The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY, JANUARY (ft, 1950 (AUK.) cotrareR NEWS PAOT JUTS* OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams! Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ACTOR t ASkeD HIM TO JOIKJ ME IS) A COMEDY TEAN\ AMD He <?O DEGREES MOR.TH.' 8KOK6 THE FIRST ROLE, TOO A6K HOW MUCH Vlfi'D GET/ ME'6 AM OLLNIER TWIST PERFORMER,Pike.'FOR HIM IT'S MO "3HOVJ A MAM WW A AMJ6TACHE GETS •STABBED^ OR A DOLL GOES THE FALLS ON A CAKE OF ICE NO, HE RAISES Trf WCKEMS--HE WANTS tT THAT WAY ER I (SET NO PEACE. 1 WOULDN'T KILL. HEROES ARE MAPE-NOT BOCU ILove By Evelyn Barfciru Furnished 2-rootn hoiise. Adults only- No pets. Call 6272. <19 So. 20l!l. Street. 1|M pK IJ 2 ' Slore building 20<4I) (t. en 1st SI Ingram Dldg. Ph. 4461. H13 p* 1 2-room [arm house ejist of city limits. See Carles Steinnc. \'< mile from R R Crowlnii. clear Lake Road- 1|1^ pl£ 2a VVflrehouse 3tVi40' on railroad Elding Midwest Dairy Products Ph 4447. 11^16 clt If Flash cameras fc OSl'EEN'S STUDIO occasions. 45-ck-tr FOR KENT: Blaylock's High Frozen Food locfcer ay 61 Fbone 3172 8.2J ck I Loans WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans ,jjk be had. 20 years to pay eiieap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. RIALLCS LAND CO. W. T. Harriett—Russell Riales 2262 two phones 332"2 11-25 ck tf MONEY to LOAN On City Property or Farm Lands CON WAY & HOUCHINS GLENCOE HOTEL BLDG 1-13 ck 2-1 Money to Loan Do you need a loan, to repalc or re mode;? No down payment on mott Erflge, no rcrt tape. niA APPROVED HATES 5% ^ ASK TOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phone 2034 Ijvnch Bull DLylhevllle. ArX XVll WHENEVER the weaUiei permuted, we would bring sandwiches to -\ near-by park, and eat Pisurcly in the open, taking the afternoon lull between noon and evening activities to thrash out the day's happenings and talk over anything anri everything that had ever occurred. It always satisfying and tiappy timeE John and I would compare notes on the Hay's events. "Wasnt Mrs Davis a riot on the phone?* 1 he would recall "She spoke and spoke. Then when the operator interrupter 1 her and asked for another nickel, she answered In a hurt lone of voice: 'Operator please be a little more respectful I'm talking to a doctor now.'" 1 would remember one next. 4 *What about Mr. Paley?" I would remind John, and again we were of! on a gale of laughter. Mr. Paley had coine in one day in deep trouble. "What's the matter?** asked !John. Mr. Paley was known : be a very nervous, hysterical man i "Well," the patient said, "las ;weck the teller who works nex to me came in and said he couldn swallow. His doctor said nothin •was wrong, called • it gtobu hystericus. and said it was nerves .and I remembered that I had Jump in my throat like that fiv years ago and the doc said th same thing. So all week long 'kept talking to him to snap out o -it and get a grip on his nerve. ;and sure enough today, he's ovei 'H and come in cured." "Fine," said John enctmrag i ingly. "Ana now what's Lh 'trouble with you?" ( Shamefacedly, Mr. Paley tried t Mk away. "Well. Doc," he finally id, "now It's me that ciii't swal- wI N Oh. we were gay and happy, nd filled with an Intoxicating ense of accomplishment! Medial practice had given us i better isight into ouman nature, and hat's more, we even learned the isidc stories of different trades, here wa^ the automobile-dealer- alien! who confessed that his first rice was always bigh to allow or a bargainer; and thcr was the /aiter-pntient who worked at amous Manhattan restaurant who itted that when a customer ends food back because a fly is in U he merely flips out Lie fly be- iiid scenes,, and serves the dish