The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1950
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT .BLYTHEVTU,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JANTJARY'16, 1950 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION nallv rate per lino (or consecutive insertion. Minimum charge * n ° 1 time per linn * 5c 2 llme.i per line pt-r day 12c 3 tlinea prr lino per (toy 9C 6 limps per line per day ...... 7c 12 times per line per day * c Month per line &0 C Count live BVt'rncc words to the line Art orrterc-d lor three or 5li Uinr-s mid stopped belore expiration will be cliarK- «d lor the nunibfi nr time. 1 : the ftd appp.irn ant! adjustment °1 bill made Ail classified AcKernsiriE ropy fiub- miltrcl by prrpon. 1 ! ro.^leiirtH oiHMrte ol tde cuy must be accompanied by cash Hales may easily he computed from tne ttoore table Advertising orrtcr lor rcsLilfti InFer- tlons tnKcs the one time table No responsibility will he taken for cnoie Uian one Incorrtci IrttctllOD ot any clarified ftd All nds firo restricted to thrlr proper classirtcatlon style and lyric The Conner NET/.* reserves the right lo edll or reject any Rrt En RADIO RKPAIR. ilckup and delivery service. We cell or racte used radios. O K. RADIO SHOP. Ray Tinner. Phone 4960. W£i' 3 Kast .lain. 1|14 ck 2'M AUTO AND PURNITURK IX>AN8 I'fOinpt i'erwmaJ Service Contract Purchat-e Corp 106 South ith Phnnc 803 1115 ck tl .YitsniTtR macnini"- repaired A I I maicts BlythevUlo Machine Simp Th Apartment for Rent . 5-room house- for rent flt Abraham's Tourlil Conn. 1-lfi ck 1-23 Upstairs npt. Unfur. 112 E Cherry. 1-Jfi ck 1-23 Gpilalrs fur apt- M2 SO per'mnnth. No uniUlMi fur. I'honp «T77. t-J7 ck 1-23 Onr-room fur. npt. $6.00 per v/eck. Flioiir 6213. !-!6 pk !-!£> \ 1-ioom apt Utilities fiirnlshM, also bediooin, kitchen privileges o|>Uon(O. gas heat Phone 5f,06. 1-18 pk 1-19 - Apartnjent A: trnller. 401 FI, Ash .t Modem 2-room furnlEhed apt. Couple nly- I'll. 565. 1[I3 ck tf Mortem 3-room fnrnlshrtl imt.. fll: 4 room linfurnlpbert. Call 3665 I|t3 pk 17 2-room furnlslird apt, Close In. Ulll- lUrs fur. Ph. 2062. 5113 pk 1*17 3-room rurnlshrd npnrtment, 407 Lilly. Jnquire 517 H. Lake- Ijl3 pk 27 room furnished a par linen I. Prl- rnnso and rpfrlgemtor. oil heat only. Th. 2000, l\\Q pfc 17 One room upt, Ph. 2920. 2-roorn furnished apt-, it bath. E'h 4336. 322 N Clh. P14 C* 1!17 Modern cabins & apartmcnw CsO service Pb 951 \1\\ pJt 311(50 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Services Don't endanger your fnmlty with auily tires—HUY LKK TIRES CiiAI'ilAN SERV1CK STATION Main A: Dinsion 1'linne 256» 12|U CK tr It you want Anything hnulcrt up o 1000 |bs. Call Luther Ganii, Phone 272. 1-16 pit 2-16 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 3323 Blythevillo or 407 Osceola 10-G ck 2-G INCOME TAX Returns made promptly and accurately for a nominal fee. See me about your bnokkeop- ing for the entire year. Day phone 31-12 Aflcr 6 p.m. 2940 Ebb H. Carson at Joe Atkins Machine Sbop, Highway Gl South. 12-28 ck tf Kotlsk PlnlBlnnK 24 hours Ffrrvlce O'STEEN'S STtJDK) 0,22 clt 11 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Koyai, timlth Carona and Remington DON EDWARDS Tim Typwriter Man 11* N Seaintt Si " Phone 33H12 For So/e, Misc. l«iu-son sty to Kiu jicn couch In excellent condition Ph 3-1*>!X I]10 pk 17 One KllRhtly used front end hytlrallu loader (or Farm nil M Tractor, Orl finally co.'iL S3.SO u-lt] Hell for £200. Planters OH CO.. Mniilln, Ai!c. 1-16 pk 1-19 NITRATE pnnnilAted lypr frrtUlzer while It U-sls, 47000 ton. P. I.. RcKnu O)n Co. S. Klin Si. I'h. 2fi3I. 1-15 pk 1-23 The palace of Bnlrler, nncicn Scandinavian light god, stood in the Milky Way. Ask the Man Who Bought One George Worslcy 109 W. Ash Klvtlicville SAYS GEORGE WORSLEY: "J.ast April I hough I n 13-18 Clicvnilcl from I.angstoM-iMcWillcrs. The car hiis iiroveil lo he a fine, <lc|>uiul;ihlc car ;incl luis K' ve " me excellent service. J am really plcuscd willi n<y deal." Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! '41 Chevrolet 395 2-door Sedan, engine in excellent condition, j^uod tires . , . special price S Hill Chrysler—has new lire.s, radio & healer, a rc:i! bargain. . .$r>!l5. lilll Ford S-l'assengcr (,'onpe, i\as radio, good engine and in very good condition .. .S"> 15. ]!)!! iNlercury 2-door—come in and see Ihis car, a fini- buy for only 5 ; !75. I'.IIO Pickup Truck, has new tires and new engine . . .StoO. l'.)l(> Pickup—a good buy at 5325. 1939 Ford 1-Ton Truck, this truck is ready for service, 1910 Pickvip Trcck, has new tires and new engine ... ?125. 10-17 Chevrolet 2-Ton Cab-over-Kngine with medium length wheelbase.. .$(595. LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK COMPANY Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 for Service FORD BATTERY Assures Quick Starts r I on Winter AJorn/ngs A worn-out battery is an invitation to trouble . . . especially in winter. Let us check your present battery scientifically and tell you how much life there is left in it. And if you need a new battery, let lit install a new heavy-duty Ford battery, covered by a written warranty. GET YOUR NEW FORD HEAVY- DUTY BATTERY NOW THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL! A Good '36 C he v. Coupe $95 ]<j;!7 Kor'l Kordur Exceptionally tlcan—New Seat Covers—Kadi" ?375.00 193fi Chevrulcl Tudor—Rims'good 191fi Kord Tudor—Radio—Healer .195.00 795.00 1917 Kurd Tudor—Radio—Heater—Best Buy in Town 995.00 191!) Kord Custom Tudor—Itadio- age -Heafer- -Lo\v Mile- 1395.00 395.00 250.00 1915 '/.-'J'on Ford Pickup—Looks and Drives Like New —Slock Hack 495.00 liilO Vi-Ton P'ord Trutk—Slock Rack 1911 'A-Ton Kord Pickup—A Good Buy 1!M(i '/.-Ton Ford Pickup—New 1'ainl Job- One Over -Look This 695.00 nmpnny Phone 4453 5th of Walnut Phone 4453 Coal clrcnlalliiK heater, BllgiHty usert. ncnp. BOW Lake Si. 1|13 iik 17 rtlrbftiiks - Morse 20 - foot platform icalc, K. S MnUlns, Iloutc 4 lUyihc- vllle. i;il p^ 1|18 Treadle sewtJia timiflihn?. nlsn a mils a1 nLcin) kltclicn cabinet. P*>i^69 oc 15M W. Ash, 1(13 pk 17 One Kenmor<: electric stove with utoittallu timer. Two years old. A har- nlil. Cf>lL 4434- ' l;13 ck 20 One 40-Bti]. table top Hot point electric water lutaicr In use only a .onLtis. Cheap, Call 4434. l[l'J cte 20 One Kitchen Cabinet 510.00. One Motor Kike $30.00. One 5 piece Silver I'ca Service 520.00, Phone 2227. . : l|13 pk l\W PHONOGRAPH 1UCCORDS ^Oc each, 6 for $1.00. J»« sclcctlcm, popular, bhicfi, Hillbilly. Ihiy Torluy. EAST ENTJ SAIjKS CO. 117 K. Mrun, t'h. 850. i;ia [Ik 2 M Wnltpapcr: Jmtl price ^nle on ngnl at iiiillders Supply Incorpornceil. f>l Hlway 1223 ck tt Used Tractors Ana A 7 cry True tor pmrnt 2 AMIS Ohnimc Model we. wiUi Equipment Massey-liarrls Model £[) .