D T»j quez, suit /or . dlvortt. Louis Pate vi. Lotto* for dlvorc*. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. 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