gain Everything was new. anc xhilarating, and exciting! • « * "VN this particular day, as on the others, we laughed over the ho ice bits and talked for hours "hen it happened. •Time to go," I called merrily landing up. "I'll tako the ther mos bottle home r.nd you care he forks and napkins in the papc. bag." I lifted the jugs qnickly. bvi John heslitaied. How will it look for me t carry it?" he finally asked. "Afte all, 1 do have to think of my professional dignity, don't I?" L gosned aloud. "John," 1 al most wailed, "you v>rornised you' never get that way, stuffy, and oh you know!" For :i moment he didn't reply Then he laughed sheepishly. "I sorry, darling,' 7 he said. "Tha was moronic, but you needn worry. It must have been the un usually busy day I've had that gone to my head. 1 promise won't ever happen again." I forgave him, and while never actually did happen agaii I started watching him careful! for signs of any further profe^ sional symptoms. I found mysell discovering wh looked to me to be the typic doctor's callousness. *DonM you feel barfly that you can't cure Mrs. Srhmilcl's arthritis?" 1 asked John o no rta y: w lie n the worn an h ml me in and gone out again in luciUy great pain. "Hut no one can do any more ir her." he replied, 'There's .10 ire for that. Vou shouldn't feel psei about things like that." Then there was poor Mr Green, pleasant, affable max In his irly fifties, wtio. John hod dis- overed. and an inoperable maltg- incy and would probably expire ithin the year* "I can't stand it," I wept when ohn told me- "How can 1 watch im come in regularly and have a make srn*ll talk, when all the ime 1 know he'll soon be deadl • • V ~-TOW far tiiis rilt mighV have gone. 1 do nol know, but fortu- ;atcly Fate stepped in to show ne that his way was not so diller- nt from mine as J hnd thought One day John said: "Thai Conales child is sick." The old. familiar hurl and fear cached out ol me again. "Bad?" asked, remembering the beauti- ul, little block-eyed girl "Very," nc answered. Tubercular meningitis Rare case." "Don't," 1 prayed silently, "don't start talking as if it were a horse iistead of little Connie!" But he didn't, and 1 noticed wilh surprise thai he had enlen little of his dinner. "She's near to dying, and there's nothing anyone can do but wait and see what happens. Not a thing!" It was as if his professional armor had cracked, and 1 could really see the emotional depths beneath. All at once. I understood that it wasn't that he didn't care, but that he didn't dare to show iL Just then the telephone rang nnd he ran to answer. "Oarling," he almost shouted, after a quick conversation, "that was Harris at the hospital. Connie's matte U! A sudden change for the better. Hooray!" It was a long, victorious kiss, and I hardly hod breath to say: "fs this your professional behavior sir?** (To Be Continued.) FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER Are You Listening "Yes, you certainly did cut down Q\\ our budget, Georgo —but aren't we going to spend something for coal, milk and rent?*' HAVE VPO HEARD \ yes, ABOUT THE NEWEST Die PARTY TKS vfttiey I LATEST 15 Tl IRQWIM6, V FAD — AMD ^ I'M AU- CANIOU FEATUBe IT? BBNS 60 OJ UKE -iDU FURNITURE! Io LIKE To so, MATCH SUPPOSE OWE 6OTAUCnOMEO Of F "TOR A nicKeuoR A DIME? ONe WOULD POS-l-TlVE-l-Y SHRIVEL. PRISCILLA'S POP Power of BY AL VERMEER VIC WHY oowr we IAVE CAVIAR AND LOBSTER ONCE IN >\ WHILE ? ONLY KIDDING.' WE'VE GOT HAMBURGS AND FRIED POTATOES! DINNER'S ALL READY, DEAR. WE'RE HAVING "AVIAR AND LOBSTER! CAVIAR AND LOBSTER? HAZEL, HAVE YOU LOST R SENSES? J!Y RMCIIAKI, 0'iM ALLEY and RALPH LANE co-j ci- i t ' WANTAHATfOR Bid 5IICKI A DAME. ONE Of THOSE Was OUtL wl ™ AVEIL.AND A PA\R OF NYLON [/ CERTAINLY. STOCKINGS. WA,H»,HA.' I WONDER YOU SAID VOURSELF THEY WERE JUST RAGS, MHS. KUDSOM. HEY.' WHICH ONE OF YOU THIEVINS O1D HAGS STOLE MY ?