The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on January 6, 1976 · Page 29
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 29

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1976
Page 29
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Egypt wants Tuesday, January 6, 1 976 (iwmrnnsmti The Ottawa Journal Xl Section. Pag jft Geneva peace Britain, France talks resumed would retaliate on Concorde ban From REUTER, and UPI WASHINGTON Britain and France formally raised the threat Monday of retalia Giscard to fly on SST PARIS (UPI) French President Valery Giscard D'Estaing said Monday he will fly to the United States ' aboard the Concorde supersonic jetliner in May to pay an official visit to Washington. - Giscard D'Estaing made the statement at the Elysee presidential palace in Paris. The late president Georges Pompidou flew aboard a Concorde prototype to a meeting with President Richard Nixon in the Azores in 1972. - .'V MPLA major v: in Angola war JOHANNESBURG (Reuler) The Soviet-' backed Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) said Monday it has captured the main headquarters of its northern opponent ' in the Angolan civil war. . . ': , '. : -A communique over the MPLA's Luanda radio said its forces have taken Uige formerly Carmona a town ANNE ARMSTRONG wife of millionaire Ex-Nixon aide named as UK envoy WASHINGTON (AP) Former presidential counsellor Anne Armstrong, wife of a Texas millionaire, will be. named as United States ambassador to Britain, U.S. officials said Monday night. - A White House announce-, ment is expected as soon as formal agreement is given by the British government. . Mrs. Armstrong, 48, would be the first woman ambassador named by a major country to London, the officials said. She would succeed Elliot Richardson, now U.S. commerce secretary- '. She is the first female U.S. ambassador to be nominated to a major European embassy since Claire Booth Luce was named, but never confirmed, to serve in Rome in the 1950s. New LANTANA, FU. (UPI) The Second World War navy war hero image of the late , U.S. President John F. Kennedy, enhanced in a dramatic movie, (PT-109) is not all it's cracked up to be, accord- '; log to a new hook. -. "Kennedy was really a lacklustre naval officer and a mediocre PT boat skipper," the book charges. " - The first condensed installment of the book, The Search for JFK, appeared this weekend in the National Enquirer. It is written by Clay Blair Jr., former Saturday Evening Post editor and novelist, and bis wife, Joan. . "In his first encounter with tion against the United States if the Anglo-French Concorde supersonic jetliner is barred from landing in the U.S. claims ictory about 150 miles northeast of Luandaand headquarters of the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA). . An army communique on Luanda radio monitored here said the MPLA destroyed two U.S. planes on the runway at Uige and captured hundreds of tons of war equipment: In the civil war, the FNLA is allied against the MPLA with a third group, the National Union for the Total Independence Angola (UNITA). The communique said equipment captured at Uige included armored cars and transport. It gave no further details. The loss of Uige if confirmed would be a catastrophic blow to the FNLA, military observers here said. The communique followed news from Luanda xt a big offensive by MPLA forces begun during the weekend in which they stormed and occupied several FNLA positions on the northern front. These included the vital air base at Negage which the FNLA had been using to ferry In arms and reinforcements. Observers here believe the MPLA offensive was timed to expand and consolidate its territory before next Saturday's meeting . In Addis ' Ababa of the Organization of African Unity (OAU). The OAU may' demand a withdrawal of all foreign forces from the" Angolan civil war, including Russians and Cubans on the MPLA side and South Africans on the other, as a prelude to a negotiated settlement. , In other developments Monday, Libya recognized the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) as the legitimate., government of Angola, the official Libyan news agency Arna said today. - - Arna,. quoting ' a ' Libyan foreign ministry spokesman, added: t . "The move was taken in the light of the magnitude of the. collusion being batched against - the independence and unity of the Angolan people and after considering the latest developments in Angola where the Interference of the. racist South African regime in Angolan affairs was ascertained." book deflates JFK war hero image enemy surface vessels (Kennedy) disobeyed proper procedure and left the scene of action without having fired at the enemy," the Blalrs wrote. - "In