^ Equipment Masscy-llams «,to(lel '22 A: KquLpmcni, tllshtly used Massey-Hiirrls Mode] , -HK vt Clutlvatur Masscy-Harris Model 101 Jr., with cultivator, mower and Dusters 61 Implement Co. No. Hi way 61 Phone 2142 10,25 ck U Want lo buy a farm? We have it. Farm 40 acres up to large planl.Uion in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Mo. See us for a farm loan. GATES WORTIUNGTON CO. REALTORS .115 So. 3rd St. Blyllieville, Ark. George W. WLEgs or W O Gate. Ph. 2751 10;2« ck 1C For Sale, Real Estate AL.L STKKL TKAUTOK MARROWS Only narrow iniLH w 1 L ti barrings tnro;:KH out Front cuUlvators Tor Kord Triinor.i Ph Luxora Machine FARMALL Triictor & Kciiiipmwit OVERHAUL Cull now hctorc tlie spjlnc rush. We mmramcc cxjicrt s^rvifc tiirou^h thn of goitnliic Inlcrimtlonal pares iintl i^ctory Imitird men. Free Pickup & Delivery Pay oti Kiisy Terms Delta Implements , Inc. ! 12 So. 2nd rii.MiuSGI! Farms in Southeast Missouri. Tcs up. J. K. Johii50n. Box 237, hevllJp. Ark,, the Land Mtin- l|13 pX lir owner. I 3-bedroam home nnd 1 2-hnlrooni home. Choice [ocallon. E'Ji. .51)11. 1111 ck IB Real Estate •"anus — Cily Properly LOANS If interested In Buying or selling see jNoble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls I'\ B. Joyner Blcncoe Bldg. Ph. G8«8 BRAND NEW MODERN I! bedroom home on Pecan Avenue, completely insulated, hardwood floors, tile kitchen ant! hath,' large lot. Price $7,550. Will FHA or GI 100%. Large corner lot on Hwy. HI North. 100 foot frontage, 200 feet deep. Ideal location for nice suburban home ir Countrv Club Drive Addition Price £3,000. JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Phone .1111 Res. Ph. 2590 12-29 ck tf Wanted to Buy home. Moderately priced. Hlgnest prices paid for CHICKENfi— -XiGS Ash Sti«al Ococery <t Market HI W. Ash 6^ ck tf Sole, Cars and Trucks NOW All lour t<) wttec]* putl on the iVtlljA Ktiillon Wagon. Pickup am Li^Kcd J€ep "The worlds niosL uselu 'ehlclei". Blyllievllle Wlllj Sal« Co Ph 554 Sullivan-Nelson's SPECIALS For Today Chevrolet Demonstrator deluxe Slylelin* 4-door Sedan, iK'aufiful black, driven only 8,000 miles,. .white sidewall tires, radio, U. S. heater and defroster and i many other extras. Buy this one at a big saving. ' 1942 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, a real family car.. .5495. 1911 Pontiac Sedan.. .Ihis is a honey. . .?579. 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan, runs like new...$495. ]»;(? Plymouth 2-door, a real good car.. .$325. 1337 Chevrolet 2-door, extra nice for the model. . .J325, 1937 Ford 2-door, runs good, only $145. 1936 Ford 2-door^a good cheap car.. .$145. Trucks, large ami small. . .Chevrolets, GMC, Fords, Doilies, International and Jeeps. Long, short, J /i-Ton, '/2-Ton and panels, some with 1 bodies, some 2-speed. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal al SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY At K bargain price M-t ton Dodse ilake body mick. practicaliy new. See J i at K. M. Larkln Service Station, j •19 East Main, or phone 523. 113 y'f. Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 121 W. Ash St. GLENCOE HOTEL BUILDING Private Rooms Bedroom all conveniences chcflp. 231 E. Davis. PhOIie 3160. 1113 pk 1|I7 Bedroom, convenient tr> bath. Slcam heat. Ph. 3U25. 611 W. Main. 1JU pk 2jll Nicely furnished front br.dr.oam Steam rieat. Gentlemen Ph. 3264. 7-OB SALE l>arge store, slock fc Ilxturra. nlcr llrinK qunrters. New 6-roorn modern nome wlih over 21 acres ot land- SICTR. home fmtl all ant buildings locmeii -on hlway 61 South ndjolnlng the drive In theatre on South side. All rim Lcl ings are well built. Good EMabllshert business. Owiicr says sell due :o health This Is worth Investigating. Priced to sell. Terms. Owner'* phone 137, LUTHER GRAY -REALTOR Dralf-r In [arm lands, suburban &city property, I'hone 513 HO E. Sycamore St. New York City normnlly nsc.-s 1.- 2CO,WK),000 gnlk'tw of water a liny. sine.