The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on June 22, 1985 · 9
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The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 9

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1985
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A9 ShC uit SAT..JUNE22.1985 PQff SEPARATISTS ARRA YEP AGAINST HIM ronf-iruiftBier a moderate By AILEEN McCABE Southam News MONTREAL Pierre Marc Johnson stayed out of sight Friday in a reflective mood his office said pondering the challenge of Rene Levesque's decision to resign. Scourge of the independence hardliners, darling of the moderate nationalists, Johnson is the undisputed front-runner in the race to replace the Parti Quebecois premier. Until Thursday night at 11:22 p.m., when Levesque's resignation announcement was revealed, it was an unenviable position to be in. He was caught between loyalty to Levesque and personal ambition. No matter what Johnson did in the six months Levesque's leadership has been under fire, there was always someone looking for an ulterior motive. Indeed, for the first time since last November, the 38-year-old justice minister was be able to walk into a PQ meeting today and gladhand the delegates without fear someone will accuse him of trying to undermine the boss. Against all odds, he has remained untouched by the ham-handed work of Levesque's anonymous critics. He has emerged as an almost sympathetic character, a man embarrassed that journalists and pollsters kept throwing him up for comparison to his leader. Even Levesque realized what an uncomfortable situation it was for Johnson. Asked if he minded that the polls showed Johnson was more popular than he was, Levesque told reporters in January: "Yes, and could I prevail on you not to insist too heavily about that, because you're in danger of hurting Mr. Johnson who I think deserves all his chances." Tall, silver-haired and well-born his father Daniel was Union Nationale premier from 1966 until his death in 1968 Pierre Marc Johnson has had quite a few chances in his short lifetime. They have combined to make him an attractive candidate for the PQ leadership. The same polls that have been showing Levesque trailing Liberal leader Robert Bourassa by 33 points, suggest Johnson is only about seven points behind him. And that, Johnson supporters point out, is before the publicity bath of a leadership race. n -tf 8 RENE LEVESQUE . . . retiring PIERRE MARC JOHNSON , . . aspiring Although Johnson is an active and seasoned minister, he is not a natural politician like Levesque or Brian Mulroney. He is not the master of the 30-sec-ond radio clip or stinging retort, but rather a ponderous, somewhat sonorous orator. He has, nevertheless, carefully cultivated the National Assembly press gallery and on a one-to-one basis has impressed many of those who will be reporting on his campaign. However, those contacts may do little to offset the powerful enemies Johnson has acquired in recent months people who will do just about anything to block his bid to take over the PQ. Independence hardliners blame Johnson for the party's decision to adopt a neo-federalist stance and many have pointedly kept their PQ membership just to stymie him. Certainly he was one of the most vocal opponents of the idea of an election on independence and, although he has since denied it, it was widely reported that Johnson forced the independence showdown which would eventually convince so many other ministers to resign by himself threatening to resign unless the PQ changed its stance. Elected in 1976, Johnson is both a doctor and a lawyer. He entered politics while still finishing his internship at Montreal's Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital and before entering cabinet often worked in the emergency ward on weekends. Witness describes victim walking highway barefoot BRANTFORD, Ont. (CP) - A young girl who was later murdered was walking, shoeless and dragging a teddy bear, along a highway in the mountains of British Columbia when a truck driver encountered her family in 1974, an Ontario Supreme Court jury was told Friday. Robert Burwell of Winnipeg testified that in May 1974, he met Tricia Paquette, then four, her mother, Joyce Paquette, and her stepfather, John Wildman, walking along the side of the Trans-Canada Highway. Wildman, 32, of Brantford is being re-tried for the first-degree hatchet murder of the girl, whose frozen body was found beside the Grand River in Brantford on Feb. 19, 1978. He has pleaded not guilty. He was found guilty in 1978, but the Supreme Court of Canada ordered the new trial after he won an appeal. "Tricia did not look very good at all," said Bur-well, the 36th Crown witness. Burwell said he gave the family a ride, got them a hotel room in Kamloops, arranged for a part-time job for Wildman, and the next day signed an agreement with Tricia's mother for him to take the girl for three months or until the Wildmans got settled in B.C. He said he and Tricia then flew back to Winnipeg where his common-law wife and a foster child lived. After about six weeks, Paquette showed up and asked to get the girl back. The trial will resume Monday, HOST FAMILIES WANTED FOR STUDENTS FROM THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA To provide accommodation and experience in Canadian family living (or graduate students studying ESI and Commerce at UBC for approximately 7 weeks this summer beginning July 7. Families close to UBC preferred. Remuneration $13.50 per day for room and board. Call 222-5274, Monday-Thursday. Pacific Region Orientation Centre Centre lor Continuing Education The University of British Columbia CORRECTION CANADA DAY SALE Sunday, Juno 23 to Thursday, June 27, 1985 Due to circumstances beyond our control the following items will be late arrivals. We will take rain checks at all locations. Pegs 4 Product 86-2515 LADIES GOLF SET - (Rigrtl handed) Page 3 Product 44-2124 AM FM PORTABLE RADIO Canadian Tire apologizes lor any inconvenience caused our customers. CANADIAN TIRE t S Vi M .... f V.-.' i.A t v. 4- - '" A. I .. . L w i,. ; tY i f ' II f f I it J . .. X K, X J I 4 , i I . IntlK'Sprinsof'UW.ThcFifih Season will opon. With a kinn. Ncwr Ufntv h:is ilKa- bvvn , k iMirc aikl rvi inn-trivnti'd project like tln. It i unuiio in .ill iifCin.kb.nul.iutKi.-ln-a-lik'tinif i)pptt unity (ot wtailopi in leisure, atreiition, litnew and spurt. A mat ketplaee ot 150 xlups and services un time levels will provide nearly 200,000 square feet of mixed conuiu ri iktivities. hm aetivities to advertise iiu nliandise and motivate the shopper will include a tomputeri:ed tfoll course, eiiclosed waterslides, ice skating rink, ricuet cluh, 70' rock climhnK wall, a health club.,, Don't miss this.hance to he part ol Vancouver's year round indooroutdior plasLiruund at Sixth and Burrard. Call jack Marrnut at our leasinc; office now for inloiuiation and ni t in before The Season c loses: IHM NX'est I im Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. (604) 7 $0 1 1SS. TMeRfih Season Vancouver one place, fun place, recreation maikctplace. His older brother Daniel sits across from Pierre Marc on the Liberal benches in the National Assembly, his party's finance critic and an unsuccessful leadership candidate in 1983. Meanwhile, the Parti Quebecois leadership race will be an experiment in real democracy. After a 90-day campaign, punctuated by policy debates, all 117,000 PQ members will be asked to vote for the candidate of their choice by mail. If no candidate receives an actual majority of 50 per cent plus one of the votes, there will be a runoff the next weekend, when second choices will be taken into consideration. The leadership campaign is supposed to last 90 days but could be shortened and then the party will have until next April to pull the party together and call an election. ' D& RilchiLhi flMC All Alllt wcrs if-zfywN-rs OUR SPECIALISTS ARE COMING TO VANCOUVER & VICTORIA D It J Ritchie auctions & appraises art and antmues for a number of museums, historical boards, corporations, collectors and estates. Our representatives will be at the Shera-too Landmark. 1400 Robson St., Vancouver (tel. 687-051 II Monday-Wednesday, June 24-26, all day: and at the Empress Hotel. 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