his second encounter with the same enemy a few hours later, his boat, the PT-' 109, was insufficiently alert . and as a result it was rammed." ' The Blalrs said they gath-' ered material for the book; , from "declassified U.S. naval documents and interviews with officers and PT boat crew members." - They called the first engagement of the PT-109 on Their position was made clear as a hearing on U.S. landing rights opened before Transportation Secretary William Coleman. He has promised to rule on the application by British Airways and Air France within 30 days. In a formal document submitted as part of their case for the controversial needle' nosed airliner,- Britain and France told Coleman: "Banning Concorde operations to the U.S. by British Airways and Air France would be widely viewed as a double standard and could lead to reciprocal limitations on U.S. suppliers and U.S. air carriers." . - The joint ' statement . warned that any move by the U.S. regarded as protectlon-. ist or discriminatory "would ., tend, throughout the world,"; to threaten the relatively free and uninhibited environment in which aviation products are bought and sold." Opponents of the Concorde, however, discounted the Anglo-French threat. Rep. Lester Wolff, (D N.Y.), said the British are so anxious to sell the Concorde they are willing to . escalate the Middle" East arms race to gain new markets. He cited British press reports- that Britain may be willing to sell Its new Jaguar supersonic fighter bomber to Middle East nations in return for Concorde overflight rights from the Arabs. , .. . "This apparent deal ... is yet another shocking example of the irresponsible length Concorde apologists are willing to go in order to push the . SST down the world's throat, regardless of the cost and human health, - lives and peace," Wolff said in a state- ment. In a sharp reversal, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said Monday the Concorde supersonic Pnse ana wrcea tnem w re-transport should be banned. treat from the fringes pf the from New York and Wash- burning tank, the onlyOne in ington and . possibly all U.S. cities. " - Although the six daily SST flights sought by the British and French would have little Impact, said deputy EPA administrator Roger Strelow, they would open the door to perhaps 30 per day within 12 years and cause environmental harm, fuel waste and increased skin cancer risks. New York state said the Concorde should be banned from John F. Kennedy Airport, which would get four Concorde flights daily. But Virginia officials urged ap proval of flights to Dulles Airport; ' outside Washington in northern Virginia, which would get two. ... . - : 'Lord Haw Haw' remains to be reburied in Ireland LONDON (Reuter) William Joyce, known to millions of British wartime radio listeners as Lord Haw Haw for his broadcasts from Germany urging the British to surrender, will be exhumed and reburied in Ireland, his daughter said Monday. Joyce, a U.S. citizen, was hanged in 1946 for treason to Britain and Juried in Wandsworth Cemetery in London. His daughter, Heath Joyce, 47, said she had ; obtained Home Office permission, in 1974 to have -the ' body exhumed, and had recently received permission from Ireland for the reburial in .Galway, which she said was the family's ancestral home. ' : , , . Miss Joyce, a London teacher, said the transfer will probably cost her about $2,000. She said she hopes to raise the money and have "a proper funeral" later this year. Aug. 1, 193 "a sorry episode, completely at odds with Ken-nedy's public Image of being' a skilled PT boat skipper and a boldly competitive and fearless man." They- also criticized the ramming of the PT-109 early the next day by the Japanese destroyer Ann-girl which set the torpedo boat afire. ' "How could a nimble PT boat like the 109 be rammed by a big Japanese des-, ' troyert" the 'authors said. ; "It had never happened be-' fore and it would never hap- pen again. There is evidence to suggest that the crew was ' not alert." Smoke from burning oil tanks billows over Brooklyn Second explosion rocks Brooklyn oil tank area NEW YORK (AP) A blazing oil storage tank in Brooklyn exploded again Monday as the fire raged out of control for a second day. Ten firemen suffered minor Injuries, and a fifth alarm was sounaea. Although there were no fa- talities, the latest explosion caught firefighters by sur-, a storage area, to catch fire. The immediate area was evacuated for a time, as flames were driven 200 feet into the air by the force of the blast. . Flames could be seen across the East River from Manhattan Striking subway workers end depot siege in Madrid MADRID (Reuter) Striking workers of the Madrid subway system ended their occupation