-ia. I with r Seir service Iftimtlry, best location In HlythnvllLe. Dolnff KOOC! yrar round bu- . Goort opportunity for someone ablff cnsh Investment dc- i own business. *B.OOO cash, bal- on rqunl monthly payments over period ot « or '10 yrars. See IT. II. Gur- or 31B N. 2nd St. Blythevllte. Art. J|i-l PK 1^7 CITY rrtOPERTT for sale. Store, si nouses and elura lots. Will sell for -ash or trade for farm. Property •ould pet loan of 80% of rftlvie. Phone ;J26 or write Box 495. Blythevllle. Ark. lp 3 pk l!2f» wiythevllle. lloiet. rn 12:21 p\ 1|27 Nice tedroom. Men only. PrWnte eiitrance. 613 Walnui. Ph . 2496 12,28 pfc 1|2H Bedroom adjoining bath i'h 2 12;21 p)t Bearoom «aJoiniQB bRth,' Pb, 2333 12;21 pit i\i\ Large comlortable bedroom. Stcatri heat. Ph, 6767. 1007 West Main. l|ll pk IjlR Persona/ O'STBEN'S STUDIO. Christmas Island in the Pacific wa.s so named because the explorer James Cnofc, discovered it on Christmas Day. mi. Lost Lost Pr. girls glnwfs between High School and Mrs, C. J. IXJUC'K Friday. REWARD. Ph. 703. 1-16 pic 1-19 (Continued on Next Page) 1047 Huicli Sednnctlo, blue color, low mileage, good tires, r.-uliii X- licaltr. . .Ji 1!>I7 DoSolo Cusloin l-doni Sedan, f> IUHV I ires, radio, hralcr, plastic stal riivurs. This tar is a bargain at 51075. 1!M!) Plyniotilh 1-dmir special deluxe, only .T.OOO miles and faclory gunriinlce. . .it's priced to sell! I!i:i7 Plymouth 2-<loor Sedan, new tires, healer, seal covers, original pntnl . . .$250. iO.'if) Chcvrolel l-door Sedan in good coiulilion, bine color. ..5100. T.I.SEAY MOTOR-CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Rhone 2122 TEST-DRIVE THESE CARS AND PROVE THEY'RE GOOD !91fi Nash Ambassador 4-door Sedan, new light blue paiul, radio, heater, seat covers.. .drive it...$1015. 1!) Ifi Ford V-S Club Coupe, has both radio and hcafcr .. .drive it...$875. 1912 Dodge J-door Sedan, light green, equijMJcil with radio, heater, and new tires. . .drive H...?575. !!K!G Ford V-S -1-door Sedan, new paint, radio and heater, much better than average., .drive it...$225. 1910 Pontiac 2-door Sedan, runs fin*, has ncw h'"* paint it...$545. 1939 Ply month Coupe, practically new motor, good tires, new fight green paint, radio and healer.. .drive SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 SOt West Walnut Phone 578 ALL GONE! Yus, we're sold out of used cars now thanks to your response on our year-end clearance sale. COMING SOON! In just a few days we'll have eight or 10 brand new cars (that means big trade-in allowances for you) and many clean late-model used cars. So you'll be wise to stand by. • Used Trucks on Our Lot • 1910 Doilye '/j-Tou I'ickuu, very clean.. .$595. 19-17 Sludehaker I'/2-Ton long whcelbase Truck with . 2-sneed axle...only $595. g| 1!HS CMC li/i-Tim long wheelbase Truck with brand new motor.. J!)I9 Dodge 2-Ton long whcelbase Truck with new motor, 8.25x2(1 tires on rear. I!) IS GMC '/.-Ton Pickups, both very clean (you have two lo choose from.) HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. Oldsmobile — GMC Truck* 306 East Main Phone 6151 USED CARS 19496UICK 1745 Roadmasler -i-door Sedan with radio, heater, dynaflfnv drive, .p while sidewall I ires, low mileage.. 19!il Mercury -1-passenger Coup*, with radio, heater, and overdrive. 1919 Mercury >l-Uo«r Sedan, gray color, has both radio & healer. 1911 Kord 2-door Sedan. 1910 DeSolo 4-door Sedan. 1939 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. 1919 Chevrolet 5-Passenger Coupe \ •\vilh 1,000 actual miles.. .special 1545 STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. First at Walnut Phone 4333

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