The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1950
Page 7
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SATURDAY, AUGUSTS*, 19M cmntrgy HEWS OU1 OUR WAY By J. R. William. Our Boarding House with Mo j. HoopU WILOA, wvws JUM6? SHE HERSELF "AT ^Y^Pofp? „ T o»i,« 6 O JUST PART OF HER. HEEDLESS CHILDHOOD — UNQUOTE/ WCONCLUS/ON, ,„.,,<, A NICE BOY, FR6CKL6S, AND 1 WILL ALV/AVS B«f YOUR GOOD FRIEND, •JUNE WAYMAN-' /^T<^.yTTlE SMALL OPErli SPACE copg. ipeo »y »T4 ttKYK*. INC. r. M, »fr, u. i «r. (y^ He's the sort' of man who sends violets with a note saying that orchids would be in bad taste!" REFRIGERATION • Service • Snles • Engineering DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. Are's One Way To Sflve Money Expert Service H-flLTCRS iQUflUTY SHO€ SHOI I 21 W. MR IN ST. For Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION In a-mo]ofiry of cas«i invelti- gated in »yeral hcipitali and clinics, subnormal Kidney function wat improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the us* of Mountain Valley Water. ff your doctor has diagnosed your condition ai functional Kidney Impairment this natural, un- tr*or»d minefol wafer may be very beneficial. Try it for a few w»el». It i» delicious, pure-tasting, and may be consumed freely. Croistown Whiskey Shop Main & Division PRESCRIPTIONS 51 Fresh Stock Gnranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores MISS By Edwin Rutt 1950 br WA. 4er THK STOHVl A_o»c ike K.C.,. • ( m fmrtr Ktvtm by tfc« vrcahky CM SUMMcrlcld !• Bermuda U Ihc furiMcr Kdltb frer. »aw Mnrrlrd t* wllk o I'rlrr rrx he »u*urrtfd riu.t knier. lu per- av, Ihr J.rtj >« Ik.t kr <••• work Ike ar.xl *«7. kal TYkci ke refn.e. „!,, „ «!c,.». .SDm,,,,rHrW (kr .»r or hl« .,,0, Jl.,, n , tk.t Peter w. K*e frlea • •• »adr ker k>»n».d I HI gDE turned to Gil Summerfleld, a surprised look on her (ace. "But Gil! You can't leave your own party." "my parly," said Gil imperturbably, "will take care of itself Besides, I'll only be gone i few minutes." The boat shot away, leaving a broad white cicatrice" across the lace of the water. Ede spoke "I know what you're thinking, Gil That I ordered Pete home and he turned me down. Now I'm going myself to try to save face. But I really do have a headache." "I never doubted it," Gil snid. sincerely. Then: "Mind if I as k you something Ede?" "Not at all." "Well, it's norm of my business ot course, but4^what's,lhe matter with Peter Flood?" She looked at him quickly Just why do you ask that, Gil?" "Because," Summerfield said "I simply can't understand a man who. done something good, like Pereri play, sort of giving out. If I —he drew a breath—"had that much on the ball, I'd see that I didn't lose it." . "Why, Gil." There was astonishment in tde's voice. "You actually jound envious." "Perhaps 1 am. It would be nice to do something in this world." "And I thought," Ede said, "that you were just a playboy." "Oh, I am," said Gil, a little bitterly. "But i don't enjoy it much." "Didn't you used to paint?" "Dabble al it, yes. But I haven't any real ability." "You probably mean," Ede said, "that you haven't any real incentive." "Maybe. Bui, in my way, 1 do try Io do ihings. I gel thwarted, though. For instance"—lie hesitated—"keep Ihis under your hat, hde! But I went to New York recently and tried to gel into an airline as a pilot. Flying planes is about all I can do that's of any use. But they turned me down cold because of this gimpy leg of mine. Which, queerly enough, came from a plane crash in the war." Ede was silent a moment. "Shall I tell you what's wrong with Pete?" she ashed, al last "If you like." "H won't be easy," fide said. But you are an old friend Very confidentially, Gil, Peter feels sold down the river." Gil shook his head, i don't get iL" jgDE seemed Io pick her words. "My falher was perfectly right about Pcler. But I was slarry- eyed and couldn't see it. Peter was a fortune hunter, Gil." "Look," said Gil, uncomfortably "you don't have to go on." "Can't you see that I want to tell somebody? Somebody I can trust? U may sound awfully disloyal, bul I've kepi it to myself a long time. Now I'm spilling over. Peter does feel sold out. He married money, but he didn't 3d it. So he's been sulking. For three years. And he's laid down on his own-job. He doesn't seem able to work. And he spends— this is rather humiliitlnf—• lot of time bemoaning hi« fate." let an interval go, then said: .' Want my advice?" ', "No," said Ede. "I jusl wanted to tell somebody." "My advice would be," he disregarded her, "to break it up. Peter didn't play fair m Ux first place." Ede bi! her lip. "Can't b« done. 1 made a bargain, so I'll stick by it." The dusky shut off hii moior. They glided silently up t» a dock. "I'll walk to the cottage with you," Gil oftcred. On Die way, Kde pressed hii arm. "You'll forget that 1 broke down and talked tonight, Gil?" He inclined his dark head. "ID forget Io tell anyone *ls« ; anyhow." • • • r PHE cottage stood on a littlt hill. *• Pink oleander bushes clustered about H. Moonlight rippled alonj Us low whitewashed roo*, iharply outlined the two papaw treei, straight as ramrods, one «t either side of tbe entrance. "Come in for 2 drink?" Bde asked al the door. 