of a termi- A fire department spokes-' man said 10,000 gallons of a foam on hand to fight oil fires In the city had been all but exhausted. Additional supplies were brought in from Yonkers, Long Island and as ' lar away as New jersey ana Pennsylvania to refuel the firefighting effort. Firemen were hampered in fighting the blaze by sub-freezing temperatures and high winds. Large amounts of foam Were poured into a flaming 50,000-barrel tank where the fire originated. More than 150 firemen were summoned to the scene. ' The first explosion hit the Patchogue Oil Terminal Corp. tank about 8 p.m. Sunday and ruptured the wall of nal Monday night after police lobbed in tear gas grenades. But some strikers were re-' ported to have barricaded themselves in a church. ' About 600 workers filed slowly out of the depot soon after the tear gas was used, and the remaining 1,200 left a few hours later, labor sources said. " But about 300 of the workers shut themselves in the church In a working-class area of Madrid, the sources said. The subway workers' strike, which halved services on the city's seven subway lines, brought traffic jams to central Madrid where a religious procession already had caused congestion. . During . the - last Madrid subway strike in 1970, the system's 4,000 employees bowed to threats of military discipline by the late Gen: After the ramming, the Blalrs said, Kennedy "did . not save his" crew" as published reports claimed. "To his credit, Kennedy slnglehandedly saved the life of crewman Patrick McMa-hon, who had been badly burnedi McMahon was drifting away from the wreck when Kennedy grabbed him and, battling against a swift current for nearly an hour, the skipper brought McMahon safely to the hulk." - The Blalrs credited a spy network organized by Australian coast watcher Arthur Evans with saving the crew. - 1 a second huge container. Heavy crude oil was spilled into the Gowanus canal, an inlet of Upper New York Bay and a major route for fuel and industrial supplies. The cause nf the explosion was not known. There were reports Sunday that it might have been touched off by the crash of a small plane or helicopter, but no missing aircraft was reported. A fire department spokesman said there appeared little to support such a theory. ' Firemen had managed to contain the fire where it had erupted until Monday afternoon. Then the second explosion sent flaming debris high into the air. Francisco Franco's govern ment if they did not return to work. The strike lasted only one day. ---------- , .. The workers, who went on strike Monday, wanted a salary raise following an increase of one peseta (slightly more than half a cent) in the price of a subway ticket last August. The management refused.. Meanwhile, about ISO employees of a Chrysler car factory here continued their sit- , in inside a suburban Madrid church to protest fines imposed by the company on . several' workers and to support demands for trade union freedom, labor sources said. The Chrysler workers began their action after the noon mass Sunday. They said they will continue the sit-in until the disciplinary fines ; are lifted and trade union freedoms established,: V John F. Kennedy - lacklustre officer CAIRO, Egypt (UPI) Egypt joined Israel Monday -in calling for a Geneva Mid-' , die East conference but demanded that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) be invited to attend. ' In an 18,000-word foreign policy report to- parliament, Foreign Minister Ismail Fahmi said the climate had changed In favor of the PLO, including some movement in the U.S. camp, and that it " was time for a Geneva parley before the end of June.. "We believe, that the conference should be reconvened before the end of the first half of this year, now that the climate is propitious for PLO participation j . .on an equal footing with the . other parties," Fahmi said. The Israeli cabinet Sunday asked that the Geneva parley be reconvened but .insisted that the PLO must be . barred. "Egypt categorically rejects the intransigent Israeli position or any wavering attitude by any Arab country that would delay or obstruct the conference," Fahmi said. : Some Arab countries, not-, ably Syria, have opposed Egyptian peace policy. Fahmi, in his speech, critic- . ized Damascus for having delayed truce moves after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war but offered to reconcile differences with" Syrian lead- , ers. ' . . "In spite of everything, Egypt is ready to return to the situation which prevailed between the two countries in the glorious days of the October (1973) war against Israel and to let bygones be bygones In the Arab spirit of tolerancaJUEahmi said. Fahmi also said Israel's boycott of the UN