>OEESS AND COAT? YOU'D BETTER ME.' HAVE TAKEN THEM/ ' I'M GOING TO CALL THE CAPTAIN KASY One More Chnnce BY LESLIE TURNER MONEY TO LOAN ON REAL ESTATE W. T. BARNE Ph. 2262 or 3322 1-6 pk 2-6 Notice Rooming house at 126 E. Ash St., under new ownership beginning Jnn 16. Room and board by day or week I business appreciated, Bernard Brackln. l|ll pk 1[1S Taken Up Taken up one gray oinck norse mule. O. Uox LJ75 mare mule. ] D. Long Rt. 2 I2>21 'p* 1|27 LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippleo animals picked up free ol charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Biythe- ville, Ark. , ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. Instructions "New Classes In Shcrtlinnd. Bonk- Keeplns. Typing Mrs b M Burnett— I01l> Hparn.' 1(5 ck If SAVE MONEY with GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR H-fl LTCRS QUflLITY SHOC SHOI IZI W. M « I N ST. FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 tnch (o 48 inch, pliiin or rccnforced. Also Concreie Building Blocks clicap- tr than lumber for bsrns, chicken houses. pump houses, tenant houses, tool slicris. We deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691. OPENING SOON Blytheville MART Wedding & Corsage Flowers Our Specialty Frogs Being Consigned London Medical Center SYDNEY, Australia —W>— An export license recently granted will allow an air-freight consigncrnent or giant 7-inch toads to a medical research center In England. Scientists consider the toad of great value for research into the activity of the nervous system. x WS'RE HOT GWUS Uf OH IT Till WPUP WAS OUR \PART1 HMT'YE FtKfO AM M> OILY LEAD! | w ONE o 1 THE PAPERS ronaHTl wwM.wsoidsionucour" opcouesE SOMEBODY COULD'WE ALREADY PICKED IT UP' JJONEWS VET. EASY! PROWL CARS COVERED EVEST STREET IM TOWM WITHOUT EI/EW SPOmu'tK' PUP! IVEGoriW SOUP WTFUSESr JOE. BRIHC THOSE PERN K1B&..**ER£ REM>1 1O MOVE HJ1O TH 1 gIG 8O*! THAT FIZZLES Our I DUWMO VfOT- tXWE OKU.. iUD RAPIDLY CUTS THE GANGWAY, ELMER/ A SJY'S TO5SIN' SMOVVSALLS Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes up lo 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to 81 Automatic- E r loorl Galf-3 Concrete Sepfic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Pricns \Vc Deliver A.H.WEBB HlEhuny SI nl Stale I.hit Phone 714 LU Here s Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet U-Ton Cob & Chassis Tuesday's Price LO You can buy it for ?755 on Tuesday, ?7<15 on Wednesday, etc., if tlte truck is still here. It has 8.25 tires on the rear, Y.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint . . . clean as a pin AND a 49-50 Arkansas license. $ 755 ALLEY, 001 New Suit V. T. HAMLIN £ BUT YffliS ALL THIS GONNK HELP ME REXCH QUEEN HIFPOt-YTA? NEVER. MIND: JUST KEEP PRACTICING MUSIC: DEEP IN THE LEGENDARY LAND OF THE x FABLED AMAZONS, ALLEY OOP HAS TEAMED UP WITH A SATYE Of-l THE CEM=TY OLD DEMI- GOO'S PROMISE TO HELP HIM WOlD TROUBLE WITH THE HOSTILE WOMEN ' KLL RIGHT NOW. MY FRIEND- LETS JUST TfeY THIS r faz. srze.' MfeSJ^Ba t^lLr •'^^!^,, '48 STUDEBAKER LAND-CRUISER 51695 Ask Tnr eHlier while or driver. Nine cabs at soui 2100 CAB CO. Fully equipped with radio, healer, nvcnlrivc, liill-holdrr, while 5,i(lou^ll tires, and exclusive nylon upholstery, shiny finish. Owner's name on rcqutist. Check this very special price 7s m CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studcbaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 883 HOOTS AND HKR RU1)J)1KS A Date BY EDGAR MARTIN

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