'Just a quickie. I'll havi to ret back soon." Ede opened the door, lit » light in the small vestibule. A telegram lay on Ihe Boor and she picked it up idly.' "Good news from Pete's agent, I hope," the began. "He certainly needs ..." She tore open the envelope »nd glanced at the lines of the telegram. Her eyes halted abruptly and traveled over the wording again. Then she stopped again tad stared a< the piece of paper. The wire wa« from her brother Jeff. It said: . , . £ "Father critically in. COOK at once." White-faced and ailent, «h« handed it to Gil. He read it, then put an impulsive arm around her shoulder*. 'Ede, U there's the lightest thing I can do ..." She steadied herself. "There kt one thing. Go back and collect Pele. Tell him that I'm flying . home, tomorrow. 1 * (To Be AUTO GLASS Installed Blyrhevitle Glass & Paint Co 136 R. Main ['hone 6716 STOP! Oe< onr flrnre on jour plamWni iab, It on he conrtnlentljr (In- inct* thron|;ri FHA. We contract complete J«h or will sell JOB Ihe fixture, and ronjh- |i»ferial ,nd y, B choOK jo«r T plumber. Repair work li ,| Tcr , Bgr prompt attention. See or Call Orsburn Supply 1916 \V. Main Blythevill* I'hone 3208 or Orsburn Plumbing Co. 1310 Ward Ave. CarulhersrilJe I'hone 1179 To My Friends Wish to announce thai [ am now located at CHARI-EY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE. Now I am able to serve you 24 hours a day on COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION and AIR-CONDITION ING work. Please feel free to call at any time. Frank Westall Day 2993 . . . Night 2808 HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley and Seed Wheat. For Fall Planting Se. - - - Blylheville Soybean Corp. We«t M»rn Phone MM RADIO AND TELEVIS:ON REPAIR Mechanics Any Make or Mode) Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Delirer Fred Collihan MO So Firsf St.. Blylheville Coming Soon The 'Henry J/ 61 MOTOR CO. N. Hiway 61 FARM LOANS Csles Wij?gs Co. REALTORS Phene 27 H Solicitor tor There's No Substitute for QUALITY & SERVICE •w* A. Kiln-Dried and Grade-Marked Lumber. B. Sherwin-Williami Paint*. C. Cabinet and Builder's Hardware, D. Millwork, Doon and Windows. E. Plumbing Fixtures, Pipe and Fittings. F. WollboarrJ, Plywood and Til« Board. BUILDERS SUPPLY We're Proud of Our Work • Machine work • Manufacturing Woodwork BARKSDALE MFG. CO. South Highway 61 Co. ; Inc. Phone 2434 SHEET METAL WORK — T OF ALL KINDS Ciwlom work for fins, «lf»lf« nil)., oil nilrm. Cuto* Shearinj up to 1/4 inch thickr Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadw.y I'RISCILLA'S POJ- Slamp of Approval BY AL VERMEEB BELIEVE ME. EVERY YEAR IT'S LIKE WALKING FROM MAINE TO CALIFORNIA' YOU'RE LUCKY! I WORK YEAR AND NEVER GET OUT OF THE STATE! POSTMAN IS )—i NO CINCH! New Pick Needed KV iVICHAKI, O'.MAI I !,:v and RAH'H f WVUT KINC7 OF N0N6EWSE X ^*T v*-f-, A«E fyj n-enNe OUT; «OTTLE?JaiNT/ai.L i YOU CW/T KNOW WHERE THKjf KMOVV \S CHEffTV PkSEON HA-*5£ Out /THEY USE ?UT XXJ CAM TELL ME HOWJ THE SAME TO 66T THERE/ r-r^— TRUCK RCUT6 TOR TH£W LIQUOR IMPV AMD I \JSEU TO UP OMB OF TH6IR TRUCKS IT WILL LEAP SOU TO CAM I eo IN'iO TOWN TtlMOfWOSV, CWESTV/ CAPTAIN EASY In Rjisy'a Hands BY LESLIE TURNER t <Huirs TO set von, EASY. HE GOI Jl B *La>ioN we THOSE cunt m WE« THE . HE ALSO 5MD 1HM THW SAFESES I'LL BE FEAUk. WITH YOU, EflS'/,..i WEED HELP, MJ0 ICAWT TBUS WtB BUCKMAILIMG ME, \ V0U CAM COJUT BUT THE KIDS MUSTN'T KNOW! OW ME TO DO WV AMD HE'LL S r o P ftf HOfKlljG /BEST, SUK1 I'LL TO GET THE SAFE! IF WUU/GET TH' SHERIFF SEARCH STUErWs KOU1B...J AH D S TAET AT HOW'S MC GMKU NO PAUCWTA? GOUERNOE 05EEE0 IO LET McCAlEBUSETHE WftTEE HOLESTHM'S SKEW BUGS BUNNY Stlf-I'rnlcction I RUSHGO RIGHT J TOO BAD R FROV. _XVOU OIBN'T BASE3ALC- "\WAVE TIMS PRACTICE...I'M) TO TAKE ' CATCHER!/ OFP VOUR PM ALL. MT ,-X SRACIOUS, T' BA3V SIT \/- WHAT'6 A'_L CICKROJ A THAT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 1JY BDGAR MARTIN WOMftM \ 607 RvD Of

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