Security Council Middle East debate scheduled to open in New York Jan. 12 "might be the beginning of Israel's exit . from the United Nations." Gale toll STOCKHOLM, Sweden Scandinavia Monday with hurricane-force winds, -snow and rain, and thunder and lightning in the wake ; of a weekend tempest which wreaked death and destruction in Britain and western and central Europe. The death toll from Europe's two worst storms of the season rose to a probable 79 Monday night with the report from the Dutch navy that about 19 sailors reported missing since Saturday were now . "feared dead.'' The Danish weather bureau revised an earlier forecast , that another storm around Iceland was aimed at Scandinavia, saying: "The worst is . over. We don't expect more bad weather Tuesday." . Kissinger Moscow visit still on WASHINGTON U.S. State Secretary Henry . Kissinger said Monday he still plans to visit Moscow later this month in pursuit of progress on a new Strategic Arms Limitation Agreement (SALT). Kis-" singer told reporters after meeting Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin that he will probably go to Moscow about Jan. 19. Kissinger indicated at a news conference last month that his trip might be postponed unless the! Soviet Union heeded United States appeals to end its military role in Angdfa. Spam4 firebomBers arrested- . MADRID, Spain Police announced Monday the arrest of two suspected firebombers, the first such arrests resulting from a wave of right-wing bombings, -assaults and threats against foes of the old Franco regime. The two suspects were seized in Barcelona where rightist activist firebombed a Catalan language 'bookstore and several neighborhood associations over the weekend. . . - Portugal compromise reached j. LISBON (Reuter) The leaders of Portugal's : three coalition parties reported partial agreement Monday on the government reshuffle being negotiated since last November's abortive left-wing uprising. The ' main issue settled during a meeting with President Francisco da Costa Gomes and Premier Jose Pinheiro de Azevedo Monday Was the lifting of the Socialist veto on a Communist continuing as deputy minister of , agriculture. The Communists matched this gesture by ' ending their claim to control tourism a crisis-hit . industry that was Portugal's main source of foreign , currency under the old right-wing dictatorship. Pollution cancels ceremony PATRAS Harbor authorities in this southern Greek city have ruled out the traditional Epiphany "dive for the cross" because of polluted waters. The sea will still be blessed with holy water and wreaths, but a cross thrown in will not be retrieved by youthful divers seeking God's favor. Instead, it will be brought up by a string attached to it. The Epiphany celebration Tuesday is particularly respected in Greece because the sea is considered the source of the country's livelihood and prosperity. Morocco seizes Soviet freighter :; ' - RABAT, Morocco A Moroccan warship seized a '. Soviet freighter carrying a cargo of weapons ap parently destined for Algerian-backed guerrillas in newly annexed Spanish Sahara, maritime sources said . Monday. They said a Moroccan gunboat flagged down . the freighter inside territorial waters and escorted it to the southern Moroccan port of Agadlr. A Moroccan naval party boarded the ship and found weapons not listed in the manifest, the sources said. . Israel has said K will stay away 'from the council session if it is attended by the PLO which has been invited by an "understanding" of the majority of council members , last November. "It Is the apex of success for the PLO that it should participate while the Israelis do not," Fahmi told reporters after his parliamentary speech. "This might be the beginning of Israel's, exit from the United Nations. It is a case of self-inflicted expulsion." Greek cabinet shuffle ATHENS (AP) Premier Constantine Caramanlis reshuffled his cabinet Monday for the first time since com- ' ing to power in Greece more than a year ago, accepting the resignations of his interior and education ministers. Both " were considered among the most conservative elements of Caramanlis's cabinet, and opponents charged that the , interior minister had tried to obstruct the purge of pro-dictatorship elements. Anofficlal announcement said Solon Ghikas and Pan-ayfotls Zeppos had submitted some time ago their resignations as interior minister and education minister, respectively. - The deputy speaker of the single-chamber parliament, George Stamatis, took over as interior minister. George '' Rallis, already minister to the premier's office, was ap- pointed the new education -minister. i reaches 79 A new storm battered

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